Transcript: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

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Transcript of 70mm’s Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY I almost feel stupid that when I think — we even had like, Leading Ladies Month, I don’t even think Uma came up in my mind. Like, I feel dumb that I’ve forgotten this performance of hers.

SLIM And my close friend and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO And I remember seeing this in the theater and watching it, it was like each scene I was like, this is the most iconic thing I’ve ever seen.

SLIM Every month, we have a new theme that guides our featured discussion for that episode. And this time, it’s my pick from the VHS Village Top 100 movies of all time, and that movie is Kill Bill: Vol. 1 from 2003. To quote a host from this very show: “Is Kill Bill Quentin Tarantino’s best movie or just the best movie period? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

PROTO I have a quote from from one of the hosts here, something I read this week.

DANNY Oh, no.

PROTO It was from Slim. You said, “I don’t even care who won.” And this is in regards to the Super Bowl. Do you remember saying this, Slim?

SLIM Yeah, I know what you’re saying.

PROTO And I just can’t get past the fact that you were born and raised in the Philadelphia area and your team goes to the Super Bowl. And then you say, “I don’t even care who won.” Is that correct? Is that your feelings in this moment?

SLIM I’m not a big football guy. And the Eagles — didn’t the Eagles win the Superbowl like five years ago?

PROTO We’ll have to check the tapes, but I think that was true.

SLIM I’m alright with them — I’m not gonna like lose any sleep over the Eagles losing a Super Bowl, and I didn’t lose any sleep over it. My son lost some sleep over it. I picked it to his friend’s house, he was sulking.

DANNY Oh gosh.

PROTO Well, then there’s hope for future generations.

SLIM I’ve been through, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing.

PROTO Lay it down for us.

SLIM I’ve been through so many years of failed runs from the Philadelphia hockey team, that I am impervious and immune to failure. I have failed so many years through my life that it doesn’t faze me. I’ve learned to block it out.

PROTO Molded by it.

SLIM And molded by it. But no not to head colds. I have a little bit of a head cold today.

DANNY Are you sick?

SLIM Who can say? There’s something going around.

DANNY The listeners will.

PROTO I just had to bring that up, because that thought that has been haunting me all week. And I just had to I mean, this is usually not what we talk about on the show, okay, everybody knows this. But I just couldn’t get past it. And I feel like in our relationship, I just had to dig a little deeper to hear your thoughts directly for that.

SLIM I mean, I grew up, maybe this will be cut, but I grew up a hardcore Flyers fan.

PROTO When’s the last time they’ve won?

SLIM You know, haven’t won a Stanley Cup since like the late 70s, early 80s. I think. So, I mean.

PROTO You’re talking 40 years.

SLIM I’m talking 40 years. So that’s why — so like an Eagles fan getting bummed that they didn’t win the Super Bowl, like, try 40 plus years, my friend, of mediocrity.

PROTO Look at the bigger picture.

SLIM I’m not talking about my life. I’m talking about the Flyers. Mediocrity over 40 years.

DANNY I am falling asleep.

PROTO Let’s move on.

SLIM Alright, we gotta move on.

DANNY Cripes!

PROTO Cut this all out! [Slim laughs]

SLIM Last week, we answered the question, is there a God? We settled the score. We settled it. We’re not going to get into it again.

DANNY We confirmed it.

SLIM But it’s evolved into a new question this week.

DANNY Let’s hear it.

SLIM Is Uma Thurman a God? We’ll answer that. Actually, the answer is yes. [Danny laughs] that’s later in the show. Kill Bill: Vol 1. We’re finally doing it after so many years of the show. So many many years. But we have to talk about the big news this week.

DANNY What was it?

PROTO Please. Take it back to the Super Bowl.

SLIM Is Proto 2.0 over?

PROTO Oh no.

SLIM You know, at the start of the year, Proto our movie insider, spiritual adviser, said he’s starting a new leaf, he’s going to be, you know, he’s going near the movies running. I looked at his diary this week. It might be finished. Is it finished?

PROTO What’s in the diary?

SLIM Barely anything, Proto. [Proto laughs] It’s baron!

PROTO Is that my problem?

SLIM You tell us. This is a safe space.

PROTO You know what? I had to conserve some energy this week because we did we did release a few things in between now and our last episode. So I don’t think it’s that the my energy levels had dissipated in some way to my movie movie watching it was just redirected to some television Columbo. Ever heard of him?

SLIM Oh, yeah. Peter Faaaalk.

DANNY Thank you.

SLIM I’m Petah Faaaalk. A fantastic conversation, us talking about Columbo. Did you start Poker Face yet, either one of you?


SLIM It’s over.

PROTO I wanted to. I thought about it.

DANNY I heard it was canceled before the second season.

SLIM No, it got renewed actually for a second season. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Thanks.

SLIM And then we also did that Smallville episode, so you are putting some time in.

PROTO Thank you. You know what, actually, I did watch something else. I’m gonna log it right now. So just keep talking.

DANNY What the?! Live log?

SLIM Live log?

DANNY You’re dropping a live log.

SLIM Close the door before you leave a live log.

DANNY We can’t watch you live log.

PROTO I’m doing it right now. You can’t stop me. You gotta watch.

SLIM We have to sit here and wait for this log? You can’t even tell us what it is?

PROTO Keep going on, I can multitask.

SLIM While Proto does that, we’ll say let us a new patrons. Michael, Scott, Brian joined this week to get access to the VHS Village Discord, discounts on Danny’s prints. 41 episodes now for supporters. Columbo and Smallville joining the ranks this week. It’s a very busy week. Some surprise drops there and then I mean maybe we should transition properly to the real bread and butter that shows the bond journey that Amy is on does it continue?

DANNY Gosh You know it did in a big way. I for a while I would just I always assumed that post Goldeneye the Goldeneye was the peak for Brosnan and he just kind of dipped off it was and according to your your reviews, your two star review of Tomorrow Never Dies that I read before watching. You were wrong. You’re completely wrong in your review. And your star rating of Tomorrow Never Dies. I was reversely influenced watching this and I don’t know what it was. But I had a good time watching it. It was a lot of fun. I mean, Pierce, I don’t think I think he’s plays bond better than this than he did in GoldenEye. He was like full stride in this film. And tie enjoyed the villain. I thought his controlling of the news to create the next World War felt very relevant in 2023. The year of our Ummah,

SLIM how were the love scenes.

DANNY Wow, the love scenes were fine. I don’t want to talk about Teri Hatcher.

SLIM Okay, I didn’t ask

DANNY specific I know you already use in your ones. I know how you feel.

SLIM What did I even say about Teri Hatcher?

DANNY Maybe Jonesy

SLIM read my review. Probably he looked at the star rating and that’s it.

DANNY I skimmed it okay. Like I do every

SLIM was quoting my review. Thank you, Paul. I don’t even have to go look for it. You pop out. How about that little tablet he tapped obnoxiously hard. We get it dude, you have a tablet and it’s 1997 ahead of its past that was ahead of its time couldn’t get past him. There’s no way he was doing anything on that tablet in real life in 1997. It’s not possible.

