Transcript: Thelma & Louise (1991)

42 min readMar 21, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Thelma & Louise (1991) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim. And this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday, I sit down to talk about recently watched movies with my dear friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY [Danny laughs]

SLIM And our spiritual advisor, Protolexus.

PROTO Yeah, I got to have a family movie night. Um, one second. I just finished making a meme…

SLIM Leading Ladies Month Vol. Two is coming in April. So why not tease things with Thelma and Louise from 1991? Were we smitten with Gina Davis? Which host allegedly, almost fell asleep during their watch? Find out… Now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Jim Cameron’s Avatar.

DANNY Excuse me.

SLIM There was a conversation in the Discord, the VHS Village Discord this week, and there was an idea posited. The new Avatar’s allegedly coming out the end of this year, December. How better to top Lord of the Rings month with Avatar 1 and then the new Avatar 2? [Proto rings his bell] [Slim & Danny laugh]

PROTO I think we can all agree. There’s there’s no, there’s, there’d be nothing better. We talk about doing the big one on the show. Mm-hmm , you know, big one, you know, lower the rings bat, man, all that avatar is the big one. Everyone’s saying it.

SLIM You know, it might be perfect timing because there’s no 4k available yet of avatar, but I feel like there would be, you know, a new box set released in time for avatar too. Can you imagine a 4k watch on our budget? Mid range, TCL, TB of avatar game.

DANNY Honestly, can’t wait to do Sigourney Weaver art. Blue Sigourney. You kidding me?

SLIM Sigourney’s return to the pod in December.

DANNY Does it get any bigger?

PROTO Blue woman group.

SLIM Oh boy. Later in this show, we’re gonna be covering Thema and Louise, 1991. You can use the chapters to skip ahead to that segment. This is a preview for leading ladies month volume two. The entire month of April, we have a lot of surprises cooked up. A lot of fricking surprises. So get ready. We don’t usually talk about our interns tier on Patreon. There was a special tier where those folks get, uh, exclusive watch along episodes. The first episode we did was the Phantom Menace. Three of us just sat down and record us, watching a movie together. It was dynamite mm-hmm and wouldn’t it be cool if there was video attached to that Phantom Menace audio?

DANNY Very interesting.

SLIM Wouldn’t it be really cool? So there’s a 49 interns right now. And the interns have chosen. They voted, we did a secret poll on Patreon and the next watch-along movie is Attack of the Clones. [Danny laughs]

DANNY They’re insane. But I’m excited.

PROTO I’m very excited.

SLIM Continuing the journey. There was a lot of questionable votes happening in that poll, Proto, but Attack of the Clones is it.

PROTO Like you know, it was, it was hard to get through Phantom Menace. I mean, is there the only movie I could think of that could be harder is Attack of the Clones. So it’s crazy that we’re doing ’em back to back

DANNY Insane.

SLIM Was it in this movie? You’re the third one where Samuel Jackson is doing like slow motion, light saber stuff?

DANNY It’s every time he swings a light saber it’s in slow motion.

SLIM So that also means we should be pretty close to the next proto dispatch, which is protos own podcast that he releases to interns exclusively. Can we get a status update on the, probably the highlight of the interns tier is your own audio podcast that you produce.

DANNY That’s true.

PROTO We are so close, uh, to beginning production on episode two of the dispatch uh, yeah, the it’s the, the content is there. It’s, it’s in my, my, uh, virtual notebook and, um, I just gotta put my lips to the microphone and, and make the magic happen. Just let it come out. That’s what I did last time. So I’m looking for forward to getting back into the recording booth and, uh, seeing what, what happens.

SLIM Your lips to their ears. There’s a lot of talk in chat about some kind of Elbin Ring audio featurette. Is there gonna be any kind of video game related dispatch coming our way from this year?

PROTO Uh, there could be, I mean, if that’s what the people want, maybe I’ll throw in some, you know, I would never, I would never just, you know, push that upon anybody talk about, you know, Elden Ring. Uh, but, uh, if that’s what the people want, maybe I will maybe I’ll get into it.

SLIM I know for a fact Danny muted that channel today.

DANNY Hundred percent.

SLIM Muted the #gamezz channel.

DANNY Too much.

PROTO Good for him.

DANNY Needed my freedom.

SLIM Uh, you watched Drive My Car this week, Danny, the Oscar nominated best picture film. Tell us how this experience was.

DANNY We had a midday kind of break from the kids and Casey and I sat down and watched, uh, Drive My Car and I gave it five stars. This was an incredible film. I couldn’t, um, it, it, there was something about it, something about this very slow burn movie that was so interesting the entire way through incredible characters, um, beautifully shot. I mean that Sabb 900 turbo was sexy. Loved that car. Yeah, I had a great time and probably the best moment it was when I finished watching and I go to Letterboxd just to see what my friends are saying about it. Great reviews. Five stars here, five stars here. And then I get to a three and a half star review from you making a diarrhea joke about this movie, Slim.


DANNY And, uh, I about lost my mind. I fell off my couch. [Slim laughs]

SLIM It was like the first statement Danny made to me in Apex that night, about how he was stopped in his tracks because of my Letterboxd review.

DANNY It was like a record scratch.

SLIM I mean, was I wrong? That character looked like he was going to have diarrhea any moment in every scene he was in. Show me the lie! Show me the lie! It’s not there! [Danny laughs]

DANNY What a gorgeous film though. And I would say —

SLIM Great to look at.

DANNY I could bump this up to what I would love to win best picture, and I know it’s not going to, it’s very, you know, international films, et cetera, but I would love to see this win best picture. It was gorgeous. I had a great time watching it.

SLIM Is it still Power of the Dog for you? You think Power of the Dog’s gonna win it all?

DANNY Yeah. I still think it’s power for the power of the dog for this, man. Great film.

SLIM Proto, when are you gonna have this Drive My Car experience?

PROTO want to have it soon. I it’s, it’s on my list of movies to watch for sure.

As soon as I got a free moment from all the other stuff that I’m doing,

SLIM you know, you got a full plate right now. I do. Mm-hmm

PROTO so much going on. It’s crazy.

SLIM Did you watch Turning Red this week, Proto?

PROTO I did. Yeah. I got to have a family movie night — um, one second. I just finished making a meme. [Danny & Slim laugh]

DANNY oh, gosh.


