Transcript: The Tree of Life (2011)

45 min readFeb 13, 2023

Transcript of 70mm’s The Tree of Life (2011) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday, I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY Iger fires 7000 people but then makes Toy Story 5, you do the math.

SLIM And my close friend and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO Oh my god, yo, Jersey, Jersey, Joisey boardwalk, you get the Polish water ice there. It’s like super smooth up. Ah, baby.

SLIM Every month we have a new theme that guides our feature presentation for that episode. And this time, every pick we make will be from the VHS Village Top 100 movies of all time. Proto’s pick from that list? The Tree of Life from 2011. Is it a movie? Or is it something more? Something more than we ever thought possible? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM I’m going to read, I’m going to start the show off with a review.

PROTO Oh boy.

SLIM If I may, from 2016. And I quote, “This movie is something special. I felt it in my loins. Must see for those who like long winded tryhard moviemaking.”

DANNY Who wrote that in 2016?

PROTO Oh my god.

SLIM That’s the movie insider Protolexus on Letterboxd. 2016.

DANNY That was a long time ago.

PROTO That was, I think that was BLB.

SLIM Slotted that in there.

PROTO Maybe a day one review. I don’t remember.

SLIM Day one, haven’t seen the movie in a long time review. We’ve all been. That’s our feature presentation later in the show, use the chapters to skip ahead and

SLIM I’m going to say right now, tonight we will answer the question, “is there a God?” in that discussion later in the show. We will answer it. We’ll settle the score.

PROTO Finally.

DANNY We’ve nailed it down thanks to Tarik Terrence Malick.

SLIM Terrence Malick has asked the question and we will answer.

PROTO No one has been brave enough to ever try to answer this question.

SLIM The amount of people that have turned off the podcast. Speaking of finding God, Proto watched Basic Instinct. [Danny laughs] And I would love to have a conversation about just that experience you had watching that movie. Paul Verhoeven, Douglas Stone.

PROTO I have found God and she is a woman. Her name is Sharon Stone. My God, what a performance.

SLIM First time you ever seen this, right?

PROTO First time.

SLIM Erotic thriller.

PROTO Yeah. And this is coming off of my Showgirls viewing. So that was my last Verhoeven which is I’m doing it backwards. I think showgirls was 95 and Basic Instinct was 92, so this was before it and oh, my god what a shift. But yeah, this this movie. I felt like it’s like a modern nor that’s how it like felt to me like it has like all those characteristics. You got like this detective who’s on this case that’s like, that has like these twists and turns. There’s this Fen putao character played by Sharon Stone. Who’s kind of to me kind of like a she reminded me of Hannibal Lecter the way she’s like, she’s presented as like this genius. And the dialogue between them. I mean, Michael Douglas. He is he’s brilliant as like a scumbag detective. Yeah, he just he just kills it in this movie. And I just had a I just had a fantastic time. Watching this. Yeah, it’s a joy.

SLIM I think it was it was an art who suggested sexual Michael Douglas month. For as you can imagine. This is the first time I saw I think was last year. But I mean, everyone has seen the GIF or the clip of Sharon Stone in that interrogation room. You know, moving her legs. This is like a movie that at the time this came out like derailed her career. Because of the can I even say full frontal one a podcast I just did. I don’t know if I can. But so I I watched it and I like went to Wikipedia. I had a great time watching. It was very fun. very sexual. I mean, that sex scene that Michael Douglas has, I mean, it’s it’s it’s wild.

PROTO You have to be comfortable with sex if you’re watching this movie, goodness.

SLIM So I did some Googling and it like there’s a big disagreement between Sharon Stone and Paul Verhoeven like, Sharon Stone says that she had no idea that that scene would be in the movie. And Paul Verhoeven I guess he’s just said she’s lying. But like, even if even if she was she, she didn’t see it until the first screening of the movie. And she asked him to remove it, and he refused. So kind of a deep move on his part. Yeah,

PROTO that kind of story. Yeah, kind of with it’s a shame because I mean, it’s such a it’s such an amazing movie. You know, to do that, but like, Yeah, I mean,

SLIM Paul, Paul, please. Another debate or discussion. We had pre shows a party was telling a story about how he’s getting some Eagles gear for the fan or the big. The big game which as of this episode posted was last night was super too big game. Oh, and we were talking about it’s at like this water ice place. And Danny asked what’s water ice?


SLIM I thought that was a bit that you have never heard of water ice.

DANNY It wasn’t a bit, I had never heard of water ice.

SLIM Is it only like a Philadelphia thing? Water ice.

DANNY It has to be.

SLIM Water ice.

PROTO Can we get a survey in the chat?

DANNY Never heard of water ice. We have Italian ice or slushies.

SLIM Slushies. Would you consider water ice as slushy, Proto?

PROTO No, I mean you because you got you got water ice. You got slushy, then you house off Slurpee.

SLIM Love Slurpees.

DANNY Do you have shaved ice?

SLIM I guess that’s probably water ice.

PROTO We also have Polish ice. [Slim laughs]

DANNY What is Polish ice?!

SLIM I’d never heard of Polish ice.

PROTO My god, yo.

SLIM Is that a Jersey thing?

PROTO Jersey, Jersey, Joisey boardwalk.

DANNY It’s coming out.

PROTO You get the Polish water ice there, it’s like super smooth. Ah baby.

SLIM My god. Yeah, there’s some definitely confusion in live chat right now. So I guess it is really a Philadelphia thing. Water ice. It’s great. Rita’s?

DANNY Oh wait, I know Rita’s.

SLIM What’s the rest of the name?

DANNY That’s Italian ice.

SLIM Rita’s Italian ice? Oh, okay. We’re getting somewhere. Yeah, that’s it. Rita’s Italian ice. Interesting. We’ll move on from this. Everyone’s bored other minds probably will say hello. So new patrons who joined at or mm pod. Where is it? 70. Mmm You’ll, you’ll find it. You’ll find us William mark, Tom, Abbey, Jeremy and Josh. So Casablanca brought some new friends into the fold. They got access to the VHS village discord discounts on Danny’s princess. Beautiful new prince. Beautiful new episode art. How about this episode art? Thank you. Unrelated again, we should probably check in another important topic. The Bond journey.

DANNY Oh my gosh, James.

SLIM Bond. We’ve another year this conversation. We took a year off and we’re back.