DANNY I mean, I had a great time watching it great moments with the BMW. It was just a good time. But what we should talk about is the fact we both watched a new movie this weekend. Oh yeah, that just released the found footage the out waters. Our reviews pretty much lined up three stars or you didn’t give a star you give it a juicy heart. Give it our same thing. But I had a great time. I thought it was intense. I thought it was fun. I thought it was disgusting. had moments where I want to just cover my eyes gross. But for found footage, it at least felt different than everything else. I liked that it didn’t you know, jump straight into the paranormal that it felt very sci fi esque. And I don’t want to find myself in the desert anytime soon.

SLIM Me neither. You were the one who’d like discovered this movie. I thought maybe you knew someone who worked on you were like planting seeds for us. Yeah, talk about it like it’s

DANNY a trick or some no trick. It was just kind of brought up with a friend this week last week just texting better than you were like, and then we were like, oh it comes out this weekend. Limited showings.

SLIM I wrote in my review if you liked skimmer rank, you’ll like this and I’ve had at least three or four people comment saying love skimmer rank hated this. Loves camera walked out of this

DANNY by the I got a text this people are not happy. I got a text this week that said someone that this was the worst movie seen all all

SLIM year, and he didn’t like it. Manda hated it. 100%

DANNY Yeah, I mean, I think people need to open their minds a little bit for this film. It’s found footage it’s found footage if you don’t like found footage don’t bother

PROTO that people are upset out there. I don’t know if I want to get involved. They’re pissed off.

DANNY I don’t think I’ve seen a letterbox ratings where it’s almost level across from five stars to

SLIM film extremely to oh my god look at this histogram on you kids crazy right? Just it just officially went down at 2.9

PROTO I wonder what what movies are like the most flat across the range? Great question.

SLIM All right, I just saw protos live log right in front of my phone. Let’s

DANNY let’s let’s pivot.

PROTO What it’s nothing to talk about. I just have to document what I viewed. We don’t have to talk about it. Breaking News,

SLIM Washington weird movies. I don’t know what he’s getting in.

DANNY Some Wim Wenders nonsense

SLIM probably doesn’t want to dignify that with a response. What about the handmade and you watch The Handmaiden?

PROTO beautiful movie? Gorgeous, right? Great. A ton of fun. That’s it. Three stars. It’s great. But I have a park chan Wook his I don’t know there’s something about me not connecting with his movies in some way that kind of put like I’m I feel off the whole time I’m I’m language barrier. Is that what it is? Could be.

SLIM Every week we give out a free year of letterbox Pro. Gets rid of ads get stats the end of the year. You can see where your movies are streaming your favorite services. Disclaimer I’m a letterbox employee. This week at Zach Bowen. Let’s hack five banger for house online box. Excuse me. Let’s review Scooby Dooby Doo What the f 77 schema for your letterbox bro? Goodness. Goodness gracious. I had wanted to tease something else this week. Where’s my notes? Oh, I meant to say it around the patron segment. But if you’ve looked back last year we did the I’m not saying the council tears coming back for what we’re doing. We did the council tear year ago two years ago limited time I said it’s not coming back Joe but we did 10 episodes of those as we did 10 movies where people could choose what movie that we would do. So this time around we did pilot season and if anyone’s keeping track rat nine episodes so I think we’re almost wrapped with our our pilot season phase or at least continuous policies and phase two so with that said I feel like people should stay tuned for some nears regarding the future of supporter episodes. Yeah, maybe turn on now I get to officially do for the first time ever maybe turn on IG notifications. Oh 70 mm IG account

PROTO yeah turn them on.

SLIM I’m just putting it out there we have cooked something up we cooked what he said cook and I cooked we did. We pivoted and do a cooking

DANNY knowing Wow innovate us

PROTO we hired an entertainer

SLIM I refuse for this podcast to be out innovated. Yeah, I refuse. So stay tuned. We should be announcing

DANNY Okay, bring up something real quick that I

SLIM did another bond review that you disagree with?

DANNY No. I turned on Dick Tracy. Special Tracy zooms in.

SLIM Yeah. This

DANNY I had to do a deep dive. I don’t know anything about what is going on with Dick Tracy and Warren Beatty and what the hell is going on with any of this? But in the 80s Okay. Warren Beatty bought the film and TV rights the Dick Tracy from the newspaper that ran the cartoon, the funny pages of it. Okay, big brains. So then, five years later, he does directs stars in our beloved Dick Tracy movie. Okay. But then he continues to hold on to the rights for ages. Yeah, he still has the rights to now the the newspaper company, diamond hands can take them back from him at some point. But they have to give him like a two year notice that he has to put out something new to be able to keep these rights so like oh my god. Right? Insanity. So in 22,009 He does the Dick Tracy special where he shows up, as Dick Tracy to be interviewed as Dick Tracy, not as Warren Beatty, so he’s performing as his character again, so that the rights continued to be in his hands. Okay. jumped to 2023 we have the most insane moments where he shows up as Dick Tracy again on a Zoom meeting to be interviewed again as Dick Tracy. But then Warren Beatty shows up on the Zoom meeting to talk to Dick Tracy. And this all felt like a fever dream. And I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Like Warren Beatty. What are we doing? Gay rights up.

PROTO Dale, can we say the Dick Tracy special on the podcast

SLIM might have set the record for the amount of times that that phrase has been uttered on a podcast. I remember the I remember seeing this YouTube video pop up. Like every few years, like hey, remember when remember when Warren Beatty was Dick Tracy in a winter mountain interview, like in character? And everyone’s like, Oh, yeah, so weird. Right. And I guess it aired once, and then just only existed on YouTube. And it’s in like, for EDP, it’s like unwatchable. Yeah, in general. But then someone saw that like TCM said Warren, or a Dick Tracy called Zoom. Especially then like the day before, there was a buzz like up, he might be back again, to retain the rights to Dick Tracy. And because laundered again. People are like, I can’t get into this stuff. It’s I watched 30 seconds of this special and it’s like, so people were saying it’s like, you gotta be in on the joke. No, I just think it’s dumb.

DANNY There’s no joke. It’s stupid. And the fact that you know, it’s also selfish of Warren Beatty to be doing this. He’s not doing anything. Right doing anything with the rights. We could have had more Dick Tracy serials going on. But no, Warren’s got to hold on to this forever.

PROTO Let’s do with it. It’s gonna pass the time movie, but I’m passing it on to his kids makes me sick.

SLIM I mean, Warren Beatty, if you get a talented director with a vision, I would love to see one another Dick Tracy, something in this day and age just

PROTO to write in this piece. Who’s God? When when? Oh,

DANNY speaking of Oh, we’ll get into there’ll be more Warren Beatty talk and later on that. Stay tuned.

