Transcript: The Goonies (1985)

25 min readNov 15, 2021

Transcript of 70mm’s The Goonies (1985) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm a podcast for film lovers, just like you. Every Monday, I sit down and record with dear friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY I would say that The Goonies is the one film that changed my life.

SLIM And our own spiritual advisor, Protolexus.

PROTO Can you imagine turning this beautiful landscape until a golf course hellhole? Can we just — enough with the golf!

SLIM And together as friends for life, we discuss recently watched movies. In the second half of this very episode. We’re continuing with the fall vibes and talking Dick Donner’s The Goonies. Is it still the greatest adventure movie ever made? Or is it just a middle of the road movie for kids? Enjoy!

[70mm theme ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM We have to give a State of a VHS Village address to start off this show because, you know, fall vibes this this month. Parole is going to announce his pack later in the show. There’s been a lot of buzz on Discord about your pick, Proto. Do you have any quick comments to tease it out? As you will reveal later?

PROTO What I said on Discord is that this was a pick from one of our villagers that really wanted us to cover it and I’m going to fulfill their wish tonight.

DANNY What?!

SLIM What?

PROTO Tonight.

SLIM Later in the show.

DANNY If it’s Mortal Engines —

SLIM If it’s Mortal Engines I will ban Proto from this chat. [Danny laughs] I swear to you, if we’re doing Mortal Engines next week.

DANNY It’s on there. It’s around the corner, Proto, just give it time.

PROTO Please.

SLIM Now next week is Proto’s pick. Then we have Thanksgiving week after that. This is mainly a comment for Discord, but we’re taking Thanksgiving week off.

DANNY You’re welcome.

SLIM We’re gonna kick our legs up. We’re going to eat some turkey skin. That sweet, delicious, sweaty turkey skin. And so we will not be recording the week of Thanksgiving.

DANNY Why are you saying skin?

SLIM Turkey skin?

DANNY You just eat the skin?

SLIM Turkey skin is probably one of the most amazing things you can eat.

DANNY But isn’t it on the meat?

SLIM You peel that thing off.


SLIM You don’t have that turkey cooked up and you don’t sneak in there and start peeling that turkey skin off? Get a little snack.

DANNY Well we deep fry down here in the South.

PROTO What is going on? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I’m just trying to imagine Danny like all those YouTube videos with those Southern boys who deep fry turkey and like a big thing and like explodes in the air and people die.

DANNY It’s exactly what I’ve done for the last like 10 years, but I’ve never had fire.

SLIM So December. I want to talk about December.

DANNY Okay, let’s do it.

SLIM Cutting all that out of the main show.

DANNY No, you’re not.

SLIM The turkey skin is not going to make it to the main feed. [Danny laughs] I think it’s been in the works for a year that December we’re doing the Lord of the Rings trilogy on this podcast. Proto, this is a big month for us. It’s gonna be the biggest month ever. How do you feel going into December?

PROTO This is so monumental. For all of us. I am going to have to prepare unlike I’ve ever prepared before. You know, maybe 15 minutes of prep, at least, to get prepped for these episodes. [Danny & Slim laugh] It’s huge.

SLIM There’s 4K versions — this is a great question in chat Hannah asked. I’ve been thinking about this question also. What versions are we going to watch? What are the definitive versions of these movies? Because there’s like a three hour version of these movies. And then there’s like a 30 hour version of each movie. Is that right Danny?

DANNY Yes. But no. But you’re — something like that.

SLIM So which version should we tell people to watch for our month of Lord of the Rings?

PROTO Announce it, Danny.

DANNY Okay, so if it’s for everybody, let’s do theatrical.

SLIM Theatrical? Really?


DANNY No, I’m kidding. [Slim laugh] I only watch extended.

SLIM Only extended. Okay.

PROTO He’s a long boi. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Hannah in chat said that was a sick joke that Danny just played with theatrical version. So I think they’re streaming on HBO Max right now. There are 4K discs available if you’re so inclined. I know there’s a lot of scuttlebutt on the internet about how the 4K discs look compared to the original theatrical versions. Dan, do you have any thoughts on that?

DANNY I haven’t seen 4K yet. So I don’t know. Very excited. Been saving myself.