DANNY You have to have a break. I finally have reached the Brosnan era of bond. And I mean, I started my review by saying I know that it’s surrounded by nostalgia for me because this was this had to have been the first bond that I’d ever seen as a kid, film theaters teenager whatever. No, it was it was or I was in like elementary school, middle school. But the game the end 64 game was probably what spawned me finally watching the movie. But I love this movie. I had too much fun watching it. Sean Bean’s amazing in it. Pierce’s ridiculous as

SLIM Bond phenom. The way he kisses a woman.

DANNY Incredible. It’s amazing. And then I read like I read other reviews. I read your review Islam. You poopoo the music which is fine. I don’t disagree with that. There are moments where I’m like, What is this music? We’re watching a Bond film, please. Golden soundtrack. Oh, the title song. That’s different. Yeah, I sang that for like four days straight afterwards. StreetEasy was loving

SLIM she.

DANNY She loved it. Man. Had a great time watching Goldeneye again. It’s so much fun. It really is.

SLIM Did you play the game? The rerelease on Xbox and switch and all that?

DANNY No. I don’t have a switch. XBox for life.

PROTO Thank you.

SLIM Is there an Xbox version? Is it in Game Pass? Does anyone now?

DANNY Oh, yeah, I don’t I just downloaded it. It just released in Game Pass like last week. And so I played like the first couple levels, bringing back the fields again, right? Really hard to play on an Xbox controller. But yeah, it was a lot of fun.

SLIM How does it integrate with Apex is the game lay it all similar. Is it as good as Apex? Yeah, it’s yours.

DANNY It’s it’s not been. It’s fine. It is what it is.

SLIM Do you watch anything else this week? 101 Dalmatians.

DANNY We had a family movie night. We had to spin a wheel because we’ve been playing. On Tuesday nights we did Taco Tuesdays in my family’s house my parents within Sweden plank Disney trivia the old 90s board game. And it’s the worst movie selection of Disney movies in this board game. It’s like Bug’s Life. And terrible films beast or Lion King too, isn’t it? Brother Bear? Shut up. And but we realize that George hasn’t seen so many of these animated films because getting all these questions wrong, like who’s Winnie the Pooh and stuff like that? We made like a wheel with all the names on and spun it. It’s an app. We landed on 101 Dalmatians watched it had a great time. Such a great movie. Wow. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen 101 Dalmatians the animation and that alone is worth the watch.

PROTO Have you seen Cruella Deville you know, I found out I think was last week that my daughter has watched it like three times and they had it on and I was I caught I would say probably like 60% of it like in the middle of it. And I like having I was having a good time. Yeah, I kind of want to go and watch the whole thing.

SLIM Is that a pandemic movie? I feel like that was like pandemic era. Emma Stone. Yeah, that sounds right. I sound right. I said

SLIM What do you think about this Toy Story 5 news? Breaking news. Iger has said they’re making another Toy Story.

DANNY Iger fires 7000 people but then makes Toy Story 5, you do the math.

SLIM Nuff said.

PROTO Milk it.

SLIM I did catch something on letterbox earlier that I don’t think we talked about on this show. I was looking at Proto’s account. Do my research. Gotta we talked about this edition in your four faves that I missed this discussion where?

DANNY What changed?

SLIM Is that I sleep through this discussion. never cry wolf 1983 January 7, he logged this and it’s in his four faves.

PROTO Listen, see this. This was a couple couple of weeks ago. I think this was like a big week for me. And slim. You want it that week. You were like, let me hear about this movie. And that movie. I never got to talk about never cry, Wolf. Um, I had been waiting for this movie to come on the streaming for a long, long time. It’s it’s directed by Carol Ballard, who also did the Black Stallion which is a movie that I love. And this movie it’s it’s called never cry wolf. It’s about a scientist who’s whose has to go up go down to the the Antarctic. And he he is like dropped off there to study wolves because they had like this, this theory that the Wolf The wolf population killed off like the caribou. So he was sent down there to find it out, figure it out. And he’s like, just he’s like, he goes on this plane. And he’s trapped there with like supplies and there’s no one else and he’s just like, set to live there for six months to figure this out. And he you know, he has looked for the wolves, but it’s the footage is just like incredible. He it has like these real wolves out there. I don’t even know how they made this movie, how it was shot, but it was just like incredible footage of like this magical landscape that I’d never really seen before in a movie. And all these all of Ballard’s movies have like this relationship between like a human and an animal. That’s like really compelling and just like the way he shoots movies, I just thought it was incredible. So I put in my top four it was my probably my favorite movie I’ve watched all year so far. My goodness.

SLIM What an interesting filmography that each one of your films, or most of them have a human animal connection. I’m looking at his filmography right now. Interesting.

PROTO Yeah, have you guys seen Fly Away Home?

SLIM Giving her that? Oh, wait, that does sound familiar.

PROTO I had that on a VHS and I watched that a lot as well as a kid zom Carroll’s I’m clicking on it now. Yeah, jet has just Daniels. Daniels. Yeah, that’s a cool movie too. Dude looks familiar.

SLIM For a moment. What a moment for Proto sneaking in another one in this four faves. Every week we give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro, disclaimer I’m a Letterboxd employee. So Pro gets rid of ads, some year end stats, find out where your movies and your watch list or streaming get alerts and all that good stuff. Griffin wins. This week left a review for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Oh my gosh. Loved the theatrics for stars. Oh good. I couldn’t be higher.

DANNY He’s getting free for four star review

PROTO sounds wrong.

SLIM Congrats welcome Griffin. Let me look at my diary real quick before we get into I said at the top of the show we are we’re going to settle the score for the Tree of Life. Terrence Malick just mere moments. Don’t want to talk about how about you tell me Yeah, how

PROTO about Angela Lansbury redoing South by Southwest? What is this? What is this about?

