Transcript: Hellraiser (1987)

42 min readOct 17, 2022


Transcript of 70mm’s Hellraiser (1987) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim, and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY Him in the attic the whole time in that goop suit, it’s like, I cannot believe they’re doing this and they just kept at it.

SLIM And our spiritual adviser and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO How do you have someone raised from hell on your third floor for weeks and have no idea that he’s there? I just, I just couldn’t get over this guy, how clueless he was this whole movie.

SLIM Our feature discussion later in this episode is Proto’s pick for this month’s theme, Hauntvember, the horny and horrifying Hellraiser from the master of horror himself, Clive Barker. Is this really a fun movie about the perils of pain and pleasure? Or is it just too gross all together? Let’s find out… now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM We need to start off the show with a review from a member of our cherished community, the VHS Village, for Hellraiser, it’s our episode this week, 1987. A lot of views, a lot of logs dropping for Hellraiser on Letterboxd. “DNF. This could be a good movie, but I will go to the grave never knowing never again. Maybe the fastest DNF ever. F this S.” [Danny laughs]

DANNY God! Can you say that on Letterboxd?

SLIM It’s aggressive, right Proto?

PROTO Yeah. At what moment Traynor fid you call it quits? Was it the nail?

DANNY No, he was logging Brother Bear.

PROTO The first hooks in the skin. That’s like the first minute isn’t it?

SLIM Oh yeah, that guy does get his like —

DANNY Hooked.

SLIM Early.

DANNY Hook ‘em.

PROTO The playdough was too much for Traynor. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM The completely discolored skin not matching human skin at all was too real for Traynor to continue watching Hellraiser. From the master of horror himself, Clive Barker, what an ep. That’s coming later in the show. Use the chapters to skip ahead right to our horny sensual, violent discussion about Hellraiser, the three of us together forever.

DANNY Mama miaaa.

SLIM Halloween Ends is next week, by the way.

DANNY Are you ready for it to end?

SLIM It ends.

PROTO Finally.

SLIM I’m ready.

DANNY You’re ready for it to be over?

SLIM I’m ready, this is the end.

DANNY You want them to stop though?

SLIM I want to see Mike Myers exploded in the final scene of this movie. [Danny laughs] Just to prove that it’s officially over and that he can’t pull himself together.

PROTO He needs his “Jesus wept” moment. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM “Jeeessus wept” Such a strange life in Hellraiser, I can’t wait to — should we just talk about Hellraiser now? Just go crazy start doing — [Slim laughs] Oh my god, where to start this week? Where do we even start?

DANNY We need to start with Proto.

SLIM Are we living in the summer of Proto right now with these logs that you’re dropping?

DANNY We sure are.

SLIM Where do we even start? We gotta start with the big one.

DANNY We gotta start with the big one.

SLIM The five banger that you dropped.

PROTO Ohhh god…

DANNY The biggest log you’ve ever dropped.

SLIM Let us in, please.

PROTO I went back to Cronenberg. You know, every now and then I give them another shot. And I’ve been waiting for my Cronenberg movie to come along. And honestly, I’ve been saving Videodrome because I had a I had it’s a tingling, my Protosense was tingling, that this was the one for me that this was going to be the one so I I had a just a sixth sense about this. So I finally had come to streaming, Peacock, thank you.

DANNY Rise up.

PROTO Peacock army. And so I put it on and there’s a lot of different things, you know, elements to Cronenberg movies that are consistent throughout his movies, but they all kind of never really worked for me. All of those elements that make a Cronenberg movie are in Videodrome but I think all of them work. And it comes, it gels together to make just an incredible smoothie. I loved it. I thought it was perfect. It has this — I don’t even know how to describe it but just like the way that he tells the story and kind of confuses you as you watch it, so you’re not sure what is real and isn’t real. And there was some of like that psychological mind bending that went on in Scanners that I really liked. But this even like, I feel like doubles down on that where it’s, it’s it’s like, it’s just like off the wall, but then it has James Woods, who’s the star of the movie. You know, he’s just like a creep.

DANNY You’re telling me James Woods plays a creep?

PROTO But he’s like the he’s like the perfect casting for this and he gives a good performance. So yeah, I mean, I had the greatest time and I’ll be honest, I ordered the Criterion edition of Videodrome.

SLIM Ohhhh my god.


SLIM I have this disk, and if you’re, I don’t know when the last time I saw this, but I need it, it might be time for a rewatch.

DANNY Need to fire it up.

PROTO Look at this.

DANNY You already have it!

SLIM Holding it up to the camera.

PROTO I already have it, yeah.

SLIM What the hell! What is that shipping speed? [Proto laughs]

PROTO Thank you, Jeff. Yeah, this is like it as like, it looks like I guess this is supposed to look like a like a laserdisc.

SLIM That’s cool.

PROTO Yeah, I don’t know what the size of this would be.

DANNY That’s a Videodrome.

PROTO Yeah, so I’m very pleased with this movie.

DANNY Love that packaging.

SLIM I mean, I’m looking at Proto’s Letterboxd account. It’s an all-timer diary.

PROTO Ask the questions.

SLIM Let me just just start back last week. Kurtz link to the James Woods’s Scary Movie gif — maybe his finest roll. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The 40 Year Old Virgin — which we don’t have to talk about — The Living Dead Girl, Werewolf by Night, The Ninth Jedi, which was a five banger.

DANNY Easy five banger.

SLIM Hellraiser, Deadstream, The Keep, Videodrome and Tumbbad, which I’ve never heard of until I saw your review come in. And The Keep, we have to talk about The Keep, right? That dropped on Criterion, Michael Mann’s second movie that we were talking about during Heat, about how it was like, you know, reviled, very bad but you watch it on Criterion as well. What was the vibe you thought?

PROTO Yeah, well, a few weeks ago we talked about trying to get a hold of this movie because it’s unavailable, it hasn’t been streaming and then it popped up on the Criterion Channel. So you watched it and then I watched it, our friend ctcher over at the Cinenauts watched as well and I think we all kind of had like a similar feelings about it. I mean, I thought it was it looks incredible. The sets that were that were using this movie there’s the keep itself I don’t I don’t know what this thing I don’t know if they made this thing. But it doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. It’s kind of like a castle but not a castle that I’ve ever I’ve ever seen in a movie or in real life. And then it just had elements that I wasn’t expecting of where the story was going so like the synopsis it talks about you know, there’s Nazis go to this key in Romania. And there’s a like an evil presence there. So I thought okay, evil presence, you know, what might that be? But it really goes pretty hard with the evil presence. I don’t want to spoil anything but I just loved it. I thought it was a great tie give it three stars. This movie is I guess it’s well known for just kind of having been butchered by the production studio Paramount. So like, Michael Mann wanted this to be like a three or four hour movie but it was cut to —

SLIM 90 minutes.