PROTO yeah, turning red, big moment. Right? New Pixar. direct to streaming on Disney plus. Love to see it. Uh, you know, I’m not paying $75 to take my family to see this movie mm-hmm theater. So this is great. Uh, so we sat down when did come out Friday. Mm-hmm uh, yeah, right after work, six o’clock turn on a new Pixar movie. Uh, and I had a fantastic time watching this. This movie is very funny. Uh, yes. You know, I think all, you know, there’s pretty good humor in all the Pixar movies, but I was, uh, I was laughing out loud the whole time and it, I think it had to do partly with just that, um, uh, the references. Uh, are of like my age group or just like, so it’s, you know, it’s about this, this young girl growing up. Well, yeah, she’s like, how old is she? Like 12 growing up in, um, Toronto, uh, like early two thousands. So, uh, you know, I was like the same age. So the reference is there’s a lot of references to boy bands. Tomagotchi just kind of all like cultural stuff. So like those, all those things are just, you know, just where I was at this at the time as well. Um, so, so it was really fun. And then it’s just, it’s a great, um, it was a great family movie. Mm-hmm um, my kids were laughing. I was laughing. It’s gorgeous as well. I think that’s one thing that we take for granted with animated movies now. Like between Disney, um, you know what they’re putting out and, and like the Pixar team, like these, like, it’s just incredible. The look of these movies. Like this movie is so gorgeous and just the, the different, the different techniques they use it. It’s just, it’s just so easy to take it for granted. I think of just like, it’s what you come to expect. Um, but I, yeah, my, my socks were blown off multiple times watching this. I gave it four stars.

DANNY Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think one of my favorite bits of trivia finding out about this film was I’m gonna butcher probably her name Domi. She, the director mm-hmm . She started as an intern at Pixar 11 years ago. What, and now she’s directing a featured film film, like that’s wild doing the work. Love to hear that kind of stuff.

SLIM What I was, um, thinking about how you’re comment about how great the animation is. It was insane. And I re-watched toy story two last week. Oh no. I mean, have you seen any footage of Andy in that movie? It’s horrifying. It’s so designed of that kid in toy story two, looking back terrifying. That’s a horror movie. Yeah. I’d love turning red had a great time. I was like chuckling the whole final act, so good that scene. And then when some of that stuff happened in that final act where it’s like, you know, the, the uplifting stuff. Amazing. Amazing. Just amazing stuff. Done it again. did you wash anything else this week Proto?

PROTO was it. Just turning red.

SLIM Any updates from, um, Eldon ring that you wanna provide our audience this

PROTO week? Uh, I, I downed Redon this week. Mm-hmm the stars are back in motion. Gotta go talk to Ronnie at Ronnie’s rise. Catch up on what’s going with her. I’m a full-time Bon boy now got my great sword.

It’s plus six, uh, having the time, my life just boning people over the head, uh, you know, big sword goes smash. What more do you need?

SLIM God, goodness. I went into another dimension. When, when you were talking right now, I dunno what was happening. You were saying, whew. It’s like I was on three gummies. when you were speaking, you should say to hello to some new patrons this week, you can get access to the VHS village UNCs discounts on Danny’s beautiful prints and episodes that are only available in the VHS village.

Uh, 70 millimeter vault. Ron Sam, Daniel, Ryan, and Jim, and I have it on good authority that nexus nine just, uh, became an intern as we were recording. Really number, number 50, I believe. Oh, my check. The numbers, uh, post show. Um, Danny, any other movies that you wanna talk about? No

DANNY only saw drive my car and turning red.

I did watch, I didn’t, I don’t know if I can log it, actually. I didn’t see, I did watch the make documentary that was on Vimeo that someone shared in our discord this week. What a great documentary on different creatives in their field, uh, to talking about their process and my king, Aaron Lins on it. Uh, oh.

And I really loved, I loved it. I loved all the different, you know, photography and video editing and graphic design. There was so much to hear people talk about their experiences and, uh, where they started, where they’re at now, processes and, and creative art. It was great. It great little documentary.

SLIM I would buy almost everything off Chaplins.

The hats, the knives, he had a great, the watches.

DANNY Um, someone had asked him what it took to get or how, how do I get to where you’re at? And he was like, be par prepared to like starve for 10 years. And I’m like, yeah, do the work baby. Wow. God to grind. Joplin’s amazing. Love that guy. I need to eat.

SLIM I don’t know if I can do that.

Um, someone slid into our DMS together this week. Dear, your friends of ours movies anywhere they’re back it’s Oscar season. And they slid right back in our DMS. They can’t get enough of us. They came back with another bundle of free movies for a live chat tonight. Is Casey still around Casey, our judge to, uh, judge the best comment of the night.

Mm. Uh, movies anywhere we use it all the time, safe space. It’s not a lie. We actually do use movies anywhere. And, uh, it combines all your services. So if you have a movies bought in prime, apple TV, voodoo, Google play, you can just watch it all in one, one app movies anywhere. And they came to us with a bundle of five movies for Oscar season.

Get your socks back on. So they get back off. Okay. This is great. The sock guards up on the wall.

SLIM This week’s comment of the night in live chat will be getting this bundle of five movies: West Side Story. I think Danny might have given five stars for that jawn. Is that a five banger or is that four and a half?

DANNY Don’t quote me.

SLIM It might have been six. Nightmare Alley, Belfast, King Richard, and the one to settle it all, Episode 91’s own, Dune.

PROTO God, what a bundle!

DANNY What a bundle.

SLIM So thanks to our friends at Movies Anywhere for making that happen. Let me read the legalese real quick while everyone takes a drink, read it. The did can be redeemed on movies anywhere only registration with movies anywhere required.

Open to us residents only sorry, 13. Plus download the free movies anywhere app visit movies, to redeem your code. So there you have it. Should we, uh, get into Thema and what you watch slim? You keep, you always do this every week. I do at stand over. I think you have other movie podcast. I feel like podcast that you’re on, but don’t forget us.

Listen, when you edit yourself

PROTO every Fri week, every week,

SLIM by the way, check out weekend. Watch, listen, and letter box show every week. So if you can’t get enough, my nasally white voice you’re in for a treat. I’m just saying, when you edit your own podcast, you feel like you talk too much. So asking anytime I try to cut myself out.

