Transcript: Paddington 2 (2017)

36 min readMay 23, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Paddington 2 (2017) Episode.

SLIM Hi, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I sit down to talk about recently watched movies with my dear friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY My eyes laid eyes on another man today. I was in the same room as Brendan Fraser.

SLIM And our own spiritual advisor, Protolexus.

PROTO We could be sitting, in three years from now or whenever they do it, a year from now, we could be covering Paddington 3 and saying, “This is the best gosh darn Paddington movie period.”

SLIM Sequels Month continues with my pick — Paddington 2. It’s all been leading to this. Will Danny fall in love for his first ever feeling? All the hype be too hot? For our sweet boy? Let’s find out now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Where do we start this week? Where do we start? We could start with Danny, you’re in a comic convention.

DANNY I’m at a comic convention.

SLIM Star at a comic convention.

DANNY No, but today —

SLIM Featured player.

DANNY My eyes laid eyes on another man today, as I was at this convention. I was in the same room as Brendan Fraser. Okay?

DANNY Wuuut? and I saw that man signing autographs. And I just… I have to meet him this weekend.

SLIM Is this happening?

DANNY I need to go meet Brendan Fraser this weekend at this convention and tell him we love him on 70mm.

SLIM Do you have The Mummy prints?

DANNY I have my Mummy print in my office that I can take to him from our show art to meet Brendan.

PROTO Touch the hem of his duster. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM You think he wears a duster at that con? The amount of body heat percolating through a comic convention in Orlando.

DANNY He was wearing a hat.

PROTO Was it a fedora?

DANNY No. He had a dad hat. He was one of us. He was just like me. He was just like me and I loved it. T-shirt and a dad hat. Okay?

PROTO You looked him in the eyes and you saw yourself. What more could you ask for?

DANNY You can’t ask for anything more.

SLIM He just nodded, that’s all he did. Let’s see, Casey in chat: “Danny won’t let me whine IRL so I will whine here. It’s so hot in Orlando.”

DANNY It’s warm right now.

SLIM What’s the temp in Orlando?

DANNY The high today was 93.


DANNY The low tonight is only getting to 72.

SLIM No, no, no, no.

PROTO Casey, only 40 more weeks. It’s okay. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM The end of the show Danny will announce his pick for sequels month. The biggest pick in the history of sequels month.

DANNY I want this over with.

SLIM And then I just realized that Sequels Month is just a precursor for like, Sequels Summer. We’re going into Junassic World… [Danny & Proto laugh] For three weeks. So this is just a precursor, my friends! How are you feeling, Proto?

PROTO We have some exciting movies ahead of us. I think we’ll have fun with Jurassic World. I’ve resigned myself to have fun. And I’m just saying, there’s movies that are coming after that we have lined up as well that I’m very excited about. It’s gonna be a hot summer. Speaking of hot summer…

SLIM Marcie will be our special guest during the big event of the year, Jurassic World dominion. Marcie the cohost of The Movie Mixtape Podcast, which very recently, they just put out a Spider-Man: No Way Home episode. Which I don’t even know if I want to even talk about that movie. You imagine if we did no way home on this podcast?

DANNY No way.

PROTO I haven’t seen it. Can’t do it.

SLIM What are you trying to say? Sequel summer rolls on the Spider-Man movies.

DANNY July we can Spider-Man month for Proto. He wants this.

SLIM Oh my god, that would be huge.

PROTO Is this what I want?

SLIM Who wants to talk about a movie they watched? Proto, did you watch any movies this week? Or was it all Apex grind in ranked?

PROTO I was able to put the controller down a few spare moments to watch a movie. I watched Daughter’s of Darkness.

DANNY Excuse me?

SLIM Scandalous.

PROTO I don’t remember why or how this got on my watchlist. But it was there. And then our producer Dale, he was, I saw a review come in, in the letterbox feed from him saying he watched a movie. He was on some kind of movie watching. Hi. And he wanted another one. Someone given the movie. So I immediately went to my watch list, like what am I watch? If I had to pick a movie right now? What would I be watching? And I saw daughters as darkness on there. So I said, Dale, of course, join me Let’s watch this. Committed live in the moment. So I had to watch it. And it was it was feeling great. This movie, it’s about um, it’s about the daughters of darkness. I really don’t want to say anything. Because I don’t want to spoil any aspect of the movie. But it involves this couple who are just married, they go to hotel, and they meet another couple there. And things go down. This is from 1971 1971 and had you know, I continue to think that the 70s is the best decade of movies every time I see one from the 70s but I just love the feel of these movies. They’re just iconic. It just makes me warm and fuzzy so I love watching it the vibes were good but in the end I the story didn’t really work for me that much. I gave it two stars by the end of it, I was pretty disappointed.

SLIM Really rough drop.

DANNY I’m still hung up on 70s is the best decade for movies.

PROTO This is just my personal opinion.

DANNY I’m just trying to wrap my head around it.

PROTO Yeah, well, I mean you think about it, you got like The French Connection. You’ve got The Long Goodbye, you’ve got Star Wars, you’ve got Suspiria, you’ve got The Network, you’ve got — I mean, the list goes on and on. You could just name the best movies.

SLIM Endless movies. That was just a piece.

DANNY Just the trip.

PROTO Just a taste just of what the 70s will give you.

SLIM Cut the stream.

DANNY Of the iceberg… that’s what I was saying.

