Transcript: Titanic (1997)

50 min readDec 12, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Titanic (1997) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY Leo is so attractive in this movie it hurts.

SLIM And our spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO I mean, I’m the king of the world… [Proto shrieking relentlessly] I’M THE KING OF THE WOOORLD! I’M THE KING OF THE WOOORLD!

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode, during our special Avatar event month, is James Cameron’s Titanic. And to celebrate we have our dear friend from the Film Hags podcast, Soph.

SOPHIE It’s a perfect song — I think it’s probably the greatest original song ever written for a movie ever made.

SLIM Is Titanic the greatest love story of all time? Or does the dull writing put our sweet Proto to sleep? We’ll find out… now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Titanic. It’s happening. And in order to celebrate Camcember — theme name not final, we’re still workshopping.

DANNY I don’t like that.

SOPHIE What does that mean? [Danny laughs]

SLIM Cameron.

SOPHE Oh, Cam. Got it. [Danny laughs] Cool. Edit that out.

SLIM Proto, do you have any ideas for a theme name for this month? It’s like Avatar Month really is what it is.

PROTO Yeah, we’re almost, we’re running out runway here in terms of like coming up with a name. No, I let me think about it. Maybe by the end of the show.

SOPHIE I’m blue da-ba-dee-da-be-die Month.

SLIM No, no, in fact, maybe you should leave the call, Soph.

SOPHIE Oh, okay. Let’s pretend I’m not here. [Slim laughs] Before we get to Soph, theme names still in progress, Proto will pray on this. The director of pins that Danny designed that we have on our storefront Kathryn Bigelow, her ex-husband directed the movie we’re talking about later in the show, her pin is available. Miyazaki’s pin is available. Only those are the only two who single pins are available are gonna be 20% off for the next week to celebrate this episode on our storefront. We also have two other pins in that set, Spielberg, we covered last week.


SLIM Steven Spielberg and Lynn Ramsay, my queen. Those two pins are only available in this set, but that set will also be 20% off with the code BIGELOW. So we’ll have a link in the Episode Notes, if you don’t know how to spell Kathryn Bigelow’s last name. It’s pretty simple. But enter that code. You get the those pins for 20% off. [Danny & Slim laugh] I’m not gonna say it out loud right now. I know how to spell it. I don’t need to say. I don’t need to prove anyone that I know how to spell it. So we have a guest this week to celebrate Titanic in what has been called maybe the biggest episode we’ve ever done, off-air, on-air. From the illustrious Film Hags podcast, it’s been nine months since an episode came out.

SOPHIE Get it out now. Everyone gets one shot at Film Hags. Proceed.

SLIM Sometimes a podcast transcends and it becomes eternal. And presumably Film Hags has done that. Soph, welcome back to the show.

SOPHIE Thank you so much. I would like to know we did put out episodes this year. So we haven’t been on hiatus that long… [Slim laughs]

PROTO They did seven episodes. It’s God’s perfect number. Why go any further?

SOPHIE That’s your one shot, Proto. That’s all you get to say.

DANNY I’m gonna hold on to mine.

SLIM Danny’s gonna wait. He’s gonna wait. Now you were on the show previously for our House episode.

SOPHIE So fun.

SLIM Amazing episode amazing artwork by Danny by the way. And we usually ask our guests to kind of like give an indication to the audience about what they’re about. Like we will talk about your four Letterboxd faves, but we did that already. So I thought it might be interesting to find out from you, maybe from the your movie watching year, what’s the number one movie of the year for you so far? Do you have like a fave so far that jumps to the top of the list?

SOPHIE Oh god, I hate this question. [Sophie laughs]

SLIM It’s a lot of presh.

SOPHIE It’s so much pressure and you texted, or you DM’d me like literally five minutes ago. I had no time to prep for this. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Five minutes is a long time!

SOPHIE Yeah. Yeah, when you DM’d me I like immediately pulled up my Letterboxd, and I’m looking, I have three movies with five stars. Everything Everywhere All at Once, Turning Red, and I Like Movies, which unfortunately I Like Movies I saw a TIFF and I don’t know when that’s gonna be available.

DANNY Never heard of it.

SOPHIE So I feel like that can’t be it, although it would be in the running I think. I want to say Everything Everywhere All At Once, because I rewatched it recently and it’s just so good. It’s so good. I had the best theater experience watching it. I went with my dad. And I don’t know, everything about it. Michelle Yeoh, the story, it’s just, it’s such a feel good movie. It’s instantly rewatchable. So I’m gonna go with Everything Everywhere All at Once and I feel like it should win all of the awards.

PROTO Wow. That’s great. [Proto claps]

SOPHIE What is that Proto?

DANNY The slow-clap.

SLIM When is Proto gonna watch it?

SOPHIE Yeah, have you seen it, Proto?

PROTO It’s not streaming yet, so I have not. I’m waiting for the streams.

SOPHIE It is! It’s on Amazon Prime.

DANNY Free streams.

SLIM He’s looking for like a free rental, included in the subscription.

PROTO I believe in freedom. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SOPHIE Oh god.

PROTO Have you heard of the Freedom of Foot Movement?

SOPHIE Oh god.

DANNY Oh no…

SLIM Proto’s hair, we just have to make a comment about Proto’s hair right now. He has the beard in, he has his hair down. It is the Jared Leto compound shot of the hair. You know, he’s wearing the white gown and he’s leading his followers. He could put a gown on, a bathrobe even, and go outside and he would have followers.

PROTO I could just start walking and people would show up behind me.

SLIM It’s insane. There’s another topic I wanted to get into, let me get my episode notes here.

SOPHIE Wait, I have to give my top movie of the year but you guys don’t?

SLIM No, we don’t have to do that. That’s just for the guest.

DANNY This is our podcast. [Slim laughs]

SOPHIE That seems incredibly unfair.

SLIM Everyone knows who we are, we still have to reset the stage for our guests. I wanted to talk a little bit about our Discord, the majority of our audience is not our Discord. But we do have a great group of folks on there. And I wanted to touch on two topics that are sweeping the Discord nation this week.

DANNY That’s scary.

SLIM One of which could be scary potentially for the audience. But the first one is artificial intelligence avatars.

DANNY Oh my god.

SOPHIE Oh god.

SLIM And you know this is just a hot button topic. The second one was touched on briefly, gabb knows, it’s going into the theater and removing your shoes when you see the film.

DANNY It’s disgusting.

SLIM I think we need to go roundtable, we need to settle the score and bring some of that Discord conversation to the audience. Danny, your thoughts briefly on artificial intelligent art?

DANNY I don’t want to talk about that! [Slim laughs] Uh… don’t do it. Okay?

SLIM Don’t do it.

DANNY That’s all I have to say. [Proto claps]

SLIM It’s like ‘Don’t do drugs’, drug-free zone signs in towns.

DANNY Stop it. Get help.

SOPHIE Slim’s Twitter profile picture is an AI generated — [Slim laughs]

SLIM Yeah but my hair looks incredible in that artificially created artwork.

DANNY Sophs, did you know that Slim replaced an avatar that I made for him of his face with something and AI made?

SOPHIE The layers to this.

DANNY It’s going deep.

PROTO Sick stuff.

SLIM The Discord image is still that piece of art. Okay? I did not change my Discord image.

DANNY The private one.

SLIM And some would say that’s the real me, the Discord. So in many ways I have stayed more true to you than my fake social media persona.

SOPHIE The tension right now, it’s palpable.

DANNY I’m not tense. Slim, live your life.

SLIM Thank you.

DANNY But keep your shoes on. Okay?

SLIM Okay, keep your shoes on.

PROTO If I can just say one thing about this AR — this AI art business.

