Transcript: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

45 min readAug 2, 2021

Transcript of 70mm’s Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Episode.

SLIM Heeey, it’s your old pal Slim. And this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I’m joined by famous artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY My extra time today was spent watching the first three Mad Max films and then questioning how we even got to Fury Road.

SLIM And spiritual advisoorrr, Protolexus.

PROTO When I saw this in theaters, it was a religious experience.

SLIM And together as friends forever, we discuss recently watched movies. Later in this very episode, we’re discussing Mad Max: Fury Road. Will 70mm hit the rare 15 star scale once more? Stay tuned.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM The Olympics are upon us, Danny.

DANNY Really?

SLIM You’re a big fan, aren’t you? Aren’t you like a big Olympic nut?

DANNY Olympian… head?

SLIM Is that what they’re called?

DANNY I don’t know. Just a fan.

PROTO Oly head.

SLIM There is an Olympic fever happening right now. So we were noodling. For some ideas. Why not combine competition with movies?

DANNY Oh, baby.

SLIM Simultaneous. Recently, I was playing a card game called Cinephile. It’s like a movie lovers card game.


SLIM And each card has an actor, I opened it up here. You can see, can you see this actor?

DANNY Oh my gosh.

PROTO Nick Cage!

SLIM You’d love the art design in this book.

PROTO It’s disgusting.

SLIM This card game. So one of the games you can play is, actor, so like we drew Nicolas Cage and the movie that our drawing is from is Raising Arizona. So you could have two teams. The next person has to name a movie that Nicolas Cage was in.

DANNY Gone in 60 Seconds.

SLIM Proto, you go.

PROTO Bad Lieutenant. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM That is the first one you thought of!

DANNY Bad Lieutenant!

SLIM So you go back and forth and so on until the people were knocked out. So it’s kind of like last person standing.

DANNY Mmmmm.

SLIM And there’s also another game you can play where it’s the movie part of the card where you name an actor in that movie and the next person has a name of movie and then the next person names an actor. You try to knock people out by naming like an obscure movie, like Bad Lieutenant probably most people could name another actor from Bad Lieutenant or maybe Eva Mendez. I think, who said that, was that Marcie? So August 11th, we’re going to have our own VHS Village Olympics. We’ll have two teams in our Discord, this is going to be live in our Discord. One side will have reps from our little network of shows, including Film Hags, Dune Pod, Lost Light, BAT & SPIDER, Cinenauts, Will Run For, and on the other side of the table —


SLIM The opponents will be representatives from the VHS Village Discord itself.


DANNY My gosh.

SLIM This is not a game. This is real. This is real deal!

PROTO This is the Olympics. [Slim laughs]

DANNY This is the Olympiad.

SLIM We’re going to be doing a draft. People are wondering how do I get into this game? How do I represent the Village? It will be opt-in, I’m going to drop a form in chat. Right now you can opt-in and say ‘I want to be interested in playing this game. I want to be included in the draft.’ I just dropped that form in chat. Next week will be the live draft in Discord. Ian and I will be hosting that event. And we’re pretty excited. Ian is getting some blazers together. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Baaaby babay!

SLIM So if you are interested in joining up and playing this game against us, by all means, but the real — there will be a winner at the end of the night. But the real winner out of all this will be the Human Rights Campaign, we’ll be raising money as we play in our small community for a good cause. their goal is to ensure that all LGBTQ people, and particularly those who are trans, people of color, and HIV positive, are treated as full and equal citizens across our country and around the world. So I’m going to about to drop a GoFundMe link in chat. You’ll have links to the form, you’ll have links to the GoFundMe, you can donate up until we actually have the games. Proto, how do you feel? This is probably all news to you. How do you feel about this?

PROTO Wow, yeah. This is very, this is very exciting. I have, I have faith in the Village to just, you know, run the table on the hosts.

DANNY Excuse me?

PROTO I think it will happen. I’m predicting a victory for the Village right now. Right here. And I hope Ian wears a toga just to get into full Olympic spirit. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Danny will be representing 70mm in the Olympics.

DANNY Oh baby.

SLIM Danny, what’s your vibe right now? You’re representing this podcast. This group, the three of us in this tournament.

DANNY Well as long as I’m asked Steven Spielberg questions, I should be fine. [Slim laughs] Anything out of that realm, I’m gonna have to phone a friend.

SLIM How many movies has Steven Spielberg acted in? I don’t even know if he’s going to pop in and one of these cards.

DANNY It’s only actors?!

SLIM Actually, I don’t even know. I haven’t played it that much.

PROTO Let’s just cancel the whole thing.

DANNY Yeah, it’s finished. [Danny laughs]

SLIM We’re already predicting a giant loss in the first ever Olympic Games. So the games will take place on August 11th. That’s a Wednesday night. We’ll all be here in Discord, in chat having fun together. And the draft will take place next week after our show. Ian and I will be drafting randomly from the opt-in list to see who will represent the Discord. A team of seven will do battle against our group.

DANNY Seven v seven.

SLIM Yeah. It’s like Big Team Battle in Halo.

DANNY Ohhhhhhh my goshhhh. On Sidewinder? You kidding me?

SLIM Marcie’s asking if we’re gonna record the draft. I think we’ll record the draft next week. For patrons. It can be a lot of fun. So that’s news, VHS Village Olympics. It’s happening very soon. It’s for a good cause, Human Rights Campaign. Check the links in the episode notes to donate. And if you can’t make it, otherwise we’ll see you in Discord. Danny, did you watch any movie this week?

DANNY I did. I started Proto’s Noir Journey — Noirney — this week. And went with Double Indemnity. My goodness, what a film. I have been meaning to watch this for a little bit now. And I’ve kind of forgot about it. And then it’s back around. And it is incredible. I gave it five stars! I had such a great time watching this film. Performances were amazing. I actually really loved the story. And I loved how it was told through like the narration of the main character. But in kind of, he’s like sitting at the end of the film, talking as you go back through the film. I thought it was a really cool thing to do. And it was a great film. I had so much fun with it. Casey and I both watched it that weekend. It was a lot of fun.

SLIM The Discord has been going through this Noirney, Noir Journey, like hotcakes! Proto, how do you feel about this participation?

PROTO I think more people watched Double Indemnity this week than everyone who watched all of the David Lean movies. [Danny laughs] So we’re off to a great start. I’m really happy. It’s fun to see everybody watching this movie and having a great time.

DANNY And then my extra time today was spent watching the first three Mad Max films and then questioning how we even got to Fury Road after any of those films are made.

SLIM You dropped like a two star for the first Mad Max, I think.

DANNY I gave it two stars just for the cars in that film. Everything else about that film was garbage. Especially Mel’s Australian accent.

SLIM That’s his real voice.

DANNY It’s not. There’s no way.

SLIM Isn’t he from Australia?

DANNY No, he’s from like, Illinois. [Danny laughs]

PROTO [Proto in an Aussie accent] He’s an Aussie.