Okay. That’s just how I am. Uh, let me pull up my El, see what I watched this week. Pull it up. I rewatched altered states. One of my occasions can’t shuts about that film. I can’t shut up by, I know I’m the odd man out with my ratings here, but, uh, William Hurtt died R I, um, also alleged abuser. Unfortunately, as I read while I was watching this movie, so that was a big downer, um, altered states is a 1980s.

Sci-fi. Thriller. And, uh, it’s about the scientist who thinks that he can tap into previous states of consciousness mm-hmm while, um, while in a hallucinogenic state. So he thinks he, while he’s in like, um, a deprivation tank, he thinks he can go back and unlock the, the first humans. In his consciousness and I love, I love it.

It’s it’s about him. And two other scientists like doing these experiments, they don’t believe it’s possible. And then when it starts actually happening, they freak the F out because it just Def divides all scientific logic and part. You’ve watched this before. I think you might’ve given this three stars.


DANNY think he gave a three star something right now?

PROTO yeah, I gave it three stars. It’s a good, it’s a good movie. I feel William Hart’s character. He’s a little, he’s a little too obnoxious for me. And then also there’s the whole, um, like man as a

SLIM monkey portion. That’s right. this was the, for new, for new listeners.

Can you explain your, uh, your, your hatred of that kind of movie trope? I, I have

PROTO an aversion to, uh, this like, uh, I don’t know what to call it, but, uh, think like Harry and the Henderson Harry and the Henderson’s, uh, trauma that I’ve, that I’ve yeah, yeah. That, it just, it, um, I don’t know. Some might have happened when I was a child, but anytime like a man is depicted as like a, like half ape, it just freaks me out.

I, you know, but I did watch the old planet of the, and that didn’t bother me too much. So that’s cuz they’re perfect. Maybe I’m maybe I’m turning

SLIM a corner. I mean, those were obviously men in ape suits. True. Maybe it wave it. Wasn’t realistic enough. As in Harry, the Henderson’s famous gift. I see. That was what a pro’s favorite gifts to post for quite a while.

I feel like the Cornelius

DANNY made all we recording one night, whoever that I had to pull up, Ken Russell’s directorial, OG. 74 directed films, but I’ve not heard of one of ’em besides altered states. And it’s not even as most popular the devils you gave that four and a half star slim.

PROTO That was incredible.

That’s a big one. Incredible. Oh, he did layer of the white worm as well, which was that’s a, is that a bad in spider? That’s a fun move. That was a bat in spider. Yeah, that great movie.

SLIM Feldman Louise Ridley. Scott. I actually didn’t even know Ridley Scott directed this until we did this movie con Zimer. Han Zimer.

And what can only be described as reusing the soundtrack to blade runner with Thelman Louise 1991. Uh, this is, this is our teaser for leading ladies month volume, too, which starts in April Paro. What is Thema and Louise


PROTO trapped in a Loveless is getting away for the weekend with her friend Louise. It’s a vacation just for them. But when Thelma gets attacked, Louise serves justice from the barrel of a 38 caliber cult, detective special with a scuffed justice system in front of them. They decide to hit the road, make their own choices and exercise the demons of their past selves.

But the life they left won’t let go so easily. And the law is sure to catch up with them, but will they go quietly or is there no going back

SLIM I have never seen this movie before this week, but I feel like I have seen it. Maybe I’ve just seen so many clips historically, the famous shot of the car. Mm-hmm at the end, Danny, is that the same for you? Or have you seen all

DANNY the exact same that in the VHS cover of the Polaroid with the grand canyon behind it?

I feel like I’ve seen that VHS cover so many times. And then yeah, the famous final shot of the film. Other than that, I think that’s kind of it for this movie. I don’t think I’ve seen much of it. I know I had, I mean, this was the first time I ever watched it.

PROTO I’ve seen this before. I, I don’t know when it was or why I watched it.

Um, but I, I, I have before. Uh, I’ve very clearly remember watching this and remembering most of, of what was

SLIM in it. So in our movie discussion segment, we’ll, we’ll choose from our top three things that we wrote down for this film. And then we’ll reveal our letter box writings later. Um, I have to get it in my first one.

So I think produce review might be similar. I’m trying to read, read behind his emojis that he posted in his reveal. I love Gina Davis in this movie. Gina Davis is a redhead. Maybe I should confirm that because Gina, Hey, Gina Davis is Burnett and Beatle juice, and I feel like I’ve been awoken to a whole new experience with Gina Davis in this movie.

I thought she was dynamite. I mean, her PO her post his hair in that diner. mm-hmm excuse me. I, I couldn’t get over it. What do you think?

PROTO Yeah, she is. She’s really great in this she’s so she’s so fun. I, yeah, watching that, I was like, I kept thinking what happened to Gina Davis. Um,

SLIM right.

PROTO Why aren’t there more Geena Davis movies? Why wasn’t she more of a star? Did she get overshadowed by Julia Roberts? Is that what happened?

DANNY I mean, right after this was A League of Their Own, which after watching this film, I almost pivoted my Leading Ladies pick, just FYI, to that movie. But, man, there’s something about Geena in this film. She’s so good!

SLIM I’m looking at her film I or feet. It’s wild. Yeah, very strange league of Theone. And then she does hero with Dustin Hoffman and then cutthroat island. Soon

DANNY after cutthroat, I almost picked for block busted month. Hm. That was a big

SLIM block. Busted. Remember that theme long kiss, good night with Samuele Jackson.

And then she does like store little movies and then she plays her little, uh, her filmography is very strange. If we had more time to dig through her Wikipedia to see maybe she just changed career plans. Maybe she didn’t wanna do this anymore. Um, but yeah, I agree. It was kind of like an awakening for this film where I was like, where has Gina been my entire life for me?

Hm per what’s your number one?

PROTO Uh, my number one has to do with Thelma as well. Uh, her husband not wanting to love her. like, what is this? What is wrong with this guy?

SLIM She Gavin, the king,

PROTO who is fantastic in this, this small role that he has so funny. Uh, so his hair off the charts, mm-hmm God, but I just couldn’t rip his drip.

That one scene, like in the morning with breakfast where he, he like, can barely stand a look at her, just get this guy outta

DANNY when he falls next to the Corvette. Uh, yelling at the people working on his house to be gone by three, it looked like a such a natural fall. Like it didn’t wasn’t supposed to happen.