SLIM Art’s ears perked up when you mentioned the 70s. He’s a 70s movies boy.

PROTO He just woke up in his lazy boy. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Can of beer rattle it all over his chest that he has rested up there, kicking his feet up getting balanced. We should say hello to some new friends on our Patreon this week that joined get access to our fantastic VHS village discord uncut EPs in 30 ish episodes that are only available to supporters. The latest Harry Potter one just went in there. We’re so close to the end of our Potter journey. Jacob John, David, Alex, Robert, Jack and Danny and other Danny joining the fray army. The rising in numbers making me extremely uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable I watched Saving Private Ryan this week. Tell us about it and I posted my review Saving Private Ryan I was crucified in the comments. My thoughts on Saving Private Ryan I can’t I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve been crucified this year 20 I gave it three stars. I thought it was kind of passe. I was kind of like not feeling the the history the greatest war movie ever made. I think even on my run Mike D said after my review posted slim. taking a dump on the greatest generation you hate to see it. Three Star Review. Travis Ryan. But I’m not alone. I’m not gonna name names, but I did see a two star for Saving Private Ryan in our community. So I’m not alone.

PROTO Would you say there were five star moments though, in that movie?

SLIM There were some five star moments mixed in.

DANNY The Vin Diesel moments?

SLIM Vin Diesel, yeah, he’s in it… [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM Nathan Fillion looks he’s 12 in Saving Private Ryan. I don’t understand what the age thing has happened to him because he looks like a whole different human in this movie. This should feel like a little bit of a war porn. You know? Grief porn. But I watched it because I’ll be on the acting out podcast soon. My cohost on Weekend Watchlist, Mitchell. It’s their podcasts, they are doing like a Tom Hanks run right now.

PROTO So is it chronological or how they’re doing it?

SLIM They’re skipping around, they’re kind of like doing the greatest hits. So this episode they chose Saving Private Ryan, they did a Philadelphia, which I haven’t seen in a long time Philadelphia. Art says my first and last appearance. They actually already did The Burbs, there is a Burbs episode, Traynor. FYI for that. Thanks for listening. Appreciate the support, Traynor. Danny, did you watch anything this week?

DANNY I did not, no. Sorry.

SLIM Oh my God.

DANNY We are, my oldest and I are binging Stranger Things before the new season drops. We are on season three. And season three is magic. I love this season so much. I’m having a great time watching this with her. And I know I talked pretty negatively about season two… a lot. It wasn’t as bad as I remember it. There’s there’s a story line that needs to be cut out of it. But man, season two was solid. Season Three though, I’m just having a great time.

SLIM I did the journey as well recently with Amanda, my lovely wife. We had fun with going through. Season two is long.

DANNY It feels long, yeah.

SLIM It feels like two seasons.

DANNY Let’s talk about the length of episodes for season four. Two hour episodes.

PROTO Breaking news.

SLIM Danny’s breaking news on the podcast. This has never been done. Proto, how do you feel about two hours Stranger Things episodes coming soon?

PROTO It’s a strange choice, I think. Why would you need to do this? You know, people are used to something shorter. Why have to I mean of course you could just pause it. Maybe that’s what people will just do the posit. I’m… I don’t know. I’m aghast. I am aghast.

SLIM You’re rarely aghast on this podcast.

DANNY That’s what I’ve been watching. I mean, that —

SLIM So we have you finished three yet?

DANNY No, no, no, no.

SLIM Three is great.

DANNY Three is so good.

SLIM People will talk about like the budget for season four go on like crazy. But season three looks very expensive.

DANNY Still looks real good.

SLIM Very expensive.

DANNY Looks great. So I’m very excited. Nine days away. Or seven days or eight days away.

SLIM I did watch the trailer for the new season, I gave in, and I watched the trailer. I did. I did. I wanted to see.

DANNY Yeah, I remember. It was good. It’s excited.

SLIM I’m surprised. I like where they’re heading. Like a lot. Yep. Let’s see every week we give out a free year of letterbox Pro. Disclaimer and letterbox employee gets rid of third party ads you get a nice banner on your profile page and reviews get end of year stats and a host of other features. This week’s winner famous after death. On Twitter asked this question. Did Frodo need a shower after taking a fat steamer on Half Blood Prince during his synopsis? My chest hurts from laughing and now I want a top 10 list of all his synopsises so congratulations for your letterbox pro carry Warzone

PROTO You know, I’ve listened to that synopsis, I didn’t think it was that bad.

SLIM Like supporter only episodes the ones behind the paywall are the best because they’re like off the seat of your pants and like 10 minutes long

PROTO sometimes they definitely are.

DANNY Yes. Famous is another dear friend of mine by the way.

SLIM What the hell back to back my god. Get these fools out of here of Warren because he’s he just docs them in chat. Sorry. Just bleep it. Oh my word. Haven’t seen that image in a long time. Casey says their patron not in discord though. I did rewatch the conversation.

DANNY Oh, I saw that. I haven’t seen that movie machine.

SLIM I know that’s a very highly rated movie in our group. I don’t think part of I think part of the three stars. Oh, yeah. I watched after hours for the first time. poster. Amazing. I don’t know why I love that post Martin Scorsese. Talk to us. Underrated Martin Scorsese movie, I did not give this one a rating. I just suddenly added it as a washed movie. Mainly because I just I wasn’t sure if I would be crucified again this week. You know, I can only take one or two crucifixions per would you not like it enough? I liked it. I just didn’t love it. I will say that the main lead had an amazing watch. Paul, oh my god.

