Transcript: Heat (1995)

48 min readJul 25, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Heat (1995) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY I mean, you talk about becoming a man… Brad Pitt in this movie, Lord have mercy. What a specimen.

SLIM And our Movie Insider, Protolexus.

PROTO How about Danny Trejo looking like meatloaf dying on the floor?

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode is Michael Mann’s epic from 1995, Heat. Feel free to use the chapters in your podcast app to skip right to that discussion. Is this Al Pacino’s greatest performance? Is this Robert De Niro’s greatest performance? Or are you wrong? Let’s find out… now.

SLIM Animaugust, the Animated Summer.

DANNY Gotta stop saying that.

SLIM The Animated Summer, the entire month of August. We will finally be covering animated movies. We’ve been getting DMs, we’ve been getting comments on IG. After I delete the spam comments on IG, we get real comments about animated movies. When, how, why, it’s happening in August. And we put a vote up for our supporters to pick like which of these movies should we do to kick off the month? And, you know, we don’t talk politics on this show. It’s not what the show is about.

DANNY It’s not worth it.

SLIM Except when it comes to Harry Potter. We talk about the disgusting writer of Harry Potter. We dug into the data, we checked out the poll it ended last night as we recorded it and there might be — I hesitate to even bring this up — slight voter manipulation. So we had to dispatch the Movie Insider to take a peek at things, thorough investigation. What’d you find out, Proto?

PROTO I wasn’t prepared for something like this. I didn’t know that this could happen with a simple poll. You know? I mean, we’re just starting to have a fun time here. And the things that I uncovered within our Discord. I mean, I’m not gonna get into it, but… it’s deep. I mean, if you thought hanging chads was bad… [Danny & Slim laugh] If you thought an insurrection on the steps of Congress was bad. I got some — did you know that you can change your vote? Did anyone know that you could buy votes?

SLIM I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you one thing right now. I’d said in Discord, I’m going to be making an announcement of the future of 70mm. We will be banning all polls that allow you to change your vote moving forward. That’s gone.


SLIM It’s gone Proto.

PROTO I don’t even want to know what kind of “favors”, quote unquote, “favors” were given out for votes. [Danny laughs] I don’t want to know. But yes, so the poll was strong. And for those who don’t know, the movies that were up for it was Akira, Tintin, The Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Princess Mononoke, and WALL-E. And Akira was winning, easily!

SLIM Yeah, it ran away with it.

PROTO For pretty much 99.9% of the time that the poll was open. And then in the final moment, somehow, we’re not really even sure, Tintin suddenly was ahead. Yeah, the voting closed. And that was it. You know, we like to think that it’s, you know, it was a fair process, but I’m afraid even even our systems might be flawed in some way. [Slim laughs] But Tintin is the winner, which is exciting. I’m excited. I haven’t seen Tintin a long time. A lot of love for this movie. That’s the winner, The Adventures of Tintin directed by some guy…

SLIM Spielberg.

PROTO Yeah, Steven Spielberg. So should be a great movie to watch. Watch it with your kids, and listen to us talk about it.

SLIM Yeah, I’m excited to do Tintin. There’s a lot of internet buzz behind this film. You know, Peter Jackson and Spielberg were allegedly going to do a trilogy about Tintin. Didn’t quite work out. So that’ll be our episode next week.

DANNY I mean, I’m not excited to do Tintin.


DANNY There’s five better movies out of the six to do, besides Tintin. But whatever, we let them vote.

SLIM The vote happened. It’s in the past. The insurrectionists spoke. [Danny laughs] And also one quick note, Ian is now banned from voting in future Patreon polls because he voted twice and he was the deciding vote. So Ian, you’re banned from voting, we’re putting the foot down. We pass that amendment. On to other news. Not sure if anyone follows Danny on Instagram, they should. But can we talk about this mini helmet Rocketeer replica that you did with Octo? My god! Please!

DANNY They approached me to, this is the year the 40th anniversary of the comic book, of Rocketeer. So there’s a lot of celebrating going on from the fans of Rocketeer. So they wanted help designing a helmet based off of the first appearance of the Rocketeer. So did some sketches, did some color work some art. They did the molding of it. It’s cast and met it’s metal. It’s gorgeous. There’s gold. It’s just it’s a beautiful thing. So it’s coming in a great box Limited Edition. comes a little card of my art as well. Releasing this week. Well, last week and now that you’re hearing this so yeah, it was a great time working on that.

SLIM Was that your hand in those shots? Were you modeling the helmet yourself in those photos?

DANNY I can’t divulge that. [Slim laughs] That’s… NDAs.

PROTO His hand modeling career cannot be unfolded.

SLIM He’s trying keep it under wraps for some reason. The Rocketeer comic book, that original mainstream trade paperback, it was like magazine format. I remember my dad used to keep magazines out on the porch. We had this like porch, it was always like freezing in the winter and too hot in the summer but all the comic books were kept out there. I remember going out in there and reading that Dave Stevens magazine trade. You want to talk about when a boy becomes a man… Some of those pinup shots in that comic book his man alive. Man alive.

DANNY Man alive.

SLIM Proto, your thoughts on becoming a man? [Danny laughs]

PROTO I can’t wait. Can’t wait for the day. [Slim laughs] Gotta get myself some Rocketeer comics!

SLIM Just leaving those sitting around for the family to find. So we’ll have a link in the Episode Notes if there’s any available. I’m not sure, but everyone check that out. A lot of teases happening on Danny’s Instagram. As of recording, it’s pre San Diego Comic Con. Maybe all this stuff will be out by then. So keep your eyes peeled. Proto, did you watch any movies this week?

PROTO I did. I watched a movie that’s been on my watch list for a long time. Went back to the 70s and watched Deliverance.

SLIM Ohhh.

DANNY Mamma mia.

PROTO Deliverance. Have you guys seen this?

SLIM Oh my God.

PROTO Is that a yes?