PROTO Yeah, 90 minutes.

SLIM It’s pretty bonkers, because it is gorgeous, like the fog, the lighting is insane. The music, Tangerine Dream, which we’ve talked about. The first 20 minutes of Tangerine Dream, it’s ascension worthy. But like there are many points where the scene just like abruptly stops and you can almost hear the music also stop and it changes where it’s like obviously, a lot of stuff is gone from it definitely suffers from that. But I was just really enjoyed it in spite of that, and how weird it is. I mean, because the pitch is cool. It sounds like a Twilight Zone episode or something.

PROTO Yeah, it kind of bums me out too because this was after Thief. And it’s so different than any of the other Michael Mann movies that you know I’ve seen or that he’s done you know, this is it’s kind of like science fiction. It’s you know, it has those are like fantasy paranormal. But I wonder if like after this experience, it kind of just like soured him to taking on a movie like this because he’s never went back but I thought it was incredible what he was able to accomplish.

SLIM Also, Ian McKellen is in it, which I didn’t realize until he appeared on screen.

PROTO Yeah, yeah, the cast is pretty crazy. It’s crazy seeing him in this and like the 80s and he’s, I think he’s like 45 here.

SLIM He plays like an elderly character. And I was like, wait a minute, how old is he? And I feel like de-ages and he still looks like old Ian McKellen somehow in the 80s, very strange. Anything else you want to spotlight Proto from your viewings? The summer of Proto?

PROTO The last thing, the last thing I’d mentioned is this movie Tumbbad that I watched, this is an Indian picture. [child noises] Oh, Albin’s here.

SLIM Albin making an appearance. Albin’s maybe second ever appearance on the pod?

PROTO Thank you Albin. Alright, yeah, so I watched this movie Tumbbad the other day. And this is a movie out of India. And the plot is basically, it’s based in India in 1980. And there’s this town called Tumbbad that has been cursed by the gods. And it has it’s told that there’s a God who like has residents there and that the town is cursed because of that, but with it, there’s like this great treasure that’s in this mansion. And it follows this guy whose family owned this mansion. And then it follows like him throughout his life as he tries to attain this treasure. So it is a horror movie and I gave it four stars. I thought it was great. You know I don’t know like this I forget I think after I watched RRR I came across this I was just like looking for like other popular well rated Indian movies. So I put this on my watch list and then you know October rolled around I was like, oh, let me watch this. So it was great. And it felt you know, that’s what I love about this like movies, you know, foreign films like they just have like a different feel. Just you know, culturally the way they tell a story just different references and also you know, I love I love like local folklore and like mythology, and this is like filled with that. So it’s a good flick. It’s on Amazon Prime.

SLIM What a friggin run for Proto.


SLIM These last few weeks.

PROTO Thank you.

SLIM Makes me friggin sick, to be honest, so good.

PROTO Be sick.

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DANNY My gosh.

SLIM The big one. What everyone’s been waiting for all these years, 70mm, finally coming to fruition. Danny, what about you? What did you watch? Anything?

DANNY Yeah, watch a few things on the flight. On a flight this week I watched Riz Ahmed’s 2020 Mogul Mowgli, and it’s about Riz plays a rapper that is just about to make it about to go on tour opening for a big act. And he ends up going home to India to be with his family that isn’t seen long time before it goes out. And while he’s there, he starts having some pains in his leg and a disease starts, he has like some sort of genetic disease where his muscles are breaking down, I can’t think of what it was. So he’s got to deal with you know, not being able to be the rapper that he is about to be, he’s famous but also and he hasn’t seen his family and forever and so he’s dealing with that kind of drama. There’s a lot of good moments with his father and it’s really well performed and well shot. I forget — a Bassam Tariq’s real there’s some moments in this where it’s kind of off the wall and wild and it’s it’s some really incredible stuff I really liked was gonna get four stars like the rest is amazing. I saw a lot of reviews comparing this to Sound of Metal because he also plays another musician with a disease or something I haven’t watched Sound of Metal so I couldn’t compare it.

SLIM He goes deaf, loses his hearing.

DANNY Oh sorry. He goes deaf. I haven’t seen that movie so I did. I didn’t have it in the back of my mind while watching this but this is a fantastic movie and roses amazing. is flying home then I fired up Marcel the Shell with Shoes On per hand. I honestly was going to avoid this movie. I wasn’t sure if I’d actually I like it. But I gave it five stars because it’s amazing. It’s an absolutely incredible movie and I was shocked on how much I was either sitting up in my seat on a plane just grinning from ear to ear at how adorable this movie is. To almost being brought to tears on some moments, some beautiful moments in this and then even it’s gorgeous. Some of the shots of this are really well done. And I had a great time watching this movie. It’s an easy five stars.

SLIM Marcel!

DANNY Marcel the Shell.

SLIM I’d be curious to hear what Proto thinks of this movie, to settle the score for Marcel?

DANNY I think he would enjoy it. I’m not worried about Proto seeing it.

PROTO Marcel, come to streaming.

DANNY It is. Oh, I don’t know if it is, sorry.

SLIM It’s on video-on-demand. I don’t know if it’s streaming.

DANNY VOD. And then I had — go for it Proto.

PROTO I was just gonna say it’s 4.3 on Letterboxd right now.

DANNY It’s pretty high

SLIM What’s it on VGER? That’s the main, that’s the secondary question we have to ask. VGER are you online?

PROTO What’s the URL for VGER? [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM VGER the super-computer who loves movies that Proto built. Let’s see, Marcel the Shell — sorry to side rail here — The Shell With Shoes On. I’m going to tabulate our supporters average rating for Marcel the Shell that Proto built. 4.3.

DANNY 4.3?

PROTO There it is.

DANNY It matches Letterboxd?

SLIM Settled the score right there. It’s never been done.