SLIM So I have been watching Murder She Wrote over the course of many months in the background, you know, I can’t always have a movie or on cinema on in the background I’ll put on Angela. What’s great about Roku is you know, you get to that. What is there’s one section of the homescreen it’s like what to watch. And it’s just like an assortment of free BS that’s in the Roku channel or elsewhere, and you can just resume like instantly. So a team is in there. And Walker, Texas Ranger. Oh my god. I might eventually drift into

DANNY roundhouse kicks. Yeah,

SLIM jeans. Mercer Murder She Wrote is in there. And not all the seasons are on Roku. But they’re, they’re in peacock. So it like knows that I’m a peacock peacock subscriber. So it just loads it up whenever I’m in there, and just runs constantly. So I’ve missed many episodes. But I love murder. She wrote love it. You know, you have Angela solving these mysteries. She’s a writer. In Cabot Cove. There’s always a murder once a week in Cabot Cove that she’s got to figure out it’s the most like densely populated murder rate or capital of the murder, murder capital of the planet, probably. But after 12 seasons, it ended. And then I was on the Wikipedia at one point it said 25 million people watched Murder She Wrote on TV. There’s just nuts to think about. It’s awesome. But the show went off the air and then they eventually made TV movies. So I was like, wow, okay, Murder, She Wrote movie. Hell yeah, let’s do it. Unfortunately, the person is not that good. It feels like a three parter. And I just can’t stand TV shows that have like multiple parts because it’s just full of fluff. That is obviously padding for like one episode idea. And that’s what this was involved to train, which I thought was gonna be exciting. Like, well, maybe we should. We’re on a train like, Yeah, let’s do it. But it was kind of bad. But I did watch the second one, which was better. Inevitably she finds like she meets up with old friends. You know, which you think you can trust? But now they turn out to be the murderer? Spoilers. Yes. That’s half the show. Probably. Half the episodes are Murder She Wrote. So that’s where I’m at right now. Murder She Wrote. It’s time to get into our future, his presentation. The Tree of Life. This month’s theme is the VHS village top 100 movies of all time, voted by our supporters. Speaking to supporters, I just say V Jers. Back o v juror, the supercomputer who loves movies that part of built is back and I’ll drop a link in the chat right now. Tree of Life. So I was poking around to see what our VHS village is thinking about trail life. What’s the average rating it’ll tabulate all our supporters, letterbox ratings. It’s high. It’s gotta be it’s real high. I’m trying to mouse over it, but it’s not working. It’s the mouse 4.08 average rating on feature top 100 That’ll do it. So this is part of pick based on the list that McKenzie put together as voted by our supporters of the greatest movies of all time. So Proto, what is this movie about?

PROTO Jack O’Brien is an architect in Texas who is having an OK day at work. Jack O’Brien is a kid growing up in the 1950s with his two younger brothers. He talks to God both because he has to and also because he doesn’t understand why things are the way they are. Jack O’Brien doesn’t exist yet. But neither does anyone else. As the universe burns hot, and life slowly evolved on Earth. Jack O’Brien is long dead and forgotten. No memory is left of him, his family or any of the human race as the universe has cooled into nothingness?

SLIM “Emmanuel Lubezki is God” Paul.


SLIM Cinematographer. So Proto, tell us a little bit about your history with this movie, I jokingly brought up your old Letterboxd review that can you remember that far back? First viewing of this 2016.

PROTO That’s like three lifetimes ago.

SLIM It’s like 20 years,

PROTO at least 20 years ago. It’s hard. I wish I could remember the setting. You know, it’s hard to remember before streaming services, like, I was like, How can I even find movies? How do I even have access to them? I’m like, I’m not even sure like, because I already own this movie. So I don’t know if this was like a Netflix thing. Or if I borrowed it from somebody, I have no idea how I watched this. But I did, and I remember it coming out and being intrigued by it. I like to think that I have like a sixth sense for trailers and can just tell when you know, I’m going to like a movie. So when this came out, I knew like, Oh, I gotta see this at some point. So I bided my time, and 2016 was the year

SLIM remember, like, early on into the podcast, where we were all remarking about how many how much more movies we watched than even like a month before? Or like two months before? It was like insane. Yeah, things moved

DANNY up. feel sick.

SLIM So Danny, what is your Terrence Malick history?

DANNY I don’t really have one. Besides knowing the name, I’ve seen bad lens, which I’ve really liked. But other than that, I only know him as a name director that people like, I would like to watch more of his stuff. Just need to find the time to do it. But yeah, I don’t really have a history with Terrence. And this movie. I think I said last week, I always got it mixed up with the fountain. Because the night because I always thought that Hugh Jackman was in this, or the vice versa. I always just felt like these were the same movies. But yeah, I have no history with Malik or this film.

SLIM Malik is that the directing hat that he wears, like the sun hat that my mom would wear to the beach. I liked Badlands and I really liked a hidden life. Hidden life knocked my socks off. Like he used I think that was the first time that I was really like knocked out by the use of like his wide lens in the movie. And there was like a lot of nature shots a lot of just hanging around. But the way it was like films just was like really inspiring to me and the movie was also very powerful. And then I watched the last World set the the John Smith the new world and I really liked that as well. Also gorgeous Colin fantastic in that movie My God but have not seen Days of Heaven, which is an older work of his.

SLIM So I almost watched this a few times, Tree of Life. I don’t think I said this last week, but I put this on at some point in the past, maybe twice, and then shut it off after a few minutes. I’m not ready for this, like I’m gonna shut this off this. This is not the time for this kind of movie.

PROTO You needed Proto to force you to watch it.

SLIM I needed a Proto to walk down Mount Sinai with the DVD of The Tree of Life in his hands. So in this segment, we’ll go roundtable, each host jots down three things that we’d love to bring up in our discussion. And then we’ll finish things out with our final letterbox reading. So Proto’s pick, you start us off.

PROTO Yeah, I think my my first thing I’d like to talk about is really just the, I guess, the tone of the movie. And I think 99% of the movies that you watch it tell a story in pretty much like traditional narrative approach. But this movie to me, like feels different. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. But I think like Malik, he breaks out of that in one way, like how he connects the past with the present. And he kind of like stitches them together so that they kind of like move in and out between each other. But then there’s also there’s like a lot of moments where there’s just like no sound either. And like that happens. And there’s like a lot of moments of like, like empty air or just like silence or just like room for the story and like room for the viewer to like contemplate what they’re seeing and like reflecting on the ideas that the movie is, you know presenting you with so like there’s you know, a lot of just like you have time To think about like your own life, and you know your own existence and like, the nature of the universe. And of course, like you know, other movies like have you think about those things, but I think the like the way this movie does it, to me is pretty unique. I can’t at least I can’t think of another movie that causes like that feeling in the way that this does.

SLIM Yeah, I had in my notes, one of my top three is, “Is this a movie? What is a movie?” [Danny & Slim laugh] Because, like, even at the onset, there’s like, that was not like a warning. But like, this movie is made to be listened to at like full volume or whenever

DANNY I thought you were talking about the Bible verse was the warning.