SLIM This is another reason why I’m not — no chances in the Cinephile game. You think Mel Gibson is from Illinois. [Danny & Slim laugh]

PROTO Goodness gracious.

SLIM Ian is sweating right now. Ian and I will be moderating the games. We will not be participating.

DANNY Can’t make a joke tonight, my god.

SLIM What about Tina in Thunderdome?

DANNY I gave all my stars to Tina. And that’s it. I thought it was garbage. I can’t make a joke tonight, my god. Yeah. Two stars. I gave all my stars to Tina. And that’s it.

PROTO This is just proof why everyone deserves a fourth chance. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I love the cars in Mad Max. His car, the interceptor vehicle in the first movie. Holy cow!


SLIM Sexual.

DANNY Can we buy that car?

PROTO Sexual vehicle.

SLIM Can we 3d print that car? Do we know anyone with a 3d printer?

DANNY Someone’s got a model of the 73 XB Ford Coupe?

SLIM Is that the car?

DANNY Yeah, XB Ford Coupe.

SLIM Mmm. What else did you watch?

DANNY That’s it.

SLIM What a week. What a day.

DANNY Big day. Big week. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM Proto, what about you?

PROTO Yeah, I had a good week. I got to watch a bunch of movies. I also watched Double Indemnity. I gave it four stars. How about the amount of times he said ‘baby’ in that movie? [Danny laughs]

DANNY Right? Oh and the match. The way he lit a match.

PROTO Oh yeah! That little finger snap? I didn’t even know that was possible.

DANNY Can we get those off Amazon?

PROTO Yeah, is that a trick? Do you need like, like some kind of adhesive on your finger to make that possible?

SLIM Fingernail.

PROTO A fingernail. Okay.

DANNY No way. Are you serious?

SLIM I do that trick all the time.

DANNY No you don’t! Do it right now.

SLIM When I was younger, that’s, that’s it.

DANNY Is how you got Amanda?

SLIM Yeah, that was our first night. She saw me do the match trick.

DANNY Across the room?

SLIM How about the Body Heat reviews coming in here? I think there was a few, seems to be like a three star average while Double Indemnity beats it out for your duo-ing of these movies, Proto.

PROTO Yeah. Yeah. Not as hot. The Body Heat. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m gonna watch that one. I’m not totally —

SLIM It’s your journey! [Danny laughs]

PROTO It’s my journey. Um, but… yeah.

SLIM I remember growing up hearing about that movie being like, the sexiest movie ever made.

PROTO Have you seen it?

SLIM I haven’t watched it since I’ve been an adult. I don’t even know if I watched it when I was younger, maybe seen bits and pieces of it.

PROTO I had other things to do. Next week.

DANNY Uh oh.

PROTO But you know, I watched a movie this week. And I got — speaking of heat. I got a little heat for it this week. I was trying not to, you know, talk about it too much. But I didn’t really give a review. I watched the movie Shiva Baby that came out. That came out last year.

DANNY You gave a review.

PROTO And like, yeah, I gave it one star and I didn’t really want to get into it. But then I started getting attacked in my review. So um — [Danny laughs]

SLIM Excuse me?

DANNY By who?

PROTO Just some vicious LB users.

SLIM Is it Nikey P again?

PROTO No, not Nikey P. Yeah, he’s a kind hearted man. He wouldn’t do that to me. So you guys haven’t seen this movie right?

SLIM No, it’s in my watchlist. Lotta buzz about it.

PROTO Yeah, a lot of buzz. And all the reviews, I was like, wow, this sounds great. It’s real short. 78 minutes long. And Jenna, JR Scrolling was interested in it. So we watched it together. And you know what? I’m not saying, objectively, this is a one star movie. You know, obviously, I’m in the minority here not liking it. But I just didn’t really just care for it. And the way that it’s told. You know, everything that people have said about it. You know, to me, it wasn’t funny at all. Like I didn’t find a single thing in this movie funny. You know, Jewish people being Jewish. Not very funny to me.

DANNY Oh my, is it a comedy?

SLIM Ver bold take here.

PROTO Well, it’s suppose it’s like, I guess you could say like a dark comedy. You know, somewhat, kind of like a millennial story a little bit.


SLIM Your one word review for Shiva Baby: nope.

PROTO Yeah. But I also think that the writing is not good. You know, like, what’s the worst conversation that you can be in?

DANNY A podcast. [Slim laughs]

PROTO Yeah. Second worst conversation you can be in is where someone, you know, asks somebody what they’re going to do after college. That conversation happens at least 10 times in this movie, that conversation is this movie. So I just, yeah, I just didn’t really care for it. You know, I don’t know, I might update my review, just to really have my thoughts down so I can defend myself. But just you know, not for me.

DANNY I respect your review.

SLIM 90,000 people have logged this as watched on Letterboxd. 300 people have given it one star and Proto was one of those people.

DANNY My goodness.

SLIM I’m looking at some of the comments. I’m not going to name names on this review. First comment: Jail. Second comment: This is an issue. [Danny laughs] Third comment: The author has removed this comment. [Slim laughs]

DANNY They’re all JR Scrolling. Did Jenna like it?

PROTO No she didn’t like it either.


PROTO She actually, she actually said to me. She said five minutes in she was thinking of asking me if I wanted to turn it off, but she thought I was enjoying it. So we just have to be more open with each other. We could have saved ourselves. [Danny laughs]

SLIM We talked about Proto having to delete comments off Letterboxd, people that werre griefing him. If you share the show on social media, you’re automatically opted in to potentially winning a free year of Letterboxd Pro, you can find out where your favorite movies are streaming, find your next watchlisted movie. Watch it at 11 o’clock at night. Get some pretty awesome stats at the end of the year. So this week’s winner of a free year of Letterboxd Pro is PMC — actually no. I was gonna say PMC Givern. But it’s probably PMcGivern on Twitter. You just won a free year of Letterboxd Pro, congratulations.

DANNY Wow, congrats.

PROTO I like PMC Givern. [Proto & Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I think the last person I gave the free year Letterboxd Pro to, like actually no, you weren’t that close with the name pronunciation last week, where I was patting myself on the back. Wasn’t patting myself this week, that’s for sure. If you wanted to upgrade to Letterboxd Pro or Patron status to support Letterboxd and you didn’t win this week, you can do so at 20% off using the link on our website Also, we have to call out some new patrons this week. We’re edging ever so close to the Harry Potter goal of 200 patrons. 174. We have some new friends this week. Karen, Jordan, John, Yehudi, Cat and Cory joined us this week. So thank you for your support.

DANNY You watched more Segal this week, I saw.

SLIM I did watch more Seagal. This is probably the best Seagal actually. Watched Out For Justice, plays another Italian cop.

DANNY Is he Italian?

SLIM Australian.

