Transcript: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

64 min readMar 22, 2021

Transcript of 70mm’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I’m joined by famous artist Danny Haas.

DANNY Give me — give me a square 4K, Dolby, LED TV. You know?

SLIM And spiritual advisor Protolexus.

PROTO Uh, Jesse Eisenberg. I’m not sure if he knows if he’s a good actor at all. Does he know? Does anyone know?

SLIM And together as friends forever we discuss recently watched movies. We’re taking a break from Shame Month to discuss the cultural moment that is Zack Snyder’s four hour final version of Justice League. Is this Zack’s redemption? Or a disappointing end to his run for the DC movies? Let’s find out… together!

[theme music ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Mini announcement.

DANNY Oh no.

SLIM Nnn-yes. To kick off the show, right off the bat. The show is so jam packed. I’m gonna go right through the setlist. We try to be as inclusive as possible on this show, you know, in the interest of expanding the accessibility.


SLIM For people that want to listen to the show, experience the show. So for folks that have trouble hearing, trouble listening and would prefer to have like a text version of the show, moving forward, we will now have full episode transcriptions available.

DANNY Mmmph.

SLIM You gotta want it, you know?

DANNY Gotta want it.

PROTO You can read it to your kids.

SLIM Thank you to VHS Villager, Sophie. Sophs. Friend of the show. She’s leading the charge of getting these up and edited. And we will have links in the shownotes and on our website for this episode and future ones. So Proto, what do you think about having, you know, potentially down line, a huge database of searchable text for every episode?

PROTO I got the sample of our — was that our new Patreon exclusive?

SLIM Batman — yes.

PROTO Yeah, Batman Forever. We got the transcript of that. [Danny laughs] And it’s amazing. I couldn’t believe the amount of detail in there of just our — it like documents our laughs in between the things that we’re saying. It’s so descriptive. It was a joy to read… my jokes. [Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY Torin asks, “how do you type Danny’s laugh?” [Slim laughs]

SLIM That’s a good question.

DANNY It’s just gonna be “wheeeeeeeze”

SLIM I think maybe down the line, I mean, Proto has done amazing work with VGER, the robot who loves movies, maybe there will be a searchable database. For now, they’re going to be available on Medium. And we’ll link to our Medium page so people can listen to them or read them rather. So, I’m excited. And Sophie co-hosts a podcast called Hope This Finds Me Well. So by all means, check it out. That shows centers around folks that read a letter from their past self and see how their life turned out since then. So if you’re looking for a new podcast, and you want to thank Sophie for her hard work, then check that podcast out. I’ll have a link in the shownotes. God we got a lot to get to you. You mentioned Batman Forever. We just released a Patreon exclusive Batman Forever episode for patrons. And so I want to call out a recent new attendees that joined the Patreon. Ctcher, Jake, Matthew, Anaïs, Emiliano, Matt, Torin, Daniel and Logan.


SLIM All joined since we last recorded.

PROTO My gosh!


PROTO Thank you.

SLIM And we additionally, we also added the option to sign up annually to save some money over the long haul. So thanks for all our new friends and our current friends. Proto, did you watch any movies this week?

PROTO I did, I had a little redemption song for myself. Last week, I told everyone about my Neon Genesis Evangelion conclusion and how disappointed I was and what transpired at the end of that show. So, I, I had some people reach out to me with you know, get well wishes and they also said that I should, in my own time, try to watch the movie that was released later on called The End of Evangelion and basically what it is it’s a retelling of the two final episodes. And in a crazy way, what happened with those two final episodes being so terrible, it actually worked out well. Because for this movie where they retell those final two episodes, they were obviously given a lot more time. Because the animation and the work that was put into it was amazing.

SLIM What?

PROTO And in, in every way, this ending was what I wanted for this series, so I gave it four stars.


PROTO It was, it was complete redemption. For everything, for all the problems I had with the way the show ended, this righted that wrong. You know, I gave it four stars, still, it’s, it’s still, to me, an anime show that I want to just recommend. I’m giving it four stars, but I’m not saying anybody should just like watch this. You know who you are, if you’re into something like this.

SLIM Right, you know. If you know, you know.

PROTO Yeah, if you know, you know. And I really enjoyed it. So I’m glad that I went back in because I was a little, you know, a little nervous. Do I want to disappoint myself again? Do I want to sink an hour and a half into this? But my Proto-sense was tingling in the right kind of ways. And it all worked out for me in the end.

SLIM I’m stunned. Four star from Proto is like a five star, from anyone else.

DANNY Six star. [Slim laughs]

PROTO That’s what I keep hearing.

SLIM The Proto Scale. So did you get some feedback after you posted that review from the naysayers and the Evangelion evangelicals?

PROTO Oh, yeah. [Danny laughs] Oh, yeah. If you look at my review of that, the comments are hot. My boy Tony.

SLIM Really? It went hard.

PROTO Yeah, he wrote me an essay.

DANNY Goodness.

PROTO At least 300 words.

SLIM Marcie is wondering, is this when Proto comes back to Apex Legends? Just for the record. I don’t want to open any wounds but Proto, since we’ve made that announcement last week that he was retiring, he is still retired. He has not come back to Apex Legends. So Danny and I have had to, you know, make some moves.

DANNY Make new friends.

SLIM We’ve had to do the hard work of making new friends at Apex Legends.


SLIM It’s uncomfortable… reaching out. But we also play with Wes from Discord. Well, I played with Wes.

DANNY I did not play with Wes.

SLIM Danny was on assignment.


SLIM Chops to Ray. Ray and I killed it out there in duos.

DANNY Wow. Thought you said Wes?

SLIM Did I say Wes? I meant Ray. [Danny & Slim laugh]

PROTO Who can say?

SLIM I don’t know. I was just so excited with that win, I’d you know, I’ll call Ray anything. Just a reminder this episode is Zack Snyder’s Justice League, just dropped on HBO Max. The excitement, the fear… is palpable in Discord about this movie. Everyone has been going deep into the DC Superhero Universe. We’ve all been running the gamut of emotion. So I’m excited to talk about that movie. And on IG, I asked how many people were planning on watching it… 68% said they were gonna watch it.

DANNY Wow! That’s a lot!

SLIM Are you surprised by that, Danny?

DANNY It sounds like a lot! So much — I don’t know. It’s a four hour movie! It’s six chapters!

SLIM Four hours! Six?

DANNY Who’s got time for this?

SLIM I felt like it was more chapters. Maybe like 10.

DANNY Okay, it says six, Matt. Just —

PROTO How many — how many people — this is the longest movie they’ve ever seen? Was it the longest I’ve ever seen? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM It might be! I can’t even think of a movie that’s longer than four hours that I’ve seen. Some kind of Ingrid Bergman. Bergman do a four hour plus movie?

DANNY How long is the Irishman? I feel like that was my longest.

SLIM Seven hours. Of what’s-his-face beating people up as an old man in the street, CGI face. Get it out of here. I did, [Slim chuckles] I did say Ingrid Bergman. I meant Ingmar. The Trial of Tim Heidecker. Good call Garth. That’s a five star movie. So we’ll be getting into Zack Snyder’s Justice League just around the corner. We’re also going to be announcing our final movie for Shame Month

DANNY Mmmph!

SLIM At the end of this episode. We’re not done yet. Not yet by a long shot.

DANNY Five Mondays in this March.

SLIM To quote Steve Austin. Let’s see, what do we want to get to? Danny, do you want to talk about Batman v Superman or something else you watched before we get into it?

DANNY Well, that’s the only other thing I watched leading up to this. Batman v Superman.

SLIM What was your rating?

DANNY I mean, it was a half star, because I still hate this movie. I know friends in the in the group had said that I should watch this Ultimate Edition… Extended.

SLIM Yeah. Ultimate cut. Dawn of… the movie.

DANNY It’s funny because I want to like this film. I like all the pieces of it. I hate the story so much. Actually I don’t like all the pieces. I don’t like — I don’t enjoy Jesse Eisenberg as Lex. At least in Batman v Superman.

SLIM You kind of want to give him a wedgie during that movie.

DANNY It’s just, he’s like a dweeb and I never picture Lex as a dweeb. And if — I don’t know. It’s whatever. I’m more — I get more mad about the doomsday aspect of Batman v Superman than anything. So I still don’t love it. And it’s still the lower rated movie with Whedon’s Justice League that I absolutely hated as well.

SLIM How many movies has Danny given a half star?

DANNY It’s just Batman v Superman.

SLIM Just Batman v Superman? Wow.

DANNY I have no idea actually.

SLIM Wow. Can we check the tapes on that? Dale?

DANNY Endgame.

SLIM Dale, can you pipe into VGER? See if that’s accurate?

DANNY It’s probably not, but…

SLIM I’d be interested to see what other movies we’ve all given a half star.

DANNY It’s just — it’s a half star out of anger. It’s a passionate half star because it makes me mad.

SLIM Mmm. Mikey P in chat, “every DC movie gets Danny one step closer to the dark side.” [Danny chuckles] Imagine Danny locked in a room and all the movies you could watch are like Marvel and DC movies. [Danny laughs]

DANNY No! Please! God!

SLIM He has been on edge all week seeing this happen in Discord.

DANNY It’s a lot. Comic book movies stress me out. I don’t know why.

SLIM Proto, what did you think of Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v Superman Dawn of Heroes Ultimate Cut?

PROTO I feel a similar way. Jesse Eisenberg. I’m not sure if he knows if he’s a good actor at all. [Slim chuckles]

DANNY Does he know?

PROTO Yeah, does he know? Does anyone know?

DANNY Someone’s gotta tell him.

PROTO Yeah, he does also like this lip quiver thing, his lower lip. [Danny laughs]


PROTO I cannot stand it. I cannot stand it. I want it out of here. I didn’t revisit, so, it’s hard for me to say.

DANNY You’re better off.