DANNY We’re doing roundtable, Proto, you have a second. Tap in. [Slim & Danny laugh]

PROTO I’m next.

SLIM He’s tagging in.

PROTO I think it’s, honestly I think it’s sick and disgusting that people would do this and share it publicly. So you will not find me paying 6 or 7 dollars or whatever and then releasing it so that other people could know that I did it. Okay?

SOPHIE So Proto has done it?

DANNY He has.

PROTO Don’t put words in my mouth. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I have a long standing rule of not releasing DMs or private Discord messages and I will maintain that that rule currently. Proto, do you want to reiterate your standing on removing your shoes in a theater?

PROTO I’m so thankful this week more people —

SOPHIE No, don’t give him a platform. This is irresponsible. This is so irresponsible.

PROTO People are coming out of the woodwork. They are feeling, they’re feeling the freedom to express themselves and to just be who they are. And I’m thankful — yeah, Ezra, Ezra, he’s in the chat right now. I saw that picture of beautiful, beautiful socks you had on. Were those smartwool? Love seeing those in the theater. So you know, I am supporting the Freedom of Foot Movement as much as I can.

SLIM #FreedomofFoot. Soph, if do you want to weigh in here before we move on these two topics?

DANNY It’s illegal in Canada.

SOPHIE Yeah. Honestly, what you guys, you’re allowing Proto to have this stage to — I just think everything you’re doing is irresponsible, Proto. I just need you to stop.

PROTO Let me just tag in here for a second. You know what’s funny? People think this is sick and disgusting, that someone would take their shoes off in a theater, but no one will bat an eye about going into a pool during the summer with sweaty feet that stink and go in the water and that same water will go into your mouth and in your nose and in your eyes. Everyone’s fine with that. No one has a problem with strangers sucking on their foot juice in a public pool. [Danny laughs] But here we are.

SOPHIE What pool are you going to?

PROTO You can’t even stand the sight of a person who knows foot in a picture. It makes you feel sick? I feel sick at at the double standards.

SOPHIE No, those are not the same.

DANNY It’s not the same.

SLIM A lot of things happening in New Jersey public pools, we don’t have time to get into it.

SOPHIE Yeah, what feet are you sucking in pools, Proto?

SLIM Save that for the uncut episode, maybe a post-show, we can’t give that away for free right now.

DANNY The Tarantino community pool.

SLIM Let’s change gears and say hello to some new patrons, Zachary, Octavio and Zoe all joined the past week, got access to the VHS Village Discord, discounts on Danny’s prints. And for Interns, we just recorded our next interns-only Avatar — not Avatar. Interns-only audio commentary. It’s not Avatar. I don’t know why I said Avatar and that will be releasing very soon. Just around the corner. Danny, you watch any movies this week you want to talk about?

DANNY Oh God. No, I didn’t. I watched Empire Strikes Back.

SLIM What about Les Mis?

DANNY I didn’t watch Les Mis. I listened to the soundtrack while I was cleaning the kitchen but I decided them log it on Letterboxd.

SLIM Is this legal?

SOPHIE Yeah, I would say that’s not how you use Letterboxd, Danny.

SLIM Am I shadow-banning this review right now?

DANNY I said I didn’t watch it in the review. I’m just making comments on my life and my anger towards Spielberg in that comment. So it goes both ways.

SLIM Okay. You gotta hear both sides, is what Danny is trying to say.

DANNY There’s good people on both sides of Letterboxd. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Proto, any movies you want to talk about?

PROTO I’ve been just trying to get into the Christmas spirit so me and my kids we watched went to some classics. You know, we watched Muppet Christmas Carol, which is a joy as always, and a Christmas story. So I got the you know, put those on. You know, it’s like when do you start watching Christmas movies? Because you know maybe you want to wait and you’re closer to the actual data for the get the most out of the Christmas spirit that’s in the air. But if I do that, I might not watch any so I just got to start you know this is pretty early for me first week of December watching Christmas movies, but be honest, it feels great. I’m happy.

SLIM I haven’t watched any Christmas movies. I don’t think yet.

PROTO When’s your Scrooged viewing?

SLIM Oh god, you’re right.

DANNY Yearly Scrooged.

SLIM Yearly Scrooged viewing.

DANNY Scrooged/Die Hard double feature.

SLIM It’s gonna go down another star rating. I can feel it every year. Every time I watch that movie, but I will. I have to. I also have to watch Christmas Vacation. I haven’t watched that yet. Gotta make time for me.

DANNY Are you going to watch the sequel to A Christmas Story?

PROTO I have no plans. I’ve no plans of watching that.

SLIM I get ads for that thing constantly.

DANNY Really?

SLIM Yeah. It looks terrible. Has anyone watched it? Isn’t it like TV show? Not even like a movie?

SOPHIE I have no idea what you’re talking about.

SLIM No one knows. No one has seen it but they all get the ads. Soph, what about you? Any movies you want to highlight this week?

SOPHIE Um, well that good ol’ Sight & Sound list came out recently.

DANNY Ohhhh…

SLIM Big list.

DANNY Hot button.

SOPHIE Hot buzz on the Twitter, the film Twitter, which is always fun. So yeah, I’ve been watching a few films from that list. Mulholland Drive, which was a time.

DANNY Was it a first watch for you?

SOPHIE It was. I liked it. I don’t think I fully understood it. But I feel like that’s just my relationship with Lynch films. But it was very fun. And Justin Theroux’s hair is a vision in that movie. He just has this very particular widow’s peak that is just so aggressive. And when his hair is long, it’s just very, it’s a lot.

DANNY Pronounced.

SOPHIE It was the star of the movie, I would say. But yeah, I guess I’ve been watching a decent amount of movies. I also saw Marie Antoinette at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, which is the TIFF theatre here in Toronto. I don’t know, have you guys seen Marie Antoinette?

SLIM No, I have not.

SOPHIE Sofia Coppola. It’s very good. It’s a very stylish movie, highly recommend.

DANNY Was there a reason they were showing it at TIFF?

SOPHIE I think they’re doing like a fashion programming and the fashion in that is insane. The colors, everything about is very, very cool.

SLIM Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman.

SOPHIE Ah, a vision.

PROTO I have it in my brain that this movie got like, bad ratings, but it’s at a 3.7 on Letterboxd. So maybe that’s turned around in the 15 years that have gone by.

SOPHIE Yeah, I think it’s yeah, it’s getting a second wind there.

SLIM What’s the TIFF theater scene like? The Lightbox thing?

SOPHIE It’s cool! It’s very — like the theaters are very well kept there. They have like Dolby sound in some of them. Most of our theaters are Cineplex here, like everything is a fucking Cineplex and they don’t take care of their theaters like at all. I saw TAR at a Cineplex and the speakers were literally like blowing out every time there was like loud music. So the TIFF theaters, it’s always good to go there because you know you’re gonna have like a good theater experience. And they have really good programming throughout the year. It’s not just like a festival. So my hags actually got me like a yearly membership for my birthday this year, so.


SLIM Hags rise up.

SOPHIE Hags rise up.

SLIM New episode could be just right around the corner, for all we know.

SOPHIE Let’s not.

PROTO Midnight drop tonight?

SOPHIE Let’s move on.

SLIM Paul’s asking what the snack situation is like at this theater. What do you usually get when you snack at a theater?

DANNY Poutine. [Slim laughs]

SOPHIE At Cineplex, they do have poutines.

DANNY I was being serious, Slim. Why are you laughing at me?

SLIM That’s like the most Canadian thing you could have said at that moment, I feel like/

SOPHIE Poutine. No, I usually get a beer, to be honest, or a cider. Get some popcorn sometimes. I don’t know. It’s a regular theater. I like theatre snacks.

SLIM You’re offended by that question.

