Transcript: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

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Transcript of 70mm’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I sit down to talk about recently watched movies with my dear friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY That thing is mean, it’s mean, and I love it. I wanted it to rip everyone to shreds in that room, and it does, thankfully.

SLIM And our own spiritual adviser and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO And I’m watching it, you know, as a good Star Wars fan does, but I don’t really feel anything. I feel nothing.

SLIM We are still on the road to Junassic World, so this episode we are covering Jurassic Park 5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. And yes, at the end of this very episode, we’ll dig back into Obi Kenobi, use the chapters to zip around if you so choose. Enjoy!

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Obi-Wan Kenobi.

PROTO Oh my god. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Everyone calm down. We’re not gonna start off the show with Obi talk. I know that there was some consternation last week we close the show with our shocking thoughts on Obi-Wan Kenobi, the first three episodes. So if you want to skip to our thoughts, for the fourth episode, use the chapters. And we’ll get to it later. I will say this though. I’ve been getting some DMs, some private support of our thoughts about Obi. Is that the case, Proto, for you? Have you have you felt a vibe shift?

PROTO I have. It feels as if there’s a resistance growing. There’s something brewing… a rebellion of sorts. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Rebellion against the Disney dome once and for all.

PROTO Rising up. Rise up!

SLIM I think we should spotlight our dear friends at Apple Podcasts. Did you notice that little feature that we got in the Apple Podcasts app with Danny’s beautiful 70mm Jurassic Park art, front page!

DANNY Incredibly kind. What can we do for them?

SLIM We love Apple Podcasts. Everyone, everyone in our Discord uses Apple Podcasts. Right? Right. I can’t back that up, but I feel like that might be true.

PROTO Last time I checked it was 100%.

SLIM Danny, you’re on location at a beach. Were you able to watch any films this week besides Fallen Kingdom?

DANNY Before we got to the beach, I got to see Top Gun again in the theaters, Maverick, with my dear wife. Round two. Just as good as the first time watching.

SLIM Can you walk us through Casey’s feels during the movie?

PROTO Excuse me?

DANNY You know how like the grip on like the leather chairs, she was gripping it so hard, everytime Miles Teller was on screen. That’s all I can say. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Did she just pass out when he did that like jig, while they were playing football in the water?

DANNY He did like the standing worm gyrate thing he did? Yeah. Had to go splashing water on her face.

PROTO Is that the technical term for that dance?

DANNY Yeah, that’s what it’s called.

SLIM You know, I do want to ask you about Under the Banner of Heaven.

DANNY Oh my word!

SLIM That was a log job that you put on Letterboxd. Andrew Garfield.

DANNY Yeah, Andrew. I’m just gonna say it now, he will be winning the Emmy for this so, we’ll just chalk that up for a win for him. It’s an incredible show murder crime true crime in the in the LDS community. But also Andrew plays a cop that is Mormon as well so it’s it’s a it’s a crime that takes place inside the his religion and he has to wrestle with you know that these crimes were committed you know, in some way because of their religion. So he’s been wrestling with what he believes this through through whole series and does an amazing job. The finale was some incredible stuff.

SLIM Proto, have you watched this in secret at all? You on this Under the Banner train yet, Proto?

PROTO I’m not, no I’m not on this train yet.

DANNY Well, he hates Andrew Garfield.

PROTO Hearing the talk though, just does, you know, bring memories of Andrew Garfield though to mind. [Danny laughs] His prowess as an actor.

SLIM Have you watched an Andrew Garfield film besides the what is it, The Social Network? Was that the last Andrew Garfield thing you’ve watched?

PROTO No, no, no, no, no. I saw the Amazing Spider Man one. I saw Silence, remember that movie? The Martin Scorsese. He’s in that with Adam Driver and what a picture, huh? I’ve seen a few of his flicks.

DANNY Is that the one with Qui=Gon?

SLIM Yeah. He’s investigated faith in like 80% of his movies.

SLIM Hacksaw Ridge.

PROTO There’s something going on.

SLIM There’s something he’s trying to get to the bottom of.

PROTO Andrew, if you want to come on here and talk…

SLIM We’re here.

PROTO We’re here.

SLIM We’re on Apple Podcasts, Andrew, maybe he saw us on Apple Podcasts. We know he uses that app in-between takes. I did watch it, I watched it mostly in secret I can’t can’t remember when I was started TV show just got to do it in private until it’s almost over. I did enjoy it. There’s a great ending to the episode six, the penultimate episode. Holy moly. Well, that’s where you’ll you’ll see that play in the background of the Emmy so that I don’t even know if the Emmys have a TV show every year but if they do have a TV show, they’ll have that playing like an Andrew Garfield for under the banner of heaven.

PROTO Is this the best show of the year so far?

SLIM I don’t know, Stranger Things I’m digging.

DANNY I’m one episode into Stranger Things, it’s pretty solid.

SLIM You’re only — hold the phone. You’re only one episode of Stranger Things?

PROTO What have you been doing at the beach?

DANNY They’re long! I’m on vacation! You think I can watch that with kids running around? The amount of kid gore in that first episode, you kidding me? [Slim laughs]

SLIM Alleged kid gore. I won’t stand for alleged kid gore, let alone real kid gore on my television shows. Proto, what about you? What did you watch this week that you might want to spotlight?

PROTO I watched to two movies that I’d like to spotlight. First is I watched Predator, the full way through, I don’t know if I’ve seen this whole movie other than you know that sense of it on cable. Man. Is this the best Arnold looks ever? Goodness gracious. He’s just peeking this movie. His body. Him lighting a cigar… I was moved. Just the command of of his himself and the people around him that helicopter like it was just incredible. And then the action is over the top some of the seat the the scenes with explosives and guns in this movie really top tier. And for what this movie is. I had a great time. Like, you know what you’re getting into when you sit down and watch this. So I gave it four stars. Right time watching.

SLIM You’ve been itching to do an Arnold movie again on the show. You’ve had a hankering.

PROTO Oh my gosh. Arnold Month.

DANNY Is it time?

PROTO Who do I have to call?

SLIM The power could be yours. We’ll see.

PROTO Arno-gust.

SLIM What a theme, what a theme suggestion that could be for someone to potentially vote on. Anything else you want a spotlight?

