Transcript: Point Break (1991)

36 min readJul 11, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Point Break (1991) Episode.

SLIM Hi, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY I wanted to break my arm so bad watching that movie, just to see if it would work.

SLIM And our spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO I’ve had like four or five pairs of Tom’s and anytime that I’ve like walked outside with them, I rip a hole in them.

SLIM It’s 90s Action Month here at 70mm. And it’s finally time for Katherine Bigelow to shine with Point Break from 1991. This is Proto’s pick and it’s been a long time coming. Feel free to use the chapters in your podcast app to skip ahead to that discussion. But is Patrick Swayze the sexiest man to ever wear vegan slippers while skydiving? We answer that question and much more… now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Proto, today, as we record this Thursday, we dropped a huge episode, we talked privately in DMs that we need to continue innovating. We will never be out-innovated in the podcast space.


SLIM We started the trend of custom episode artwork with Danny. We’re still number one. We’re number one in the hearts and minds of so many. But we release an episode today without the movie insider, because you’re still behind on Stranger Things. Are you ready to let us know, how far along you are now on the Stranger Things journey?

PROTO Yes, but first, I would just like to congratulate you guys on a fantastic episode.

SLIM Thank you.

PROTO I haven’t listened to it. But I’m just assuming it’s great. [Danny laughs]

DANNY I was hoping you wouldn’t, we spoil quite a bit.

PROTO And yeah, I mean, the movie insider sits this one out. Glad that we have a dear friend who would, you know, come in and fill that space, Ian, former producer. He did a great job. I love the chemistry that you guys have. I did listen to the beginning up until you started talking about it. Not that I really care about spoilers for Stranger Things. But you know, this is great. I love this because more content for this show that I don’t have to do anything for, it’s fantastic. I love it. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM You know, out of respect for you, out of our deep respect — extremely deep — we did not do a synopsis. We refuse to do it without you. So it was a barren synopsize episode.

PROTO You didn’t have to do that. But I appreciate the thought.

SLIM One thing I do want to start off usually we say hello to new patrons who joined at, get out uncut eps, exclusive eps, access to our Discord and stuff, Elijah and Strudel. I like saying Strudel.

DANNY Strudel.

SLIM They joined this week, but we are officially having the first ever official meetup for 70mm. First meetup is happening, it’s going to be in the greater Philadelphia area. We have a date, we send out invites, and it’s just for supporters. So if you want to have a good time on a Saturday with some close friends like us, and a large group of other people, maybe watch a movie together. You become a supporter on Patreon. We’ll let you know the deets, you can join to. It’s going to be an amazing time. Danny, you pumped?

DANNY I’m pumped. I’m also pumped that we’ve kind of come around on a movie to pick for this big weekend of ours. I’m very excited.

PROTO Yes, yes, yes.

SLIM Big. Maybe there’s some kind of like secret plans Danny’s got cooked up.

DANNY Cooking.

SLIM You’re not even allowed in until you show the VHS Village membership card that all supporters get in the mail to support the show.

DANNY Correct. Right.

SLIM If you don’t have that card you get thrown out like thrown DJ Jazzy Jeff from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

PROTO You’ll need the VHS Village membership card and then also the secret code word that will be sent to you privately. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Via text.

SLIM Danny, did you watch any movies this week?

DANNY I watched two movies this week one, it’s the summertime, so I’m watching Indiana Jones, so I watched Temple of Doom this week. Just thinking about Short Round, our boy hoping to see him more in the future. But for Fourth of July, the family got around the tube and we all watch The Sandlot. 1993’s baseball, the greatest baseball movie ever created someone say and had a great time. I haven’t seen this movie probably since. Probably since I moved out of my parents house. I don’t think I’ve watched this since then. And to watch it with the kids chatter blast. They finally realized when I say “You’re killing me smalls,” where that came from. And they learn a bit a little bit about Babe Ruth, so it’s a good time.

SLIM I don’t think I’ve seen that in 20+ years.

DANNY I know, feels like forever. I mean, we watched it on repeat in my house growing up so I could still quote this movie. But yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie.

SLIM Wowowow. Taco’s asking if I hate Sandlot. I don’t have an opinion on Sandlot. You know, sometimes it’s okay just to not have an opinion. Need to innovate again. I’m innovating by not giving an opinion. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Wow, that’s a first.

SLIM Proto, what are your vibes on Sandlot and baseball movies in general?

PROTO I love Sandlot. I’ve seen it many times. I haven’t seen it in many years. But yeah, it’s a great summer movie. You know, it’s the — what’s that, I guess the 40s or 50s I mean, it’s summertime, they’re at the pool. They’re getting resuscitated by lifeguards and then I love that montage at the end of like where they all ended up. Oh man, it’s so endearing, yeah, I’d love to watch it with my kids, that’s a good pick, maybe I’ll maybe that with them.

DANNY The night game sequence when they’re all yelling to come out of their house, running through the you know the block party of the neighborhood enjoying the Fourth of July with fireworks and gives me the chills. It was a great moment.

PROTO Chilled up.

SLIM Rookie of the Year I think was my baseball movie. When that kid became like a professional baseball pitcher or something? Right? He had a broken arm?

DANNY I wanted to break my arm so bad watching that movie, just to see if it would work.

PROTO Yeah if there was a Google at the time, I would have been online googling like, “Can you do this to your arm? Can you turn your arm into a rubber band?” [Danny laughs]

SLIM Do you remember Field of Dreams?

DANNY Cosner.

SLIM The King.