SLIM Stay tuned. Stay tuned.

PROTO Maybe we should just turn this into a Quentin Tarantino episode right now.

SLIM Enough. Should we get into the movie? Right now, Kill Bill: Vol 1. This is the main course. This was my Peck from the VHS village top 100. The list of the 100 greatest movies of all time as balloted by our supporters put together by Mackenzie of the Austin danger podcast who will be our guest next week. By the way she has sent in her pick for next week. We have no idea what the pick is. At this point, we can’t veto it because we’ll be revealing it live. So we’re up the creek without a paddle.

DANNY If she picked Tommy Boy, so help me.

SLIM I mean, I think the movie that was almost impossible to track down digitally, so I guess it can’t get much worse than that.

PROTO It’s very bold.

SLIM Proto, what is Kill Bill: Vol 1?

PROTO Bill, deadly Viper assassination squad manager and mentor finds his most deadly assassin who went AWOL in El Paso, Texas, as she and her fiance are rehearsing their wedding ceremony. At his most masochistic, Bill has the bride and the entire wedding party massacred. However, the bride survives and wakes four years later from a coma. Consumed by revenge, she sets out to settle the score by killing the guilty parties, one by one. Kill Bill…

DANNY I don’t even know what music is playing right now. But you couldn’t go wrong with any track.

SLIM I know. I was just at the start like hum in the I think the Reza crane scene. I was about to have it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted that. We’ll see so many bangers in this soundtrack. Were you banging? Excuse me? Transition it just came out poorly. Where were you? 2003. Danny, were you saying was getting married? No, she doesn’t three are getting married. No. Get at a here. Was that reset real? 2003 We finally have a year I don’t know the year was so I guess technically I was right with that segue. Yeah, that was a pure segue after that though. Were you eventually going to see Kill Bill when you’re finished? Excuse me.

DANNY Um, No, I don’t think I saw I didn’t see Kill Bill in the theaters and I don’t think I saw it for probably many years later, which means I didn’t watch Kill Bill to for a while either. But I also I think I’ve only seen both movies once. So this is probably my second viewing of Kill Bill.

SLIM Wow. Wow. Wow. I think I saw this in theaters. I’m trying to think if so this was like post West Coast video time for Kill Bill Volume One. And I think I had a DVD or a tape of Reservoir Dogs. I just remember that like blowing my mind as a youth. Because I was tears that high school 2003 Yeoman floating around CUNY college wasting money. What about you proto?

PROTO I have such a hard time remembering. I’m not sure. I don’t know if I saw Pulp Fiction first. Or if this was my first two T. Oh, live, but I’m not sure. It’s yeah. I thought I could remember about it. I can’t I got to see if I have a ticket stub. Down on my little baggie.

DANNY I feel like reservoir was also my first cutie because I think that was like the time I was like, loving Boondock Saints and also watching they like went hand in hand and that vibe. I remember

SLIM Reservoir Dogs being considered like an X rated movie. Like at the time like it’s so violent. Yeah, it’s so R rated that it’s it would be inappropriate for anyone under 21 to see it. And now like, I haven’t seen it on so long. But I feel like we have seen so much worse than Reservoir Dogs. And maybe not language wise, but like content wise. I don’t know.

PROTO Yeah, yeah. It’s been the hardest stuff that has been around now.

DANNY Yeah, we covered Mad God. So we’ve seen it all.

SLIM Got it. Mad God is a billion Reservoir Dogs.

PROTO I do feel similar that like, I feel like I remember that two people would say like Reservoir Dogs. And like clockwork orange, they were like, almost like these taboo movies that like, Oh, it’s too much to even watch.

SLIM Gosh, man, I really want to go back and rewatch it now to see what I would think. But I think that was probably also some of the marketing for it, too.

PROTO Yeah, talk about that. Reservoir Dogs just, I’ve only seen it once. And when I was a teenager, so I had like no context, even watching this. Now. I feel like I appreciate it just so much more. Because what I like, notice and like notice the images and just know more about movies to understand, like going back to one of those would be interesting.

SLIM Oh, boy, the big one. The big one. So may culpa for me, when I chose this movie. I think I kind of just like glossed over that it was just literally you could not rent this, you could not buy it digitally. There is a trick to buying digital movies if people could bear with me real quick. There’s like this digital service called voodoo. And they have this service called disc to digital. So if you own a physical disk, so you can scan the barcode in their website on your phone and buy a copy for two bucks, an HD copy for two bucks. Now there are websites that have the UPC code on the website. So you can just take a picture of a website, on your phone, on your laptop, that UPC code and then buy it for two bucks. So you can do that I did that. I also bought a Blu ray from eBay, because I thought I owned it, but I didn’t own it. So apologies for folks that had trouble tracking this down. So in this segment, we’ll go around the room. Each house, jot down three things we want to bring up from our feeling this week. And then we’ll give her final letterbox reading case he points out you can also watch it on Delta flights. So if anyone was traveling this week, hopefully you made it work. Gosh, what don’t want to talk about first this is my pack.

DANNY My pack guide us. Ah,

SLIM this is hard. I think on this viewing maybe the first thing that jumped out at me and I actually couldn’t remember if it was the digital copy that was doing this was something that jumped out at me this one was the lighting of this movie. And the high contrast it felt like he reminded me of watching Minority Report for the first time ever how like the whites popped him in our report like all the time it was so bright in this movie and the color saturation was off the charts that actually thought like is the digital version messed up in this movie? So I was like pulling up YouTube clips of scenes that I had just watched and it was the same I honestly could not remember the vibrancy and the bright lights. I guess it’s just been that long since I watched it I don’t know part of the that jumped out at you in this feeling. Yeah, I

PROTO think the scene that jumped out the most is when she’s fighting Vivica Fox in the beginning yeah whole fight was like super saturate like the there was so much light and it looked almost like garbage like the colors were so Will

SLIM you remember she was on the trumpets like a bright pink almost interior because it’s so turned up. And also the big fight scene to like I love it. This isn’t a negative I loved it like the fight scene, the major fight scene, you can see the whites Poppins so hard everywhere. It’s just such an interesting decision to make that happen. Maybe I don’t know if it was like popular in early 2000s, where he was going for an homage, but it definitely worked for me.

DANNY I don’t think it jumped out at me in a way where I’m like, This is not what I expected. But I did notice the fact that it was gorgeous. Just the colors. I mean, it was just like, I didn’t know what to really expect. So I mean, we just got done seeing once upon a time in Hollywood. So his color choices in that were also pretty great. I mean, I felt like that was a pretty vibrant movie as well. Not on the level of this, but I wasn’t shocked that Qt could do this, right. I mean, the I mean, the what pops out to me the most where I was like, damn, this looks amazing. was just when they’re just silhouetted on the blue background. Oh, yeah, fight. I mean, it’s just that blue was gorgeous. But every scene was just incredible. I mean, you put her in yellow on a bike driving around. I mean, there was just you can’t have it. He’s not saturate. Yeah. And that suit.

