Transcript: The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

42 min readAug 1, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s The Adventures of Tintin (2011) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY All I can think of watching it is, why is this not a universal theme park ride? How do we get crap Fast and Furious or even Men in Black nonsense, when this should be a full on theme park ride.

SLIM And our spiritual advisor and the movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO Some people were really hurt and if I can do any, you know, that’s what we’re about here, healing, you know, at the village, 70mm. If I can heal just one person with this pick… It’s mission accomplished.

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode is Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin. Feel free to use the chapters in your podcast app to skip ahead right to that discussion. Is Tintin a boy or a man? Is there too much action and adventure in this movie? Or is this a vision of Spielberg’s future? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

PROTO Danny, I have to know.

DANNY Oh gosh.

PROTO Where were you when Slim’s Nope review came through in the Letterboxd feed and when and when you saw the stars on that, what did you feel?

DANNY I was sitting in the middle of San Diego ComiCon and I almost flipped my table. Rushed to the nearest theater. [Slim laughs] When Slim reviews five stars on on a weekend release of a movie, you know you have to see it. That’s a day one. You have to see it.

PROTO Yeah, it’s like my skin started to tingle was I saw that. I think everybody was feeling something.

SLIM Bunch of clowns. A bunch of clowns you both are. I dropped that I was in theaters to see Nope. And there was memes being posted waiting for my review to drop for Nope. Danny was working Photoshop. He was ignoring somebody who probably wanted to buy a print and he had his face down on his phone under his table, as he does. I was excited because I thought that there was rumors that Proto, you were going to try to make time to see Nope that weekend.

PROTO Yeah, I really wanted to but it just wasn’t in the cards for me that weekend.

SLIM Gosh, can you imagine a Nope episode?


SLIM Us dropping a special bonus Nope episode.


SLIM Is it in the cards? Here’s what I’ll say about Nope. Just let me just say one thing.

DANNY Say it.

SLIM One brief thing, if I may.

DANNY Say it.

SLIM It’s a five banger, obviously, first of all. But I had, I started to get the Amblin vibes. You know, you got Poltergeist, you got Jaws, you got Gremlins. What’s the other one? Did I say Jaws?


SLIM Maybe ET, there’s three, there’s three or four. But they’re like, you watch them now and you’re like, this is like somehow an all ages movie, but a horror movie and a drama. And there’s a little bit of whimsy mixed in. And I feel like I got that out of Nope. So I’m excited to see what the both of you think about it.

DANNY Jordan Peele’s back in your good graces.

SLIM He’s back. Us is in the past. His second movie, we don’t even need to talk about that movie. It’s in the past.

PROTO Sophomore Slump, they call it. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM I can’t remember if it was in Apex, but Danny you said once you saw my Us rating, you decided not to watch it. But Proto, have you seen Us?

PROTO I haven’t, I want to watch it. It just hasn’t been, I don’t think it’s been on streaming in the past few years.

SLIM The Master of Horror doesn’t have that on streaming. Maybe it’s time for us to do an Us ep?

PROTO Wow. I’m down. Wait, October is right around corner.

SLIM October is right around the corner.

DANNY What if we did all three Jordan Peele movies?

SLIM Jordan Peele month! Oh my god!

DANNY One episode, calm down. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Our first ever triple feat episode. Oh my God. We need to continue innovating. I say that every day in our DMs. What can we innovate next? Maybe that’s it. Peele-tober. That sounds gross, I’m never saying that again. [Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY Edit that out.

SLIM I’m sorry I said that.

DANNY Not as bad as Animaugust. [Slim laughs]

SLIM So there’s been a lot of talk in Discord — just real briefly, Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin streaming on HBO Max is our feature prezzo, you can use the chapters to zip ahead right to that discussion. There’s been a lot of talk in Discord, you know, asking the questions. How was San Diego Comic Con? Danny was at San Diego Comic Con, that’s what the people want to know. How did everything go? You know, you’re signing prints, you’re selling prints, you’re doing releases, how’d it go?

DANNY It went amazing, I had a great show. Sold a bunch of, you know, Rocketeer 40th anniversary merch. Sold a Psycho print with Hero Complex. Sold out of everything they brought, which is insane. Minnie Driver was in my hotel. The Minnie Driver.

SLIM Wuuut?

DANNY Are you kidding me right now? And then we got to visit some Top Gun filming locations. Got to go on to the Naval base, I was escorted on, military escort.

SLIM What!

DANNY Went to the Top Gun: Maverick bar, the inspiration for the bar.

SLIM The real bar in Maverick?

DANNY The real, working bar.

PROTO They brought the bar to San Diego/

DANNY Yeah, we went to the bar that inspired Tom enough to make them build the exact same bar on the beach for the movie. It was an amazing time. Went to Kansas City Barbecue where Goose plays the piano with Meg Ryan, had a great time in San Diego.

SLIM The VIP treatment!

DANNY Everyone should check it out, no one’s really heard of San Diego, but everyone needs to check it out.

SLIM You heard about this San Diego city? It might be time to check it out. Minnie Driver, I’m sorry, I’m still hung up on Minnie Driver. What was TV show she was in with that like rich British guy? Wasn’t that the TV show she was in? Or am I thinking of somebody else? [Slim laughs] I think I’m thinking of another actress.

DANNY This isn’t a TV podcast.

SLIM I’m thinking of Fran Drescher. [Slim & Danny & Proto laugh] Oh my god. I mean, I love both of them. Fran and Minnie, just dynamite together at all time.

PROTO Daniel, please! [Slim laughs]

SLIM Sorry, I have to address this. Kurtz posted like one of those, you ever see those like Homer Simpson, but if he was human? Kurt’s curse posted like a human Yoda and it’s very disturbing in chat. Very disturbing.

DANNY It’s like Tintin. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Tintin is essentially 90 minutes of human Yoda running around solving mysteries.

DANNY A fleshy Yoda. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Oh my god. Proto, what did you watch this week? Do you make time for any films?

PROTO Oh, that’s a good question. I didn’t even look at what I watched.

