Transcript: Somewhere in Time (1980)

37 min readSep 5, 2022


Transcript of 70mm’s Somewhere in Time (1980) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it's your old pal Slim, and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY I don't understand how it worked! Can you help me out, someone?

SLIM And our own spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO That attack on those that love Titanic, but wouldn't give this the time of day? Thank you, Art, for calling them out. Hypocrites.

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode is Proto's pick--or was it Chuck's pick? for lo-fi sci-fi month. The time traveling love story Somewhere in Time from 1980, starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. Feel free to use the chapters in your podcast app to skip ahead to that discussion. Unless you use Spotify, it doesn't work in Spotify. But Is love a dream? And can you hypnotize yourself to go backwards in time in order to find your true love? Let's find out... together.

[70mm theme ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Somewhere in Time is our featured presentation later in the show. And I just want to set the stage for this conversation, we're gonna get to the bottom of the hour. It's currently sitting at a 2.72 in our VHS Village right now. According to VGER, that collects, the supercomputer who loves movies that Proto built. Collects everyone's ratings for the movie of the week. 2.7 Danny, do you think there's any movie that has been near that range in the history of this podcast?

DANNY I think probably Dune 2021 was a two star... I can't remember really?

SLIM That was Danny. Danny said that on the show, that was Danny.

PROTO That was Danny. Well everyone knows VGER hasn't been updated with the full villager population in a long time, so that number of cannot be trusted in any way.

SLIM What do you think is more accurate? You think it could go lower or higher?

PROTO Higher! I mean, it's higher on LB, so we just have a lot of bad eggs leaving reviews right now.

SLIM Bad eggs. We don't allow bad eggs in the village first of all, period, end of story. But I'll read a good egg left a review. Close personal friend of ours, Art. I want to read Art's review just to kind of prep for our discussion later in the show. This is one of Art's faves. You know how he feels about Christopher Reeve, he pushed for Star Trek The Motion Picture episode, he pushed for Flash Gordon. He pushed for Superman.

PROTO Thank you Art.

DANNY Christopher Reeve was so good in Star Trek.

SLIM Oh God. "Titanic for us olds. Does that help? Everybody with Jack & Rose in their letterboxd top four but going on and on about how sappy this is, or how Chris and Jane fall in love too easily, too fast. Huh. Interesting. Friends, look inward. Free your hearts from those feet of clay, or next time Huey Lewis or Madonna ask if you believe in love, answer "no." This is five star, unabashed, sentimental bliss, with a love theme composed by the pen of Aphrodite. Settling in at 4.5 stars this watch because it looks awful." [Danny laughs] That's Art's review. Proto, any thoughts about that?

PROTO Those are some great thoughts about this movie. I think that attack on those that love Titanic that wouldn't to give this a time of day, thank you Art for calling them out. Hypocrites. Hypocrites. [Slim laughs]

SLIM I've never heard Art go so hard at people in a review on Letterboxd before. He went horde. So that's later in the show. We'll get to that just a bit later. We should talk about, this is our first episode since our first ever meet up in Jenkintown, PA. We screened a movie at the Hiway theater, my fav local theater and we had a little gathering afterward at Human Robot brewery. We didn't tell anybody what we're playing Danny but it came up on screen ever When washed it and experienced it together. Back to the Future, that was our movie.

DANNY There were people screaming from the rafters when the Universal logo popped up. When it said "Steven Spielberg Presents" I heard everyone plotzing. It was amazing.

SLIM Never heard so many people plotzing at one time in one location.

DANNY Insane.

PROTO A lot of plots. I think that was groogrux in the back yelling, "YES!" Was that him?

DANNY Drop the audio in.

SLIM I could actually because Grant who works at the Hiway, is a member of the Village, recorded that moment. So maybe I will drop.

DANNY What a beautiful moment.

[clip of groogruxdave freaking out plays]

SLIM And then Proto, we had trivia later that night at Human Robot with our friends.

PROTO Yeah. Fantastic round of trivia provided by our friends from Canada. Sophs, Boom and Jessrae, thank you so much for doing that. It was all 70mm based about trivia from the show, most of which I didn't know. [Slim & Danny laugh] Which is a bizarre thing, to have lived through all moments of the show and not know most of the trivia about it.

SLIM I think even what the first show specific question was about what scene did Proto leave the theater to go pee during The Rise of Skywalker? And if I recall correctly, you got that answer wrong.

PROTO No, I had it right. You had it wrong! [Danny laughs] You didn't understand the question.

SLIM I remember you wandering around the tables, trying to get someone to agree with you that your answer was right. Like, "this is that scene, right?"

PROTO No, no, because the other table grades it. So we had a bad grade. It was a false negative. So I had to, I had to I had to get proof that I was right.

DANNY Maybe we drop that audio here too.

PROTO And it was justified, in the end, my point was awarded for the team. We didn't win though so it didn't matter. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM All the hosts were sitting at different tables. And if I recall correctly, Danny's table was like in a distant last place during trivia. And then there was the music section of the trivia portion and then Casey, her eyes lit up. I'm pretty sure she got like 10 answers correct in a row and you guys ended up winning.

PROTO Woke from her slumber.

SLIM Yeah, I don't know how it happened.

DANNY She hears in music anyway. When you're talking, it's just like you're singing at her. So it was, she had this on lock the entire time.