PROTO Just the new Bat & Spider episode they covered Fire and Ice, which is that Ralph Bakshi joint. What year was this? 1983 So it’s all like rotoscoped I didn’t want to watch this for a while. So I’m glad they were covering it. So that I could so I can finally watch. It’s only 80 minutes long. It’s so different than any other animated movie. I’ve seen that in my review I said it feels more like a proof of concept than an actual movie. But there’s a lot of nude bodies in this. Bakshi was was a freak. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM You understand why a lot of young people had their lives changed I think the seven years from nothing came out. Whatever year it came out.

PROTO I can totally see that, lives were changed. But a fun movie. It’s on Tubi, anyone can watch it.

SLIM Tubi be army. Now’s the time. We should say hello to some patrons that join this week. Get access to our exclusive episodes in the 70mm vault, the Harry Potter journey was just in there. If you’re an Apple user, you can follow us on Apple just listen to those exclusive apps right in the app if you so choose. Kyle, Michael and Jonah all joined this week and they get access to discounts on Danny’s beautiful prints. By the way, I’m not sure if we mentioned on the show, but those Indiana Jones prints are now available On the store, FYI. The times now. What do I want to talk about?

DANNY Do something please.

SLIM I can’t remember the exact reason why watch this. Anytime I go to Netflix, and like I don’t even know why I have Netflix anytime I go in there I just scroll for five minutes and go to a different app. There’s so much stuff in there. And I just get like lost in a sea of capital C content that I just like forget why I’m even in there. And I saw Knight Rider 2000

DANNY Wow. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe you logged us David

SLIM Hasselhoff I actually got some my first comment on that review. Why did you watch this? Lol.


SLIM I grew up a huge Knight Rider fan. Knight Rider was my jam. I mean, everyone our age who probably got a cell phone at that point had the night writer. Like ringtone remember the ringtone? Then I wrote ringtone I don’t know. That’s next min. Shot you did give it your best. That’s fine. So the series ended the original series Knight Rider ended. I think maybe like five years later, or longer. They did Knight Rider 2000 In the year 1991. And I saw one letterbox review call out about how remember when TV like channels would do TV movies in the hopes that it would be successful and they make a series out of it. That just feels like a bygone era. Like that’s not happening anymore. So they had hoped that this would turn into a new series that did didn’t test well. But a lot of people watched it. So I read are 2000 David Hasselhoff he gets called back in by Devon, I need you one more time Michael. One more time come back in I’m retired Devon I’m out of that game. You know that old thing? And he comes back when he’s like, I need my I need my kit. I need kit if I’m going to come back. You know that black car comes back to the office kits been destroyed dismantled the cars not even in the movie. way the LNG kit. Yeah, what is it a Firebird isn’t a movie. thundering Firebird is in the dumps. It’s in like a trash bin. So then they have to like rebuild kit. So kit is in this old car, which is like oh kits in an old classic car haha. And then they put it in like this futuristic, new Firebird. Like a almost a concept Firebird it looks like ass. And the female protagonist is they also rip off Robocop like the entire front of Robocop of like a cop being like murdered and brought back with computers. It’s pretty egregious. So they bring back this female cop. She gets shot in the head and she loses her memories. The way they bring her back is they use a computer chip from kit and they implant in her. So she’s almost like talking like an Android almost. It’s very bizarre Mitch Pileggi, isn’t it from X Files. I mean Mitch Pileggi fans out there. So the cops Jews that might shock you are doing are up to no good and they’re selling arms to the town. They’re doing like this underground arms race from these corrupt cops. It was really bad I gave it a star and a half G’s it was atrocious, maybe my lowest rated movie all year. But anyway.

PROTO Sorry you went through this.

SLIM My pain is your gain. Just a reminder, Obi, if you’re still with us on the Obi train, they’ll be ride. People are off the charts loving Obi-Wan Kenobi right now. Best Star Wars television show, best Kenobi ever. We’ll give our take at the end of the show. But this is the gymnastic road to the kingdom month. And we need to talk about fallen kingdom 2018 The sequel to the smash hit jurassic world they said it couldn’t be done. Yeah, I’m sending DMs, “was this journey a mistake,” quote?

PROTO Check the box office.

SLIM Proto, what is Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom?

PROTO Since the disastrous events of Jurassic World Island Nublar and the park has been abandoned. Even worse, new blar has become active again and is set to earn up any minute. Bryce Dallas Howard is trying to save the dinosaurs. But Jeff Goldblum convinces the world to let them die. Bryce gets contacted by Sir Benjamin Lockwood and his Ben Platt lookalike psychic. They have a plan to sneak back onto the island, capture the remaining dinosaurs and transport them to a new island. But once they arrived they realized that Ben Platt has an evil plan to kill Chris Pratt and Bryce and sell the dinosaurs on the black market. They transport the dinosaurs back to Northern California to a secret dyno prison where they can auction off the dinosaurs Project Runway style. But wait. Lockwood gets double crossed by Ben Platt, a genetically modified into raptor plays possum with evil Jim Varney, a child is cloned. A Pachycephalosaurus helps Bryce fat escape from dyno prison, and the Dinos are let loose in California to begin the Neo Jurassic period of human history where man and dino must live as one. Fallen Kingdom.

SLIM This is a real movie, that Proto just synopsized.This is real. This was the sequel. This is Jurassic Park Five. Right? This is five? This is the fifth one?

DANNY This is give.

PROTO It’s weird when you put it that way.

DANNY This is The Empire Strikes Back of Jurassic World.

SLIM This is Trevorrow’s Empire Strikes Back.

PROTO Wow. That’s a box quote.

SLIM So if you’re a new listener, from our dear friends of Apple Podcast, we generally as we watch this movie, we’ll we’ll note three things that we want to bring up good or bad. And we’ll go roundtable as we exhaust our list and then we’ll give her final letterbox rating at the end of that discussion. Just real quick, we’ll maybe talk about or our history with that sentence. We’ll talk about our history with fallen kingdom. I think I saw this in theaters when they had come out. But after that, I don’t think I saw it again. That might have been a part of Do you have any vague recollection of your history with this?

PROTO So I was under the impression that I had never seen this before. But as I began watching it, I realized that my brain denied me the memory. But I had indeed, I have seen this before. So this is a rewatch for me. I don’t remember when I saw it the first time. But I did remember it as I watched it,

SLIM Our shared Fallen Kingdom history. Danny, what about you?

DANNY I didn’t see it in theaters. I think I only watched it while working one day, my first time watching. That’s about it. I’ve only watched it once. And I joined it. But I was very confused because people seem to hate this movie very, very much. So it’s interesting.