SLIM This is your moment.

PROTO Unreal.

SLIM Let’s see. Rwt in chat, ‘’you will spend 10 hours watching these movies and you will enjoy it.’’

DANNY It’s actually around 12 hours.

SLIM And not only that, but I think we’re recording next week just for our supporters, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Do you remember anything about that movie Proto?

PROTO Um, no. Isn’t this like the forgotten book and movie? Does anyone know what happened in this one? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Nobody knows. Nobody talks about Chamber of Secrets at any point in the Harry Potter fandom. [Slim & Proto & Danny laugh] This the one where he has that little like sword and he fights the snake, I think. Right?

PROTO That’s not ringing any bells?

SLIM In the dungeon.

DANNY In the chambers. God.

SLIM You can say that about any Harry Potter.

DANNY Can we move on?

SLIM Alright, we’ve alienated enough franchises in the last two minutes. [Danny & Slim laugh]

DANNY Anything you want to say about Star Wars while we’re at it?

SLIM Oh, no, thank you. So let’s get into the movies we watched this week. We just set the stage for the next several weeks of this podcast. If you’re so inclined to join along and watch, get ready. We got a lot of things cooked up. Danny, what did you watch this past week?

DANNY I watched one movie that we can talk about. Casey and I went to the theaters and saw the release of Spencer. The fable story about Diana, Princess Diana. One weekend at Christmas time in one of their castles somewhere across the pond. I gave this movie four and a half stars. I really love this film. I had a great time watching it. It’s funny because I didn’t know what this movie was going to be. I mean, I just assumed this was just a true story, which I think it loosely is. But it is very much more of like a haunted house type, crazy story. I mean, it really goes off the rails a bit. And I had a great time watching it. Casey hated it. I think she gave it two stars. So we both had different experiences in the theater watching this. I was just kind of in love with it. I really — and I kind of liked having this wild kind of take on something that I assumed was going to be pretty straightforward storytelling.

SLIM When was the last time that you guys had this big different star rating in a movie theater experience. Was it The Lighthouse?

DANNY It had to have been The Lighthouse. But I think at that point it was even, it was five stars in one stars for that one.

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY Kristen Stewart was pretty incredible. There have been some reviews I read where she was overacting a bit and I can see it, I can definitely see it. But I think the overacting scenes kind of goes hand in hand with what’s happening in the scenes too. They’re kind of crazy bits. But I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. And I hadn’t seen Jackie yet. The other directors film, which I’m pretty sure Natalie Portman was nominated for that role. So I’m just, I don’t know, I’ve kind of want to dive into that next.

PROTO People keep giving off some of the reviews that I read of just how it’s not what you really expect. And then even Danny’s saying like, like a ghost story almost. You know, I’m very curious about the vibe of this. Do you feel like, Danny, do you feel like it’s helpful to know anything about Diana before you go into this? Or is it kind of like you don’t really need any reference point?

DANNY The reference point that you just have to kind of know is at this point, she is very much on the outs with the Royal family. This was coming — I think her relationship with Charles at this point is very bad. So that’s kind of where it kind of picks up when she’s meeting up with them at this castle for Christmas weekend.

SLIM Movie night seeing Spencer. What a trip for you both. Casey was on last week. Hit episode for You’ve Got Mail — a lot of buzz about her appearance last week in the great healing of 2021. Still ongoing. Proto, what movies did you watch this week?

PROTO I only managed to watch one movie with my kiddos. We took a little weekend trip out to Vermont to visit some some dear friends of ours who live out there. Had a great time. And my wife and her friend they went out one night and we stayed back and watched a movie we watched the Made for TV Disney movie Under Wraps.


PROTO Yeah, this is a Halloween flick. So you know, it’s kind of like made for TV. I didn’t give it a star rating.

SLIM Your one word review for Under Wraps, quote, “Hellish’’. [Slim & Danny laugh]

PROTO Let’s just say, not for me, as they say. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Quote. Three friends tried to save their mummified friend Harold from greedy criminals by returning him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween. Dang. What was your feeling when someone finally settled on this movie? I would have been — I would’ve gone to bed if someone you know moused over this and said this is what’s happening.