SLIM It’s true. But what’s first on your list for Kill Bill Volume One?

PROTO It Well, it kind of goes along with that. It’s just how he’s such a Tarantino that is like an homage machine. And you can just clearly spot just like take taking things from movies and putting them right in. But like he does it so well. When I see someone do this. You think like why don’t more people just do this in their movies where it just feels so overt and just how he’s like mimicking somebody. But it but he’s still I mean, he still has his style as he does it. But it’s just like so much fun and compelling. Just as a movie viewer just to see like these. Just the homage to like, you know, kung fu movies like that fight scene with Vivica Fox and Houma in the beginning, the way they the like the camera angles are up just like a kung fu movie and just everything that he does in that shot. But then he does that, like just the whole movie, or, and I remember seeing this in the theater and watching it. It was like each scene I was like, this is like the most iconic thing I’ve ever seen. Like this movie, like blew my mind in terms of just how iconic moments can be. But I feel that way still watching this where every scene is playing off of somebody off or something, but still is just so amazing. In how he constructs it. I mean, yeah, I’m just like always blown away by

SLIM that. You could say like, I remember you talking about how the matrix and we talked about the mage, I would hold this up to something like The Matrix where almost every frame of this movie is like a masterpiece. Pretty much like every like I have memories, visceral memories of every shot in this movie. And you’re just like blown away. Every time you see it. I feel like we we might have said similar things about the visual style that matrix to

DANNY I really, I really loved the there’s just like such a great blend between kung fu movies and kind of spaghetti westerns in this that as it kind of broke my brain on how perfect I was, I couldn’t believe that he could blend the two so well, while also just creating something new, like it felt. It felt like an homage. But also it didn’t at the same time, like we all knew what he was referencing. And even with the score, just some of the music like Sergio Leone stuff, it’s just there was such a well blend of the styles and the genres that it just kind of hurt. It was so good that I was watching

SLIM the making of which I think they ended up like combining both movies like watch we’ll get into they shot everything at the same time was really originally supposed to one movie, but he was talking about how he even himself blended the genres like he talked about the Western aspect. He talked about the jallo the her in the hospital bed, and then he mentioned your boy portal, Brian De Palma. He’s like I even even did a little Brian dipalma. You know what I’m talking about. It was the scene where she’s dressed as a nurse and they’re doing like the split split screen, I guess, maybe like potentially a split diopter a lot or something. But that was what they showed when they referenced that thought that was pretty cool.

DANNYI did see an interview where he was some I guess they had been asked about thinking of this up. And he brought up raters and he brought up Spielberg and Lucas and he was talking about how they were. They were going back to their childhood on the things that they love when they were making this movie and that’s what he did. He went back to the cinema that he loved as a kid and as an adult and And he just made what he wanted to make and what he loved seeing and that was a great little poll.

SLIM Was that your number one, Danny or you know, my number

DANNY one, I think as a general I didn’t remember this movie too well coming into it. And I honestly felt myself you know, the, the meme, animated GIF where the food critic in Ratatouille takes a bite. And he kind of whooshes back to childhood. When the Shaw Brothers image comes up, and the music starts playing, there was just this major whoosh back to seeing this for the first time. And honest to god, I couldn’t believe the whole time through our walls watching I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I just felt like how a movie that’s 20 years old is still this fresh, somehow, like it still feels like this could be released right now by Quinton and as a new movie and it would still be feel groundbreaking because I don’t feel like this was mimicked at least on a level where it’s like oh massaging it you know what I mean? Like he oh my gosh so much things for this but still this like there’s not other movies coming I was like, Oh, this is this feels like Kill Bill. Like nothing feels like Kill Bill.

SLIM It’s crazy that he like can oh my gosh, something in many genres and still have it be his own thing. That is like at the same level of all the greats that he’s trying to copy and emulate and honor which is nuts to think about. Yeah,

PROTO I think the part the secret sauce is that his movies are his stories that he’s just creating and he has such a like his right like I just love the way he writes I mean his dialogue to me it’s just like so iconic off his movies have these amazing memorable scenes and the dialogue that he writes for them just the way he has builds characters and tears them down and he has like these you know, these THESE Ways the story turns like even though I keep going back to that initial fight the first time when she tries to shoot her through the cereal box oh my gosh, fact that like that scene ended that way, like blew my mind. Like I feel like I’d never seen anything like someone would be like, what she’s dead. She just killed her they were just having a conversation, you know, but like he does that continually where he surprises you in amazing ways that feel great in a story.

SLIM I can’t remember if they like what I had thought at the time of volume two if that was like also an homage at the time because I remember when I saw Volume Two I was like let down at that was more of a drama at the time interesting because the firm because this one I mean has like the greatest like one of the greatest action set pieces of all time Mr. Mephistopheles says to is more of a Western so that might make more sense

DANNY it is a bit of it is a bit of a bummer that I mean I know the idea of sitting down and watching a four hour movie is I mean we it’s it’s a no go kind of but to be able to sit and watch the whole bloody affair whatever they called it give it to us. Right like I would love to set this sit down I mean when he showed it when they I was reading about a big show of did the new Beverly and they had intermissions and they had they took out things that made it cliffhangers into the second one like there wasn’t a need to drop that there was she had a still a baby alive that cut that line out like to be able to watch this as Clinton’s vision as one solid movie I would I’d pay out the nose for that ticket to sit in a seat to see that I mean we’d pay for the box from from me for I would kill to see this in one sitting just because there is a major disconnect between the two movies I feel like and to be able to flow into each other one after another I feel like would benefit the second one I think

SLIM let me buy make Pay Pal credit and option combined Where’s after pay will pay any price.

PROTO Name your price. The

SLIM creditors can’t take it from me that leads into my second point which is you know that this is cut into two movies. Yeah, like at the time I think it was six months before we got to see Volume Two but I love the format of this movie. Like how it’s all it’s it’s told out of like timeline it’s not like really in a giant sequential order. There isn’t a frickin anime in the middle of this movie.

DANNY I mean God flashback

SLIM and Bill like he’s not even on you don’t even see his face in the first one. Right? He did you know I think I remember him being much more of a central character in the second one and you see him but like this one I forgot when I was watching this I’m like I don’t even see Carradine is a mug. Who is Chris? Oh, where’s bill?

DANNY Speaking of I’ll throw the sentence we’re talking about Bill As the bill character was written for Warren Beatty,

SLIM when it came to set dressed as Dick Tracy, he turned

DANNY it down because he couldn’t do the fight scenes.

SLIM Oh, really? Yeah, this doesn’t seem well. I mean, he didn’t do anything the first one, but he could have just waltzed around sitting down probably most of the movie. Warren baby. I mean, it can be kind of confusing, because I mean, she does show like the, the her her scheme and like some things are already crossed out. I just thought it was pretty inventive. Like, I think the as the story goes, Harvey Weinstein sexual predator, advised him to cut he wanted the short movie way shorter. And Quentin essentially said, I’m not gonna cut anything. What if we just make two movies? I mean, looking back in my memory, like hell, yeah, I think even the second movie made more money at the box office that opening weekend than buying one did. That’s nuts.