SLIM It was pretty gross, to be honest.

DANNY I was disgusting.

PROTO 19 out of 20 points scored in that round.

DANNY How do I monetize this part of Casey's brain? That's what I want to know. [Slim laughs]

PROTO You just setup a phone line like, like Shazam, where people just like call her and hold the phone up to the lyrics.

SLIM So that meetup was just for supporters and we have some new ones. Just real quick to say hello, Grant, Ethan, Joe Sanders and Derek all joined this week. So maybe we'll have another meetup. And maybe, you know, maybe another city. Maybe it's Florida. Maybe it's Canada. Maybe it's LA, right, there's a Disney over there?

PROTO Chicago.


SLIM Ohhh. Music Box. Can we rent out Music Box?

DANNY Can we afford it? [Danny laughs]

SLIM I don't know if we can afford it. I don't know if the credit card might be maxed out.

DANNY We're maxed. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Another related to our supporters, we give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro, gets rid of ads every week if you share the show on social media, but I think it's reserved for a special member of our community. She was not able to make it to the meetup, but she came down for brunch the next day. And I just noticed that one bekschex does not have Letterboxd Pro. So beks, you now have Letterboxd Pro for making the trip. We all met up for breakfast the next day at IHOP in Jenkintown.

PROTO Internationally famous. [Slim laughs]

SLIM The Canadian contingent of our group had never been to an IHOP, so if anyone's curious why we went to an IHOP in Jenkintown, PA, that's why. They also, to be fair, our Canadian friends also brought ketchup flavored chips down as if we'd never heard of ketchup flavored chips.

DANNY We invented ketchup and chips.

SLIM Dill flavored chips. That's old news.

DANNY I feel sick.

SLIM Very successful. Hopefully we can do another one in the not too distant future. Proto, any movies that you watch this week I want to talk about?

PROTO No, the only movie I got to watch was our meetup movie, Back to the Future. And if I could just say, it's been a long time since I've seen this i think i Last time I watched it was I was probably my teen years. You know very young. In my movie watching career. You know, very much a green horn as you say not not having enough context and experience within films to appreciate what most movies or classics that as they say could be. So watching this again after all these years, and in a theater with my wife, Jenna was there, JR Scrolling at the show, and she had never seen it before. And we just had a great time. I think this is one of the all time scripts, just in terms of good and the writing the humor. And then also like the casting for this movie is amazing. I gave it five stars. I was really blown away at how fun this movie was. And all I kept thinking was like, why can't they make movies like this anymore?

DANNY Agh, gotta ask the questions.

PROTO If only.

SLIM Yeah, I'd never seen it on it on the big screen and ever seen it in a theater, which I like never realized. So I was also I haven't often watched a movie without looking at my phone every 40 minutes. So I was the year that like you're forced to, maybe I'm the only person that looks at my phone when I watch movies often but probably I was noticed in all sorts of things that I never noticed. And I've seen this movie several times. Like when they go to when he goes to Doc's house. You know he plays the guitar like Lars and Metallica, and he leaves and it's like this first it's like this one floor shack gated up and then he turns the corner is like a Burger King or whatever. But in the past, that's his garage he has this gorgeous house right and that's not there in modern day he just lives in that garage which I thought was a pretty interesting little detail.

DANNY I thought you're gonna bring up the Twin Pines nonsense that's been memed to hell.

SLIM No, I've seen that on Twitter maybe 6 million times. There's always somebody every three months, "Did you notice this detail about Back to the Future?" Meanwhile, I'm worried about his crappy garage for the first time.

PROTO Coming soon to a streaming service near you, Doc: The Untold Years. [Slim laughs]



SLIM How about Crispin Glover? Ya boi.

PROTO Oh my god!

DANNY He's so good in this.

PROTO Amazing. Amazing.

SLIM Yeah, his laugh at that dinner table.

PROTO I said in my review, he's now my cinematic father. I'm forcing an adoption. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Headlines from the Proto arrested. Wife and children grieve. Danny, what did you watch this week? Anything?

DANNY Gosh, I watched a few movies because I had time on an airplane heading up to Jenkintown. So one I want to talk about, I finally put on because it was on thanks to Delta. Death on the Nile, 2022.

SLIM No...

DANNY It is a very bad movie. I stopped at an hour in. I couldn't take it anymore. It was probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. That's counting the one we're about to cover. But it gets to like an hour of movie and I don't even know what was going on anymore. And I saw so many comments about, yeah, like the video effects are being brought up again. I didn't even notice how bad they were because the script was so bad. I couldn't get over how bad just the story was in this movie and the acting. It was horrific. I honestly turned it off. I haven't turned off a movie in a long time.


DANNY I just, it was bad. Not for me.

SLIM How was Gal? How was Gal?

DANNY She's not good in it. And I mean, I don't know. I don't know what to say. I mean, we know they're solid actors.

SLIM You seen the Imagine video she did.

DANNY Okay. We might gotta cut that. I don't want to talk about it. [Slim laughs] Anyway, Death on the Nile is not good. People were right. What else did I watch? Rainmaker, the Rainmaker from 1997, a Francis Ford Coppola movie based on a John Grisham novel. That's why I had to watch this. It's got a Matt Damon, and Danny DeVito, Jon Voight, Claire Danes, Mickey Rooney.