PROTO I was trying to get Rescuers Down Under on the TV. But then the kids were like no, no, no. Because we watched The Rescuers a few weeks ago and I was like, Oh, this would be perfect, you watch this, you know, this is a great flick. And they said no, let’s watch Under Wraps. And I think my friend, he might have had motion smoothing on on his TV.

DANNY Oh no.

PROTO So it was a rough night but we made it through.

SLIM I would’ve Irish goodbye’d right to bed once someone hit play on that thing. Got up, no good night’s, just go on.

PROTO And I just said Johnny, take care of my kids. I’ll see you in the morning. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Make sure they brush and get their PJs on. I’m outta here. We have some new friends on Patreon to say hello to. Christian, Ivan, Christina and Hunter all joined this week at Four bucks a month, get access to exclusive episodes from the 70mm vault. What was our most recent one? Animatrix just dropped in there. We have the next Harry Potter coming. And then we’re hitting some of our $12 patron picks in the next few weeks after that. So a lot of the exclusive episodes coming there. And also you get access to the VHS Village Discord and uncut episodes. So by all means, join us. I watched a VHS tape this week.

DANNY Talk to me.

SLIM In my basement, laid on my floor put that bad boy in. Boiler Room. Giovanni Ribisi, starring vehicle. I have this in a pile — I have like one of those milk carton containers, Wawa milk carton things, stack of VHS tapes. I just saw that on the corner of my eye, I was like oh man, I need to watch this. Proto, have you ever seen Boiler Room in the past?

PROTO I haven’t, no, but that young Vin Diesel on the cover is enticing.

SLIM Ben Affleck is in this. He plays one of the sharks, one of these dumping stock trades you know. Giovanni Ribisi joins this outfit of stock traders, tries to get rich quick and then pretty much all hell breaks loose realizing that everyone’s just doing many illegal things, dumpin’ stocks they call it. But I remember watching this movie a bunch when I worked at a video store when I was younger. So this came out in 2000. So it was right around that timeframe. And the poster is just so recognizable to me. This came out the same year is Gone in 60 Seconds. What a year for Giovanni.

DANNY What a year for Giovanni. Wow.

SLIM Fudge. Jared just posted a Ben Affleck scene. Ben Affleck’s incredible in this movie. Absolutely incredible. But I had a lot of fun watching the tape. You know, I think the last time I popped in a VHS tape, but there was no previews on the tape. Feature presentation right away. Had a great time.

DANNY Wow, nice.

SLIM Great time. Every week we give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro. Share the show on social media. Get a free year of Letterboxd Pro, no ads access to some of your stats, your lifetime stats. So I’m going to call out someone that discovered the show this week, posted about on Twitter.

DANNY Oh my.

SLIM Jamie on here real quick, this tweet, ‘’Unsolicited podcast recommendation, I don’t normally listen to film review podcasts because I find them obnoxious. But I listened to 70mmpod for the first time, Halloween ep, and I never yelled and laughed at a podcast as much as I did during that episode. A++ will check out more.’’

DANNY Wowowow.

SLIM What an episode Halloween was, Proto, right?


PROTO Oh, yeah, what an ep. What an ep. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Alright, let’s get into the big show. The Goonies. This was my pick for fall vibes. We have a loose theme this month. Fall vibes is my pick. Everyone’s seen this movie, right? Everyone’s seen this. We don’t even need to dwell on it. But Proto, what is this film? What is The Goonies?

[music from The Goonies plays]

*PROTO The Goonies of Astoria, Oregon are having their last day in their homes before the local rich pigs turn it into a godforsaken golf course. Side note — can you imagine turning this beautiful landscape until a golf course hellhole? Can we just — enough with the golf. Enough with the golf courses, they are a scourge upon our great nation. Just get rid of them all.

SLIM It’s not even a sport. [Danny laughs]

PROTO Let me continue. Let me introduce the Goonies. Mikey, the leader. Band, the older brother with an active libido. Chunk, the klutz and liar and token heavy, Corey Feldman. And Data, who fills his shoes with motor oil and walks into friends houses wearing them. Mikey finds a treasure map leading to the long lost riches of the pirate One Eyed Willy while looking for the treasure. They get mixed up with the Fratelli fugitives who really want to kill children. They’re going to get underground and they’re going to go through tunnels, waterfalls, wishing wells, booby traps, and waterslides to find the lost treasure. This is their time to save their town, their homes and their friendship. The Goonies.