DANNY Oh, he’s Australian. Oh, everyone’s Australian then apparently. [Slim laughs]

SLIM No, I don’t know what his nationality is. He plays a cop whose partner gets shot and in broad daylight by this mobster who’s like gone psycho. So he’s working with like the mob. He’s like, you got to find your guy before I find him. So he kind of goes on the run to find and kill this guy. And it’s another one of the Seagal movies where nothing bad really happens to him. [Danny laughs] He’s just kind of like the perfect weapon.

PROTO Untouchable

SLIM Completely untouchable! There’s one scene, there’s some amazing violence in this movie. There’s one scene where he blows off a dude’s leg with a shotgun.

DANNY Yesss.

SLIM It was one of the coolest things, not just in a Seagal movie, but just in general.

DANNY Oh my!

SLIM The way his leg flew off. [Slim & Danny laugh] And then he just kept screaming. It was amazing. But I think it gets worse from here on out. I think the heyday of Seagal is over at this point. He directed the next one that I need to watch.

DANNY Have you made it to Exit Wounds yet?

SLIM No. That’s a couple movies down the line I think.


SLIM I’m excited to watch that one too, though.

DANNY It’s a good one. Oh baby.

SLIM The one he directed, he’s only directed a movie once. So it doesn’t bode well for my journey.

DANNY One and done. I respect that.

SLIM Is it time for Fury —

PROTO Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

DANNY Uh oh.

SLIM Uh oh.

PROTO Let’s just get an update here.

DANNY Oh, gosh.

PROTO You mentioned Nick Cage earlier and you saw Nick Cage’s newest movie?

SLIM I did. I went to the theatres.

PROTO Can you just speak about this?

DANNY How are we just glossing over this, Matt?

SLIM I don’t know how we did gloss over that.


SLIM I asked my lovely wife, the one that I met after thumbing a match.

DANNY Excuse me? [Slim laughs]

SLIM I said there’s this Nicolas Cage movie getting rave reviews. You want to go see it? And she replied with a mocking voice “rAvE ReVieWs” [Danny laughs] And said no, you can go see that yourself. So I was like, okay. And it wasn’t playing in my local jawn. It was at this giant Regal that I haven’t gone to in a long time. It’s the one IMAX theater near us. And they must have renovated during the pandemic because it looks like a futuristic arcade in there. Lights everywhere. It’s a 4dx theater now. So water shoots in your face when you want to see a movie. So I walked in there, like three or four people in there, bought a ticket, sat down. I haven’t watched any trailers for this. I just kind of knew there was a vibe of Nicolas Cage doing a great performance. And it’s called Pig. It’s about him and a pig. That’s all I knew about it. And he had a beard. And by the end the movie I was completely stunned and won over by it. He played — I’m not gonna say anything about it really, but you should just kind of go in and experience it. I was really shocked. This feels like one of those, I don’t wanna say like comeback movies, because because he’s had a few good movies in the last 10 years that were really good. Mandy was amazing. So it’s just another great Nicolas Cage movie. I mean, he’s had some real stinkers. So it’s not like he’s flying high or the last couple years either. It’s just one of those kind of winners that he’s had. I was like crying during certain parts of it towards the end. There was a certain point in the movie where I kind of figured out what was going to happen next. And I started like tearing up.

DANNY A sob job!

SLIM When people came out of the theater, they did not like it. Some people just did not get it. I think it’s — is this an A24 or is it Neon? This is kind of like one of those Neon quote unquote “movies”. It’s not really for the mainstream, I don’t think. But I had an amazing time. Four and a half stars.

DANNY Casey was like, have you heard about this Pig movie? I’m like, no. I mean, I didn’t watch the trailer. I knew it was coming out. And I was like, I think Slim went to see it tonight. And she goes, yeah, he just gave it four and a half stars and I’m like what?! No way. [Slim laughs] So I got to see this.

SLIM Yeah, Danny came on to Apex that night and he’s like, Casey and I were talking about you in bed tonight. [Danny & Slim laugh] My eyebrow went up. Just a reminder, the announcement earlier, we’ll be playing the Cinephile card game in the Discord August 11th against the VHS Village, we’ll have a draft. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so be sure to check out the links in the episode notes. Mad Max: Fury Road.

DANNY It’s time.

SLIM This is Proto’s pick for Summer Blockbuster Month Part Two. We’re doing it again, we’re going back. 21st century movies only. Proto, are you ready to drive us into the sandstorm that is Fury Road?

[music from Mad Max: Fury Road fades in]

PROTO In the wasteland, there are three forms of currency: water, guzzolene, and the will to survive. When Mad Max is captured by Immortan Joe’s War Boys, his time is all but up as he has turned into a blood bag. His high octane blood siphoned off to a war boy with one foot in Valhalla. At the same time, Imperator Furiosa takes the War Rig out on what would be a solo supply run to Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, but instead, escapes with Immortan Joe’s slave wives strapped to the hood of a car, Nax races off into the desert to come face to face with Furiosa. Immortan Joe, the People Eater, the Bullet Farmer, the War Boys and the rage of the desert, are on a collision course with the War Wig. Escaping his chains, Max is faced with a choice. Continue to run or turn and face the fury. In the wasteland, there are only two ways out: death or glory. And both will be met on the Fury Road.

[music from Mad Max: Fury Road ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Man. I just want to call out on VGER the supercomputer who loves movies that Proto made, which you can find a link to on, the average rating for this movie is a 4.5. The amount of five star ratings right now at top of this list.

PROTO There’s 32 five stars in the village. [Proto laughs]

SLIM Holy cow.

DANNY That’s amazing.

SLIM I don’t even know where to start in this movie. I think we all watched the 4k Dolby Vision edish for this viewing. And I was trying to think back… did I see this in theaters? I honestly cannot remember the experience that I had watching this. I just remember seeing the movie. You know, when it came out. What about you Danny, do you remember?

DANNY Oh, yeah, I saw it at least twice. And one of the times I saw it was in a… it wasn’t 4DX because it wasn’t, that wasn’t out yet. But I think it was just like a Dbox or something seat where it was, it just kind of turned, it panned with the camera as your chair did. And it was an amazing experience. So I’ve seen it a couple times in theaters when it came out, when it first came. How about you Proto?

PROTO When I saw this in theaters, it was a religious experience. I remember seeing, you know, screenshots of this movie before it came out, seeing the trailer. My Proto sense was tingling harder than it ever had before. I knew this movie was going to be the big one.

SLIM The big one.

PROTO Yeah, and when I saw it, I was like giddy with joy for the two hours that I was in the theater watching this. I was like looking around like, are we all feeling this right now? [SLim laughs] And I remember I was so excited for it. I actually started searching out podcast episodes that would talk about this movie because I was just so… I just wanted to hear someone talk about it. I think I listened to the Slashfilm podcast episode on this. And they had a, I think that’s the one, it’s what whichever one has Jeff Kanata on it or did at the time. And they had a guest on who talked about it. And the guest was kind of like lukewarm on it. He was like, yeah, it was pretty good for an action movie. And I’m like, did I get this all wrong? Like, am I alone here? And then when Jeff Kanata started talking about it, he was like, ‘uhhh I don’t know what you’re talking about. But this is the best action movie I’ve ever seen in my life!’ [Danny laughs] I was like, thank you. And yeah, I just remember that. And it was being — it was like, it’s probably the best experience I’ve had in the theater watching this.