SOPHIE Yeah, better questions guys.

SLIM Sorry, we got too close there. [Danny & Sophie laugh] Every week we give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro. Disclaimer, I’m a Letterboxd employee. Share the show on social media tag your review 70mmpod and K-pan on Twitter replied to the Titanic teaser. “This is one of my absolute favorite films. I can’t wait to hear you guys discuss critique and rip on the film that made me fall in love with all the different elements of cinema. Looking forward to the art, paint it like one of your french girls, Danny.”

SOPHIE Hell yeah.

SLIM That art is… very good.

SOPHIE So good.

DANNY Thank you.

SLIM Very good.

SOPHIE Made me feel things.


SLIM I asked on IG if her followers loved Titanic, 65% said yes.


SOPHIE That’s low!

SLIM I thought it’d be higher. To be honest.

SOPHIE I would say though that like there was no in between, it was like a yes or no. So I feel like the results are probably a little skewed. Doesn’t actually represent how people actually feel.

SLIM What should I put in the middle? Meh?

SOPHIE Let’s work on your poll skills. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM We’ll have a post-show meet about how I can improve our IG presence.

DANNY We’ll put a pin in it.

SLIM Do we want to get into it right now? The big one?

SOPHIE Wait, what did you watch?

PROTO You don’t want to talk about Judgment at Nuremberg?

DANNY He tries to weasel out every week.

SOPHIE I don’t understand why. You don’t talk about movies that often for any other reason.

SLIM I hear myself upwards of three times a week. So the less the better in my opinion.

DANNY Don’t punish us because of it.

SOPHIE Yeah, rude. It’s honestly rude.

SLIM I watched Judgment at Nuremberg from 1961. And I can’t remember why I added this to my watch list. But I might have seen someone log it. I had never heard of it. But it had a big cast Spencer Tracy Burt Lancaster Maxim. Maximilian Schell Judy Garland. There’s someone I know from this lame Shatner interesting ly enough about Judy Garland. This is I think was like seven years and she got a movie role. So she was kind of on the outs at this time for you know, for better or worse for her. So I added this to my watch list at the time. It wasn’t streaming anywhere. It was like only like a Blu ray that was like 40 bucks or something. So it got added to hoopla and plateau and it’s about the it’s a fictional version of the trial. The trials at Nuremberg where they put the judges the Nazi or not Nazi judges with the German judges on trial for you know, crimes done while the Nazis were in charge. Like the it was like this. She huge thing were they really like crafted international law around that time it was like then 1947 Or actually was late 40s where the Allies created this like tribunal and put all these Nazis on trial for their crimes like the first ever of its kind ever. So Spencer Tracy plays the judge that is in charge of this trial for four judges and Burt Lancaster plays one of the German judges, which is bonkers in my head. It’s three hours long and it flew by I loved it, Mike, it was great. The writing is so onpoint and quick and fast and pointed. It made me like start Googling the trials that Nuremberg because you know, you read about it in high school. And then when’s the next time you really think about Nuremberg ever? Or like you know, really World War Two unless you’re watching a Ken Burns documentary. So then you like start to see that an American in Germany in the 50s commuted half the sentences of some of the Nazis that were on trial, which is just bonkers to think about, you know, years later, and some of them just went free. Like some of these guys just like, use slave labor to start, you know, building weapons of the like Jews that were, you know, in prison, just bonkers stuff. But looking back on it, I never hear about this movie. I feel like it should be talked about as like one of the best 60s movies. So hopefully it’s on Pluto. It’s on hoopla if you want to borrow it from your library. I highly recommend it and maybe do some research when you’re done watching.

SOPHIE Nice. I feel like I’ve just got a history lesson. I loved it.

PROTO From Slim of all people, crazy.

SLIM World War Two, ever heard of it? Let’s get into Titanic. Please. It’s a long movie, six hours long. Four VHSs. This is a you know, next week, I think is what? The 25th anniversary?

DANNY The 19th.

SOPHIE Is it? Oh wow.

SLIM One of the rare times that we don’t accidentally do a movie on its anniversary. We accidentally didn’t do it on its anniversary. But that’s neither here nor there. Proto, what’s this movie about? [Slim laughs] I’m sorry, World War Two insider, he just called me in chat. Clown.

PROTO It’s funny. You gotta admit it. [Slim & Danny laugh] All right. In 1912, the RMS Titanic set off on its maiden voyage from England to New York City, deemed unsinkable, they saw no need for front headlights to keep an eye out for icebergs. On the boat, are peoples of all creeds and classes, specifically two, the men who wear tuxedos to dinner with wives who wear 20 gallon hats on one level and scummy yucky commoners who spit and have to live below deck where they belong. Rose is a top level girl who dreams of time away from mother and Jack is a bottom boy —

SOPHIE Oh my god.

PROTO Who enjoys drawing women in the nude. Oh, I hadn’t said that line out loud.

SOPHIE Clearly!

PROTO After falling in love in 12 hours, the Titanic asserts dominance on an iceberg by running into it and begins to flood. What transpires is the ship sinks and most people die, but not Rose. She lives on to one day return with the help of Bill Paxton. Titanic…

SOPHIE How did you somehow end on Bill Paxton?

[My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion plays]

SLIM Holy moly.

SOPHIE That was a lot. Top, bottom…

SLIM We need that on a tshirt of some kind, eventually. Boy oh boy. So in this section of the show, we’ll go round table, each host, guest host, will have three things that they want to chat about. And we’ll go through our list and give our final rating. But maybe before we do that, Soph, what’s your history with Titanic? When was the first time you saw?

SOPHIE Oh my God, I don’t know the exact first time I saw it, but I will say it’s probably my first memory of like, watching a movie not my first like the last one I can, you know, remember? Or like the first one I can remember watching and being like, this is a movie like decisions are being made and like this is this is big. So I feel like it’s been in my life for a very long time. I mean, I was only four when it came out. So I wasn’t seeing it in theaters, but I texted my mom and I’m like, I’m like am I Getting this right like I watched Titanic all the time and she was like you watch Titanic all the time. I don’t know if we had the VHS like the double VHS of it. I think it was a DVD situation. But I was one of those people who liked the first half, much better than the second half where everyone dies. So I’d watch it up until like the sex scene and then I’d be good. It was also my first sex scene!

SLIM Yeah, I was about to ask that. I was trying to think of a nice way to ask that question. But thankfully you did it.

SOPHIE Yeah, yeah. What was everyone’s first sex scene? That’s on my list of questions for you guys. What was your first sex scene?

SLIM I have no clue what mine is.

SOPHIE I feel like you guys know. You have to know.

SLIM This had to have been the first sex scene for I mean, countless young people. All the young girls going see this movie 30 times, right?

SOPHIE Which is wild, because now watching it back on it, it’s barely a sex scene.

SLIM Put your hands on me, Zack.


SLIM I just called him Zack. [Slim laughs]

DANNY This is gonna be a long night.

SLIM Maybe I’m thinking of my other my real first sex scene, I don’t know. But Jack. Danny, you’re a noted Celine Dion super fan.


SLIM Did it start with this movie?

DANNY Yes, it did start with this movie. For sure. We saw this, I believe we saw this a few times in theaters then, and this did start with my love affair with Celine. But yeah, definitely my first onscreen nipple.

SLIM Was this you and Casey, was this like your engagement night out? You were seeing Titanic in theaters?

DANNY Yes. Yeah, we got engaged in 98.

SLIM Sophomore year.

DANNY Sophomore year of elementary.

PROTO Betrothed.

DANNY Yeah, we were in middle school when we saw this. Lord have mercy.

SOPHIE Wait, you weren’t actually married in — wait.