I couldn’t stop laughing

SLIM also. I mean, this is like the, of the era, those penny loafers that he was wearing. Oh my gosh. It feels like they’re penny loafers are barely even covering his foot because you can see AR guy sock on 90% of his foot, like one false move. And you’re stepping outta that, that loaf when,

DANNY um, she was like, I don’t know how people are buying rugs on a Friday night.


PROTO then

SLIM it’s a good thing. You’re not regional manager. Yeah.

DANNY And I, with the shade and the key. Oh my gosh. He was so funny in this. He was just, he had a dialed up to a hundred easily in this whole film.

SLIM Great character actor. Also the scene later in the movie. Where she calls home and he answers normally.

Hello? And she’s like the cops, the cops are there. They know what? That was such a

DANNY great cut. Oh man. So

SLIM hello, Darrell. It’s me. Hello? Hello. Hello. He knows. I need more time.


PROTO All I said was

DANNY hello. I’m gonna keep rolling with Thelma since please. We’re gonna keep talking about her when she does well, when she does everything in this film, but when she does her robbery to get money from the gas station, it’s so funny to me, her using the lines from Brad Pitts, uh, story on how he’s a robber.

I, it was just, she’s so funny. I Aina was hilarious. I don’t know. It was such a quick scene too, but just seeing her Rob, the, the gas station using the, the words that Brad said, it was so funny to me. Yeah, couldn’t get over it.

SLIM I mean, also her waving the gun, like at the cop later on. I mean, also that scene entirely.

I was like, when Susan Sarandon agreed to get in the front seat of the front, I was

DANNY like, oh no, we’ve already had one

SLIM assault. I just get

DANNY thought we were getting a second one.

SLIM I mean also, I mean, you’re, it’s over at that point for SU Susan, Ryan and them. If she gets in that car, like I thought something was gonna happen before she even got in the car.

Mm-hmm like, you’re getting arrested. This movie’s gonna roll credits right now. As soon as you get in that car.

DANNY I mean Susan’s face when she sees Thelma, having the gun on the cop is, is like priceless. Mm-hmm probably one of my favorite parts of Sharon Stone’s performance in this, or, uh, Susan surrender.

Sorry. Yeah,

PROTO it’s such a great transformation for that character because Thema throughout the movie makes like terror ball. Uh, catastrophic mistakes. Mm-hmm um, you know, first starting with, um, the guy at the bar, of course, attacking her, attempting to rape her, but she gets saved by Louise, but then she loses all the money to Brad Pitt.

She, uh, she tells Brad Pitt that they’re going to Mexico and I think does something else as well. But like, she just like every turn she’s like making mistakes, but when it comes to being a criminal mm-hmm , she’s like a complete natural . Yeah. This is like what she was born to do. And it’s, it’s so great.

Like wielding a gun. It looks like she was born with a gun in her


SLIM Yeah. She had like decades. I don’t know how long she was with she didn’t reg Gavin, but all this pent up confidence, she was, uh,

DANNY or 18.

SLIM I mean, uh, yeah, how she, I thought dating

DANNY for four years and married at


SLIM or something. Yeah. Oh my God.

Revolting. But she has been waiting years for this. Not that bad. Calm Down’s


SLIM life no, but how old is she? Gavin in that’s in that scenario, I feel like sheer mcg. Gavin was probably still like 25 and she’s 14. I just assumed that there was like a 10 year age difference between the two of them. Let me just preemptively apologize.

in Casey. That was not my intention of high school sweethearts. I was talking about 30 year old Sheinberg, Gavin dating a 14 year old in my mind. uh

again, I apologize for anyone that read that. Now, my number two, I actually had no idea that the, the, a kickoff of this movie was sexual assault. Oh, my gosh, like I had no clue growing up, obviously, I guess this was just like swept under the rug about film and Louise film and Louise. Like, I had no idea that this is why they’re on the run until it was happening on screen.

I was like, holy crap. Like this is getting very real right now in the parking lot of this bar. Uh, I just thought that they were like Robin banks or something. No clue. So it got very real and, uh, I loved how it eventually it opened up like Susan Sarandon’s character, you know, that happened to her. Years ago.

And that’s why she had like this visceral reaction. I mean, honestly, I was cheering when she murdered that guy F that guy mm-hmm . Um, but they allude to how something happened to her in the past. Even the cop does later on

PROTO going into it, you don’t really know what to expect with this movie. You’re like, right.

They’re going on a, you know, trip. And you’re thinking like, well, I mean film and we use Bonnie and Clyde the are probably gonna get involved in something. Um, but the way, yeah, it’s set off in this way. Um, so it’s not, you know, in some ways it’s not something that they chose, but they’ve found themselves in a place.

Um, but I, the thing that I, I, I like about that is just, I, I, I like how, um, like so much of this story feels like cathartic for, uh, Luis, uh, her character of, you know, there was nobody there to help her or save her. Uh, and she kind of gets, you know, like vengeance in her, in her own way, in that moment. Um, and.

And then just like the, the parallels between, uh, her and Thema of, I think of like Thema, um, like having this Loveless marriage and, and escaping it when she does. And then Louise having kind of like, you know, I’m not totally, I don’t totally understand her relationship with her boyfriend, but you can just tell that it’s, it went on for a long time and like they’re mutually separated, but there’s like, mm-hmm , they still love there, but they can’t be together and just like, like complex stuff under the surface.

Um, so I wasn’t

SLIM sure if Michael Madson was the alleged assault that might have happened to her, like, oh, it like, because he was kind of like really pretty violent when he freaked out on that one scene. Yeah. He’s super freaked out. And then I was like, wait, is that, did he do this years ago? Or, and that’s why they’re together sort of in the messed up relationship.

I don’t know. I didn’t remember

DANNY that guy’s name either the actor, Dr. Madson. Just always call him dollar store. Matt Dillon.

PROTO I call him, uh, Q T’s main squeeze.

SLIM Yeah. I thought, I mean, he looks like a totally different actor, young version of him. He’s got some swagger in himself Madson way back when.

PROTO Yeah, for sure.

DANNY You know, what’s crazy about that assault scene. It was when we, when you first turn on the HBO, it does that little disclaimer at the top and it was like, whatever, partial nudity. And then it said rape and I’m like rape spoilers. And then when we see, uh, Harlan, I’m like, oh yeah, that’s the guy like, he’s such a D bag.