DANNY Was it a G shock? From 1974?

SLIM It should have been a G shock. I took a screenshot of it. I’ll post it. Show should we talk about our main movie? Our main event this week.

DANNY Speaking of being crucified…

SLIM Danny just made a grimace emoji. This was my pick. This is the main event for this week, Paddington 2, 2017. I was trying to crunch some numbers on Veeder the supercomputer who loves movies that part of bill because the average is it might be our second highest rated movie. Someone will have Coronas might be our second highest rated movie and are in our Discord for patrons. It’s like 4.6 or something. It’s beating out The Batman, it’s beating out Dune.

DANNY A VGER Top 10 on the site.

PROTO Is this possible?

SLIM Can you imagine a VGER Hall of Fame? VGER Top 10 that’s like auto updating, Proto?

DANNY Always crunching numbers.

PROTO I’m gonna write it down right now.

SLIM So this is a much beloved movie, but Danny has not seen it. And we often talk about slim influencing. So we’ll see how all these reviews coming in affected Danny’s viewing for all these years. Proto, what is Paddington 2?

PROTO Paddington 2. Paddington is living with the browns in Windsor gardens, while visiting Gruber’s aka horse, not classes antique shop, IYKYK. He finds a pop up book of London that he would like to give to his Aunt Lucy for her 100th birthday. He sets out to earn enough money to pay for it, but in the process gets framed for theft and his end is imprisoned for a 10 year sentence. While there he makes some new friends who help him escape so that he can clear his name and recover the pop up book for his dear Aunt Lucy. Paddington to

SLIM You come we don’t have an IYKYK shirt.

DANNY It’s wrapped up. It’s right around the corner. He was in charge.

SLIM Church in charge of all these ideas. Lo Fi sci fi think that’s fine. I wonder as well.

DANNY It’s yeah.

SLIM We’re so close. Let’s focus let’s we’re so close one last con a year and we can make this happen like so proto What’s your history with Paddington? The bear?

PROTO Paddington the Bear? I don’t remember when but I’ve seen this before. It was in the last five years. That’s all I can give you. I don’t really have much of a history, but I saw the I saw the first one. And then I watched this one. Oh — I do remember sitting at home… Cut all this out. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM God I’m trying to think of if I had seen it in theaters. I think James and I might have gone to see this in theaters when it came out. And I think he was

DANNY 2017.

SLIM I think he was like ask I think this was your petite ma’am. Mom moment. I think James was asking me if I was okay. In the film. So that’s it was the roles were reversed. But Danny, this was your first viewing. How did you approach this? After all the hype the unending hype, quote, greatest movie of all time, greatest sequel of all time, greys bear of all time.

DANNY I just had to jump right in. I had to sit down, push play and go. I couldn’t think about it too much further. I mean, it’s been overhyped for since 2017, at this point of this movie, so I think for the first time I’ve watched Paddington the first one with my family and then they decided to watch the second one without me. So God, I just I had Casey had to watch it with me just the two of us. Kids didn’t want to watch it again. They wanted nothing to do with me. Once No.

SLIM Byo chi so here we are. I’ll go first you know, please list Joe’s chooses first time since I picked this movie. Gosh, where to start? Do you want to make like a precursor? You know, maybe like a pre pre discussion speech about like people call it’s like the best movie of all time. Oh, I really consider this the best movie of all time. But I think there’s something in this movie that goes to show that people just love feeling good in a movie, you know, like everything everywhere all once came out and people were like saying the same thing but like it’s because you felt good. You know when you see these movies, and that joy that it brings you it just like puts you in a headspace like yes, I would watch this movie over and over and over again. Because it’s so fun and makes me feel good about myself. So that’s just my little like, Everyone calm down. Don’t yell loving deltona yellow never seen a backpedal ever so I love smoothies five stars already give them already five stars ever voted on letterbox. But my first no is how pure and innocent is Paddington Bear? Honestly, is he the most lovable film character in cinema history? When he just wants to He’s like, he’s, he’s walking around with the family, Aunt Lucy, he wants to show Aunt Lucy, where he lives. London, England. And his way of like doing that is just getting this picture book that he can give her a pop up picture book. So he has this like fantasy of her shot seeing the book, going through the pop ups. It’s just like, Paddington. You’re so great. I love you, Paddington. I want to be with you. I’d be honest with you. So that’s like, my first thought was just the character of Paddington. And that speaks to like, you know, maybe why people think this is the best movie of all time. Because these kind of moments in movies, mainstream movies are few and far between. So like, when you when you feel it, in my opinion, it just feels really special.

PROTO Yeah, it’s great to have a movie that can give you that feel good feeling all the way through. I think it’s hard for a movie to do, like, do that. This movie. The one moment where you think Paddington’s gonna have a bad moment is where he gives knuckles that the stare, whatever that is, stare, the hard stare. And then you’re like, you know, what does he is he about to go into like a feral bear rage in that moment? You know, claw this guy’s face off. But no, he’s just like, my Aunt Lucy taught me this technique to give someone the the hard stare. And you’re like, that is so adorable. And like, he’s not really upset. He’s just using the tools that were given to him to deal with this situation? And yeah, it’s it’s great. You know, yeah, because it is special to have a movie like that there. You could probably count them on one hand, the ones that feel this good.

