Transcript: Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues (1993) Bonus Episode

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Transcript of 70mm’s Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues (1993) Bonus Episode

SLIM Heeey, it’s your old pal Slim. And this is a special bonus episode of 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. As always, I’m joined by famous artist Danny Haas.

DANNY I know we DMd about this, but how about Sean Patrick Flannery’s hair? Don’t even put the fedora on buddy.

SLIM And spiritual advisor, Protolexus.

PROTO Yeah, to think like, yeah, he’s at university but he has seen more action than I have at this point in his life.

SLIM As we near the end of Indiana June’s, we knew we had to go back to the 90s, to talk about the TV series Young Indiana Jones, and the one episode that Harrison Ford appeared in as Indiana, The Mystery of the Blues. Enjoy!

[music plays]

SLIM Indiana June’s month at 70mm rolls on. We thought why not go back to where it all started. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series slash movies slash I don’t know what the heck was going on back then.

DANNY The nineties.

SLIM Do you remember back then? Were you watching this show on like Saturday nights or wherever it started? Danny?

DANNY Ah, I remember catching a few of them. But I don’t remember, I never watched them all. And it wasn’t a thing to watch them. I don’t even remember anyone really talking about them? Until I was probably older. And I remembered that I’d probably seen a couple.

SLIM Proto, do you remember the show at all?

PROTO I don’t remember. I mean, I never watched it live. But at some point in the 90s, I was watching it. A handful of episodes here and there.

SLIM So we decided to go back to the one episode that Harrison Ford had starred in. In the book ends of an episode called Mystery of the Blues. This is not on Paramount+, America’s network, America’s streaming platform, they just added like 22 episodes, and for whatever reason, this is not one of them. With that said, if you do a little YouTube searching, you too can watch all two hours of this episode slash movies slash thing, that aired I believe in 1993. The one thing I want to say before we even get into this.

DANNY Let’s talk.

SLIM I did some research before we recorded and I sent of screenshot into our DMs about an old man Indiana Jones [Danny laughs] that apparently existed when it aired as episodes, but Lucas removed him for the collector’s editions. Is that true Danny? Do you know have any insight into that?

DANNY Yeah, so the old Indy — I do find that weird because I feel like it was the reason this set up the show. So George Hall played 93 year old Indiana Jones, still teaching. And the show would set up where he would be asked like a question and he would reminisce a time in his history, but always ended up being a time when he was younger than the three movies. And so he would tell the story. And so he’d be in the book end and the beginning and end of the episode and it was eye patched up, George Hall, Indiana Jones.

SLIM I watched, I was researching this episode and then I saw that like they replaced, in the UK, he existed in this episode, but not in the United States version when they aired it. So I went on YouTube to find footage of this guy playing old Indiana Jones because I didn’t have any idea this was the thing. And he exists in the 90s, it’s like real time so the first episode, this old man Indiana Jones interrupts these like these brats who are trying to leave a museum because they think it’s so boring. And they’re the most 90s looking kids in the in history.

[clip of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles plays]


OLD INDY Junk?! Some of the greatest adventures of my life are sitting in this museum!

YOUNG CHILD 1 Maybe it’s cool for you dude, but we think it stinks.

YOUND CHILD 2 Be cool, man! Be cool!

OLD INDY You from the city? Me, I’m from just across the river.

YOUNG CHILD 2 Big deal!

OLD INDY Come on over here, maybe you’ll learn something.

[clip of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles ends]

SLIM And Indiana Jones is like “what are you young whippersnappers doing? You don’t know anything about all this junk!” It’s so weird. [Slim & Danny laugh] Like just Google, like old Indiana Jones George Hall on YouTube and have your mind blown. Proto, did you remember any of that stuff?

PROTO Oh yeah, definitely the eyepatch. Love it. Love old Indy.