SLIM Is Chunk the greatest American character in a film in the last 100 years, Danny?


SLIM No one comes close to him.

PROTO He embodies the American spirit.


SLIM I just was in prayer hands every time Chunk appeared on screen. There’s never been a performance that comes close to Chunk.


SLIM Nothing comes close. You know, you see the GIFs, the truffle shuffle. It’s not the full picture. I’m telling you, it’s not the full picture. Danny, what’s your backstory with The Goonies, please just tell us.

DANNY I would say that the Goonies is the one film that probably changed my life as a child. I watched this on a recorded broadcast on a VHS time and time again. And I think it’s what kind of like shaped my love for adventure films. The treasure hunting, the kids getting in trouble. Like, I believe I watched this at a time where I was felt like I was watching myself on screen. It’s just — it’s a nostalgic film that just hits me, right. I love this film so much. But I mean, I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this film.

SLIM I mean, seeing this as a kid in the late 80s when I saw it, or early 90s I mean, this is like a revolution seeing this movie, in my opinion, as a kid. There was like nothing else in movies that were, you know, fun, like, oh my god, if I gotten into an adventure like this, right? It’s like mind blowing. You know?

PROTO I had only seen this once before many, many years ago, I was probably under 10. I don’t know we were at my, I think we’re at my grandparents house either in North Philly, or at their beach house in Wildwood and I was with all my cousins. And someone said hey, let’s put the Goonies on. And I was like, yeah, the Goonies! And I’m one of the younger, the younger cousins, so I had no idea what’s going on. But I watched it then. And I only like, I don’t remember everything from it. So I was a little fuzzy watching this. So it was nice to go back. But that’s really my only experience with it. I never rewatched it. I just remember being terrified of Sloth, and like, like why would anyone do this in a movie? That was really my only memory.

SLIM Seantana is posting some of the most disturbing deep faces.

DANNY I’m not clicking on it.

SLIM If you love the Goonies, I implore you not to look at these.

DANNY It’s closed. The windows closed.

SLIM I implore. I just got a mental image of like Proto in that house while everyone was just like chanting for the Goonies movie being booted out. [Danny & Slim laugh] What was your screen name that you mentioned last week? So I do not remember the opening to this movie I don’t know if it’s the version of this film that I grew up on on TV, if it was like commonly cut out but you know the the escape at the start but also just the introduction to the kids that start this movie.

DANNY To everybody.

SLIM You know, they’re like following the escape but then in the midst of like all this, you get introduced to all the kids. I loved it. I thought it was amazing.

DANNY It’s genius.

SLIM You know right away each one.

DANNY Everyone. I made, you learn about every kid you learn about the Fratellis. You just, it’s this long intro that is perfectly setting you up for every character in this film. Dick Donner’s a genius.

SLIM I actually forget that Dick Donner directed this. I’m always like, is this a Spielberg movie?

DANNY Well, it was Spielberg’s story. So I think what I remember was, he had the idea while he was working on The Color Purple, I believe, and then reached out to Richard and said, I have a film that I think is right up your alley. And obviously it was, and so Spielberg is actually on set a lot. I watched a couple of the making of VHS. And when the like some of the inclement weather would mess up filming Spielberg would actually direct the second unit and he would take a camera out and she she’s some of that work too. So he was on he was hands on in this a lot. Even though it’s Richards movie.

SLIM Proto, what’s on your list for The Goonies?

PROTO My first note is Astoria is beautiful. This coastal town. I mean, chef kiss. I was like yearning to live here. Can you imagine being a kid growing up here? When they ride their bikes down and they’re like right on the water? I just can’t — I just can’t even imagine. How different would my life be? You know? It’s just insane this world that you can live in. Why do I live in New Jersey? God.

SLIM Wasted so many years in New Jersey. [Slim laughs]

DANNY You could change your kids’ life, Proto, by moving to Astoria.