DANNY Incredible. And then I had a I had a fire up for my boy Michael Giacchino. He directed the new Werewolf by Night movie, Marvel Comics flick just under an hour long. It’s a good little romp, black and white werewolf movie. It suffers from the Marvel stuff, in my opinion, but had a good time watching it. I gave it three and a half stars.

SLIM Three and a half stars. Wow. That’s a give star Marvel rating for anyone else. [Danny laughs] So that’s pretty positive.

DANNY There’s some really fun moments in it. And I think it’s just long enough to not annoy me.

SLIM Does Michael have a USB mic? He can come on 70mm, choose a movie of his liking?

DANNY I’ll text him.

PROTO How about when they open the casket of Ulysses? Remember that scene? Wow, god, such a great scene. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Let’s see, every week we give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro. We changed it up last week. I said, if you tag your review 70mmpod you get entered to win that free year of Letterboxd Pro. So I’m going to choose someone that actually has pro already, they can extend it if they choose or they can offer it up to someone who doesn’t have it yet. John Callahan left a Hellraiser review “such sites indeed.” We’re minutes away from talking about Hellraiser, our future presentation this week. Minute, mere minutes. Also, we’d never really mentioned it, but we have a link on that if you want to sign up for pro or patron status disclaimer, I’m a Letterboxd employee, you get 20% off when you sign up using code 70mm.

PROTO Good deal.

SLIM Do I want to talk about anything before we get into Hellraiser?

DANNY Please!

SLIM I saw a lot. Maybe I’ll plug our close personal friends that joined Tapedeck, Twin Vipers podcast, their podcast about martial arts and action films from Jonesy and Pham. Jonesey was on our Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade episode eons ago. But their next episode, at least they said, was going to be The One with Jet Li from 2001.

PROTO What a banger.

DANNY Absolute garbage. [Slim & Proto laugh] When was the last time you’ve seen it, Proto?

PROTO It’s been a long time but this was like on repeat in my house, my dad loved this movie.

DANNY No waayy!

SLIM Yeah, this is a strong DVD purchase watch movie from 2001. I think I might even have the tape around this time as well. Jet Li, I mean gently might have invented the multiverse. [Danny laughs] If we can confirm this, I’m going to try to run the numbers. It’s a time traveling movie. Delroy lindo. Jason Statham are cops they manage the multiverse in this Jet Li character is going to each universe to kill himself in order to potentially theoretically become a God once he’s the last one, the one. And so it’s 2001 it’s like post Matrix, you know, X-Men era special effects very hazy era of special effects 2000 2000 But I thought it held up pretty well. It did like quasi bullet time where he’s walking around in regular speed but like kicking cops that are in slow motion.

DANNY I gotta see this again.

SLIM It still looks cool, I think. Let me see what I wrote my review the via the whole time knock off still looks good. Jason Statham has hair but it’s like you know, he’s still got the call the sacks that are like on top of his head. So he looks weird with hair. And then as I was watching Oh yeah, the whole soundtrack is like Papa Roach Disturbed.

DANNY Stop. [Danny laughs]


SLIM And it happens several times. And it just read does it but like that’s the score pretty much. It’s like instead of Tangerine Dream you have Disturbed. [Danny & Proto laugh] So it’s crazy, but it also reminded me of the Transporter movies. Do you remember that?

DANNY What a banger.

SLIM Oh my gosh. I mean, I need to rewatch the original Transporter.

PROTO Are you going back?

SLIM Let me see what the average rating is for that movie.

DANNY What’s next months theme? [Danny laughs]

SLIM I mean, look at the cover for Transporter. This is a classic cover.

DANNY Let’s see. Drop it in there.

PROTO Show it to us.

SLIM Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen, I guess they co-directed.

DANNY That’s a lot of directors.

SLIM It’s on Hulu right now, it’s on Prime.

DANNY Jason Statham Month.

SLIM Okay, do we have anything else to say? I think I got everything off our checklist.

DANNY I mean, you crossed the line this week, Slim.


DANNY You crossed the friendship line with movies. You told me to check out Lost City of Z.

SLIM Oh, that’s right. I did say that.

DANNY That was a risky move. You liked this.

SLIM But you didn’t watch it yet?


SLIM Yeah, on The Letterboxd Show, we’re tentatively interviewing James Gray, director of Ad Astra and I hadn’t seen the majority of his filmography. So I felt like I had to do some homework. And he’s directing Armageddon Time, which is coming out soon. I actually just saw that today, press screening, no big deal. But Lost City of Z is like a period piece from the 20s and 30s starring Charlie Hahnemann from Undeclared, remember that show?


SLIM That television show? You never watched Undeclared?

DANNY What? I never heard of it.

PROTO I don’t think so.

SLIM Proto, did you watch Undeclared?

PROTO That doesn’t sound familiar.

SLIM Anywho, he’s the lead. Robert Pattinson is in this, Sienna, Miller Tom Holland.

DANNY Yeah, crazy cast.

SLIM True life drama in the 20s centering on British explorer, who discovered evidence of a previous unknown advanced civilization, the Amazon and disappeared while searching for it. So it’s about like, he’s a soldier, he gets hired to catalogue this area in the Amazon. And he starts to see things that leads him to think that these civilizations are intelligent, like us, like he sees like pots. And I guess at that time, there was no you know, potential for that in that area. And he takes it back to his wheat when he Brits, and they’re like, whoa. And they’re like, get the hell out of here. We’re smart. They’re dumb. That’s not possible. But he keeps going back to try to find this. You know, he hears tell of this Lost City of Gold. Like one of the locals tells him like, you guys are dumb asses. Like, we have gold in this city. Like, we’re way ahead of you. And so he made it’s like his mission. And it’s about a driven man. You know, patented movie driven man, this sacrificing his family for his dreams. And I thought the ending was just unreal. Oh, maybe you’ll dig it. I think it didn’t No one talks about I think this might have been like a small release that eventually went to Prime, it was like a Prime original in 2016. But I don’t know really, I don’t remember what that meant back then.

PROTO I almost put this on a couple of times. But there was some reviews that kind of kept me away. But I’ve always wanted to watch more James Gray because he has another movie The Immigrant that people rave about but I like yeah, never like it doesn’t really get I don’t know because movies never really like I guess cross a threshold whether in the the mainstream.

SLIM I think I’ve seen The Yards, he’s worked with Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin a few times. And they’re in that movie together. I just I watched We Own the Night. Joaquin and Mark Wahlberg. Eva Mendes.