SLIM The end of that first episode, I scanned to the end to see what happened. He, he sends those kids on their way, he tells a story about the jackal or whatever. And he’s up a staircase. This marble staircase at this museum, looks around, the music’s plan. He gets and hops onto the railing and slides down the railing ass first. [Danny laughs] And it ends. Slim laughs]

PROTO That’s Indiana!

SLIM So Proto, what is Mystery of the Blues, you want to walk us through what we’re covering here today available on YouTube?

[Indiana Jones theme music fades in]

PROTO Mystery of the Blues, we first see Indiana Jones on the run in 1950 with his friend, they have stolen a sacred relic of some kind of American Indians. They’re trying to escape, they find shelter inside of a cabin, seemingly abandoned. And inside this cabin, as luck would have it is a soprano sax. [Danny laughs] And that sets off Indiana Jones to tell a story of when he learned to play the the soprano sax back in 1920 when he was just a young whippersnapper himself going to the University of Chicago and bussing tables at a restaurant. And then after work, going to listen to whatever jazz he could find. So he befriends a jazz musician. I think it’s Sydney.

SLIM Syd, yeah.

PROTO And Sydney kind of shows him the ropes a little bit. And really for the first half hour, we’re just following Indy as his love for jazz music and his desire to learn to play the sax grows and we have no idea where this is going. [Proto & Danny & Slim laugh] But there’s many ups and downs you know, him trying to play, him getting laughed off the stage being just you know, saying “this isn’t jazz”, but then his friend Sydney really guides him says, you know, you focus on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and you know, if Indy doesn’t master Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, it’ll be the end of him. So he does and he and he learns to play it as jazz, he jazz’s it up on that sax, and he really has his moment where he’s once again invited on to stay onto the stage, and he plays the jazz version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his soprano sax. But then we have a murder mystery on our hands when the owner of the restaurant he works at is murdered inside the lobby. And we’re really shifted, we shift into the story of Indy trying to solve this murder mystery. With his roommate Eliot Ness, and his seemingly his friend, Ernie. Ernie, old Ernie Hemingway, little beat reporter in Chicago at the time. So they go on an adventure, they get into all kinds of mischief. They pretty much solve the mystery and who is responsible for for the murder it being one of Indy’s pals who is in town, a little Al Brown aka Al Capone and it, you know, they take it to the police, it falls through because the police are in on it as well. You know, they’re you know, of course they’re you have you know, handshakes with the with the mob at this time. And, you know, they all come away a little more disillusioned. Just as disillusioned as someone who plays the blues. That’s Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues.

DANNY We did it.

SLIM I don’t remember anything about this television show. Like literally anything. I remember you Danny talking about this television show. I kind of know it existed but it must have just been out of my purview watching it Saturday nights, but this seems like something that I would want to stay up and watch as a kid like oh, two hour movie, Indiana, young Indiana Jones, the kind of high jinks they get into. I’d want to ask to stay up late until like nine o’clock to watch this.

DANNY For sure.

SLIM What was your first intro to the show? Were you a kid watching this and then you eventually collected the tapes Danny?

DANNY Yes to the eventually collecting tapes. I remember my parents watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and young Indy came on after that. And so, but it was so late, that I was never allowed to stay up late enough to finish them. So I watched like, the beginnings of a few. And then I just gave up trying to watch them because I could never finish them. So I did, that’s my only memory of it. Other than that, once I got to, once I got older and realized that there was an actual Indiana Jones show, I watched a couple, but I’d never got into it again. I just wasn’t it, it just felt… bad. [Danny laughs] I mean, it’s okay. It’s fine for what it is. I think it doesn’t follow — I think Lucas wasn’t trying to follow some TV mold in making these. I know, I know, like season two, or they tried to season three, I can’t remember. But they were doing, only going to do like four made for TV movies, that they ended up breaking into smaller episodes. So I feel like he was just kind of like, I can do whatever I want. Because I’m George Lucas.

SLIM Sure. And then it failed.

DANNY And then it failed. Yeah.

SLIM Proto, you said, sounds like you watched this a bunch?