SLIM Mickey Rooney.

DANNY Solid cast. It was a fine movie. It was a fine courtroom drama. Matt Damon's young. He's great in it. So solid three star movie had a good time. grish didn't didn't feel like a Coppola movie, but it was interesting.

SLIM So why did you watch it? Because of Grisham?

DANNY It was because it was a John Grisham novel that Francis Ford Coppola was directing this movie, like it was based on one of his books. It was like a weird combo of the two so had to see it. And an insane cast as well. And Danny DeVito is probably the best part of it, he's great in this movie.

SLIM Love DeVito.

PROTO You got hooked by a 90s marketer in 2022.

DANNY Oh yeah.

PROTO Through time. Amazing. Rainmaker marketing is still working.

DANNY Still working.

SLIM The power of Self Hypnosis. Anything is accomplishable. Do I want to talk about a movie before we get to Somewhere in Time... I've been grinding hard, watching a lot of movies, doing a lot of prep. So for The Letterboxd Show, we have our like next three or four guests lined up so I'm trying to get ahead of the game, you know, less weekend movie watching, more family time. Maybe more X Files time. Did I mention that I'm watching The X Files? I can't remember.

DANNY Your Instagram stories have mentioned that you're watching The X Files.

SLIM I've just hit Season Two. I'm all in again on X Files. I just hit the cried check episodes where he shows up for the first time. Molder comes out of the FBI swimming pool in his Speedo, iconic moment in early season two. But I don't know how much I can talk about this because it's premiering at TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival. I watched this movie because by the time this episode post, we'll have interviewed the director already, but I watched this movie called I Like Movies. The synopsis: socially inept, 17 year old cinephile Lawrence Queller, gets a job at a video store, where he forms a complicated friendship with his older female manager. I loved it. Movie the year for me. I was cracking up watching it. It's I like almost sarcastically wrote in my room that this is my Clerks.

DANNY That's a good one.

SLIM But it reminds me of, you know, like Superbad comes to mind. Napoleon Dynamite also comes to mind when I was watching this movie. But the editing was amazing, the acting was so good. I mean, it's like this movie was made for me. It's this young kid working at a video store who's a narcissist, and needs to get woken up a little bit before he goes to college.

DANNY That's like reading your Wiki page. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM You've been listening to Chuck Foresman too often with that pronunciation. But I'm, I don't know. I mean, it'll be premiering at TIFF so I don't have no idea distribution. It could be eight months for all I friggin know when it's gonna be out. But add it to your watchlist.

DANNY So better than Top Gun: Maverick? [Slim sighs] Should we even bother comparing the two?

SLIM You know, it's not fair to Tom to make those comparisons. I want to stay positive on this podcast.

PROTO Let Slim just have this moment. We don't have to get down to likthe nitty gritty of, you know, favorite movies. He's just riding waves for now. December comes around, we'll sort it all out then.

SLIM Oh my god. What if we do like a special end of year episode where we reveal our like movie of the year or something or like our top four. Maybe we can make people vote. Maybe be like a prize or something.

PROTO New Year's Eve!

DANNY Dale's waving his hands from the box right now saying no, not don't do this. [Slim laughs]

SLIM What is Tom Cruise doing in that GIF? He's holding an invisible phone to his ear that Paul just posted. I don't want to know.

DANNY That's probably some Apple event.

PROTO That's not Tom. That' a deep fake.

SLIM We should get into the movie of the week, Somewhere in Time. 1980. This is our first movie for the theme this month, Lo-Fi sci-fi and maybe we should talk about like what we consider Lo-Fi sci-fi to be there are some questions in our Discord. I think like a lot of people, myself included can say it's like low budget science fiction. So they're not like able to really do a ton of special effects. So it's almost like in the background. So low budget fare kind of fits into that. But I think even expensive movies that maybe just push science fiction aspects to the background would fit just fine. So Somewhere in Time, I was about to say it was Proto's pick, but if you check the tapes last week, Proto, that might not be the case.

PROTO Check the tapes, Chuck Foresman. I once again, gave up my pick to someone else. I've lost track of how many times I've done this. And I don't do it for the fame or the glory. It's really just given someone else, giving them a moment.

DANNY That's what Jesus said when he got up on the cross too. [Slim laughs]

SLIM I stepped off the cross and Proto has climbed up on the cross this episode. Proto, what is Somewhere in Time. Jayne Seymore, Christopher Reeve, 1980?

PROTO For all recorded time, humans have lived with the belief that time is an element untouchable. It is felt every day in every moment and cannot be unbound, forwards or back. But what if there was a force stronger that could break the clench that time has on our reality and allow us to leave the moment of now and go somewhere else? Richard Collier believes that he can do it and more importantly he must do it because Elise is out there the part of him that has been missing the reason for his living. Somewhere in Time.

SLIM I mean that hook played a lot in this vision a lot a lot.

PROTO Like Halloween

DANNY Can we can we read up this movie with the Halloween soundtrack?