DANNY My dad watched it a lot, but I haven’t watched it in forever. Probably since I’ve seen it with him.

SLIM The ultimate dad movie probably. If we did like a Dad Movie Month, I feel like Field of Dreams is in there. Probably another Harrison Ford spy movie of some kind. You never know. Ismael says we’re in Dad Movie Month. [Slim laughs] 90s Action Movie Month. It’s Proto’s pick later in the show, Point Break. Summer’s Catch, Kurt’s points out, my god, is that Jessica Biel. I think I have a mental image of that poster. How about Kurts dropping an IMDB link in here? Can someone give him a timeout?

DANNY Yeah, he needs to be banned right now.

SLIM Is this for real?

DANNY I don’t —

SLIM My god. [Slim laughs]

PROTO And we’re not even to the feature prezzo and he’s dropping IMDb links.

SLIM Proto, what about you? What did you watch this week?

PROTO I got to watch two movies. I watched. I had a night end with my my, just my daughter. We went down the down the block to get a pizza cache, brought it back. And I said what do you want to watch? And she said, Let’s watch Earwig and the Witch, which she has, is easily she told me she’s seen it three times. She loves it. She asked for us to turn the soundtrack on when we watch it when we’re in the car. So we sat down and watch it unfortunately, it is not good at all. You know, I remember when this this came out in 2020. I was like oh wow, she really has a new movie coming out. And then like you hear her nothing about this. I was like What gifts? Well, I found out what gifts is just there’s there’s nothing there. It’s actually it’s surprisingly bad. It’s it’s, I couldn’t explain. I have no idea how they produce this movie. It seemed more of like them experimenting with 3d animation. But it was it was like one of those things where like, you come into the room and your kids are watching something on Netflix. And it’s like, really bad. I don’t have anything else to say, it was just, it’s so bizarre. I don’t know what to make of it or how this even happened but I gave it two stars. Very disappointing.

SLIM Is Ghibli over? Is that the question we need to be asking, are they finished?

DANNY If Goro’s in charge, then maybe, we gotta we gotta pull Goro Miyazaki out here. But I have not seen it. It looked terrible. So I’d never watched it and I don’t think my kids have seen it.

SLIM Paul points out Ghibli and John Mulaney in the same ranking. You also went on some kind of bizarre experience with Mulaney, a lot of people love John Mulaney, he’s like the most beloved comedian in the last 15, 20 years.

PROTO Yeah, I did. I did turn that on. But I have, well me and Jenna were sitting down last night she wanted to watch something, you know, funny, so she’s into watching you know, given stand up a shot. So we’re pretty much on the same page with comedy. So we’ll give things a shot, but we pull it pretty quick. So I gave Mulaney 10 minutes. And it just wasn’t for me. I know if people love them that’s great. But you know, humor is very subjective. So I just did not click with anything. But instead we then, we then turn to another one that she, Jenna sends me clips on IG all the time of just like random stuff. So she sent me this comedy clip of Taylor Tomlinson. She was pretty funny. She was pretty funny. She’s, she’s a young comedian, Netflix special. Had a good time with that. So, you know, we redeemed our night. So it’s good.

SLIM Fantastic. Amanda sometimes sends me like Facebook videos, and she’ll never listen to this, I never look at those videos. I’m not gonna watch a Facebook video. I might look at the title and try to like, assume what what I was going to see when I watch it, but it’s just not happening. I can’t.

PROTO You know what that’s, I think Facebook is different. There’s something about going into Facebook. You know, I feel it. You want to get a an IG post. It’s like, alright, I can pop in Instagram, watching any old pop out. But when she you know, you feel icky once you get into the Facebook environment, you don’t know what might happen, what you’re gonna see. It’s a very scary place. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM As we were chatting, I loaded up Letterboxd to see what I had watched. But some — I had forgotten already that Thor: Love and Thunder was coming out and some reviews have started coming in. Soph gave it one star. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Oh my gosh.

SLIM Boom gave it two stars. Marcie gave it three and a half star, which in Marcie’s rating system, that’s a one star on average. I said this on The Letterboxd Show podcast, that trailer looked like dump, this movie. I couldn’t be any less enthused to see a Marvel movie than the trailer for Thor. Good grief. But whatever floats your boat, if you love Thor, that’s fantastic. Speaking of bad things, I watched Boyhood by Richard Linklater, that’s my lead in these, you know, this is one of the highest rated movies of my friends list. I rolled and I got this for Weekend Watchlist. And this is what I have to, it was on my watch list. And you know, even the Letterboxd crew themselves were like, oh my god, Slim, get ready. This is this is your movie. And I’m thinking like, you know, okay…

DANNY They slimfluenced you.

SLIM Well, this was like kind of already slimfluenced for me. It’s like that’s why I still have never watched it. So I was like, alright, that’s fine. You know a movie that is filmed over the course of 12 years this young boy’s journey to becoming a young adult, his relationship with his divorced parents and like, God this this could be my movie. 20 minutes in I wanted to shut it off. I just, I couldn’t I was like starting to get like anxious, I was like, oh my god what is happening? Am I something wrong with me with this watching this movie? I love the idea the movie but it just was not for me. The acting I thought was just not great.

DANNY Oh gosh.

SLIM And you’re kind of gambling with you know, it’s not like the main two young actors were bad. The actors around them, I thought were actually not great. It seems like they cast a lot of unknowns over the course of the film, but not for me. But Danny, I think you have this at five stars. I’m not sure if that was BLB or not.