Oh God. Like, this is us. Is brace yourself. Cuz you know, it’s coming with this dude disgusting, but also very glad he got shot. How about how fast they go from one guy getting murdered in the parking lot to let’s call the FBI. I couldn’t get over how fast they got went straight to the

SLIM feds. Yeah. It felt like a, like a, nothing town that, which nothing would get solved.

And that’s like case clause it’s like

DANNY case even waitress was like, man, it was probably his wife. No one really cares about this guy anyway, but let’s call the feds in .

SLIM It was also interesting how the main cop assigned to the case, like believed the women or was like on their side for the majority of the movie.

I didn’t feel like I got enough for him to think that way. Right. So fast. I mean, even at a certain point, like maybe just like purposefully take up bad leads and try not to follow them. Like you, if you’re so hardcore that like they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Um, then just like, forget it.


PROTO I kind of thought of that though. The detective, uh, who was, uh, played by Harvey Kittel was that, um, he was kind of just playing the good cop role. Of saying like, yeah, you know, I can help you if you just come in, right. Yeah. Just come in and like, I can’t help you if you’re on the run, it’s just gonna get worse.

Yeah. He’s just kind of saying whatever he wants. Mm-hmm I almost feel like that was like a, a test to see, you know, if you would even believe this guy, you know, just kind of saying what cops would will say to get a criminal to come in.

SLIM Did anyone else notice Harvey Keitel’s tight ass running at the end of this movie towards that car?

DANNY Excuse me?

SLIM He needs to get a more loose suit. Actually thought, like, I didn’t even remember seeing that Harvey Kittel run it for that car scene until this moment, like him, that musical montage. And I was like, damn Harvey, Harvey.

uh, whose turn is it? Is it pro’s number two?

PROTO Think, think it’s my turn. Uh, the car miss, uh, I mean, having a, a car like this, a convertible to drive across the country, you know, you’re, you’re out there, you know, you’re out in the Midwest. You’re uh, you’re in the desert. God, it’s poetic. I feel like, I feel like I gotta do this at some point, right?

Oh my like that, just those Vista shots of the desert. Just, can you imagine having the top down, just out in the middle of, you know, nowhere, America. Roman

SLIM don’t you have like a yearly Adirondack trip. Aren’t you coming up to that trip? Did you skip that last year?

PROTO Um, did I go, uh, so I usually go with my good friend Diaz.

Uh, last year we actually, we changed it up. We, we go to the Adirondacks a lot, but last year we, we tried, uh, we something different. We went to, to the smokey mountains down in Tennessee. So yeah, we usually do take a trip either in, um, yeah, like spring or summer. So,

SLIM so maybe this time you’ll get a convertible.

You would die as traveling to the grand canyon. My

PROTO God. Oh, we actually did travel across country once. So maybe it’s way.

SLIM Yeah. If you tried to go

DANNY Mexico from Oklahoma, but not going through Texas

PROTO and fill up that bit.


SLIM it was so funny. What kind of car did you drive? Cross country? ISN that true. Uh,

PROTO he had a, what was it?

Uh, a Mista fit on? I think it was a, a Mistubishi 3000 GT. Does that sound around the 3000

DANNY GTS? Goodness.

SLIM Can we, can someone drop an image of that car and chat so I can get a mental picture of proto in that car?

PROTO oh, here I, I found like the exact, yeah, this was a hot, this was a hot

SLIM ride. Oh my God. Cross country in that thing, I would wanna die.

Yeah, it

PROTO was that like small evergreen collar too.

SLIM Holy cow. Danny, did you have that car? No.

DANNY No. I wanted that car though.

SLIM Danny. What’s your number?

DANNY Number two. Uh, the cop chase scene has to be a top tier. Cop chasing in cinema. Right. I couldn’t get over how good it was. How well shot it was. Mm-hmm it was, it was crazy.

And also thinking how well Louise’s character drove through. Yes. Everything. Like she was a natural at this. Yeah. But it was such a cool chase. I really liked how it a shot. Um, going under the bridge where the cops couldn’t fit, cuz they had the convertible and even leading up to, um, the final shot with the helicopter, just over their car with the, the dust everywhere.

It was just really rad. I really enjoyed it. Mm-hmm it was a really great scene. So many shots of the car though. The, especially when the one time when Brad’s in the car with them and she tells, he tells them to slow down, cuz cops are coming. And she just makes a hard right into the, into the field. Like the cops, aren’t gonna notice this.

Oh yeah. I’m just gonna jerk off the highway into an oil plant and no one’s gonna notice me but she did it Uhhuh it was amazing.

SLIM I, the cinema cinematography was very good in this movie. So many shots of, you know, even Gina on the payphone was so good. Looking so many great looking shots. Um, my number three.

It’s hard to

Can’t read that one. I don’t know. I can’t read that one. Megan, on the edited of this episode, I didn’t say

PROTO that. that was Danny.

SLIM Um, number three. Can someone get Brad Pitt a sandwich? Thank you. Maybe. Oh man. Also he, my man’s got 0% body fat he’s negative body fat. He was, how was that possible?

oh my God. So he’s so young in this movie. And one of the other things about Brad pit, I was like shocked that she was down to have Brad Pitt’s character come onto the, the trip. Right after she was almost raped by Harlan. Yeah. Yeah. Like I would, I would expect, you know, maybe incorrectly that, uh, she would just be like revolted by the idea of another man being in their personal space.

So soon after this trip. And then he ends up, you know, robbing them. thousands of dollars. Yeah. Didn’t end up working out that. Well, I mean, she got laid, so maybe it did work out and we gotta see that diner hair, that diner hair, Danny. What’d you think about Brad? I thought he,

DANNY I, I mean, Brad was great. He’s super skinny.

I couldn’t get over how skinny he was. It was driving me nuts, but, um, yeah, he’s fine. He’s funny. He had some great moments in this. Oh my God. Love the conversation they had in the car together. Um, yeah, he’s good.

PROTO Also very much a, an actor’s, uh, accent in this, like he was trying really hard but

DANNY Does he do Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Thelma & Louise?

SLIM He might have played the same character. [Proto gasps] If you think about it. Can someone check the tapes, confirm if that’s the same character, just 30, 40 years later?

PROTO He travels back in time, later in life. [Slim laughs] It checks out.

SLIM was your number three?