SLIM Yeah, him hiding around her somewhere in time recut with Halloween, John Carpenter. I believe I think we mentioned it last week, but I'd heard of this movie. Somehow before. It ended up being Chuck's back, not protos back. And it was from an article that I'd read where Jane Seymour talks about how she and Christopher Reeve fell in love. unsettles me and I fucked up. I pulled the microfiche article and I was mad I read. I've read the text down. Chris and I when we made the film we literally fell madly in love Seymour said at the TCM classic film festival. We were madly in love and life was wonderful. We were both single. It was fantastic. Amazing experience. Conversion those two single on the set of this movie.

DANNY This was a rated R movie.

PROTO Gives people some context. This is the year after Superman. Yeah, fuck he's at his height.

SLIM God bless America. The both of them. I don't think Jane Seymour's American note reading. The article goes on to say she explained what went down. Well hold on a second. I think it ended their little torrid love affair. Oh, my. Seymour received the shocking news that Reeve was expecting a baby with his ex girlfriend. The same day the actors were to shoot the love scene as well as the breakup scene. Oh, my God, that's insane. We were We remained really, really close friends literally until the day he died. I have to believe that I will one day see him somewhere in time.

SLIM Yes, that's a real quote. She literally

DANNY is in the show now.

SLIM This was not protos pick. But we'll start with Frodo. Thank you for our three things that we wrote down while watching this movie. Part of why you start.

PROTO So a theme that I've talked about before is the idea that movies movies feel like dreams at times. And there's a lot of elements in this movie that I think give that that feeling. And I know some people mentioned that in their reviews. I saw some some of them saying like they didn't like it as much. But there's things like there's a haziness to this movie. I think overall, that kind of that gives it that feeling. There's a lot of like lingering moments between the two characters, Richard and Elise, where they're like looking at each other or he's like gazing into her portrait. And then like this, like the camera kind of wanders a little bit. So I think all of those, like build the sense of being in like a dreamscape. And I really liked that about this.

SLIM Are we getting a proto Forestar tonight, for somewhere in time they've been getting by. I noticed it specifically when he goes into that, like library archive or whatever. And the butter filter went on hard in there. Like everything is buttery. It's almost like I just put in contact lenses and walked into that room for the first time. So yeah, it was all over the place. It definitely reminded me of like older movies when a woman would be on screen like in black and white movies, you know where the, the, the camera would be adjusted ever so slightly to give that kind of beaming look. But yeah, definitely in several spots in the movie.

DANNY It's almost like they went back in time to when cinematographers didn't exist. That's the look that they were going for for this film. They were like, Oh my gosh, legit. You know, of the time,

SLIM Danny, what's your number one note that you wrote down for somewhere in time?

DANNY My notes, I think are all questions for this movie. Because there's a lot I have question. So in the beginning, when she goes up to him, it's current day, she's not dead yet. Hands him the gorgeous Hamilton pocket watch. Absolute gorgeous timepiece, probably the best part of this movie. She says, Come back to me. Okay. Now I know when we talk time travel. They're like things that feel like, like, it feels like Back to the Future, like defined how time travel is told in movies and stuff like that. But I don't understand how the time travel worked. And that's not how we got how we got back. But I don't understand. The conversations have come back to me. And then when he gets back in time. They know him somehow like they say, is it you? Or is it him? Like I'm confused on on how all of this work? The story is lost on me. Can you help me out someone?

SLIM I was curious about that moment where because she he's stalking her in the flight and she's just having a great time. And then she's like, are you Halloween

DANNY theme is playing in the woods? And then I was like, wait

SLIM a minute, how does she know? But she alludes to a conversation she has with her and like, not love her manager Christopher Plummer plumber that says at some point, some man is going to come and try to take you away. I think that's what she was referencing.

DANNY But how do they know?

SLIM How does she know how he time traveled?

DANNY No... Yes.

SLIM Does he ever say in their conversations that like, "Oh, I'm Christopher Reeves from the future?"

PROTO She doesn't know. But she knows something else.


PROTO I can't... I can't.... [Danny laughs]

DANNY I need help!

PROTO I can't give it to you! Then you won't understand it!

DANNY But I want to understand!

PROTO I thought you actually didn't like this movie because you didn't like it. It's just that you don't get any of it. Is that what happened?

DANNY I don't understand how it worked!

PROTO Danny, I just said movies are dreams. [Slim laughs] This movie is a dream.

DANNY But when she says come back to me in the present time, she knows he went back to the future... [Slim laughs] I just can't figure it out. That's the problem.

PROTO He went back to the past.

DANNY He went to the past. His rom touched a penny and went back to the future again and died of sadness. But when when in that time period does, like she still goes is alive in the future. But he goes back to eight years after she died. I get that. But like, I don't understand it.

SLIM To be totally frank, I don't really understand it either.

DANNY I'm asking for your help, Proto.

PROTO He she says that to him, because if he doesn't go back to her, they never meet. Because for her that him going back hasn't happened yet.

SLIM So she's got to make sure that that makes sure it does happen.

PROTO You're in the same way that he saw his name and the ledger. He has to be sure that his name is in the ledger in the same way that he saw it.

DANNY But how does she know?

SLIM I don't think we're going to get an answer in this conversation.

DANNY Because I'm okay with you. But how does she know? When she is going to hand him that watch and that time? How does she know?

SLIM Maybe she saw the play? Maybe she saw a play because she's in town, right? She's like, wait a minute, that name sounds familiar. And then maybe she sees it because she's like an actress. Right? She doesn't actually call your is what was his play called too much spring, maybe one of the worst titles ever heard for a show? And she goes there.