DANNY Oh, way BLB, we saw it in theaters. But I haven’t seen it since. So I think that was probably a day one BLB five star add. I don’t know if I’ll watch it again.

PROTO Nice backpedal. [Slim laughs]

DANNY I remember loving it. I do remember loving it. But it wasn’t at a time where I was logging movies, so yeah.

SLIM Backpedaled Before Letterboxd: BP BLB.

PROTO That’s too much. No. [Slim laughs]

DANNY We can’t do that. That’s like putting two meatballs subs, you know?

SLIM Proto, do you have any thoughts on Boyhood?

PROTO I just remember like at the Oscars, people like weeping on each other’s shoulders over this movie, like, “Oh my god! This has changed, this changed cinema forever! Oh my god!”

SLIM Everyone that I know on Letterboxd with the exception of Hayden. Hayden had it at two and a half stars, he’s the lowest other person that I know, everyone else was four andup for sure.

PROTO Thank you Hayden. Are you a Linklater fan? Do you like his — I mean, he has School of Rock.

SLIM School of Rock I adore, that’s five stars. I really liked his most recent one. But I haven’t seen a ton of his filmography outside of that to be honest. Scanner Darkly. What’s the other one? Dazed and Confused?

PROTO I love Bernie, he did Bernie, which is wonderful movie.

SLIM Oh, yeah. I like the first of the Before trilogy. Before Sunrise. I saw that and I liked it. I haven’t watched the other ones.

DANNY Sounds like you’re a fan.

PROTO Sure is.

SLIM Nice guy. Just a reminder, I’m picking next at the end of this show.

DANNY I’m scared.

PROTO Big pick.

SLIM I heard, I was listening to the pre-show on my drive home, Danny potentially predicting a Seagal movie, Steven Seagal. Some Arnold chatter I saw too.

DANNY Not necessarily predicting, I just, I hope it doesn’t happen. [Danny laughs]

PROTO He’s trying to will it out of your mind.

SLIM Stay tuned.

DANNY I’m trying to slimfluence your choice.

SLIM JCVD, Mikey says in chat. Could Jean-Claude make an appearance? Stay tuned. Maybe we should get into our main event. Feature prezzo.

DANNY I think it’s time.

SLIM Proto, what’s Point Break? Can you talk show us please?

PROTO Los Angeles has a bank robbery problem. A crew known as the Ex Presidents is on a 30 bank streak. Johnny Utah, a rookie FBI agent is new to the bank robbery unit and is hungry to make his mark. Based on a pair of untanned butt cheeks, Utah and his partner determined that the bank robbers must be surfers. It’s time for Utah to slide his cheeks into a wetsuit to crack this case. But he must learn the surfer ways, brah, what he doesn’t expect is to be drawn in by the surf lifestyle and the magnetism of the surf leader Bohdi, as the Ex Presidents plan to make one final score for the summer, Utah races to uncover their identities and stop their plan. Point Break.

SLIM I’m sorry, Paul just posted a photo of Danny’s setup the he’s in front of the TV — [Slim laughs] The TV has the ass of the robber. First of all, how did Paul get that photo?

DANNY Casey shared it in pre.

SLIM Oh my god. [Slim laughs]

DANNY This, this has potential. This has meme potential. Holy shit.

SLIM We need a shirt. We need like one of those weird wolf shirts, but it’s Danny sitting in front of the ass TV. [Slim & Proto laugh] Oh my God. What a night. Point Break, Katherine Bigelow. This has been kind of whispered about since we started the show, I feel like, Point Break, on those lists, you know?

DANNY Well, yeah. And we I think we talk about Katherine a lot, too. So I think we’ve brought her up plenty of times. So Point Break is obviously going to be a part of that convo.

SLIM Right. Part of what did you know about Point Break growing up? Was it ever in your periphery?

PROTO No, not really. I remember seeing it at the Blockbuster, of course, seeing the cover. Very recognizable, I think for anybody our age. But no, you know, it’s just like one of those movies. I never got around to watching. So yeah, I don’t know why, it just and it wasn’t I don’t know. It just wasn’t something that I was like drawn to. Yeah.

SLIM Danny, what about you?

DANNY No, I haven’t watched it until recently, maybe a year or two ago. But I’m a big Fast and Furious fan. So I didn’t really want to watch a second-rate Fast and Furious movie.

SLIM Oh my god.


SLIM I posted my my Letterboxd review, I got a few comments about Fast and Furious in my review. So I kind of had forgotten that maybe people that don’t love Fast and Furious, you know, they might stick their little finger up in the air and push their glasses up and say, “Actually, Fast and Furious took a lot from Point Break, my friend.”

DANNY Everything. Almost everything, it’s almost a shot-for-shot remake.

SLIM You can say it’s like a remake, the Fast franchise is almost a remake of Point Break.

DANNY Yeah, instead of surfing, you have street racing. That’s basically the difference. Right?

PROTO And instead of good direction, you have bad direction. [Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY Exactly.

SLIM Vin Diesel does it again. Yeah, I don’t think I had watched it until… Jonesy’s in chat. I didn’t check this, but I’m pretty sure we did this for Paperkeg when we went into our movie phase.

DANNY Oh no.

SLIM But I did not go back to listen to those thoughts. Didn’t want to get clouded with my opinions all those many years ago. So this is the first time probably I’ve watched it since then. I honestly forgot Gary Busey was even in this, it’s how long it’s been since I watched this. So Proto picked this movie for 90s Action Month. Why don’t you lead us off?