DANNY Oh my!

SLIM Geez.

PROTO I just felt that I had like, I had arrived. This was, you know, in some ways, my life was complete after seeing this movie.

SLIM Is this a five star movie again, right now? Are you ready to reveal your rating to start this segment? Has this ever been done?

PROTO I mean, it’s a five star movie for me still.

DANNY Wowowow.

PROTO I mean, this is my favorite Christmas movie. [Danny laughs] It’s that good! And I say that because it’s, you know, yeah, there’s Christmas movies that are Christmas themed, but then there’s movies that are just so good that you want to, you want to pair them with the holiday experience of like, you know, great holiday feelings. Great movie feelings. That’s why we watch The Fellowship of the Ring at Christmas. That’s why you watch Mad Max in December, because it is just that good.

SLIM Beks says ‘wrap it up folks!’ Marcie says ‘shortest episode ever, just do the draft now.’ [Danny & Proto laughs] A week early. Danny, are you ready to give your rating right now for Fury Road? To start off? This has never been done!

DANNY We got a show to do. Stay tuned. [Slim laughs] Please.

SLIM My first notes from watching this movie, you know, I’d actually just recently rewatched it so my rating is already on Letterboxd, this is one of my earliest 4K purchases. And I wanted James to watch it. And I got so many Blade Runner 2 from this in the way that, what is the market for Blade Runner 2? Like this is the fourth, just as like Danny said, this is the fourth Mad Max movie. The first three are kind of cult movies in and of themselves. But this had to have been one of the biggest gambles ever, you know? Like what? George Miller is going to do another Mad Max movie? But it just happened to be an amazing film and it worked out.

DANNY You know, I don’t remember the marketing lead up for this at all. I just kind of like, I saw a trailer in front of something was like why are they doing this? And also Charlize Theron looks amazing, the shaved head and the black oil makeup and everything that sticks out. I mean, when I think of Mad Max Fury Road, there are things that I look for in this film. And that’s just because of my art brain. And the color in this film is just off the charts. Like I can’t get over how good everything looks even when it’s all dirty. Like there’s just something about the sky, the dirt, when they switch to night. That blue and the dark — I mean, there’s so much absolute gorgeous shots in this film that are just for me, it’s just the color in it that just makes it work. And when I watched Black and Chrome, the the black and white version of this film, while it is an absolute feast for the eyes as well for a black and white film. It almost loses something when I’m watching it because of how much I love the color in this film. And so it was almost, not as much as a letdown. But it’s just like, man, for me a lot of this film has to do with the cinematography, like it’s, it’s that good. The photography in this one was nuts.

SLIM Yeah, I did watch a little bit of the Black and Chrome version. It’s not available in 4K, push up my nerdy glasses. But you’re right, the cinematography, a lot of the shots look just as good in black and white. The version on Vudu that I watched though, there was a lot of green in the darkness. Not a great copy that I watched. I don’t know if it’s just that version or if it’s just Vudu is crap for streaming the HDX version.

DANNY I don’t know. I feel like the 4K was almost a blessing and a curse for this film because of how much, not green screen, but a lot of the background is digitally added, a lot of like the rocks and stuff. So it does kind of stand out. Also the way it’s filmed kind of makes it not matter, like who cares that looks kind of funky because everything going on is amazing. So I don’t really care too much. There’s just so many like quick cuts, you kind of feel in the beginning when Max is kind of breaking out of the with the, the, what do they call them? The War Boys? And he kind of steps out and it kind of is like a pan back real quick for him and it’s like oh, that’s like a weird green screen choppy effect, but I don’t even care! I don’t, like I’m already five minutes as filming I’m already jaw on the floor, I’m in and heaven again.

SLIM It also felt like he adjusted the frames in the camera for certain scenes, like some shots felt like, you know, obviously kind of hobbit-ish or whatever. Whereas the rest of the film didn’t. So that was pretty interesting choices.

PROTO I like that though. Because, yeah, he adjusts the frames where there’s a lot less frame, so it looks like sped up at certain points, or just like glitchy almost, you know, it’s like missing chunks of frames. But what I like is that the action is so far, it’s pulled back enough that you see everything that’s going on, rather than what you see in a lot of like more modern action movies where the camera is so close up that you just see like hands flailing and moving, you know, past the camera, and you can’t really make out — I always think of the Bourne movies — and I hate those movies for that reason where there’s action, but you have no idea what’s even going on, because the cameras too close to any of it to make anything out. Whereas this like it pulls the camera back. But like he does a lot of tricks with the frame rate to make it look faster than it was or to make things jump around. And yeah, there’s so much like editing to that in this that I enjoyed.

DANNY To that point, I watched this video of like a breakdown of him filming this. And what he does with keeping things in the center of the camera, like it’s got the wide shot, action is happening in the cameras. When he does all this quick cuts, your eye doesn’t have to look around, but stay in the middle frame like looking directly in the center. So it’s not as jarring as like a Borne action sequence where it’s running with the camera or quick like him cutting through something. Like there’s something he’s doing George is doing on purpose with keeping everything centered to where your eyes aren’t going nuts every time it cuts real quick back and forth, which I think is real smart.

SLIM Maybe Christopher Nolan can take a few notes from George Miller for his action scenes. [Danny laughs] It’s like it’s filmed in a cardboard box. Wake up Nolan!

PROTO Yeah, we’re talking about the 4K and I feel like I had the same experience with this as I did with 1917 where, yeah, 4K can be a blessing and a curse where it looks so clear. But then if anything is CG or green screen, you know, you just notice it immediately. And watching it in 4K this time, and I hadn’t watched it in a couple years, it was just like, like so noticeable. It was like oh wow, this doesn’t look as good as I remember it. But my main thought coming out of like seeing all this was like this movie would look amazing on VHS.

DANNY Right?!

SLIM I thought the same thing while watching it! That’s so weird.

DANNY Just like an old DVD transfer on a VHS. Oh my gosh.

PROTO Because all of that would be obscured! You wouldn’t even notice it, it would look more realistic.

DANNY Yeah, yeah.

SLIM Are weeee? Is that legal?

DANNY It’s definitely legal. [Slim laughs] And it’s weird when I watched all, so I watched today all the three Mad Max’s, I’d seen him before but they weren’t kind of in my brain to remember them. And then watching Fury Road, it almost doesn’t even feel like George directed those first three movies. It’s like a different, I mean, I don’t know his filmography obviously, I don’t know what he did between Thunderdome and Fury Road but to see this these three movies and then this. Like I can see all Spielberg’s movies and see Spielberg in all the movies. But like George Miller, Fury Road felt like such a departure from Thunderdome or any of the Mad Max films, like a whole new, like almost like he’s creating a whole new action film genre in and of itself.