DANNY And what also what feels special is everyone in this film, I think it goes to the first one to all the actors in this film also seem like they’re just having the time of their life. Like, it seems like this is an easy job. But they’re also loving what they’re doing and loving what they’re creating and what they’re a part of, and to be a part of it for a second time. You can just tell that they’re just in love with the story in love with the franchise as a whole. And it’s just it’s it’s really, it’s really something special. And it comes through in the film, which even makes it you love the film more?

SLIM Yeah, yeah, Marcie in chat says I wish Sally Hawkins was my mom. She’s great. And the first one she’s great. And this one. And what I loved about the movie, I did rewatch the first one this week. And the second one I loved how each character you know, had their own thing going on. Like she was like training for like this, you know, race and stuff. And all the characters were in different places. So I loved each character in this movie.

DANNY Sally flew straight from filming Shape of Water, straight to film this.

SLIM Really?

DANNY Left Guillermo del Toro to get this film made too.

PROTO From fish to bear. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Danny, what’s your number one for Paddington 2 first ever viewing?

DANNY So my number one is almost the film as a whole, as there is so much different styles in this movie that is incredibly well crafted, even down to the animation of Paddington. Each segment, like the cinematography of Paddington, looking through the pop up book alone, the animation of that just sent me into like, incredible stratosphere of love for this film, but the animation and the 2d animation, and there’s just so much visual about this film that could go horribly wrong, but they nail it every time, the sequence where Paddington gets all of the chefs are all of the inmates to cook something. And as his guys are going through the kitchen in the jail, and it’s just kind of him controlling the room but not causes cooking and all the other jail like that whole sequence is gorgeous. And it the when he’s in his jail cell, and the the the grass starts growing through the cracks, and it transports them back to the jungle. It’s it’s incredible. And it’s not that old of the film to where the CGI doesn’t age. It hasn’t been long enough for it to like show its age, but also, there are moments where Paddington kind of looked almost like a stop animation. I don’t know what it was there that there was just something about the way they animated Paddington that he almost felt seamless in this movie, and because of how many times it goes in and out of different styles. It doesn’t feel very. He almost felt like he was really there. And it drove me nuts because I wanted to see flaws in it. And it’s just really well done. I just couldn’t get over how well done Paddington is in these films, and everything about the style of this movie.

SLIM Mosh in chat says Paddington is a real bear not CGI. That’s why it looks so real.

DANNY This is why I can’t take Paddington fans seriously.

SLIM They’re on the attack. I did notice that see, like in this one, I felt like his hair on his face and arms almost moved, you know, like just totally different than his body several times. So it did add like a different level of it’s just funny.

DANNY There’s like moments was like, is this a puppet? Like was there like a moment where they had a puppet or a doll when she carries them out of the water at the end? I just wanted to I really want to dig into more of the filming the making of this for sure.

SLIM It felt like a like whimsy. There’s like a whimsical nature to a live action film that Yeah, we don’t get like this level of success. Usually, it’s maybe like an animated film, where it doesn’t feel out of place. Because it’s like an animated movie. But in this one, like, you know, you see the band several times for the series of Paddington films playing the music and they just like appear with him doing like window washings and stuff and just feels normal. It’s fine. It’s fun. And it’s enjoyable.

PROTO You know that you say that? This? I think the movie the kind of movie reminds me the most is maybe a Pixar movie where there is like an action sequence that seems very complex. With like a lot of moving parts and a moving camera. This movie has scenes like that words. It’s as complex and just as interesting to look at as an animated movie. But it’s live action you just have the bear. Like I love the the escape sequence.

SLIM Oh, baby.

PROTO Is this the greatest prison break? I just kept thinking of how like these action sequences has a prison break. It also has a runaway train scene at the end as well. But those those scenes they’re just so like entertaining and like well put together and just like fun to watch. I love that. The scene of Paddington going up and like grooving through the gears in the in the prison rush. There was just like so many cool visuals. Like you just eat it up like you’re you’re never bored watching it. It’s always something always is interesting and compelling on the screen.

SLIM Yeah, Paul, I was supposed to say the same thing. Wes Anderson wishes it did feel at times, like a Wes Anderson movie. You know, the way the shots were framed? You know, head on a lot of the time. I mean, anytime the camera was moving, it didn’t feel like it was Anderson movie. But there was a lot of shots that reminded me of a Wes Anderson film.

DANNY I wonder if some of the the way the shots are set up to help the CGI of the film. I wonder if that keeping it symmetrical or keeping that kind of Angular style of Wes keeps the animation I don’t know. fitting into the subject matter easier.

SLIM Proto’s review: “The best James Bond film of the last 20 years.”

PROTO I believe that. [Danny & Slim & Proto laugh] I haven’t seen them all… But if you think about it, this movie is like a James Bond movie. It really is. Like there’s a moment in the beginning where Paddington is almost going to die on the river. It’s filled with action. He gets saved there by Aunt Lucy and then he’s showing expertise with a number of gadgets he’s the window cleaner under those are that’s a great scene. These framed for a crime gets imprisoned. I’m sure James Bond got in prison at some point, but then he breaks out. He goes into disguise to get on a train and then he has this high speed train Chase. I mean, it’s James Bond movie, but it’s better.