PROTO Sure. Yeah. My first thing really is the Kathryn Bigelow’s direction in this. I think without her direction, this movie would have just been in the Walmart bargain bin that, you know, no one would have ever really cared for. But honestly, there is so many impressive shots and action sequences in this movie that I wasn’t expecting like that level of of quality in this movie, knowing kind of, you know, as the story unfolds, what it’s about. So I was, I was really impressed with a lot of this movie.

SLIM I agree. There’s so much kinetic energy in the action of this movie. The way the cameras zips around. It’s like, maybe it’s just my dullard brain, but I still feel like Kathryn Bigelow doesn’t get enough props. And she’s still somehow underrated, in my opinion. Like, I think I’m trying to look it up, so Point Break came after Blue Steel, and then she did Strange Days, which I really enjoy. That’s another movie that’s kind of hard to track down. I wish it was more readily available. She did a few others and then The Hurt Locker I think really kind of like, brought things back up with Zero Dark Thirty. So I really enjoy her direction.

DANNY Which one did she win for? Hurt Locker or Zero Dark? I can’t remember now.

SLIM I actually got theme confused. Hurt Locker.

PROTO I think it was Hurt Locker, yeah.

DANNY That’s the one with the Bulldog face guy, the lead character.

SLIM Hawkeye?

DANNY Yeah, I agree. There’s so many well shot, the bank robbing scene, I think, is the second one where Utah is a part of the crew. I really liked that scene. But when she does the scene where Johnny’s chasing Bohdi as God, there’s that long foot chase, that’s so well done. And it’s a really long, like, almost too long, but it? I don’t know. I just really loved that Chase. It’s really well done. It’s it’s got some really cool twists and turns.

SLIM How about when Bohdi takes the lighter to the gas pump? How do you not blow yourself up instantly with that scheme? I don’t know. He was doing it for a while. He lights the gas coming out of a pump and he’s just shooting it around. I thought for sure if you do that in real life, you just explode instantly. Right? That seems dangerous.

PROTO Isn’t that what backdraft is? It goes up the tube? [Slim & Danny laugh] Is that not right?

SLIM I just didn’t know you could turn a gas pump into a makeshift flame thrower like that.

DANNY When you do it with hairspray, you have to stop quick. Like I’ve done that before.

SLIM Really?

DANNY You just can’t, you just can’t keep going.

SLIM When was the last time you lit hairspray? [Danny laughs]

DANNY It’s been a minute, Slim, please.

SLIM Speaking of which, I think Amanda sent me a video of a fireworks thing happening on Facebook where someone lit their fireworks in their front yard and the whole thing exploded.

DANNY What a great video, I watched it like 20 times. So good.

SLIM Thank you Facebook. Danny, what’s your number one?

DANNY Number one. I will say, this is for me this my favorite part of this film. And it’s it’s arguably probably the best part of this movie. Actually, it’s not up for debate. Gary Busey is the best person in this movie. He has the best performance, the best cast. Every scene Gary is in, it’s electric. Like he is, he is pedal to the metal. I can’t get over how good he is in this film. He’s so damn funny. And so crazy. And I don’t have very many Busey films that I’ve seen, but this is like, it’s one of my favorite performances. I love him in this film. Yeah, when he orders the two, the two meatball subs. It’s just funny. He’s just so funny.

[clip of Point Break plays]

PROTO Utah, get me two! [Danny & Slim laugh] We have good friends and they have a few kids and one of their sons, he calls Utah. And he would always say this, like, Utah, give me two. I was like, this must be like a football reference. [Slim & Danny laugh] So watching this movie, a lot of things became clear.

SLIM Yeah, Busey is so good. He was also one of my top three. He’s so fun. You like I want to I want to be a cop and be Gary Busey’s partner, like, in this in this movie. Like, I would wake up, I would want to be excited to just see what he gets into. He’s a nut. Yeah, like his entire scheme that he thinks — chat. Let me just say I don’t actually want to be a cop. Do I have to say that out loud, people? Put that on the record. Give me a clean edit. I have to get off the cross to say no, I don’t want to be a cop or will ever be a cop. But his scheme that he thinks he knows the robbers like literally from the the tantalus and the residue from like, you know, the sand and the moist sex from the sex wax. Yeah, it was like, Yeah, you’d get laughed that in that district. And I love that. I just love Busey. He sees she saw who was that like, Silver Bullet movie where Corey Haim is in a wheelchair and like a wearable, someone’s a werewolf. He’s also like, a lot of fun in that too.

PROTO But what I love about his mouth, his mouth is like its own person. I would love to see him in a movie where he’s like a superhero. And it’s like, the only thing you can see is his mouth, you know, and just like those teeth. Yeah, he’s fantastic. He’s such a character.

DANNY He’s unhinged in this. When he dives into the pool for the two bricks, I laugh every time it’s the craziest diversity in my life on television. And he’s just, he’s just here for it. I love him. I love him in this film.

SLIM I just gave Jonesy timeout for calling me a Republican in chat. [Danny laughs]

PROTO He earned it.

SLIM Jonesy’s probably stewing right now at work trying to type and he can’t.