PROTO Uh, the, uh, the trucker arc in this story. so they run into this, this, this really, uh, scumbag trucker on the road on. But, you know, like I probably, I mean, every woman has to have some kind of experience like this, of some kind of, you know, driving some, you know, scumbag like that, doing, you know, saying something, whatever.

So the fact that they get this guy to pull over and then give it to him and blow his truck up in, in the fashion that they did it, uh, uh, it’s pretty great. Um, yeah. I feel like I like seeing in this in theater, I wonder if like women were just like standing up and cheering in this moment.

SLIM Yeah. Every woman’s dream.

I mean, what about that guy’s tongue actions top. I mean, is he doing tongue X in the truck? I mean, cause he was working it when he saw a woman drive next to him. Insane. How many times has that worked though? Yeah, so it never worked ever

oh my God. Horrific, horrific. Character’s so great that his truck exploded though.

PROTO I like how they stole all the hats. Um, well, not, I guess the one guy, but like, by the end of it, they were like in like completely different outfits, you know, uh, over time, just kinda like their, uh, contain their transformation with their, their look as well.

Cuz Selma takes his hat. That’s

SLIM great, Danny, what’s your number three.

DANNY My number three is kind of a complaint. I can’t get over. How long this film is. It is. It’s a slog at some points it’s pretty long, like in between so many of the moments, uh, the big like moments it’s kind of boring. There’s so many, I don’t know.

It just, this movie could have been half an hour to 45 minutes shorter and I would really have been much happier, but I just thought it was way too long. And honestly, almost a couple times falling asleep if I can

SLIM be honest. Oh my

DANNY huh. It was just long. It was just, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just Ridley Scott and his, I don’t know, editing, but it was, it was, it was

SLIM I mean, I have to point out, while we’re talking about Danny falling asleep case.

DANNY I didn’t fall asleep. Casey and Chad, who’s choosing our movies anywhere winner for best com the night Casey dropped a review. Mm-hmm without a rating or a like on letter boxed. Yeah. This morning, one of those days. I mean, do you believe mm-hmm death? What did it say? I missed it. Uh, Casey’s review. If you could take the vibe of the scene when film is holding up the cop and spread that across the whole movie, it would’ve been amazing.

I kept feeling like it was trying to be funny, but getting dragged down by attempts at heavy drama, or maybe the other way around, but neither way fully worked for me. Also, Harvey Kittel should be arrested for that accent. you know, you know what his ass literally is gonna bail him outta jail.

DANNY yeah. So I just thought it was a little long. I, I, by the end, I was just ready for them to jump off a cliff mm-hmm uh, and also I didn’t like actually, after finally seeing the movie, knowing how it ended, I didn’t like the freeze frame ending. I no, not that I wanted to see them hit the ground and blow up.

Um, but I still wanted a little bit longer to hang with the choice of them killing themselves. Like they’re like, it should felt like it should have been a little heavier, but it, I don’t know. I did know how to feel, but the freeze frame caught me off guard and I’m like, well, that’s not. I

SLIM also, I also think the blade runner soundtrack that was being played during the majority of the movie didn’t vibe with the ending as well.

Like I like Harvey running after the car in slow motion. I thought was incredibly lame. Like I didn’t like Harvey in there at all. I kind of wanted him away from this moment. And I guess you have to try to like end them movie on a positive note, even though they’re. Killing themselves. Mm-hmm off a cliff because it ends.

And then they get into that montage of like the photos they took. And I was like, it’s like, they ran out weird. So I didn’t end it. Yeah. I felt like the ending, um, trainer says there’s an extended ending. That’s not a freeze frame. Mm-hmm so I have not seen that, but part of what did you think of the ending?

PROTO Uh, I actually didn’t mind it. Um, Hmm. I mean, are they dead?

DANNY they’re in my mind. They’re still falling

PROTO yeah. Right. They never, they


SLIM died. They never died. Maybe there’s a, maybe there’s like a road just underneath that cliff that they just keep driving.

PROTO Well, I did see a river, so maybe they made it. I’m thinking Ridley comes back one last time. Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, they’re living in the desert. They survived for one last score.

DANNY Post-apocalyptic.

PROTO They need to rob one more bank.

SLIM Oh my God. What if they rob Brad Pitt? What if they track him down decades later to finally get their revenge in Mexico or something? And he’s like living the high life.

PROTO Remember him in The Mexican? Maybe it’s the same character!

SLIM Ohhhh.

DANNY We’re tying it all together aren’t we?

SLIM real quick. Gonna jerk off the road again. Excuse me. call

DANNY Corey. I don’t how to say her name. She was a writer in this. She won the Oscar for best screenplay, original screenplay that year stopping, um, silence of the lambs.

They had silence of the lambs had won six or that, that big five, but Collie, she won, uh, best original screenplay and she was the first woman to win best original screenplay in 60 years without sharing billing with a man. Holy crap. So it was wild, but yeah, good for her.

SLIM My honorable mentions, one of the things, my notes that I wrote down on, which I liked, and maybe I’m wrong on this one, but I felt like there was no, you know, like real bickering or blaming each other for the situation that they were in during the movie.

Like, it was kind like, um, they were never arguing about how screwed they were. Like, I wish you had never done this, or I can’t believe you did that. I don’t know. There wasn’t a, there wasn’t like enough to the point where like they were really angry at each other. Um, unless I kinda, unless I kind of glossed over any kinda like big time arguments that, which I was, I would’ve expected in a movie like this, but it didn’t happen that, so I like that.

I also was kind of Bish thank you towards the latter part of the movie. Unfortunately, I, I really didn’t like how the ending was just edited. So strangely, um, And I also agree that some of the comedic elements didn’t jive with, you know, um, Susan Suran potentially going through something similar many years ago.

I, I, I almost like wanted to hear more of that backstory and have, yeah. Her explain what happened, because even Harvey, Chael, Aus, she was like, oh, I know what happened to you back in Texas or whatever it was. Right. And that’s it. Like, I, I kind of wanted more character development a little bit. And I, I maybe in another movie, I would’ve enjoyed the lack of that and like, leave it over into interpretation, but didn’t, I didn’t fall in love with this movie and I, I really wanted to, um, so I’m three and a half stars for th and Louise.

Yikes. Hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Geez, proto final thoughts, uh, honor permissions and writing. Let’s see,

PROTO did I miss anything I wanted to bring?