SLIM I mean, how much would that house cost today?

DANNY Millions.

SLIM 2.5 mil?

PROTO Up it.

SLIM Go higher. [Danny laughs] Yeah, I mean, the views, the beach. I mean, can you imagine just like waking up one morning just taking a walk on that foggy beach?

DANNY And then a four wheeler truck race comes flying past you.

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY Everything about that town I wanted to be in.

SLIM Mhmm. Let’s let’s talk about the foreclosure a bit. They’re talking about how they’re going to foreclose on their house. Because they’re gonna build, you know, God knows what. I don’t understand the logistics of this foreclosure. Couldn’t they just not sell? Right? Isn’t that like a law or something?

DANNY I don’t understand how real estate works. So talk to Proto.

SLIM Do we have a real estate agent in chat tonight? [Danny & Slim laugh]

PROTO Apparently, Mikey’s dad is like the arbiter of like, everyone’s home in this town. You know, and if he signs these papers, everyone loses their house. But if they have a certain amount of money, they can stay. Are they like buying off somebody? How’s this working?

SLIM I don’t understand it at all. Any other movie or story. You’re like, these people are getting paid to give up their house. But there’s no like they’re losing their house because they’re being foreclosed on unless they come up with a million dollars. I didn’t really understand like, how how that’s even legal.

PROTO This is my theory, though. This is a kid’s movie. And you’re looking at it — no, no, no, you’re actually like looking at it from like a kid’s perspective. So this is like confusing for anybody who watches. So it doesn’t really make sense. Which is kind of like what any kids experience would be hearing any of this.

SLIM That’s true.

PROTO Almost like in a metal way. I feel like it kind of works.

SLIM The most meta in the whole movie is the end where he’s about to sign the contract. And then Sean Astin presents him with what we are assuming are rubies that are worth money. His dad doesn’t even look at them. And he tears up the contract and says I’m never signing this. What are you basing that on? Your son could have just found some rocks for all you know! Insane scenes. So Proto’s explanation works pretty well for them.

DANNY I like it.

SLIM Danny, what do you got?

DANNY Let’s talk about the Rube Goldberg machine to get into Mikey’s house.

SLIM Incredible.

DANNY What parent is allowing this to take place and who sets it back up every time to lock the gate?

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY I think about it every time I watch this, but then also I don’t care. Like, I can’t imagine it not being in this film because it’s so stupid. Mouth up there just berating Chunk. It’s just, it’s perfect. I love, I love that scene. It’s so stupid.

PROTO I mean chickens can only lay like two eggs a day.

DANNY Right? [Danny laughs] How can they even get into sign the papers if they can’t get past this Rube Goldberg machine?

SLIM Guavajuice says we need to talk about Mouth being a demon with Rosalita. That poor woman.

DANNY That’s the greatest scene in this film.

SLIM And then she ends up being the one that saves the day with those million dollar rubies in a coat pocket. After all she went through with Mouth.

DANNY Mouth speaking Spanish is like one of my favorite scenes in all of cinema. This scene is so funny to me. I think Corey Feldman is so perfect in this role and it’s funny because Rosalita, the actress, she taught Corey all of his Spanish lines and she actually did the translation if I remember correctly for the international release of this film. So she did a lot of work to get this worldwide. But her scenes, Mouth is hilarious to me in that scene.

SLIM I wrote on my list, let’s see, Chunk. Is Chunk the best child casting in the last 50 years? Yes. We already, we made our points known about Chunk. How about the tongue through the painting when they’re up in that attic?

DANNY Sexual. [Proto laughs]

SLIM I mean, what are you getting your tongue on on that thing? That thing is covered in probably but mildew, dirt, dust. It’s disgusting. Oh my god.

DANNY I remember very clearly as a kid, I would go up in some attic and like open the doors and close my eyes and just wish that when I opened them my attic looked like the Goonies attic. Like the amount of treasures just to like roam, but no, I didn’t have that.

SLIM It’s a great setup for the kids. You know, this is what takes them off on the adventure.

PROTO How about Sean Astin’s hair? I mean, what a heartthrob. This kid, I mean, he’s gorgeous in this.

DANNY Going places.

SLIM He had the it factor.