PROTO Oh my god. That’s from 2000. That’s a young Joaquin.

SLIM Yeah, he’s super young in that. But yeah, The Immigrant I wanted to watch, Ad Astra I’ve seen, I thought it was okay. But so yeah, maybe you’ll like it. Maybe not.

DANNY I’m excited.

SLIM I’m keen to hear your thoughts. Very keen.

DANNY We need to move on.

SLIM Hellraiser. Proto’s pick for Hauntvember, he’s having the season of a lifetime watching movies.

DANNY He really is.

SLIM And he’s invigorated the village the VHS Village Discord with this pick. These reviews piping in hot. Not unlike the gore and the sex in this movie. The finger licking sex from Hellraiser 1987. Proto, what’s this movie about?

PROTO Pain, pleasure — indivisible. Humans have long desired to reach the highest echelons of experience. One man, Frank, having reached the pinnacle of carnal desires capable in this dimension, acquires a device that will allow him to reach painsure beyond what can be conceived. Opening a portal to Hell, he is tortured by Cenobites for pain and pleasure. He is able to escape and enlist the help of his brother’s wife Julia, to reform his fleshly body by means of sucking the life force out of other men. But Kirsty, Larry’s daughter, Julia’s husband and Frank’s brother, doesn’t like the skinless ghoul living on the third floor. It’s not gonna be a happy ending for everyone when Daddy comes calling… [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I might need to release that synopsis as like it’s own special file. God, what a picture. What a frigging picture. So my background with this movie, I feel like every maybe not everyone, but most people my age have memories of this movie as a kid. Rather whether that be the horrifying Frank seen any of the like, chain scenes like maybe just have a memory of it. Maybe walking in on something in a movie, but you weren’t too young. What about you Proto?

PROTO No, I don’t have any memories of ever watching any of this other than maybe at the beginning of a VHS tape, like I mentioned last week of just like, yeah, just like seeing Pinhead. And that was really enough for me as a kid of like, nope, no interest at all in anything of what this is about. Thank you mom and dad for protecting my, my work

to save you for movies like this.

SLIM Danny?

DANNY No, I haven’t. I’ve never seen any of it. And my only memory of it is whenever we would go to Blockbuster to rent a movie for the weekend or an in 64 game or something. I would always sneak over to the horror section and look on look at the VHS of this one and Nightmare on Elm Street just because they creeped me out so much as a kid, whatever the whatever is in the back of nightmare. I don’t know what it was. But the Hellraiser box. I always had to look at creepy. It just something sent me on that cover.

SLIM We need to go back to that era, you know, posters that scare our children to never watching that movie. So for the segment of the show, we’ll go roundtable each house has three main things that we jot down as we watched to bring up during our discussion. Maybe we overlap, maybe not. And then we’ll give her final rate Letterboxd rating at the end of that discussion. So Ptoro you chose this movie, you’re leaving us off.

PROTO The one thing that really stood out to me watching this was it felt like it had a borderline made-for-TV movie quality to it. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But there was just like something strange about this. That it felt like almost like they were repurposing like sitcom sets or something like this house like it just felt very strange. And I kept thinking it was just struck me so funny, the mattress scene of them trying to get the mattress up on like, it’s such a weird setup, and a way to like, include this in the movie. And I feel like there had to been like a Seinfeld episode where there’s like a mattress stuck in the staircase. Because it felt like something like that to me. And like even the camera angles. Were just like so funny and bizarre. But like the whole movie just had to me like an element of that like just the way some of the scenes were shot. It just felt kind of goofy. But I thought it worked for what I was doing.

SLIM I just got to cracking up thinking about George watching a mattress for an episode, I feel like that he’s had to watch something in a Seinfeld episode. And he must set it up or something happens when he shows people looking at it. I didn’t get those TV movie vibes. I almost just really got 80s Horror vibes, for better or worse and maybe I’ve watched more of those like dingy junk, the film and this felt right in line for myself.

DANNY Yeah, I wasn’t getting that as well. I did find it interesting how little separate locations we went to in this film besides this house, and wherever they traveled for the Cenobites, the other dimensions but it was very impressive that they kept it all in the one location so much.

SLIM I’m looking at Clive Barker’s filmography. I felt like Clyde directed a lot more. But it’s not the case. It’s only done like three feature films.

DANNY I feel like I watched an interview with him talking about how he was done after this. He just didn’t want to do it anymore.

SLIM Wow. Yeah. Nightbreed Lord of illusions. And then he’s got writing credits on Hellraiser 2, Candyman: Farewell to Flesh.

DANNY The first Candyman?

SLIM No, Farewell to Flesh, I think is the second or third one.

DANNY Oh, that’s the full title.

SLIM Yes. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Farewell to Flesh.

SLIM It is. Danny, what’s your number one?

DANNY I would say this has one of my favorite horror moments in any horror movie I’ve seen — the reanimation of his body on the attic floor was chef’s kiss. I couldn’t get over how much I loved it. The rattling of the wood, the ooze pulling up from below. And then just the arms, the arms coming out and then pushing down and it’s standing up the skeleton, the ribcage — it is disgusting. But I was like, sitting forward, my hands on my knees, just staring at this like, “I want to touch this.” It was unreal.

SLIM That’s what Julia thought too, she wanted to touch that. My god, she did.

DANNY Oh baby. I mean that that scene was incredible. And all the practical stuff in this film, I don’t know why I loved it so much. But I really did. Him in the attic the whole time in that goopsuit, it’s like, I cannot believe they’re doing this and they just kept at it. The crawling on the floor in the beginning to him just kind of, you know, smoking a cigarette with no skin on him. It’s just — it was fascinating!

PROTO Yeah, the goop levels are amazing.

DANNY So much goop.

SLIM The audio of that scene is revolting. Yeah, too. Because you hear the like, crunching of things. Like his body forming in the goop. I mean, even his hand nubs look ribs coming out of the ground. Spider legs coming out. Oh my god. I mean, also one of my points. I won’t make this point. But like Frank, becoming more human and wearing a white dress shirt is maybe top three favorite horror moments for me, like there’s no point to him putting on a white dress shirt. You have blood as skin.

DANNY There’s no point in dressing at all! [Slim laughs] Unreal.

SLIM Oh my god.

PROTO Him just like, leaning against the wall. Like just like waiting for her to come back in a full outfit there.