SLIM I know what you watched. But I usually just ask. I can blurt out a movie.

PROTO Let’s see…

SLIM Like Johnny Mnemonic.

PROTO Oh! Johnny Mnemonic.

SLIM Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu.

PROTO I had, I was fortunate enough to be invited back on to Dune Pod. Ever heard of it? Another podcast and in the Tapedeck network, run by Haitch and goldtoe over there, Jason. And yeah, you know, Haitch said, you could pick a movie, whatever movie you want to do. And I, I just really had enough on that show, and having a great time talking about you know, ridiculous movie. So I so you know, when is it my turn? Because I made the mistake last time with picking The Thin Red Line, which was a great episode on Dune Pod. That’s what I did before. But I said enough is enough. How about some gar Bosch from the 90s. You know, Johnny Mnemonic is a, a 90s action movie. I just didn’t want that to end that joy that we had and it alive. So I mean, this movie is pretty bad. And the thing that I could not stop thinking about is that this movie came out in 1995. Just four years before Keanu was in The Matrix, and there are some similarities between the two. You know, it’s futuristic dystopian sci fi. A lot of like, you know, you’re in computers type of stuff. But they couldn’t be more different in terms of just the directing and the scripts and and pretty much everything like it’s bad all around, but it’s one of the it’s definitely one of those movies. It’s so bad, that it’s good. It’s just it’s, it’s, it’s ridiculous in a lot of ways. Dolph Lundgren is in it and he steals every scene he’s in he’s just remarkable. So I if you’re into that type of thing, I definitely would have WreckIt Ralph recommend watching you got to see it.

SLIM You mentioned that you were able to pick that movie. Isn’t it usually the case where he invites someone on to the dune pod and he essentially picks the movie for them. Isn’t that usually the modus operandi for doing a soul now?

PROTO Yeah, I mean that was the original guest.

SLIM You were the original third hosts of Dune Pod at the onset for those that remember

PROTO Yeah, I was there were you there I was the original cast Where are you

SLIM remember the next line so I decided that to

DANNY finish up please.

PROTO Great time on dude pod though Check. Check out the app if you want if you want to hear more. In Tune pod check them out. Who knows when it’s dropping? I have no idea. No one understands their schedule.

SLIM Because they scheduled episodes nine months out in advance. Let’s say hello to some patrons that joined this week. Ryan mica, quote unquote Brendan Lupe Danny Lesley and a misspell let me see her as photo fo do all joined this week at they get access to the VHS village discord, aka our legacy, discounts on Danny’s prints and exclusive supporter only episodes. As of this episode posting we just released something brand new to supporters. This is only available to supporters if you subscribe on Patreon, Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can listen to this but we’re starting up 70mm’s Pilot Season, just for supporters. We’re going to be going through television pilots. And the first one we did, Danny, Lost, ever heard of it?

DANNY I think I have. It was a great time recording with you guys, let me say.

SLIM Thank you.

DANNY And I’m excited for where we go. What’s next for Pilot Seasons and television for us?

SLIM Game of Thrones.

DANNY No. [Slim laughs] Strike it from the list. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Proto, how do you think it went? Our first Pilot Season episode, just about the pilot episode of Lost. You can stream it on Hulu and then go listen to the ep.

PROTO What I’m so excited about is there’s so many options out there things to choose. And people, they get so worked up about what do I watch? What do I watch? You won’t have to anymore. Just listen to these eps, we’ll tell you what to watch, if you should or you shouldn’t. So we’re doing the work for you.

SLIM You are the Movie Insider…. wait until you get a load of the TV Insider in that episode.

PROTO I’m getting inside the TV. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Danny, did you watch any movies this week?

DANNY I watched one. With San Diego in my way I got to fly forever to get there. Scrolling through what Delta was offering on inflight cinema I came across a movie called Nine days I wasn’t in the I wasn’t I didn’t have Wi Fi so I couldn’t check the lb ratings so I just went in blind and I had a I gave it five stars this is this is an incredible Lo Fi sci fi somewhat religious not religious as in like it just however you want to perspective so it’s about your soul is about to be born on earth and your your you come up to this person and he interviews you for nine days to see if your soul is someone he wants to be to be to put into a body on Earth and this I was kind of shocked by that you know description went into it and I was blown away. I loved every second of it Winston Duke all I had seen him in would have been Black Panther and he’s great and Black Panther but it’s a Marvel movie. So outside of that I didn’t know his acting chops and this Winston is a powerhouse there. There’s so much about him in this where he’s very quiet and calm. And there are scenes where he kind of explodes but the his finale in this movie like brought tears to my eyes on this plane to San Diego. And I will sing this movies praise

SLIM for a while. You know Winston Duke plays the husband in us. It’s time is that the time are you guys chilled up? I got coincidences right now. Yeah. I you had a tag in this lab tag slim. Watch

DANNY this, please. This is our secret way to cop to talk to each other. The only way to slim, fluent

SLIM To give letterbox one unique way you

DANNY should watch this film. This falls into our Lo Fi sci fi fandom.

SLIM So I did fire this up. I enjoyed this movie, Benedict Wong is in this amazing adherence to this. The finale is insane. As he beats us so good. Yeah, she was great. A few comments on my letterbox area. So you stumbled upon something? A bunch of people I think, under the radar enjoy. And this is this is kind of like a low low fi sci fi like, Winston has this like little house setup with all CRT TVs. And he’s watching the lives of the people that he gave souls. Like he’s sent them out into existence and he’s kind of just like reviewing their progress. And that’s his gig. He’s almost like the the architect in the matrix to have a better peace of mind. This Photoshop is disgusting that I’m looking at in chat right now. But I did like it. I gave it three and a half stars. The the storyline about how the movie was made was pretty cool. So and that’s it really doesn’t know Wikipedia. So if you watch it, make sure to read a little bit of behind the scenes. We give out a free year of letterbox pro every week for someone that shares the show on social media, get rid of those ads. Set your favorite streaming services and see where things are available. Shutter, Paramount. Peacock all the best ones. And this week’s winner is Galactics Zach Zach he tweets on Twitter. He just went

DANNY through your letterbox bro. Congrats.