DANNY It’s insane. I also read that they had to go back and renegotiate all contracts, because actors like to sign for one movie, then it was being split into two. parter. What do you

SLIM think of the format of this movie?

PROTO Yeah, I think it’s great. Well, when you think of trying to cut that, like, if someone said a producer comes to you and says, Alright, this is too long. You need just to cut it down for one movie. And what is that, like two and a half hours? Like, how are you going to cut 90 minutes out of the story, you know, as a movie, it would just that would that wouldn’t work or it just wouldn’t have the same flair, you would lose so much so much in it. So. I mean, yeah, he clearly had a vision and it makes sense. Like, you know, you had the story that he wanted to tell. And I don’t think it would have done it justice. If it was, you know, one movie,

SLIM everyone he writes bills name on the on the glass. Gosh, I have a visceral memories of Dalton that i Yes, it’s like an accent.

PROTO That’s an actor’s hand there.

SLIM You can’t teach that now. Pro Number Two.

PROTO You mentioned it earlier, but the animes sequence in this showing Oh Ren and her childhood and how she became an assassin. Another thing that just like blew my mind seeing this of like, why it’s never seen that before in a movie just like oh, we’re in an anime all of a sudden. I don’t know. I didn’t look it up. But it reminded me a lot of the short in Animatrix about the runner. I don’t know if you guys remember that. Yep. It’s feels like the just the style is very similar to that. I wonder if it was the same studio, but I don’t think

DANNY so. I think the runner was the AON flux studio, but this movie was the Ghost in the Shell studio that it goes into and then one of the even Galleon ones. Does as well. For Yeah, this was the Ghost in the Shell studio.

SLIM That’s that’s bill right builds the young kid in that short with the sword. I think that’s the rumor. It’s not confirmed.

DANNY Can anyone in chat and that’s like half and half theories. Wow.

SLIM Well, yeah, that that whole animated thing. Oh, my God, it’s nuts. I mean, I would if I had probably seen that at a younger age, I would be so into anime. Just most violent anime get my hands on. But it was too late for me. I was already like I couldn’t get into.

DANNY I mean, even I knew was coming up. But watching it now. From from a different time in my life. I had so much more respect for Quentin. In just kind of this is the most out of the box kind of thinking and filming these movies. And he’s just throwing in an anime to tell this bit of origin story. I mean, he could have done something with Lucy Liu, maybe? I don’t know. I don’t know if he wanted to make her look younger, but to go all the way back and just have some sort of anime kind of blows your mind and then he’s just a genius for doing this.

SLIM Yeah, that making of sequence. Every actor that was talking about Quinn just pointed out how excited he was telling them all their ideas like yeah, he talked to Quentin. He’s like so excited about he was telling me this idea so excited about it. I can’t imagine imagine getting pitched by Quinn on like, Yeah, whatever just signed me up. Yeah, I’ll do it too. It probably gets so exhausted here and sweat on them that has good ideas

PROTO for like a sweat.

SLIM ummah. Get into it.

DANNY I almost feel stupid. That when I think we even had like, leading ladies month, and I don’t even think uma came up in my mind. Like I feel dumb that I’ve forgotten this performance of hers. Because she’s incredible. Like every moment of this film when she’s doing the stunts in that in the the sword fight scene with all the crazy ADA eights. I was just I’m putting her up There was Sigourney and Aliens it’s just like she needs she’s top tier top shelf. Action female leading lady. I couldn’t get over it like she was blowing my mind this entire movie.

SLIM I was I was reading first of all Yes, I agree with all of that. I had read that she turned down a role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Did you read that? What What role is it glad Israel is that it should have been a galleon shots character Cate Blanchett I had read she turned it down for Kill Bill kick. No, she just said no. And then I mean, she has she’s done a ton of movies. Most of us have probably never seen her most of those movies. But can you imagine she did Pulp Fiction Kill Bill Lord of the Rings trilogy. Oh my god it’s just crazy how things might be different in that climate but yeah, I think at the time we would

PROTO She would have been Tar. [Danny laughs]

SLIM when we did leading ladies month I think we had talked about doing Kill Bill but I think Dune Pod had just done Kill Bill and I didn’t want to of course double up that soon after another Tapedeck pod had done that.

SLIM Yes, I love Uma in this. She’s amazing. She absolutely should be talked about with Sigourney, in the same breath as the greatest action star of all-time. Bar none.

DANNY Yeah, just star, period. Male, female — put her up there.

SLIM Get her in the next Avatar.


SLIM Cameron? Are you listening?

DANNY Don’t do this to our girl, Uma.

PROTO I love how you I love how the credits featured her for like first of all the opening that just the way this movie opens and I love how it’s just uma Uma Thurman and then Kill Bill that introduces all the other characters but yeah, she’s she’s so fantastic in this she’s got that the delivery of a of an actor there’s so many iconic lines. I was just like killed laughing out loud listening to this. The way the way she says bitch iconic.

SLIM I mean, the crazy like the crazy 88 scene. She’s doing those stunts. I know they I think the blue screen one you can see I think it’s not her as much but she’s flying around those wires. Those white like those wires. She’s doing like the somersaults across the thing. It’s all insane. It’s insane. Yeah. God,

PROTO I call her the yellow haired warrior. First digging deep

SLIM into the archives goodness. Cleanse hair out and then screencap that’s a wig. That’s Robert Redford’s wig.

PROTO Someone had it that error out of that picture. I don’t want to look at that.

SLIM My see, we have to number three already. Is that real? Looking back on Clinton’s career, I feel like I it’s lost in like the memories of seeing this for the first time and maybe in all of the mainstream movies that have been released and then Clinton’s career, but like he’d only done Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and then he says that he’s gonna do like a kung fu revenge movie. That would have been so weird for Quentin fans at the time. To say like you’re doing what movie? You’re doing an action kung fu homage exploitation film, like, but and like, we don’t have that thought. At least me personally looking back because I’ve seen it those memories are kind of faded away. And it’s just an amazing film. But like looking back, I I’m trying to think of like, wonder what people thought. You know, this is a big gamble. You’re not gonna You’re not making a four hour fricking movie when we don’t even know if there’s gonna be any good to begin with. But you know, some of that stuff. I just wish we could have like, I love to see those like old school. You know, videos and some of the Making Up Documentary covers a little bit of that, but like it hadn’t been mind blowing at the time to see him pull something off like this where he’d never done it before.

PROTO Do they have behind the scenes footage at all? Yeah, they did. Oh, man. I’d love to see that

SLIM and walking around wearing just the zaniest outfits. Come on. As sparring come out as he’s wearing hockey jersey, Bahama shirts. I mean, what would you wear it? Would you wear Danny if you were director and you’d be when on dress? Yeah. What do you what’s your outfit?