DANNY No. [Slim laughs] No. Don’t fall for this. The fog of Slim.

SLIM It makes it all worthwhile getting caught in the fog. Proto, were you allowed to see this movie when he’d come out? Was this with was this next a Little Women on the bookshelf at your house?

PROTO No, it was not I was I was not allowed to see this. Because I remember when this came out, of course, like I guess like most people who are aware, the time of you know, just the event of this coming out. And the thing I remember most vividly is that one of my good friends growing up who I spent a lot of time with who slim knows a mutual friend had custom his sister went to see this movie, you know, like five or six times. And, and I knew just that it was like three hours long. And like, I’d be over their house. And she’d be like, I’m going to Titanic again. And it was like, what, like, what is happening? Like I had never, I like seen a movie in a theater. And you know, like, Oh, that’s cool. I could you know, I can’t wait to see it at home again. But just the thought of going more than once to a theater for the same movie, let alone, you know, many times more than that. Just kind of blew my mind. I’d never heard of anyone doing that. Yeah.

SLIM It’s like, the modern day equivalent for dudes Top Gun Maverick.

PROTO Yeah. Danny did see it 10 times in theaters. I

DANNY mean, yeah, I guess it would be the equivalent, but I don’t know, this felt more culturally impactful than Top Gun Maverick for sure.

SLIM I don’t I did not see it in theaters. And I don’t even know when I have no memory of seeing this. Really. Maybe it was on TV in the background during like Thanksgiving or whatever. And that’s just what I knew of it.

SOPHIE Classic Thanksgiving watch.

PROTO Thanksgiving, I agree. I’m with slim.

SLIM It was on one some movie station and it was probably six hours long. Yeah. Does devote your entire day for it. Marcy points out Titanic was in theaters for a whole year. I think that that probably tracks the amount of money that it was making. So sitting down to watch this. You know, this year was probably my first you know, full on amount on my phone. I’m not working. I’m I’m watching this movie for like the first time really? Yeah, yeah, I had we talked about on a letterbox show. But that was kind of like on the background. I wasn’t really painting almost maybe because I knew we were gonna cover it at some point on the show. So I didn’t want to like, you know, fully focus on it. Strategy. I was definitely strategizing back then. So let’s start with Sophie. What is the first thing that you want to talk about on this viewing of Titanic?

SOPHIE Oh, God, this is so hard. Like there’s just so much to talk about. But I think my last watch, the thing I was thinking about the most is just the scale of the set. And that like the first scene where they’re boarding the Titanic, you just instantly feel like how massive of the set that was and I hate saying this but like they don’t make them like this anymore is like so true for so many things about this movie. And I was like it would be so cool to be an extra on that set. Like every One looks amazing. There’s like 1000s of people on set, you can just like instantly feel like how big the movies gonna be. And I just love that about it. It just, there’s something like, camera knows how to do like large scale productions really well. And I think this is like the best example of it for sure.

DANNY When I when I after watching this, I looked into some of the because you watch this and you’re just impressed by the levels of detail in this movie, but I had no idea that they they basically built half of a Titanic. As I set on water in the back, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing that the ship was being built, they practically rebuilt the entire thing and it was mind blowing to me the level of detail that he went in not just in building things but the the details of the rooms, the state rooms that they saw when they went down diving, the amount of times he dove down to see the actual Titanic wreckage and to see the molding of like the wooden trim or the frames on the door like the ornate things on doorframes like the way that they matched it all. And had it replicated for the movie was just mind blowing.

SOPHIE Yeah, and I feel like it’s because he’s such a big boat nerd. You know, like it’s like a boat nerd.

DANNY Big boat nerd.

SLIM Wasn’t he like obsessed with Titanic? Did he make a movie or a documentary about Titanic or something other something else that sank? Semenova might talk sounds right?

PROTO I know. He’s like, I mean, he’s dove to the bottom of the ocean with like, those little submarines. He’s like all about that.

SLIM Yeah. related to the size of it. I mean, I feel like so much of this movie would be different if it was made today. I feel like like all of like, shit. Yes. I grows would be future aged. It would be her but like computerized an old. I feel like they wouldn’t catch like an old woman to be her.

DANNY Yeah, they would de-age someone. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

SOPHIE Kate Hudson.

SLIM That was that was an error last week. And I apologize for I don’t know what your Fuseli but yeah, a lot of it would just feel so different appalling. To ghost to the abyss from 2003. Yeah, because there was like a long period of time where Cameron wasn’t making movies. And his I mean, his filmography is so interesting. He only makes these like giant, massive money making hits. And that’s why everyone was like, he can’t possibly do it again with avatar too. And we’ll see. But I just think it’s so fascinating looking at his filmography versus someone like a Spielberg, you know, they’re very different, but they’re very skilled at what they do.

SOPHIE Yeah, Spielberg is making like two movies a year and Cameron’s like, I’m gonna go to the bottom of the ocean. I’m rich as hell and I’ll make a movie when I want to. Honestly I’d rather be Cameron in that situation, I feel like that sounds dope like have a shit ton of money to just do the things that you love and then when you feel like making a movie, you do it on your own terms and get a blank check. Sounds pretty cool.

DANNY Yeah, Cameron’s not making a Fabelmans.

SLIM No, no he’s not.

SOPHIE That’s what Avatar 2 is. [Danny & Slim laugh]

DANNY I had to look it up, it was 200 million. So make this movie in 98, which would be 371 now.

SLIM Oh my God, that’s nuts. Danny, what’s what’s your first point for Titanic?

DANNY My first point is to talk about the king and queen of this movie: James Horner and Céline Dion.

SOPHIE This is our moment, Danny.

DANNY that is that is my love for this film. I love James Warner’s score I think it’s it’s incredible what he did I think the themes throughout it is amazing I love that he had written the kind of My Heart Will Go On kind of theme throughout the thing before writing the single for Celine and then the song at the end of this film it just this for when I think about Titanic, I think about Celine Dion but before anything else, and that’s what it is for this movie for me. And I love her.

SOPHIE It’s a perfect sight son. I think it’s probably the greatest original song ever written for a movie.

SLIM Oh my god.

SOPHIE I don’t know what your guys number one is but like, can you think of a better one that had more of an impact? Like it’s also like one of the greatest love songs ever made. And you get someone like Celine Dion to sing it who is one of the greatest singers alive like, I don’t know, it’s, it’s hard to top and I think Celine Dion was like had a huge impact on me to my love for this movie. Because she’s just transcendent and I grew up with the like a Quebec quad mother Celine Dion’s from Quebec, French speaking Trump and just said thank you. So Celine Dion has always been in my life. And yeah, it just it is part of the film. It’s it’s huge and honestly the score like it comes up so often that like, the riff and it works, it’s not corny. I think it works so well.

SLIM Proto, your thoughts and Celine Dion.

SOPHIE No. Oh no.

PROTO She said do you actually watch this

DANNY movie? No, it’s only in the credits.

PROTO Okay, yeah, I was kind of waiting for it and you kind of just get like the bagpipes or whatever.

SLIM This is also I think talks about like the impact of music videos around this time to be music video for this was gigantic.

SOPHIE Yeah, that’s her on right I’m pretty sure yeah,

DANNY she’s on the boat and there was a time where the single that they were playing on the radio also had quotes from the movie in the single so like you get here like Zappa I’ll never let go jack lines or like their quotes throughout the song they even played on the radio, which was I don’t think that’s ever happened to any other song. But it’s won four Grammy Awards, the academy award the Golden Globe Award, like it it just blew everything out of the water.

SOPHIE And it was probably on the radio like all the fucking time we

SLIM everyone requests in X.

DANNY Oh 107 x I want to 6.7 Hot nine at nine every night I listened to

SLIM nine at nine

DANNY sounds listen to that. FM radio on

SLIM in more ways than one what’s your number one point for Titanic?