SLIM Job is the warning. You were mere moments away from confirming whether or not God exists and that’s a promise. So like, I started like chuckling to Amanda when that came on, and I was like, I moved it up by hit the volume of few more clicks on my Roku remote. She’s like, is it loud enough Faria. Wikipedia describes it as like an American experimental Coming of Age movie. But the letterbox page calls it like an impressionistic take. So like experimental feels way more apt in this because it does feel like a I don’t know, like, if there was a short this feels like it could be a short film with like these weird vignettes of scenes happening. And just as you were describing what this is, I thought of those those like, odd scenes and after Yang where they just like replayed moments, and they just felt very odd in like a memory. Almost. These almost feel that same way. And I think Mr. Mephistopheles said the entire movie is an emotional memory. But I cannot think of anything else that I’ve seen where the whole movies like that, like even the scenes where Brad is talking to Jack. They’re just so weird. Yeah, they’re not like a scene of a movie. They’re just weird moments, and they don’t even flow correctly. Were like the sun says something Brad system. The sun’s on Brad like it’s angry, like, what is going on there just like fragmented. I don’t know if you felt the same way Danny.

DANNY I did. And I didn’t connect. I didn’t connect that we were in Jack’s memory until the end, like older Jack’s memory. And then I would just kind of like, Oh, these are just snippets of him remembering the days with his father or the days with his brothers or his mother. And then I was like, Oh, the that’s why this kind of feels weird. These quick scenes, these cuts, because it’s just like fragments of memory to him.

SLIM And I mean, I didn’t get them until two minutes ago. So

DANNY well, that’s, that’s a little, we’ll get some My Little complaint about that. But yeah, that’s when I feel it. It was only towards the end when I realized oh, this was a bit of Jack’s memory on the day of his brother’s death. And, you know, he called his father etc. So I felt when I when we got to like creation. I was like, This feels like something I’ve never experienced before and a movie. There’s no one. I can’t think of another film that I have seen that has done anything experimental like this. I think experimental is the right word, but it doesn’t feel like an experiment. It does feel. It does feel intentional, artistic. It feels like Terrence knew what he was doing. It felt intentional. And I think it’s an incredible body of work.

SLIM It didn’t even have to give us a rating.

DANNY No, I’m not.

PROTO Yeah, but I like the idea that like, feels like memories. I had that same thought to the stuff where Jack is with his dad in the lawn, like, what the heck Was he having him do and like, I don’t understand what he was even at, like pulling weeds or something. It was so strange. But then I kind of like I thought like, maybe he was trying to, you know, maybe Malik was trying to express that. That like that feeling when your dad is trying to act like asking you to do something you just don’t understand. And then like as the viewer you’re watching it and you’re like, you’re like you don’t understand what’s going on the scene. But like, that’s also what he was feeling in those moments. Like, my dad wants me to walk around this whole yard and pick out certain blades of grass or like whatever. So but I don’t even know if that’s like, what he was trying to communicate there. But there is so much in this movie that’s like that. And I think that’s a great observation that it it is like Jack’s memories of these times.

SLIM I mean, I don’t at the risk of sounding like a complete moron for the 100th time on the show. 156 making the scenes make a lot more sense like all of the scenes with the mother You know, any review or Wikipedia read like, yes, Jessica Chastain obviously signifies grace, in coordination with the philosophical views, but like, if this is really his memory of his mother, it makes perfect sense. You know, almost like this near angelic woman in his life, floating through his memories, you know, very graceful, that like, that makes much more of a connection in retrospect to me than the kind of like, conversations that were like Brad’s nature, the mother’s grace, which maybe we’ll get into in a bit. Danny was number one on your list.

DANNY We did just do number one, but I would say, I was kind of shocked at Terrance because I didn’t know I mean, I knew I assumed Tree of Life, we were going to get into some kind of existential type stuff. But I didn’t think he was going to be asking the questions of God’s existence in our lives as if you’re a good God. Why do you allow, you know, bad things that happen to good people? Why should I be good? If you aren’t these type of questions? Who are we to you? Like, these are heavy questions inside a Christians life. And then they’re even heavy questions in an atheistic life when you are like, you know, questioning any sort of existence with God. And so it’s like, I was not prepared for that kind of heavy conversation in this film. And then to have that exist with this, like, because that’s like such a grand question. The creation of the Earth is a grand story to tell. But then you have the small story with one family in Texas. And you have to sit there with your thoughts on a lot of things happening. And I was just kind of in shock. For a long time in this film about what I was watching, and I know that’s not like a point, but it just kind of continues this like artistic movie that malins Malik was kind of telling but I was I met Honestly, I was just kind of glued to the story. But also just like, what, how did how did audiences respond to this kind of theatrical experience? I just said at the time in 2011

SLIM It did win a ton of awards that at least critically it was acclaimed. I don’t know what the hell audiences walking into a regal thought. I will say I had a mental image of Danny floating like Jessica Chastain and his Batman 89 t shirt that he’s wearing right?

DANNY The music and the whole creation segment. And this isn’t even like not even like on a religious plane like even on like just visuals. And that paired with the music I was just like a sending

SLIM you can say it looks better than Interstellar. Use data just now. I

DANNY I cannot believe Nolan has lifted another scene for his movies. But I was impressed that whole segment even leaving the dinosaur stuff I liked which was wild to see in this film.

SLIM Yeah. Yeah, I think the dinosaur dinosaur the dinosaur scenes probably would have weird people out in theaters. Yeah, you’re gonna see this big new movie this acclaimed filmmaker in that Brad Pitt’s in it let’s all have a great night the dinosaur

DANNY shows grace to the other dinosaur. I mean, heavy handed storytelling on this right right.

PROTO Yeah, well, I mean, we did we did have one villager who who had a one star review Andy in the in the discord. Remember he so he had a one star for that because he’s told his friends to go see this movie. I mean, this is a great story in his review. Oh my gosh, like he takes a group of friends like, Hey, this is the new Malick. It’s gonna be great. I love it. They all sit down. He starts like sweating bullets. Buckets, like 10 minutes in his one friend leans to him. Like if this doesn’t change in 15 minutes. I’m out. Like so he had like the worst experience

DANNY incredible stuff.

SLIM I’m trying to think of what I mean. We’ve actually gone through most of my voice already. I wrote in my review some snark. I definitely snarked that just blow a bubble. I knew I had some in his mouth.

PROTO Everyone relax.

DANNY buffaloes over here. I wrote

SLIM a snarky review saying that Kirk Cameron wishes this was the movie he made and so left behind. Like On.

DANNY He thought he made two.