SLIM I watched for weekend watch lists the letterbox podcast. Remember in the heat of the night. Sidney Poitier a they made a sequel to In the Heat of the Night with Sydney as the lead his character for the morning. And it’s called they call me Mr. Tibbs. Exclamation point.

PROTO They call me man. Also,

SLIM thank you, Dave, I forgot to get my disclosure on a letterbox employee earlier. But this movie sucks. The sequel to the in the heat of night is terrible. I gave it a star and a half. It’s like a TV movie from 1970. The quality of this film I can’t believe it’s so bad compared to in the heat of the night. But not only that, they made a third one. They made another sequel called the organization the next year. And that has the same average on letterbox 2.9. So I’m a little bit below the average just goes to show you know could be I think I cut this out a letterbox episode but I think I called it the worst sequel of all time.

Excuse me strong worse.

SLIM I don’t I’m not going to look that up for back that up with any facts. That’s just vibes only. Ah, should we get into the animated summer it’s officially kicking off. We had a vote on Patreon. We left the first week of the month up to supporters.

SLIM We won’t go over the details, but needless to say, Proto has been conducting an exhaustive investigation into the events of July 19, about what happened in the last few minutes of the poll. We’ve already banned the person who voted twice. The former producer of this show did — now disgraced.

DANNY Again.

PROTO Double disgraced.

SLIM First ever double disgraced individual in our village. And we are now covering that movie Tintin usurped the vote from Akira. And Proto, this this is this is it, you know, it’s time to get into the Adventures of Tintin.

PROTO Yeah, that’s right. I mean, I did all I could I, I ran the tabulations I retraced the timeline of voting and the murky area of are you allowed to change your vote? Not not included in the fine print. But, you know, liberties were taken. Let’s just say that. And at the end of the day, we did find the criminal. You know, I think the mastermind behind all this, and I can’t say any more because we really want to move on. You know, we’re not about, we’re not about hanging people out to dry. And I want to do that to anybody. So let’s just get Let’s just enjoy Tintin. Tintin.

SLIM Let’s just say justice has been served. Okay?

PROTO So, Tintin, a young man trapped in the body of a 13 year old is a journalist living in London with his trusty wire fox terrier snowy. Having lived already a life full of adventure Tintin finds himself plunged into a worldwide escapade of thieves, ruthless pirates, a trunk captain, and treasure. When he buys the model of a 17th century ship, he comes into possession of one of three keys needed to locate the treasure of the ship’s captain, Sir Francis haddock, but he is quickly put in danger as the venomous saccharin is out to take the key and off Tintin in the process. Tintin comes to encounter Haddix descended, Archibald and the two of them are able to put their loafers together and outmaneuver saccharin and reclaim the treasure to its rightful heir, the haddock family Tintin?

SLIM Kathleen Kennedy CO produced this movie, do you have a sharp rise in the credits?

DANNY Oh, Kathleen Marshall production. Tom Frank,

SLIM it’s where it all went wrong. After this. She’s still in great Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin 2011 I had a rating on letterbox, but I did not have a review. So I removed that as soon as I realized, you know, BLB before letterbox ratings, you can’t trust those things, you gotta get rid of them. Where were you? Proto 2011 The Adventures of Tintin Spielberg hitting theaters with this movie.

PROTO I did not see this movie in theaters. I saw it. I want to say I think I watched it at my parents house. It probably was like the year or a year or two after that. But I’m not sure. So it’s been a while since I’ve I’ve watched this.

DANNY Yeah, I didn’t I didn’t watch it in theaters. And I didn’t watch it until maybe a year or two ago, maybe last year when the village collective forced me to watch it then. And now we’re back. But um, yeah, I didn’t I don’t think I really wanted to watch it, it fell into that Polar Express, Final Fantasy, Mo cap realism that I didn’t really enjoy. I have

SLIM PTSD from Polar Express. We showed that to James when he was really young. And he loved it, like, so we had to get the DVD because in left streaming, we had to play it all the time and Polar Express in one sitting. You’re like this isn’t very good. And then you’re done. But by the 20th, or the 50th time, it’s maybe the worst thing ever put to the screen. Like the animation is so rubbery and freaky. And it’s like motion capture Tom Hanks plays like 12 people. In the movie, he sings a ton of songs. It’s just it didn’t work for me. If you love Polar Express, you’re listening to this. Good, but not for me. So this segment of the show, each host has three things that they jot down during their viewing. We’ll go roundtable until we exhaust all of our notes or top three. And then we’ll give a letterbox reading. I’ll start I’ll start things off here.

DANNY Thank you cheese. dodged a bullet.

SLIM This wasn’t a financial failure. There’s so like the rumors, the talk. It’s not just rumors, but like the talk after this movie was Spielberg was going to do this one. Peter Jackson was going to do the second one. Peter Jackson famously said several times, like as soon as they get done the first Hobbit movie going in as soon as they get done The Hobbit trilogy going in Tintin, and like they had they were doing a ton of work on these movies. And it made I think it was like 150 million hours it made like $370 million. So I just, it’s fascinating to look back that like it just hasn’t happened yet because it was a success, and it got pretty high reviews. But having said that, when I first saw this movie, I had just seen Indiana Jones for the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and otherwise us one at a time. I think I do that three stars are much more favorable on it. Now. Check out our personal scallop so I wanted Indiana Jones wants to continue. Like this. I wanted like Harrison Ford is aging. I probably just had my mind blown by watching crystal skull and being like, he’s getting old. I wanted like Indiana Jones the character to continue in a CGI animated world with like a lot of money. And so when you see some scenes in in Tintin, you know, I don’t have a history with Tintin. But I like I like to replace him with indie like, oh, this really cool Indian, like, three movies like this, like hell yeah. Like, let’s do that part. Is that vibe with you with your viewing of this movie at all?