DANNY I thought we were gonna get a fleshless penis at some point there. [Slim laughs]

PROTO Maybe that’s what it was. It wasn’t in the budget, so they said, “Hey, Frank, we’ll just put some clothes on ya.”

SLIM Put some slacks on, Frank. Put some knee high black socks on. My number one point is I love the idea of this movie that like there’s a group of people like Frank, that have allegedly reached the limit of pleasure and pain on earth. Like, they don’t show it a ton. They just show him like going out of the country to just experiment and buy things that could in theory provide him with something otherworldly. But like the idea that like certain people have done enough of drugs, enough of sex enough of everything after that, that you’re seeking more, like I think that’s so cool. Like an amazing idea for a horror movie that like you need otherworldly beings to satiate you, and then it just goes south.

DANNY Satiate, what a word.

PROTO Yeah. Also, like there’s moments where he talks I think he’s like talking about it at the end, where he’s like, I’ve known the heights of pain and pleasure that you can’t imagine like as if he’s like, reveling in it, like, “This really sucked, but it was great at the same time.” [Danny & Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM Also, how about him crawling after she kills that first dude, he like crawls on his hands to like suck out the brains or whatever that guy. Also how gross are those bodies? Did you catch when she carries out the corpse?

DANNY She carries it!

SLIM He still has his dress shoes and socks on, this like, corpse. [Slim laughs]

DANNY The goop!

PROTO Honestly, I think it was more revolted maybe by Julia than Frank, just what she was willing to do.

DANNY Absolute psycho.

SLIM I mean, she puts that goopy, skinless finger in her mouth.

DANNY Yes! She does!

SLIM I mean the ectoplasm alone on that finger traveling through her body. Otherworldly. Proto, number two?

PROTO Number two. So how about Larry?

DANNY Oh god, Larry.

SLIM King cuckold. [Danny & Proto & Slim laugh]

PROTO Larry is Julia’s husband. And they don’t really explain this much. But, you know, Julie obviously had an affair with Frank at some point. So Larry’s married to her. He inherits this house. And this guy is like, he’s gonna be like the most clueless guy. How do you how do you have someone raised from hell on your third floor for weeks, and have no idea that he’s there? I just, I just couldn’t get over this guy. How clueless he was this whole movie.

SLIM The smell emanating from that room had to have been brutal, like just Frank’s aura. And it just spilling through the cracks the door. It had to smell so bad. Also, I cant’ even speak, poor Frank. killed off screen right. Like they didn’t even show anything that happened to him. Where did I sleep through His death scene?

PROTO Oh, no. Yeah, what Larry? Yeah. Don’t show that because Kirsty comes back and he just took his face off. Right and just yeah, he’s wearing his face.

SLIM Pretty bad. I mean, I guess they had to do that do it off screen for them to try to like do that trick but, poor guy.

PROTO I love how Kirsty has like no idea. It’s like It’s like Kirsty your your dad’s head is covered in blood. Do you think something might be wrong?

DANNY Do you not see the goop around his ears? What are we doing?

SLIM Paul says I have in chat. I have film grabs, but I’m not going to post them. I don’t even know if discord would allow you to post those Hellraiser film grabs I did screenshot several first of all, I tried to screenshot it on my computer but Prime block screenshots Can we just stop this please? Whose phone now? What do we do? What is this piracy? me taking a photo of a steal of a movie and this?

DANNY You wouldn’t steal a car would you? Strange,

would you? Screenshot me me just posted chat. Oh

SLIM my god. But one of the things I did steal was that dude, taken off his pants in front of Giulia, with his

helmet, you had to get that ass shot. I use that in another deals where it ties for sure. Last week.

PROTO Well, how about even that that guy like coming up into this room? It’s like, Do you have a bed? And she’s like, let’s just do it on the floor. And he’s like, looking around this room. That’s like, covered in grime. Okay, yeah, sure. Let’s let’s

SLIM do it. He wanted it. He wanted her so bad.

DANNY Smell Frank in that room.

SLIM The smell of potential sex was stronger than the smell coming from Frank Frank’s corpse. I mean, I will say Julia is a fox in this movie Her has changes almost every scene and get somehow more evil. Later in the movie. I loved the way her hair changed in the movie. Yeah, she looked incredible. I think Danny’s number two,

DANNY the Cenobites the four Is it four of them the chatter the weird pig looking guy the Pinhead the girl the female one this they were incredibly looking. I can’t I can’t get around a conic Hellraiser is or excuse me the synovitis and I just I was kind of like, my jaw was dropped every time it was on the screen. There was just something I’m like finally watching this movie that I probably thought I would never watch and here it is. The Cenobite in front of me. I just I just love the way pinhead looks. I just really do. It’s such an insane design. And then the scene is in the hospital where she gets in the hallway and that thing starts running after the attacks are at the end too. And you see the wheels that’s pushing it down the hall. Did you see that?

SLIM I saw like shadows. I wasn’t sure what was

DANNY on reg running after it was insane. But it’s so disgusting. And I loved it.

SLIM I didn’t know what the design was of that movie. It almost looks like they ran out of design budget and they just like make him like a glob of skin and arms and have them chase after the girls. Yeah, someone left a review about how razor that like a pinhead and the Cenobites are so iconic, but five minutes. They haven’t really. The movies haven’t stood the test of time at all. Like it’s really just the idea of these characters out cool they are but like, I feel like HellRaisers the series is just not at the top of anyone’s list.

DANNY There’s 10 The other ones are so bad, you can’t put it at the top of a list.

SLIM I mean, maybe we will by the end of this episode, we’ll find out everyone’s ratings.

PROTO You do feel like this could this does have like potential though, because it is. So there’s like so many just like gross things that could be done with this because I think of like the saw series, which when that came out was so successful, right? Like people ate those movies up. And it was just kind of like more of the same, like just kind of like different, different contraptions of like, people have being tortured and ways of dying, that you feel like they could do the same kind of thing with Hellraiser. And, you know, just make up new Cenobites who are looking interesting, who aren’t the really the main characters, but they’re just like, visually so stunning, in terms of their creepiness, that there’s definitely room there. Yeah, I

SLIM mean, people hold up these crappy Freddy movies, like they’re the second coming of Christ, but they’re all trash. Like the like. I think people like to have a Seuss. Alright, but like they’re junk Fridays junk. Friday is the worst horror character in any of these franchises, is a dud. It’s

DANNY as if they should release a new Hellraiser out this year.