SLIM I also wrote in like, I continued that thought in the comments, I didn’t want to bug anyone. But I also wrote 2001 A Space Odyssey for Catholics. Very pleased with myself with my work there. And I, I think I struggled honestly, I struggled with that aspect of the movie. It’s funny because I can be okay with something like signs with signs is more of like an overtly religious movie, then you can even remember. And I still and I love it. Like, it’s a five star five bang for me. But something like this, I almost felt like it was like, again, everyone just ignore my thoughts in this movie. For now. I thought it was almost too heavy handed. And it’s not even really heavy handed. But the approach to the questions and I did read, do some research were like, some critics thought that this isn’t Terrance trying to answer any questions he’s just trying to make, you know, he’s trying to get you to ask them and think about them. But I don’t know, I had a little bit of a disconnect with the questions themselves. And it didn’t actually make me sit and think, like, I’m agnostic. I don’t who knows what’s out there? I don’t know. I watched ghost hunting movies for God’s sake, you know, but I couldn’t are

DANNY finding your way. I’m

SLIM I struggled with it. So I had kind of like an opposite effect with the creation stuff. Like, you know, the big bang and the the thing hitting, so at least that in those scenes, you know, in the kid asking the questions, I don’t know, it didn’t really do anything for me personally.

PROTO Yeah, I think, um, this question, so one of my notes, one of the things I have is that like, Malik is just he’s so earnest in his storytelling, I think of just the way he’s so direct with the things that all the characters whisper I think I wrote it down. I think when when Brad Pitt’s character goes away. And it’s just her Jessica Chastain with the boys and like one of the first things she whispers is love everyone. And I think some of that stuff, like it, like, if you’re not into it, it’s it feels like very cringe. Like it could be just like, alright, Malik, this is a little too, too much here. But he’s also I think he’s like that in his other movies as well that I’ve seen, like he’s, he’s just like, not afraid to be that earnest about these ideas and that direct and I think if that makes you feel uncomfortable, or like, make someone feel I don’t know, just like too lovey dovey or whatever, like whatever it might not work for you and I kind of have like a little like I kind of I think I lean back a little bit from that stuff. But I also I appreciate like someone being willing to to tell a story like this and to go there sure in the way that he does her Kevin

SLIM retire. I agree with you. Like I have like an insane amount of respect. I think the like the last line of the movie is Jessica saying I give him to you. I give you my son and that’s like the most like I could be in church at that point. I’m at a funeral for God’s sake

PROTO in my life, and he was willing to wait

SLIM by the end of this movie when she says that line and gives her

DANNY the wafer on my

SLIM Yeah, that was cringe is uh, you know, and I don’t mean this is like a super negative but the cringe there’s probably more positive word. Yeah, but I definitely felt like like okay, let’s calm down a little bit here. So that’s my first point that was like 90 points but I’m proud of Europe for number two.

PROTO Um, so I love I love the you mentioned earlier some that the whole Grace verse nature idea. And the movie kind of starts with that like laying it out. And I don’t know if I if I picked up like on this like the first time I saw it, but just of how the two parents represent that if like the mother represents the Way of Grace and Brad Pitt the father represents like the way of nature. But I find that like to be like, it’s a pretty subtle approach, especially in a movie that’s so spiritual and so wrapped up in like, like, religious belief. Because I think normally when it comes to faith, like the question more is about good and evil. Rather than something like nature in grace, like my whole life in church, I never I mean, of course I heard of grace, but I never heard of it like in those terms, or that like these are the two ways to live. It was more of like like sin versus grace, rather than nature versus grace, and I kind of like this because I feel like it’s almost like an agnostic take on like that idea of like good versus evil. Like, are you? If you’re the Way of Grace, are you? You’re unconditional, you’re willing to like self sacrifice for someone else? And if the if there is no God, like why would someone do that? Man in the way of nature is like self preservation and like selfishness and, and which makes sense and like the world that we create, that we live in. And but that’s like, I love that scene with the dinosaur. Like I thought that was like, and of course, it’s very heavy handed, like, here’s this carnivore finds this helpless dinosaur, and it just decides not to kill it and eat it. It just like walks away. And I think like, my interpretation of that is that like, it’s like almost like a miracle that that’s brought out of this universe that it like the question it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Is there a God? Isn’t there a God but like, if you imagine, like a world where there isn’t a god, that there would be like this, like this natural progression towards grace towards like selflessness, for no reason. Like, there isn’t a call to goodness from a higher power, that this would just be born out of creatures and like the way the world has developed, and that we would choose to be like selfless for no other other reason than just to do it. And I just, I just found that like, I find that like, really beautiful because I kind of laugh. I’m like, in the same place as slim as like, I’m just like, I don’t know, like, that’s my current standing. And I am very happy to be there right now of like, saying, I don’t know. And I think like that idea. When I think of like, our reality, if there isn’t a God, just that you could have people who act this way for no other reason than just to care for others, because we have consciousness and we choose to do that is a beautiful thing.

SLIM We just confirmed that we don’t know. We don’t know what’s out there. We settled the score.

DANNY One of the things I liked about the nature Grace thing was how I mean, we said it was representative and Brad and Jessica’s character. But I liked that it tells it through the story of young Jack in the path that he tries to take as a kid. Where does he lean to be more like his father. Because we see for a while how he pulls away from him, and is closer to his mother. And then when he is old enough, and he sees how his father treats her, he thinks of her as weak. And then he becomes more like his father after that. It’s just a very interesting also way to kind of show it as well.

SLIM Danny, what’s your number two?

DANNY Number true? Aye. Aye, like seeing Brad Pitt in movies like this, because it reminds me that he’s a good actor. And I, I was really impressed with his performance in this. I feel like a lot of times I kind of put them in that box with like Clooney and the big people. And I just don’t care too much about following a lot of their stuff. But in this I’m like, Man, Brad is. He played this dad very well. He played this 60s. Era father figure who’s rough, and very stern. And I just thought it was quite impressive. I really liked her. I like Jessica’s performance too. But she doesn’t say a lot. But her performance is very much in her mannerisms. But when I just was kind of drawn to Brad’s performance in this, especially with the kids,

SLIM right? I didn’t love Brad. In this. His gigantic lower jaw jutting out,

DANNY excuse me, prosthetic

SLIM prosthetic jaw? I didn’t. I was curious. One of the interesting things that I read about Brad Well, first of all, Heath Ledger was originally supposed to be I read that Oh, wow. Like cannot imagine if that happened. Holy moly. Hold out a month before he died. Yeah. Brad talked about how, like filming this movie wasn’t a typical movie set where he’s like, you know, they have the you know, you go to a movie set enough Photoshops in life that