PROTO He really did. And he’s great in this, like, the kids acting is really great. There’s a scene up there. Up in the attic, I forget. Mikey, he says something and then Brand corrects him. And then he’s like, he’s like, that’s what I said. I said that word. And just like the way he’s talking. He’s talking to the one kid and then and then he’s talking to his brother. And then he comes back. It was just like so natural. All of his acting in that I was like really impressed with just most of the acting in this.

DANNY It’s cool because that scene — I think I was talking about — he didn’t have a script for talking about the story of One-Eyed Willie. He was only told the story from Richard about what he had to say. And so it had to sound like he was remembering the story from memory while he’s telling all the kids that so it was more natural than him memorizing a line. So that’s why that scene I feel like works so well, because he’s literally just trying to remember what he was told about One-Eyed Willie.

[clip of The Goonies plays]

SLIM I also liked that he had braces. I didn’t remember that detail growing up. But I definitely noticed it this time around. Does everyone else wear shorts over their sweatpants? Yeah, I never got that style.

DANNY Daily. The biking through the mountains. My parents would never let me do this. I think I was like super jealous of that scene, but to find the rickety old restaurant with the Fratellis inside and then you just you get the Fratellis, and I love this cast of characters so much. Mama Fratelli is so funny to me. She actually looked so much like my grandmother, her like build and her face and she just really reminded me of my grandmother. But the brothers were just hilarious to me. Joey Pants, and the other guy that sings opera. I could never remember his name in real life, but I just love Fratelli isn’t this I have a sticker on my. I’m looking at it right now on my bookcase that just says Fratellis Hideout. But just, I love that group of characters. They’re hilarious to me.

PROTO Yeah, they’re great.

SLIM I love the interplay of the kids with them. I mean, I guess it speaks to the direction of Richard Donner. I mean, he makes all of these scenes with these kid actors just work amazingly. I mean, it sounds like a small feat. So I didn’t watch any of the making of but I mean, I don’t know how it does it.

DANNY Yeah. When I watched the making of I just honestly, it’s how many times I’ve seen this. I just watched the making up for the first time and seeing Richard on set with the kids. It was like, he was like a big grandpa. Like he was just hamming it up with them. He looked like himself having a great time, which I think is why it just works out so well and getting good performance out of these kids because it just seemed like he was enjoying it. Like they’re sitting on his lap. They’re reading the script. They’re just joking around with them. And he’s laughing and having a good time. And it’s just — I think it just translated into the film itself.

SLIM How about the Mama Fratelli, when she finally gets the kids out of the rundown restaurant. She like closes that door and this long shot of her resting on the door at shows it and then she delivers that line. Kids suck. What is strange delivery that was. [Danny laughs] I mean, the camera stayed on here for like, 15 seconds. I feel like I could have heard Donner being like, ‘’Are you gonna say the line? You gotta say it.’’ And then she finally says she like whispers it. So bizarre.

[clip of The Goonies plays]

PROTO How about when she was running and the grunting that you could hear coming off of her?

DANNY Did you ever see Throw Momma From The Train? With Danny DeVito?

SLIM When I was a kid, but I haven’t seen it since then.

DANNY Oh man. She’s great in that.

SLIM I think that’s what I remember her from more so than this movie. Isn’t she like evil in that movie or something? Oh annoying?

DANNY Oh, she was a pill.

SLIM How about Brolin in this movie? He’s another one that he has like the it factor in this movie in my opinion. You know, like he’s gonna be a star. Would do you think Proto?

PROTO Yeah, I thought he was he was greatness. Yeah, I mean, they the kids have great chemistry. He really, he’s very believable as the older brother, you know the stuff early on. You know, it’s so silly him getting tied up in the chair with his workout device, whatever. Whatever the heck that thing was. So weird. The idea of just like a kid like it’s such a trope. I’m just like, sitting there like pumping this like all day long on his couch. But yeah, then the scene of him riding the bike down the the with the training wheels, but like, Man, how? How was he not when that kid grabs his arm? How was he not just yanking his arm off or just punching that kid in the face? Troy? Was it Troy that was riding the car

SLIM Troy, what a character too. Remember when he yells ‘’Andy, you Goonie!’’ [Danny laughs] His line delivery is also so bizarre in this movie. I love it. [clip of The Goonies plays] Let’s see, the puke story. Chunk. I can’t get off of Chunk. I’m going to spend as much time on Chunk as I can in this discussion. The story where he’s talking about the vomit. And he’s retelling the story and he liked delivers that line about how he wanted to play the violin. I mean, just movie magic in my opinion.