SLIM Yeah, did Babe: Pig in the City. Happy Feed.

DANNY Excuse me?

SLIM Sequel to Happy Feet. Did a segment in The Twilight Zone Movie and Lorenzo’s Oil. Oh, The Witches of Eastwick.

DANNY What is happening right now? [Slim laughs]

SLIM For awhile, he was also working on a Justice League movie that never happened. They got into pre-production for that pretty deep, if I recall correctly.

DANNY Interesting.

SLIM That was like maybe a decade ago, was pretty long time ago. My list, let’s see what I got. But to the topic of the digital effects, when James — I don’t know if James stayed with me for the whole movie, but he definitely called out the green screen stuff like right off the bat and he’s a young child. So, George, please. I liked how there’s a thematic element that is carried over from Thunderdome. You know, at the end of that movie, you know, he’s trying to say this like village of kids or whatever. And in this one, he is kind of like insane from something that happened with those kids from the previous film. So I liked that kind of connective tissue between the two movies. Furiosa. Let’s get into it. What a revelation she was in this movie came out, right?

DANNY My gosh.


SLIM Like, she was like, Wonder Woman if there was no Wonder Woman. One of the best female, like action star since Ripley, maybe? Right?

DANNY I would definitely put her up there with Ripley, yes.

SLIM Also, this is one of the earliest — like there’s so many shots in this movie that I was like oh yeah, that shot. Oh man, I see that everywhere. [Danny laughs] Oh, that shot. This is like one of my earliest memories of a modern, mainstream, memeable movie, or I don’t know how to describe it. But these are photos you see on the internet, everywhere. And I’m trying to think of a more popular movie. But I don’t I don’t know if there is one. There’s just so many shots in this movie that you see everywhere, on a movie website or whatever. And it just speaks to the power of this movie and how well it was. I mean, Blade Runner has amazing shots, too. But you don’t see them scattered across the internet, too. So props to George Miller. [Danny laughs]

DANNY I just love how much you hate Blade Runner.

SLIM I gave it three stars, I don’t hate it. [Danny laughs] What else is on your list Danny?

DANNY I mean, Furiosa is up there for my top. But that first, when she escapes from the beginning, that chase through the storm. My heart is like pumping, like the beat of the drums. I can’t get over it. It’s a feast for the eyes. That whole segment, the design, you get to see all the cars coming out. Every design element of those. You have the War Boys, you have Joe coming out on his badass car and then you have the like — I can’t get over how well choreographed that segment is. And just the action in that scene. It is non stop. Like I’m floored every — like I haven’t seen this in years. And so I was excited to revisit. I don’t remember, I didn’t remember how much of the story I’d remember. And the storyline is, is thin. But it doesn’t really matter too much to me. Because this is like top tier action film. And so this first few minutes and it’s just checking all of my boxes when I’m watching it. I’m just edge of my seat heart pumping. I mean, there’s so much about that chase that just, it’s hands down on the best scenes in action films.

PROTO Yeah, I love just how well the world building is in this and how everything feels so fleshed out every scene is so full of detail. And just like the, like the Citadel itself, you know, the real young War Boys, you know, walking on the hinges to lik lower the cars, just their whole, their whole getup. And there doesn’t have to be that much dialogue for it, because it just makes sense. Seeing Immortan Joe get dressed in his like, disgusting… whatever it is that he has to wear. And I love, I think our dear producer Dale, he has a review and I love what his review says in the second paragraph. He says ‘the character building during this non stop action epic is without notice. Every character lives their backstory, their personality, society and religion and the belief system in the Citadel is felt.’ I think that’s just so true. Just like everything, there’s so much this communicated just by how everything looks. And just like, it just blows me away. I just love this world so much. And you can, I think that’s, you know why maybe George wanted to come back. Like this is the story, this is the movie that he wanted to make. But he just, it wasn’t possible at the time. And like now, with the benefits of CG and what you can do, he was able to really like create his vision.

DANNY Oh, yeah. And what I also love about the character building is there’s so much about the characters that are just left to your own imagination. Like why do the War Boys paint themselves white? Why are they spray painting their whatever they’re spraying in their mouth silver. Like it doesn’t, it just happens. There’s no narrative for. He just says, this is what they do. You figure it out. And I kind of love that, like about so much of this, especially when it comes to Immortan Joe. I’m like, he’s such an amazingly designed character that you have all the questions about him, but the movie is going at 1000 miles an hour, and you don’t have time.


DANNY Like there’s no time.

SLIM Yeah, I mean, there’s no reason why this movie is so good. [Danny laughs] I mean, this has everything working against it. And it just works on like, literally every level. Car chase that lasts almost the entire movie. The little breaks are so perfectly timed so that you’re not just so mentally exhausted after all these action scenes. And then they like, they catch back up again. What do you think about Tom Hardy as Max in this movie? I can’t remember if we have Tom Hardy haters on the show. I think we do?

DANNY No, I’m not a Hardy hater. I think he — I don’t understand what people do, people as in, let’s just, George Miller and Christopher Nolan. Why they have to do something weird with Tom’s voice? Because when Tom speaks normally, it’s a heavy accent but it’s not as bad as it is in all of his films and I don’t understand why he’s so hard to understand in movies.

SLIM His voice in this movie is maybe the most grating in the history of film.

DANNY It’s worse than Bane! But it I mean, it doesn’t bother me as much. But I don’t understand. Like I like Tom, I think he’s a great actor. I think he’s a great physical actor too. The fight with him and Furiosa, just the two of them duking it out for however long that fight is, it’s unreal. Him and Charlize are going at it and it’s an amazing scene. But I don’t know, Tom is… it’s an interesting choice to replace Mel with Tom. Not that I wanted Mel in this movie at all.

SLIM Right. There’s a couple comments in chat about how it all sounded like ADR, like they they recorded the audio after the fact. I feel like every almost every scene was that way. Especially for Tom Hardy. It’s just his voice is so grating in this. I would have maybe gotten like let’s do a few more takes, Tom. You know, you’re matching up your voice in the screen but it pains me to hear your voice. [Slim laughs] And I want like a better take. When he puts the knife in her side. When he’s like —

[clip of Mad Max: Fury Road plays]

MAX I am so sorry.

[clip of Mad Max: Fury Road ends]

SLIM [Slim in grating Max voice] I am so sorry. [Danny laughs] It’s like the worst take, Tom! Like, let’s do another one! Let’s do a few more! Get some energy in here! Listening my ears were pained.

DANNY When he’s wearing that mask strapped to the front of the car and he says something about ‘that’s my ride’ or ‘that’s my car’ or something, the matchup makes me want to close my eyes and let it skip forward or back if I can’t watch it. It’s so bad.