DANNY He doesn’t know what a timeout is. He’s just pissed. [Slim laughs]

SLIM He’s biting his lower lip on his chair, his Lazy Boy at work, stewing. Oh God in heaven. Top three for me that’s not Busey related… at the end of this movie, you know, there’s a Bodhi you know, he kind of kidnaps Tyler, the love interest of Keanu that helped teach him how to surf. And they take him up in an airplane. And they this is part of their plan. He’s like, Okay, I did what you wanted, like call and have Tyler freed. And he doesn’t do that. So they jump out of the plane with their shoots. There’s no shoots left. Keanu Reeves has no parachute. He jumps out of the plane after them. Are you kidding me? Right? Is this not the most legendary moment of the 90s It’s insane. And then he gets after them. He catches Bohdi, he forces him to make a decision then he gets kind of screwed. It’s wild, Proto.

PROTO Yeah, it is. It is a wild moment. And it fits great with the story too because watching this movie, I kept thinking of that that line or that quote where they say that movies are like dreams or they should be like dreams. And this movie people you know I read some reviews people like this movie so goofy, it’s so silly, blah blah blah. But it is, but it’s the kind of thing where you would have a dream like this where you would be like, Hey, I had this dream I was a cop and I Thursday surfers who rob banks and I had to stop them but I like I was a surfer too and then I like jumped out of a plane without a parachute. That’s a dream somebody would have! So it’s so crazy but it works so well. And it is a great moment. I mean, you know when they’re jumping out of the plane, he’s gonna do it.

SLIM Oh my god, it’s so fun. So fun. Proto, number two.

PROTO Like I said before, there’s a lot of great scenes in this movie. The scene that really like blew my socks off was the house raid scene.

DANNY Oh my gosh.

PROTO So they have like they have a bad lead. that they think they’re on to the Ex Presidents but it’s really just a bunch of like racist Nazis living in a house or like selling drugs. So they go to raid this house and it turns into like a massive firefight because they all have guns. And the action in that scene was incredible to me. All the guys getting shot the dude blows off his toes. That shot of his shoe exploding. Oh man, like I thought that scene was awesome and like, like heart pumping?

SLIM Yeah, yeah. I mean, he’s late to his own sting. Right? He like literally jogs to the sting of second before they go and do it. Cripes.

DANNY Busey and that same two at the front door asking about the dog on a leash insane but then the girl in the in the shower kicking Keanu’s ass, slamming him up against the mirror. Holy cow, yeah in the nude! Insane. [Slim laughs]

SLIM In the nude! Yeah, Mikey points out the lawn mower, you know, like as they’re about to go, the neighbor started doing the lawn mower. And Keanu is freaking out, they’re trying to tell him, don’t do it. Don’t go in. You know, we can’t hear them. Oh my god, it’s so stressful. So stressful.

DANNY The end of that fight too, where you think that someone’s going to get something lopped off by that mower.

SLIM Oh, yeah.

DANNY Oh yeah, the build up.

SLIM That scene looks so dangerous. One of those blades, right? There’s no CGI back then.

DANNY No, there wasn’t a computer in the 90s.

SLIM They had no computers.

PROTO Was his face really that close to the blade?

DANNY It was a real blade.

SLIM Katherine, call us. [Slim laughs] So also there’s some talk of Anthony Kiedis in chat. How about Anthony Kiedis in this group, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. How punchable is his face in this movie?

DANNY It’s punchable when he’s singing with the Chili Peppers and this it’s next level too. I can’t get over it — and the hair.

SLIM Yeah, he’s just, he’s a revolting human being in this movie.

PROTO I don’t understand how him and Bohdi took those four guys, like those four guys look jacked on the beach. And I mean, I’m not really I wasn’t really impressed with with. You know Keanu’s cut in this. He didn’t look like he was you know, he was ripped or anything.

DANNY Swayze though…

SLIM Swayze is, he’s ripped again. We talked about it and Roadhouse just for supporters episodes, but Swayze is cut again. And also, he’s wearing these like little booties, what are those shoes that he’s got on? Was he the first person ever wear Toms in 1991? [Danny laughs] He’s wearing these barefoot Toms. It’s crazy!

PROTO I wrote that down too, like anything they’re doing, like they’re robbing, like he’s robbing a bank. He’s, you know, he’s getting on a getaway airplane. You know, he’s out in the water. He’s wearing these slippers, he has on all the time. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM I mean, imagine if he has to walk over rocks in those things. Something like pebbles. You’re not going hiking in these slippers, Patrick, he’s gonna have something else.

PROTO I’ve had like four or five pairs of Toms and anytime that I’ve like walked outside with them, I rip a hole on them, day one. [Slim laughs]

SLIM They’re like made out of tissue paper, it looks like. Oh my god, Danny number two.

DANNY Number two. The first skydive scene where they are, not where he is gets thrown out of the plane more they’re all together. Keanu’s first time. There’s something magical about that scene because at that point, it is post had them finding out about Keanu, right? They know he’s the FBI agent. But they still have like this bonding moment in the air. And him and Bohdi together as well. Like I don’t there was something about that I really enjoyed, and it looked amazing. I know most of it’s a bit fake. Well, the bits with Keanu.

SLIM Keanu stuff was so fake.

DANNY With Keanu and Swayze, that stuff was fake. But all the other shots of the skydiving bits were crazy. You know, actually, maybe, well, there’s one bit where Swayze jumps out of the plane, he does like a pirouette or something very Swayze dive.

SLIM With his booties.

DANNY With his Tom’s on. Yeah, I love that scene.

PROTO How long can you actually wait before you open the chute?

SLIM It’s gotta be like 10 seconds.

DANNY I don’t know!

SLIM They were in the air for maybe 20 minutes. [Proto & Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY I don’t know how parachuting works.