DANNY Yeah, that whole interrogation section where they tell him to start at the beginning and he just goes through life, it’s perfect. It’s so perfect. It’s so funny every time and he’s so great in that scene.

SLIM I was cracking up all the scenes the point where Amanda was like, is this you as a kid? Is that why this is funny? Like I just kept like laughing and looking back. She was getting so annoyed. Also the scene where he’s like, he has the spoon of the ice cream and they take that on and this reaction for like a half second before he gets cut is just absolute gold. One other segue here, the booby traps these kids get into eventually, you know they’re on the hunt. Who is building these booby traps? I got I thought about this with like Indiana Jones a little bit.

DANNY One-Eyed Willie.

SLIM But I mean like you’re spending the time to do this. It seems like a giant waste of time. Booby traps in general.

PROTO There’s there’s also no quality assurance like they’re not testing any of these out you can’t test it out because you test it out then it’s done. So they had to set these up hoping that they last you know 100 years.

SLIM Proto, what else you got?

PROTO I love the scene with the stiff in the freezer. The thing I love about it is and maybe you know from the like making of, Danny, but I mean, it seems like it’s a real guy it almost seems like there’s a smile on his face as he’s just like trying to stare dead straight ahead as his body just like falls forward. When Chunk gets locked in there with him, that scene is just so good and just like the guy’s face pressing down on chunk as he shrinks further and further to the floor. It’s just it’s a brilliant scene, I love that. I was dying laughing.

DANNY We got to talk about Sloth. It’s time how I remember as a kid being mortified of this creature person. I even think there were times where I had I mean, I know I’d seen this multiple times were times where was like my fourth or fifth viewing. And I would just fast forward because I couldn’t look at the scenes of him chained into that bedroom. It’s so weird to because I didn’t mind the ending stuff with him. But there was something about him being chained up in front of a some swashbuckling black and white film. It just terrified me as a kid. And I keep thinking about it every time. And yeah, John Matuszak, I can’t remember how to say his last name. He’s incredible as Sloth. I just love the guy. Watching him put the makeup on, they say it took like three or four hours to do the prosthetic eye and the moving of the ears. And they said he was just such a great sport, just doing this day in and day out with these kids. And there were times when the kids were told not to get the mask wet, because it would make the makeup move or bleed or something. And they would splash them and he would have to go back in the makeup. And they said that he didn’t care. He just did it. And he just had a great time doing it. And I love it.

SLIM It’s like such an 80s character. It wouldn’t exist unless it was some kind of whimsical, you know, 80s Adventure Amblin entertainment movie. I don’t know how else to put that because like, you’re not gonna see this character today, in anyway, shape, or form. But for whatever reason, it only can exist in this vacuum.

DANNY And it’s so weird to just to see it. Even to this day, it’s such a jarring image of a person and you’re supposed to believe that this is caused by heat being dropped on the head five or six times and etc. But man, it’s still like, it’s still hard to believe it’s a person. It’s really crazy.

PROTO I watched this with my two older kids. They’re eight and six. And I was really curious, you know, how scared would they be, you know, could they handle this? Because I remember being terrified of this too. And my son, my six year old at one point, I think it was like when they first came to the restaurant. And they were going in he turned to me he was like Dad, this is kind of scary. I was like, buckle up kid. [Danny & Proto laugh]

DANNY You ain’t seen nothing yet.

PROTO They watched the whole thing and it almost seems like there’s something like I don’t know something magical about this movie where it’s pretty frightening for I think for a kid to watch but maybe there’s just like — it’s so engaging and the fact that it’s stars kids and it’s like this is their adventure. And you know like they’re doing it all like it just suck them in and they did they they stuck through it the whole time. I was kind of surprised that my especially my six year old didn’t didn’t jump out of the room at some point.




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