PROTO Well, I’m I mentioned on one of our episodes that I had the I had some of these episodes on, on tape that were just recorded off the television, and I would watch those over and over again. And I loved them. And it was only a few and the ones that stand out my mind, he mentioned in this episode of when he joins the Belgian army, and that is an episode. And I remember just being enthralled by that story where he’s, he’s in World War One. He’s in the trenches. The Germans are using like mustard gas. And it looks really good, at least in my memory, it looks really good. And I love that. And then there’s another one where he’s, somehow he gets into North Africa. Like he’s fighting there. And then he has a mission down the Congo River. And he’s like on this boat with this crew where they have this mission to go down. And that really stands out my mind. And then there’s another one where he’s like a, he’s like a secret agent, I think in France, or he’s like helping the resistance. Yeah, so those episodes stand out my mind. And actually, as I was watching this, I had seen this before.

DANNY Oh, nice!

PROTO Yeah, this is, as I’m watching it. It’s like, I know this story. [Danny & Proto laugh] I don’t, I kind of like, when I first put it on, I didn’t remember it. But as I was watching it, it was very clearly that I’d seen it before.

DANNY Nice. And what’s kind of funny though, is even though George Lucas did his own thing and flopped, his intentions of making a children’s to teenagers style types show that each episode would have a figure from history, and it would try to, try to give a little history lesson on this person. So like, in our episode, we have Eliot Ness, who’s an actual agent fighting the prohibition and he’s also featured in the movie I just watched The Untouchables. Kevin Costner played Eliot Ness in that movie. So it’s still kind of like trying to weave bits of history and this action story for kids and teenagers.

PROTO Yes, it’s fun because it’s like every famous character in you know, the last 100 years of American history knows Indiana Jones, like throughout this series.

DANNY Right, exactly. There’s an episode where he runs into like Picasso and Norman Rockwell on the same episode. [Danny laughs] And it makes like no sense, but it’s amazing.

SLIM Yeah, that when I sat down and watched the episode Harrison Ford is, this is like, infamous for this is the one that Harrison Ford is in. And I’m like, sitting down to watch this, one of my initial impressions is I’m going to be one of those nerds that felt like icky, seeing Harrison Ford in a television show as Indy. [Danny laughs] Like it felt kind of low rent, right, you know, like low budget, they’re driving on this truck, and it’s some random snowfield. And it looks, you know, like they had a budget of maybe 10 grand doing this thing. And even the cabin they go in and his delivery of these lines, I was like, oh my god, it’s so weird. And he has this beard. He looks pretty cool. Like he has his beard, which I think he was filming The Fugitive at the time. So they just kind of like, you know, phoned him over. “Hey, can you, do you have a half day to fill these scenes?” Is that what happened when they did this episode?

DANNY Yeah, he was just starting Fugitive. And he had the beard at the time, which worked out because it was Wyoming in the 50s I think? So he’s got to be older anyway than we saw him in the movies. So yeah, he was just doing some Fugitive work at the time.

SLIM And I think the way it lines up this is maybe like eight years before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull takes place. So his appearance in this, you know, pretty close to that timeframe.

DANNY Mmhmm.

SLIM My first thought and note, while watching this, I thought this thing was really long. This two hour format —

DANNY It’s really long.

SLIM 90 minute format is very strange. The first half of this, I’m like, what is the plot of this thing? Is he just gonna be learning jazz for 90 minutes? [Danny laughs] And kind of understanding the plight of the African American community? Because halfway through, Syd, his musician friend, just kind of like disappears. And it’s a murder mystery with characters that, you know, barely were in the first half. So it made me wonder. I was like, how the hell did they air this? Was it a two parter? I don’t know. What did you think, Proto, rewatching this for the first time in a while?