SLIM Get Billy Crudup and Jesse Eisenberg zoomed in on their lips while they’re talking. That is like some reverse ASMR stuff. Is there a visual ASMR? Is that a thing?

DANNY My half stars just got thrown on the Discord. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Oh my God!

DANNY And let me tell you.

SLIM A screenshot from Lex, posting your half stars.

DANNY Holy moly!

SLIM Holy cow! Days of Future Past you gave a half star? This is mindblowing to me.

DANNY I’m surprised by that! Wait — where’s Days of Future Past? Oh yeah, it’s right there.

SLIM Clockwork Orange. SHREK gets a half star from Danny. [Danny laughs]

DANNY I feel like I was trolling someone with the Shrek one.

SLIM Is this legal?!

DANNY Listen.

PROTO This is why you gotta take Letterboxd seriously. This is what happens. [Danny laughs]

SLIM This is not a game.

DANNY It’s gonna come back up.

SLIM Not a game.

DANNY I need — yeah — look, at this, Justice League. Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad. No Thor — [Slim laughs] — No Thor left behind. No I did leave Ragnarok off there.

SLIM Podcast godfather Matthew Buchanan says “legal has signed this off.” [Danny laughs] This is official. Geez. I’m shuttering to think about my list.

DANNY Art is correct. This is what owning a comic shop does to you. [Slim laughs] These nerds wear you down. If I had to talk about Batman: Hush one more time!

SLIM God, every year I should just gift you copies of Batman: Hush as like a silent gift. [Danny laughs] You just forget every year.

PROTO Love Hush!

DANNY Oh, lord have mercy.

SLIM We talked about Letterboxd and Danny’s just shocking betrayal of Shrek 1 on there. Every year — every week, rather, we give away for a year of Letterboxd Pro. It’s our favorite social media site. I’ve been on there all week this week. Checking for JL reviews. And you can too if you love movies. This week’s winner of a free year of Letterboxd Pro, get rid of ads, search to see where your movies are streaming. @ohnotonymayer @myopicwonder on Letterboxd. Congratulations.

PROTO Myopicwonder!

SLIM Their tweet: “I haven’t watched Metropolis in so long and I’ve got two different versions of it on my shelves. Banger or snoozer? Hopefully @70mmpod will help me decide.”

PROTO Is that a little Southern twang? When you were reading that tweet?

DANNY I heard it, right?

PROTO Did you hear that?

SLIM I can never tell where my voice is going to go when I do those things. [Slim laughs]

DANNY You guys can’t tell me — you two look at me.

SLIM I’m looking at you right now.

DANNY Just the two of us. Three of us. You don’t like Shrek do you?


DANNY There’s no way.

PROTO No, I don’t like Shrek.

DANNY There’s no way.

SLIM We have to move on. We have a lot to get through.

DANNY Answer the question. It’s a yes or no question!

SLIM A lot to get to tonight. Don’t get — [Slim laughs] I… maybe we should do a Shrek episode in the future.

DANNY I’m down. Right after we do Endgame.

SLIM If you want to support Letterboxd and you did not win the free year of Pro, you can do so at any time, for 20% off, get a Letterboxd Pro or Patron status. Get your name hanging in the lights and use the link on [Slim chuckles] Shrek Month! Oh my God! You talk about destroying a podcast. [Danny laughs] How many un-subs would we get for a Shrek month? I would un-sub. Honest to God.

DANNY I’m un-subbing right now. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Do I want to talk about a movie or we should maybe just get into it here.

DANNY How about you talk about Batman v Superman for a second? [Slim laughs] Don’t leave me to dry on this one!

SLIM This might shock people but this is from — Oh my God — what is being linked to in Discord?

DANNY The Shrek gifs.

SLIM This is about to get to an NSFW channel.

DANNY This is lewd. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Lewd and crude! The same writer. I’m not sure people realize the same writer of Batman v Superman and Justice League, the same writer that brought us the Rise of Skywalker.

DANNY Mhmm. Tell me about it.

SLIM You know, fabled movie in the Star Wars franchise. And I give two and a half stars to Batman v Superman. There’s some corn in it. But I know it’s it’s much beloved by certain parties in our discord. Mel, Chuck, Neil. Not for me. You know, kind of just one that came out. I started to get real nervous for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe. I started sweatin’ hard. My deodorant was working OT when I left that theater. I was on a high horse this past couple weeks watching Man of Steel. I went into the Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut Dawn of the Age of Heroes. Not for me.

DANNY Is that the real title?

PROTO Is that what it’s called?!

SLIM It’s got a long title, yeah. [Danny laughs] Why do you even give a subtitle to a movie called Batman v Superman?! That’s all you need in the movie title. Oh you know, people might not be excited by a movie called Batman v Superman. Let’s spice it up some more, please. End this.

PROTO I think the algorithm told him to add that. [Slim laughs]

SLIM God! I did watch A History of Violence. We were talking about that in our Discord I think and I kind of forgot about that movie. David Cronenberg directed that movie.


SLIM David Cronenberg who did Scanners —

PROTO The Cronie.

SLIM Crash, that movie where all those people who were in car accidents were having sex with each other. His ladder movies are very strange. I didn’t know his his current film set. But A History of Violence, that is the one with — what’s that guy from Lord of the Rings? Aragorn?

PROTO Viggo.

SLIM Viggo Mortensen is the lead. He plays a like hitman that has retired into the sticks. And something happens where he’s thrust back into the limelight and trouble follows him.

DANNY Is that the one where he fights naked in a bathroom?

SLIM He’s naked in a lot of his movies I think.

DANNY Excuse me?

SLIM Nude. Viggo.

DANNY That’s all I remember.

PROTO It’s his signature.

SLIM Eastern Promises, Marcie and Art say. I have not seen that but that’s also David Cronenberg, believe it or not. Also, David Cronenberg has directed two Robert Pattinson movies.


SLIM What’s going on here?

PROTO He was like “David I would love to be in your movie. But am I gonna be able to be naked in the scene or not?” [Slim & Danny laugh] And you know Cronenberg, “We can work it in, don’t worry.”

SLIM You know Cronenberg can work that in! Very sexual movie History of Violence, but I gave it four stars. Much recommend.

DANNY Okay, okay.

SLIM [sings] We need to get to the reason why we’re here! Justice League Zack Snyder Cut. And I have VGER up.

DANNY Oh no.

SLIM The computer that Proto programmed and created brought to life. There’s some quotes here from our Discorders, patrons, VHS Villagers. Let me just rattle off some of these quotes. “That was fun as heck.” That comes from Forrest. Chuck Forsman “Not enough angry Batman.” Melissa, Mel, “Thoughts: these space orcs are real dicks”

DANNY Can we say that?

SLIM I don’t know if we can say that.

DANNY Shoo. Lord have mercy.

SLIM Protolexus, “My favorite Superman 3”

PROTO I stand by that. [Danny chuckles]

DANNY Gonna have to.

SLIM Oh that’s right. That’s gonna be in the transcription. [Danny laughs] I could think about that. Let’s see. There’s so — the ratings are all over the place. The average Discord rating, three and a half stars.

[music from Justice League fades in]

PROTO How about this “Joss, you can go screw yourself.”


SLIM Who wrote that?

PROTO That’s from Ty!

SLIM Oh my gosh!


PROTO Strong words.

SLIM Yeah. And the beginning of that review “Snyder. I apologize.”


SLIM How about Ty apologizing straight up in that review?

PROTO Never thought I’d see Ty apologize for anything.

SLIM No. This is on HBO Max. Everyone’s talking about it. Let’s get into it. Do you want to walk us through this Proto? This movie?

PROTO A war is coming, and the world needs heroes. Superman, the Man of Steel and protector of Earth is dead. A Mother Box, one of three ancient machines capable of manipulating life at the cellular level has awoken and Steppenwolf, a general from Apocalypse has come to Earth to seize all three and recreate Earth in the image of Apocalypse. This tasks is at the behest of Darkseid, Steppenwolf’s Master, a generally very bad guy. [Slim chuckles] Is everyone following so far? [Danny laughs] Batman, realizing the looming threat assembles a team, or league, to combat the threat. This team consists of Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Waterman. [Slim laughs] But will it be enough? Will they be able to thwart the conqueror of countless worlds without steel skin? Or laser eyes? Or really, super punches? Or will they need to use a power they do not understand to re-animate a being who may be their only hope for assured destruction? Or could it be both? Or neither? Does anyone know how any of this works? One way or another, the world will have justice, from a league, a Justice League.

DANNY Oh my.

SLIM I’m starting to get an idea of what Proto thought about this movie, just from that description.

DANNY Oh baby.

SLIM It could be a Proto fastball, who knows? Who knows? Right off the bat. I think we should acknowledge that the levels of insanity that this movie even exists in its current form. And we talked about this previous episode, but yeah, the fandom in general that maybe started this, very toxic, unsettling, and something I would never want to have happen again. You know —

DANNY I don’t really, I don’t really remember it.

SLIM Ugh, God, they were terrible.

DANNY I remember leaving, at San Diego Comic Con, we walked out to catch a taxi or something, Uber. I saw a billboard that someone paid for to promote the Snyder cut. And I just looked at whoever was with me, I was like, “Excuse me? What is what is happening?”


DANNY This was like five years ago, it felt like.

SLIM But with that said, I think this is a pretty important cultural moment for movies and us. So I think it’d be — I’m excited to talk about — I think I was excited to sit down and watch it. Four hours? When was the last time I was excited to watch a four hour movie? Shrek two? I don’t know.

DANNY Shrek Two?

SLIM When the last time it happened? Proto, did you see the OG Justice League movie when it came out?

PROTO I didn’t see when it came out. I actually watched it last year in preparation for this. And somehow I don’t remember any of it. [Danny laughs] I couldn’t tell you what happened in that movie. I wasn’t — I, honest to God, I wasn’t sure if Darkseid was going to show up. And they were — I was like did they fight Darkseid at the end? I could not remember anything watching this. Even though I watched the theatrical a couple months ago. It’s very strange.