SLIM It was a it’s a very long scene. I mean, they would have had to have been in some kind of like NASA rocket for them to fall for that long and drop out. But I did love that scene too, because at that point, he has chased them down the masked individuals, but they’ve seen his face. So they came up with like, Hey, we’re gonna skydive. And so there’s always like that thing of like, are they gonna kill me? Or do they not know that I was the idiot chasing them? And you’re right, that scene where they switch the parachutes? With him, and then they all like hold hands in the air. And Keanu is like seeing God in the sun. Doing this like skydive is like this is the greatest moment of my life. And then Swayze is like, Oh, by the way, we kidnapped your girl, my ex girlfriend. They’re gonna murder her unless you help us FYI. Like God. What a sick moment that was for Keanu.

PROTO Yeah really turns dark there for for Bodhi and Bohdi’s like, cool. And it’s like, oh, Bohdi, come on. How about that TV though, in the back of the van? That little setup they had.

DANNY I saw one at a thrift store once that I almost bought one and I regret never buying it.

SLIM You know, I remember it was it we were DMing or in Discord maybe like a year or two back. We kind of all wanted to get like a CRT monitor. And this was like during, I guess the CRT monitor boom, where like you couldn’t get just a used square CRT for less than like $300. Pisses me right off. Mike number two, the idea of Bohdi searching for the Ultimate Ride. I love his like backstory, like it’s kind of just become a thing we’re like with like adrenaline junkies. But it’s almost more with Bodhi. Like he is seeking the ultimate high. Like how, how spiritually and emotionally high can I get doing something? And he’s explaining that to Keanu several times in this movie. And I started like buying in. I was like —

DANNY Do I need to rob a bank?

SLIM Am I quitting being a cop and joining with these bank robbers? But I love that I love that. And my my last viewing I had forgotten that Bohdi was talking about like the 50 year storm or whatever, because that comes into play at the at the movie, where Keanu also remembers and it’s just like the biggest wave you could ever ride and, and Bohdi’s there. So I really liked his kind of like spiritualism, and robbing banks and just doing the craziest stuff to get that high. So I really appreciate it the backstory for Bodhi in this.

PROTO The one thing I didn’t really like too much at the end is how they start dying off, you know, they get killed in the bank and then killed at the airport. And it seemed like the got the guys had like no reaction at all to their best friend’s dying. You know, they’re just kind of like grab the money from his dead corpse. It’s still warm, but let’s get the money and go. But you know, now that you say that, I think that I wonder if, you know, it’s, it’s like they all had this expectation that they were going to die or like, they were going to die doing these, you know, adrenaline junkie things, right? They rob banks, they jump out of airplanes, they do dangerous surfing. So they’re all going to die like that. So maybe it’s like they had, you know, this acceptance that hey, we’re all going to die doing stuff together. And they just accept that fact. So like looking back, that kind of makes sense. Now thinking about it.

SLIM Proto, number three.

PROTO So my final thing is really just the the final scene at the, at the beach. I liked all that stuff, too. But I really didn’t like that they like had that fistfight on the beach. It just kind of kind of silly, and kind of lame that it ended. I like how they like walked up. You know, like, you know, there is Swayze he’s out on the beach just like looking out at the waves in that that really cool like poncho that he has on just like staring out there. And then Keanu comes down they start talking. So I love the setup, but I just thought like the way they get in a fight and the cops show up and then they’re handcuffed together. And the thing about their relationship is that Bohdi always got like you got over on Utah in like every situation. I don’t know if they’re, you know, I don’t know if this movie was trying to say anything but but I like felt like there was no kind of resolution for Utah at the end of this and maybe that’s too much to expect from a movie like this you know, there doesn’t have to be I really had a great time watching it. But I felt like the the the ending kind of fell a little flat for me. I did like the fact that he got out in the water though. Like that’s cool that he got to go that way.

SLIM I get annoyed at the ending. Like Keanu is traveling the world as a police officer to find and arrest Bohdi and he finally does get there and he lets him go. What are you doing? You’re the worst cop in history. Bohdi tricked you again. He’s like a NXIVM cult leader. He says three sentences to Keanu and Keanu’s was like, oh, okay, yeah, let me take these handcuffs off you and you can go die and make the last six months to a year however long I’ve been chasing you like literally meaningless, and then he quits be a cop. You should quit being a cop, you stink. I didn’t, I didn’t get it. But like, at a certain point, like I do, sort of get it like okay, yeah, he’s gonna go die in the water. That’s fine. He gets his honorable death. Does he deserve an honorable death? Right? I don’t know.

PROTO Yeah, yeah, I think of two things, two endings that would have been better, Katherine, if you’re listening. One, is if he just stood up to Bodhi and like kept him handcuffed and said like, No, you don’t get this final chance. Like you lost it for what you did. If he would have done that. Or if they had the scuffle and like Bohdi races out into the water and Keanu follows him on a surfboard. Like how awesome would that have been? If he’s like, like, this is my moment to chase this wave and him go out there and you know have like that would have been pretty awesome. Danny?

DANNY I think I agree with you guys. I do find myself at the end of this film. I don’t know I do. It ends exactly how I kind of want it to end with Bodie getting off into the wave riding the the 50 year wave or whatever, but I don’t I do not like how it gets there. I don’t like the fistfight either. The random cuffing him after he’s being drowned is kind of odd. And it’s it’s just okay, like I don’t really love it. After all we’ve been through of this movie it’s just kind of a weird ending I think both of them writing off and sort of the final wave would have been sick battle No, it’s just kind of it kind of peters out and I just wasn’t I don’t know not not terribly in love with how it ends, because the ride to get there is pretty great.