PROTO Yeah, I had the same thought that the first bit is, is pretty long. And yeah, it feels out, like out of the normal mold of a TV show. I don’t know maybe shows are like this back in the 90s. I don’t really remember. But in a way, it was kind of, I was enjoying myself. I think it’s maybe because I just love this character so much. And I have a special place in my heart for Sean Patrick Flannery as well. Just you know, I watched this as a kid, and like just seeing him again be Indy, wearing the same clothes, the same shoes. He’s he has the hat. You know, walking around on the beach, playing the saxophone. [Proto & Danny & Slim laugh] There’s just something about it, it’s very endearing to like this character. I knew at some point it was going to like flip a switch and go somewhere else. But yeah, the first 40 minutes or so you’re, you’re kind of like, you know, your eyes are darting back and forth. Like what, what am I watching right now?

DANNY Right, I’m waiting for the John Williams score to kick in and for Indy to pull out his whip and some action to take place because this jazz bit. I mean, I don’t, I’m not a big fan of jazz to begin with. So it felt like three hours getting to any sort of murder mystery.

SLIM Adventure, yeah. We should mention that Syd, you know, Syd is played by Jeffrey Wright.

DANNY Who was awesome.

SLIM Yeah, one of his early roles. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I did not enjoy Jeffrey Wright in this episode.

DANNY Really?!

SLIM I don’t know if it was his delivery as the character, I was like, man, get off my screen. You’re so annoying.

DANNY Interesting!

SLIM I don’t what it was! I just didn’t connect with his character at all. [Slim laughs] Which kind of sucks because he’s in half the 90 minute thing, like teaching Indy and being his friend.

DANNY That’s impressive. I liked how he — I don’t know, he has that look that he can give you, like he gave Indy, like that would pierce him, like an idiot. Get off my stage. But he wasn’t like rude or like to him. Just kind of gave him the look like, buddy, what are you doing?

PROTO [Proto in chill voice] Indy, we’re playing jaaazz. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM I mean, I think that is, yeah his voice. I mean, that voice, picture that for 90 minutes of a guy telling Indiana Jones that he can’t jazz just yet. Yeah he was —

PROTO How ‘bout them calling him Jonesy?

DANNY Jonesy! So good!

SLIM Yeah, that was interesting. What was on your list, Danny, for this viewing?

DANNY Well, I didn’t take too many notes because I was a little bit bored. But I actually really liked, I liked the first half a lot because I liked, I don’t know, I enjoyed Indy kind of learning the ropes of African American culture in Chicago at the time. And when he has to have dinner with the Black family after church one day and the dad and son are having that argument. Like the dad doesn’t want the son going out to the riots and causing a ruckus for change. But the son fought in the army and what is he getting now that he’s come back to America as a Black man. And it was, it was impressive. I mean, this was back in the 90s. And I guess George was trying something hard. But, that’s what kind of like the first few thoughts was I was impressed that they took on sort of a race issue with Indy.

SLIM Yeah, that was a big piece of this episode. I mean, even him getting accepted into their group to go to the you know, “no whites allowed” club and Syd vouching for him and then eventually playing on stage at the club.

DANNY Yeah. That was interesting to watch because you don’t see it portrayed very much. I mean, if you think about the 90s, which we were kids, but the idea of what we would have seen would been like blacks not being allowed into things but we watched Indy in a space where he wasn’t allowed and how blacks are responding to him and their space. Which I thought was an interesting take.

SLIM Yeah, I mean, if you’re a kid watching this, this is pretty informative. And you know, could maybe be beneficial. I don’t know how many people were actually watching this at the time. [Danny laughs] Probably not any because I think it was canceled by this point. Or maybe when this came out. Proto, your thoughts? Anything on your list?