DANNY It’ll be it’ll be a T shirts and like Doc shorts with my Jordans place.

SLIM Is it gonna be like just like a black tea so you can just wear you probably have 300 of them you just want a different days

DANNY and it’ll be it’ll be some vintage free movie t shirt that was given out at a cinema at some point

SLIM that you would you have a uniform

PROTO trainer wants to know what uh, what wants you to be wearing Danny.

DANNY Oh, if I’m directing

PROTO What’s your day daily daily driver,

DANNY the daily driver if I mean if I if I’m shooting for the stars I’m wearing I’m wearing the hat. Hamilton kaki

SLIM Oh Hamilton khaki. Oh my god.

PROTO That’s it. That’s a director swatch.

SLIM Printer. What would you wear on set every day?

DANNY I think there’s a big hat and your pitcher.

PROTO duster. Probably duster. One golden thread duster. IG. Thank you.

SLIM Paula, what’s next on your list?

PROTO There’s a few different things. Well, I mean, the same with the crazy 88 My gosh, it’s so it’s so crazy. The way it starts, though, of her like sneaking into this restaurant. That shot of her going into the bathroom, and then coming out and going up the stairs. That way all of that is shot. It’s just so incredible. That whole sequence. I think it starts there’s like 15 minutes left in the movie. It goes on for like a half hour. It’s just nuts. How much of the movie it is. And it’s just it’s just so incredible. All the different things he does. I mean, the levels of bodies. The only thing that makes it crazier is imagining Quentin Tarantino on the set, while like, you know, directing all of this, I would love to see just like him like talking to people and like tell him what the I mean the scene is just, it’s incredible. It’s an Alzheimer? Yeah,

SLIM the blood like it. We saw a little bit in the anime when someone gets knifed and there’s just like shooting blood, which is another classic homage but the blood spewing in this movie, this next level, give me more of that spew. I’ll take it all day long and 4k,

DANNY whenever the time is right when she blinks and it goes black and white, you know you’re in for something. We can’t show this level of Gore in full saturated color. We have to go black and white. I mean that the 567 eights playing live in that bar. I mean an act like they’re an actual band from Japan just performing their amazing music. And then with aren walking in with their crew to the beat of the music and does the quick zoom in on them the data. It’s just like, it’s a magical scene from every aspect from the beginning, when they’re not even fighting to the last. You know, Charlie Brown’s are running out with his wife. I mean, incredible stuff,

PROTO but it’s such an incredible joke. Oh my gosh. Oh, that’s so fun. And then you see it on his robe. Oh my gosh,

DANNY it’s so funny.

SLIM Yeah, I have the dunked on DON MUSIC There is a crane white lightning music I mean, you can’t say enough about the music because my next point is insane and then so my notes is just like my consciousness in that moment I wrote Yes, let’s go. Unfinished Business Line. All caps. Let’s go neck choking audio is nuts when they all show up from their bikes Oh dude holding his foot the moaning like how much this on the man I’m just like, get my phone back out, type it up, put it down. Get my phone back up tight it put it down. And the moaning is like it’s like a war scene. When it’s like quiet you just hear all the Crazy Eights moaning from their missing limbs and stuff. It’s so funny our three were through everybody already feel like we have so much to talk about my last one we’re

DANNY not through we still I’m on my last one. I don’t wish I was surprised watching this. And then I had to think about what other movie marriages the music and the cinematography this well. I couldn’t I couldn’t believe what I was watching most of the time, but I was vibing so hard with the song like I listened to it all day to day like it’s an incredible soundtrack but it’s a mirror to marriage this with the visuals of the Kill Bill movies. It’s just it’s stupid. It’s stupid good roses work on this is incredible. Nancy Sinatra song bang bang at the beginning just gives me chills. Twisted nerve by Bernard Herrmann. I mean that’s a song from the 60s that he wrote for that movie it’s just being used again in a perfect way. I mean every every song is woven in so well for this film it I can’t think of another movie that does it like this like I can’t if they can only be like this but let alone marriages, the music. The music with us. Tomorrow Never

SLIM Dies. Alright, you

DANNY don’t have to do this. I know you’re upset about my four star Tomorrow Never Dies. Review but please.

SLIM Like, yeah, the music is next level. There’s You’re right. Maybe this is the greatest. I think even in that documentary. Quint even points out something that I’ve said before on the show. The combination of visuals and music in a film, if done right like it is The perfect thing that you could accomplish. Yeah,

DANNY I mean, the whistling with Daryl Hannah walking in the nurse’s outfit down the hall. I mean, it’s so unnerving. But also it’s kind of beautiful and like, surreal, and the lines drawn on her dress. So make a belt. I mean, I love her look in that scene, but it’s just with the music. It’s just vibing so hard.

SLIM It’s so great. The vibes are off the charts. Absolutely off the charts. Daryl Hannah, love Daryl Hannah. She’s

DANNY She’s killer. God, her

SLIM scenes are so good. Let’s see. So we’re up to honorable mentions right now. I have a lot of notes. So so keep going. We got time. Some of the things we haven’t even talked about, but like the whole storyline of her of them bleeping out her name. In this movie. I remember like being so confused in theaters at the time. Like what is the deal with her name? I thought that was pretty cool to rewatch and have them finally revealed towards the end. cowboy boots. Just seemed very uncomfortable to me. Right. If either of you wore cowboy boots. We talked about this before.

DANNY I refuse. Unless you put like a Nike check on him.

PROTO Yo I haven’t I’ve always I’ve always wanted to at least give it to you

DANNY in some boots. Yeah, I could see that. I get some boots. I’m more of a moccasins guy.

SLIM See Black Mamba? She kicks the MF in coffee cup. Hell yes. In that first fight scene. And then how she talks to the daughter about how she just killed her mother. It’s like if you still feel raw about it, I’ll be waiting.

PROTO I was gonna say could Quentin make another sequel to Kill Bill where it’s the daughter come back coming back to kill OMA

SLIM right? There’s so many to get his daughter to come in. Oh, yo. They look like twins.

DANNY She looks so much like her mother.

PROTO That’d be nuts.

SLIM Son number one. California mountain snake her eyepatch love that. Oh yeah. I love their discussions of like respecting each other but still dislike each other. I think she was like saying that as she sat over her comatose body. Bill in his suit on the phone stroking his sword. Hell yes. He’s just like slowly moving his and mouse over it. Holy cow. Already she we haven’t even talked about her. Holy hell or performance, their fight scene. My God. And so now her hit with the sniper rifle and that dude’s face? You didn’t know what that note is from the enemy Hattori Hanzo What a moment holy awesome. Was he nominated for an Oscar? He should have been that entire scene.


SLIM hold I mean the lead up to that like you’re still in the dark about whether or not like what timeframe This is really? And then she reveals that oh yeah, I can speak to language and I need you to make a sword which he said you never do again. Holy crap. Sorry

DANNY Furman.