SLIM And they should put it on Hulu for you to watch and enjoy. Even though there’s no horniness in it whatsoever.

DANNY There’s no horniness in the new movie, there’s not

SLIM really I mean, some people have sex, but it’s not like now they don’t it’s endless corpse so you know that no one’s having sex with a dead body. And frankly, I need I need that in my movies. Frank. Glee, yes, Daddy’s number two or two, right? It’s me. God, we already talked about my three. I did compare Frank wearing a white dress shirt to like Michael Myers driving a car. Like this nonsense scenes. Um, I’m gonna have to drift into some of my armor measure if the honest what does it bourbon when he’s like, feel brandy? She’s someone says they’re sick. And they’re like, let me get your brandy. What? Do people drink brandy when you’re sick? Is that like an old Hot Hot? Hot?

DANNY Is that brandy or whiskey?

SLIM Have you ever drink brandy when you’re not feeling well to recover?

PROTO Never, never. But I’ve heard of such things.

SLIM Paul is linking into allegedly going via the health benefits of brandy. Alex made up Scott. This is a real website. Grand Old

DANNY If you can’t click on the grand old house, you can’t do it. 27 pop ups are not allowed. They won’t allow pop ups.

SLIM Let’s talk about the homeless dude. Transient what? Oh my god, what was going on? This guy is appearing and acting weird throughout the entire movie. And then he comes back at the end and he’s a demon slash devil. I don’t know. Did you have any thoughts on what the hell this guy was?

PROTO I had no idea that really? Yeah, that was a shocker when he turned into a giant Demonic Dragon or whatever and flew away. I love that scene though. Where Kirsty is working in the pet store and he puts his hand in the Cricut grows and she says give those back. Give back the crickets. What was he going to do? Like peel them off his gloves? But then yeah, he sticks them in his mouth. I mean, it’s all tense. It’s so gross. Yeah,

SLIM she’s gonna count those crickets at the end of every workday make sure none you know are missing an action. Yeah, I thought that was a weird i don’t know if maybe they had plans for future feature movies with like this demon running the show. And maybe that’s true. I have no idea. Proto number three.

PROTO Um, yeah, I don’t really have like a three either. I just kind of have like other. Other just like scenes. The scene where Juliet goes into the room in the house and goes on to the mattress and then like, relives the sexual experience. Like there’s a there’s something Julian needs help.

SLIM She says me. I will say to that same topic when she first sees Frank. Yes. Like a light switches. She wants him immediately. Like there’s no there’s almost like no second guessing that like he’s back from the dead. He’s a dead body. But I’m ready. Finally. Yeah,

PROTO I almost had the thought like from that sex scene that she was like, glad that she was out of her life almost like oh, they had this this chemistry, but he’s obviously like a creep. And I’m thankful that I’m like past that. But like, no, it’s like you’re here now. Let’s let’s suck the lifeforce out of men that we can find on the street and get you back into form and kill my husband if we have to.

SLIM Right. Yeah, why not? You know, if that’s what you need to do to make it work. That’s your kink. It’s fine.

PROTO Like I kind of wonder to like the fact that he couldn’t regenerate his skin was that like the thing like when he was in the suit was this maybe that’s why he put the clothes on because like he was in his final form, like you don’t get your skin back.

SLIM For some reason. They made it sound like one or two more. Very, like one more body. And I guess Larry, he really did like get almost a full body except for his face. Once he sucked Larry Larry’s face. Ah, he just kept he like, I don’t know, did he keep did he like obtain it? Or did he like tear? I guess he tore it off. Right. I don’t know. Danny number three for Hellraiser.

DANNY My only other really note is I was so taken aback in the beginning of this when he is Larry showing her the house. And it is disgusting. Like Absolutely. It you just unlivable. And they’re going through it. And there’s there’s maggots and just floors full of black mold. And he finally convinced her and he’s like, Okay, let’s move in Sunday. And it’s like, that’s like in the couple of days. You can’t move into this house. Yeah, in a couple days. I was so annoyed. I was like, almost pissed off that she would just be like, Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s move into this disgusting house.

SLIM Isn’t there a reason why she agreed? Doesn’t she have like a vision of Frank or something? Or a memory that he like might? Oh, he says like Frank was staying there for a while. Right?

DANNY Yeah, she finds the trunk of photos with those women.

SLIM Maybe like at that point. She’s like, well, maybe he’ll be back soon. In which case Yeah, let’s move on right now. Right. Yeah, we can be together.

PROTO Yeah, the first thing they need to do was tear that house down. Yes. It was so disgusting. It’s unlivable. And the fact that then they’re living there for a while and like you they show another room and it is still like incredibly gross. Yeah, they’ve been there for a month.

SLIM Get some Lysol wipes on those walls that are clean nothing right up someplace are in chat my whole review is going to be about the movers inability to move a mattress upstairs but Casey got there first and her

DANNY sophomore beer

SLIM that was brutal. My homie it gets more my honorable mentions. The Yeah, the initial Meat Hook scene. I think someone mentioned it in chat earlier. I definitely saw some male genitals swinging around on that thing in that original that like first meet exist? For sure. This Frank outside of the United States has the dirtiest fingernails I’ve ever so yeah, that was foul. I mean, what’s he getting into? Dirt? Get some so please,

PROTO brushing his teeth with like motor oil.

SLIM Oh god this other scene so they’re having dinner we haven’t even talked about. The daughter is like, pseudo boyfriend. They like at this dinner party. So they’re having this dinner. This new boy is there she’s making eyes sort of at this kid. And they’re drinking she’s like drinking wine. And they’re offering her more like her dad is there this kid is there I won’t be like I can’t I can’t take any more I won’t be able to stand up so the boys like so lie down and then the dad the camera cuz the dad and his eyebrows go up. He’s like, Oh

my god, Larry, please.

SLIM Calm down your daughter psychotic. It was like a Frank’s little body crawling on the walk and

DANNY me. Come to daddy.

SLIM Yeah, this is Oh my god. I gotta drop that in here. Because at one point he’s like, Christie

calm did daddy. Daddy It was so weird. Oh

my gosh. Daddy, yeah.

SLIM The voice modulation was off the charts perto any remaining honorable mentions and a final rating for Hellraiser.