SLIM This was like an X-rated film when I was a kid, I feel like.

PROTO Yeah, for whatever reason, I don’t know if it’s the cover that I remember seeing in blockbuster. But I was always fascinated by the idea of this movie. And I just knew was like some guys on a canoe trip down a river and something goes wrong. But between the cover and I think I at one point I confused this with deer hunter or like they became melded together for whatever reason. And those two movies just were like movies that like were held this high place in my mind of like, I can’t wait to see this. So I finally, finally got to sit down and watch Deliverance. And what I think the driving factor was that we watched Heat, which we’ll be talking about later, but it has Jon Voight, who looks incredible on Heat with this amazing mullet.

SLIM Guy needs a shower.

PROTO So Jon Voight, he stars in Deliverance, but it’s 1972. So he’s, I guess he’s like 20s or in his 30s, pretty young and also has Burt Reynolds is in this as well. And Burt Reynolds, I I knew he was in the movie and I still didn’t recognize him for five minutes. Because he doesn’t have his trademark mustache. He just looks so different. And he’s very peculiar in this movie, but it also has Ned Beatty and Ronnie Cox, a young Ronnie Cox, so it’s a pretty cool foursome. And it’s a fun movie. I thought it was, well maybe fun isn’t the right word. [Proto & Danny laugh] It was an entertaining movie for them for the most part. I thought that first half was was like gorgeously shot. It was interesting. There’s also that, um, you know, the Dueling Banjos…

SLIM [makes banjo sounds]

PROTO Yeah. I guess that’s from this movie… or I don’t know?

SLIM Yes, yes! [Slim laughs]

PROTO Okay, so like, that isn’t this and that scene is amazing. Ronnie Cox plays the guitar. And then he meets this mountain kid who has a like, he doesn’t speak at all, but he has a banjo. And they have a duel. And it’s really incredible.

SLIM When that music, you’ll see that in movies or TV shows where you just like, show like, you know, local southern folk, you know, who perceived lack of education, they live by themselves in the sticks and that you hear that like music. So I saw this, I think when I was in community college or right before, you know, and this was one of those quote, “films”, you know, like those upper echelon films, and I mean, the, the sexual assault scene in the movie that disturbed me for a very long time.

PROTO Yeah, it’s very disturbing. And unfortunately, I felt like the first, like I thought I was like, this movie is great. The first half, but then the second half, I thought it kind of lost its way and didn’t really have anything, anything really to say much. And I thought like that whole angle, and of course, this is based on a book and the author was actually he wrote the screenplay, and I thought, like the, the subtext of this was pretty shallow, or like non-existent. And he didn’t really have anything to say about like, these outsiders coming to ride down this river and encountering these mountain folk, you know, hillbillies who live here. Yeah, it was it. It just didn’t, I don’t know. There just wasn’t much there. And that was kind of disappointing because it was such a great setup. So I gave it three stars.

SLIM Posters insane. I don’t think I’ve ever, maybe I haven’t looked at the poster in a long time but it’s pretty cool. Just posted it in chat.

PROTO They also had a great, I didn’t really like how it ended that there was a there’s I don’t want to spoil anything but there’s there’s a shot like two minutes before the end of the movie that is like perfect. And I wish they ended on that. Rather than like the the final two minutes they had. But it’s definitely interesting, and I’m glad I watched it. I love watching movies from the 70s, it’s the best.

SLIM There’s a couple — I just posted the TMDb link — there’s a couple really cool posters. Proto, did you watch anything else? Do you want to bring up?

PROTO The only other thing I watched was, we rewatched Wolfwalkers, me and the kids. And man.

SLIM Animaugust.

PROTO Well yeah, I had to get ready. You know? It it really is, it is so perfect. It is like it’s one of like the most spiritual movies I feel like watching the message that it has about like spirituality and nature and connecting to the natural world is just so beautiful. It’s on, I think it’s on Apple TV+ or whatever that service is. So it’s really worth checking out. It’s a great movie to watch with the kids.

SLIM Five stars from Proto.

PROTO Easy five stars.

SLIM I just want to repeat myself, this animated movie got five stars from Proto.


SLIM Fire up your free Apple TV+ for a 30 day subscription, however that needs to happen. Who knows how that stuff works? I don’t know.

DANNY Incredible animation too. It’s incredible.

SLIM We should say hello and now we’re recording early. So we do want to say hello to Douglas, new patron, who joined us this week. gets access to uncut episodes, specials top secret RSS feed, discount on Danny’s beautiful prints and merch designs. And our episodes in the 70mm vault. We are tentatively, breaking news, we’re tentatively set to record our next supporter only episode next week. We haven’t announced what it is yet. Next week. But we’re it’s coming. Hot and heavy.


SLIM Hord.


SLIM Also, we announced our first ever meet-up that is happening the greater Philadelphia area at the end of August and that’s also just for supporters of our Patreon, so if you want to get details, use the link in the Episode Notes. Danny, what about you? Did you watch anything this week before San Diego Comic Con?

DANNY Yeah, we watched, I watched the first time A River Runs Through It, directed by Robert Redford starring Tom Skerritt. Craig Schaeffer, and a young Brad Pitt. And, I mean, you talk about becoming a man… Brad Pitt in this movie, Lord have mercy. What a specimen. I do think it’s a little bit boring of a film, The there’s something about the story that just kind of meandered along kind of slowly, but it is gorgeous. It is a gorgeous film. I mean, I instantly wanted to learn how to fly fish like, watching Skerritt do it, watching Brad do it. I was instantly going to be a fly fisher when I grew up. But it’s a it’s a good movie. Three and a half stars for me. was a great it was great to watch for the first time. I’d seen the VHS lying around every thrift store I ever go to. So it was great to finally watch it and, and yeah and Brad’s great and he’s young. Tom’s great, Tom Skerritt plays his father is a minister in Montana, and it’s pretty good. I mean, it’s good. It’s a good movie.