PROTO wish she would also know that he is no longer she was there when he left like right when he was ripped out of the past Back to the Future. Like she says she knows something happened with him. He

SLIM just disappeared. Maybe we'll unfurl the answer in this conversation. About somewhere in time I do about questions we'll skip I do want to talk about that pocket watch a little bit. Oh, mind if we can't do I need a pocket watch? That is a gorgeous piece. I will not lie to you. I was on eBay searching Hamilton. pocket watches as I was watching. I

DANNY have one right here. Ah, yeah,

SLIM they didn't wasn't that like an employee's pocket watch or something was that you were trained or that got one? Mine

DANNY was from my dad's grandpa from World War whatever.

SLIM Oh, that was the other thing we were talking about. I'm not sure if we talked about this at breakfast. But there it is, like, imagine us gifting each other watches are like the show and we liking

DANNY the bag. Majan

SLIM that would be hot. My God. And then we just watch the next 20 or 30 years and it's got this like nice engraving on the back. And then when our kids took over the podcast, we can hand it down to and they watched somewhere in time. And yeah, George is like, I don't get how did he? How did she know? I did like to when she walked off the seating area. There's just a hush. Across everyone. Everyone stops talking when this elderly woman just starts walking towards the party. Can we not just make it super awkward crepes? Well,

PROTO I mean, there's something else going on there.

SLIM But they don't know that. If you saw on if you were putting on a play and an old woman was walking near group of people, would you just stop moving?

PROTO Were you guys really that out of sync? Well, like washing this person out of sync?

Oh my god.

SLIM Mr. Mephistopheles says they're respecting their elders. It was weird. It was weird thing on moving on. My number one point. Am I in love with Jane Seymour? Yes, yes. All right. Next question. So this is younger Jane Seymour. She kind of looks like Florence Pugh. A little bit. Like if I were

to say that

SLIM noted Florence Pugh. hater, proto?

PROTO No, not I wish the best for her. I hope she eventually you know, has you know, breaks out and has a successful career

SLIM ever. I just think that if you were to Photoshop, Florence Pugh in this movie, they'd be twins. They're literally twins. So proto number two on your list.

PROTO So this is my little pet theory. Oh, about this movie. I didn't really give any backstory. But I've seen this movie, at least twice before. This is a movie that I guess we owned it. We had it on VHS. And it's one of those movies that I would watch with my mom. There was like a bunch of movies we would watch on repeat. And this was this was one of them that I've seen a couple of times. And I never thought about this. But like you're saying there's some there's something going on in the past where people seem to know what's going on. And my pet theory that I came watching it this time is that her manager Robinson is also a time traveler.

DANNY Oh, okay, let's, let's hear it.

PROTO So what would happen as at some point, in the same way that Richard Christopher Reeves character came across a lease. He did as well. But he was not compelled by love, but by something else that is like hidden to us. So this is this would be how he knows that Richard will be her downfall. Because if he's in the future, and he, he sees a lease in the past, and he wants to go back to her, he would know that in 1912, something happens to her where her career just ends, right. But then he would also have knowledge that he was back there because he would maybe see his name in the same way that Richard saw his name. So when he goes back, he knows that something's going to happen to her in 1912. So that's why he has that great line when they're outside. And he says, I know who you are. Because I like to believe that he actually does know what's going to happen. And even though it's written down his history, he's trying to change it. So

SLIM that would be pretty cool. If there was like, if you go back and re watch the movie in modern day scenes, like Plummer is in the shadows or something like maybe he's at that like launch party for too much spring or he's on a magazine cover. Yeah, like and it kind of is like a little inside storyline thing. However, I don't agree. I think it's a very sound hypothesis, but it's not one that I subscribe to personally. Danny number two,

DANNY when she says come back to me, okay. This is okay. Here's my other question. When Okay, let's just say I understand all of us, okay. She, this is this is in the current time she gives him the stopwatch to come back to her so that so that he can time travel back. And had they can have their romance with each other. Okay? And if she doesn't do this at the romance doesn't happen. Correct. So this has happened. And he jumps back to the future when he when he touches the penny, and then dies. So does this exist anymore after his death? Like, if I don't even know how I'm trying to I'm trying to explain this. I don't understand the logic of like, so. Sorry, I'm just in my head. I'm so confused by

PROTO time travel movie, it really feels like it

honest to God.

SLIM Comic book logic. We've read this read this a ton of times in comics, where it's like, Warren Ellis planetary where they have to do this, it has to continue. Or it's time as a flat circle, like time is happening at any point, like you have to just do it again for it to continue to happen to those in the past or whatever.

DANNY But she wants him to come back. And when he does, knowing that he's going to disappear into the future again,

SLIM right? Yeah, probably. But I mean, her younger self isn't going to know that she still wants her younger self to experience what she did. Even though it will end in heartbreak. Yeah, she wants those three days. How many days were together? How many days? Were there? Yeah, like two or three days?

PROTO 36 hours?

SLIM I don't 30 Was it 36? I don't know. I don't know what to call it that. Or we get art to confirm he's the somewhere in time historian.