SLIM The only thing I remembered was Snyder’s daughter unfortunately, taking her own life and then Joss Whedon taking over to finish, quote, “finish” the movie. But at the time, I kind of got the vibe that Zack was almost like going to be fired anyway, like they didn’t really like what they saw. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that. I don’t really see that in any of the interviews that are coming out now. But Joss took over, and then reshot a bunch of stuff. On Twitter, when it was happening and the new trailers came out, you can see like the OG trailer shots look different than the new trailer and the final product. And I remember that movie opening with that corny Superman scene.

DANNY I don’t talk wanna talk about it. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Bad enough. The jokes, obviously — oh, Marcie points out all the proceeds of this going to suicide awareness, which is amazing. And I’m pretty sure I saw a billboard in the movie for suicide awareness.

DANNY Yeah, I was going — I have it written down. There’s the scene where Bruce drives away with Flash, it pauses for a second and there’s a billboard that says “You are not alone.” And it has a link to AFSP which is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

SLIM That was cool.

DANNY So pauses for an extra long little beat so that you can read that billboard plain as day.

SLIM And so the Superman — so obviously everyone, maybe everyone remembers, but Superman had a mustache when he had to go reshoot this stuff. So all of like the new Joss Whedon scenes just looked so bad. And it was just an unpleasant experience. Danny, do you remember your thoughts for that movie?

DANNY I remember, I remember hating even, like, in the middle of watching that movie, I just was so pissed off at how bad it was. I think it was — I don’t remember the timeframe where we were at with the MCU. But I remember being like, what is DC doing? Like, this is the Justice League like, there’s no reason this should be falling flat on any level. And it really, it was just, it was so terrible. I was mad. I was just angry watching the whole thing, because it was so bad.

SLIM The first thing I wanted to bring up was the aspect ratio of this movie, 4:3. Essentially, like an old CRT monitor ratio, looks like a square pretty much. Snyder has said that he wanted to make sure all the action was in the frame. Because previously, if it’s widescreen, he’s cutting off the tops and bottoms of that frame. Danny, what did you think of the format of the movie?

DANNY The thing is, if anyone’s being honest with themselves, you see it for the first five seconds of this film. You see it because you read about it, you forget about it, in 30 minutes. You’re like, oh, this doesn’t even matter. And I loved it. I mean, it’s not even noticeable, because you get into the film.

PROTO Yeah, I agree. I like it. I even noticed it when there was just like a scene where it’s Ma Kent and Lois were sitting down and having that conversation. And I was just thinking about it, like how they’re framed. Whereas if you wanted the characters to fit on either end, it’s kind of hard to explain, but you’re only going to get this kind of look with this ratio. Because otherwise, you’d have to zoom in more and like lose more of like the upper and lower parts of their body. And it would like, you know, squish it in a way. And of course, there’s like, give and take on either sides of the argument. But I don’t know, I think it’s kind of cool to see a movie like this. I think the Lighthouse is was this way as well.



PROTO And, I don’t know, it’s kind of fun. It’s just, you know, it’s just, it’s just different. And I enjoy it.

SLIM Torin points out that Wes Anderson did it and people applauded. You know?


PROTO Thank you.

DANNY How long did we go with two black bars on top and bottom of our images?

SLIM Shoo.

DANNY I mean, and we didn’t really complain about that.

SLIM I mean, Instagram, square images, ever heard of it? I actually —

DANNY Give me — give me a square, 4K, Dolby, LED TV. You know? [Slim laughs]

SLIM I did notice it specifically — and maybe this might not be true — but I did feel like there was not a lot of close up shots just because of how, you know, he wasn’t cutting the frame and it wasn’t fitting my TV in widescreen. So I didn’t feel like I got a lot of close up face shots. A lot of it was wide, not wide, but further pulled back. And I think it was no more noticeable than when he’s going to see Aquaman — Waterman — as Proto called him in the intro, and they’re just kind of walking through by the ocean. And everything is just so big, like the scene is big. And I was like, oh, okay, this kind of makes sense. He wanted to make sure that like all of this was captured. So I also didn’t have a problem with it. I liked it.

DANNY Yeah. I enjoyed it.

SLIM My first note is the intro to this movie with Superman dying, and his like death rattle yell. This feels like a billion times better than the previous Justice League movie. And I really enjoyed it. You know, his scream, hitting every reaches of the planet and impacting the Amazonians, the Water People, “men”, quote, you know, capital M, Men, I really dug that.

DANNY I actually really liked that. They did this with Batman v Superman too. I liked that they went and connected the previous movie with what’s about to happen in the movie they’re in. And so the death of Superman ending in Batman v Superman, I really enjoyed. And that’s how they started Batman v Superman, which is actually like watching Bruce watch the destruction of Man of Steel in the city. I actually really enjoyed that. So I like, I like them coming into this film and starting off or something we are familiar with. And the story is kind of like picking up from where they left off.

SLIM Not to trash BvS anymore, but how about Bruce getting like the plane to Metropolis and getting on the phone and calling his office and telling them to leave the building? [Danny laughs] While the machine is maybe like 100 yards from them? What are they doing?! Leave the building immediately. Why are you waiting for the CEO of your company to tell you to leave the building, ya dummies?!

DANNY Bruce Wayne driving a Jeep Compass. [Slim chuckles]

SLIM They couldn’t have gotten him a cooler car either?! Get him a Batcycle or something. A Waynecycle, for God’s sake. Proto, what did you think of the intro of this movie?

PROTO I agree with them connecting it to the previous movies. And with this, I had an epiphany while watching this. [Slim gasps]

SLIM Okurr!

PROTO And maybe I’m just an idiot, okay?


PROTO But as I was watching, I kind of realized that this is just the end of the Superman trilogy. Right? So it’s Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and then this is really like the third movie. And when I viewed it that way, I think because of like the title, and maybe what Marvel was doing of the cinematic universe, it felt more like, oh, no, this is a Justice League movie, all these other movies are leading up to it. But honestly, this feels like the continuation of those two movies. And really, those movies — this whole — I would say it’s a trilogy that is a Superman story. Even though Superman is only in the last 45 minutes of this movie. And but I actually think that’s kind of cool.

SLIM Yeah, yeah I agree.

PROTO So when I thought about it that way, I don’t know, just like watching it, I didn’t have — the thoughts that I had about this movie were completely different than what I was thinking about it when I watched the Justice League the first time. And people have been saying that, and the reviews have just — this really does feel like a different movie. Amazingly.


PROTO And I had a completely different response to it this time.

SLIM Yeah. I mean, even if you say that they’re gonna include the Joss Whedon version, which is two hours, you’re getting a brand new two hours, but even then, I feel like the two hours that they kept, I don’t know what the hell of they — it just felt like an entirely brand new movie. And it’s four hours! I didn’t remember anything in this movie pretty much. Like the Darkseid stuff. Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf looked legit in this version.

DANNY Ohhh, he looked badass.

SLIM Oh my God! Is that like $3 million of CGI, just redoing Steppenwolf and all those scenes?

DANNY Wait was Darkseid in the Whedon version?


DANNY At all?!

SLIM If anything, he was maybe like a shadow in one scene. He was like nothing in that movie. I think they just said his name once.

DANNY I cannot remember —


DANNY And they did like the Omega symbol maybe burned into the earth or something?

SLIM I think that’s all new.

DANNY I cannot remember. Geez. Steppenwolf looked amazing.

SLIM So well, yeah, let’s go through your notes, Danny. What’s on your list for Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

DANNY Well, right off the bat, I love Wonder Woman’s intro into this, when she’s standing on the Justice statue and she saves the people from that bombing. I think that is still from the Whedon, because it seemed very familiar to me. And, and then leading into the fight on Themyscira.

SLIM Amazonians.

DANNY Just an absolutely killer sequence of action. I mean, when he gets the first Mother Box, and the boom tube comes in. I just love that scene. I love the Amazonian women fighting and defending and closing the temple and the temple falling into the sea. Like that was so badass. And then the chase scene alone felt stressful. Like I just — it was really, really cool. I really liked it. I don’t know the actress’ name that plays the queen. I think she’s great.

SLIM We’ll get Dale to confirm the actresses name.

DANNY Yeah, you can just say it over my voice in post.

PROTO Can somebody tell me where they were trying to ride those horses to though?

SLIM Away. [Slim laughs]

PROTO Where are you going?

DANNY Well, they’re retreating to the army, I would assume, that eventually doesn’t get there in time.

PROTO Gotcha. Gotcha.

SLIM Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s true. They did have the like, sea of Amazonians appear a little bit too late. I agree. I loved the Amazonian view. I mean, they’re, they’re ripped. They are absolutely ripped. They could, they could do anything to me and I would crumble into dust.

DANNY Excuse me?

PROTO Do anything to me. [Slim & Danny laughs]

SLIM I’m just talking… pure from a fight perspective.


SLIM And that comment just encapsulates the entire, just, action sequences. This feels like 300 meets Justice League, which is pretty badass, in my opinion, like all the Amazonian stuff, the flashback to Darkseid’s first attempt to take Earth.

DANNY Oh my word!

SLIM I was like, WTF am i watching right now? Like, this is insane. This is like Lord of the Rings, 300, meets DC Comics. And I was pretty blown away by all these like big set piece scenes. Exactly. Like you just said about the Amazonians. Did you feel that way, Proto? What did you think?

PROTO I definitely thought the Amazonian scene was better this time with the Mother Box. I remember being like uhhh when I first watched it, the theatrical. But it just felt more, I don’t know, put together or fully realized. The scene, the flashback scene to them on the first time they fought, fought the baddie guys.

SLIM With Hercules?

PROTO Yeah, I thought the gods looked kind of silly. There was one dude, I’m like, is this did they get this guy from a con? [Danny & Slim laugh] Like his costume is baaad. They look bad I thought.

DANNY Larping.