PROTO Um, I think when when Kirsty is in the hospital and she opens the box and there is that scene of like the hallway. I don’t know if that was like a like a like a painting but that looks really cool. Just that long hallway and why she would go in there. Now not really sure. But then when she comes out to that was a really cool effect where the walls almost like turn into like bricks and then the light is coming through them. All those effects looked really cool. The flaps of skin hanging off of Larry’s face or Frank’s face Jesus virus face on Frank and then of course Frank licking his lips and ending it with Jesus wept.

SLIM Jesus I can’t get over that line. It’s so I didn’t remember it until this by the way, but I was like why would you say that? Any lips is a nice wet

PROTO unhinged but I had a lot of fun with this I’m at three stars for Hellraiser.

SLIM Oh my goodness. Brian in chat does anyone else think Chris he looked exactly like Millie Bobby Brown. Now that you say that yes because the whole thing I was like Where have I seen this actress before? And it’s nothing I looked at her for Marv. I don’t remember anything that she’s been in. But I can see that. Danny honorable mentions final rating.

DANNY with her mother’s dead line. I couldn’t get over that. Um, final thoughts. I initially hated every second of this movie The Beginning with the hooks, it was absolutely disgusting. But then the journey through this movie, and he gets to the end, the hooks come back out and you you bite your lip and you think now maybe it might feel good. I got to that point. This is a four star movie. I had an amazing time watching this. Yes. An incredible time. I really enjoyed it. It’s it’s disgusting. It’s stupid. Visually. I had a great time though. A top tier horror moment of that attic scene and I was sent. Loved it.

SLIM Holy cow. I wrote this other this other quote down I’m not sure if this is a Julio line. They’ll never find us. Maybe when they’re trying to like or maybe that was a Chris Kirstie line will never find us. Oh, maybe maybe she’s talking to her boy. They’ll never find us like how do you know you just know that the Cenobites can’t find you. That was another thing. I had a problem with a new one like these otherworldly beings. How do you know you can just beat these people? Like they have no skin? They’re floating. They control chains like probably going to die. homeless guy her hair gets better and better. Imagine boning Frank and his ectoplasm as she does the mouth finger thing. I also had a ton of fun watching this for starters, at least yeah from me. I’m T i My teeth are a four and a half stars. Oh, like talking about how much fun it is to watch this. Some of the scenes with

SLIM some of the scenes with Frank in the attic and the lighting from that window is super cool like him in the shadows just lurking like he’s an he’s an iconic character like you go to any kind of like horror convention or comic convention. You can get a frank action figure that someone is bootlegged and is selling and it’s pretty funny.

PROTO I can’t smoking the cigarette. It’s just

SLIM like what in fact a plasma is flammable. laid himself right up after that he’d probably enjoy it probably none of a voyeur right.

SLIM Got Okay, so we have some VMs to get to we have some letters to get to this. This ignited something and people there maybe there’s a few folks out there that wouldn’t mind making a deal with a see no bites. You can leave us all the links are on 70 Mm So let me pull up our little machine here. Dear 70 mm podcast host this is Logan aka LP focus. First of all, thank you for making a great podcast that is fun to listen to every week. Last Friday evening in celebration of Halloween, I embarked upon a journey at the behest of the 70 mm hosts an experience that would forever change my soul. What happened over the next one hour and 37 minutes with something I’ll never forget. There was pain and pleasure laughs and pure terror all the suffering the sweet sweet suffering. The 91st episode of 70 mm pod has long been a box I did not open but just like Frank and many other poor souls. Curiosity claimed my mind and I hit play on the episode dune 2021 As the host went around and shared their top three notes. I thought this must be a mistake. Am I involved in some type of Nathan fielder experiment? Jesus wept but I held back my tears. How could two small words part and one take up 25 minutes of this review? Do they not know that emotions and feelings do not exist in the dune universe? In the end? I survived my love for dune 2021 part one survived. Thank you for your honest thoughts and reviews. This is true Lea save space. I look forward to the follow up episode for doing part two. And I also watched Hellraiser. Can’t wait for the Disney plus prequel series starring butterball. Thanks, Logan.

DANNY What a review letter Have you gone back to dune? 2021

SLIM June 2021 at a time thinking

PROTO about rewatching that

SLIM many really?

PROTO Goodness. See what it feels like, you know? I mean, I gave it four stars. My hands are clean.

SLIM I think people forget that you gave it four stars. Oh, technically people forget that we all liked it. That’s the main thing that gets glossed over when that episode 91 is discussed. Yeah. You finally go back. It will be fun to go back. Oh, no, I don’t want oh five and ready to go back and talk about how Dani and legendary and HBO swindled us by calling as part one without guaranteeing Part Two first swindles. But let’s go back Google voices pop and actually believe it or not with VMs.

[voicemail plays]

Hey guys, it’s Nolan, aka no aka Walter White boom letterbox And I’m calling because you guys finally did it. I am so excited to hear your guys’s thoughts on the horny and glorious world of Clive Barker. I think when I first watched that movie, I was in high school going through the gambit of classic horror with Halloween Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street all all the works in this movie was different. It wasn’t safe. It wasn’t fun. It was disgusting and horny and just completely messed up and I think it unlocked something in me. So I hope you enjoyed this flick but definitely not for everyone so no judgments are only love.

SLIM only love here only love tax. We surpassed the do in line with Hellraiser didn’t Yes,

of course.

SLIM It’s not that hard. Boy oh boy. Thanks for the VM Nolan. Next VM Hellraiser VM.

[voicemail plays]

Hello, 70mm, it’s Mike. I’m back. Specifically for this Hellraiser episode. I’m very behind on the show. I’ll be completely honest, since I saw that this was the next episode, I had to send something in, because I watched this on the New Jersey Transit. And I’m sure that the people around me were were devastated by the fact that Hellraiser was playing on a young man’s phone. Either way, I was going to make some joke about how each one of you could be a Cenobite and then totally look up the names and and point that out, but if you go to the Hellraiser fandom wiki page. It’s not possible because while there are people like pinhead and Angelique and other Cenobites that are out there, they’re easily 100 Other Cenobites in the Hellraiser franchise, and I weighed about to go through all those and figure out who was who so I’ll leave that to you of the ones that we saw in this movie who are in why, but wow, what a movie. I have been scared of Hellraiser, since I was a little boy walking through blockbuster. And it took this show to finally get me over the hump, and look past the fearsome village of pinhead. And watch the movie and I did and I loved every second of it. I can’t believe how gory and stupid it was. Is it in the best horror movie ever made? I’m gonna say yes. For starters.