SLIM James retire because it features a bear. My number two I think might be Hugh Grant. In this movie, this might be I mean, this is a star making performance for Hugh Grant. Later, he does still the show he’s in isn’t He’s incredible. He’s ill he also looks like a character that’s having so much fun. Yeah, he’s living it up as this character he was ready for this character. Every disguise cracks me up when he’s like the non turning into the priest when he leaves the church and he starts like blessing people as on the way out. I love him in this in this it just adds to the entire picture in my opinion.

DANNY When he’s sitting at the when he when when the the boss, you Bonneville and Sally had broken into their house and he goes to rush up to see if the books still there. And he does the voices of all the characters standing behind him. I about lost it. Incredible, incredible performance this should. I don’t understand. I know how like I get that. The Weinstein screwed up the whole release of this film so it got no nominations at the Oscars because of the timing of the release of this movie in America mess things up. This I just I’m baffled at the lack of Oscar nominations of this film. I mean, Hugh alone should have been best supporting actor in this film. Easily easy couldn’t stop laughing at you. Every time was on screen. He was magical. The shadow of all of his photos from his past movies and this film, his headshots, that was incredible. Like I saw Notting Hill in this movie.

SLIM I love one of the shots of the he turns his head and she realizes that he is the guy and in disguise. It’s like all the sketches like blue overcorrect across his face and it comes back to his face there can be up killing me pray your thoughts on Hugh Grant.

PROTO Oh, yeah, I’m big, huge fan. I would say when. When I was when I was young. I think it was a teen I saw about a boy. Oh, interesting. Thank you. Great. Yeah. And when I saw that, I think that was one of the few movies I watched. I finished it and then I immediately rewatched it like I don’t I just rewatched the movie, because I wanted to be Hugh Grant in that movie. Like that was good. And I was like in love with this guy. Is it sad now?

SLIM Spiritual sequel.

PROTO Do whatever you want. It’s your show. But now watching this, it’s like I want to be this version of Hugh Grant like this happy go lucky guy. How about the dance sequence At the end the post credit scene, like he’s still full of life like he hasn’t lost a step in prison.

SLIM It’s the greatest travesty in the history of the Oscars. That note that

DANNY Nobody won. Nothing was nominated for this film.

SLIM I want it investigated to the fullest extent of the Oscars to prove that the Oscars are a joke. Sham Shams Ville. It’s a sham. What’s your number two, Danny?

DANNY Well, it was Hugh Grant. So number two, I love the train sequence. I love the train sequence at the end. What a moment in this film. I mean, you’re already having an incredible like, Detective movie. You have Paddington in jail. You have the family trying to solve the crimes. You have knuckles McGuinty, but then we get to a train hice at the end of this movie and you think he’s gonna drown like excuse me they were about to drown this bear at the end of this film. And then they come back and they save him I mean knuckles in the other two goons come back what a finale I couldn’t get over that. I mean the train the Train Heist alone I love everybody on this train. I love that they bring every render full circle and they fought to have an actual steam train on set to film this it wasn’t a CG train. Like come on. Like who this is incredible stuff practical training.

SLIM I mean when the I mean just from the onset the family chasing after Paddington they finally hear from him on the phone right before that. That’s when the tears start forming for me when they call him back.

[clip of Paddington 2 plays]

SLIM And we know the thief and then they run after him at the train and then the debt everyone’s story comes full circle sir steam shirt the steam train in the back of the in the back of the station you’re like fist pumping in the air that like yes it’s happening. And then he does his yoga the dad does the yoga bit, the mother the grandmother. And yeah, when when knuckles just the shadow of the plane appearing and and yeah. Oh my It’s just it’s just waterworks for me. Every time in the scene lost it again.

PROTO Can someone do an edit of Tom Cruise from Mission: Impossible, his scene on the train, like somehow him and Paddington do something together. [Danny & Slim laugh] Can anyone do that?

SLIM Love the train scene. Proto, number two.

PROTO All the hair cuts scene is so stinking funny. Oh my gosh. So Paddington. He gets a job. His first job is he’s the broom boy at a barber shop where he’s just brushing the floors but the barber goes out. Patting things They’re in this judge rolls in once a haircut and Paddington, you know, being the positive guy he is he says, Well, maybe you know, maybe I can figure this out and in his, you know his way he destroys the barber shop and gives this guy a reverse Mohawk. In the process. That scene is just so funny. The way they construct those scenes of him getting wrapped up in the chord the way his first shakes as he’s like, vibrating there. The guy in the chair just like his whole demeanor, it’s it’s really brilliant. It’s so funny.

DANNY Putting the hair back on with marmalade then licking it off. Are you kidding me?