PROTO It was, it was cool. You know, and this, this has like a self seriousness that can come off as campy or silly if you’re not buying in. But I appreciate the attempt, at least. For whatever — I just enjoy that in these movies. You know what when they try to, you know, tell it in that way, where they take themselves seriously, maybe it’s just because it’s so different than when you get from Marvel that I enjoyed.

SLIM Yeah, this definitely felt like the fullest representation of Zack Snyder’s you know, “vision”, quote unquote, you know, it’s four hours. It feels like nothing was — this is a movie that has all the deleted scenes included, fully realized. It was kinda — I didn’t feel bored at all. I definitely felt like, this is a scene that’s kind of long. Like the Wonder Woman scene was amazing to start off the movie with her zipping around all quick like. But there’s like no editor in that room. It’s just like, you could have cut out, you know, many scenes in there to make it shorter, but they didn’t. And I have like this massive respect for that, where he has his fullest idea of his movie. And it’s four hours long. And it’s all done. And all the special effects are done. And I have like, huge respect for that. And that’s why I kind of gave super leeway to those scenes. Like the Flash scene, everyone’s backstory gets, like 25 minutes. [Slim laughs] You know? It’s like, insane to think about.

DANNY Yeah, I felt the same way. And also, it’s like, I think I would have felt way different if I wasn’t enjoying what I was watching. But I was sitting there thinking like, why would I want this any shorter? This is on my HBO Max for free. It’s broken up into six chapters. I could stop it whenever I want. Like, let this go like 10 chapters long. I’m enjoying the story. I don’t have to keep watching it in one four hour sitting. I can watch it a chapter at a time if I really want to. Yeah, and I think it’s kind of genius in a way. I just, there were moments where I paused it. And I’m like, oh, I got three hours left. But then I was like, I’m not bored though. So who cares?

SLIM Mhm. Yeah, there’s so many scenes like that. I felt the same way. How about the hot dogs in the Flash backstory? A lot of hot dog screenshots in our Discord.

DANNY Well you tell us, Slim.

SLIM I felt amazing.

DANNY You have the hot dog history.

SLIM I am a big nude weenie kind of guy. And when that’s popping up on my TV in Dolby Vision, [Danny & Proto laugh] in slow mo, nude hot dogs. It was like Zack was talking to me. He’s like, “Hey, Matt. This one’s for you, pal. Thanks for your support.” And I felt great. What do you think of what do you think of him is the Flash, Proto? Ezra?

PROTO I’ve been hearing people upset about this whole Ezra Miller thing. I don’t know who this cat is. [Danny laughs] I don’t know why it’s a big deal. But I thought he was, he was fine. I mean, he’s the comic relief in this. And seemed like, you know, he did a good job.

DANNY Is there drama with Ezra?

SLIM I think people thought he was like, too over the top and weird, maybe.

DANNY See, that’s what I remember. I do remember that about Whedon’s Justice League that I got really annoyed with the comedy bits from Flash.


DANNY And I was worried about them in this, but they felt timed right at least, or truncated enough to where they weren’t always in your face. And maybe you just stretch them out over four hours and they’re, they’re less obnoxious.

SLIM Yeah, that’s true. I also remember being annoyed with Aquaman, being like too ‘rah rah, I’m a rockstar’


SLIM Like ‘this is awesome!’ [Slim makes guitar noise] ‘I’m drinking beer!’ I don’t remember like any of that in the four hour version. Where I was like, didn’t I hate Aquaman? I was like, he’s pretty cool in this. [Slim laughs]

DANNY And that was — okay, so that’s literally my first note after Wonder Woman, was no thank you, Jason Momoa because it does start with that kind of Jason — I mean, it’s basically Jason Momoa, it’s not Aquaman.

SLIM As himself.

DANNY So I was like, God, four hours of insufferable Jason Momoa. But there’s — like his character arc in this is quite fascinating where he goes from very, like, selfish kind of motivations and then towards the end, he’s very team oriented. And then I was like, oh, I kind of kind of like them now. And its funny because I took a note at the beginning and then my whole attitude towards Jason changed by the time I got to the end. And honestly, I remember watching Aquaman the movie thinking, while I don’t enjoy Jason or the story of that much, underwater stuff looks so good. And it’s still looked good in this.

SLIM Yeah, I like the way that they had their conversations when they move the water out, which I think might have been different in the theatrical. Sean says Aquamaman was terrible in the theatrical. And I do remember, I read an article about some of the differences, and the kind of roundtable scene where they talk about potentially bringing Superman back to life, the version of theatrical was reshot. And then their like, debate on why they should or shouldn’t was totally different than the Zack Snyder final version. So I would imagine that conversation was, you know, not as much enjoyable. Proto, what did you think of Cyborg in this movie?

PROTO I liked him a lot. I thought he was a really compelling character. I don’t know what a standalone Cyborg movie would look like. I don’t know, I was kind of interested. You know, he kind of reminds me of Iron Man, but without having to deal with Robert Downey Jr. [Danny laughs]

SLIM His baggy pants.

PROTO But yeah, his story is kind of, is kind of cool. And I just, I like the tech, this idea that he is kind of like an all powerful being as well, but in a different way than than Superman. He’s like melded into our world and like the technology that we’ve created. Although, I thought this whole scene with him helping out though the single mom was pretty on the nose and not good.

SLIM That was a little, yeah, I thought that wasn’t executed very well, imo.


SLIM Like him just giving this woman 100 grand and how it said like she won a contest or something. I wish I would have kind of put a little bit more finesse into that shot or that scene.

PROTO Yeah, it needed some more drawing board time. [Slim & Danny laugh] Back to the drawing board.

SLIM His last line when he’s at like the — where he’s seeing the, like the trickery versions of his family, when he gets confronted by his full self. And he gets a chance to really deliver the line that I feel like has multiple layers with Zack’s daughter.

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League plays]

CYBORG “I’m not broken. And I’m not alone.”

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League fades out]

SLIM And his delivery of “I’m not broken and I’m not alone” I thought that was amazing, that scene that Cyborg had. Just I got like, chilled, chilled up when I was watching that. And additionally on top of — with Ray Fisher’s unfortunate treatment on the set from Joss Whedon. And, you know, we’re never going to get a Cyborg movie now. We’re never gonna get like, you know, a follow up to this with him, which, which just sucks, in my opinion, kind of blows.

DANNY One of the things I was impressed with and I felt like they, they went a very emotional route when he is — when they flashback to he’s playing the football game. And his dad’s not in the stand, like, I mean, there’s a lot of daddy issues in this DC Universe, which I found very interesting. But when he gets emotional and starts tearing up with his mom, I was like, oh no, like, I wasn’t prepared for the star quarterback to not be macho in that moment. Or, or lash out in more of like, anger physically, or like just yelling or something about being pissed. Like he actually kind of broke down and I was like, this is, this felt like a very different take on someone who isn’t, you know, doesn’t have their father present in their life. So I actually really, I mean, I didn’t connect, because I don’t have that life, you know, whatever, with like that kind of in my life, but I really felt the power of those scenes.

SLIM One thing that I did not love was — well, first of all, let me back up. When they were planning on what to do with the Mother Box. And when they’re piecing together what it can do.

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League plays]

WONDER WOMAN Anybody with a match can turn the house to smoke.

AQUAMAN But a Mother Box…

BRUCE WAYNE Turns smoke back into a house.

THE FLASH I know we’re all thinking the same thing right now. Who’s gonna say it? I’m not gonna say it.

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League ends]

SLIM That was legit awesome. That was awesome. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Listen, two notes in that, in that song. The two piano notes hit “dun, dun”. And just like the chills on my back go up.

SLIM I want to get a piano and just play those notes when I need to pick me up. [Danny laughs]

DANNY My God, that theme music.

SLIM But the scene where he comes back to life and fights the Justice League. I didn’t, I didn’t vibe with it at all. I would have cut all that out. Like if anything he comes back to life, maybe just haven’t realized it immediately and then just go to the farmhouse to find Lois. And that whole scene — like he doesn’t fight the Justice League. He just vanishes to be with his wife. That would have been way cooler for me. Proto, what did you think about the big fight scene with Superman?

PROTO Yeah, I was actually wondering if if that was going to be cut out. And I think I was kind of hoping that it might be cut out because it felt just like an excuse to have them fight Superman. But I think when you think of it in terms of the alternate timeline and the whole, ‘Lois is the key’ portion of this, it it does kind of make sense, right? I think, if I understand what the heck is going on with all that.

SLIM So what was Lois even doing in the entire fight? Everyone and their mother knows that Lois needs to get in there to have them snap out of it.

DANNY She doesn’t have super-speed, Matt! She doesn’t have super-speed!

SLIM Why isn’t Batman carrying Lois to the fight scene like [Slim in Batman voice] “Clark! She’s here! Look at her!”

DANNY Have you seen that suit? You can’t lift things in that suit. [Slim laughs]

SLIM He can’t run at all with that thing on.

PROTO He can barely lift his own arms! [Slim laughs]

SLIM I mean, the whole fight scene — I wrote in my notes “where the F is Lois? Lois get your ass over here so that this can end.” I was so annoyed and then —

PROTO Get out of line at the coffee shop. [Slim laughs]

DANNY She should have drowned herself and he would have found her instantly.

SLIM She was probably still finding that spear from Batman v Superman. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Go dunk her head underwater for 5 seconds, Superman will find you.

SLIM But why — so I was also like, annoyed, Batman has these gauntlets that absorbed his heat vision.

DANNY Yo! What! I like that.

SLIM Which was cool. But Batman, why wasn’t your backup plan to have Lois at the ready? You know, you’re world’s greatest detective, you didn’t foresee some of this happening? Let me just, let me text Lois, make sure she’s nearby just in case anything goes wrong. [Danny laughs] Dumb-dumb. Danny, what else is in your list for for this movie?

DANNY Oh, Lord. Let’s see. I wrote down JK Simmons with a heart, so I think that means I really liked him as Gordon.