SLIM Your Letterboxd review has been pasted in chat. I remember seeing this review. I think when did it come out? Or when you had posted this review? Yeah. Reading all Columbia, if I may quote it. It’s a year ago things might have changed. “Reading all these insanely little reviews for this movie has me howling. Not my Jurassic Park.” quote. So we’ll see if that holds up. And we’ll see what has changed in a year change.

DANNY A lot has changed. I’ve grown.

SLIM We’ve changed. We’ve all changed. So next week. Just a reminder next week we’ll be covering we’ll be ending this journey officially forever. With Jurassic World Dominion Transworld six, with the foremost expert on Jurassic Park movies, Marcie from the movie mixtape podcast. She’s our Jeff Goldblum. Speaking of which, let me get my first note.

DANNY Please, please, please.

SLIM Is this not the worst Jeff Goldblum performance in movie history? What was he — he’s only in this for three minutes and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. One-take-Wilson and he’s out the door on his jet or something. It’s awful. I mean, he’s given nothing but he also gives us nothing. Right? Am I alone in this?

[clip of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom plays]

PROTO I don’t know what I must have just not really been paying attention. I have no opinion about his performance.

SLIM I mean, no recollection of

PROTO blocking it out. I remember I remember him speak But yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I take your word for it. Yes, terrible.

DANNY I have one note about Ian Malcolm. And I just, Ian Malcolm is always right. He’s been right the whole time. And everyone should have listened to him. And none of us would be in this situation.

PROTO I just want that touch, remember that line.

DANNY I mean, yeah, it’s fine. It’s fan service. This movie is nothing more than just to get us to the final movie.

SLIM Yoli just posted a GIF of Goldbloom. In this movie, his beard looks like those beards from under the banner of heaven, are pasted on those actual gaps in between the beards. All right, well, maybe I’m the odd man out. Goldblum.

DANNY We agreed with you, Slim.

PROTO Pick up your cross. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM It’s never far from my side, my cross. Paul in chat: more like Snore-blum. That’s pretty good. I’m appreciative of that. Proto, what’s your number one for Fallen Kingdom.

PROTO My number one is watching this and watching Chris Pratt, the second movie, and really trying to figure out what is the deal with this guy. And all I can come away with the realization I think I had a revelation is that he is like the anti action star. This, she doesn’t necessarily need to be an action star. But when I think of someone who could have played this role differently, or I just think of a different actor, who would command some level of presence, but he’s almost like a non factor in this movie. Like, if you had I don’t know, even if you had like, I mean, I had like Dwayne Johnson, like he’s Dwayne Johnson, but at least he’s does anybody that the shooter has some kind of presence. You know, it doesn’t have to be him. I mean, it could be like someone like Chris Hemsworth would just have like a different presence in this movie. I don’t think Chris Pratt is this role. He’s like, he, he gives you nothing. Like I feel nothing when I think of him. And that hurts these movies.

SLIM It almost feels like they, you know, tried to reverse course, and so many decisions from the first Jurassic World where they pulled back on PrEP a lot in this Yeah, I feel like

DANNY he’s literally has no character growth. This movie. Now. Bryce’s character I can’t think of her name at this point. Claire completely has a better character growth, etc. But Pratt almost goes backwards and turns into a nothing at all. He’s regressing. Yeah, yeah, he’s regressing and such as falling in the background.

SLIM They definitely over indexed on like, I think every critique that they got for the first movie and tried to fix it, but to varying degrees of success, I think

DANNY When the first shot of Dallas is her heels in an elevator, so I was like, “Excuse me, people.”

SLIM Then she gets off. Doesn’t she get off the plane and she’s wearing the boots? Right? It’s like the first shot of her getting off the plane or something. Yeah, Chris Pratt. I don’t know I gave my thoughts on him being a kind of zilch in this one. Or in the in the first one.

PROTO What do they say? Ten times zero is still zero? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM But they did add other characters this time around that were, you know, a little bit more enjoyable. Like the shaking his head Justice Smith, the Franklin Nerlinger. The guy who’s screaming every scene. I loved him.

DANNY I want him to die, right?

SLIM No, he was my favorite part of the movie!

DANNY I needed the lava to melt him on the spot. If I heard one more scream out of that kid.

SLIM That’s how I would scream if lava was about to fall on me. And there’s a raptor coming out of the shadows. I would scream exactly like that.

PROTO Jenna watched this with me. And she said, is he the new Newman? Basically is! There are so many things in this movie that they they do it again, like they did in the first one. Yeah, they’re just repeating scenes from the original

DANNY The amount of callbacks make me want to choke the life out of this film.

SLIM I mean by that same comment, it worked for us in Maverick, because there were a lot of callbacks in Maverick. But I mean, it was totally different scenarios I guess, but…

DANNY It’s different, Slim. Let’s not do this.

PROTO No, let’s get into it. I need to ehar!

SLIM Just trying to play devil’s advocate for Fallen Kingdom fans, if they exist.

DANNY They’re literally taking the same shots from the first Jurassic Park to try to make this movie interesting. Her trying to close the chute door like the Raptors are coming at them in the kitchen.

PROTO That’s the most egregious one.

DANNY Kill me. The endo raptor trying to open the door with the handle jiggling a little bit. That’s to the first of all the bronzes the bracket source at the end doing the stand up in the smoke when he’s dying on the island. That’s the same shot from when they first source in the first movie I mean it’s it’s maddening how bad is the goat feeding the goats the T Rex again. Come off it.

PROTO Good lord.

SLIM Danny, what’s your number one note for Fallen Kingdom? [Slim laughs]

DANNY I’m gonna go positive real quick. I think this movie looks incredible. Oh, I never once was annoyed with the cg of the dinosaurs. The transition to the animatronic puppet dinosaurs looked incredible up close. I think the direction was really well done to whether or not I liked the story at all. But yeah, I thought this movie looked incredible. Especially like I think the first 20 minutes I’m pretty into it. The escape from the volcano. I think it looks great. Yeah. A lot of fun. Yeah. Visually,

SLIM I kind of wanted that to be the whole movie. Almost like the volcano stuff was probably my favorite. Anything. Like the eruption like besides the point that they put the island I can’t remember whose review this was. But besides the point of putting an island this this theme park on an active volcano. Probably not a good idea. But that escape I wanted like much more that definitely not more of the auction dweebs and everyone during the worst American accent in the history of film.