SLIM Flying with the sword unfinished business the snow scene. I have a note. You can see her daughter. Big time in the apology scene. Oh, I think there was like an angle of houmas face that I felt like it might have might as well have been Maya Hawk in that scene. Like it was eerie to me how much they look like. Yeah. And then Michael Madsen is line air man, that woman deserves such a goober it’s five stars. It’s obviously five stars. I love this movie. I think this was one of my favorite movies of all time. At the maybe when this had come out. This was my favorite Quentin movie. I might. I can’t tell where Inglorious Basterds plays into things. I remember having a spiritual experience seeing Inglorious Basterds in theaters. And I I won’t apologize for that ever didn’t kill you Kill Bill is perfect movie. Hands down five stars. There it is.

PROTO Yeah, there’s other scenes that we didn’t even talk about. Like yeah, the sheriff coming to check the bodies the massacre at the church. Man, just everything about that. It’s just kind of went so hard in like every single frame. It’s nuts. The way Bill wipes the blood off her face, even though there’s like blood all over her just like that scene of his dialogue, the black and white how harsh it looks, and him wiping her face. And of course he shows that like three other times because it’s so good. I love the ending. I remember just being like getting to the end of this movie. And then that being the line about her daughter, I just remember being like my mind being blown. Like not only was the movie amazing that it ends on a cliffhanger like that with the music. It’s just like Chef kiss. Yeah. Five Star Fish. Oh my god. Easy.

SLIM One thing I wanted to call out real quick is the original release date of Kill Bill. Volume Two, I think was February 2004. So like maybe it was like three months after. But then they moved it to April, I think to coincide with the release of the DVD the first movie so it took six months. Back then. For Kill Bill Volume One to hit DVD. Oh, my God shooting pool came out in theaters as hitting VOD. Three weeks after release.

DANNY You get a free DVD of infinity pool with every box of Cheerios you buy.

SLIM Can you imagine a movie coming out? I mean, Top Gun is probably the longest, right? We remember how long Top Gun was in theaters before it hit blu ray still in theaters? It’s I don’t even know if it’s even on Blu ray yet. Top Gun maverick in theaters. And McFly points out six months was quick back then. You’re right. Ah, different time. Danny.

DANNY Five stars perfect movie. I mean, this movie. I think it is my favorite Quentin. I think if I think about it long enough. It’s my favorite. I love Inglorious Basterds. I love Django I love that’s the two that I love. But Kill Bill Volume One I think is my favorite easily. It’s so iconic. It touches the things that I love in cinema, the spaghetti westerns and the the Kung Fu the yellow and black Bruce Lee Amash suit with the shoes. I mean, it doesn’t really get much better. So yeah, we have our next 15 banger in the books,

PROTO too. Can we talk about the art?

DANNY Thank you. Oh, my God.

SLIM Dan, my God.

PROTO What’s you’re doing here?

SLIM If only Quentin had released the whole bloody affairs, we could do the second just

DANNY one night.

SLIM What if What if he had released the second one was one four hour thing? It could have been us talking about the whole weekend.

PROTO We did Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

SLIM Zack Snyder can do it. Why can’t Clinton do it?

DANNY I feel sick. Why Can’t We?

SLIM What a strange comparison. doesn’t even feel right. kind of mad that

DANNY you even said that.

SLIM I’m like cut that out. I’m gonna cut. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What a what a film. What a picture. So that is my pick for this month. And we have one more to go. We’re going to reveal it very soon. But we have some emails and some VMs to get to let me see if any other ones came in first. You can shoot us a letter or audio file at 7am So it comes in from Diamond King. Subject line David Copperfield flying dot GIF. Oh my gosh. Speaking of which, I have to tell Dale but I kind of want to ask Dale to do another David Copperfield. Oh, in the near future for

DANNY any journals.

SLIM I mean, there’s a few more out there. And when he makes those people like Toronto, I don’t close your own slum in the day. And that he has like this family like reading night. If you’re decades apart live on television.

PROTO Is that was magic. That was magic.

DANNY Is there one remakes the Statue of Liberty disappear in my lose my mind?

SLIM That’s yeah, that’s an earlier one.

PROTO Did he do the airplane full of people disappearing?

DANNY Let’s David Blaine.

SLIM I don’t know. Just kidding. I don’t know. All right, off the diamond King. Hey, slim, Danny and proto it’s time. After guesting on to pods shout out to real Latinos and what was your favorite part? I have nailed down the perfect voice for recording but due to my busy schedule, I won’t have time to send in a VM. So you guys don’t so you guys won’t be able to hear it maybe next time. Anyways, the big talk on last week’s App was Is God real cool. After hearing slim pick Kill Bill Volume One I can proudly say that God is because I can see the light. This is one of my faves from Qt and it’s one of the best films hands down. My first experience with this film was when I was a kid and no I didn’t watch my parents did but when my mom told me the title, the first thing I thought of was, why would you be watching a movie about killing my dad since my dad’s name is also bill. That messed me up for a little bit. There’s also a lot of shots of feet. So this is right up Liam’s alley, but protos nightmare. I’ll wrap this up by saying that I love this community very much. Everyone here is truly incredible in more ways than one can’t wait to hear what the hosts have to say. Uh, one more thing I now to find another space my apartment to put up Danny’s Kill Bill art, which will now make a total of 23 I bought from What okay by dime 20 out a wall yeah Gosh Holy Moly Thank you dime wrung

PROTO out a wall Thank you

SLIM great letter. Let’s see Griffin is up next subject line rectification

DANNY excuse me that word. I think you said it right wreck right off the fire.

SLIM And this we just got pulled off Apple hi I wanted to reach out after hearing how my terse and apparently letterbox pro eligible review of Raiders of Lost Ark was received on last week’s podcast. I started listening to the show back in 2020 and haven’t looked back without 70 mm my life would be void of the joy I get from newly discovered movies like opening night and having my office walls blanketed with Danny’s art. I love what you’ve created here and for what it’s worth. I updated the letterbox entry to promote the podcast thanks for everything Griffin that you two were were vicious to Griffin’s writing on that but what did he say? Remind me what do you I don’t know he was that Four Star Raiders row Yeah, he

DANNY was definitely wrong

SLIM Thank you Griffin for your support.

DANNY Yeah, thank you Griffin

SLIM let’s change it up here got a few like this one where I come from Brad

70 millimeter Brad from New Jersey. You would I have unfinished business? Oh, you guys don’t kill Bill. Just an excellent movies through and through kildow one is absolutely incredible that a Tory Hanzo stuff. All the action, the bloody fight sequence in the dojo. That’s just absolute classic Tarantino through and through. Got an excellent choice here. Just a top tier maybe interesting it’s our philosophy makes midway five but Tarantino is midway five it’s other directors one it’s an incredible film. I have one last thing to say to you. Funny saying like samurai swords. Yes. Keep up the good workout.