SLIM God, his hair. Amazing.

DANNY I love JK Simmons. Let me see, the Mera underwater fighting Steppenwolf was badass. When she sucked the water and blood out of him.

SLIM That was cool.

DANNY I was not prepared for that. And I was like, holy shit. That was amazing. I just I love the underwater stuff with Atlantis. I think it looks amazing.

SLIM I would be — if I lived in Atlantis, I would be so — everything is just, there’s no color down there. And everything is drab green. Can you imagine your eyes just living with that drab green all day long? So depressed.

DANNY I don’t know, Matt. It’s underwater. [Slim chuckles]

SLIM Let’s see, some of the Discord — slow mo shot of Superman looking at the Flash. Yeah, that was cool. Marcie says “Lois saying that he smelled good read after they dig up his dead body.” Listen, she’s been lonely for a long time. [Danny laughs]

PROTO These Mother Boxes are powerful, okay? [Slim laughs]

SLIM Proto, what else you got?

PROTO Oh, yeah, one scene I wanted to talk about. Is this the most self-indulgent, slap-themselves-on-the-back, tongue-in-themselves piece of garbage I’ve ever seen? [Slim laughs]

DANNY Excuse me?!

PROTO And we all know what I’m talking about.

DANNY Uh oh.

PROTO The airport scene. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I tapped over to the Captain America’s Civil War notes I had. [Slim & Danny laugh] My bad. [Slim & Danny continue laughing]

DANNY Holy shit.

SLIM Oh my God. [Danny & Slim can’t stop laughing] I can’t breathe. Eat shit Civil War!

PROTO We got to talk about the slow motion in this.

SLIM A lot of slow mo.

PROTO So much slow motion. And it was like, to the point where I’m like rolling my eyes. Like, why is this football scene in slow motion?

DANNY It’s the replay. [Proto laughs]

PROTO The replay is in slow motion, you’re right. But yeah, there’s just like he uses it so much in this. And at the end of it, I was like, maybe this does work, but man, maybe I just didn’t like it. I think, I don’t know if it was one of — someone had a review where they were talking about the slow motion. But just as a way to emphasize the speed of the superheroes. So maybe, maybe that does work. But I felt overwhelmed by it, and that it’s used so often that it was distracting. I don’t know. How did you guys feel?

DANNY To me every time I heard someone complain about the slow motion, I felt like I was listening to people complain about JJ Abrams and lens flares. Like who cares?

SLIM Like that’s their thing.

DANNY I didn’t see the problem with it. I felt like this was like on par for any Zack Snyder movie. I mean, if you’re going to watch Zack Snyder movie, you’re getting big scenes with slow motion. If you’re going to watch a JJ movie in space, you’re getting lens flares in your eyes. Like that’s just what happens. Now, I didn’t love it all.

SLIM Boom in chat: “It was insulting” quote.

DANNY But I mean, know your directors.

PROTO That’s true. Yeah, I mean, he’s such like, if he’s anything he’s a visual director, right?

DANNY Yeah, very visual. Like his strength isn’t storytelling, character development, you know these other things. It’s creating a beautiful shot movie that uses a lot of slow motion.

SLIM Mikey says “all the slow mo sort of made the flash stuff less amazing.” I can see that. I was gonna say, the wrap up with Flash, about how they kind of like lose at the end. And he realizes he needs to use the Speed Force — Speed Force, nerdiest thing ever — use the Speed Force to like go back in time. I was like, okay! Okay!

DANNY My hands are in the air. I loved it. My God!

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League plays]

[dramatic music playing]

THE FLASH Just got to go faster than the speed of light. Far beyond the speed of light. You gotta break the rule, Barry and you gotta do it now. [gasps] Dad… [echoes] Whatever happens, I want you to know. Your kid was one of them, Dad. One of the best of the bests.

[Clip of Zack Snyder’s Justice League fades out]

SLIM Proto’s hands are up! Proto’s hands are up!

DANNY Kiss me, Flash. That was — that scene got me good. It was beautiful too!

SLIM I couldn’t believe it. I figured this was new. I don’t remember this at all.

DANNY It’s 100% new. There’s no way I would have shit on Justice League is this was in that movie.

SLIM And he — that whole scene was like what’s going — to be totally honest, maybe people get the vibe of my thoughts of this movie. There are some like lines, I wrote my notes like, “am I in love with this movie?” [Danny laughs] And this was like one of those scenes like what am I — that’s why I wrote in my review. “I’m stunned.” Like this scene. I was like, what am I watching right now?! Like, this is so good! And his lines when the scene was happening, and he slowly like ramps it back up and reverses time. I was pretty shocked.

DANNY I mean, I don’t know what to say about it. I loved it. I loved that he talked to his dad and the Force. I mean — woof! God, he heals himself. Like, there’s just so much about it.

SLIM Yeah, yeah. I mean, overall, there were like there was a couple scenes where I think I read this interview to where the Whedon cut tried to like Avengers-ize the DC Cinematic Universe, whereas Joss’ vision is to pretty much treat these characters as gods and they have big thinking, big conversations. They don’t need to be bogged down with little dumb jokes and like banter. Like this is bigger than that, which I get. And I kind of like have fully realized in this four hour movie and I like that. And like no more than Batman flying around in that, that like, I don’t know what you call that, that carrier jet. One of my notes was, let me see if I can find it. “Batman is flying a warship into a radioactive dome.” [Danny chuckles] And I was like, this is insane. And I was like, appreciated the entire moment like, I’m so thankful that this exists. You know? Like you have Batman in this expensive movie. They have CGI out the ass. Like I appreciate that this Batman exists. You know you’re gonna get low budget dark, gritty Batman on the streets with Gordon, you know, probably five times in the next 20 years. But how often are we going to get this? Like bodacious version of Batman, so I was kind of all in when that was happening.

DANNY For sure. How about — since we’re in the end of the movie — how about Steppenwolf’s death?

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY How gnarly was that? Like, I don’t know if I’ve seen a villain die in any comic book movie as glorious as Steppenwolf ‘s death.

SLIM He got owned.

DANNY He got destroyed by every member of that Justice League, it felt like.

SLIM How about his backstory? Like he had a full fledged backstory about why he was doing this stuff.

DANNY Insane.

SLIM Kind of felt for him a little bit.

PROTO Although I just want to go on the record, I know you guys were saying earlier —

DANNY Uh oh.

PROTO How much you like the look of Steppenwolf. I think he looks incredibly dumb. [Slim laughs] I don’t know if this is like the look of this character or this is new. I know nothing of Steppenwolf. But the whole flashing armor suit. Whatever he’s wearing. It’s to me, it’s just distracting. I think he just looks stupid. Honestly, I just don’t — I didn’t care. I don’t care for him at all. And every time he was on the screen, I was just kind of like, uhh, this does not look good.

SLIM I guess I just remember the old Steppenwolf, where he was just kind of a dude in like, you know, antlers. And this is kind of like more badass looking. [Slim laughs] I don’t know how else to describe it. Forrest “this showcases of just how over the top powerful Superman is and the finale is stupid fun.” I agree. And so he’s wearing, we haven’t even talked about it, but he’s wearing the black suit. In this version of the movie.

DANNY Yes sir!

SLIM And you know, I didn’t mind that. I thought it was kind of cool. He takes forever to join the fight, first of all. He’s like, they’re acting — they brought him back and he’s just like gone. Pretty much. He’s not helping them. When he finally does appear, and his first line like he stops Steppenwolf’s axe from hitting Cyborg, I think. And his line, he’s got a grin and he says, “not impressed” I actually like that. That felt like the most Superman moment that Zack Snyder had done up until that point. And what did you guys think of that line?

DANNY I mean, also the the Superman music kicks in real hardcore right there too. So I was I was jonesing. And then he freezes the axe and shatters it. I mean, I was sick. I love the black suit, though. And you know, it’s funny, they don’t really talk about the reason for the black suit. He gets it when he resurrects in the comic as well. And it’s — the suit itself is black because it absorbs — it’s because he’s like healing. He’s resurrecting. So it absorbs more solar energy from the sun. And that’s why he’s wearing the black suit. They just kind of put it on like a mood in this film, but it makes — I mean, comic book nerd-ness, it makes the right choice than wearing the red and blue again.

SLIM Right? Art, Superman historian, says “Yes, after he tells Lois he has a second chance he’s embracing who he is and finally going to have some fun being Superman.” Like I could totally see a comic book panel of Superman saying “not impressed” while blocking an axe. That’s why I kind of enjoyed that.

PROTO The Superman stuff — [Proto sighs] — I mean, is Superman the best? [Danny & Slim laugh] I think I’m always surprised at how much I just love Superman in movies. When I think of the idea of Superman, it seems like this all powerful guy, boring. But there’s something about him — maybe it’s just the way Zack Snyder handles him. But I legit was tearing up at the farmhouse scene. I don’t know what it is about Superman. But there is something that just like it tugs at me. When he first, when they’re in the meeting room and they’re talking about resurrecting him and the Superman hologram comes up. I got chills! [Danny laughs]

SLIM Yes! Yes. Yes.

PROTO Yeah, there’s something about him where I just can’t help but love him and the whole like — there’s the — whatever you think about Zack Snyder, he is really good at making these small human moments feel incredible. Just that farmhouse seen with just Lois and Clark in there and like her handing him the shirt. I mean, I love that! [Danny laughs] I was just all in on that scene. I loved it!

SLIM We haven’t even talked about the epilogue yet. And I know we’re running out of tape. I said we would have a hard stop at 90 minutes.

DANNY We have to.

SLIM But, the epilogue of this movie, you know, it kind of goes into this Injustice world almost where Superman, evil Superman, takes over and I guess you’re kind of — like Bruce Wayne is having a dream after they save the day. Ctcher says we really don’t have to get into the epilogue. [Slim laughs]

PROTO What?!