SLIM What’s your number three Danny?

DANNY Number three would be, what have we not talked about, we’ve gone over everything. I love the the dead presidents bit. I love when they’re robbing the first the first time we see them rob the bank and they’re doing all their talking like doing their bits is different presidents and I love the masks. I don’t know why that’s such a great look. It’s something it feels iconic at this point. To see the dead presidents robbing the banks and those both both of those bank robbing scenes are pretty awesome.

SLIM One of my top threes was the dude doing the Nixon voice while they were robbing the bank. To have the wherewithal to do the actual Nixon voice while you’re doing the robbing is pretty hilarious.

[clip of Point Break plays]

PROTO Yeah, and they had like a lot of quips just as the President’s which was pretty great.

SLIM Oh, there was another line that I loved. From Bohdi, I’m buying into Bodhi, as I said before, but he’s talking about Tyler the love interest who we mentioned earlier, she was great. He references how they were together at some point, he says, “We shared time.” I love that what a great way it is to say that you were with someone for a period of time whether or not there was love there whether there was not love there. I just love that. Beks in chat: “I wish I shared time with Swayze.” [Danny & Slim laugh] Beks, can you imagine the smell of those booties at the bottom of the bed in the next day? I mean those things had to be probably sit outside the house after he kicked those things off. So yeah, we went through pretty much all my number three, my top three. So honorable mentions and Letterboxd rating for Point Break 1991, Proto?

PROTO Anything else? Oh, so when they were running, I think it Keanu like caught a pitbull and then he like punched his dog.

SLIM Poor dog.

PROTO But yeah, some of the camera works seeing, the scene in the police office at the beginning where Utah is coming in. It’s like that long scene.

SLIM Oh my god, that shot is insane.

PROTO Yeah, there’s something about her shots too. Where it like, it doesn’t look like a dolly shot, but it also doesn’t look like a handheld shot. It’s almost like it’s so smooth, but then it’s a little like jittery. It just has, I don’t know, there’s just something about the way like she shot this movie that I just loved. Oh, yeah, so we’re they’re in the car at the end. I think it’s like after they’ve robbed the bank. Or maybe it’s before but the one guy is, like really scared of Bohdi’s plan and he’s like, freaking out and he’s like, I’m scared. Okay? And I’m like, dude, You’ve robbed 30 banks. How could you be scared now? Like, I don’t know going that far. But I was really surprised with this this movie. Like I said before, like, I don’t think the story is necessarily anything special. But just the way that it’s directed and executed and just the script writing is good. And the there’s a lot of great chemistry on screen, so I’m at four stars for Point Break.

SLIM Ohhhhh.

DANNY Mamma miaaa.

SLIM Danny, honorable mentions, rating for Point Break?

DANNY Going over my you brought it up real quick. Tyler Lori petty. I love Lori petty. But I also love her because of League of their Own, she’s amazing. Keanu orders a tuna fish sandwich just like Paul Walker does in Fast and Furious. That’s about it. I’m sticking with four stars with this. I had it four stars in my Letterboxd. It’s just a blast. It has moments where I kind of get bored but Busey in this. You have Keany. You have Swayze, you have Lori I mean, it’s just everyone’s having a great time. A lot of fun. Four stars.

SLIM Remaining honorable mentions for myself. I can’t get over when people who have a gun put it under their belt in front of their genitals. That seems like just the worst decision anyone can make, let alone owning a gun, but just leaving it there. Game over. I mean, please. I love that if Google existed, this movie would be over. They would just Google what Johnny Utah went into after football. He’s a cop. He’s like undercover-ish sort of distort this movie. And he just kind of like goes with it.

DANNY I mean, how undercover are you if you use your actual name? [Slim laughs]

SLIM That’s true!

PROTO Yeah, but also why would he be on this raid if they’re like working and investing him? Undercover? Why would he go to the actual er they’re like well, well you’ll just be here for backup. You don’t want to blow your cover anyone’s right in.

SLIM Yeah, that’s the that’s the thing. It didn’t even seem like he was undercover. He was just goofing around in his free time with the bank robbers.

PROTO And he had a walkie talkie to talk to him while he was on the beach! Like what are we doing?

SLIM The dude that lit the — oh how about them surfing at night? That seems insane. Yes. And the one guy is insane. But the guy who lit the fire and didn’t light himself on fire he cuts the like fluid open with a knife and just spreads it on the wood and then lights it, my god, these people are nuts.

PROTO And it was all over him too.

SLIM I’m at four stars for Point Break, had a great time. It’s a classic, people always reference the Keanu falling over and shooting into the sky scene. You know, that was a meme before memes were a thing, I feel like. Homages out the wazoo. So Point Break, great pick.

DANNY We did it.

SLIM Kicking off this month, brava. Let’s see, you can shoot us a letter or a VM using the links on And we actually have one from the after mentioned Jonesy loves beer, my cohost on the Paperkeg podcast. So let’s hear what Jonesy has to say right now.

[voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL What’s up 70mm, it’s your faster friend jlb coming out of voicemail retirement. So egged on by the ending of Point Break that I would like to invite you to the theater of the mind. Imagine that you are part of the US Consulate in Victoria Australia. In 1991. You get a phone call from a California Bureau California Bureau, excuse me of the FBI asking you to leverage your relationship with a local one wall enforcement agent to let a disgraced rookie FBI Agent into your country to apprehend at American criminal on sovereign Australian soil. Do you then not only leverage that relationship, but then you asked to put on overtime to put on extra shifts to surround a beach to get a single criminal. Then you let this disgraced rookie American FBI agent go down to get the collar. They fight in the surf, you do nothing. And you have to explain later that the disgraced FBI agent last what’s the criminal serve himself to death? Do we as the American taxpayer has to pay that bill could not apprehend one of the ex presidents and just really upset kind of wanted you guys to know. Thank you.