SLIM I’ve seen this cover everywhere for decades. I don’t think I realized it was a Redford directed movie. I mean, Redford has got an amazing mustache in this Letterboxd photo. My God. Cripes alive.

PROTO Yeah, I was just looking at that.

SLIM He also directed Quiz Show, remember Quiz Show? A lot of Oscar buzz around that movie.

PROTO I’ve never seen that.

SLIM The Legend of Bagger Vance.

DANNY Oh, God.

SLIM Will Smith, retire.

PROTO I remember loving that movie.

SLIM What movie do I want to talk about before we —

PROTO What about this movie Seconds that you just logged?

SLIM Oh, oh, John Frankenheimer. This, this one has been on my watchlist for a bit it was in this came out. I think 1966. And let me pull up the description. The secret organization offers wealthy people a second chance at life a customer picks out someone they want to be in the organization surgically alters the customer to look like that person stages their death and gets rid of the person. And the customer takes on a new life. So this one had Saul Bass designed titles. And it starts out with this actor who gets an address. He’s like on the on the train, he gets an address, he calls the he goes they’re called the number and it’s like his old friend that allegedly died, you know, years previous. And he tells him like stuff that only that friend would know. And he’s like, I I took this procedure, I wanted a new life. And you can do that too. So he like sets him up with a meeting with this company. So he lives kind of like an unfulfilled life. And he gets the elevator pitch from this corporation that like will say yep, we have a new life. What did you What were some of your dreams. He’s like, I wanted to be a painter. We’ll set you up to be a painter. You know, you’ll become a rich painter. And over time you can learn how to become a great painter. So Rock Hudson is in it John Randolph, and it felt like a long Twilight Zone episode which I mean as a positive, I gave it four stars. It’s just filmed very, I don’t know if I’ve seen any other Frankenheimer movies. But there’s a lot of like long shots with ADR like what there’s one scene where he goes on a date with this woman and they go to like a wine festival. And people are in like this giant thing, stomping on grapes and they’re all nude. And they’re just kind of like drunk and having like an almost like 60s weird hippie hanging out in this like giant vat of grapes. And the scene goes on for like what felt like 20 minutes, I was like what is going on? So I added it to my Man Ass list. But overall it just felt like like if you were into Twilight Zone episodes like then this is your vibe I feel like and with like weird cinematography. Dealing with like you being not happy with where your life is. And like how far would you go to change who you are and then maybe not be happy with the end result, so, four stars. It’s on Kanopy, library service.

PROTO Frankenheimer’s director credits are pretty wild, like his movies are all over the place.

SLIM Torin mentions Ronin, I have seen Ronin. I think I remember liking Ronin.

PROTO Yeah, I have that. I actually bought that. I got that at the library. It was 50 cents. Had to pick it up.

SLIM The French Connection 2.


SLIM I just added that to my watchlist.

PROTO How is that a movie? French Connection 2?

SLIM I don’t know! I don’t even know if I knew that existed.

PROTO Gene Hackman is in it too.

SLIM Look at that backdrop of him running through the streets.

PROTO Yeah, I’m like very curious.

SLIM Oh my God.

DANNY Have you guys seen Grand Prix?

PROTO No, but I remember when you saw that.

DANNY Ohhh, what an experience. That’s a movie right there.

SLIM We need to get into Heat.

PROTO Please.

SLIM We’re running late. We have a lot to get to with this movie.

DANNY Speaking of Man Ass — sorry — you can add A River Runs Through It.

SLIM Is it Brad’s ass?

DANNY It’s not, unfortunately. But it’s a very full-screen ass.

SLIM Remember when I posted that photo of the 4K of Top Gun and I could see the nose hair in Tom Skerritt’s nose?

DANNY Yeah, that was mean.

SLIM Disgusting. [Slim laughs]

DANNY Leave the man alone.

SLIM I mean, start trimming the hairs, please. Alright, Michael Mann’s Heat. This was Danny’s pick for 90s Action Month, this is our last episode for that theme. 90s Action Month, what a month, holy smokes.

DANNY We did it.

SLIM You shocked the world last week, picking this movie. Shocked the world.

DANNY Shock drop.

SLIM Our dear friends at Dune Pod had also done a Heat episode. And now it’s our turn. Tables have turned, my friend. Proto, what is Heat?

PROTO Neil played by De Niro leads an elite team of professional criminals. They consider all aspects of a heist and leave nothing to chance. Unfortunately for them, they draw the ire of detective Hanna played by Pacino, who was relentless in his pursuit and quickly zeroes in on the crew. Undaunted, Neil continues with his plans, seeking to outwit and outplay Hannah and the entire LAPD. But when a heist goes bad and the floor falls, Neil and his crew must face the question they always knew would come when the heat is around the corner. Are you prepared to drop everything, walk out on everyone and let it all go? Heat.

SLIM This score is incredible to this movie. I mean, I’ll link to the YouTube 49 minute, whatever, in here, please, people. Danny, you set a goal for yourself to start this year that you would not pick any movies that we had seen before. Last week, you said eff it.

DANNY Eff it.

SLIM You tore up the rules.

DANNY Tore ’em up.


DANNY When I was looking through 90s action, we had seen so much, like this is where we grew up through it. So we we’ve seen the big ones. And I didn’t want to dig through the muck to pick a dud for us to finish off 90s action month with some rando. Okay? So I had to do Heat. I had only seen Heat once before maybe a year ago. I don’t remember. And I just knew we had to cover it. And this, this was the perfect month to do it.

SLIM I almost fell out of my chair when you picked Heat last week. Check the audio to hear it.

DANNY Being held up by five flies.

SLIM There are so many flies in his basement right now. I can’t even. So I was in a meeting earlier for work, and I took a swig out of my water bottle. And I was, what just went in my mouth? It was a fly. Spit that water right out in the middle of a meeting. Don’t know if anyone saw it. I mean if they listen to this podcast, they’ll learn why it looked weird at the hour mark. Proto, what is your history with Michael Mann’s Heat? Is there any?