PROTO Yeah, that was when it was like the 45 minute mark and you’re like, oh, this they’re getting off the island. There’s Yeah, this is only halfway through the movie. The fact that they don’t really spend the whole movie on this island. And I kind of felt the same way. I was like, Oh, I forgot this is going off Island. Yeah, just seems I don’t know. You kind of want just the whole movie there. Yeah. And the end the the that opening shot. Well, there’s like another scene that is like a throwback to the original, right? Like the opening scene in Jurassic Park where they’re transporting the velociraptor. It’s like the same idea or even like them getting off the island in the rain. But I did. I really liked the beginning too. And I agree the movie. It does look great. The stuff with the house at the end with the endo wrapper on the roof.

SLIM Yeah, yes, killer.

DANNY That was amazing. It’s a really well done movie.

SLIM I think it might have been Kevin chat. I think as two distinct movies, both ideas could work escape from Jurassic Park and dinosaur economy. What a title for movie Jurassic World Economy, dynamic dyno econ 101. My number two Hmm, let me see what do I want to bring out? We talked about the volcano stuff that was going to be my main, my main number two, but I’ll drift into the accent work by some of these actors. I don’t know what it is about me. But I can spot a fake American accent a mile away. And it stresses me out of whatever I’m watching for the entire duration of the film. So the assistant was named Eli Mills, the evil pure evil assistant, Ben Platt. I don’t know what’s going on with his voice work. But I needed to stop. We’ve reactivated the old facilities, updated the technology and imported the best data system around the world. This operation has been many years in the planning genetic power is an uncharted frontier. The potential for growth is more than you can fathom. As the British that it doesn’t really. I don’t buy it. Can someone confirm where he’s from? There’s no way he’s American, UK. He’s from the UK. just googled it. I think he was also in Hot Fuzz Josh says but also James Cromwell, Benjamin Lockwood, this new mystery partner that we’ve never heard of, until this movie, that he’s been in deep connection to the park. It wouldn’t have been built without him. Surprise he’s he’s in here and he’s old. What accent was he doing? I couldn’t pinpoint anything. What was going on with his voice? He’s doing the least I could. I’m willing to bet I can do a better English accent than James Cromwell in Jurassic World, fallen kingdom. I don’t say I don’t say that lightly. But it’s true. Okay?

PROTO Can we get a taste right now?

SLIM No, they don’t. Fallen Kingdom does not deserve my English accent on this episode. You didn’t find anything part of what his voice was annoying to you?

PROTO No, I guess not. I didn’t really I mean, it was a little is delivery was a little weird. I mean, the whole character is like throws me off. Like what is going on with this whole storyline? This this this daughter, I mean, there’s so many over over the top moments in this movie, but by the year so tuckered out by the end that when they tell you that the girl is just like okay, all right, whatever. It’s so out of left field like why is that in this movie? But I did have a Thought tell us John Hammond. Lockwood, pre cool. Cast who do we cast as these two? What’s this? Spider Man?

SLIM Oh my god,

PROTO Get him, Timothee Chalamet. Good swashbuckling adventure sci fi. Right? Am I onto something right now?

DANNY I mean, there wasn’t something that was in my notes I put down, I needed more of the Lockwood story. Like I was kind of intrigued that there was a whole another guy, a part of him in and creating this story. So now I’m like, Can we get a prequel with these two planning out this nonsense? Disney+ in the dome.

SLIM Is that what you want a Disney Jurassic Park prequel in a dome, please. Think again real quick. Yeah, I mean, so he’s the guy who was in charge of the cloning, I guess, right. That’s his contribution to the technology. He doesn’t, you’re down to cloning, I think the Jurassic dome, Paul says, But I mean, so right off the bat, you’re introduced to this character, and you kind of are assumed that like, something’s gonna go wrong here. We’ve never heard of this guy. And his assistant is the one who turns out to be evil nephew or whatever. I don’t know what that one was Eli mills. I mean, he’s so like, evil. There’s no way around it. It’s almost like in police. Newman was kind of like a a whole because he wanted to get rich. Yeah. But Eli is, is like evil. Like he kills him in bed. When he fires the nanny a minute after he murders him. Can we slow down? Yeah. What’s the point of that?

PROTO We don’t need you anymore. So dumb. Yeah, it’s so over the top, and then him locking the girl in her bedroom like a Cinderella subplot here. Like lock her in the room. It’s so weird. It’s so weird character. But I kind of loved that.

SLIM Point to have BD Wong is so underused. I mean, you could have just made BD Wong the villain. Right? Give him more screen time. Maybe that would have made a little bit more sense.

PROTO If you think for just 10 seconds, you can make this movie so much better. If you had to have it really doesn’t take a lot thing.

SLIM I had a snarky letterbox review about the writers of this movie. It’s Trevorrow and his writing partner, right again for all three. And I was going to make like a real science. negative comment. But hold on. I mean, but the guy Derek Connolly has done. Let’s Alright, so he did a story credit on the rise of Scott Skywalker. So that’s already, however, with those aside, he at least has a credit on Detective Pikachu and Kong Skull Island, which I liked. So he’s, yeah, he’s capable of something. Yeah.

PROTO Where’s the Skull Island writing?

SLIM That’s a good question. It’s a really good question.

DANNY I mean, I read a quote, looking into Trevorrow stuff where he basically said that he wrote this movie just so he can do the third movie in just to have dinosaurs in America. So this was literally just like a filler movie to get animals from the island to America. And that’s all he was trying to do. That’s it, he wouldn’t have

PROTO just wanted. Five is just to get Luke train to face his dad.

SLIM I think it is protos turn.

PROTO So there’s a lot of I think a lot of memorable scenes in this movie that I want to want to talk about. But there’s so much in this movie, it’s just so crazy. And over the top the scenes they’re so absurd as I’m watching this, and you know what I got vibes up. I felt like this is what a Michael Bay version of Jurassic Park would be. That’s what I got. I got the vibes with the with like the drummer because there’s like there’s there’s a lot of jokes that are tried that are like just terrible. In this some some ponds that are attempted that are just awful, which is a Michael Bay train, he loves to do that as well. And then also the tonal shifts were like it’s very dramatic. In the music, the way the music was used at different points, and just felt like all over the place. And Michael Bay is known for doing that as well. So I got a lot of Michael Bay vibes. And but one of the scenes in this movie, I mean, there’s just so many but like the whole Philosoraptor operating room scene, and then getting the blood from the T Rex. Like that, like the idea that like, like, like you’re writing this movie and you’re thinking like alright, we’re still always on this boat with all these dinosaurs. We’re gonna go in the T Rex container and get a like a bucket of blood from this thing. It wakes up and nearly thrashes its way out of the ship. Um no one no one notices any of this you know no one else on the boat is noticing a roaring T Rex in its cage ripping ripping the cargo container apart but then just like being in there like that whole prop of her like on top of the T Rex and it’s just so absurd and there’s so many scenes like that in this movie that are just I kind of liked it though. Crazy. That’s the thing I did too.