SLIM I guess Ctcher did not enjoy it.

DANNY Shut up Ctcher.

SLIM You know, the Injustice comic book is insanely popular, it’s one of most popular comic books come out and last decade, it’s when Superman goes bad and the heroes have to deal with it. And Batman leads the charge. But I guess in this version, maybe Darkseid figures out the anti-life equation and uses it on Superman to turn evil. So you’re led to believe that Lois has died and he’s gone bad. You know, Jared Leto is in the scene. He’s teamed up with Deathstroke. Mera and Flash and Batman is wearing his like desert fatigues. And Superman is you know, finding them. I would have loved this to be the next movie. After I’m watching this epilogue, yes, it’s over the top. Yes, this is Zack Snyder just doing whatever the F he wants. He doesn’t give a crap. But can you imagine a follow up movie to this with Superman is evil and them doing battle against him? This would be wild!

DANNY I need you guys to understand something. I know I’m well documented on this podcast on how much I love Jared Leto. This version of the Joker, I was all in on. [Slim & Proto laugh] I’m not even joking. I hated his Joker in Suicide Squad. Because it was like gangster, weird, Joker but he was trying to pull off the Heath Ledger kind of thing. Voice and kind of mannerism. But my God, I could have done a whole movie with this Joker. He was so creepy! His stupid laugh and his outfit. Oh my God, kiss me. Get rid of those tattoos on his face. Thank you, Snyder for doing that. I mean, it was — I loved it. I loved the con — here’s the thing. If you ask me who my favorite superhero is, it’s Batman. I love Batman. Batman and Joker have been my thing since forever. This conversation they have gotten me so good. Where they’re going back and forth, tit for tat. Him killing Jason Todd. Batman killing Harley Quinn. Like I was so into that conversation that I wanted — then I eventually got mad that we’re not getting a standalone Batman movie with Ben Affleck because we deserve that after all these films. I mean 20 years in Gotham and they hint at a dead Robin story. And then a dead Harley Quinn story, like give me these films with Ben Affleck! And I love the Joker. I think the two of them would make an amazing Batman and Joker movie. I mean, it would be insane. So I loved it. But I also love Jared Leto and I love the Joker. So I’m sorry. I’m not sorry actually.

SLIM Never apologize for your truth. [Proto laughs]

DANNY You’re right.

PROTO We have had so many origin retellings of Batman that we never get into this latter period, of Batman, of this weight. And the thing is, we all are familiar with it. You don’t need to give us three movies leading up to the history and what’s at stake for Batman and Joker. We all know it already. You can give us this scene and like Danny was saying, I had the same reaction. This was amazing! [Slim laughs] Are you kidding me?!

DANNY Yes, thank you!

PROTO These two going at it?! Oh my God! Yes! My veins were bulging. This was amazing! How could you not like this if you’re a Batman fan?! GET OUT! [Slim laughs]

DANNY If I could kiss you right now, Proto.

PROTO I will ban you right now, Ctcher!

DANNY Are you kidding me? I am so hype right now.

SLIM Chat is besides themselves right now. [Slim laughs] They’re scrambling.

PROTO I want this movie.

SLIM They are in shambles!

DANNY Yes! Thank you!

PROTO Give me Batman! And you know Batman’s gonna figure it out. He’s gonna get him.

SLIM Absolutely in shambles. I liked Jared Leto’s laugh. I didn’t love the delivery of this stuff. But like I said, you’re gonna have Batman retellings for the next 30 years. Why not just try this, DC?

DANNY Oh my God.

SLIM It's not happening. It's over. But like this is the—I kind of talked about this in my Man of Steel review but like this is like Elseworlds DC Universe. Let Zack have his run for 10 or 15 years. Everything's gonna get redone over and over again. Why not try something different?

DANNY Shoo. The look Leto gives him when he almost gets him talking about Harley.

SLIM How 'bout his hand shaking?

DANNY He started shaking. His face! He was furious. He was like, "Oh, you almost got me." I'm like—yes! Give me all of this. Inject this into my veins right now.

SLIM Danny what's your rating? And any other notes that we might have missed?

DANNY I mean, I got so many damn notes, we don't have to go over it. I did want to—oh, I loved, so using the Leonard Cohen Hallelujah track at the end credits sung by Allison Crowe. [Hallelujah by Allison Crowe fades in] I absolutely love that because obviously it's dedicated to Autumn, his daughter, but that was her favorite song and Allison sang at her funeral. So dedicating this movie, it never would never have been made if it wasn't for any of the situations, so I actually I really loved ending. So many Easter eggs in this film. We didn't even talk about Martian Manhunter coming in. [Slim laughs]

SLIM I forgot about that!

DANNY What?! Are you kidding me? God. There's so much. I don't even know where to begin on star rating for this. If I'm going to go with rating from my heart, I'm giving it five stars. [Slim & Proto laugh, stunned]

PROTO Oh! Baby!

SLIM Oh my God!

DANNY I watched this twice since it came out yesterday. And I was into it. I loved it so much. Everything about it. I mean, there are parts that can be cut. I don't care. Cut them. Leave then, just whatever. This movie felt exactly what I want from the DC movies, the DC Universe. Everything else can go away. Start from here or something. But this is where I wanted them to be and God, I was all in. All in.

SLIM Mmm. Yeah, I felt the same way. I was stunned how much fun I had watching this. You know, my BvS thoughts are well documented. Junk. Get it out. So I had probably just like the lowest expectations going into this. But I really appreciated what Zack did. Zack Snyder getting to do whatever he wanted for as long as he wanted. You know, get those reshooting, like these new Bruce Wayne scenes at the end. How thin did Ben Affleck look in the epilogue scene?


SLIM It looks like he lost maybe 20 pounds of muscle for those scenes.

DANNY Living in the desert.

SLIM It was pretty obvious. I'm at four stars for this.

DANNY Oh baby!

SLIM I was really shocked. The Flash stuff, really enjoyed it. The epilogue, you know, it just makes me kind of bummed that it's not happening. And which is shocking to me because you ask me this question six years ago, and I probably would have been like, get Zack Snyder out of here immediately. And now you have this uncut vision from a director. And I've kind of completely changed my mind and I was wrong, is pretty wild to me. Proto?

PROTO Like Danny said, this is a really hard movie to rate. Especially because there's parts of it that I loved. And there's parts of it that you know, two hours previously, I didn't love. So it's hard to formulate thoughts about it in its entirety. Watching it in one sitting. I'm curious to revisit it. Or even just like revisit different parts of it. And I almost feel like that's how maybe it should be? You know? Like Danny was saying, you can you can treat this as like a series if you wanted to and watch it in parts and enjoy it that way. I don't know when I'll find the time to go back and like dedicate to watching the whole thing again. But I gave—my truth—I gave the theatrical three stars. I thought it was fine. It was enjoyable for, you know, what it was. I had a good time with it. For this, I'll also give it three stars. It's a good movie. [Slim laughs]


PROTO I enjoyed it for you know for the four hours that I was there. Some parts I loved, some parts I didn't love and that's where I'm at.

SLIM The discord has been satiated with that rating from Proto of three stars. I think that seems to be the average, it's 3.5 right now for our patrons. But I think now everyone's coming back to Earth with that rating, with Proto. We have a lot of feedback to get to tonight for Justice League. Let's see.

DANNY Let me stretch.

SLIM Stretch it out. Just to reiterate, you know, preference for voicemails, 90 seconds long. I know a certain few people ignored it. You know? Almost as a direct insult to me, it felt like. You know, but we're gonna get into it, you can leave us a voicemail or an email using the links on 70mm But let's get into it right now.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hey guys, Tony here. What a ride the last few weeks have been, man. You cannot imagine how relieved I was when I got into my car after work, opened up Letterboxd, and saw that Proto had given Evangelion a four banger. Man, felt like a weight had been lifted from my chest. You guys know that little gag from the opening scene of The Simpsons where it's like "zero days without accident"? Between Nacho Libre, Metropolis and now this, I think you guys might have to get one of those for Proto. [Danny laughs] Moving on though, this week's feature presentation, Zack Snyder's Justice League. I mean, I thought it was fine. I think four hours is a bit over indulgent. There is a lot of stuff here that could be cut. Like the entire premise of this movie is that when Superman died, he screamed so loudly it woke the Mother Boxes up. I mean, I don't think we need a whole subplot about how Batman's gloves can absorb the energy blast. I think the whole scene with Iris was pretty weird too. Because like, he doesn't actually say a word to her. He just kind of stares her down. And then as she gets in the crash kind of saves there. It's really weird. I get why it's in there, though, to kind of set up sequels. But you know, there aren't going to be any sequels. Why put it in this movie? That one woman wail that happened every time Wonder Woman was on screen. I really hated that. It was really annoying after you know, three and a half hours of it happening to have it keep on going. And I guess at the end of the day, I also have an issue with I mean, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, like all these characters at the end of the day, they're made for like kids. So why make your movie rated R? Why have Batman say the F word? You know? I've gone over 90 seconds. But in the spirit of Zack Snyder, I'm doing my own little director's cut of this voicemail.


SLIM I feel sick.

VOICEMAIL I mean, at the end of the day, it's a pretty admirable story, the guy had to take, you know the rest of the movie off to deal with personal tragedy. And then he came back and he got to fix what a studio had butchered. And I can respect that. And I kind of respect what the fan base did in terms of raising money for like suicide prevention causes, even if I disagreed with how a lot of them acted on the internet in the intervening years. But, you know, at the end of the day, I guess we can all celebrate that Joss Whedon just took a massive L. [Slim & Danny laugh] l hope you guys are having a great one. Peace out.

[Voicemail ends]

SLIM Joss, GTFO. Proto, any thoughts for Tony's redemption?