PROTO he’s back

SLIM you know, you see a generator outside the set. You got lighting people you got mics set up everywhere. You got wires, and he said, this wasn’t any of that. And I think the first time I like subconsciously realized that was the first time you see Brad. It’s like the cameras moving into the house and he’s sitting at like the kitchen table or something. And you’re just looking outside of the house. And I just thought it was such a typical way to introduce like someone like Brad Pitt. Get in the movie and you’re kind of like, right away, you’re like, yes, it’s gonna be a different movie. But they also talked about, like their usage of national natural light. Like there’s a scene with Jessica by the window shade that is, like eye popping stuff. So many of her shots, holy cow. But yeah, I was just taken by the way it was filmed. And I think you can see that in all these scenes. So like, I’m kind of like, I had such a hard time connecting, not realizing or viewing it from the perspective of the memories. So that’s why I had such a problem connecting. I don’t have to connect with great characters that can be Shades of Gray, but like Brad, like, I thought I didn’t love his performance as the dad, but if like, I think about well, it’s just the way that the kid remembered those moments with his dad, then I’m like, Well, okay, that’s the case then. Yeah, maybe it was pretty good. Yeah, he’s like, I mean, so many scenes. He’s like the worst dad ever. Like, I just couldn’t deal with Brad. Dad. In this house. It didn’t look like someone that played piano out of my face. Brad, you can play

PROTO piano on our pianos fingers.

SLIM That was a prosthetic robotic hand on those keys. No way in hell, he was playing it. I was also kind of confused. And again, this could be the memory stuff. You know, he does tell talk about how he regrets his journey into adulthood. That he has a job that is not inspiring to him. So he like he gets to see him like try to file these patents in order to kind of like beat the system, I guess. And I don’t know it just those scenes are a little bit too jagged. In my my first experience watching the movie.

PROTO Yeah, I think those scenes are really interesting. If, if this is like autobiographical for malloc because I feel like the some of those, they feel almost out of place, but maybe they’re really important to him like the story because like so much of this movie is I think is like the father son relationship. Especially the Sean Penn’s character. Like when he’s I feel like when he’s reflecting back, he’s mostly reflecting back to like his relationship with his dad. Because even has like that conversation with him on the phone at one point.

SLIM And even the Sean Penn, like Sean Penn is, you know, third build or whatever, and you start to see him have the same thoughts about his like, regrets. You know, like he’s an architect. And then you kind of don’t see Sean Penn for like three quarters of the movie again until like the end. Like I was like, Where the hell is Sean Penn at once he coming back?

DANNY That was actually my my big complaint, I think with this is because I didn’t find myself connected to Sean Penn’s character. Even though he’s older Jack, I really wished I, I wish there was more to that side of the story than just him wandering in a office building on a cell phone. I mean, we don’t really get a real emotional beat from his character until the very end, at when he’s wandering the desert or something, or finding himself in the desert, but I really was kind of let down on that storytelling aspect of that part of the movie.

SLIM Maybe even cast like, not Sean Penn could have been anybody else. Maybe like not a name of Sean Penn, maybe just have like, you know, someone else, you know, because you’re almost like with Sean Penn you like, is this going to be like a big part of the movie, but he’s almost not like the biggest emotional moment for that character is when he looked at that girl’s ass when she walked by him, right? That was that was the apex of that character. That’s all we got. At least from what I remember. I will say, Brad Pitt’s house in the 50s or the 60s. You could have that house in 2023. And it will be the best looking house in the block. Like the furniture the decor, it was nuts.

PROTO The whole neighborhood too. That’s like a childhood dream. That’s little alleyways behind the houses run through your friend’s house. My God. So good.

SLIM Photo number three, three.

PROTO Number three. Yeah, I really love the Father Son stuff in this.


PROTO I, I just love how like, it’s complicated, even with the mother to have just when you as you grow up and like you reflect on your relationship with your parents, you know, and like, once you’re an adult, and you have time to like, think about why you are the way you are. And you’re like, Well, how much of this is my parents fault? You know, and you can’t help but you know, wonder about that. And you you might like blame them for certain things. I mean, I had I my parents I have lovely parents I’m very thankful for everything they did to you, like, no parents are perfect, right? So like, we look back, you think about these, you know, you think about these things. So I think just even as this movie is like, it leaves room to reflect, you can’t help but like, reflect on on those things. But I found watching at this time, I think the most interesting thing for me was that instead of like seeing myself as Jack, and reflecting on my own childhood, I see myself more as like Brad, and thinking about, like, how are my kids on a percent going to look at at their childhood? And like, what are they gonna look at me and be like, Dad, you know, really effed this up for you know, this or that. And it’s kind of haunting. You know, I think about it all the time. Because you can’t escape it. And you know, you know, like, I already know, I’ve screwed up a ton. And it’s like, well, how much more Am I gonna screw up? And like, you know, am I gonna? Is it gonna reach like, some kind of level where I’m going to, you know, ruin my kids in some way. And that’s like, a haunting thought. And this movie, just like brings that to mind a lot.

DANNY The fact that you can say that, though, and verbalize, that means you’re not going to ruin your kits.

PROTO Stay tuned.

SLIM Boy, boy, boy, boy. I mean, I don’t have anything out of that. I was pretty spot on. Yeah. Danny, third point.

DANNY I know. We’ve talked about so much of it. I do. I think I think there’s always a giant risk in these types of films that have a very serious tone to have kids cast in it. And I think all three boys were very, very well cast and very good performance, because they’re dealing with, you know, an abusive father. And it’s just like, their reactions to things, even those small moments where Jack is with arel in the field, and they’re just kind of crying together. Or it’s kind of it’s really powerful moments of the two and they they performed quite well. And I find kid actors could easily remove, like, ruin a film, or just kind of take you out of it. But I feel like these three kids, I mean, once Ty shared and so he’s still has a career and your boy. And he Yeah, and so I was impressed. I’m impressed with the kid actors. And thus I thought the kid that played Jack was really good and very convincing on someone who’s torn between his two parents.

SLIM Um, let me see I’m going into my honorable mentions here. The half my nose is bred kind of sucks. Why isn’t the lifeguard the one giving mouth to mouth? Right. Why is Brad the one given mouth to mouth during that same? They’re on a public pool, right? Do they have lifeguards back then?

DANNY That kind of guy someone blew whistle? Yeah, he he does feel like that kind of guy.