SLIM Brad from New Jersey

Brad got an actor honor I

SLIM don’t think you’ve ever seen Brad in New Jersey. Oh, I have

PROTO to everybody if you live in New Jersey long enough you’ve seen everyone I’ve definitely seen Brad

SLIM Brad thank you let’s see I think I’m not sure who this one is from but let’s let’s get it going.

Hello 70 millimeter Podcast. I’m happy to be calling in I’m sorry that my audio is probably terrible right now. I don’t know how to leave the Google reveals like this. Sorry about that. But it is what is currently in the car driving an hour plus go see ad for Brady. Wild at Heart shortly thereafter. Saturday night for me. But I’m really excited. I don’t know the through line is between Wild at Heart and 80 for Brady but I guess that’s what I’m that’s the answer is I’m looking forward to the Kill Bill. Holy cow Kill Bill Volume One. slightly disappointed that you’re not doing both volume. Do I think it’s a cowardly move? I don’t know. That’s my one of my favorite movies. It’s probably my favorite Tarantino movie. So I’m absolutely stoked. And man I’m just sending so many kisses your guy’s way can’t wait to hear the episode

SLIM The idea someone’s leave a voicemail of like blowing the phone like constantly blowing kisses right back gotcha

PROTO way to do it.

SLIM I don’t even know who that was. Did they say their name?

PROTO I wasn’t paying attention.

SLIM I hope they enjoyed it. So scared me damn. Oh skirt in square. ad for Brady. Damn.

DANNY You give it five stars.

SLIM Oh hell yeah. Can I get a hell? Stupid All right, we got a letter in from M let’s see subject line. effing finally, tongue out emoji. Oh, yo, super duper excited for the app and the art that follows Thank you. JFC I cried when Bang Bang came on. I always dug how blanc told Nikki that if she’s still felt raw about it. That she would be waiting. I said that exact same thing. She had to do what she had to do. The soundtrack is amazing. Have any of you watched lady snow blood? I’ll stop myself because I totally can keep rambling take care of one XOXO Evelyn PS the Sonny jeez on the dashboard of that creepster every everything is so Well thought out and the details are impeccable. This is a five bagger from of those glasses. We’re not moving on the dashboard of that car.

DANNY Yes, just that impressive. did notice that not possible as you do it.

SLIM Especially if you’re jumping cars like the fall guy in that GMC truck GMC My God. Those glasses would be in your brain by the time you hit the ground. I have not seen lady snow blood somebody brought that I think Mosh in discord brought that up. I read the manga many years ago. I just remember there being some R rated things that happen. To say the least. I don’t even want to elaborate further. I don’t know if it’s in the movie, but I did hear that it was a big inspiration for Kill Bill. someday, someday, someday someday Kill Bill to someday as well. I thought you know, actually I thought Kill Bill Two was going to be potentially Mackenzie’s pick. But Kill Bill Two isn’t even in the villa VHS village top 100. So put the kibosh on that right away. X kiboshed. Okay, I think it might be time for Mackenzie.

DANNY Oh, let’s time the big

SLIMreveal. The big reveal,

MCKENZIE hello there mackynzie coming at you live on a rainy day in Chicago to give you my choice for next week’s movie. I’m very nervous. This was, you know, some pressure, right? I wanted to pick a good movie that would make people happy that we could all get excited for that would really represent the community. That was really much my main kind of focus, I guess, was just trying to pick a movie that would really put some smiles on some faces. And I’m really honored to be asked back and to be asked to kind of represent everybody for this exciting month of celebrating the list that we all put together as a community. So with that said, I decided I narrowed it down to a small group, and finally decided on one movie to watch and to movie from my personal Top 10 lists that I saw. And many moons ago. This film was almost done by the 70 millimeter podcast. And it lost a vote Oh to a film that is nowhere near Oh 100 of our timeless really makes you think so I am remedying this grave mistake and choosing the iconic singing in the rain. I knew it

SLIM what a friggin pic is Forrest awake in chat my God he just went comatose. Huge 1952 This movie was just added to Danny’s four favorites Danny, Danny

DANNY and then taken down but it’s okay it’s still a four or five in my heart. Top five top five oh

SLIM my god base rules and it’s streaming right now on HBO Max streaming on the max. Oh wow. I thought it was gonna be Tommy Boy. But then then it’s touching go there. Boys in the top 100 FYI, it’s in the 100 is the number 100 Okay, righting the wrongs of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood beating out seeing the rain, which by the way was voted on by villagers. Not us. Not us. We had nothing to do with that. Vote not us. Part of what you think.

PROTO I’m excited. I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it.

DANNY Oh my. My mother’s time viewing.

PROTO Oh, first moment. My son’s huge.

SLIM I could have pull a Veeder Where’s Veeder? The supercomputer who loves movies that product? Singing in the rain? Let’s see what the average rating is for singing in the rain. Excuse me. Let’s hear it. Reveal it. This might be the highest Eric’s here point 810 My Wow. What on earth?

DANNY That’s huge.

SLIM What was the previous high?

DANNY I remember spider spider verse has to be up there.

SLIM Excuse me 4.1 I’m loading up spider verse here. 4.80 higher

DANNY than spider verse.

SLIM This is insane. Singing in the Rain in 1927 Hollywood a silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound. This is a big one.

DANNY This is huge.

SLIM Power cases parasite is 4.77. Wow, you know it’d be interesting. I don’t know how feasible This is. But to tabulate the VHS village top 100 Okay by letterbox rating all of our supporters. Gap. Right. So like would Singing in the Rain potentially be the new number one with 4.81?

DANNY It’s a great question, you

SLIM know, get the API I need someone to look at the API’s and we’ll figure this out all right, I’m excited singing in the rain.

DANNY I’m real excited

SLIM Biiig episode next week with Mckenzie. Proto, any closing thoughts as we close out the VHS village Top 100 month?

PROTO Yeah, you know, I, I discovered a little trick on Letterboxd that I had never done before, but maybe people have before but I just thought to do it the other day is where you go to search a movie. If you want to see just what’s available to stream that’s come out this year. It’s like really easy to do that and I never thought to do it before. But if you just go to like release date, the 2020s and pick 2023 and then if you filter it just you know by what you have available streaming you can see anything that’s come out and it’s a lot of I can’t promise you it’ll be good stuff. But there’s a lot of movies I’ve never seen before that’s on here that came out this year. So I thought that was kind of cool if you just want to watch something that came out this year and it’s there’s a lot of like little indie movies that are available that I would never have heard about before. So a little Letterboxd tip.

SLIM My god, the tipster.


SLIM Tip insider, Protolexus. [Danny laughs]

DANNY I don’t think — [Danny & Slim laugh] I don’t think we —

SLIM I’m sorry. I’m sorry. [Danny can’t stop laughing] [Proto rings his bell] We’ll see everybody next week for Singin’ in the Rain.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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