PROTO Yeah, I could definitely see that. Some of the things that they do with this, in terms of the action in the way that it’s shot, is really compelling. And a lot of fun. And the idea of seeing indie, possibly in a movie like this, and maybe a movie that’s a little bit like an animated movie that’s a little bit more mature, like, you know, with like some, like indie action and violence that we got in the movies in this style, like that, that could be pretty incredible of just like, you know, him punching people and breaking their necks. You know, I would love to see some animated Nazis just get destroyed. Yeah,

DANNY I believe I’m with you on this, but I think the reason it won’t work. And the reason why Tintin does work is because and why we hate Polar Express, is because these are animated characters that are realistic, but also caricatures of cartoon characters. Now, when we get an Indiana Jones like this, we’re always going to think it’s it’s Harrison, but it’s always going to look bad. Like there’s no way it’s ever going to look right. So I feel like yes, I would love this to continue some sort of serialized adventure of Indiana Jones. There’s no way it’s going to look good at all. Not in this style. I don’t think

SLIM I’m already thinking about throwing up in my mouth when you compare Polar Express but Indiana Jones like

DANNY yeah, that’s what we’ll get.

PROTO Well, I do agree. I actually I don’t like this style. I love anime.

DANNY I don’t like this either. Oh, but this works to me offer my Yeah,

PROTO I still get the the uncanny valley Polar Express vibes. Not at all points in this movie. Yeah. There are some though that it really I don’t know what changes but it like dials it up. And I immediately like sense it and it. It just takes me out of it.

SLIM A character uses their hands to do something. I feel like there’s something lost like it’s almost the baby should just animated hands and not use mo cap on fingers because it just looked weird. Like when he was grabbing the pen at various points or like Thai or writing something. It just looks very strange. Hmm. Part of what’s your number one for the Adventures of Tintin.

PROTO My number one is what I think is the best scene in the movie and then is the pirate ship fight scene where the to the unicorn is attacked by the frigate. What was it the bad guys name?

SLIM Nebuchadnezzar,

PROTO Nebuchadnezzar, Captain Nebuchadnezzar read Rachael. Yeah, that’s his name. But that scene is just so fantastic. Like that scene benefits so much from what they can do because it just looks incredible the where the the two boats, you know, they’re they’re shooting cannonballs at each other. The cannon balls are going through the waves into the ship, the mass gets stuck together, and then the pirates are walking on the mass and then they break apart and there’s guys swinging around it just that is like the dream pirate fight sequence to me. It’s just what I want to see. When I hear of like two ships going at it. It was just fantastic.

DANNY On top of that, you have them cutting back between past and present. And when Spielberg is doing his crossfade between the scenes it’s masterful Yeah, this especially when he’s got the swords to his throat. The haddock has in cuts back to the present. And he’s this seamless transitions that I feel like are not I don’t know, I don’t want to say it’s not possible with live action. But I don’t know if it could ever be this perfect because of animation. It’s really is brilliant in that same

SLIM also remember when the one the Nebuchadnezzar gets like attached to the mast, and it’s like swinging above the ships. Yeah, that is some insane stuff. And like yeah, like you’re not going to see that in a live action movie. Like would obviously be CGI at that point. But like so much stuff in this movie is just contained in an animated film. You’re not going to get it elsewhere. Yeah, Danny number one,

DANNY I’m gonna pick my number one scene since it wasn’t I was afraid of so many protests. My favorite scene in the movie is the one shot escaped from the bag our palace Oh, coming down the mountain. He blows up part of the the dam that’s putting the water back in the city. That is like it’s incredible John Williams scores like cranked to 1000 it’s just it’s an incredible moment of action. I mean, it’s it feels like everything Spielberg has ever had in a movie just compiled in a one minute shot. And it’s insane like it’s insane when it’s going through an all I can think of watching it is why is this not a universal theme park ride? Oh, like how is this? How do we get crap? Fast and Furious? Or even men and black? Nonsense when this should be a full on theme park ride? I mean, Stevens in control of all this. What is going on a universal that we don’t have Tintin?

SLIM Do we have to contact defunct land pioneer YouTube to make this happen? Someone thinks that scene is what made me think of Indiana Jones. And the first time I saw this because that is a nutty scene. Absolutely insane. I got a universal ride of that. Epic land. Tintin damn ride,

DANNY whatever you want to call it, let’s just make our own theme park.

SLIM Let’s get moving. Let’s make some calls.

PROTO I do have to I do have to come clean at this point, because you brought this up. This is this is just, you know my truth. i My eyes kind of glaze over at the scene. And I have this problem. This, this scene reminds me of The Hobbit and The Hobbit movies. Where there’s something about like it’s yeah, it’s like it’s chaotic. It’s cool. But there’s there’s like so much going on in the shots. That it to me it all is like meaningless. And I I like lose focus. Like I just I just like I’m not interested. It’s like it’s fun, exciting, but there’s there’s just I don’t know to me. It’s not it’s not good. It’s not it’s not it doesn’t draw me in I just kind of like like lose I don’t know I lose something while watching it. It’s too chaotic. And it’s not focused enough for me and I yeah, I don’t love that scene. I think I think when the first time I watched I might have like been asleep or fallen asleep but that’s not gonna lie

SLIM inside are checking out during the escape from bag are seen in Tintin. I’d love to see that scene and 4k now that I say that the animation maybe doesn’t look great in 4k. I don’t know I think it will pretty great. And I don’t want to watch the

DANNY movie aged pretty well. I think so a lot of shots on HBO that I was especially close up of the characters of Haddix face and Tintin’s face. They look pretty good still.

SLIM Yeah, my number two I think it’s it speaks to the kind of like mystery and intrigue genre where I still wish they would have are in chat says I would prefer to 720 P haddock. Also less thing sorry to put his comment on that ship battle. When? What’s the backup read Rackham his cape gets on fire and he’s fighting with his flaming Cape like also as a weapon. Like that was so badass on that ship. Oh, great. But the mystery and like adventure genre. I feel like we haven’t had like a really great one of them. And I don’t know if I’m conflating a really great mystery adventure movie with like a successful franchise of a mystery adventure. But I wish that they would have made more of these because I want more like fun adventure mainstream movies. And I guess knives out like I tried to think of another example that but like, knives out comes to mind is like the letter mystery that is now a franchise. So I guess that’s like in my head is like a successful one. But I just want more of that. And maybe death on the Nile killed the genre, like memorable that came out? And I was like, well, the orange Express movies, death on the Nile. But like no one what likes those movies. But I don’t know I want more of this genre. And maybe it’s too expensive. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t happen. Do you think?