PROTO No, I had not seen this movie before. It was, I mean, again, this is another movie I’ve seen you know, familiar with it, of course, saw the cover many times, you know like what’s this about? But anytime I have gone to you know thought about watching it I got scared away by the runtime. You know, it’s a lift, this is three hours. It’s hard to find time.

SLIM I’m trying to think of the first time I saw Heat. It was probably when I was working at the video store. I’m not sure when I bring up the video store, it’s a drinking game or 70mm bingo.

DANNY No it’s not, we like it.

SLIM But it’s been a while. But I think it was around that time. The poster is like etched into my brain, the poster. Usually in the segment, each host jots down three things when we watch it. We’ll bring it up for this discussion. We’ll talk about roundtable style and we’ll give her a letterbox reading to end the episode. So Danny’s pick, let’s start with Danny. Danny, what’s your first one?

DANNY Let’s start. I’m gonna start with my favorite part of this movie. It’s in my letterbox review. The coffee scene, the legendary coffee scene between De Niro Pacino McNally Vincent it’s there’s something about the two of them and that seem that is just it just feels legendary. It’s the first time the two of them have been on screen in a movie ticket, this was their first like, movie moment. Oh, and a couple facts about it. It was they never rehearsed it. They only read the lines together with my God. And so the first takes were what they what they did on camera, they I mean, they took multiple times. But one of Michael Mann’s philosophies was if we hit it perfect, we’re only getting it perfect once, so it might as well be on camera. And so they talked through the scene in this scene, because there’s so much about leading up to this moment. Well, especially with Pacino’s character. He’s like, lightning in a bottle. And he’s like, you know, like grabbing a tiger by the tail. He’s insane in some moments, but then he’s like, real poised, like real chill, but he’s all over the place. When we get to this moment, the two of them together, they realize they’re pretty much the same person with different goals. And neither one of them willing to back down. And at any moment, they’ll take each other out.

[clip of Heat plays]

DANNY And there’s, it’s weird, it’s such a not like a bad weird, but just such a great moment where you have empathy for both characters. And it’s, I always love a good, you know, feeling good for the bad guys. Like I, I start pulling for dinero. And then I start pulling for Pacino. I like it goes back and forth. And this and this coffee scene is just, it’s epic.

PROTO Yeah. I love that, that that aspect of how it does feel like if things went differently. Pacino could be a criminal in the same way. As if, yeah, like they they kind of have the same drive and desires. But they are expressed in their lives, their lives in different ways. And, and they don’t, they don’t say that outright. But it’s crazy. Just the looks that they give each other and like the little bit of smile that Pacino gives, yeah, that there’s just such a sense of understanding. Like I was all again, chilled. I’m like, I’m like this. It felt so authentic. In that moment. It was really an incredible scene.

SLIM I mean, this is like top top five movie scenes. Yeah, ever, in my opinion. I mean, it’s like so electrifying. This first time I watched it maybe since a few years ago, but Pacino, like pulls him out. He gets pissed at you. It’s like he can’t even gloss over the stuff leading up to it like chinos, house, home life is like in shambles. So he like leaves the house at one point, and then like, yells at his team, like, where is it? Where’s the tail out? And he’s like, Alright, give me your car I’m gonna drive after and then they just asked him to go get a cup of coffee or the guy that he is waiting to get evidence on to put him in prison. And I mean, they’re at the top of their game. And this will be it’s not even funny. It’s not even funny. Like, not even funny, but I’ll go laugh anyway. Like De Niro’s reaction to him. Be it asked to get coffee the way he says, yeah. Yes, that may go.

SLIM That scene is insane! Al Pacino’s hair in this scene… I have never been more sexually attracted to Al Pacino than in the coffee shop scene in Heat. He looks incredible in that scene.

PROTO The coif.

SLIM I don’t know what it was going on with his hair because it almost like doesn’t match the rest of the movie, the way his hair was like hanging down, maybe this is just the most stressed out Al or whatever, but my god. I mean look at that photo in chat. Man alive.

DANNY I was thinking the same about De Niro. De Niro looks incredible on this too, both of them.

SLIM Yeah, they’re both like peak, like this is their peak acting and just physical appearance. My God. How about Tom in Collateral wearing the same suit?

DANNY 100% wearing the same suit in that scene.

PROTO Oh yeah.

DANNY Like, you can’t say it’s not. Same hair too.

SLIM Yeah, it reminds me of the same character in like a different universe. Yeah, yeah, you’re right.

DANNY Incredible stuff.

SLIM Um, I’ll save my Al Pacino thoughts for later. We’ll come around to Al. I made a gag about how, in my review, that how much this stole from The Dark Knight.

DANNY Retire Nolan.

SLIM I mean, when you watch The Dark Knight, in the same year, and then you go to watch he right? It’s like it’s like I’m adjusting my glasses, like look at the TV. Like the heist scene, the music, there’s so much in The Dark Knight that is from Heat that it’s almost like it’s insane if you watch them anywhere near each other. the audio in this movie is the main thing I want to come back to, like the audio, the music, TCL Roku, if you’re listening you were open or sponsorship collaborations but I use my Roku pro remote and I had my headphones in for this this viewing. Amanda came in at the halfway point I just kept them on, just played in silence while she was in the room. I was like, I can’t right now, I’m sorry. It sounds awesome. I mean the coffee house scene with headphones on, but yeah the the overall Nolan vibes that I was like seeing in this, it’s just really evident. So I’m curious what Proto thinks of that.

PROTO Oh yeah, I mean the audio at the the big Heist in the city, the gunfight. [audio from Heat plays] Like, that just sounds, I would love to see this in a Dolby Theater.

DANNY Can I tell you why?

PROTO Go ahead.