SLIM Oh, Mike, come on back. It’s okay to take breaks from podcasts people do all the time. This is a safe space as we mentioned before. Is this the greatest horror movie of all time?

DANNY That’s the question posed the question.

PROTO I mean, it is from Mike.

SLIM But that list I when he mentioned a list of Cenobites it reminded me of like a Jedi wiki of like all known Yeah. The extended Cenobite universe.

PROTO That’s insane. The EU

SLIM Mike is the brains behind the IRA comic books podcast. So if you need to get your comic fix, by all means check out Mike’s pod. You could tell from that Mike situation he had going on? Yeah, he sounded great to be frank with each other he

DANNY sounded great.

SLIM See did final VM I think comes from another podcaster.

[voicemail plays]

Hey guys, Kevin here. Just wanted to call in and tell you how excited I am. That purtell exes picked Hellraiser. Last couple months of the show. The pics have really illustrated why we love the show so much. Slim, asking us to plunge the depths of our emotions with films like after Yang and his house. Danny picking the familiar favorites the Amblin vibes of George Lucas Thx 1138 Maybe not as Amblin is filtered. Guys both really great pics in wheelhouse and protal exes coming out I know where with somewhere in time one of the best episodes of the show and you know far be it from me to recommend a pic when I saw that he was even thinking about Hellraiser. I got excited. How could you not fall for the charms of Uncle meet sack Cenobites I don’t know man. But I really appreciate everybody who went out of their way to even try I want to call out your heater in the VHS village. I did put this on for five minutes. Thank you. I love it and I love you. And I love you guys. I just wanted to say thanks for covering this movie. I hope you loved it too. And of course I have to mention or call in next week about it but by the time you hear this I will be out of Halloween ends Oh hurry stressed out about it but glad you guys are covering it again. Thank you so much. The pics have been stellar. A morning you with peace and love keep it up. Thanks.

SLIM Love comments. So much love. Gotta love it.

PROTO I saw that Kev review come in three and a half stars for Halloween ends Rena it’s overs.

SLIM Let’s finish some side death sentence deaths on cash. I mean cash. What have you done?

With a podcast the boys.

SLIM Austin danger pod they’re going through scream Tober right now on their pod with Mackenzie. They just dropped scream two is their most recent episode. I did I rushed scream three. I can’t remember. I think I did. Wes Craven, the master of horror himself. Freakin masters of heart and Masters makes me pissed off. pissed. I think that’s it for feedback. I did put a poll on our IG. He hasn’t gotten as much love lately, so I figured I’d throw a poll. Oh yeah, I can make memes. We can use some memes. Memes. All right. Mean homework. I put up a poll. Did you dig the first Hellraiser to our audience on IG? 80% said yes.

DANNY It’s like the Hamilton poll all over again.

SLIM Hamilton didn’t get 80.

DANNY No, it was reverse.

SLIM God, that was a while ago.

DANNY It was like six years ago. [Slim laughs]

SLIM The six years is not long enough for me to not hear about one of the people involved in that movie. But next week.

DANNY Big week.

SLIM We’re finally doing it. We’re ending the journey officially as Halloween Ends. If you want to watch it, you can watch it on Peacock. Or you can go into theaters. Proto, are you going to the theater to see Halloween Ends for next week?

PROTO I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the theater. I think I’m gonna sit down in the comfort of my own home and watch some Halloween here.

SLIM Is Jenna gonna watch that with you?

PROTO No, no, no, no, no, no.

DANNY I’m glad you reminded me it was streaming. I was trying to plan out theater viewing of this. But thank you, Peacock.

SLIM Yeah. Peacock. God bless. God bless us all, Peacock.. That’s their slogan.

DANNY And then we have another week of October.

SLIM Wait, do we?

DANNY Insanity.

PROTO Oh my god.

SLIM Wait, do I know this?

DANNY You know it.

PROTO Do we know this?

SLIM Let me look at our spreadsheet here. Did I forget that we had an extra week in October?

DANNY Did you forget that Monday is Halloween?

SLIM I thought Halloween Ends was dropping.

PROTO Oh yeah, we talked about this.

SLIM Ohhhh yeah we did talk about this. I forgot about this.

DANNY This is podcasting, folks. [Slim laughs]

SLIM We gotta do a group huddle at some point this week in our DMs to confirm that we’re doing that one.

DANNY Huddle up.

SLIM We got to we got to huddle up. Becks in chat: “Make Proto watch Emma.” Emma, 2020.

PROTO Anya-thing goes?

SLIM Is this happening? Anya Taylor-Joy. Actually I think it’s Anya Taylor-Joy. The Queen herself.

PROTO Anya Taylor-Joy. Is she in any horror movies?

SLIM What if? I mean, when are Proto and Beks from our Village sitting down and settling the score?

DANNY Face to face.

SLIM On Emma 2020?

PROTO It could be any day.

SLIM Just put it out, we’ll put it out there for supporters. You know, like a debate?

PROTO Name the date.

SLIM Like a debate episode between the two of you. You watch Emma together, and it’s just for supporters of the podcast.

PROTO And then our friendship is truly over?

SLIM Is it worth it? Is it worth ending the friendship for an exclusive episode? Alright, that’s enough for this week. Halloween Ends next week. Great show, if I can be honest with you.

DANNY Great show.

SLIM Great show Fantastic show.

PROTO Closing thoughts. You know, a few weeks ago, I think I mentioned I mentioned that I was working on a sourdough starter. And you know, talking about that, sometimes great things require patience that can take a long time to mature. But it’s worth the effort. You can, you know, put in the hard work. You get something great. My sourdough starter failed, I wasn’t able to bake it. I don’t know what I did wrong. But you know, sometimes you put in the hard work in your patient and it doesn’t work. But that’s okay, too. I just want to give everybody an update on the sourdough starter if anybody has a good maybe like like one for people who are incapable of doing simple things like that. Send me a DM.

SLIM Sometimes you’re patient and your dead lover comes back from the dead, for one more trist. You know?

PROTO One more… nevermind. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM He stopped himself. Live self-censoring. We’ll see everybody next week for Halloween Ends.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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