[clip of Mad Max: Fury Road plays]

PROTO That line, I was just gonna bring that up, that line is so bad that the first few times that I’ve watched this, I didn’t even know he was saying that line. [Danny laughs] There’s a few lines of his, that I didn’t really notice that until I read that in one of your reviews, Slim, that you said that how bad the ADR was and then I was like listening for it and then I realized that a bunch of lines that I thought someone — I thought he was like mute for the first hour of this movie. [Danny laughs] But he has lines! I just didn’t realize it was supposed to be him saying that because it is that bad.

SLIM Yeah, it’s pretty weird. He looks great as Max. He has a few shots where he looks like, yeah, you’re Mad Max in this moment in this movie.

PROTO He gives the manic crazy look so well. I think he does that, his physicality in this is so great, especially like that scene where he confronts Furiosa and he drinks the water and he’s holding the double barrel shotgun. That’s all, that’s great.

DANNY The shotgun that you know is not working right.


DANNY God, it’s so good! I mean, the 4K looked amazing when he picks himself out of the sand. [Proto laughs]

PROTO Oh, yes!

DANNY I just wanted to feel that scene.

SLIM Next on my list, War Boy. We haven’t talked about the the main War Boy turning good. Beast from the X-men movies.

DANNY I like his storyline, he’s got a great storyline in this film. One of the most solid storylines in this film. [Danny laughs]

SLIM During this movie, I was kind of thinking which of these characters will we be seeing in like, the Furiosa prequel movie that they’re filming? I presume, I’m not sure if they’re filming that now or whatever. Like when she met up with her quote unquote “family” of soldiers. Like are these the younger, are we gonna see them younger in her movie or what? I hope that movie is good. I mean, he did this movie pretty well. It’s hard to top this thing. It’s like a giant chase scene for 90 minutes, two hours. Breaking news. I just got my Halo Infinite multiplayer preview invite link.

DANNY Excuse me?

SLIM Live on air. So I’ll be trying that later tonight. [Slim laughs]

DANNY I was listening to, I was watching a bunch of making ofs. And the stunt men in this film called it a chase within a race, which I thought was a cool description, because they’re being chased, and then they’re racing back to the Citadel at the end, which is a cool kind of break in the middle of this film.

SLIM Proto, what else is on your list?

PROTO Um, you mentioned earlier how it’s like surprising that this movie works. And I was thinking that as I was watching this, because this movie, it somehow… feels pretty — the world is serious. You know? They’re like Max’s haunted by, you know, past deaths of people. So it’s serious in that way. But then it’s also like really playful at the same time where it feels almost like you’re watching, you know, you’re on just a roller coaster ride of a movie. But for me it never really gets, like campy or silly or goofy in the way that maybe like a Pirates of the Caribbean movie does. Like it’s like, even like the War Boy stuff. It feels like it should be kind of, like jokey, but somehow it like tows this line of being fun and serious, but also not serious at the same time. You mentioned it earlier. I can’t really think of a movie like an action movie like this that has that tone and like nails it in the way that this movie does. It just has, I don’t know, there’s just something about it that I can’t think of another movie that just nails it in the way that this movie does.

SLIM Art listed movies fourth in the franchise, high quality surprises like this one. Fury Road, Rocky 4, Ghost Protocol, Star Trek Voyage Home.

DANNY Star Wars The Phantom Menace. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM When are we going to do the Phantom Menace in this podcast?

DANNY I don’t know. I don’t know beb. [Slim laughs]

SLIM I was gonna say when we do a live show, we’ll do the Phantom Menace. [Proto & Danny laugh]

DANNY Oh my god!

SLIM On stage we’ll watch movie and then we’ll do a show after. What were you gonna say Proto?

PROTO So I think that George Miller is like a genius with the cinematography of this, just the look, the world building the characters, everything is perfect. But to me the sound design is really terrible in this movie, for the most part, maybe it’s my, maybe I really need a soundbar.

DANNY Ohhhh.

SLIM We need an official soundbar for 70mm.

PROTO Maybe my 4K TV just sucks. But there’s scenes like where they have, I think it’s like near the middle of the movie where they’re in the War Rig and they’re having a conversation. There is zero ambient noise of like, the War Rig at all, where it’s just them talking. And it kind of just breaks the immersion in those moments. And there’s just some parts where like, there should be sound and there isn’t or everything else is so immersive, but the sound just kind of falls off. And to me the soundtrack just kind of feels a little forgettable like I don’t really feel like blown away by the soundtrack in this.

SLIM Jason from Dune Pod in chat ‘the GoFundMe is for Proto’s soundbar’. [Danny & Slim laugh]

PROTO Thank you.

SLIM Human Rights Campaign, please. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road winning the Oscar for Sound Editing’ Sean just posted. [Slim & Danny laugh]

PROTO Not my Oscars.

SLIM Let me just throw out an idea, there was a riff tracks comment. What if our first Patreon episode where we watch a movie together and record us watching it, is the Phantom Menace? [Danny laughs]

DANNY It’ll just be quoting the movie the whole time!

SLIM Wouldn’t that be fun? Sit down, relax, watch that. Watch it in 4K.

DANNY It would be fun. I would love to enjoy that with my friends and family.

SLIM Wowowow. We’ll talk about it off air. Let’s see where the wind takes us. Danny, anything else in your list for Mad Max: Fury Road?

DANNY Um, you know, I watched the behind the scenes making of’s.

SLIM Of course.

DANNY I know. There’s like a good 30 minute doc on YouTube. Just watching them film these chase scenes and how George really wanted as much practicality as he could get. It’s actually, it’s really amazing. I want everyone to take like the 30 minutes to watch it. There’s just, they had so much space when they filmed in I think it was Namibia and that they just blew things up. And they did the stunts, and it’s just brilliant. I mean, I can’t get over practical facts that work this well and the way they filmed it, it’s some incredible work. And I just, this film is amazing. And other than that, I think one of the other things I loved the most about this film is how animated and comical and like maniacal, the War Boys are, they’re so captivating to me, all of the actors that played the extras. There’s just something about that kind of, just the way they are in this film. When he’s like ‘I’m awaited in Valhalla’ and that whole ‘witness me’ section when the guy jumps off the back of the car. [clip of Mad Max: Fury Road plays] I kind of get the chills a little bit. Like they’re like, they’re witnessing this guy sacrificing himself for what he thinks is the cause.

PROTO That’s how I want to go.

DANNY Right?! [Slim laughs] It’s just rad! I just love it! It’s fun.

PROTO He jumps in and they all scream WITNESS!

DANNY With the hands in the air and agh! It’s just cool. It’s fun.

PROTO Kill me Joe. [Danny laughs]

SLIM One thing too I was cracking up watching was when they have the scene with a motorcyclists. And I was like thinking to myself like man, what do these motorcycle guys even do? I don’t even remember. This is pretty lame. And then they start flying over them and drop those like grenade things on them. I was like oh yeah, this is badass, I forgot this.