SLIM I know it’s weird, right? Had fun is VT is videos bets closed on this movie because now I’m starting to wonder what the heck their ratings are going to be from the both of you.

DANNY But that’s alright. It’s hard to not have fun.

SLIM Now I kind of want a Michael Bay Jurassic Park movie. Like no drill and work in that thing during the chases kid me right now.

DANNY What if Michael Bay remade the first dress?

SLIM I might be into that. I might be into that.

PROTO Why not?

SLIM Yeah. Danny. What’s your number two for Fallen Kingdom?

DANNY The indoraptor. How badass is that dinosaur? I couldn’t get over it. I love the interesting to him being dragged them they whatever the I don’t know what the sex was of that. And when he gets dragged in to the the auction room that thing is mean. It’s mean and I love it. I wanted to rip everyone to shreds in that room. And it does thankfully it’s so good. It’s such a great looking dinosaur. I’m loving these created create your own dinosaur moments in these movies. Fun stalker.

SLIM Holy moly.

DANNY I just like yeah, I mean, it feels it feels like the it does feel like the the natural progression to these idiots running Jurassic Park that they’re going to try and make their own dinosaur that doesn’t feel out of place. So that’s why I kind of like it.

PROTO You know what, Danny I completely agree. I think Jurassic World walked so fallen kingdom could run this movie just kind of thank you the ante and you’re right the design of the Indo raptor when you look at it you can see both T Rex and Velociraptor at the same time. Like it really isn’t a great design and it looks really cool. And it the the idea that it’s this intelligent as well the way it’s toying with Ernest there in the cage when Ed also what are we doing? What are we doing?

SLIM The shoot it with one dart unlocks the cage 10 seconds later goes in like color are you male? What does he have is tool is one tool to pull out a tooth from a sleeping dinosaur. He’s an idiot. How did this guy get into becoming a Black Ops mercenary? It looks like he should be running a convenience store

PROTO You just walked out of spirit Halloween with with the Chan’s version of that outfit jungle safari

SLIM Did and I mean even Pratt and brace trusting them. Like we haven’t talked about brace getting like Bryce’s entire plot is she is now trying to save the Dinos from this exploding Island. She’s like an activist now. So like we’re talking about over indexing on the characters from the first movie. But she is she meets this character would no one knew existed why she she knew in the storyline and she’s like, Yeah, we’re gonna get these dinos out we’ll do whatever you want with front of the bill. It’s time her air her prayers are answered out of nowhere. And she enlists Pratt, also, and he wants to say blue. He’s watching QuickTime files of him turning blue and he can sing about this time. He’s like, Oh, yeah, you know what? Yeah, I’m gonna go back to the exploding island because there’s a one in a million chance blues alive. So let’s do it. Like everyone is an idiot in this movie in my video.

PROTO I really liked the QuickTime stuff. I thought it was really cool at the baby.

SLIM scenes were cool. Yeah, I can’t imagine maybe just all this time. He’s just watching clips. Oh, yeah. Being depressed. Like come on, bro. My number three for Jurassic World. Fallen kingdom. I do want to talk about the auction stuff. The auction? I mean, this character who is this actor who play the auctioneer

DANNY Is that guy from the Marvel movies?

SLIM Toby Jones like I have listened I’m allowed to say this because I have historically have bad teeth. I grew up 35 years bad teeth. What is going on with his teeth and this is he wearing dentures in this movie. Jane when else notice that? It’s like he’s wearing those like bubblegum things on his on his mouth is like the white Bob Well, GM the Chiclets, he’s one he’s where he’s got like Chiclets in his mouth. I don’t understand what was going on with his mouth. Like what is going on? Did he say like, I want my character to have the fakest as looking teeth in the on the planet. It was so confusing. He was so annoying. I wanted to throw him into the den with a indo raptor immediately but the most fertile way seem he’s annoying as hell.

DANNY Oh, the dinosaur here. We’re canceling it all. I’m never going to auction off real dinosaurs ever again because you’re late. Like come off it dude. I love your car conversation.

SLIM But then he’s but then the same fake Americans like you are made $10 million in a day you ever do anyone else think these crisis

PROTO Were really like Tuesday’s?

SLIM He was so annoying at the auction itself. You’re selling living breathing dinosaurs and you’re gonna pay 10 million these how are these notch like $750 million animals to these people? Right? Yeah,

DANNY Right total right. It was like almost

PROTO $10 million. It’s like $10 million for a dinosaur. I mean, aren’t that’s a little cheap there Ben Platt Right

SLIM exactly. I couldn’t get over it and I get that maybe it’s the black market so they have to do it all illegals that are get a discount or whatever. But I was the underground area, like built for this or was that there through the cloning? Like technology because I also just couldn’t believe that. This guy just built this underground lab while old man clone guy is like asleep on his bed. How did this construction even happen without him knowing it? I was getting so annoyed.

PROTO He had no idea there was a dinosaur prison in his basement. How did she not know this? Was there?

SLIM I couldn’t believe also How about him like finding out about what was going on from his clone daughter? And then he’s like, I need you to go over there pick up the phone and call the police on yourself right now.

DANNY Works.

SLIM Do you think that’s gonna happen old man? I God part of what’s your number two or number three.

PROTO So I watched this with Jenna and she had some great thoughts while watching this and I just want to share them with you. So some of her questions. One was, is the Lockwood guy. The same guy from Home Alone shoveling snow she’s not Cromwell that’s

SLIM Tall, old white guy, but that’s Home Alone guy.

PROTO Then also the little girl she you know, they were theorizing. Oh, we don’t know who her mother is. But it’s somebody you know, from maybe a previous movie. And she said is her mom Jodie Foster. And I said, Do you need more dirt? And she said

SLIM You know, I actually thought the same thing when I first saw this. I was actually confused. I thought Laura Dern might have been his daughter. Yeah, I got that.

PROTO And then she also kept playing it off. She kept comparing this to Robert Robocop. She said she kept getting Robocop fives. Particularly at the the lava seems. Yeah, when? How about that scene with Chris Pratt in Terminator. No, she meant Robocop because we watched her walk up to

SLIM The scene where Chris Pratt was like paralyzed by the lava.