DANNY It’s because he mic’d up actual gun, like they’re using live fire, not like bullets, but he recorded the audio live instead of dubbing the gunshots in post, so meticulously throughout that, like, leapfrogged type scene where they’re going down firing the guns through the road, there’s mics all throughout there, picking up all their gunfire so they had to hit their spots, take their shots in front of the mics and no other movie sounds like this. Like those gunfire sound, they hurt they sound so good.

PROTO Yeah, cuz you hear the city in the shots, like that’s the way a gunshot would sound in the city.

DANNY Right, the echoing through the, yeah, through the buildings and the alleyways, insane stuff.

SLIM So did you get any Dark Knight vibes, Proto, in your first viewing?

PROTO Yeah, that’s that scene. I mean, the whole them in the bank. I mean, also just like how about like, of course, having never seen this the whole Van Sant character, the actor is in The Dark Knight, which is a beautiful homage. [Slim & Danny laugh] But then also the shots, I love that also gave me The Dark Knight vibes was the cityscape shots at night with like the blurred lights. And man, those were so gorgeous. Really love the shots.

DANNY The entire movie was shot on location too, no soundstages. 65 different locations across LA.

SLIM Was Pacino’s apartment — everything legit in those scenes? Because I couldn’t tell because some of the shots were so gorgeous. I’m like, is this green screen?

DANNY De Niro’s apartment was in Malibu apparently, like look out over the ocean. I haven’t looked into like the location of their houses. But nothing was a soundstage for this movie.

SLIM How about when he dates, was it Eady, and she talks about how she loves her place. It’s got a great view. Honey, wait until you see the view he has. [Danny laughs] Yeah, there’s a several photos in chat like the one with the water in plain view. There the fog shot. Remember that was like the background was just all white. And I was like, what is that and it was just like the fog rolling in behind displays.

DANNY Even Danny Trejo’s house was incredible on the stilts on the side of the mountain.

PROTO Oh yeah.

DANNY Goodness.

SLIM Proto, what’s your number one?

PROTO My number one, really is the pacing of this and the way the story unfolds. I was actually surprised, I saw a few reviews come in, that said that this movie was too long that there was maybe like too many characters, there’s too much going on. I felt completely opposite. I felt like there’s a lot of characters in this movie, and that each of them gets a good amount of screen time. Like if you think about it, it’s like Pacino, and his wife and his stepdaughter, De Niro and his girlfriend and even Val Kilmer and his wife, Ashley Judd. And then there’s a few other minor characters that get a good amount of screen time. Yeah, Trejo and Sizemore as well, like, there’s a lot of characters in this and it follows all of them and you kind of get a piece of all of their their story. But through all of that, I never really felt like I was lost. And I think that’s also another interesting comparison to the Dark Knight because the Dark Knight story is like complex, but I mean, we joke about how every time you watch that you like realize something that you didn’t before, like you watch it 10 times and not in a good way. But this it just felt so, so like well written and thought out and having a huge scope. But also every scene felt like very focused, and I never felt lost as to what was going on. I was really impressed with just the way the movie unfolded in that way.

SLIM Some of the, some of my favorite moments are just like those little things where you kind of allow the thing to unfold and breathe like what they’re telling them when they’re all at that dinner. And they’re like seeing all the the members of the team and they’re like naming them like all the other so and so. I loved when De Niro appears, and they have nothing on dinero like, was the sky we don’t have anything on him. He was like a ghost and they had to like dig to see what they could find out. Danny, number two.

DANNY Number two, a second scene that I love. It feels like my favorite top to his team scenes are like these quiet scenes the scene where they have them and they’re there. They’re breaking into the, I forget what it was, but they have the stakeout across the street

SLIM The metals plant or whatever.

DANNY Yeah, and they’re in like the cargo holds. And the guy leans back and hits his gun against the metal container. Idle the tension, that scene is palpable. The way De Niro and the way Pacino, their facial reactions, and just the quietness, I was so stressed out. Every time I see that scene, it’s like, it just sends me like into like a straw ball of stress. It’s incredible. And I love, absolutely love that scene so much.

PROTO That scene is great, and just also how it’s like a chess match between these two. And I guess you could say like De Niro’s character doesn’t actually know if anyone was there. But he’s like, not willing to take the chance. And he knows that like, it could be a scenario where they’re just sticking him out, waiting for him to walk out with something and he’s like my best. My best chance is just to leave. And if that guy’s smart, he won’t pick me up. And Pacino’s character is very smart and doesn’t pick them up. The other thing about like Pacino is such like a live wire in this that I wasn’t sure if he was going to like chew that guy out. I thought he might in the fact that he doesn’t is almost like more unhinged. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM He like ends that scene, he’s like, back to work. Yeah, it’s like any other see any other Pacino scene, that guy would get like yell that was kind of zany line. And then it would turn into a mem.

DANNY Because we have we have both of the his sceneries with the informants at the chop shops and he’s just he’s he’s just another person and another character and I just expected them to just kick the door open and charged like that’s what you that’s what I’m like feeling is about to happen every time I watched that scene and him to just kind of be like, No, we’re not doing and then to not rage on that guy. Like he just gives them a look to when he kind of like soaks back into the cargo.