PROTO But yeah, the thing that that I love about that is that it is it is like a circle right? Because she he comes back to her. They have their their days together, she lives her whole life. She sees him again tells him to come back he goes back again. Right and it's it's a loop. The only thing that is constant that is carried over is the watch the watch the key gives it to her, and he and then she gives it to him. So the watch is carried back through time, which is an interesting thing because eventually you would wonder what happens to an object that is eternally carried through time backwards. But it's just something to think about. Of course, it's like a perfect you know, item to have it's a stopwatch

SLIM even if it was three days. Is 1912 You're wearing the same suit. You have no deodorant. That suit is probably wool. Okay,

body was begging to last out of that suit that was

DANNY A bust out you can make three

SLIM days he's been wearing that outfit not showering and then they knock boots. While odor in that room allegedly.

Smell of love.

SLIM My number 2am I in love with Christopher Reeve. Yes. He looks insane. He's gorgeous. Yeah, he is a stunner. I mean, what amazing casting for him as Superman, right? Is that like top three casting decisions in movie history? All times? Maybe it's number one who knows? But he's a vision. He looks gorgeous. I mean, he's so tall. He's got great hair. I just love seeing him walk around. I think that was one of my notes. What was the Michael Caine Christopher Reeve movie that art previously that's trying to Deathtrap he looks fantastic in that movie. That's better game. Yes, this is what was nine Deathtrap if you're looking for a good Christmas or a great Christmas movie movie. Check out debt trap. I wish that would become streaming hopefully it is at some point in the future. It's a lot of fun. But man what a what a what a great actor and there were some chat in discord this week from I think Timothy from maybe some others point out that like that clip was circulating Chris Reeve trashing Marlon Brando. He kind of just went lazy in his acting career later in life was reading lines off babies on set didn't want to be there, whatever. And I know that there's some stuff about Christopher Reeve that he was kind of like a hard a on sets. And I tried to find a try to just do some more research on that. It generally seems to be that he just really respected the craft of acting a lot. And he probably had a big chip on his shoulder from being Superman so early in his career, so maybe that's what that was.

PROTO About the scene where he was hiding behind the chair when he first goes back in time.

And that couples How big was that chair?

DANNY There's no way that bodies hide behind that chair.

SLIM He's nine feet tall, nine feet tall. I mean, just some jaw dropping some honorable mentions here. How about him just staring at that photo? Have her? Yes.

DANNY The Hagon ever room?

SLIM Yeah, like he is obsessed with her. It's crazy, right? Like, he just goes in, sees the photo of her and he's an addict. He's literally addicted to her after like an hour looking at that thing.

DANNY Does he? Okay, this is another time travel question. Sorry. Does he realize it's her because he's already seen her in the past?

SLIM I'm sure that has something to do with it. In my opinion, like he has some kind of, because when he sees serious connections

DANNY in Hershey time in that Grand Hotel, he goes to that history room,

SLIM he's probably drawn to it. Right a lot. He

DANNY already has a connection to it. Is it because of probably the history is already happened? Yeah.


PROTO will say you guys like trolling me right now.

SLIM I will say that it's completely bull S. that Arthur, remember remembers Christopher Reeve. He was what four years old? He's he remembers Christopher Reeve when he was four years old throne.

DANNY lobby or core memory with that,

SLIM out of here with that that's he played with that ball for

PROTO like three years. And that long as there's a man who went behind the desk and got the ball for him, he remember telling me he wouldn't remember that. How did that make you win? Remember

SLIM that? How did that kid not get slapped by his dad, because his dad takes the ball away from him puts it behind the counter, he comes back out, his son has the ball again. It's 1912. That kid is getting beat. So Chris Murray is probably core memory because Oh, you're that guy that made me get beat up by my dad, when you got that ball for me.

PROTO You were in my relationship with my dad.

SLIM I'm still doing this job. years later. Part of what's your number? Three, three? Well,

PROTO I'm really like disturbed by just like some of the questions that you guys are asking. And I was hoping that you would like, kind of like realize it. But I feel like I will just have to explain it for you as to what is going on? Movie. So if slim producer you might want to, at this point, start the score behind the words, as I speak them. But what's really happening? More so in the time traveling and how things make sense? How do they know each other? It's the love that they have together. In order to understand the Romans, you need to have experienced a love that you think only exists in fiction. But it is real. There is a love that lives outside of our thoughts and feelings. It is in the very fabric of time and space itself. We are mere threads in the tapestry of reality and when two threads become entangled, there is an understanding deeper and more meaningful that escapes the language of words that escapes what we know of ourselves. We touch heaven. We touch the great mystery that is behind the veil, the meaning that gives meaning to the meaningless. When Elise and Richard see one another, they are not merely seeing flesh and blood. They are seeing the unattainable object. They are finding hope in a world that felt hopeless to your villager, if we are only so lucky to be entangled within the life of another that we should draw close to the infinite to the unapproachable light. If you doubt that there is more than what you see, I pray you reconsider and believe that the world is not devoid of greater things. And that even time itself will not deny them. Does it make sense now?

DANNY Yes, thank you.

SLIM I've got the size of that hotel. That was huge.

I go to that hotel.

DANNY Yes, it's expensive as hell. It's like really 100 A night.

SLIM We haven't the next meetup there.