PROTO My number one is the dialogue in this movie get into Saudi Arabia look about it. Let’s let’s look at old James Cameron’s filmography he did True Lies in 1994. We all know that he wrote that movie is well covered it three years later you can draw a direct line from True Lies the experience of the dialogue in that movie directly to Titanic and he hasn’t he didn’t skip a beat. Didn’t miss a step. It’s still complete garbage there’s so much corn corn going on in this movie. I couldn’t take it corn rolling my eyes. Okay, yeah, sitting on my couch trying to enjoy him trying to enjoy this film. And these lines are just killing me spitting out a seamer so grand and scale keep going. You seem more like an indoor Girl.

SOPHIE Yeah, that one’s bad that one’s bad.

PROTO I mean I’m the king of the world will literally step

SLIM in and play devil’s advocate

we have makes his own lock these days

SLIM you’ll get to Billy’s a Dory all my three boys are about bullies. I will say that what he’s saying that line I did start to think this is corny. But he’s like a vagrant at that point right he’s got like nowhere to go. He’s got probably got the worst life and he’s at the front of the most expensive ship ever built with the greatest view so I can kind of give him some credit be like yeah, this is probably the best Davis if I

PROTO may tap tap in. I mean, he describes his adventures as an adventure. I don’t think his life is crap. He’s been like all over the world all kinds of adventures to having a great voice

SLIM covering up his life. He says that to people you know that’s a lie. Now that he’s gone he’s in a he’s in some kind of funk underneath all that visage. This is the Venturi

DANNY This is the peak for him. He’s got to stand on the front of the ship and scream it to the masses. He’s the king

SLIM Let me just say this — what if it was Timothée Chalamet in front of that boat?

DANNY No, stop.


DANNY Why would you do this?

SLIM What if?

PROTO That’s what I thought while watching this. And you know what. it gives me hope for Chalamet that he’ll grow out of his funk in the same way that Leo did, you know, because you watch Leo in this —

SOPHIE What funk is he in?

PROTO Uh uh papi! Uh uh!

SOPHIE What funk is Timothée Chalamet in?

DANNY Or Leo at this time?

SLIM This is the movie insider proclaiming this, by the way.

SOPHIE Is Proto frozen or is he just speechless? [Danny & Slim laugh]

PROTO I mean, if I have to explain it to you, what’s the point?

SOPHIE No, no, you can’t do that.

SLIM Let me say one other piece of just casting probably no one has thought of until this moment. What if Rose — get this — Florence Pugh.

PROTO This is amazing casting.

SLIM Think about it as long as I’m thinking about it. My number one, please.

SLIM Billy Zane’s lips in this movie.

SOPHIE Talk about them.

SLIM There’s something going on in his lips. I can’t place it. It’s hypnotizing. It’s mesmerizing. I was in some kind of state when I’m watching him move. He’s got such a presence. I love Billy Zane. Billy Zane gets crapped on I feel like, but not from me.

SOPHIE I feel like Billy Zane knows what movie he’s in. In this movie. Like he’s hamming it up, but it works. Like I feel like that character kind of needs to be super happy. And I love I love every part of it. He does kind of get the worst lines like you’re right proto like a lot of the shitty Cameron writing. You really feel it with Billy Zane, but I love it. His eyebrows are kind of weird in it though. I don’t know. It was really natural.

SLIM What he

DANNY I mean the character or the the character? I don’t know Billy Zane. Personally, please. The Phantom? No. This feels like the most. This is like the most punchable cinematic character of all time. i He makes me so angry. This whole movie like it. It makes my skin crawl every time he’s on the screen like, yes, that’s a great performance. But my God, he just he just makes me so pissed the entire time.

SOPHIE So it’s a great performance though.

DANNY Yeah, I agree. It is. Yeah, but it’ll have the dark with

PROTO the orange compote.

DANNY It’s so hard. Sweetbriar it’s incredible. You can say

SOPHIE any line in that voice of

SLIM purpose impressions are like a tick tock viral video waiting to happen in Titanic. Do we have a tick tock? We have a tick tock don’t we? Do you manage that? He does.

PROTO Yeah, I do. I do you manage that? Is going exactly how you would?

SLIM Last video probably both at the same time. Beecher was updated last World dominion. All right, back to so number two.

SOPHIE My second note. I mean, let’s get into it. Jack and Rose. Is this the greatest love story ever told? I don’t know. Like there’s something about their chemistry that is just undeniable, in my opinion. I think Leo and Kate Hudson knew exactly what they were doing and got him. No, but seriously, I think the whole movie like rides on their chemistry and they knock it out of the park and it’s it’s beautiful to watch.

DANNY Danny. No, I agree.

SOPHIE There’s anything about there’s nothing

DANNY to say like Leah was so attractive in this movie hurts. I can’t get over it. Yes, I’ll get to her in a second. He was floppy hair. The the overalls like there’s something about his look in this which is just he just looks great in this film. Now. Kate Winslet is perfect it out. She’s just perfect. And I love everything about her and this her

SOPHIE porcelain skin. Do you think James Cameron like didn’t let her see light for like a month or something before

SLIM you needed the realism? You knew she never saw the sun? Family.

DANNY It’s fine by me. Whatever she’s doing is fine with me that just everything about her. That’s how she carries herself in this film. I love that. She’s just who she is. There’s something I don’t know. There’s something about Kate. Kate in this movie that just I love her.

SLIM We can fix her. No, right? What we can fix her. She’s She needs she needs help. She needs

SOPHIE help. She doesn’t need help. She knows exactly what she just that was the way to respond.

PROTO I like we’re slim, scowling like this.

SLIM Or she was about to kill herself to start the movie. Jack stepped in. Yeah, she was she’s she’s going through some things. She was gonna do it. And then they fall in love.

PROTO I’m gonna have to jump in after you.

DANNY That’s a great cause a great line.

SLIM That’s a good lord. I love Kate. I am a noted fan of Kate all her works. That HBO show she was in was with the mayor of Easttown. Mayor VCs to draw a picture. What a show

SOPHIE almost famous.

SLIM She’s enough

DANNY way to stay stupid guy or do you have

SLIM any feedback that hasn’t already been said about the love affair between these two?

PROTO Honestly, I didn’t really buy it. Why? I mean, it’s like a 12 hour. I just liked the scenes with them. Like when she’s like, they’re talking. They’re just having a stroll, and she’s like, Good day, sir. You’ve insulted me. Goodbye. I don’t like you anymore. And then he’s like leaving. And then like the next scene. She’s like hawk and Luke is with this guy off the off the deck. It just, I don’t know. Are there good actors? Their love

SOPHIE is a fantasy though, right? Like none of it is actually like, based in any kind of reality. So it needs to be kind of.

SLIM Yeah. You’re right. You could say that it’s just her. I mean her 84 year old memory. Yeah, decades ago, maybe it’s already been amped to the point where a lot of this stuff isn’t the way it happened.

PROTO Listen, it’s fine. It’s just it’s no no somewhere in time. Okay, that’s all I gotta say. We’ll

SLIM get it out of here cut the stream. Danny number two that’s my turn.

DANNY Number two hold on the end that when this when the when the Titanic gets the iceberg from then to the end I’m at peak stress level watching the flooding of the ship. As it slowly rises the hallway scenes the the kids laying down to go to bed instead of escaping the ship there’s something about how it’s filmed. I am at like peak stressed watching this movie. It it’s like I want to just yell at the screen. Like just stop. Just get to the top of the ship people. Why are we still three levels down climb some stairs. I know they’re locked in, which is kind of crazy, too. But I just there’s something just I just this this whole ending is so well done that I didn’t know I just haven’t seen this in years. But I still I’m stressed out in these moments watching them try to escape the ship.