PROTO Thank you, Tony, for believing in me as I believed in you. But I don't really agree with the whole 'this shouldn't be rated R, F bombs' you know, this is a kid's movie. I mean, it's an adaptation of these characters. And you can tell whatever kind of version you want. We have Lego Batman, you know, is that what was intended with Batman? You know, it's, you can make whatever you want. And if you know if a director has a vision for a very adult, dramatic, serious version of a story, why not?

DANNY Mmmph.

SLIM Listen, my Batman might break bones of criminals but he doesn't say the F word, okay? He doesn't do that.

DANNY Also, Superman's scream didn't wake up Boxes, his death did. The scream was just a visual representation of his death across the globe.

SLIM Danny is bringing the receipts right now.

PROTO Danny's envisioning himself back in the comic book shop behind the cash register right now. [Slim laughs]

DANNY My Cyborg hands are in the screen right now of my TV just absorbing this movie again.

SLIM Let's switch it out. We have a letter from dear friend of the show, Becca, Becs. "Dear 70mm, I have two questions. One, why was the janitor at Star Labs mopping over floor grates? That's silly." I didn't even catch that. "Two, wouldn't Aquaman have recycled that glass bottle of whiskey? Seems out of character for him to smash it on the ground giving no consideration to Mother Earth. All in all, I was really surprised by this movie. I wasn't bored and appreciated the character development especially for Victor. I would have never watched this behemoth if it weren't for being part of this VHS Village community. And for that I'm extremely grateful to the three of you. Heart. Love and possums, Becs." I was not expecting—I think we talked about this in our private DMS. I wasn't expecting pretty much everyone to watch this movie.

DANNY Anyone to watch this movie? [Danny laughs]

SLIM The amount of movement in the DCU last week and week and a half has been off the charts. So hugely appreciative, if you want to join the VHS Village you could do so at our Patreon. Four bucks a month right now. Let's get into another one of our DMs here. This person did not break the rules, and they're under 90 seconds.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL What's up boys, this is Fam. And I promise I'll keep this under 90 seconds to preserve the integrity of Zack Snyder's creative vision. Just got done watching the new Justice League movie, beforehand though I did watch the older one to kind of see how it was compared to the new one. I have to kind of the same gripes with it, it was kind of a big miss for me, being the type of movie that it was kind of shoot for it, didn't really hit its mark there for sure and kind of left me lacking. On this one, it felt definitely a little better. With the time that they were given, definitely able to flesh out more characters, like Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. And you know, explain kind of where they're at in the world, you know, other than opening up a Windows 95 folder and clicking on an icon avatar for real clear video. [Slim & Danny laugh] It's better decisions than that. This movie was definitely a superhero movie, a lot of like action poses, a lot of standing in formation, punching, something you could put on a poster and sell, that kind of stuff. They were definitely looking at a lot of those things. I did enjoy it a little better than the first movie though. Just ran really long. Four hours is a long time. I mean, if you cut out the slow motion walking to music, you could probably shave off an hour onto this thing easy. [Slim laughs] One of the, one of the ones that was longest, for some reason it made me laugh was the Aquaman one where he gets into the water and he swims away and the three girls walk up who are like Zack Snyder's version of the Corps, the singing group, they come in and they sing and sniff sweaters and that went on for way too long. Other than that, though, I did enjoy the movie more than the first one. Thanks, guys. Bye.

[Voicemail ends]


DANNY Fam staring at a stopwatch right now.

SLIM That might have been at 2x, at 1.5x speed. I appreciate it, Fam. Fam's dedication.

DANNY You trying to tell me you would not sniff that sweater, Fam? I would've sniffed that sweater.

SLIM I also thought the singing was a little strange. But you know, maybe that's their culture. You know? I don't know their culture.

PROTO I don't think that scene was for us. That's all I'm gonna say. [Danny laughs]

SLIM The one note that I forgot, and this makes me even my dislike of Wonder Woman 2 even more so. Wonder Woman at this stage of her life, she can fly. But she chooses not to. You know if we're to believe that Wonder Woman 84 happened before the Justice League movie. She flies in that movie.

DANNY I didn't see that movie.

SLIM Spoilers. So does she just like give up the art of flying for the rest of her days? It doesn't make any sense.

PROTO She kind of flew in this, didn't she?

SLIM She jumps, like high. She does her little like charge forward move.

PROTO Where does jumping end and flying begin? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM The title of Proto's autobiography. [Danny laughs] Next voicemail.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL What is up 70mm? It is Andy from Orlando. And it's been a while since I've left message for you guys. So much has happened. I met Danny in person at Epcot.

DANNY Oh my, yes.

VOICEMAIL Finally watched Moneyball. It's so good that he finally watched. Proto retired from Apex. So glad you guys have 100 supporters on Patreon. Like so good. Congratulations on that. But this week you guys are reviewing Zack Snyder's Justice League. And I watched it last night. I really, really enjoyed it. I gave it three and a half stars on LB. I probably could bump it up to a four, probably need to watch it again. Could be a four but overall I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than in 2017 version. I thought the four hours was justified for it. And the couple scenes that popped out, I mean that last dream nightmare scene was incredible. Who knows if we'll have, if we'll get more you know, Snyder movies. I doubt it. But you know, you never know. Would have been cool to see what he had in mind. But overall really enjoyed it. I am a little sad that they cut out one of my favorite scenes from the 2017 version, which was the Pet Sematary line that the Flash says when they're bringing back Superman and so I really enjoyed that in the 2017 version. I was a little bummed out that they scrapped it. But anyways, I enjoyed it, again justified that he got it. I'm happy he got it. And I can't wait to hear what you guys thought on it. Also love the Batman Forever episode. If you're not supporting this podcast, do it, four bucks a month. It's totally worth it. Alright, love you guys. Bye.

[Voicemail ends]

SLIM God, Andy giving the hard sell, love it.

DANNY How many episodes do you get right now if you pay four dollars?

SLIM I can't even count that high.

DANNY The amount of Batmans. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM The amount of Batmans. The Sematary scene in particular, how about that coat that Diana was wearing? Di you catch that? Is she the most stylish woman who ever lived? Diana Prince?


PROTO Some are saying.

SLIM Sheesh.

PROTO You know, back to this whole thing about a four hour movie. I don't know if this will affect anything in the future. But it is kind of neat, especially with the world that we're living in now. Where streaming is growing so much. And the money that's being spent on on movies. I don't you know, what if a director—what is James Cameron comes to Netflix, comes to HBO Max and says, "Hey, I got an idea for a five hour movie."

SLIM Oh my God.

PROTO You know, like, could that happen?

SLIM Please, God, Jim?!

PROTO I'm just saying.

DANNY Pick up the phone, Jim.

SLIM Jim, I know you're editing Avatar 6. But I need you right now. [Slim laughs] Jim Cameron wearing those motorbike shirts that he wears in all those making-of documentaries. [Slim & Proto laugh] Guy loves motocross. Gotta respect it.

DANNY Love it.

SLIM Andy, thank you for the call. Let's get to someone who just betrayed me with length and voicemail right now.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL What's up 70mm? It's Lex. I want to open this by saying how much I really do love you guys. Because over the last three days, I have watched the DC Snyder-verse entirely in preparation for this episode. And I have felt nothing but in immeasurable pain. [Danny & Slim laugh] Man of Steel was a pretty garden variety bad movie.

DANNY Wrong.

VOICEMAIL Dumb characters, hamfisted script, I gave it like two stars. Batman v Superman was a special kind of bad, all the bad stuff of Man of Steel, but just multiplied by like 10. Even with some of the Batman stuff, which I actually did enjoy in parts, minus all the murder. I still gave this one a single star. And same with the theatrical cut of Justice League, which I felt was equally bad in entirely new and exciting ways. But this week, we're talking about the mythical Snyder Cut. And as for that, I'll say this. Did it really have to be nothing but four hours of boring deleted scenes? And like way too long action sequences? I mean, I did like a few parts with the Flash, but that's like a drop in the bucket that is this four hour long movie. Look, I think this is a one and a half star movie.

SLIM My God. Should I cut him off?

VOICEMAIL I do have some comments here at the end. Number one, I'm happy Zack got to finish his movie.

SLIM Doesn't sound like it.

VOICEMAIL I feel like this industry is one where shareholders have a ton of power. So for Snyder to finally get this through, I think that's a big win for like creative freedom. And directors and stuff. Number two, I've actually really enjoyed reading some of the positive reviews for this from the villagers, and from other people I follow on Letterboxd. I actually haven't seen any other Snyder films outside of these DC ones. And the weird owl one. So maybe I'll have to take a look at those. Or maybe his shtick just might not be for me. But it's really illuminating to read how others can sort of see those positives that I just genuinely can't. Yeah, I'm going a little bit over time. But you know what, let's let's call this the Snyder cut. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Oh, this joke is gonna keep going.

VOICEMAIL And, keep up the good work! Bye.

[Voicemail ends]

SLIM Lex went deep into this Snyder Marvel Universe this week and he was not happy. I follow him on Twitter. He was going nuts watching these movies. Maybe he enjoyed the pain, he's like that pale guy from the Da Vinci movie?

DANNY Da Vinci Code? [Danny & Proto laugh]

SLIM Powder. Remember that movie Powder?

PROTO Powder.

SLIM Should we do Powder? [Slim laughs]

PROTO Oh baby.

SLIM I forgot that we still have to announce the movie for next week.

DANNY We have more voicemails, can we keep going?

SLIM This is an IG DM that I got from Calvin. Let me read this here. This was Calvin's response when we announced the JL movie. "I hope you all treat this lumbering disaster with the unique respect it deserves. Will it be good? No. Is it a waste of money? Probably. But is it completely unique and standing out against the history of cinema? Seemingly the only movie to be so thoroughly recut, reshot and released based on internet mob politics. Used as a device to shill a streaming service in court a toxic fanbase into paying money to watch a likely worst version of something that was already bad, that they've already seen." And this is in all caps "Released exclusively in 4:3 ratio during a home cinema Renaissance because the director has high hopes of at one day playing in IMAX" Upside down smiley emoji. "There is a nonzero chance that this corruption of how movies are released literally changes how we think about moviemaking, which is both compelling and tragic because this thing is going to be so bloated and terrible. Excited to hear what you all have to say." Quote, "If Ben-Hur had a baby with the Transformers franchise" Proto, your thoughts?