SLIM See that character again on the train? Oh, later and then like right when they show him the waiter comes up next to him and he like get scared by the waiter you like on edge cracking me up. Oh my God. Love it. Number let’s see number three for me. Is that right? I think I’m coming through so my notes I the The movie starts out with like Paddington being so has like, become such an integral integral part of the community. And you see it in such a fun way, where he’s helping the trash guy learn the routes to become a cab driver, which I mean, even five years later, that’s like a ludicrous idea. Now with Uber, you don’t even need to know that stuff. Revenue Uber. But he’s helping everyone gets on the bike brings that one girl her breakfast makes her sandwich. Oh my god, it’s so good. And then when he’s in prison, you start to see like all those friends that he was with. They’re, they’re like floundering without him. And it’s like him not realizing that he made such a difference in the people around him. I mean, it’s just so beautiful. And then like, all those people come together to help Paddington. I mean, this is like the ultimate feel good movie, in my opinion. Like, everything works on every level in this movie. And I think that’s why why people say it’s like the best movie of all time. Because how many movies make you feel this way? When you see it? And they’re all perfect, like, and he finally realizes he does make a difference at the end. When they all greet him. You know, in bed. He’s like, he was like, you know, Ill after almost drowning. And they they reveal at the door they like chipped in to have Aunt Lucy come to London, England. Incredible. I mean, this is like one of the greatest moments in the history of film. When she opens the door. It’s over for me getting the tissues out. I’m a mess. An absolute mess. So the just that whole vibe and I mean, that’s why I also consider this a perfect film. So I mean that that last scene is just so good. It tugs at every heart string possible. Love it.

DANNY It’s really weird because while it wraps it’s like we asked the question the beginning should there be a Paddington three and I felt like this ending doesn’t really let us have a padding and three like this in so well that I don’t trust a third movie. If it’s not in the hands of the people that made these two arrays. So I loved the ending. It was a great book end to the story. I think I think it Paddington one padding the two is a perfect like, one two punch. It doesn’t need to be stretched out anymore. We had a great moment. The creator of Paddington didn’t get to see this which bums me out that he died before the end of the filming of that the release of this film because I feel like this was like the magnum opus of what Paddington means to so many people. Especially in I mean, I don’t think he’s so much in our culture. But for an England Paddington is just massive.

DANNY He’s like their Mickey Mouse.

SLIM He’s like Jesus over there.

DANNY Jesus, that’s even better, yeah.

PROTO Jesus Mouse.

SLIM The Bear Jesus. Proto, your thoughts in the name of this movie.

PROTO It is beautiful. I on the other hand, there absolutely should be a Paddington 2. There absolutely. Should be you have to do it. What if you strike gold again? The what is the magic continues? What if the third is the best one? It’s hard to imagine that now. But it could happen. It could we could be sitting in three years from now or whenever they do it a year from now. We could be covering Paddington 3, and saying this is the best gosh darn Paddington movie period. Now, there is one open question though. Nicole Kidman was great in the first one, we all agree Hugh Grant fantastic.

SLIM Oh my god.

PROTO But who do you have as the villain in Paddington 3? I would like to nominate a dark horse for a villain…

DANNY If you say James Corden, I’m quitting the podcast. [Slim laughs]

PROTO No. It’s gotta be my boy Michael Caine. [Danny & Slim laugh] Michael Caine, he some like chromogen and then hang tin with his sweetheart converts and back. And you know, you see Michael Caine just turn into mush by the end of a movie. God I want that again. I want Muppet Christmas Carol all over again. See, now you lost me.

SLIM Kurtz predicted it in chat. He said Michael Caine mere moments before you said Michael Caine. Kurtz knows there was another suggestion in chat which I thought you were gonna say. And that was your other boy. Timothy Dalton from hot

PROTO sorry, Michael.

SLIM He should just played the same character from that town. Maybe had a kid visit that town?

DANNY What if it’s just all the bonds it’s Daniel Craig.

SLIM Oh my god. There’s there’s no there’s no as

DANNY Roger board dead yet. Who knows? Nobody knows Brosnan.

DANNY Oh my gosh, Pierce

SLIM Pierce can be a potential candidate as well. If you like piers bras and a Paddington villain

DANNY all the Bond villains. bonds become villains.

SLIM Love it. Love it. Pardon. Was that your are his term? I think Danny’s Danny’s number three.

DANNY This is a little moment in the film. But I think I watched his movie twice this week. Yeah, it’s struck me both times. And it’s the moment when Paddington is doing the window cleaning and he cleans the captain’s windows. And the captain being the light curmudgeon that he has on the corner of the street, and when the sun shines through because of Paddington, and it just cheers him up. I don’t know why that struck me both times watching it. I mean, it felt like how I felt coming into this film like there’s no way this movie is gonna you are the captain. Yeah, I was like there’s no way this movie is as good as everyone says it is. And then I start watching in the light shines through. And it’s because of Paddington and I just loved that scene it’s such a little moment but just cleaning his windows for him changed his mood his outlook he loves the EEG starts to notice the paper sales woman is that a thing in London? I guess? They have these people selling papers like that. And I just love that scene. I really did love that scene. It kind of struck me both times.

SLIM Little things

DANNY and just the little things in this movie Little Things pardon was

SLIM last time you cleaned somebody’s windows for

PROTO someone else’s windows

DANNY the face you just

PROTO maybe never part of your number three my number three we’ve covered most of this stuff. Other things I have written down there was a simultaneous homage to Mission Impossible and the matrix on the train Did you guys catch that? Where they go through the tunnel? And the does the lean back move in the Slow Mo Oh, just like Neo the current apple? Yeah, yeah, I caught it you know visually this movie is also just like really beautiful. I love the blueberry. Pajama bit in the pajamas the the prison uniforms. Yeah. That’s like beautiful when just like even the set of them all just having like these these colors. Hugh Grant’s house was amazing. Yeah. Amazing house so amazing. Amazing sets I yeah, this movie is really a delight. My my youngest he started after we watched this. He was asking the watch more Paddington. So we put on the first one the next day and watch that and he’s been asking for it throughout the week, so hopefully, which I wouldn’t mind you know, why not just have a Paddington movie on in the background. Oh, my. Feels great. I’m at four stars for Paddington two are stars. Love it. Love to see it. appreciate your honesty with us.