SLIM Yeah, I mean, we have to say that the sinking ship is like half the movie. It’s like 30 minutes. I feel like it’s night. I feel like it’s 90 minutes long. Like when it starts teetering. We’re like with some things start rolling. But it’s it’s it’s bonkers. How much of the movie is the ship sinking? But I mean it again, it’s the Titanic. Yeah, yada yada. Title. But yeah, it’s it’s pretty intense. And any other filmmaker? Probably it would have been like a 20 minute scene or something. But it’s just bonkers how like realistic it is. And takes up so much of the movie. And him

DANNY trying to stay with the realism of what he learned by diving down and seeing the Titanic what everyone learned the scientists of how the ship separated and how they split at the end and figuring out how it sank the tail end of the ship and that’s just it’s so wild to think that this actually happened. But it’s just it’s crazy.

SOPHIE How about that guy totally explaining how the ship sinks to old rose.

DANNY Barber I love Victor Garber. No, no,

SOPHIE no, that guy at the beginning with a nerd like just explaining exactly what happened two rows in front of her.

SLIM Yeah, I had a let’s see my line about that this nerd explaining how it sank. What a loser wanted to fire that guy. But I do think it was

SOPHIE important to show that at the beginning to just so you know how it happens and you’re not questioning anything when it actually does happen, you know?

DANNY Yeah. Hmm. Good point.

SLIM Proto your next point?

PROTO You know, I just did want to mention I agree that some of those scenes at the end are really great the scenes where they are in weather below deck. I don’t know. Like, why is Jack dragging her debt back below deck as it’s flooding? Like Hello? Why are we going back there?

SOPHIE She made that choice. He didn’t drag her she made that choice. Okay, so she wants to save her love

PROTO those scenes in the hallway with like, it’s flooding Yeah, like those scenes are so cool. And just thinking of like how that must have been done of like they built this hallway and then had ways of like flooding it. It just looks incredible. But I guess to offset that it’s it’s it’s rough how bad like the CG looks in this of the ship. Like those daytime shots. That’s like, you know, it’s all computer generated? Yes. It looks not good. Yeah. does not hold though. It’s

SOPHIE video gaming at points when you see like the overtime like the, the helicopter view of like the ship. Yeah, it’s kind of bad.

SLIM And I was thinking about that, too, is kind of leads into my next point, which is, I mean, there’s a lot of CG in this, which at the time, I think was like one of the most revolutionary things in it. Were some of the flyover shots. If you really focus you can see, you know, like the people walking like in slow motion, like Yeah, the literal game cutscene and I was thinking like, you, you would never have seen that really, when this movie had come out. And maybe like in theaters probably wouldn’t even catch that. But even on VHS, it probably still look like looks pretty good to me. And we’re watching it in HD 25 years later, 25 years later, when they even like we’re cutting this movie, what was the resolution of the screens, they were even putting this junk on forehead, they couldn’t see any of that stuff. So that was one of the aspects that I caught. Were like we’re seeing the clearest version of this movie like ever. And if they ever put out a 4k, I think the version of this movie looks great like the opening scenes with Bill Paxton like, he could have told me it was 4k. It looks so clean. I don’t know how Cameron does it. But all of his movies just look pristine. No matter what scene it is

DANNY a lot of the underwater stuff with Bill Paxton, our miniatures live miniature little figures that they held up and they cut in and out of actual footage of the Titanic with miniature footage of the Titanic they filmed and it’s impressive. practical effects made it look really good.

SLIM The other was it. Forgot my train of thought, oh, one of the things I remember seeing on like Entertainment Tonight, or whatever at the time was, I don’t know if this was like the first time they’ve ever done it. But when they’re running from the flood, at that one scene, it was like the first CGI sad face on another actor in a major motion picture. Did you guys catch that when you’re watching it? How like, it’s not Kate, and Leo. It’s their faces. But it’s CGI don’t like stump people. So when they’re running from the flood, you can see kind of like their face like moving on their face. It’s just very strange. It’s probably on YouTube. But I remember that being like a big deal at the time. Like it was groundbreaking technology was my main thing. I also did notice that like there’s a couple scenes where they do that like same flyover in front of the front of the ship, like twice in a row. It was like the only two angles they had at the front of the ship, they just redid it. So number three,

SOPHIE um, I guess my number three is would working on a James Cameron set like kind of be awful, like, watching the behind the scenes of this, like, he’s so intense to get like that perfect shot and the stuff that he put people through to make this movie. I mean, it’s like an amazing movie. So you know, paid off but like, like Kate and Leo were like, in freezing water a lot of the time and it shows and I watched like a behind the scenes. And there’s a moment where one of the ship one of the lifeboats were, like, on top of another lifeboat and they were gonna like crash into into the one that was already in the water. And the scene is like people trying to like kind of push it up. And someone on set was like, alright, James actually, they can only like, Don’t go so close. They can only like touch the boat. And then he responds with thanks for your opinion, but I’m gonna make it interesting. And I’m like, That is insane. I feel like I’d be terrified to work on a James Cameron set. The average

SLIM I mean the avatar stuff like didn’t she learned how to like, hold her breath for like seven minutes to film like Avatar to or something insane? What I want to go through that? I don’t know. Seems like a lot of work a lot of hard work.

SOPHIE Yeah, he just seems like such a perfectionist to especially with this where he was such like a nerd about literally everything about this movie. It just it from the behind the scenes. It just seems like it was a very hard set to be on. Yeah. And I don’t know if I could do it.

SLIM I mean, even just working in the cold water for 10 hours a day, every day filming that stuff.

SOPHIE Yeah, because there was so much water they couldn’t heat it. So it was like very cold water. Not as cold as like what it would actually be like but uh yeah,

SLIM that wasn’t one question I had about like, I couldn’t tell if the water in the ship looked realistic or if it was like you know, pull water just floating by but then I was like, do I even know what the inside of a sinking ship water would look like? And then I was like, whatever ocean water like I couldn’t tell so I stopped thinking about it. Danny number three

DANNY cash we’ve gone over so many things. I want to talk about a

SLIM point out while you’re reading that, as I read everyone just peed themselves in the water.

SOPHIE I mean, I would just stay warm

SLIM brings up an interesting point that kurta was talking about earlier but that New Jersey public pool

DANNY all comes crashing down over so much. I don’t I don’t really have another third. I just Yeah, Bill Paxton Ziering.

SOPHIE Oh, how do we feel better Pro?

DANNY I think he looked great. I think he pulled it off. I really just trying to see what kind of watch he was wearing. Did you find out? No, I meant to Google. Damn, it’s probably some Submariner.

SLIM Stay tuned pronto. Keep you in a loop.

SOPHIE Submariner.

PROTO Keep us keep me abreast

SLIM pro number three for Titanic.

PROTO Number three I couldn’t get over all the scenes were there above deck. There you know on the open and Rose is in short sleeves like this whole movie. I’m thinking the temperatures on this boat. It’s gonna be really cold. And you’re that high up in the air. The wind is blowing I just wasn’t a buy in the apparel that was provided for her throughout this movie kind of took me out of endale in the water the whole going in like another thing going below deck and that scene where they jumped into the water, you know willfully it would be so cold. That’s what I was thinking about. That’s the home it would just be so cold. And of course, it was very cold and many people died because of it.

SOPHIE I did question their strategy of going up the ship you know, I feel like I would just jump off and hope for the best I don’t know my you would

SLIM just jump I wouldn’t even know like how this ship would sink though. So I would probably try to hang on as long as possible like maybe it’ll slowly just go in and we can wait into the water an hour from now suck

DANNY it down.