SLIM Worst lifeguard in history. That will be my third point. Sorry. Parnell. Final thoughts and letterboxed rating.

PROTO Um Well, what Danny was saying about the scenes with the kids one thing that I love was where the dads are. Brad is playing the piano and then the son is playing the guitar. The middle son and like they have that connection. And then Jack is just like in the yard like looking at him and you can tell like this. Malik does such a great way of just like expressing how Jack and his dad like have no connection at all. But But Jack is like his dad and then like RL is more like his mom but there he’s connected with his dad like through music. And I love that that expression in the movie because that’s how it is with kids too. Because it’s crazy having kids and just seeing how you just see your similarities like how kids will be like you or they’ll be like your spouse and then other ways they won’t and it’s it’s so bizarre but in like I feel like that scene just like captured that so well. And I love that at the end where they kind of have like that coming together moment where the dad apologizes to Jack

Jack all ever wanted for he was strong and grow and be your own boss maybe I’ve been tough on you. I’m not proud of that. You’re more like us and it’s

wasn’t that all I’ve done in life? Otherwise I’ve drawn

PROTO the dinner table scene I don’t even know what to think of that. That was I thought I thought I like Brad in this. I thought he was. I think he killed it in the role personally. That scene was like really powerful. Um, final rating. I mean, when I came here I was saying four stars, which might sound strange, you know, I like pick this movie. It’s on our top 100 I don’t know if it’s because there’s like this. There’s unknown about it. Or almost like I can’t I can’t come to terms with it completely. Like it makes me think so much and maybe and maybe that’s like I really liked Casey’s review because she kind of she slipped in and give a rating. It was almost like there’s like too much to think about and to like digest about this to really know entirely how you feel about it. But I will say this is like the one other movie I mean, Danny brought up interstellar earlier. I feel like this slimmer

DANNY I’m fed up

SLIM Danny’s quote he says

PROTO this an interstellar like, like peas in a pod to me like they make me feel a particular way that like no other movies have. I don’t I don’t really know what it is that they’re doing. But they’re the same for me. I even thought like this is you know, this is my after bang. I mean after after Yang but yeah, I’ll stay I guess. I don’t know. It sounds weird. But I’m at four stars for this.

SLIM Okay, four stars, the tree of life. When will we cover Interstellar? That’s the question. I get asked constantly in my DMs when interstellar when Danny,

DANNY I know your thoughts on it. And so I don’t know if I’m mentally ready for that conversation.

SLIM We’ll see him saying

PROTO Murph.

SLIM Danny, final thoughts.

DANNY We didn’t really talk about the ending real quick. I did. I did like the ending. I think my biggest complaint is the film didn’t kind of i Yeah, it’s the it’s the Sean Penn’s kind of stuff. It didn’t feel like it stuck a landing for me with a lot of it. But it was fine. I liked the way it looked on the beach. I looked great. I wrote down from the screenplay. What Malik kind of summarized this film as and he says, Let us sing a new song, tell the new story, on which mindful of the ancient tales takes its inspiration from science. Let us search for the permanent amid the fleeting and mutable for that which endures through the spectacle of ceaseless change. Let us discover eternal love good. Like Malik. Where’s the book of malloc?

SLIM That sounds like that’s all I mean, 90% of that sounds like he wrote that.

DANNY Yeah, it’s in the screenplay. And I just this film I think it’s gonna sit with me for a minute and I if it had stuck a landing and had a bitter bit with the Sean Penn stuff, I think I’d be at five stars but for now I’m gonna stood at four and a half,

SLIM Four and a half. Wow. Okay. Holy moly. Isn’t there a song like singing a new song? Isn’t that uh yeah. All right, you guys I’m not gonna say it. It was on passing it on our inner Silla up okay I’m gonna three and a half stars tree of life. I had I had problem connecting the vibes very different vibes and I’m used to I appreciated the vibes but on my my my viewing of this I actually tried to see if I could weasel in a second viewing I wasn’t able to do so. But for now, three and a half stars. Yeah. Three life. Top 100 is Terrence still love Terrence. The king. That hat love crown before we get into my pick if it’s even decided yet, who knows? Oh, and decided we have to get into some feedback from our lovely community. You can drop us a line at 70 Mm Let’s hear from Marcy subject line dinosaurs. Great pick this week. Proto the Tree of Life is a beautiful movie. In my opinion, I think everyone should give it a chance once excited to hear if you bring up the dinosaurs because they have stuck with me since my initial viewing of the film, I wanted to mention the one scene specifically where one dinosaur puts his foot on the other’s head but then walks away. This confused me greatly, but after doing some research, this is considered to be the birth of compassion. The dinosaur is choosing to show compassion to the weaker one by not killing it and walking away. Also, if you turned the volume at the scene, you can hear the larger dinosaur say we are strong as oak maybe the birth of podcasting to have you think I hope you find this as interesting as I did love Marcy. Thank you, Marcy. Bertha compassion we have a VM close out the segment right now. Oh, my I just looked at the runtime of this VM.

DANNY Excuse me.

SLIM Liam. All right, here we go for it. This might be the first time I can’t remember.

How it is 70 millimeter pod. It’s your boy lamb here aka the foot King aka the foot rights revolutionary. First time calling in coming to you guys from the bowels of Cincinnati suburbia. I really wanted to call in for the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood app. But uh, last time had escaped me. Whoever when printer selected a tree of life. film that had been on my watch list for quite some time. I took a gander at that foot on the poster. Jessica Chastain whispering into my ear. I heard it’s time. I mean, what can I say about this movie that has yet to be said. It was absolutely beautiful. Not just Brad Pitt’s face. It made me feel like a kid again. The way that it captured that nostalgia of youthful innocence so perfectly. This movie is is what Lars von Trier thinks he’s doing. Oh, God, and going back to Brad Pitt for a moment. I mean, my God, why is this not revered as some of the best acting that we’ve seen from him? I just the more that I’m sitting with this movie, the more that I like it. It was completely captivating from start to finish. So thank you Pareto for a great pick. I look forward to hearing y’all talk about it. And of course shout out to the village. I really love being a part of this community. Another shout out to my supporters in the foot rights movement, especially proto can’t wait to see what next week’s pickets Alright, thanks, y’all Love you. Bye bye.