PROTO That scene is so another totally bizarre scene where he’s disabled like he can’t move any of his any of his limbs from the tranquilizer and he’s laying there and then suddenly lava appears there’s no like sign that it was like coming his way but suddenly it’s like 15 feet away from him and closing and he has to do like this routine where he has to gain the ability to move his limbs like one by one and like crawl backwards up over that lock. It was such an impressive it was impressive but very strange too.

SLIM Have been sweating as a all kind of like the next to that lava.

DANNY And the next thing you see me sprinting perfectly fine down the hillside which

SLIM To be honest look like an Indiana Jones homage like right off the bat as you get those wives the dust flying off.

DANNY I need that cut from the record. Strike his words.

SLIM This is a spiritual sequel to Indiana Jones and Last Crusade I hate God you know what? Love to see it in Indiana Jones story where someone clones dinosaurs and brings back dinos I feel like that’s probably a book one of those weird small digest size books that you try to read.

DANNY Journey to the center of the Earth type book for Indy.

SLIM Danny, number three for Fallen Kingdom?

DANNY I needed the human clone to be thrown into the dyno pit after she put a lock on it I mean, I there was there was no reason to push that button shouldn’t have been done and she did it. What because they’re alive like her. Excuse me an idiot.

SLIM I needed her fed to die. I mean, how many deaths are on her hands from pushing that button? Right? Hundreds. I mean the the T Rex has to have annihilated 1000s of people after leaving that park and even that basement

PROTO We need justice if she isn’t eaten by by an indoraptor in the next one. There’s no justice Thank you.

SLIM Like I remember when that scene and the reveal happened that she was like a clone it I totally didn’t get it until they said it at the end like watching it now it’s like completely obvious. But when they revealed that it was she was like on I was like what is going on in this franchise? Like there it’s going so far and evolving into like, store a different storylines. It was like blowing my mind. I was actually like, not, I’m not I can’t remember, I was really excited for a third one because the dinosaurs are free. Like they were in last world. So it’s like almost like, it feels like a retread of last world at the end of this movie where like we did this already. They’re free. Yeah. But I think the next one takes place. Like, is it five years after this takes place? So four years in chat, everyone says so it’s been some time. It’s not like a direct follow up.

PROTO So they didn’t have the guts to keep it with the dinosaurs off. You know, off the island and jurassic park three. So Trevor rose doing it doing it right. He’s telling the story that we didn’t get. And I have to say, after watching this, I am legit excited to see this third movie. Because at this point, it’s like, relax, go hard. Right? I want to I want human cloning off the chart. How can we get like a human dyno hybrid?

DANNY Like, why don’t I that’s what I thought she meant when she says they’re just like, Yeah, I wonder if like, oh, they cloned her with some dyno DNA. That’s what I figured is gonna die.

SLIM No, I figured I also figured she had some kind of demo DNA. So I thought that there might have been a scene where they’re like listening to her. Like maybe that happens. Maybe she’s like a legit Pratt, where they listened to her. I don’t know.

PROTO See, there’s so many things can happen. I will

SLIM say I also am excited for a third. Yes. Jurassic World movie. I mean, it might be really bad. But we’re getting an expensive Jurassic movie, Jurassic universe movie, and I can’t like be upset about that. Like it might suck. Yeah, but I’m still looking forward to it.

PROTO We’re still watching Obi Wan’s.

SLIM Oh my god. First off for how long?

DANNY Let’s see more episodes.

SLIM My final honorable mentions. I love the kid, the nerdy sidekick. He was probably the standout for me. The Raptor on the roof looked really cool. The American accents are a crime. Oh, yeah. When they capture Bryce and Pratt, why don’t they just kill them right away. They put him in a cage.

PROTO Because we have to ask the question. Why? Why were they even here at all? You’re telling me that the only way they could get this park operational again is Bryce Dallas, Howard’s handprint. And you’re telling me like you wouldn’t have like, like Navy SEALs instead of this this dork on a computer? Like it’s so absurd. Like the whole like, why is Chris Pratt there? He is zero reason for being there. And like none of it makes any sense.

SLIM Yeah, I was also thinking about that, like blood transfusions stuff is dumb. But I guess they had to fill that time from them going from the island to like, you know, the basement, the colonial basement.

PROTO They should have done the Indiana Jones where you just show a map? Yeah, that was just taken.

SLIM Take a nap just put like the hat over Chris Pratt. Oh, they could have done it Pratt oh my gosh, they’re put a happy face.

DANNY Take a nap and this also stricken from the record.

SLIM So I think I’m probably still two and a half stars for Fallen Kingdom. I honestly, as I looked over my notes again today, I forgot everything about this movie. I was like, Do I even have enough notes? What what even happened in fallen Kingdom I already forgot. It’s not that far away that I watched it. So two and a half stars. Proto?

PROTO Honorable mentions the scene where they are getting off the island because it’s exploding from the volcano. And there’s the the Brachiosaurus on the dock and because it’s really sad. I couldn’t help but think of its religion Gaffigan voice that he would do as the well I just like that the agenda would die and watching that. And that was really my experience watching this movie. I really had a great time. And I think this movie is a perfect example of a movie that’s so bad, that it’s good. Not only like you really have to just shut off your brain and I think it helped. I watched the first one right before this because it kind of prepares me prepared me for this to just be like, All right, it’s just a ride. Just have fun with it. You can’t overanalyze a movie like this, but I’m giving it two stars. It’s still a bad movie, but it’s a lot of fun.

SLIM Two stars, fallen kingdom and mercy. Danny, now’s the time to see if anything has changed in the last year from your previous review for fallen King.

DANNY Yeah. I don’t think I have any other final honorable mentions. I think this movie is fun. I think it looks amazing. I think it’s well directed. It’s a terrible story. And I think this time around, because that was at three and a half stars on Letterboxd. I think catching all of the horrendous callbacks kind of pissed me off to where I’m bringing it down to half star and lose the half stars is in the half star.