DANNY And they’re really doing it. They’re really ramping and jumping over the War Rig. It’s just… it’s badass.

SLIM Proto, anything else in your list? And maybe final thoughts for Fury Road?

PROTO Yeah another I just love — there’s so many great lines in this. And it creates such like a there’s like a weird, like dichotomy going on in a lot of them. Like you said, like even the ‘witness me’ stuff of them sacrificing their life, but like, there’s cheering as this guy kills himself to like, blow up this one meaningless car. But then there’s another scene where they, really horrible scene, where the one wife, who was pregnant dies, and then they removed the baby. And he says like, oh, you know, it was a perfect baby. And you can see Joe is just like, totally pissed. Like, but then his son Rictus, Erectus Rictus, he stands up, he’s like, [Proto in Rictus voice] ‘I have a baby brother! He was perfect in every way!’ And there’s just like this weird pairing where Joe, I mean, this baby just died. But then Rictus is like celebrating this fact that he had like this perfect baby. And to me, like George Miller in some ways, is really like effed up because this is like the darkest timeline you can imagine for humanity. [Danny laughs] Like let’s says like, civilization collapses. And somehow we get to this point. Like you would have to like, like you’re thinking of like, like the most depraved people, you know, turning the world into a wasteland and this movie just communicates that over and over and over again. And I love it.

DANNY That awkwardness of Joe holding her limp body in the desert.


DANNY I’m like can we just have a meal next to her? He can’t hold that body. He can’t hold anything in that get up. [Proto laughs]

SLIM Yeah, him turning the truck after he like runs her over. [Danny laughs] That was a great scene.

DANNY Oh gosh!

SLIM Sheesh. Wasn’t the battle in the first couple of movies or the latter two at least, wasn’t gasoline like a hot commodity?

DANNY In the second one for sure, yeah, that’s pretty much the entire battle on the second film Where they’re fighting over that town’s gasoline.

SLIM What about the third one? Was like gasoline back somehow?

DANNY Thunderdome?

SLIM Yeah. I mean, they’re using how many vehicles in this thing? And they’re driving across the desert like it’s nobody’s business like they found a well somewhere. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Gasoline town. Yeah.

SLIM So we heard Proto’s five stars. I am still at four and a half stars for Mad Max: Fury Road. A lot of fun. One of the best action movies out there. Tom Hardy’s ADR is atrocious. Still a lot of fun. Minari’d.

DANNY Yeah, for me. This is easily five stars. I love this film quite a bit. And for me this feels like a milestone kind of action film you have like, you know Raiders, Terminator Two, Matrix and that just kind of is one of these films that raises the action film bar and kind of sets like this, not a standard, but this is like , his is a tentpole action film that should be celebrated as such. So yeah, five stars for me. Always.

SLIM I think there was — I didn’t do any research at a time to confirm this. So I’ll just talk off the cuff, but I think there was a pretty big legal battle with George Miller and the studio. So I do feel bad. I mean, maybe Charlize Theron didn’t want to do more movies, but I feel like this could have been a really cool character to see more of with that actor.

PROTO Mmm. Yeah.

DANNY Maybe ScarJo can sue them.

PROTO Yes, she is so good in this, Carlize. She has just an air and like an amazing performances I love her in this. I’ll just, I was looking up just because I’m desperate to see, you know, any news about the next one. But there’s planned for a Furiosa prequel. And then also, there’s another one called The Wasteland, which is supposed to be a Mad Max prequel to this, so I don’t know if they’re both, like he’s working on both of them at the same time? But I did see that on the internet.

DANNY I just need more Charlize. Furiosa stories.

SLIM What do you think about Anya Joy Taylor? [Danny laughs]

DANNY Is that how you say her name?

SLIM Took a stab in the dark. I hope I’m right.

DANNY Anyway, I’m excited. [Slim laughs]


SLIM That’s Ian’s, like, favorite actor. That gal. From the chess show. New Mutants, she played —

PROTO I mean, it could have been worse right?

SLIM It could have been.

PROTO Yeah, so we’ll see.

SLIM Alright. That’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Love Charlize. Charlize, come home. Please come back to us. Give us the Aliens of Furiosa.

DANNY Whaaaat?

SLIM We got some letters and some VMs to get to. You can drop us a note at if you’re so inclined. Let me pull up my letter machine. Beep boop beep boop beep boop.. Just reminder if you are in our Discord, and you want to sign up, you want to opt-in to the VHS Village Olympics, you have a link in the Discord to do so right now. The time is yours. Strut your stuff in film. We got a letter from Marcie. Subject line: Fury Road Email.

DANNY Mmm. Thank you. [Danny laughs]

SLIM She gets right to the point. “Hi, just sending a friendly reminder, George Miller creator the Mad Max universe also the creator of the Babe and Happy Feet universes, we don’t deserve that gem of a man, Marcie.” Have any of us seen Happy Feet?


SLIM Proto?

PROTO Is that a real movie? [Danny laughs]

DANNY It’s the penguin gif that you’re looking at right now. But no, I have not seen it.

PROTO I thought that was like a commercial. I didn’t know it was a movie. [Danny laughs]

DANNY It’s a coke commercial.

SLIM Gabb says Happy Feet is a five banger. Can we trust Gabb? Didn’t Gabb give five stars to Age of Ultron?

PROTO Yeah, that was him.

SLIM Is that a true statement? Let’s move on. We don’t need to spend any more time on that thought than we have already. There’s a DM too I think that I got that I want to read. Let me see if I can find that. It’s from Lucas.

DANNY George?

SLIM Moving on. “Hope you guys are doing great and are healthy. I have a question for your episode. In one of your prior episodes, you had a brief discussion regarding logging films and not reading them when you fall asleep. What are your thoughts on starting a film and taking a break? For example, in the middle, or after a third of the movie and then finishing it the next day? Keep up the great work.” Proto, that’s how you watch movies exclusively, isn’t it?

PROTO Nine out of 10 movies are finished after the course of two days! [Danny laughs] So yeah, that is very legal. You can do that.

DANNY Yeah. If you’ve seen the entire film in however many sittings, you can log it.

PROTO When I watch the final 10 minutes of The Farewell. I’m just going to log it. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Also Marcie gave us a letter. Marcie I think is the first villager to have seen The Green Knight.

DANNY Oh gosh.

SLIM So Proto, we need to get our act in gear for our first movie viewing since Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

PROTO It’s time.

SLIM Let’s get into some VMs here.

[voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hey, this is Ben, longtime caller, first time listener. Story I have about Fury Road is I remember whenever I saw it in theaters, I want to say it was opening night. The volume was turned up so loud that at the beginning, I have literally no idea what Immortan Joe said. And afterward I was thinking, I guess that was just supposed to be super immersive like you’re one of the citizens on the ground. You know, you can’t really understand him. But yeah, second time I watched it, I was like, interesting. That was not done on purpose. But, anyway, can’t wait to hear you guys talk about it. Bye!