PROTO Yeah, I don’t know. I would think there’s like a lot of material to draw from, you know, there’s probably a ton of novels that are written that have great stories. Why Yeah, maybe it is like the cost. I’m not sure but I agree. I would love it. It even when you like, yeah, that’s what immediately what I thought it was like knives out which that movie is so much fun. Like, imagine if Yeah, Rian Johnson made, I don’t know some kind of action adventure movie or like remade you know kidnapped or I don’t know some like a pirate movie like that would

SLIM be the first thing that comes to mind is like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew like give us like an updated like Nancy Drew expensive television show or something. I don’t know if it’s animated but like I just want like more of these kinds of stories. They’re fun. And then I don’t feel like there’s not enough. Yeah, what was your number two?

PROTO My number two was actually I would love a series like this. But what else? Oh yeah, there’s a lot of talk about like the transitions in this. And it does feel like Spielberg. Like he’s done all of like these live action movies, and probably watched a ton of animation. And it just felt like he had a notebook full of things that he wanted to do in an animated movie. Because it seems Of course, I like I have no sense of how a director functions. In directing an animated movie like this, I would imagine it’s completely different. But there’s definitely like things in this movie that are definitely more, I don’t know, advanced. I don’t know what the word is. But just there’s a lot of cool things that are done. There’s one scene when they’re on the boat, and they’re trying to escape. And they get to the top of the boat, and they’re like, gonna go out the door, and the cameras on the outside. And there’s a thug outside and the camera swings and it like goes through the wall to Tintin and Haddock on the other side. And it’s just, it was just like a cool shot. Like, there’s so many, and there’s so many cool shots like that, like the transitions are all very cool. So I was just like, impressed by that, of course, like Steven Spielberg, you know, he’s an amazing director. So I guess, of course, you could make an amazing animated, you know, direct that? Well,

SLIM there’s a couple of great moments like that, like the ship moment where he’s locked at the bottom and he tries to escape and he looks up, he can hear haddock singing up top, and that entire thing. We’re like trying to blow the door. There’s so much fun energy in those scenes. And it’s like, you know, at least for me, like impossible to get in like a full on live action, because it’s maybe it’s just too expensive.

PROTO Doesn’t that seem like the most psychotic thing is to set off dynamite in your own ship?

DANNY This kind of goes into my second and I want to bring up Spielberg. And when I watch when I watch the behind the scenes making of this, it doesn’t. When you think of animated, do you think of people at desks. And there are those people that are at the back end of this film. But to watch the motion capture Jamie and circus go at it. And how they have to film this with Spielberg there and walking in and out with the mocap camera directing the scenes having props around for someone like Spielberg to have his career where he was at. And to be who he is to just want to make a movie like this out of like a different complete different style than he’s ever done. I don’t know who else that I can point to that as directed like this as well. It feels like outrageous to me that he would choose to do this. And it just it’s shocking. And I like almost love them even more because of it. Especially watching the behind the scenes stuff. It’s incredible to watch them make this film.

SLIM Yeah, he definitely feels like he has a thirst for new things in directing. And I like humans and MCIS I guess or maybe just him but I mean, he did. So I was looking at his filmography. So he did Indy for Tintin Warhorse Lincoln Bridge of Spies. BFG, which was a DNF for me, the post and then Ready Player One, so I feel like I don’t know I don’t want to put words in his mouth. But I feel like humans back is probably both think that like, what’s happening in CGI and mocap is the future and I would love to play more in this world because it seems like they’ve done it a ton. Like Ready Player One. I had a good time with Ready Player One safe space. You know, I mean, it’s fun, never read the book. But I still would love to see them experiment more in those worlds as the technology gets more advanced like as mocap gets more advanced, and it’s only been a decade since this movie came out and Ready Player One, you know looked pretty great in a lot of that in the animation stuff, but I’m all for it. Right? He seems to just love to experiment in different formats. So I’m all for it. I think it is my turn. Number three mainly into my honorable mentions but I think my the last one that I wrote that wasn’t taken was I just had like a weird vibe when he was forcing Hajduk to drink alcohol again. Remember this story? And I know this is like an animated technically an animated movie. It fits with the character of old but like, I don’t know, I just like it just feels different to me now than it did 10 years ago like forcing this guy to drink more to remember the story and help their journey just felt like a weird thing. Now, it’s just kind of a goofy thing for me to point out but

PROTO no, it felt kind of out of place in this but I wonder I never read the comics. So I wonder if that’s just like a very strong aspect of the of their relationship. The two characters

SLIM also just looping into that seeing Tintin hold a gun? Like I forgot that he had a gun. Was a gun out. I was like, you’re like 10 Why do you have a gun? Is he not? Remember is like actual age. But he’s like a seasoned reporter, I guess. And just when he pulls out that gun, it’s like seeing my son pull out a little like mini pistols like, weird. Yeah. And what are you doing to hurt yourself? He’s gonna shoot himself by accident. shoot your eye out. Pirtle number three.

PROTO Number three. Another scene that I loved was the pickpockets house where the Thompson and Thompson go in there. And he has he has like 500 wallets that he stolen. That’s a fun scene. Although I don’t really understand what that character had to do. Oh, I guess they could get his wallet right and then the to Thompson’s bring the wallet to him and it has the note in it. So I guess that’s like the whole point of that storyline. But then I saw that like this, their voice by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. I honestly didn’t really recognize that any of the voices while I was watching this now. Really? Yeah. Not even Daniel Craig. No, I didn’t even realize this. Daniel Craig.

SLIM Says Daniel Craig Stratus roll Summerside Yeah, yeah, it was a it was a fun little side journey for sure. I mean, I remember taking up a lot of the first part of this movie. The one thing he talked about the voices so I wanted to make a comment about the writing team. Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish and Steven is it Moffat Mofaz even Mafa Alpha Doctor Who fame Doctor Who fame I’m not a doctor who had but mainly the Sherlock show eyebrow popular that Sherlock Cumberbatch show was Holy smokes.