SLIM Yeah, kept points up as an one I forgot about. Just forgot about Amblin. You know, anytime I think about Amblin I think those good movies from the 80s you know? Next week, Dominion, we end it dominion, we put an end to this once and for all. Let’s see, we do have a letter. So if you want to shoot us a letter you can send one to what’s our email?, use the link on 70 Mm Some comes from Ron I’m gonna take a drink of water real quick. “Hey guys, looking forward to what I’m sure will be a colorful discussion of this week’s film like the three of you and almost anyone else with a pulse I think the original Jurassic Park is a classic filmmaking achievement. And though there are positive things about all of them, the series has steadily dipped in quality with each installment, and it will cover the narrative part of the dumpster fire but the things that get me are the scientific bits. And the original Jurassic Park took liberties real velociraptors were basically ill tempered turkeys that probably didn’t hunt in packs. And literally all animals are lysing deficient. But it tried to mostly succeeded at representing real scientists doing real science at the time. That’s something that has degraded in each movie, which I suspect has to do with the absence of Michael Creighton. In fallen Kingdom I give it props for including dinosaurs that are relatively recent discoveries, but most of the behavior doesn’t make sense. The realistic animals from the first film has slowly become typical cliched movie monsters, whether we intend to or not we learn from the media we consume and often take what’s presented at face value. Movies lie to us all the time, everything from historical inaccuracies, and bio pics, and period dramas to how gunshots sound, and how things like CPR or different emulators actually work. So I have a question for the three of you. How important is scientific and or historical accuracy to you in your entertainment? What do you think is too important to let slide and what is easier for you to extend your disbelief in the name of a good story? Thanks again for consistently putting out high quality content and creating a community of amazing people. You guys are the best. And if you’re listening to this and haven’t joined the discord yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Your buddy Ron.” Thank you, Ron.

DANNY Thanks, Ron.

SLIM How important is scientific Endor historical accuracy part? Protolexus, start with you.

PROTO I don’t mind it if it’s you know, veers from the truth if it’s trying to tell a good story. I think we live in an age where you can’t really take anything at face value from anyone really so if you’re watching movies you for sure can’t just assume that what’s being told the story that it’s always going to be accurate or you know, even if they you know based on a true story like What’s that even mean? It could it could mean like they have the name right of a character so I’m I’m fine with you know, people taking liberties and changing stories. I guess the course there’s like a gray area where like what if the person is still alive doesn’t want this story told in this way. But for the most part, I feel like you know, let let him tell the story.

SLIM There’s only one person I think that we can all trust. No matter what. And that’s the movie Insider. product. This true

PROTO inspirational movie insider opinion.

SLIM Danny, what do you think?

DANNY I don’t really care actually, I think if you just tell me something is scientifically based in a movie, I’m just gonna just be like yeah, this is I believe for the movie. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it too much. So I think Michael Creighton was a [bleep] so it’s hard to take him seriously.

SLIM He was? Can anyone corroborate what Danny just said before we get sued by quote unquote, quote unquote, was maybe we’ll we’ll we’ll find out maybe in the Episode Notes. Thanks for the email Ron. I’m not sure what my opinion is on that yet. I have to meditate on that before I give an opinion. Oh, man. All right. That is the Jurassic cinematic universe portion of the episode. Next week, just a reminder, big episode. Maybe the biggest episode we’ve ever done, we’re going to be following up this apple feature. While we’re crawling over the Fallen Kingdom whether we like it or not, but then Dominion it’s all been leading to this. And speaking of fallen kingdoms, Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney plus, Episode Four is out. We’re getting into spoiler territory for folks listening live just FYI. We sounded pretty negative last week. If I can be on we did. I listened back to the edit a few times as I do. Danny how do you how do you feel now after Episode Four. With I don’t even remember what happened to be honest. How did you feel with what happened in Episode Four?

DANNY I will say I like the story. I’m enjoying the story. And I like I like the girl that’s playing layup a lot. I think she’s a very good performer. That being said when the when the speeders fly in at the end to stop the Inquisitor from fighting Obi-Wan and the other lady it looked like a bad end 64 game like I thought it was like Rogue Squadron. Absolutely horrendous. Why are we why are we doing this? Just I would have read them for like little model ships on a stick and swung them around besides what we got. It looks so bad. I couldn’t get over it because everything else looked fine. This episode I thought I liked I liked inside the Inquisitors bass electric read. I don’t know. I’m I’m really bummed. We’re two episodes away. And I felt like we should have had more hate and at this point and

SLIM Imagine if this wasn’t a movie over 90 minute, two hour I can’t like a like theatrical. You cut out all the BS and throw some actual money behind it.

PROTO Yeah, yeah, cuz even a scene of Obi-Wan breaking into this location. If this was in a movie, it could be done so cool. Like you could have real action scenes the thing is like they they’re incapable of doing any kind of compelling action in this and that makes it just so disappointing. Even if like if you don’t care too much about the story the fact that you’re not getting even like good Obi-Wan content is a bummer.

SLIM Yeah, we talked with Traynor in Apex one night and he asked us if we watched in 4K, Traynor’s theory is that it looks fine in HD, not in 4K.

DANNY I watched it in 1080 this week, because I’m away from my house.

SLIM End of story.

DANNY Still looks like shit.

SLIM The theory is officially dead.

PROTO Traynor is trying to find something. He’s like doing, he’s like bending over backwards like Natalie Portman and Black Swan trying to find something that makes sense of this.

SLIM I mean, Michael Creighton is the as trainer is too good Star Wars content. I will say probably the worst. And I know I harp on the Disney dome. It’s a bit but the Disney dome at the end of them flying out with like the open sky. That was the most Disney dome thing I’ve ever seen. And I just was impressed. I can’t anymore. I can’t I just can’t. It’s over. The Star Wars cinematic TV universe is over. It’s done. We’re done. And I feel like some people are starting to come around to what we said last week, where it’s just kind of like a bummer. Like even if you don’t think it’s, and that was hyperbolic. It’s just at its best, it’s just a bummer. Like, I don’t understand how the series is presented as it is today, like the director. I mean, I don’t want to, making this stuff as hard, I get it. But it’s not good. It’s Kenobi! And I think back to like, how Solo like really, all of this comes back to Solo. Unfortunately, like their miserable experience, the executive level of making a Solo has brought us to this point because wasn’t Kenobi a rumored movie? Around the time, Solo was like in production and coming out, like weren’t there like, we have a solo movie. We have a Kenobi movie, and then solo happened and then you’re like, nope, that’s, that’s on hold for now. Until we figure something out. And it ended up being TV. So Proto, what did you think of the episode?