PROTO The one shot that I really liked, I’m not sure how they do it. I’m assuming it’s a miniature but there were they they showed the train pulling in and out of the Chicago, there’s you know a few transitions where, you know, it’s going between scenes and it would just have like this city scape and this train, I’m assuming it’s like a model that would just like pull in and out of the city and I enjoyed that. I thought that was cool. I don’t know, I like — to me like the production for what it is, feels pretty good for this TV series like this because you know, they don’t, it’s not all CGI. This is like early 90s, so it’s all real. Like all these cars they, have some stunts in this like the warehouse stuff where you know they got you know, you know, like cars, barrels, crates, you know them ziplining [Proto laughs] I don’t know why this warehouse is set up this way. But it’s like an amusement park for Indy to like pull all these stunts with his roommate,

DANNY I was waiting for a box to fall over and it’d be like the Ark of the Covenant or something. [Proto & Danny laugh] Like a crystal or something like that. It’s a warehouse where Indy’s climbing boxes.

SLIM Yeah, the one thing that I notated in my notes was I couldn’t remember if he even mentioned archaeology once or it was like hard for my head to wrap around him having adventures that didn’t revolve around archaeology. Like because I’m so not used to this TV show and how it was kind of portrayed. Him just trying to like solve a murder was like, this is so weird. Is he going to mention some kind of old relic at some point? [Danny laughs] Like my brain couldn’t wrap itself around it.

PROTO Also him being a terrible student? Like not going to class. Having no interest. But in the movies he’s like this genius who knows everything.

SLIM Yeah, like he obviously did his homework and stayed late. And you know, maybe on weekends was great robbing. [Danny laughs] How about the corpse of the restaurant owner being propped up in that parade? Did you catch that shot?

DANNY So weird!

SLIM That was disturbing. I guess that was the culture back then. Where they just prop up that guy’s body in like, uh, you know, in like, some kind of weird suit. And just watch them go by.

DANNY Felt like a mob thing.

SLIM My other note was the size of the bread on their sandwiches that they were eating. [Danny laughs]


SLIM What the french was going on with that bread?

PROTO It was amazing.

SLIM At first I thought they were just eating loaves of bread while they were researching but then I saw that there was like meat in there.

PROTO They were the size of footballs. And there’s like three pieces of ham in between it. [Slim laughs] And they all have one and none of them are acting like it’s strange at all. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM It was so weird! I’d never seen a sandwich that large before. It was so bizarre.

PROTO Oh, yeah. So I mentioned the warehouse scene, but the amount of merchandise that these goons have destroyed in this man’s warehouse trying to kill these three students. [Danny & Slim laugh\ And then and then they catch him. And that guy, I guess the who owned the warehouse or whatever, his stuff. He, you know, these guys, they ruin the three trucks. You know, trash his warehouse. And then he doesn’t even like slap on the wrist. He gives them a rose and lets them walk out. Like, dude, how much money did you just lose because these three kids are poking around in your warehouse and you’re not gonna do anything? You’re friends with, like the, like the police chief, you gotta do something here!

SLIM That didn’t make any sense whatsoever. He could have easily just slit their throats and threw him in the river. And that would have been the end of the episode.

DANNY I know we DMd about this, but how about Sean Patrick Flannery’s hair? Like don’t even put the fedora on buddy. [Slim laughs] You don’t need it! You look good the way it is.

SLIM Holy moly. I was pretty shocked by, again, I hadn’t seen any of the previous episodes, him mentioning how he was in the war. I felt like he was 14 in this episode. And he was talking about the trials of like, being in war. I was like, whoa, this is wild stuff that he’s going through right now.

PROTO Yeah, yeah. Just think like, yeah, he’s at university but he has seen more action than I have at this point in his life.

DANNY Excuse me? [Slim & Proto laugh]

PROTO But he did say, like he you know, he joined at 16 so, you know, it’s still kind of lines up, but it would be interesting to you know, watch them all sequentially. And to see like everything that he’s supposed to have gone through up until this point, you know, if you went through the war.

SLIM God, I’d be stressed out.

PROTO Wild life for old Indy.

SLIM He would not be alive for episode, or movie five at this point. There’d be too much stress going on.

DANNY This is why his shoulders hurt.

PROTO The amount of radiation coursing through his brains. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Yeah, seriously. The ending was one of my notes. Literally my ending is “Holy S, this ending, what on earth?”