DANNY It was power. Sure. And it was awesome. That was big, big time.

SLIM Watching that first episode again imagine it’d be incredible

PROTO never finished a second season.

SLIM Remember one of those like the one of the seasons ended with like Sherlock dying

DANNY spoilers God

SLIM was watching it.

PROTO That was the last episode of The Last season he’s dead. It’s okay.

SLIM to recast Danny number three,

DANNY I’m gonna end my pit my things on the negative if you don’t mind, please. One of the things that bugged me about this film, and I think it’s because in my brain, it’s a Spielberg movie. But there are the the action in this starts right let’s this movie doesn’t let off the gas from beginning to end and not in like a good way. Because when I think of Spielberg movies, there’s always these like, little moments, little emotional moments that take a pause or take a beat. And I feel like it’s missed. And this and I feel like there are moments where it could be but they’re not. And it kind of drives me a little bit crazy, like the scene where where they finished the escape from the dam down the hillside. And Tintin and the eagle or Hawk are fighting over the three pieces of paper and red face has Hajduk and the dog over the water and makes them choose or like choose between, you know the three pieces of paper and and it just it doesn’t it it doesn’t have the weight that I think it it’s meant to and it bugs me a little bit and there seems like that throughout that I feel like could have had a heavier emotional weight to them. And it’s just missed a bit in this film and it bugs me that through the entire thing. It’s just this complete action packed non stop. clue after clue scene after scene. Does doesn’t take a little. It doesn’t take a beat or breath to take you know to breathe a little bit and have a little emotional weight and Some of the decisions that they’re making, and I feel like I love those scenes the most in Spielberg movies like in hook when the little boy is looking for Peter in Robin Williams his eyes and stuff like that. And you know, there’s these little moments in Spielberg movies that I expect to see and it’s not in this

SLIM about when he makes the decision to let his dog and Haddock die of being thrown radiation. Well, dog tied up, makes no effort to make a deal with him. Just drop them in.

PROTO I need this piece of paper. Yeah, I agree. Danny, I felt the same way. And in my review, I wrote that my son at the end, he was like, you said Can Can this movie end already? Cuz I think by the second half there is when there is not much action, there is like a sense of exhaustion that you get of watching this. And for me, it was the I think the part is like Spielberg is trying to have it almost at the same time where he’s trying to have like, these, these slower moments with the transitions into action. So I think like Andy Serkis, had a he’s giving like a soliloquy every two minutes in this movie. Yeah. But those moments are they cut back and forth between him speaking and into action. And it’s like, oh, yeah, here. It’s not just you’re not hearing a monologue, but it’s interaction. But then it just, it never slows down. And to me those, those those scenes feel so strained, like that, I feel like they’re moving like through mud. And there’s such like, a, a weird pace to it, that it just kind of takes me out of it. Where honestly, like, at the end of this, I wasn’t sure of like, why certain things happen. Even that scene at the end where they’re holding, he’s holding them over and going to fall in the water. To me that feels like should be the end of the movie. And then there’s this whole other scene where the backups Zacchaeus Yeah, yeah. And they like and that seems set up so weird, where it’s like, oh, we captured him. Oh, but not really because we’re just like four doofuses standing on this platform. And he just like gets out and gets a hold of a crane and they have like this big you know, action sequence again, it just felt kind of off to me.

SLIM I actually forgot about that entire set piece until you just mentioned it like the finale of the movie I was pretty like exhausted like I was like doing more of this like holy smokes for out all about this.

DANNY And it’s also not that the scenes these action scenes aren’t like well crafted and in visually it’s like they’re they’re amazing, but man, I just need to I need to brake. Pump the brakes a couple times in this film

SLIM pump them pump them please. Honorable Mentions. Is snowy the best dog ever. Couldn’t be his. His apartment is awesome. This 50 This 12 year old reporter has like the best apartment in town. The ending was a bit of a snoozer for May the ship Yeah, so I still had fun with this movie. I love the dam set peace. I love the adventure the mystery the intrigue, I wanted more from this franchise, which sounds like a problem never happened but hope everyone’s happy they got three Hobbit movies instead. You do the math so it four stars for The Adventures of Tintin myself

PROTO yeah, I think there’s a lot of fun to be had in this movie. But I think altogether it it just doesn’t do it for me. Because like I said, I it kind of just runs runs out of steam there in the second half and I just kind of like lose interest both times I’ve launched this I’ve lost interest by the end of it. So I’m at three stars. Three stars

SLIM from proto I think

DANNY when I first saw this it was sitting at five stars and I still think this is a great movie the probably the best of any sort of mocap animated film of the 2000s that we got that mid or what like the first 10 years I don’t there’s been many since I do think this is the best of them and I think it’s an incredible scripts I love the the action scenes it’s well written I was at five stars but I’m I’m coming down to four on this. I don’t think I loved it as much the second time I watched it as the first I really was a bit exhausted by it but I still think it’s it’s easily the best motion capture animated film that we’ve gotten. Oh yeah, definitely.

SLIM Yeah, I was trying to think too about how my like getting board during the final act I was like was I bored the first time I watched this or have I just watched a ton more movies that balanced action and drama a little bit better since the first viewing like all those years ago? I don’t know.

DANNY But just the animation has taken animations taken a big jump since then. And in the stuff that we get now like, I think of into the spider verse and Klaus and Wolf walkers. I mean, what we’re seeing now with animation, it’s just, it’s becoming an unstoppable force. Cinema.

SLIM You’re right. Also, I do want to bring up was that the bad guys? The movie that came out? Recently? Yeah, I haven’t seen and I saw a trailer for posts in boots. And I’m not gonna repeat it. But there are spider versie animations happening in both of those movies. Did you catch that at all when you watched that movie?

PROTO Oh, yeah, totally. Yeah. And I love it. It looks so good. It’s such a good a good, just like style within it within animated movies. I think in some ways, though, like, anime has been doing this forever. And only now I guess if like Western studios have have like, adapted this style.