SLIM I mean, the Heat like cat and that what was that the thermal cow on Euro when the noise hits. And I mean, if you’re Janeiro, you’re in tote, you’re in the industrial district or whatever the hell that area is. There’s nobody moving. And all you do is hear one noise one and he goes in and tell bows like we walk. It’s over and that’s shot and he’s so close to like finishing the job. They all leave. Oh my god, and then the next scene after that when they’re convening. It’s just assumed that this was LAPD he He’s like, how did we get the LAPD on us? He is already like four steps ahead in assuming that they know everything because they didn’t arrest us at that point. Insane. My so my other point is our Chino let’s not, let’s bring it in, bring it full, full point alone. Full point for Al. I, he’s a god in this. Al Pacino is a God. He has been all his scenes have become a meme. Like when he goes to the informant, the gimme all you got seen. I even wrote in like one of my earlier heat reviews that like he is just psychotic, like the energy he brings to some of these scenes is off the charts. When he has the other meeting with the informant where they learned the slicked name where he like puts Yeah, he mentioned slick. Like so the one guy is like trying to say like, what are you going to give me? And Al’s like, ain’t your cause you rap motherfucker. Just our like saying he’s trying to be like, cool, but also like, you know, fear, I should be fearing you. And then there’s also another line delivery. He’s like about how I could be killed for doing this. He’s like, you could be killed. Walking your doggy. [clip of Heat plays] And like it was Michael Mann, I’d be cracking up behind that camera. Like I still can’t believe that that scene is in the movie. It’s just such a weird delivery. But overall, this this might be my favorite Al Pacino performance. Oh, I think it the memes almost do it a disservice. I just think he’s so incredible in this movie. And later, when he is with Justine, I think this is soon to be ex wife at the hospital and coronelli Portman tries to kill herself. And they’re almost like reconciling. And he’s so quiet. He’s just listening to her. She’s like, do you think we could ever make it? And he’s he said, it’s like, no, I don’t think you can make it. But he is like so calm in that moment. And in my headphones, like his lip smacking audio is off the charts. I can just opening his mouth closing it. But this is probably my favorite Al I think.

PROTO Yeah, I mean, I’ve never I haven’t historically, then a Al Pacino fan, for the most part. But I also haven’t seen a ton of his movies. So seeing this, yeah, I was really impressed with his performance in this. It is just like the nuance of the role. And there are so many great scenes like this, that scene at the club, where he goes to talk to that guy and the guy has, and you’re just thinking like, oh, this poor guy is about to get destroyed by Vincent Hanna that that scene is so good. But I also love the scene. And I feel like a scene that just like encapsulates, like the psyche of this character so well is when he comes back home and his wife is there with another guy. Just like strolls into the house. And he has like zero reaction to this. And he just, you know, he’s just like, you know, Ralph, you could come into my house, you can sleep with my wife, you can eat my food, yada, yada. And then he buddy just freaks out about the TV. There’s like that, like the mental profile of like, what’s going on in this guy’s life is it’s just it. There’s like you could write like a book about this character, just with the way that Pacino portrays him. And he really is like the perfect casting for this because, I mean, maybe like Jack Nicholson could do something crazy with this character. But it’s hard to imagine someone else delivering like this kind of energy in the same way in this role.

DANNY I think I completely agree with you, I don’t know, of another Pacino role. I mean, besides Godfather, but he’s this just a different, it’s not the same. There’s something about him in this movie, where it is like the entire gamut, his whole range of what he can do as an actor is in this. He’s funny. He’s He’s act like him running with the guns. And he’s, he can do it all in this film. And this is this is we’ve said it, it’s his peak moment. I mean, I don’t know of another Pacino movie where I enjoy him this much. I really do.

SLIM One of my notes I wrote down is that Al Pacino has a defining walk. Like if you made a silhouette of our walking tall take out the silhouette of Al Pacino walking from from most of these movies, he just has that it’s like a strut. I don’t know what, it’s like confident walk. Proto, number two.

PROTO So there’s a there’s a quote and a phrase that that it’s like the center of this movie that De Niro says I think three times he says —

[clip of Heat plays]

PROTO And I love how that line comes up, and it plays out through through the movie for his character. And then also in another way for the Val Kilmer character, and his wife, where Val has this situation where you know, the heist goes bad. The heat is on them, they gotta get out of town. They have a way out. But val is like, Y’all, I’m gonna go back for my wife. And the LAPD is already on top of it. They’re staked out with her. And he comes to the window, he’s cut his hair, he looks different. And he sees her and they have that moment where she just tells him like, no, just. Yeah. And it’s, it’s, it’s crazy, because it’s like, I just love how like that. Val’s character has been hearing this from De Niro, probably the whole time they work together, and he goes against it. And like in that moment to see that like, No, you can’t come back from me, you have to leave. And just like that, that gut wrenching thought of having to leave your wife and your son and just disappear, or else you’re gonna end up in prison. And then De Niro having that same thing. Now, what’s interesting about the Nero scene, and maybe, maybe you guys, I’d like to hear what your opinion is, when I when I first watched it. I thought when he goes when he sees Pacino coming towards him, and ease in the car, and he decides to walk away. I thought like he was there following the match the mantra of like, you know, when the heats coming, you have to drop everything. And like, at that point, he’s like, kind of like throwing off at like, I’m giving up on her. That’s what I thought at first, I felt like oh, he’s kind of like, that’s kind of seems weird that he like, was trying to drag her with him. And then like, leaving her but then after the move after I was thinking about I was like, Oh, well, maybe he’s actually doing the opposite where he’s not. He’s not dragging Ed into it with him. He’s like saving her like maybe he knows this is the end for him. And rather than screwing up her life by making her you no an accomplice, he’s separating himself. What did you guys think of that?

DANNY Yeah, I mean, I think it was him getting back on track. So at that moment, he had already not broken his rules, but he went off schedule like he’s a very meticulously scheduled planned person him him abandoning going to the airport and getting out of there with Edie to go kill what’s his name in the hotel row when grow him making that choice is going off books and that’s like very on it just was not heard of for him to do that. So I think when he came out and realized Vincent’s right there I have to go get back on my rules. I have to be able to drop everything and bail. And he couldn’t he like he had to do it in that moment and to to you know, finish out the film.

SLIM Should have just gone to the airport.

DANNY Should have just gone to the airport.

SLIM Should have just frickin’ gone to the airport.

PROTO Yeah, but like so why didn’t he though? That does, it seems so weird.

DANNY He had to get his vengeance.

PROTO Yeah sense, a sense of justice that like he had to kill this guy?

SLIM I mean, he’s had his way for, who knows how many years? We’re probably in his mind like I could probably just get away with this. I’m just gonna go kill him and he almost did get away with it.