DANNY I could not stop laughing.

SLIM The solve — well, I guess you could say there’s two endings, but they solved the case. And the cop is a corrupt cop and tells him to beat it. So at that point, I was like, okay, there’s gonna be like 10 more minutes of Indy kind of taking care of business here.


SLIM And righting a wrong. [Danny laughs] He’s gonna get Capone, or he’s going to get someone involved in this murder. It doesn’t happen! They kind of just commiserate and be like, “this sucks!” I’m going overseas to become a writer. And then that’s it! That’s the story. They don’t get it solved. They fail. And it ends.

DANNY I love that Ernest Hemingway because he can’t solve this murder is going to Europe to become a writer! [Danny laughs]

SLIM I couldn’t believe, I couldn’t believe that there was no real resolution to the actual murder. I just thought that was so bizarre.

DANNY And the actor that cop was hamming it up. Like, the slow rip of the paper and his fingers in the air. And I was just like, man, I love this guy.

PROTO Mmm, that’s the blues for ya. [Danny laughs]]

SLIM And then yeah, wasn’t it right after that, Syd appears for the first time in like an hour?


SLIM And he’s like, “oh, yeah, come on, let’s go to the club.” [Danny laughs]

PROTO Jonesy. Now you get it.

DANNY Now you can play the blues.

SLIM Jeffrey Wright doing that, like head down eye thing.

DANNY Yes! So good. While wearing glasses.

SLIM So after this episode, I did track down on Paramount+, the first episode, because I wanted to watch you know, what was the start of this? So I did watch. Yeah, he’s young, super young, Indiana Jones, his dad, you know, Sean Connery’s character is in the show, the young version of him. He tries to get his tutor or like his high school teacher to teach Indy as a young child. So they go on this like big kind of like vacation to Egypt, and they get into high jinks with like, I might have been in King Tut’s tomb, I can’t remember what it was. So there is that kind of like educational aspect of it, which I thought was pretty interesting. It seemed like this looks, in my mind, it looked better than this episode, like the budget probably for the pilot was maybe higher. But there was no old man Indy in these bookends. So the only way you can really watch that as I think probably on the original versions that maybe were distributed or on YouTube, so that’s how I rewatched it, the intro on YouTube to see what it was like. And I guess they replaced the voiceovers in the current versions with young Indiana Jones. So very interesting how there’s multiple versions of this, you know, like another franchise by someone. But I thought that was pretty wild.

DANNY Yeah. One thing I don’t want to gloss over real quick, is the ending of this episode with Harrison.

SLIM Oh god. Yes, oh god.

DANNY And what he does with that saxophone. That’s what I couldn’t stop laughing about. So we have the bookends of another story outside of a story. And so after he was, the peace pipe that he was trying to steal for his Native American friend. They come in and take it from him with guns without bullets, that it’s just him playing the note on a saxophone to cause an avalanche on the roof to stop the bad guys, might be more insane than him surviving a nuclear blast on a fridge. [Slim laughs]

[clip of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles plays]

INDY Well, things can’t always be the way you want them to be. [plays saxophone] But sometimes they are.

[clip of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles plays]

SLIM Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

DANNY His face he makes when he blows on that sax. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM That should be the art. Him with the sax in his mouth. [Danny laughs]

DANNY I was howling. I could not stop laughing.

SLIM Well, I even didn’t even see it coming because the bad guys come in. They steal it back. As soon as they steal, Indy nonchalantly turns around, he’s like, ah, you win some you lose some. They’re like not even out of the room yet. He just holds the sax, sits back down. [Danny laughs] Now I’m like, Indy! Wake up, bro! Go get it back! And then he starts playing the notes and then the snow falls on them and they leave to go get it. It was unbelievable!

DANNY And the hands sticking out of the snow perfectly holding it. Oh my gosh! So funny.

SLIM So bizarre. Oh, Indy.

DANNY This was actually the only time that they played the John Williams Raiders March in all of the episodes.