[voicemail ends]

SLIM Immortan Joe, same actor that played Toe Cutter in the first Mad Max movie. I think Sean mentioned that in chat tonight.

PROTO God I would love to see this again in theatres. Can we get a —

DANNY I know right? My gosh. A drive in? We pull up in the interceptor?

SLIM Oh my god! I would do a lot of things to get that done.

DANNY I’m lighting a match. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Final VM comes from dear friend of the show, Beks.

[voicemail plays]

VOICEMAIL Hey guys, this is Beks. I just got done watching Mad Max: Fury Road. It was my first time watching the movie. And I wanted to say thank you Proto for choosing this film. I didn’t know that I would be so invested and emotional watching it. About at the 40 minute mark, I started crying. And I don’t think it really ever stopped past that point. There’s a lot of things to say about this movie. But one of the things I really loved was the theme of giving life. We see Nux taking life from Max, the beginning. But then the redheaded woman gives Nux a second chance at life. And he redeems himself by saving their lives. Seeing the older women in the desert, give their life to the younger women. And then watching Nax give life to Furiosa. And then in turn Furiosa gives life to the city was really powerful. I am just thankful for this portrayal of women. It’s so accurate and beautiful and really hits on a lot of things, the way that they realize in the canyon that they are truly just cartel, that they’re just objects. And they’re fighting against believing that lie. It was, it really impactful. So thanks for choosing this movie. Okay, bye!

[voicemail ends]

DANNY Beks bringing us home.

PROTO Wow. Wow.

SLIM Proto, how you feeling?

PROTO That was I was beautiful and amazing. Yeah I love the portrayals of the of the women in this. Jenna was, she was in the room. She wasn’t really watching it, but she was catching some scenes. And I wrote one of the things she said. She said ‘This is enough to take me back to church.’ [Slim & Danny laugh] Because there is like a lot of powerful elements in this between life and death and giving your life and taking life and yeah, that was that was a beautiful, I mean, there’s nothing to add, she said at all. It’s beautiful.

DANNY Those are night shots with all the women and the stars. What a beautiful scene.

SLIM Thank you Beks. Beks’ first experience.

DANNY That’s amazing.

SLIM Proto’s back. He’s back.

PROTO I’m here.

DANNY Mountain Top.

SLIM Next week is Danny’s pick for Summer Blockbuster, 21st Century, Part Two. [Slim laughs] That one is so weird. Oh my god. Did you wipe Proto’s skin in that photoshop? [Slim laughs]

DANNY Oh my gosh. Holy cow.

SLIM I mean, what is the filter that is happening on these? It’s so bizarre. [Danny & Proto laugh] Remember the Helen Hunt one from Twister?

DANNY It’s the best. Nothing gets any better than that.

SLIM Oh my God. That is it for the VMs. Thank you everyone for watching along with us, Fury Road this week. Maybe the highest rated movie next to Into the Spider-verse. Which by the way, I haven’t watched in 4K yet. That’s available in 4k, isn’t it?

DANNY Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is.

SLIM Fudge me.

DANNY It’s time.

SLIM Danny, are you ready to talk us through your pick for next week? A lot of buzz online about this.

DANNY So I mentioned last week I wanted the two of your help on this. Because there was a movie I’ve been thinking about for awhile I want to do and it actually falls in the 21st Century Blockbusters, but it’s in the middle of kind of a couple films, in a series of films. And to me it’s the better one, but I didn’t know if you guys would prefer starting at the beginning, just in case we wanted to do more, or would you rather just me pick this movie that is —

SLIM Wuuuut?

DANNY Not the beginning of this series of films?

SLIM Now I’m thinking of like what franchise are you possibly talking about?

DANNY So what would you prefer? Start at the beginning or start somewhere in the middle?

SLIM The last time we started the beginning was Star Trek The Motion Picture and that was a disaster.

DANNY Yeah, and look where we’re at now.

SLIM Look where we are now after that.

DANNY To me the one that I would like to pick isn’t the first one but it’s my favorite of the series. What’s your vibes on starting a franchise not at the beginning?

SLIM Proto, thoughts?

PROTO Um, well, I mean, we did this the other month when we watched Aliens.

DANNY That’s true.

PROTO I mean, I have no issues with us going back at some point watching Alien. So I say follow your heart. If you want to do a middle, you know, middle. Go ahead.

DANNY Alright, so this is number two of the franchise. Arguably the best. My favorite. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

SLIM Ohhh my god.


DANNY Yeah, we’re doing it. Absolutely doing it. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Hoooly cow. Marcie says she just watched the first one.

DANNY I love the first one. But this second film I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’ve been wanting to do it.

PROTO Oh, this is great.

SLIM I’m not even sure, what the heck happened in this one? Who’s the villain? Is this the guy with the tenticals?

PROTO Jeremy Irons.

DANNY Davy Jones.

SLIM [Slim in pirate voice] Davy Jones! I can’t wait to do so many pirate impressions next week. [Slim laughs[

DANNY I know. This is for you, Slim. This is for you and your your pirate impressions and Proto’s love of being a pirate.

SLIM Is Orlando Bloom in this one? Kiera? Are they back?

DANNY They’re all there. They’re all there.

PROTO Is this our first Johnny Depp movie?!

DANNY It might be!

SLIM Oh my god.

DANNY Holy crap.

SLIM This is on Disney+ probably right?

PROTO I don’t know when I’ve — I’ve seen the first one so many times but I don’t know when I’ve watched it so this could be like a fresh viewing for me.

DANNY Ian, just shut up.

SLIM Disgraced producer, Ian is in chat right now.

PROTO Just shut up Ian! Go to bed! [Slim laughs]

DANNY Just us have fun!

SLIM He hates, quote “hates” the Pirates franchise.

DANNY Who cares?

PROTO Remember what he said to Art when we announced Superman? [Slim laughs]

DANNY Right?

SLIM Alright, I’m pumped. I’m excited. Next week. Dead Man’s Chest. We got Fury Road wrapped up. The art has been posted in chat. It’s amazing. Another win. For Danny. We got a lot of things cooked up. The VHS Village Olympics, more details in Discord. You can donate at any time. If you can’t partake in the games or listening to the games, the Human Rights Campaign, using the GoFundMe link that is directly tied to them. So please do support that if possible. Proto, take us out.

PROTO You know, I’m going to try to get into theater this week. I think it’s time. I think it’s time for me to, I think it’s time for all of us to get in there. Who’s with me? Who’s going to make a pledge to at least try?

DANNY I pledge to see The Green Knight Saturday night because I already have two tickets.

PROTO Bless you.

SLIM Geez.

PROTO I pledged to try. [Slim laughs]

DANNY That’s all we can ask.

SLIM We’ll see everybody next week, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

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