SLIM Love you too. Liam. I just have to just for the folks that aren’t in our Discord. Liam is to some considered a terrorist of sorts. theater community takes his shoes off in the theater and not only that, does he take the shirt off he’s wearing like you know sink or the they’re not the shoulder is their likes no shows there’s there’s like less than no show. It’s almost like some kind of there’s not anything less than like a G string for a foot excuse that he wears in these theaters. So that’s I just wanted to confirm that prior to any thoughts

PROTO Thank you for your bravery, Liam. I mean what of what a VM I was long but a lot of great points in there. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep fighting. Keep fighting the good the good fight. We need like a catchphrase for this. You know, freedom of foot movement. Just get the interns working on that.

SLIM Like I was it just to reiterate, I’m for the movement, but not at a public movie theater. You know, you get those reclining chairs that person’s foot is in a line of sight.

DANNY Sign a foot from God Tom,

PROTO can you imagine seeing a foot another human foot? Can you imagine?

SLIM In my line of sight the human for the next a Brad Pitt’s elongated jaw where he’s probably stringing tobacco in his in his lower areas. Tom and chat I stand with Liam their movement Casey I don’t ever want to see feet.

DANNY I’m forced to wear socks in this house.

SLIM Guantanamo Bay of feet over there. All right, so it’s time for me to give a pic it’s time for me to talk about my pet.

DANNY You need to get through this. I want to work through this together. For those that are in

SLIM the discord. Danny does a pre show. It’s like morning zoo radio around here. Danny does 30 minutes live on chi. And I heard

DANNY effect we do weather

SLIM on the nines. But you said something very good. prescient, oh, you said that there’s 100 movies on our list. And it is essentially a no theme month for me. There’s too many movies to choose from. I’m paralyzed. I was paralyzed. I traded my pick last week to proto because I had a data three choices. An extra, we just added three more choices

PROTO back from back when I

DANNY knew this would happen.

SLIM So I have five. Oh, great choices that I don’t know if I want to say, I don’t know what we don’t know what McKenzie is picking. McKenzie is going to be our guest in two weeks. But they were great options. You know, I had I had reasons for not choosing them. You know, I think about choosing a movie. Yeah, gotta think back like, what did we cover the last couple of months? Yeah. What have we not covered?

PROTO What streaming?

SLIM What streaming? Do we look to male? We only do in dude movies. We’re only doing white movies. So I tried to like put all that I just need to pick a friggin movie. You know,

DANNY do you want us to help? No,

SLIM I don’t need your help. Oh, thank you. But I also think about like, what do I want to watch? What do I think will make like a really fun chat between us. Interstellar and what would make maybe the greatest art in show history? What?

DANNY No pressure?

SLIM No pressure? It’s not streaming also. Okay. But I feel like if you don’t own it, it’s time finally. Probably. Oh my god, maybe to rent it. So we are going to be doing finally, if you’re all these years, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Volume One. This is a difficult decision. But I had to I had to think about me. You know, I had to think about me. Sometimes you got to put yourself first may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes you had to write. Okay. I’m very excited. What do you what do you think proto?

PROTO Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, this the time is now? Yeah. Okay. I mean, we did once upon a time in Hollywood. We all remember where how that went. But I think we’re bet we’ll be better aligned with this. These are the

SLIM lone proto but this odd be? Danny, whatever you do, it’s gonna be amazing. Thank you. So like I said, this is going to be a purchase, or I don’t even think you can rent it. To be honest. I need you to get head to the library, head to your local library. Casey, I saw your five bank rating that you dropped on this movie in October, by the way, am I doing my research? Wow. Previously, I thought like I don’t want to do this until 4k is out. But I’m tired of waiting. There’s no 4k waiting. Wow, I’m tired. I also thought about us doing the combined because there’s like a cut that Quinton has made a few movies as one giant films called the whole bloody affair, but it’s never been released. So I put the kibosh on that.

DANNY What if I say we watched it?

SLIM There’s a bunch of changes actually, that he made to Oh, into one film. Yeah.

DANNY Five hours long already started the next episode.

SLIM All right, so kill bills. Next proto tree of life is in the past, but always with us. Any crazy pick this week.

PROTO Closing thoughts. I do want to give her a recommendation for a book. There’s a book by the author. Ray Bradbury. He’s he’s known for mostly I think, like science fiction stuff. But he wrote a book called Dandelion Wine. That’s it reminded me I read the book after having seen the tree of life. And it reminded me of the tree of life in a lot of ways. It’s a really cool book. It’s like, like magical realism. But it’s like the same idea of like, young kids in a town. But it was just one of my favorite books that I’ve read. I think it’s really cool. And if you if you I think if you like tree of life, it will probably resonate with you in the same way. But I was also when I think of this movie, also just think of my own childhood. And I had this one summer where there was like, just a gang of kids in my neighborhood. And like, I didn’t go to public school and none of my siblings didn’t either. So we didn’t really have like friends in the neighborhood. Before whatever the reason this one summer, we like all were hanging out. And we would like play every day, or at least it like felt every day. And I remember like, we went to a neighbor’s. We went to we played hockey we all had like rollerblades. We went to the driveway to play in the one neighbor’s driveway who had like the smoothest driveway. I was like our next door neighbor and I remember like one other time in the summer like a kid we were looking for worms in our backyard. I heard and under like these logs, we had just like this pile of like huge logs and the kid this kid I didn’t I didn’t know I don’t remember his name. He just like showed up that one day and he like picked up a log. And then he like just dropped it out of his hands and it landed on my big toe. And like it was like almost like a comedy moment where he like he dropped it looked away and land on my toe. And I’m like, you know, like keeled over and lost. I lost a toe the nail the next Oh, god. Yeah, it was it was brutal. And I remember us we had a neighbor who had a he was a little Debbie’s delivery truck driver, no little Debbie’s Yeah, we have so he had a truck in his driveway. So we’re always like, fascinated by this. And like, one day we all mustered up the courage to send one of us up there to ask for some little Debbie’s and he came back with like a stack of boxes. It was an amazing moment. And then our neighbor across the street, they had four kids it was it was Danny Tommy David and Katie. And when after you know the summer, you know, it’s like 830 or whatever. And it’s like we played all day their mom would whistle and you could hear the whistle like, you know, like half mile away, but that was like the sign that like the day was over and like the the fun was done and like we’d all just go home at that point. But like when I think of like those memories, I kind of like think of them and like the way like the tree life plays out because like there aren’t any like I don’t remember what anyone said there’s no words there’s no sound of course it was just like moving pictures and like a little bit of like nostalgia for like those those memories that I have at that time.

SLIM The tree of Proto’s life in theatres 10 years from now. All right, well, we’ll see everybody next week for Kill Bill Volume 1.

[70mm theme ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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