SLIM Let’s see. I don’t know I mentioned the skeevy security guard character who’s back again in the second movie. When he’s talking about Hugh Grant. The sexy None. None he’s ever seen. That guy’s like the rope. So, I don’t know if that is like a known character in England or something. And that’s why he’s in this movie, but I just thought he was a weird character. That was funny. Hugh Grant looks horrific and a dog costume. Man, how horrifying? Is he dressed up?

DANNY I don’t know. I God

SLIM When he had the one, I think one other note that I didn’t say but when he sees his friend on the trash truck when he needs to get to the train station, and that’s when he like starts the pieces start to get into play. How he gets there, his friends start to help them out. And you can you can hear the joy in his voice. Five, five stars, obviously for me, I love this movie. Everyone should see this movie. It is good. It’s not just good. It’s great. It’s amazing. Makes you feel good about yourself makes you feel good about other people. So it’s an important movie, I think. Any final thoughts?

DANNY Final thoughts? Love knuckles. mckinty. What a character easily one of the best characters I’ve seen in a long time. Check my notes. Would Paddington have gotten a fair trial if he was a white bear? Good question. That’s a good question. That’s an American question

SLIM About him getting right into prison. Straight Do they have enough evidence for him to be shown in the prison? And it’s disgusting actually not harsh. What’s going on in England? Wake up.

DANNY That’s it. This is a five star movie. This is a five star feel good. Have a great time movie. I don’t I don’t know that I want a third but if there’s a third I’m here for it. Okay. This was great. Thank you for picking this slim. happy that we could do this together.

SLIM This is like Christmas came early. Summer Christmas. In May. I don’t know if I want a third one either. It’s because like the the worry that it’s not good. I know. We’re as good. I guess it’d be happy if it was good, but you want it to be as good as two and it’s like how, you know? How does the Pashtuns Paddington’s return to the Jedi?

DANNY Oh, that is my favorite though. So it may be

SLIM What about Paddington’s rise of Skywalker? No stop let’s move on. Paddington’s Revenge of the Sith Stop.

DANNY Stop the list

SLIM goes on. Alright, so that’s Paddington two. We’re almost through sequels month. Oh yeah, the art oh my god the art Danny’s as Mike is asking to drop the art

DANNY it’s dropped guys dropped structures a

SLIM bear check the artwork channel. So we’re mere moments away from hearing Deniz Peck mere moments but we have I think some letters to read before we do that when we pull up our letter machine. It will be it will be it will be will be will be subject line the other side of a letterbox. Gosh comes from Derek. Hey gang, I discovered 70 mm through Danny’s amazing art. Imagine my shocked to learn that it was made in service of a checks notes podcast about movies. It had never been done. Now I hear there are as many as three out there. Bonkers. I wonder share joy with you all. I’m a local boy indie filmmaker here in Orlando. And I was over the moon to get my very own letterbox review on one of my films. It’s surreal to be on the other side for the first time. I was thrilled to find it. It was one of those fun snarky one sentence synopsis reviews that are practically in art form themselves. They gave it three stars. So if some maniac completely clears you at a three stars is fine merch soon. It’s me. Wondering if you guys are going to make a Con this year? If so you should check out the horror film fest they have inside the con. Is that where you’re at? megacon I’m at Meg. God.

PROTO Oh my check out.

SLIM Horror Film Festival get fam to man the table and get to the horror film fest. The email goes on. I’d also like to take this moment to gently insist you do an episode on the slept on 90s masterpiece The chateau. Oh my god. We’re talking Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellen, Tim Curry and to God James Hong. It would be irresponsible not to do the right thing here guys. Anyway, huge fan of the show. I only completely disagree with your ratings like 45% of the time. bloviate, Derek,

DANNY Derek the shit Derek has has a directed movie on letterbox is out. He was saying Derek’s Derek’s nado. I need to meet him.

SLIM Are you is this happening? Are you meeting are you getting him a signed mommy print right after this are behind and refuses to get to the shadow would be a very fun episode i

DANNY Oh my The Shadow goodness.

SLIM Part. Are you ready to agree to a show AutoWeb Is this gonna be one of your picks? This year? The shadow? Can you announce it now?

PROTO The shout I’ve never seen this before. Oh my god the sounds the sounds the sounds like a good pick though. 9094 Let’s see the genres fantasy adventure action thriller science fiction my five favorite genre

SLIM what if we did like a 90 superhero a month or something like that? We could do the Phantom shadow. Oh, and I don’t know anything else that came out Mystery Men. Mystery Men dark man some some comments are coming in for dark man. Blank, man. I don’t know if blank man holds up. I don’t know if that holds up. My bloated watch by bleed. All right. Enough about talk. Next email comes in from Mike. Subject Line A quick note. Really looking forward to the Paddington two episodes tonight. I had never seen either Paddington movie and my family and I had a blast watching these last weekend. I think my kids might even be in chat tonight. Show yourself. I want to thank you for bringing such joy to my life over the last several months discovering your podcast has been a real highlight for me. Particularly from a social perspective. I continue on this journey through your past episode in hopes of getting caught up by the end of the year, if not sooner. Your wonderful discussions have caused me to travel on many cinematic journeys these days and your introduction of letterbox to me was the icing on the cake for someone like me, I may have a slight obsession with LIS making a nerdy statistics. Slim thank you for your slim fluence as more than once your thoughts on a film has made me reconsider my own complex journey. Yes, art is amazing. I love every piece and I’m proud to have some hanging on my walls. Proto. I would gladly follow you into volcano Manna Eldon Lord, though I’d probably be impaled by a giant bolt in about three seconds. I salute you for your honesty and your wonderful and often hilarious plot summaries. I also want to say that the entire discord community is an absolute treasure. I have never been the most social person but you are all such great people. And I really love chatting with you when I’m able take care, Mike.