SLIM Interesting. I wonder if, I wonder if that’s why it’s not on Paramount.

DANNY Maybe that and the fact that Harrison’s in it. I just wonder.

SLIM Yeah. Some kind of weird rights thing.


SLIM You know, I, this took place four or five years after Last Crusade. Man, it would have been cool if they made some more Indiana Jones movies in that timeframe.

DANNY Oh my gosh.

SLIM Like, you know, just seeing him back in costume with a beard. I want some more of that. Let’s have a winter Indiana Jones movie with him with a beard whipping around.


SLIM You know?

PROTO I’m into it.

DANNY I like it. George, you listening?

SLIM George, please. [Danny laughs] Anything we didn’t cover, Proto, from your list?

PROTO No, that’s it. I’m just looking at these episodes. I’m gonna see where I’m going to go back and what I’m going to watch.

DANNY I know, I might just watch the ones on Paramount since the quality would be at least nice.

SLIM Yeah, the quality was definitely better. I will say, I did not like the old Indiana Jones character and what I saw. I thought it was disturbing.

DANNY Harrison?

SLIM No, the old man Indiana.

DANNY Oh yeah. [Danny laughs]

SLIM The 90 year old Indiana Jones. George was absolutely right to remove that from the current editions. This is like the one, yes George, you’re right to edit your own work. Please remove him from the series. Never come back again.

DANNY I might do some George Hall Indiana Jones art and see who notices it on my Instagram page. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM That would be hilarious. Just like similar poses to Indy but like as an old man and that patch. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Oh, man, that’d be amazing.

SLIM Oh lord. Anything else, Danny, that we didn’t cover for this episode?

DANNY No, that’s about it. Yeah. I mean, I had fun watching it, but it’s a drag. It’s a long one.

SLIM It is long. I will say that I did have fun going back to that first episode and just kind of having it on the background. It’s a good background show. I wouldn’t really devote two hours per episode of these things. You know, 100% focused, but.

DANNY There are some moments that I had pulled up that I don’t have pulled up anymore but there are some callback moments to, not to the movies because it hadn’t happened, well the technically in the timeline that happened. But they mentioned a couple things like the peacocks eye again gets brought up and that’s the diamond in temple and digging into like more of Indy’s father I liked, in a couple of the ones that I had seen. So I think I don’t know. I think it was really cool that they did it. I feel like now if they did this on Disney+, it would be like a smash hit.

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY It would just, it would be bonkers. Absolutely insane.

SLIM The amount of IP they’re sitting on that they could produce for Disney+, that would be insane right now.

DANNY Incredible.

PROTO Yeah, this stuff is so much fun. I mean, Indiana Jones is a gold mine property and character. There’s just so much, it’s endless. You could just tell endless stories of his past and the history and just do the same thing! Like historical figures in it. Go buck wild. Who cares?

SLIM George, you listening?

DANNY What’s Sean Patrick Flanery doing after Boondock Saints II flopped?

SLIM Boondock Saints III, probably.

DANNY Nope. I hope not. [Slim laughs]

SLIM There you have it. Indiana Jones, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Mystery of the Blues. We’ll see if that even fits on our episode description, let alone the art that you’ve made which I love by the way.

DANNY Thank you.

SLIM Indiana Jones, Indiana June’s, completes very soon. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be our next episode. Closing thoughts, Proto, before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

PROTO Um, you know, I would recommend giving the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles a chance, maybe not this episode, this might not be the one to start with. But check your Paramount+. I would recommend, I was just looking at the episodes now. I think in Season One, you do Episode Five. You get right into Indy in the Great War, serving with the Belgian army and I’m reading these and every episode every summary I’m reading of these episodes, I remember it, so I must have watched a lot of this. [Proto laughs]


SLIM There you have it. You have your marching orders from Proto. Live reccos for Young Indiana Jones. Never thought I’d say that sentence out loud. [Danny & Slim laughs] See everybody for a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.




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