PROTO I really don’t really, I don’t have much thoughts. I feel like I’m disconnected from it. Like I watched it, but I don’t know. It’s just, it’s just there. And I’m just watching it. And I agree with what Danny’s and you were saying it just it didn’t look good. And there’s things but I’ve kind of been disappointed from the start. And this was just more of the same I there’s things you could talk about, but just you know, like just different pacing the scene with him holding back the glass. Like that’s that scene with the troopers behind the door. It just felt so clunky and like so much of it feels clunky. And I’m watching it, you know, as a good Star Wars fan does, but I don’t really feel anything. I feel nothing.

SLIM But that on the slipcover. The movie insider on the Kenobi Blu-ray, I feel nothing.

DANNY It’s so, I think it’s like compounding on the fact that we love Ewan and so much as LB and we wanted so much more from this and I can understand BM overhype from this but I feel like there was no way to contain that level of excitement knowing you and was coming back as it’ll be because of how much I mean how great he is as the character. And honestly, he’s fine in the show. Ish you know, like he’s he’s still holding the show together. I’m watching it for you and at this point. But even him trying to reconnect to the force is boring. Like why why aren’t we seeing him like reaching out to Qui-Gon or reaching out to Yoda like or just I would rather see him meditate the whole time and talk to Force ghosts than this nonsense odd saving layer. Yeah, like It’s so wild to me. And we’re two episodes away from being done and all the promo this has been you and Hayden you and Hayden. But anything Hayden’s not he’s he’s not even the stunt in the yo in the Vader costume at this point. So it’s like what hate and as we seen besides him standing on a Clift as a flash really quick. It’s just frustrating. Like, I don’t, it’s

PROTO right. They could do an amazing episode where he just talks to Force ghosts, like four or five different characters. Like yeah, like he talks to us, like you just give a silhouette of somebody, you could just do so many things, it’d be so minimal, but people would eat it up. I mean, we would love it. You know, if he’s just having like, some kind of, you know, some conversation with a different character. That would be amazing.

SLIM Also, wouldn’t it also have been a great idea for Obi to have also been sort of in the place where Luke was and last Jedi? And then also become like a cyclical thing that maybe like Luke didn’t know that Obi had that moment where Luke also hadn’t later in the series, maybe people would have hated that that would have been retreaded cetera et cetera. But I mean, we have to have Liam right at some point next episode and then maybe it’s an Annie episode.

PROTO I don’t know. You know,

DANNY I honestly don’t know.

SLIM Traynor. I want traynor gone.

PROTO Traynor. I did you see the news trilogy? Like, wake up?

SLIM Do you know how fast Ray learned how to communicate with forescout It took her a day she figured it out. How

DANNY are you right now? How’s lay on this? 8478 She’s 10 So he’s been in his for 10 years. Cancer How long does it take to reconnect to Force ghosts?

SLIM Traynor’s grasping at straws? This is this is the kind of content you see on YouTube people making these OB recapped things and they’re heaping praise on it.

PROTO Saying has my Maclaurin they’re down and

SLIM so Alright, so Obi Wan is almost over and we have we’ll have visions so let’s get back in the positive for the Disney visions he made sure and or looks good. I don’t honestly I don’t give a crap about no but I’m I’ll watch it. I’m excited that it looks okay. Asians tantalite Jedi tells the Jedi I think the trailer was on Reddit today, but I didn’t want to watch it. So you know, it was nothing. It was another week. I don’t want to watch like a handycam version of the trailer

PROTO is andorre. Next is that the next piece of content we’re getting?

DANNY Why no tales of the Jedi is fall. So I don’t know if that comes before the indoors

PROTO like August 1, I think right? Or maybe 31st. Yeah,

DANNY I think I can’t remember at this point.

SLIM And then Ahsoka, which I’m emotionally connected, invested with because of the banal stuff I know. So we have to turn all we have to be all in.

PROTO Imagine if we get another six episodes that’s just like this,

DANNY because I don’t

SLIM Aloni directing the Ahsoka stuff, isn’t he? Not that I’m saying it’s gonna be great, but I think he’s directing me just remember hearing that he had to leave the Ahsoka set for this celebration. He was like directing, or something. And we’ll have mando you know, we’ll have mando.

DANNY Please. Mendes dome looks fine.

SLIM I don’t want to talk about it anymore. We have to wrap up tonight, please. Oh, he’s just gonna put me in a foul mood after what they’ve done to us. Do we think they think the Third sister is one of the younglings? Or is like a relative of one of the young ones?

DANNY Who cares anymore? Right?

SLIM Because why are they more aligned herself with Vader if Vader murdered her friends? Doesn’t that not make any sense?

PROTO twisted by the dark side? Twisted? I

DANNY don’t know.

SLIM Yeah, maybe he like kidnapped her? And said like, actually, I murdered your friends. But I You could be my patreon if you want. I guess. I don’t know.

PROTO Yeah, that’s a good point. Because if this was like 10 years ago, this character is probably what like between 25 and 30 years old. So she would have been like a paddle on or something she would have been trained at some level, right? Like she’s not hiding that

SLIM now. Right?

DANNY Maybe I made my eyes almost rolled out of my sockets when they’re in that safe house. And Obi Wan said Quinlan boss’s name like he was shocked. Like, stop. Don’t be the same way that in their servers. It was so random.

PROTO All those genomes that were in the in the capsules or whatever? Should I have known who those characters are? The nerves upset that I was

DANNY honestly hoping to see someone so big as a physical made sex. Oh, God.

SLIM All right. Next week, we’ll be back on track for the last time drastic world dominion. And that’s that and then we ride off into the sunset might be a while before we do another journey and other road to anything. Because I think Danny Danny pointed out, he’s only have like three picks this entire year or something

DANNY for actual episodes. Back into it.

SLIM We’ll get back into it. We’ll get back into things soon. Pardo, any final thoughts for this episode?

PROTO I did. I had I had a thought it came to me. I just want to share with everyone blockbuster franchise power has now been unleashed. And of course, it has proven to be catastrophic. This change was inevitable. From the moment we saw gymnastics in the last world. We convince ourselves that sudden change is something that happens outside the normal order of things like the Disney dome, or that it’s beyond our control, like MCU phase 14. We don’t conceive of sudden radical irrational change as woven into the very fabric of our existence yet, I can assure you, it most assuredly is and it’s happening now. Humans and franchises are now going to be forced to coexist. These still these stories are here before us. And if we’re not careful, they’re going to be hereafter. We’re going to have to adjust to new threats that we can’t imagine. We’ve entered a new era. Welcome to garbage franchise making a billion at the box office world.

SLIM Somebody was paying attention during the Gold Glove cameo. We’ll see everybody next week for Dominion.

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