SLIM He doesn’t even say he doesn’t say goodbye.

PROTO He just blew this movie wide open. The whole stars

SLIM with Gen Z would blow a new phone wide open if you get better quality the ends.

DANNY What is that a Nokia?

SLIM Using the Nokia that Tom used in war the world’s

PROTO it’s on speaker. Thank you. Yeah, it’s

SLIM the ending we don’t love. I think we can all agree on that point folks show. Thanks for the VM jlb might be time for my pick. Actually, no, hold on a second. I think I do have a winner. Danny Danny pointed out earlier that we didn’t give away a free year of letterbox Pro. So every week, we give out a free year of letterbox probably share the show on social media. And you’ll get entered to win a free year of letterbox Pro. Get access to no more ads on letterbox you can see where your movies and your watch lists are streaming very easily. Disclaimer. I’m a letterbox employee. So the winner the winner. The winner this week is teachers talk film for sharing the Stranger Things artwork, the artwork is incredible. We got a lot of buzz about that artwork. Danny, you done good for that up.

DANNY You don Thank you. Girl, Max, our Queen, who? Oh god,

SLIM Shut the stream down. It’s time for my pick for 90s action month. This is just as one of the most this is one of the hardest picks I’ve ever had to do. But I did have it for a few weeks. And after weeks. I had it for a few weeks after I watched the Ninja Turtles oh gee trail documentary. I thought about choosing Ninja Turtles. You know, can you imagine us doing it Ninja Turtles?

DANNY I don’t like this.

SLIM Oh my god. But I didn’t choose Ninja Turtles. So me I will say that it’s my first movie theater memory. Going to see Ninja Turtles in theaters changed my life. Yeah, so I’ll wait to rewatch Ninja Turtles until after I hear Danny’s Peck. I also really wanted to do rumble in the Bronx. That was an early movie watching memory for me Jackie Chan. I had the the tape of that. But you know that that was in the running for sure. I do try to keep in mind like movies I really want to do but then also I think keep in mind like movies. I really want to do that. Just don’t star a white cast. I don’t want to just be like the white movies show which admittedly, we have been for the majority the show. So try to be cognizant of that. So I’ve heard about my pick for a very long time. It’s not rush hour get that out of you’re not watching that. Of all the Jackie Chan movies, we need to do rush hour look at his library of films people. I’ve heard about this movie for years being the blueprint for a ton of action movies that have come out after it. And Trooper I think True Romance might even be in there and I heard you talking about that earlier. It’s hard to track down. But it’s avail should everyone be quiet. It’s available on YouTube on two separate accounts. Okay, so just keep it to yourselves. It’s on YouTube. It’s his last Hong Kong movie before he went to Hollywood. And it’s John Woos Hard boiled. Oh, one of the highest rated action films. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for ever. And it’s on YouTube. It’s on YouTube. Chow Yun Fat. Yeah. Tony Leung is in this. So this is his third movie on 70 Mm. After his previous films, so the posters amazing, Tim Yeah, holding a baby. Yes, so pumped. I hope everyone checks it out. Try something brand new. I’m so pumped to watch it It’s my pick. Yeah.

DANNY It is excited that

PROTO the ratings on this movie are off the charts. Like the average is four and a half stars. That’s insane. Well, I follow it. Yeah, yeah, it’s

DANNY crazy. Yeah,

PROTO I was just great. I remember last year people were watching this. I think I saw some reviews come in, and I put it on my watch list. This is great. What a movie 9092 We’re just making our way through the 90s.

SLIM I also want to mention our next watch more. So for there’s an intern tier here on our Patreon where the three of us watching movie we record it and maybe there’s a video attached to just having fun movie watching experience or you can just listen to the audio of it. So there were whispers that I would choose this movie as our our main show movie, but this is just going to be for supporters to watch along episode. Part of are you ready to reveal our next watch along movie which we’re tentatively recording this weekend?

PROTO I mean, this is I’m getting chills up just thinking about this. I mean, John Woo Hard boiled. And then we’re doing the watch along, John. Woo. following year. JC v ds hard target

DANNY to hit me right now. Watch along.

SLIM This is that’s his first movie in America. He did Hard Boiled all

DANNY I know. You’re watching it with me for the first time guys.

SLIM Same I haven’t seen it either. See? I’m pumped. For this. I mean, this we had a big week out of us. Hard Boiled hard target. Back to Back. One of which just for supporters to me. This is the greatest month in the history of the show. Yeah, I was just

DANNY so glad ends on me. Crash tables have turned from started. Months.

SLIM No presh no presh proto any closing thoughts for this month, this movie as we look onward to John will,

PROTO You know, in Point Break, seeing Johnny Utah, see this community of servers and question every decision he’s made in his life until that point, you know, here’s a community that’s thriving, they love each other. It seems like they’ve really got everything with this the surfing that brings them together and really I realized that’s what I got. VHS village, right. I love movies. We watch him. You know, we might get a little spiritual. Maybe we’ll jump out a plane someday, but I’m just very thankful. Once again, to have this community is all of you.

SLIM Golly, we’ll see you next week for Hard Boiled.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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