DANNY Yo they have a theater down by the water. The grand spiritual

SLIM advisor proto throwing a Hail Mary pass to art in the endzone somewhere in time game. Danny, what's your number two

DANNY when she says I have another question about the time travel. Why was the penny so triggering that it would send him back? I don't Is it like saying that he got so lost that he forgot that he was from

SLIM no because the scientists teacher whatever His thing was, you can't have a modern day object In your self hypnosis journey, because if you see something from modern day it brings you back to modern day. So that Penny was like, just by seeing you seeing it touching it, it brings you out of

DANNY it. Interesting.

SLIM I mean, we have to talk about that too. I mean, I joked in my review that there's a terrible scene, Inception 1912 where he's literally self hypnotizing himself in that hotel. Whoa, that and he just time travels. It's pretty crazy. I like that actually. That's like the most low fi sci fi thing you could even

DANNY I agree. It doesn't get any more Lo Fi than that. How about

PROTO I've taken him three days though. The realize that the tape recorder is holding him back.

Is that like the most obvious thing? Oh, Lord.

SLIM Yeah, that's a bummer. It's also fascinating to me that the teacher, I mean, he really opens up Christopher Reeve about self hypnosis, travel, like he lets loose to this guy doesn't even remember it. But he says that he did it, and he never did it again. And in my head, I was like, Man, you could type you could get yourself the time travel. And you'd only do it once. And I honestly I wasn't I. I mean, especially considering Christopher Reeves. Experience. Would you want to do it again? At that point? Would you ever wonder about you?

DANNY I mean, he tried, right.

SLIM He wanted it? Uh, yeah. But I mean, I don't know. I didn't try that hard.

PROTO I mean, it's an it's a cool concept. It's almost, it feels like that's something that you would want to have something that would bring you back. Right? Like he's upset that he's taken out of it, and it's brings them back to the present. But really, if you were, you know, maybe in another movie where someone is able to Hypno you know, hypnotize themselves to the past, they would probably want to have something to like, bring them out of it.

DANNY Totem. Yeah.

PROTO But um, I actually thought that's probably the most disappointing scene of this movie watching it again. Is him being pulled back to the present? It's just pretty. I mean, the the effect is pretty low. Yeah, it's just like they take the picture. And yeah, it just like it's just Jane Seymour. Like the picture getting smaller until black screen and there's like nothing else.

DANNY Really. That's because I didn't have a cinematographer. Last

SLIM alleged lack of cinematographer, these Christopher Reeve, photos of his like zombies, they are out of control. I'm

DANNY disgusted. They're better pictures of this man from this movie.

SLIM My number three. I don't think I haven't I think I might have noticed, or might have noted everything. I guess my main thing is, like, it's three days. You know, I mean, I don't know maybe I haven't experienced that kind of weekend love. You know, but I just have trouble grasping on to falling for someone that hard in such a short amount of time. I mean, we're also, I don't know, I'm, I'm already talking myself out of it. But like, she had to have experienced something. In the next, however, 70 years, I would hope. I just wish or I would think that she experienced something strong enough to replace what she had with Christopher Reeve on one weekend at this hotel, that it wouldn't, she wouldn't be drawn to his show. At that point. I don't know. It was just kind of like a downer note for me. Three days, you know, live and let live. You'll meet somebody else to have a sweaty smellies sexy weekend with perto What's your honorable mentions final thoughts?

PROTO When when he when they first meet out on the lake, and she says is it you? I gasped. Oh my god. I love that scene her her wardrobe in this I think it actually it was nominated for an Oscar for the costume design. Yeah, her some of her gowns. I think that the gown that she wore when they like went out on their date. Incredible. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Jane Seymour just like is ravishing throughout this, this whole picture. And then also the scene where she's giving her performance in the play. And she has that whole monologue where she's talking directly to him. Right some oh my god, I love that scene. This movie has, I think it has like a sentimental value to me as I saw it. A long time ago. There's a certain comfort to it. But I also just I love the love story in this I think if you're like what you guys are saying to me it just seems like you're just missing the whole like, like love is bigger than something that you can understand or comprehend. And that not even time would keep these two people apart. And anything that you would say about the relationship oh it's only 36 hours or whatever it's it's more than that though because like they're they're they're like meant to be in a like a profound and you might people might find that sappy but I love that aspect of this that these are two people who are meant to be together what is bringing them together is beyond is it's like it's it doesn't have to be like God or but there's like some force of love that exists that is that is that is allowing them to find each other and the fact that he would see her picture and that would think to him like I have to find a way to travel back in time to find here. I find that incredibly romantic and I love how this story plays out. I think this movie has like the dream aspect in in spades that I love in movies. So I cherish this this is a five star Thank you very much and good night.

SLIM If I find out Perl knows how to time travel using self hypnosis, I'm gonna friggin lose it

DANNY all it was all mine. Going to a once though

SLIM to sell pro met Jenna. Love fi sci fi month time travel. Danny What's your final thoughts? Honorable Mentions.

How about 30 Photoshop?

DANNY How will back the shaping tissue stuck on his face? Christopher was so long I couldn't get over how long was on his face for Yeah. I think you're misunderstanding me. Not that. I didn't hate this movie. This is this is a good movie. Oh, it's enjoyable. And I liked watching it. But also it's a bad movie. Like it's it's not made very well. Like it's if the this had a better I don't know direction an actual cinematographer. But still with these two I think this really could have been something but I really didn't enjoy watching like it's there's something about it that was just kind of dull. Like this is just like um, I don't know, I question the site the time travel stuff a lot of got in my head but it's not a it's I enjoyed it's a it's it's just it's fun to watch Christopher in this and Jane in this. So I'm sitting at

SLIM two stars for this. Two stars. The knockin boots. The whole filming of this movie,

DANNY I needed more knockin from these two.