SLIM But I yeah, like that’s what I’m saying. Like, I wouldn’t know what to expect at that point. Right metal Titanic expert. Titanic hasn’t sunk in yet. How

PROTO did Jack know about the suction effect?

SLIM That’s one of his many adventures. Adventures.

DANNY He’s been around. Trainer confirms in chat that it was a Submariner.

SLIM Thank you, trainer. Thanks. Thank you. Yeah, then the one scene where he has the habit when he she needs to x his handcuffs. Oh, my God. Oh my god. She loves to hand off. Because she closed her eyes when she

SOPHIE stressed me out.

SLIM He did say at that point when Jack when the water he freaked out because it was so cold because, right. He wasn’t in at that point. My number three, I kind of touched on it earlier. But like, imagine having this kind of memory 80 years later? Yeah. 80 years. Yeah. What? What Are any of us going to remember in 80 years? What will I think by this law? I have a terrible memory. I can’t remember like a detail. You know, eight months ago. Eight years ago.

SOPHIE It was your greatest love. You’ll remember your greatest love

DANNY traumatic experience to the people for your entire life. I know but still never fear on the sinking. Titanic. You don’t forget that. I don’t want to let you forget that.

SLIM Maybe? Yeah, maybe if I’m journaling constantly, maybe I’ll have a better idea.

DANNY She’s just very

SLIM one of the things I forgot. Where he misremembered. I actually thought she jumped in the water at the end of this movie. I thought she killed herself at the end where she dies the back of this yeah like she’s going to join Jack

DANNY I do get mad that she drops the the diamond and I think that’s

SOPHIE Did you hear the sound effect though when she drops it I just picture that being like added in post just doing

DANNY it’s weird to me give that shit to Paxton. I saw some things

SLIM in chat this week whether you’re sending what’s the what? What’s the alternate ending that people are talking about? You guys want alternative anything? Is there one might be might be in trolled

SOPHIE Jack lives.

SLIM And now there enough? Yeah, Jack lives. There is an alternate ending. Now am I reading that? I don’t believe that. I’m not reading that out loud. I think you’re getting no one is sending me the real alternate ending and it’s pissing me off. I’m not I’m not engaging anymore for the rest of the show about this alternate ending fan wants to look it up. Just Google it themselves if they want. You do your own research. Alright, so moving forward. So honorable mentions final rating for Titanic.

SOPHIE I don’t have a lot of honorable mentions. We did talk about most of it. One of my notes. Is this the most Wikipedia movie ever? I feel like this is just one of those movies that you could just be Googling stuff. The entire time. I watched it with my friends. Alex and Maddie and Maddie was just like, reading us facts the entire time. And we’re like, are you even watching the movie? She’s like, No, this is entertaining. And I think that’s super cool. But yeah, no, not many other honorable mentions. It’s just it’s perfect movie. 10 out of 10 Five out of five out of 10 This

DANNY isn’t bags. Yeah. Danny I don’t know I mentioned mentions. I don’t. I don’t really have any. I love this film. I had a great time. rewatching it today I was kind of just in love with the filmmaking aspect of it. What Cameron pulled off. I couldn’t get over everything. I was looking at the hallways, the dining rooms, the stairwell itself. I mean, Rose’s room, her balcony that she had I mean, there was just some incredible feats of filmmaking and it has Celine Dion so it’s five stars.

SLIM Oh my god. Wow. I love Kathy Bates catalyst chat was asking Jade’s I loved her character new money quote.

PROTO Yeah, money herbal.

SLIM I don’t want mentioned spread off Writing.

PROTO How about rose running the math to see if there are enough lifeboats for everyone?

SOPHIE She Yes, she’s smart.

PROTO She’s a very smart, funny, just a funny weird. Another thing with James Cameron. There’s so many like weird just like weird interactions. The drawing scene where he where he does her picture. I was watching this with Jenna. And when her nipple comes on screen, Jenna, bringing this up, she had me immediately. Google. How old Kate Winslet was when this movie came out because she just did not believe it. What she was seeing on the screen.

SOPHIE Oh, no. How old was she?

PROTO Caitlin’s I think she was 22. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, I

SOPHIE mean, I’ve seen it acceptable uncomfortable if she was like 16 or something.

PROTO Oh, yeah. The other thing is like that scene. Like how’s this movie PG 13 in America with a scene like that?

SOPHIE I think it should be our because there’s one nipple.

PROTO Well, I mean, doesn’t nudity usually give you like an R rating?

SOPHIE I don’t know. №13 makes sense.

PROTO They crash out chosing to nips as our

SOPHIE This leads into my single nipple cinema theories that a lot of movies, my friends and I talk about this. A lot of movies just show one nipple and I don’t know if that’s a reading thing, or just one nipples more powerful than two on screen. But it’s always just one popping out. Just keep an eye on it moving forward.

PROTO Kevin, what are you talking about? I’m the one who brought it up. Can someone ban Kev?

DANNY The hands that are drawing is his James Cameron saying.

SOPHIE Yeah, he drew he drew those pictures too. Which honestly, like, can we talk about Jack not actually being that? Good.

SLIM What are you talking about? I thought his arm was great.

SOPHIE Danny, you weigh in. You’re the artist here the art way this matches. That great. There. They’re fantastic. Thank

DANNY you. It’s hard. Why are you here? You’re

SOPHIE thanking me mommy or daddy

SLIM daddy. Like I’m glad to be out of the hot seat answer the AI debate.

DANNY It’s dry life life. Drawings are very tough. And I think that’s I couldn’t do that.

SLIM Did it on the run. living on the street to go the adventuring alone.

PROTO Anyway, three stars.

DANNY That’s great. Three stars is great. Three stars. Thank you. I was expecting two from you.

SLIM I mean, I couldn’t believe I mean jack is painting her. She’s in the nude. She walks in with that gown. There’s nobody else in the room. Presumably the doors locked. And she walks over to him to review the drawing. And she even says it like they didn’t do anything at that time. Heavens. Jack.

SOPHIE Jack Fox for sure.

SLIM Sorry, I probably couldn’t stand up for the next 20 minutes after that drawing. My arm woman she sees let’s see another small TV in this movie. I need to get a small TV news. In the kitchen of this house or somewhere I needed I’ve had enough a

PROTO year 2023 We could slim a small TV this

SLIM be my year I frickin year. I took a lot of friggin notes. Keep talking. We got her memory on her hat off that when she first appears. Wow, that was so good.

SOPHIE That first shot of her she just looks insane. Glowing.

SLIM Yeah. She has so much art.

DANNY Picasso

SOPHIE something Picasso. That is a bad line to where Billy Zane is like, I don’t know. That guy’s not going anywhere. It’s like okay, got it. Or the one about Freud. Oh, it’s Freud. This guy on the ship.

SLIM Oh, yeah.

DANNY I love that dinner scene.

SLIM That was a great scene. Who’s whose Leo’s friend was that guy’s name?

SOPHIE Fabrizio Fabrizio.

SLIM I almost don’t want to say what I wrote in here because it’s just me doing that impression. When he says something about I can see the Statue of Liberty edits. It feels like the most offensive thing and anyone has ever said. The way he says it ever. It’s like someone making fun of an Italian like I would but I’m not going to do it because I feel like it’s two of them. I would like to hear it. No, I’m not gonna say the hacking of a loogie where he had the look on his face. How

DANNY about the blue changing positions every time you look back at him? It’s not a different. It’s like the mole in Austin.

SLIM Powers. Yes. Change his position, being in charge of the loog for the two day filming in that scene.

DANNY I mean, I don’t this look.

SLIM Want to see a real party where he takes her below deck. And

SOPHIE I love that her party trick is that she gets out to her toes. I feel like she was like waiting for like a big reaction. But everyone was like, Oh, that was okay.