DANNY Oh my goodness. Mike. Beautiful.

SLIM Thank heavens Mike. Welcome home.

PROTO Thanks for being here. Mike.

SLIM The volcano Manna proto Have you thought about Elden ring recently?

PROTO You know, I’m not sure why I brought it up. I’m not gonna lie. I booted up Eldon ring for the first time. In maybe like three weeks I wanted to there’s one there’s one dragon that I never downed. And as the Elden Lord, I felt that it was responsible that no one had any doubts. And then I get this this dragon down. So didn’t do it yet, but I will. I’m back in Eldon ring for a minute or two. Scale up my people know I’m still around.

SLIM Felt good. Thank you for the email. Mike. Great to hear from you and great to hear how our community has been a positive impact. Love to hear it. Now’s the time I think. Enough. Enough BS. No more bowl s as they say. Can’t say it on the show or PG 13 show. Thank you. But are you ready to announce your pick? That will end sequels month and begin sequels summer.

DANNY So there’s been a lot of talk about my rule I set for this year for myself. It’s loose, okay. I just wanted to pick a film where we all are new to watching it that’s all okay. But finding a sequel that we all haven’t seen is near impossible, at least based on letterbox stats, but I’ve come across one streaming on Paramount plus right now. And it is a sequel to The Hunt for Red October. Are Watching clear and present danger. Harrison Ford Willem Defoe Jack Ryan clear why.

PROTO That’s awesome.

SLIM This is Jackie movies month kicking off next week.

DANNY It’s time ah, I’m looking at this up a letterbox right you have a heart on it slum

PROTO Harrison wrapped in a flag a hard time

SLIM This tape was I feel like all the time at my house grown it’s sitting on as in danger.

DANNY It was sitting on all the tube TVs

SLIM emoji and they were kiss Mamma Mia do Claire here isn’t

DANNY It’s time. Okay.

SLIM The people demanded it. This is also the first movie I think that made me realize that like all the Harrison Ford stunts that he ever does is like that full word die from an expensive

DANNY time. Yeah. The war on drugs would lead him to the war of power. CIA analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against the Colombian drug cartel.

PROTO Oh, yes.

DANNY We’re getting into it. We’re late in the summer block wars.

PROTO Yeah. Oh my god. Yes, this is a wheel. This is wheelhouse listen,

SLIM You thought that there the cast stopped at Harrison Ford and Willem Defoe think again. And Archer Rahim del almeyda Ratterree snur Z. Harris. Ulan J. Arnold Moffat Earl Jones. Where’s his name? Donington see down? Okay. You’re talking about Mamma Mia and the famous director Mamma Mia. Whomever that might be. I’m talking about Phillip Noyce, the director of clear and present danger. Oh, you know what? Football so did the same.

DANNY Oh, yeah. Elmer Oh, yeah. The Bone Collector. There’s also a sequel to this he did to Jack Ryan movies. Harrison comes back for Patriot Games.

SLIM It’s the most celebrated director we’ve ever covered.


And I think so. Harrison has five or six movies that are like this that I couldn’t tell you which one is which? There’s also Air Force One Air Force One baby. The Fugitive

SLIM Does that fall out of the plane the fugitive he does six

DANNY Nights the witness but we’re doing it clear and present danger next what next week

SLIM What have imagined if someone bet money on us and they pick clear brother named the Vida could retire the RTV Joe she’s would they have one if a pet clear and present danger proto

PROTO You might have broke the bank. Good. Good thing we allow some kind of bet like that. Crash feature.

DANNY Do you know my my other pick that I was teetering with let’s hear the sequel

DANNY to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 2010

PROTO Oh my gosh.

DANNY Well, I needed Harrison.

PROTO Oh my gosh. The right Peck. Listen to

SLIM the cast on 20 Town Peter anions directed Roy shader. John Lithgow. Helen Mirren. Okay. This was the RSA

DANNY star that was the art for star just saw it. And I’m not changing it. I want Harrison even how

SLIM clear and present danger logged on they see this. Oh my god. I do have some some logs here. I don’t think I’m so

PROTO excited to washes. How old was Harrison in 94? He’s


PROTO Oh my gosh, he was 52 Already

SLIM gay. What? Little did he know that his career was like just getting started in 99. All right, sequels month continuing in earnest next week, right before June ask the road to gymnastic word. Summer sequels. Proto any closing thoughts? This week?

PROTO I didn’t write it down. I can’t think of what I what I wanted to say in this moment. I’ve gotten nothing other than I’m so excited to watch the Harrison Ford movie Danny this is this is the this is it’s Christmas all over again. To Christmas summer Christmas is in May.




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