SLIM Uh, oh, before you do Mike points out that this movie looked incredible on H HP max. I agree. Oh yeah. I looked, I dunno. This is like a, a restoration that they’d done recently where there was a recent Blueray release, but it looked fantastic.


DANNY quality was nice. Gina Davis looked great.

PROTO Yeah. One of my, I knows I’m in love with chin mm-hmm um, oh, when Louise backs the car into the gas station, yo, oh my God. It’s going like 40 miles

SLIM an hour. I know what the hell that looked awesome. I know it looks,

DANNY it was a great shot.

PROTO Yeah. The, the, the, whenever they’re driving the car, it looks great.

Um, I will admit that, um, I was a little bored as well. I watched this over the course of two nights and the first night I had to pause it, cuz I realized I had been looking at my phone for five minutes so I was like, oh. I guess it’s back to Eldon ring for the night. uh,

SLIM oh my gosh. So,

PROTO uh, yeah, I was a little, I was a little bored with it too.

I mean, there’s a bunch that I enjoy. Um, but I’m at three stars, four.

SLIM Oh my gosh. Three stars. Who’s Ray for leading ladies month volume two with these view episode with Feldman Louise, Denny, uh, what are your honorable

amazing photo. What are your honor mentions and final

DANNY thoughts? I had to Google if geez, Louise, the phrase was from this movie, cuz she says to her delete was like, there’s like arguing about where that started originated. But anyway, uh, I don’t really have any more honor mentions. So I will say I had a lot of fun with this movie.

I think it’s I like Gina a lot. Uh, but it is long and I hated the ending. So

SLIM I met three stars for this. Oh my goodness. Yeah. That was not expecting for me to, uh, be the highest rated for this episode. But there we are close the bets, close the legal from vege. As we mentioned last week, we now have legal gambling with vege coins, VE cheese vege bits.

I can’t remember the exact phrase Vegemite we have. Uh, but there you have a film in Louise. Megan just asked for the

DANNY art and I’m gonna be honest. I, this is one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. Very good. I really liked working on this one. Post it right now. It up. I’m

SLIM getting there. Gotta find this I’m in the artwork channel right now in our discord wedding for wait,

PROTO Dan, Danny.

You were at three stars too. Yeah, okay. So that’s nine and a half. Oh boy. Wow.

SLIM Oh boy. It’s been posted beautiful art, great discussion. You know, it just wasn’t, we weren’t vibing with it and that’s okay. Uh,

DANNY but we have honestly else, I think it’s Ridley’s fault.

SLIM I’m gonna blame it on Ridley. Maybe we did need a woman’s touch on the camera on this one.

Uh, you can, uh, shoot us a letter or a VM audio There’s links on there, and we’d love to hear from you. So I think this one might have been just under, uh, just missed our Batman episode, which by the way, what an app last week, that Batman episode. Mama M out a time. This comes from Nick, dear slim, Danny and Elden, Lord proto greetings from connect tot.

I’m writing to share my experience with the Batman. Since I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to see it in theaters, if it weren’t for this awesome podcast and those weeks of Batman hype, you put me through on three, three at 3:00 PM. I got myself a Doby cinema ticket and was delighted to see a nearly empty theater.

As I had hoped, I dare say was the first time I’ve been allowed to get fully immersed while in a theater, the intro to the film was like a barrage of great visuals, but then that war narration came in with Nirvana over those shots of AONE of a rain soaked Gotham all while bruised rides his motorcycle back to his hidden subway back cave.

Are you kidding me? Mm-hmm it immediately cemented itself as one of, if not my favorite film experience in a theater to date. Let me read that again. Say that one more time. My favorite experience in a theater. To date. Whoa. Okay. I also appreciate that it didn’t retread the death of the Waynes. Again. I just realized that thank God it started off strong and kept the pace well for the whole three hour run time, honorable mention goes to John Touro in those sunglasses.

My God overall, I left thoroughly surprised and experience. I don’t think I’ll ever from the cast of the visuals, Michael G Aquino’s booming score and the numerous callbacks to the comics. My expectations were definitely exceeded a big thank you to you three, as well as everyone involved for the countless hours of entertainment.

Much love Nick G. Thanks Nick. Thank you,

PROTO Nick. Nick, you know, Nick, I, I tried to get into theater. Um, this weekend got night. We, me and my wife, we had a little mini getaway. Uh, and her and her sister and her mom were like, let’s go antiquing. And I looked at my brother-in-laws. I said

SLIM the bad man.

PROTO Uh, but it didn’t work out, but I’ve been chosen to see this movie again.

I want to go,


SLIM good. Next, Nick G, thanks for writing in next email. It’s a little bit long, but it’s okay. Finally, a podcast about movies, subject line. Oh my remember that

DANNY tagline.

SLIM What is tagline? Hey, it’s your new pal? Ron. I discovered this 70 millimeter podcast. About a month ago through the letter box show for the past few weeks.

I’ve been spending my days at work listening to most of the past episodes. I skipped a handful at come of films. I haven’t seen, but. Wanting to listen to those episodes has encouraged me to check those entries off my watch list. The system works that was made mm-hmm , it’s not in the email a few years ago, I moved a couple hundred miles away from my friends and family.

And I’ve realized recently that one of the things I miss most is catching a flick with my friends and talking about it. After some of the best times of my life have been spent in theater parking lots long after closing debating the pros and cons of what we just saw. I had sort of gotten something close to that by visiting local comic shops, but COVID had permanently closed the doors of any that were reasonable to get to hearing these discussion.

I had found something that I didn’t realize I was missing. I had added Baton spider sys, film hags, and the movie mix tape to my rotation, but I still felt like I needed more. The Ian episode references to a live chat made me feel like I was missing out on something special, but I was still a little timid to take the leap.

And then in the dark night rises episode, Danny said that he could make the argument that Dick Grayson was a better Batman than Bruce Wayne. I knew I had found my beats and it was time to come home, take my $4. even though I’ve been listening to Danny Preto and slim talk about a movie for a short time, it feels very familiar to me.

It probably has a bit to do with our similar ages. I was born in 84 and hearing anecdotes that could describe my own childhood. It also probably has to do with the fact that the tastes of a three host are similar enough, but different enough that it keeps the discourse interesting and reminds me of very similar conversations I’ve had with my two best friends.