PROTO Also Billy xanes butler like finding them down at this guy. You somehow hate that guy. Yeah, it was like an Indiana

SLIM Jones villain. Yeah. The spinning scene when they’re spinning each other, they’re dancing. What a famous scene that as you see that they everywhere. Where did they first kiss? I wrote Dang, what a place for a kiss. Was that on the top of the ship?

SOPHIE Yeah. When he’s doing like the king of the ship. Yeah, man. What a place that I have a first kiss crepes.

SLIM They didn’t bone after that question. After the first picture, the drawing after the drawing. I still couldn’t believe that.

SOPHIE The Louis know that. They didn’t bone. Yes,

SLIM she’ll she’ll says it. She says in the movie like, oh, no, we didn’t after that Jack has a heart of gold or something like that, or whatever. Right? But she talks about how they did in the back of that car.

SOPHIE Imagine hearing your grandma talking about her sex life.

SLIM Right? I mean, I loved it. Let’s see. Oh, the guy losing his mind when they’re like trying to get people on the boats. Key bold. i He wrote that. And I’ll say that that’s not offensive. Then at the Statue of Liberty, she takes his name. Yeah. I had a lot of fun watching it. I met Michael hierba. Four stars right now who had a lot of fun watching this. I mean, it’s an amazing feat of filmmaking. I agree. Yeah. Like no matter what you think of the content. I hate using that word. Sorry. No matter what you think the contents of the movie. It’s an amazing feat of movie making. So whatever you

PROTO think about this movie, it’s still a movie. You gotta you gotta acknowledge that.

SLIM Thank you for agreeing with me. So that is Titanic. We did it. We’re kicking off. James cam somber. Still workshopping avatar month. No, AV cember. Avid. We got a workshop. It

SOPHIE was me saying Mamma Mia offensive to Italians. In my head.

SLIM Well let the listeners decide. We’ll see what kind of reviews we get. So that is it. For the first movie of this event month we’re doing Titanic. We’re doing avatar two for 100 and 50th. Episode. And next week? You guessed right, we’re doing avatar one. And that is streaming on Disney plus in the US. So if you have anything to plug in to plug anything.

SOPHIE Um, I guess I’ll plug your discord because I’m going to be doing a trivia night soon for the discord. So if you’re not yet a patron of 70 millimeter podcasts, get on it. And you can be part of a virtual hang a holiday hang. And I’ll be doing a 70 millimeter themed trivia night, which I did for the meetup, which was really fun. So it was like let’s do a circuit easing fun. Yeah. So it was

SLIM amazing. You did amazing work helping us orchestrate that entire meetup. Yeah, one of the best times ever.

SOPHIE I mean, you guys to be nice to you guys for a second. Just one second. You guys built a really amazing community and I love being part of it. And I love that I get to bring people together with something like trivia. So

SLIM you’re a huge part of that community. We appreciate everything you do.

DANNY There’s also a letter though.

SLIM There was a letter? Swear some Do you know I didn’t check. Did you mark it as read and not start? Because I didn’t say I didn’t

DANNY click on it because I know you’d

PROTO read it. Do I need to get involved?

SLIM Step down from your Tiktok bird. Become in charge of our emails. Alright,

DANNY hold on. Let me look sorry. I’m gonna I can read it if you want. Yeah, go ahead. If

SLIM you have it. I don’t see. Oh, it’s

DANNY long. She She read it. John Lee.

SLIM Hey, 70 Mm, first time longtime I’ve been slow to keep up due to the birth of my firstborn. So I’m a little behind y’all a couple of things I want to mention. Just listen to the Millennium actress app and wanted to note, as I’m sure someone in future episodes has mentioned that slim was on point when comparing Darren Aronofsky with Satoshi Cohn. Aronofsky mentioned multiple times that Satoshi was a huge influence on him and he has even gone so far as to recreate the tub scene from Perfect Blue in Requiem for a Dream with Satoshis belated blessing and we doing Requiem for a Dream

DANNY ever show. No no, no thank you.

SLIM At first number two. Honestly my pointing app is well known tip that was an excuse for me to finally confess something that has been eating away at me for almost two years. You Yes, you 70 Mm completely shattered my world. For a little background. We need to travel back Over two decades, I was bored as a 10 year old waiting at my friend’s house to go to McDonald’s, or some shit. While we were sitting around something on the TV caught my eye. I saw the swashbuckling Timothy Dalton wearing a mask engaged in a daring sword fight in a castle I thought to myself, Wow, that’s so called James Bond was also Zorro. As I went out the door I put this in my memory bank so that I could go to Blockbuster and rent out this movie as soon as I went back home. However, when I peruse the aisles that weekend, there was no sign of any James Bonds or movie disappointment. I asked the guy that counter Have you ever heard of a James Bond? Movie? Negative? I maybe miss remembered perhaps I saw the other white Dieter damask fighting in a castle so I rented it out again. And my old friend disappointment showed up. As there was no sign of this riveting scene, I resigned myself to my fate of never knowing what that movie was, and moved on with my life. At least princess bride was awesome. Five stars. Fast forward to February of 2021. I’m putting rockets here on for the first time ever on my dcl 4k Not really knowing what to expect lo and behold, this scene that captured my imagination so many years ago randomly appears in a movie about a dude with a rocket backpack. Hallelujah. After over 20 years I finally found my Timothy Dalton Zorro scene once I feel you guessed it, my old friend disappointment yet again. There is no Timothy Dalton Zorro movie. That thing that had been itching the back of my brain all this time tormented me all these years ended up being a fake scene in a movie about a dude with a goddamn rocket. Although I was crestfallen to find out this movie didn’t exist. I’m thankful for you for bringing me closure. I can live my life without the weight of uncertainty looming over me. Also rocketeer was good three and a half stars. God bless John Lee. Poof Thanks, John. on a journey we’re solving decades old histories

DANNY will send you the therapy Bell.

SLIM I remember when we started wash the rocketeer at the lake house two years ago. Yeah.

SOPHIE What happened? What do you mean you started we got we were to

SLIM read meditate. Let’s talk it was a great night and loved us like house trips.

SOPHIE So mysterious. Can we talk about them for a second that you guys leave this like an air of mystery with them?

SLIM These are private time you know? This is what

SOPHIE I think I think you guys are doing mushrooms the entire time No, it was

SLIM engaging in any kind of guesswork about what happens at these Lakehouse trips we play

SOPHIE just we relaxed out ideas

DANNY like cornhole Jackson Hole

SLIM we watch a hike. Here we go on hikes.

SOPHIE All of that can be done on mushrooms

SLIM All right, well, so thank you for coming back. It was a pleasure to have you and we’ll find we turn once more for proto his guidance as we exit this episode, but get ready for Avatar.

PROTO Can we get much higher? You know, we’re at a three star movie right now. With avatar one and two coming up next. I think we can I think we’re just going up Baby from here on out. I cannot wait to watch this new avatar I’m so pumped. How are you guys feeling I’m pumped so pumped these reviews have you guys been up here in China avoid the scuttlebutt

SLIM What are you hearing inside?

PROTO Ah, I’m seeing some phrases I’m seeing some word combinations on out there that these critics these quote unquote critics who hate most things saying about this movie is my life’s gonna change in two weeks.

SOPHIE What is what the frames per second thing though? Like apparently you need to like watch it and ascertain Is that is that a thought

SLIM or you know anything about that I’m gonna sit down with 3d glasses on I’m gonna let Jim take

SOPHIE a 3d Wait 3d is the way to


3d for sure it is the 3d VR Sure. Whatever frames that is. Leave that between me and Jim. God, God we’ll see everybody next week.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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