SLIM How about when he cuts his own hair perfectly? In 1912 snip snip li stemmy amazing cut. I don't know how he did it.

DANNY When she takes her hair down though. looking into his eyes. You

SLIM can stop it, getting Mirena explicit tag. That's episode. Those are all of my notes. I not like this movie. The hotel is gorgeous, though. Fantastic. The leaves are stunning. I'm gonna two stars for somewhere in time. You know, but I'm glad that we could come together and see it from different perspective. You know? Yeah, that's what people appreciate with the show. Right? Lo Fi, sci fi. It's kicking off. Big time, big time with somewhere in time. Who was making a comment about budget and chat. I don't want us to get too roped in a budget constraints where

we go. Low budget. See what is pick the last Jedi?

SLIM We have to get to the feedback. Is this above the dune line? Can someone do the math? I don't do math. No, it's not above the dune line. Dan, can I change my vote? My braiding.

DANNY This is a four star movie.

SLIM Um, we have an email you can send us an email a voice memo audio file 70 Mm We have let's see we have a letter and a VM at one VMs at two minutes by the way Oh, I don't know anybody out from the timezone but it's a little bit of a long one on me. Get my email machine up here. Blue people, people people people pull. backs and chat knows Lo Fi If eyes what you believe in your heart Don't let the man constrain you into what Lo Fi means. It comes from Diego subject line idea for the next three pilot episode

DANNY three Diego doing some work.

SLIM Hey guys, so it can't be any easier than this. Just hear me out. Okay next pilot episode of The Sopranos after that Breaking Bad. And last but not least Mad Men. If you guys have not seen any of these shows, there's still time a must. That's all I have for now. Oh, wait, one last thing. When will you do an episode on the best movie ever? Okay, Schindler's List. Love you guys. And gracias. That's from Diego. Part What do you think about those TV pilots?

PROTO Diego, I'm sorry, but you might have just confirmed that we'll never do them

SLIM the secret to us covering something you want us to cover is never mentioning.

PROTO Although one of those has come up in conversation. Yeah,

SLIM for sure has come up one of those interests may we also have something in something as being discussed in DMS about row or next pilot episode might be stay tuned. It's all I can say. But I like the pilot episode format so far. I'm having regular enjoying it was just for patrons just for supporters so far. So if you're curious what the hell we're even talking about. We did a episode on the pilot of last we did an episode on the pilot of X Files. And we're making plans. The next one, just for supporters. To get to our VM here. This comes from Christian.

Hey, 70 mm pod. Second time caller. longtime listener. This is Christian, the perennial Tinder Swiper and film lover from Portland, Oregon. Not gonna lie. I have a weird VM today. I have a note for Lo Fi sci fi that like maybe 5% of you may find interesting. Oh, look beforehand, any chance to flex the master's degree in Eco criticism and speculative fiction? I'm gonna take do it. Okay. Okay,

DANNY do it Lo Fi sci fi again, slim described it as sci fi movies that have a science fiction aspect. But its main thing in the movie is not concerned with it at all. Or maybe just a little bit. I don't know. Well, did you know there's actually already a colloquial term for this in academics? You ready? Dirty sci fi. Oh, yes, dirty fire as in the opposite of clean. But dirty means more than just the aesthetics of what the film looks like. instead. Dirty here means grounded works of science fiction that concern itself with things that slim already mentioned. Like drama, The Human Condition, love, et cetera. This can be movies like vil news arrival Children of Men after Yang shadow after Yang great science fiction 2022 film actually love sorry no Lo Fi dirty sci fi

SLIM correct yourself Blade Runner 2049 Her The list goes on. Anyway, I thought you guys might find this cool. If not damn up the read on live Chloe Zhao. Thank you Ryan Johnson Indrani we trust

PROTO in their Christian

SLIM friggin first let me give Christian a plug Christian did not bring this up. But I will I subscribe to Christians podcast large popcorn movie podcast. I just did an episode on first reformed. fantastic movie. So if you're if you liked listening to Christian's voice, check that podcast out. What do you think about dirty sci fi?

DANNY I'm still kind of low fi Sorry 30 sci fi he also mentioned some in there that I wouldn't have considered Lo Fi sci fi Blade Runner 49 I don't think I would have considered that Lo Fi dirty I guess probably fallen dirty sci fi I guess. I don't know if so it falls off my radar for for Lo Fi sci fi the new way mean? Yeah. was already said. That's yeah. 2014 Perfect. Perfect

SLIM three and a half star movie. In former producer this show was on our stranger things up. I mean, he's he's, he was disgusted by that movie. When he saw it. He wants all copies burned. Blu ray burning event he sometimes holds them for Blade Runner maybe the stupidest thing I've ever said oh my god. So dirty sci fi Okay. Something to search for now. Something to search for um, you know, maybe it's time for to update my list. But it's time for my pick.

DANNY Oh, really go here.

SLIM Before I put my headphones off we had a little technical snafu. I heard you guys like talking about what my pick might




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