PROTO Was this my boy clay calv?

SLIM That was.


DANNY You know him?

PROTO This was—yeah, that's my boy. We used to work together. That's without him seeing it?

SLIM He hasn't seen it.

DANNY I feel sick. I feel sick.

PROTO That's a violation, Calvin, I'm sorry.

SLIM Should I block Calvin after that DM?

PROTO You now owe it to us to watch it.

DANNY Twice.

PROTO And see if you are right. I want to know what you feel after viewing this movie.

SLIM Put your put your ass on the line, Calvin. [Danny laughs]

PROTO I want you on the line.

SLIM This is not a game. I don't know how many times we have to say it. This letter comes in from Sean from a VHS Village. Let's see. This might be haiku form. "Hey pals, a haiku for the seven hours I've spent during the last 48 hours of my life. Slow Mo winners, Flash. Superman v Batman, snooze. Seven hours gone, poof. Thanks for making me watch these, no regrets. Shaun."

DANNY Okay. [Slim laughs] I'll take it. You're welcome.

PROTO We need to do a cover, the way he just like phrased that, of that Live song, what's that?

SLIM Secret Samadhi? [Slim & Danny & Proto laugh]

DANNY Stupid.

PROTO [sings] And a woman cries...

SLIM How 'bout me pulling out Secret Samadhi out of my back pocket for Live?

DANNY You're disgusting.

SLIM I think Art is a Live fan. Ed Kowalczyk. Is Art still awake? Is here with us? Live, when I grew up—

DANNY [sings in Ed Kowalczyk voice] Lightning crashes...

SLIM [sings in unknown voice] Can you hear the dolphin's cry?! [Danny & Proto laugh] You know that song? When I was a kid, that song was my S! My God!

DANNY Oh no. [Danny laughs]

SLIM They had the weirdest lyrics out of any band that I listened to. It looked like he was using machine learning to just whip up song lyrics. [Danny laughs]

PROTO Until you discovered Red Hot Chili Peppers.

SLIM [sings] When the sea rise up to meet us!

DANNY Do we have more? Oh lord.

SLIM Let's listen to Live tomorrow in the Discord.

DANNY No. Noooo.

SLIM Our favorite Live song. This one comes in from Paul. Paul's not super active in the Discord. So you might not have seen my 90 second request. But Paul, we appreciate it nonetheless.

[voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hello 70mm! This is Paul, just wanted to drop in a quick voicemail. It's been a while, so couple things. First, I watched the Snyder cut last night. And I absolutely loved it.


VOICEMAIL I thought it was fantastic. I wish that we'd gotten something like this you know two years ago or whatever. Instead of the weird Frankenstein half of a movie that we got. Maybe the outlook on DC movies would be different because, man, I would love to see this reality come to pass in films with Darkseid and man, seeing Darkseid on screen, it was like being a kid, you know, things I dreamed about. And here it was. And as a fan of DC Comics and of that character specifically. And being a huge Superman fan, I just felt like all the characters really got their moment to shine. You know, Cyborg, wow, like his arc in this movie was fantastic. The Flash, his arc was way better in this film. The whole ending sequence was epic. I mean, in a way, which the Lord of the Rings are my favorite films of all time, the Lord of the Rings films, but in a way it had a similar scale and feel as it built up to the ending. Also, maybe a little bit of a Return Of The King feel where it ended and then didn't end. But I loved it. I don't know if it's a five star movie, but it's definitely over four stars for me, four and a half to five. So I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I'm not sure, I really don't know what you guys are gonna think. I remember the Paper Keg days back when Slim and Dale and Jonesy talked about Man of Steel the first time and I'm glad to hear that it's been redeemed in your eyes, Slim, because I do love that film. But I don't know what you guys are gonna think. But regardless, I really enjoyed it. And I really, really, really do hope that this leads to more of this from Zack Snyder that we get to see his vision fully realized because I think it's an epic superhero film like nothing else that we have seen or could see. Loved it. Oh also Slim, leave Proto alone about Neon Genesis Evangelion. [Danny laughs] That's a great show. It's insane. And I saw Proto, your update to your review, after watching End of Evangelion, and that was one of the weirdest experiences of my life watching that movie. But when it was all said and done, it was definitely a powerful show. I'm glad I watched it and the film gave it the ending that it deserved, whereas the show did not. And I think four stars is a good fair rating. So have a good one guys, thanks for doing the show. Talk to you soon.

[Voicemail ends]

DANNY Paul, you're safe with us.

SLIM The Evangelion army coming after me after my comments.

DANNY Glad I kept my mouth shut.

SLIM Paul is a longtime friend of the shows, plural. Paul referenced an old comics podcast I used to do with producer emeritus, dale_a, and JonesyLovesBeer. But Paul does a podcast, I think it does a few podcasts, one of which being Turtle Jump podcast, a video game podcast. So if you're looking for a new podcast check out, you want to hear more of that sultry voice, Turtle Jump. Search in your app.

PROTO I like that comparison to Lord of the Rings. I agree with that. I think just the sheer length of this gives it an epic quality that you feel with Lord of the Rings as well. Like I was getting those vibes too.

SLIM Let's see, two more and then we can reveal the final movie for Shame Month.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hello 70mm, it's Wes here. I'm back home in Scotland and wanted to give you lads a wee voicemail. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Excuse me?

VOICEMAIL Apologize for sounding so different, I feel terribly ill over the thought of the Snyder cut, apologies, this is also making me laugh very hard.

DANNY Excuse me.

VOICEMAIL It's not a good movie. It's really bad. I cannot recommend this movie to anyone. [Danny laughs] I hope you'll survive that 48 hour watch party. Because I'll miss the podcast if you didn't. Alright, well, godspeed to you. And I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

[Voicemail ends]

SLIM I don't know what's happening here. That might have been Meemaw. [Danny laughs] If that was Meemaw doing Wes' accent, that's a pretty good accent. Putting me to shame, to be honest. I'm not even gonna attempt an accent. But there is another VM that's coming up next, it's says quote "Marcie" so we'll see what's happening here.

[Voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hey guys, it's Marcie. Just wanted to call in this week for the Snyder cut, which I said it wasn't going to watch, but you know, I ended up watching anyway. [Danny laughs]

DANNY It's the worst American accent.

VOICEMAIL I wanted to say, thanks for nothing, guys. This movie is trash. I was very confused and bored for most of this. And I'm happy Snyder got to make the movie he wanted but it doesn't make the result any less trash. Did I mention that this trash movie was trash? Because it's trash. Sorry guys. Hope you enjoy this trash more than I did. Looking forward to next week's pick! Hope it's not trash like this trash! Bye!

[Voicemail ends]

DANNY Marcie putting Wes to shame with her accent.

SLIM I don't know—I feel like that was pretty good.

PROTO I don't know what was going on. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Shenanigans in this Discord.

SLIM I need to work on my accents is what I'm gathering from these voicemails. Everyone's stepping up their accent game.

DANNY Can you do some—can you do some Christian Slater real quick? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM We need to save it for next week. There's too many accents in this episode. And we're already running out of tape. Because we still have to announce next week's movie. And this one I think was Proto's idea.

DANNY Who can say at this point? [Danny laughs]

SLIM To round us out, Shame Month, a movie that might tie into another movie coming out.

PROTO Oh, no, this was Danny's call.

SLIM Was it?

PROTO Yeah, Danny had this call.

DANNY Alright, I'll take the heat for this one.

SLIM Do you want to announce it?

DANNY Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we wanted one last hurrah coming into the end of Shame Month and this is another one that's on HBO Max.

SLIM HBO Max Month.

DANNY This is a 104 minute movie.

SLIM Love it.

DANNY From 1933... King Kong.

SLIM Phew. Getting us ready—

DANNY We're doing it.

SLIM For Godzilla v Kong.

DANNY We are getting geared up for Godzilla v King Kong with 1933's King Kong.

SLIM Amazing pic and first of all, Art in Discord pretty much predicted it out of nowhere.

DANNY He did. [Danny laughs] I saw that.

SLIM Slap that phone out of Art's hand when he typed that in. He said like "oh I thought it was gonna pick King Kong for shame month, but it didn't happen"

DANNY Tim asked which cut and it's whatever when you push play on in HBO Max. [Slim laughs] I don't know what—if there's other cuts.

SLIM OG cut. Zack Snyder has not touched this version. But now we can officially all be ready for the big three our epic battle that I think is dropping right at the end of the month on HBO? That Godzilla movie?

DANNY I'll check my ticket.

SLIM Oh my, stay tuned.

DANNY No comment.

SLIM Stay tuned for photos of that. What an episode, we did it, it's in the books. Could be one of our longest episodes ever. Before I get my scalpel in there. We made it through, we shocked a lot of people.

DANNY Everyone did it.

SLIM I appreciate everyone joining us for the journey in Discord, and if you haven't joined yet, it's time. But, Proto, do you have any thoughts to end the show this week?

[theme music fades in]

PROTO Remember, everyone deserves a second chance, especially if you have $70 million behind it. [Danny laughs]

SLIM We'll see everybody next week for King Kong.

[theme music plays alone, fades out]

SLIM 70mm is a VHS Village production, featuring original artwork provided by Danny Haas. Spiritual guidance and VGER, the robot who loves movies, provided by Protolexus. Producer emeritus dale_A. Prints and other merch are available on This episode was mixed, edited and produced by me, Slim. And you can support our Patreon for access to our Discord to talk movies with other Villagers, get early access to episodes, discounts on merch and a physical membership card mailed to you. If you would like to support our friends at Letterboxd and upgrade to Pro or Patron status, you can do so with a 20% off discount using the links on Goodbye!




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