DANNY So close. So close.

SLIM Oh god. I just — I mean also that scene, Al grabbing that shotgun, Al Pacino runing. You know I’m sweating on the couch watching that. Sweating.

PROTO Maybe that’s the Jurassic World homage where Chris Pratt takes the rifle from that one.

SLIM I had almost forgotten about that dumbass scene in Jurassic World and now it’s back on my head. Cripes, that was Proto’s number two. Alright, so Danny’s number three.

DANNY Number three. The finale, The running through LAX. The chase, Pacino chasing De Niro. What gets me about the finale every time is them holding hands as De Niro dies. I get the chills, both times I watch that like full body chills. Because it’s just like the coffee shop scene. They know that they are pretty much the same person. And one is killed the other but when he holds the his hands as he dies like I’ve just this was like, it’s perfect. It’s so perfect. And I love it. And it’s such a fantastic way to end this movie. It’s such an incredible ending and it’s I don’t know what to say about it. That’s I just love it so much. The music swelling, it’s a Moby track I believe that he plays at the end. And because I think the finale written, they ended up just using it in the credits instead of the final shot, but it’s like a Moby song that he plays which is so wild that Michael Mann was like friends with Moby.

SLIM So is the slow up, like the synth vibe, like slowly raising part of that Moby song? New Dawn Fades? Does anyone know if that’s I believe, so? Yeah, heard of it. I thought that was Goldstein, whoever was the composer. Disclaimer Moby, allegedly, a dirtbag in real life. Let’s just say that. Before we get negative iTunes reviews.

DANNY I don’t know much about him. I know he has a lot of tattoos now. But that whole vibe of that finale, The airplanes landing the lighting of the runways lighting up behind the De Niro and Pacino to give them the final shot of him time the timing of all that it’s such an incredible thing. I think I didn’t fact check this but I read it real quick that that was the first time anyone’s been allowed to film on LAX, the property it’s like the runways itself.

SLIM Proto, what do you think of the ending?

PROTO Yeah, the lighting from the airplanes taking off and landing and the sound of them was unnerving. As they you know, as they’re, they’re stumbling around. And they were so much tension. And it’s I liked how it wasn’t. It didn’t turn into like a gun. A gunfight rarely, it was like this moment of them like kind of really like spinning in the dark, disoriented, confused, lost. And it’s just but it’s like the two of them there. I mean, maybe that has something to say about like the story at large. I’d have to like think about that more. But yeah, I mean it it’s a fantastic ending. And yeah, the the scene of them together. I mean, any scene with like De Niro and Pacino together, I mean, these characters, it’s what else can you say?

SLIM I just wanted to bring up to the coffee scene. I mean, for many years, it was like an urban legend that they never were in the same room together when they film that, like that became a logging point for film bros for many years. Let’s see. What do I want my final point to be getting into honorable mentions territory, but I mean, the cast is wild. The cast in this movie Tom Sizemore on Unreal cast thing. How about when Van Sant makes a request to one of his team? Have Harry bring me the spreadsheets on the Cayman Islands? What do you even bring it out? Is it like paper spreadsheet? So far gone for me in my head? Like, what are we doing? How do you even edit this paper? I’m just like, mind blown. Like whatever document you have to review and this at this point in time.

PROTO I have this mental block. When I see people in an office without a computer, I’m like, what are you doing?

SLIM Like an abacus? Like bringing that out, here’s the Cayman Island abacus. Oh my god. So a lot of the stuff that I have, I’ll save for the honorable mentions. Proto, number three.

PROTO Um, yeah, we’ve covered a lot of it. My favorite scene and Danny mentioned it earlier is with Pacino. When he does get back to his house. I cannot remember what scene came before it might have. I’m not I’m not sure what it was. But he comes back to his house and no one’s there. And he kind of just like walks around the house for a minute. Yeah, like, like, like, what is this guy going to do in his free time? Like he he clearly has nothing that he can do outside of his work, like his work has consumed him. He is his work. There’s nothing, there’s nothing else left and the fact that he goes out and he gets in a helicopter to find where De Niro is. And then you know, he’s like, you know, he gets out jumps in the car, chases him down and he’s like communicating with the helicopter. He’s like, Yeah, where is he doing 100 yards in front of you middle lane, and he just like finds him is just is insane. This character. I don’t even No like what did what did detective even have that much power to do something like that they, they’re following this guy’s card like 24/7 or whatever.

SLIM And it’s I mean, I remember even like voice tells De Niro like, this guy is like King shit like you need, you should probably end all your plans and then and leave like he gets his man like he’s the top. Also amazing scene is when they have that meeting in the docks area, and then the LAPD go to where they were. Yeah and Pacino realized that this was a setup. They just wanted to see who we are. Oh my god, awesome. But yeah, the senior retirement right before he gets the helicopter Pro. Like he goes into the kitchen at one point. And he like, you know, he sees the dirty dishes. He like looks at the kitchen, the state of his life. And that’s when he makes a decision like okay, I’m gonna go find De Niro and talk to him. Oh my god. Danny, final thoughts, rating.

DANNY Let’s see, we didn’t talk too much about Val. Val is incredible in this. He was in the you know, prime shape to be Batman that summer as well. Natalie’s Great. Her storyline I always find a bit interesting and almost not needed. Except for showing a little softer side of Vincent. Check my notes well says this was loosely based on a true story. McNally is a real person. I believe there was an ex detective that worked with man on thief. And these were stories that he told Michael Mann when he wrote this movie and so each each person from the crew on De Niro’s crew is based loosely off of an actual robber and thief that this detective have worked and the McNally character was hunted down by the detective that worked with Michael Mann. He wasn’t killed in this fashion. He was killed, like robbing a grocery store or something. But they did have the coffee scene. It was a real scene where the detective sat down McNally in a coffee shop and they talked together.