SLIM That’s true. Alright, so we have some letters and VMs to get to before we get to protos Peck for the animated summer aka Anam August. So let’s get to that. Now, to get to Ron’s email letters. What is our email 70 Mm Or just go to 70 of em. Use the links. So Ron writes in rewatching Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Edgar writes The Adventures of Tintin got me thinking about all the times that Spielberg and or George Lucas would team up with other filmmakers, Indiana Jones The Goonies Roger Rabbit, Captain EO. I feel like we don’t really see collabs of that scale too often anymore. I was just wondering if the three of you as all powerful executives of 70 mm studios could match any two or three filmmakers up with one another? Who would you want to see a collaboration from and what kind of project would it be grateful as always for the pod and the discord I can’t put into words what the community means to me your buddy, Ron, thank you, Ron. What a nice email.

PROTO That’s right. Ash, that’s

DANNY tough.

SLIM Is the age of the collab over.

DANNY I don’t know there’s something there’s something powerful about a solid collaboration, especially if it’s a mutual. Like there’s times I love working with other artists on stuff and bouncing ideas back and forth stuff that I wouldn’t have seen. And I feel like yeah, George and Spielberg were all buddy buddy, then I don’t know if it works is more I mean, trying to think of directors now that I would love to see colab together, maybe like a Jordan Peele and Celine Sciamma Oh, like, my four. Love Story. I don’t know. Something insane. Like some something you wouldn’t expect two people that I’m super impressed with these days.

SLIM mersch Marsh in chat. We got a leader from James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. Which by the way, I watched it a few years ago that has like the maybe the best CGI I’ve ever seen in a movie. I mean, I’m comfortable saying that three and a half star movie but not stuff in that movie. Goodness, not stuff, not stuff. Don’t Google that tell you what?

PROTO Yeah, there’s there’s some names and chat. i i Love Cronenberg’s ideas. I just I would love for someone like to like him to work with somebody to write him a script. Like, hey, this is my idea for a movie. Then like give it to Alex Garland? No, I haven’t seen men. Like give it give it to someone like him to write the script. Or even like gives someone write Nolan a script. I would love for Nolan to like be given a script and then

SLIM direct the action scenes in Mullins movie for him so that you can

DANNY we’ve already we’ve already asked Nolan to retire. Nolan retire

SLIM it’s over. It’s finished. Yeah. Are we gonna still love you? Are we doing an Oppenheimer episode in that trough so of course Holy smokes. You heard it here first. I think we have some VMs to help me get on my start emails. There’s a letter in there. Since about Wally, I didn’t read Roberts email last week did I five days ago. Robert writes in with a quick drink for sir cipet Hello, 70 Mm. I’m writing my first email into the show having just During the village, and been through the whirlwind of an experience that was the animated summer movie pole, as a new villager, I was in no way prepared for this. whilst watching the stream of messages in the villagers only channel occasionally I had to take a step back and think to myself, are we playing God right now? Nevertheless, seeing Wiley in the running, maybe remember when the movie first came out, I was five years old. Just read that again. I was five years old. And so badly wanted to see this. I had just recently started going to the cinema and when I had seen the trailer for this, it was a non negotiation between my father and I, my sister had been invited to a birthday party which included seeing Wally and a McDonald’s birthday Bonanza afterward. I just want to pause that sounds incredible. Medicine now get a 20 piece and Doug and we’ll see and Wally some barbecue sauce. Just fully monogamy so my poor father drove me to the cinema, but all the showings were booked out and the best he could do was to tickets to see space chimps 2008 no disappointment remains with me to this day. It was a Sunday and school started the next day. So I would go without seeing Wally as the weekend went by. But I did get a Wally action figure that Christmas still not having seen the movie. Regardless. Thank you for providing such a great space and a truly fun Podcast. I’m so happy to be finally part of the VHS village.

DANNY Oh no,

SLIM that is a terrible memory.

DANNY I’m in shots heard. I don’t like that.

SLIM I don’t even know how to doesn’t see

DANNY it lose the vote.

SLIM God what a brilliant is like well, he is. I wonder if I would feel the same way. I wonder I’d have like 1010 thoughts. You know, I don’t think do I want to go back to rewatch Wally are the memories good enough? The five star memories.

PROTO Sometimes, that’s all you need is the memories. When I go back,

SLIM it’s good to send back.

Hey 70 millimeter. I wasn’t planning on sending a voicemail this week. But once the establishment brutally and oppressively crushed a peaceful populist movement. By altering this meeting time at the last second I knew I could no longer remain silent. Despite what the propaganda and this community would have you believe Tintin is a beloved critically acclaimed film. It is insane. And yes, flawed. That is exactly what makes it so fascinating. So ripe for discussion and analysis, being the 10,000th podcast to discuss a universally agreed upon masterpiece. is uninteresting being the first don’t fact check that to discuss this Charlie Nygma will enter your name into the halls of history. Which side are you on?

SLIM My God? Which Side Are we on? Well, we already just said what sides were on. You know. There was oppression happening. I think we know which side was doing the oppressing. Right, bro?


DANNY They leave their name. Who was that?

SLIM The double disgraced. Let’s get into Jatha was Dylan by the way left that VM. Thank you, Don. We don’t agree or approve of any of what you said. And that’d be m by the way.

Hey, guys, it’s Jay show. Josh the layup. Oh, what a week for the village. I gotta say Prince of Egypt is one of my favorite films, let alone animated films of all time. So I would have loved to have that covered. And Akira looks awesome. I haven’t even checked it out yet. So I’m looking forward to potentially giving that a watch. But you know, 10 to one, and I’m happy about it. Tintin is something I have so many nostalgic, just really, really great childhood memories about I grew up reading old comics religiously, I swear, like every time I’d go to the library, I just get another Tintin book out and I loved them so much. And I used to watch the old Tintin animated show. I’m not sure if you guys saw this, or remember this, but my family had a boxset of the Tintin animated series. And every, every couple days would sit down in the lounge while we’re having dinner. And we’ll just watch one of these episodes. And I remember this movie coming out in high school. And myself and a few friends were was getting into film a little bit at the time, and we loved Steven Spielberg. We loved Peter Jackson because a Lord of the Rings. We didn’t know who Edgar Wright was yet, but that alone was enough to get us really excited about this thing. And we absolutely fell in love with the movie when it came out. It kind of blew our minds as to what animated movies could do. And I didn’t get a chance to rewatch it for this episode, but I rewatched it about a year ago, and I really think that it holds up as just something really special in the animated Bass i love it i still love it when I think about it to this day so it’s been a trial but thank you guys for covering this one in the end and thank you village.