I think it’s mostly because I found a community that is passionate about movies as I am. My favorite movie is Cameron crows, almost famous, which to me is just a story of what it’s like to be a fan of something. Even though boom. And the sys tour that movie apart, no hard feelings. I feel like this is a group of people that gets what it means to love art and entertainment in the same way I do.

We do, I’ll wrap this up by saying that on top of feelings like this show and the village have brought something back to my life. The overall quality of discourse and comradery is pretty remarkable to me, difference of opinion can be and is respected. It seems like there’s a real strive for diversity and representation and emotional openness and wellbeing is normalized.

It’s a far cry from the often toxic discourse I used to find at the comic shop, and I hope that you three host the producers and all members of the community are proud of what you’ve built. Thanks for letting me join in the fun and letting me ramble. Discord is still a bit intimidating to me, but I’ll do my best to participate and get to know everyone.

Finally, a podcast about movies, Ron AK St. Jimmy. On discord letter boxed.

DANNY Goodness, Ron. Thank you.

SLIM Thanks. My wife. We an email, huh? Email the year, man. Can we say it now? Confirm please. Casey. You know what to do did, did Ron just win the Oscar prize back for that email? Thank you, Ron. Very much. That is extremely rewarding to hear.

And I mentioned this email. I don’t usually read the emails ahead of time, but I did sneak a peek at this email earlier this week and I loved it. So welcome. Glad to have you, man. Where do we even go from here? You know, where do we even go from? He here. We go, we go even bigger with our dear friend trainer who has sent an email trainer.

You got one to live up to no pressure, no pressure. Hey guys, this trainer been a heck of a week, so I didn’t have the heart to record myself, but still wanted to drop by and share a quick story. A few years ago was on a vacation Moab, Utah. Cool, and came across this huge old ranch that had been turned into a fancy restaurant in a hotel.

I stopped in for lunch and the basement was the Moab museum of film and Western heritage. Whoa. It was a small but amazing collection of props and stories about every film that got made in Moab. I like saying that word, obviously, if you could tell from the earliest westerns to modern times in the back corner of this little museum was an extremely disfigured and unsettling mannequin that freaked me out so much.

I had to walk over and move its head to the side. So I would stop staring at me. If Danny and I have learned anything from these GOME shows you, you never touch a Manne. It, you don’t never touch, never a mannequin. You don’t want that connection to stay on with you to proceed with this letter. I probably shouldn’t have touched it because after I did, I found out it was one of the two screen uses mannequins that went over the cliff INEL and Louise my gosh, I don’t remember if it was Selma or Louise , but I’ll never forget my face.

Realizing I had just manhandled a piece of film, mystery I learned from the curator that they only got one take to in the car and mannequins over. And unfortunately the other mannequin was never found after it plummeted into the river below on that trip. Oh, there you go. I mean, at least filming, it went into the river.

Almost still out there on that trip. I also went to the top of dead horse point in Arch’s national park, where they sent the car off the cliff. And it was definitely one of the most pictures spots I’ve ever been to. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Love you guys and the village and that’s from trainer. That’s a great, that’s great, great story.

That’s you never touch mannequin. They don’t touch mannequin. You want that attachment to you, proto some kind of haunted mannequin and its essence attaches to you

PROTO as demons. Love mannequins. They get in there

DANNY unless it’s the spirit of Gina Davis, then she can haunt me all

SLIM she wants. what was the hair like on that mannequin?

The trainer can give us any indication. Just a little bit of how slightly disheveled. Oh boy, there, we have it this week. I think I got everyone and next week. Is our last foray before leading ladies volume to the godfather. Hmm God. How do you feel? How do you feel Danny?

DANNY Well, from my past experiences with the godfather, I think I’ve started it and stopped it three times and have never finished it.

So this is, this is a big moment for us, for me personally, me and Kate. See, we have never finished this film. Uh, so I’m excited to finally watch it. It’s a time, but also I’m really looking forward to leading ladies month. I have my pick set in stone. It’s locked, it’s

SLIM locked

PROTO and it’s not league of their own and it’s not a league of their

DANNY own.

No, it’s not it’s cuz I, I set, set a rule for myself this year, picking movies, movies I hadn’t seen. And. If I can movies that you guys aren’t, haven’t logged as well. And this, this one checks all the boxes for us. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this rule. I said it back in January ever. I’ve I need you to listen.

Can’t I’m talking on this podcast

PROTO podcast. I can’t believe he’s bringing this rule out in

SLIM March. I know he, the first time he’s ever brought it up on the show and it’s this moment right before leading ladies on, like, I haven’t picked a movie since

DANNY January worry.

SLIM slim will figure it out and watch it next week.

There’s actually a movie that I’d logged last week that I’m afraid to log because I forgot to talk to Danny and proto about it. Um, state, she was logged didn’t you forgot? No, because I meant I was going to ask if you, either of you guys were thinking about logging or choosing this movie for leading ladies month, so we’ll see.

Um, no. How many times is prayer gonna have to pause the godfather? These Pauls in film in Louise and getting back into you’ve seen it though,

DANNY right?

PROTO Proto. I have seen it, which I, what I don’t understand is how we’re gonna watch the first one and then not watch part two. That’s what

DANNY I keep hearing is two, we got bigger fish to fry people like two, I hate three

SLIM pearls rating was up on a L B not Jada kiss says, are we, are we talking about a removed rating from the godfather? Did you probably remove his rating? I

PROTO haven’t removed nothing. Oh yeah. I still, oh, this is probably a BLB rating.

SLIM Remove BLB ratings. We need to exercise the lb demons from

PROTO what’s removed. I moved it.

SLIM all right, proto uh, final thoughts next week is the godfather. We’re finally checking this off a list. Mm-hmm uh, any closing thoughts this week? Real quick? The movie that

DANNY I picked is on protos watch list.

SLIM Oh, oh God. Mm-hmm.

PROTO Um, listen, we, we love women. We may have given Feldman and Louise nine and a half stars, but we love women.

And we’re gonna prove that to you. We’re gonna pick some really great movies. Um, and that’s all I have to say.

SLIM The meme material of any photo of proto from chat had just put, we love women underneath we’re in jail instantly. Just from that photo circulating it’s over. And Casey has confirmed. Ron wins the movies anywhere, Oscar pack for that email, tremendous email, Ron. Glad to have you, and we’ll see everybody next week for the godfather.




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