SLIM Che sure

DANNY what a voice

SLIM I caught some editing in that VM Disher Thank you very much. Now you didn’t get it under the 90 seconds but that’s okay. JC does a podcast pod Zilla going through all the Godzilla movies by the way. Peroni thoughts and gestures voice

PROTO it’s it’s gorgeous. I mean is is that accent the best in the world. Putting it out that

SLIM you decide is Jace, you’re gonna come to our meetup in the greater Philadelphia area. Just verso hoarders Chase, you’re gonna take that 26 hour flight however long it takes from New Zealand. We’ll

DANNY come to you with that voice.

SLIM We didn’t mention it yet. But just a reminder supporters we’re having our first ever meet up. We’re going to on a movie screening. We pick the movie, we haven’t announced the movie. I wouldn’t have even talked about that. We haven’t even announced what movie. We’re going to be screening for our VHS village, Tyler, subject line the adventures of CG sins. So see what happens there. First off, it’s amazing to see what a real director like Spielberg does without the limitations of physical cameras. The editing and cinematography of this movie is incredible, especially the transitions with a pirate flashbacks. That one shot at the end where everyone is chasing the eagle was movie magic. However, I couldn’t help but feel that the movie was largely hamstrung by its realistic CG art direction. Things that would normally be passable in an animated movie suddenly seemed very out of place is Tintin 30 or 12? How can a man broke alcohol fumes into a plane as fuel? Should I feel sad about the captain’s alcoholism? Does Tintin bleed if he shot by a million guns? Also not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I kind of hate Andy Serkis unless he’s playing a creature. Anyway, I feel like if this movie was more stylized would be an easy five banger for me. And I would have loved to see it go on as sequels. But as it is, I’m at three stars. Finally. Huge shout out to you guys for the pod. I’m still working through the backlog of apps but 70 mm has prompted me to start my own weekly movie club with friends. We’ve had only 115 star movie so far. So I have to ask Josie and the Pussycats when that comes from Tyler aka danger beast. Thank you Tyler. Josie the Pussycats when proto?

PROTO I’ll be honest, that was not on my radar.

SLIM Does Tintin believe that’s a very good question. I don’t have the answer. Does anyone have the answer? I don’t know. That might be your last letter. Which means it is time It’s time for now the hosts mainly just one host right now. protos Episode is Next week Pro is going to be kicking off the host picks for the animated summer. We’ve gotten the villager vote out of the way which by the way, congratulations to K K. Do you want to spotlight that 1k K I remember distinctly when KK joined the Patreon he specifically asked for attend an episode and only took two and a half years wherever long it was. We finally made that dream a reality. Pardo we did it. Bro, it’s time people are waiting for your peg. Will he pick one of the movies from the pole or are they gone? Who knows? We’ll find out right now.

PROTO Yeah, so I am picking a Ghibli?

DANNY Oh, Mamma Mia.

PROTO I yeah, I you know, I wanted to be sure to get a Ghibli and for for August. You know, it had to it had to happen. And there’s there’s a lot that I would like to do that I’ve thought of doing. I mean, there was a few months ago, I was thinking like how can we do as a spiritual Spirited Away app. One of my favorite movies that I’ve seen is the wind rises. I think that’s I mean, I’ve only seen that once. And that was like my movie of the year I think in like 2020 that, like, changed my life. Has anyone else

SLIM sweating right now? Yeah.

PROTO And then of course Nausicaa I get a lot of I’ve only seen these movies once like Nausicaa changed my life as well. I would love to return to that. The movie that I’m picking is I think a movie that deserves it though. The set tried to set things right so I’m I’m picking Princess Mononoke okay.

SLIM Oh, why? Uh oh

DANNY my god oh my oh

PROTO some people were were really hurt and if I can do any you know that’s what we’re about here healing you know at the village seven Hmm If I can if I can heal just one person with this pick. It’s mission accomplished. Oh the healing began

SLIM let the healing begin streaming on HBO Max the fate of the world rests on the courage of one warrior 1997 Marcian Cha just scan Marcy says that the mixtape is doing that next week. Is this the first ever in podcast history to podcasts? In the same space it’s a covering movie I do want to call out movie and mixtape is doing an animated mix this month which is cracking me out it’s there’s there’s signs everywhere. Yeah, yeah, there’s a healing there’s a healing already happening. Danny What do you think about this

DANNY for a while Mononoke a was my favorite Ghibli not gonna lie there was up there it still is up there. I mean, Nasza took it down but I’m I’m so excited to talk about this movie with you guys.

SLIM Danny Mononoke a our successful start for the month of August IMO very successful art out an art. I got distracted by art asking where the art is in chat. I don’t know where I thought maybe we might get another reveal. For the first time just like he stayed in two days at a busy few weeks. It was on a 12 hour flight you know slingin Prince is to busy guy. We got big plans coming up soon.

PROTO People think Danny had his tablet under his under his table working on his art.

SLIM You seen Have you seen Casey’s IG stories she is ready for daddy to come home put all this podcast business aside. It’s time and this. Alright, so next week Princess Mononoke is streaming on HBO Max pro any any closing thoughts as we kick off the animated summer?

PROTO From from child star Tintin to Warrior Princess Mononoke. Okay. We’re off to a great start with this month. I mean, we’ve been like I said before, we’ve been killing it 90s action into animal August. It’s great. I can’t wait to talk about this movie.

SLIM We’ll see you next week.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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