SLIM Did you see in your research that Mann had done a TV movie called LA Take Down, like the identical movie in 1989.

DANNY I believe. the actor that plays Ralph was in it. He had a bigger role at it. Five stars for this film. I could easily, this could easily slip into my top four. I really do enjoy this movie. It’s fun to watch. I like the length of it. I like how moments take their time. I like when the action is full throttle in that, in the bank heist scene. Yeah, this is a fantastic movie. I love it.

SLIM How about poor Donald, the convicts on probation getting crap job. And that scene with his friend. He’s like just so downtrodden from working that job getting treated like crap. And he’s like, he has this interplay with his girlfriend and she’s like, What do you do and hanging out with me? Like nothing. And she talks about how she’s so proud of him. And then he takes the job with De Niro murdered job. Oh my god, I felt so terrible.

PROTO I love little vignettes like that in movies like this, where the he gets his moment, you know, he’s probably only has like five minutes of screen time. But there’s enough to like build a whole character there and you know about his past. And he has this this, you know, this past with De Niro as well. And, you know, he’s trying to, you know, climb out of like the convict life and like, do something different. And then like, on a whim, he runs into De Niro, and he’s back in it and gets murdered. I mean, I mean,

SLIM If he wasn’t there the jobs off like if he didn’t recognize him, insane. Let me run through my honorable mentions. See if I haven’t mentioned everything. So as we record this, the official Fourcade disk is not out yet. It comes up the first week of August. Of course, we’ll be grabbing that and watching but the Fourcade digital is available. I thought it looked pretty great. The view from juniors apartments are nuts. Oh my god, the Van Zandt hand off at the drive in movie theater. He’s one He’s got effed up that when they anticipated some going haywire and they were all there waiting Are you an effing owl? When the guys like who the mouth noises from our yeah so I have this at four and a half stars at my last viewing I think my if I have one critique the art is up I haven’t even seen the art my why not even see it. Holy song. Okay. I had this at four and a half stars. If I have one critique of the movie, it’s that the final third is long, it does feel longer than any of the other moments in the movie. Like the shootout scene. I mean, it’s like it’s like it’s Mize will be the first 10 minutes compared to how long this movie is. It’s so early on, like, almost forget that like, then the shootout scene. There’s like there’s still a ton that happens after this. Yeah. One other honorable mention is I love De Niro’s reaction to her asking him questions about diner. He like blows her off. He’s like, Would you ask me questions for you? And then they eventually form a relationship. But the coffee shop scene and everything else without it’s time for justice for owl and heat. I will campaign five stars over he got out deserves more than people’s memories of this movie he’s in he’s insane in his film, five star performance. There it is.

PROTO Yeah, honorable mentions. The, the you mentioned the Danny, the Natalie Portman character of the daughter, that it is this kind of a strange role. And like, it’s kind of hard to quantify. I guess the only thing I could make sense of that of is just like how everything and Al Pacino is life just decays and falls apart eventually. And you know, maybe that would be like a wake up call for him in some way that like, he should be more like De Niro. Like, he cannot have other people in his life. If this is the way he lives, because, you know, because it was like a cascading effect. Because, you know, there is his wife is on drugs, sleeping with other people because of their relationship, ignoring her daughter. And then here is Natalie Portman. You know, she’s trying to commit suicide, and it kind of can go back to Pacino’s lifestyle and like who he is like, so I think that’s kind of like an interesting mirroring of Pacino and De Niro and like their choices and like he really should not have people in his life because of who he is and how he lives. And then also I was like confused by EDS reaction to Neil I thought that was well it was it was really fascinating because she clearly has fallen for this guy. But then when he gives it to her of like, you know, this is who I am or I guess she finds out from the news or something that like he is the guy who robbed the bank and that look on her face of just like staring into the void and almost like she’s like in a psychosis of like, this guy is a criminal who kills people and steals gas and like I thought that was a real great enter in the even the fact that she decided to go along with him at the end I was I was surprised by so there’s a lot of like interesting choices in this movie that just like a lot of nuance and things unpack that would make it worth you know, watching again what Danny Trejo looking like meatloaf dime on the floor rough oh my god, he looked terrible What else was there anything else? De Niro in those shades when he made that call to Vance and he’s looked amazing but

SLIM the call in the restaurant oh he’s like the wine like I’m talking to a dead man

PROTO Yeah, I was I was thinking like for started but like the more I think about this movie The more I the more I love it. I think it is really special so I have it a five stars.

DANNY Oh my classic

SLIM joining the ranks of the 15 bangers oh my god what is I mean how many movies are in there? It’s not a lot right? out of 100 Count them on 1,000,030 episodes 30 Bonus UPS very rare. Hold on I’m so I’m so happy that Pardo had a great experience watching this First time viewing Yeah, you got it.

PROTO And the thing about the length of it I was I thought this movie moved quick like I remember thinking like 10 minutes went by and it was like four hours 45 minutes and I was like, whoa, okay.

DANNY Watch the director’s cut, which I don’t know, but it’s a definitive edition. We’re only talking like an extra 10 minutes I think.

SLIM Oh, I wonder what was that at any heat super fans know the difference? They’ll

DANNY know the difference.

SLIM Forgot to look that up. Yeah, so they’re the version that we watch there’s like a 499 version on video is on sale is the definitive director’s cut or definitive director’s edition? I have no idea what that means but gorge what a movie. God I love the soundtrack to this movie. It’s it’s like so like low key synth. Or Kestrel almost I just love the overall vibe to start. Alright, we have some feedback to get to. Gotta get to some feedback here. You can shoot us a letter 7am using the links in there. I’m trying to see if anyone mentioned the differences a lot of talk about thief tonight in chat. A lot of buzz about thief I’ve wanted to do thief since like episode 10 But I want to have chuck on for thief chuck for is one of the baton spider podcasts. He loves thief. I think that’s been in his top four at some point in the past. Yeah.

DANNY So I haven’t watched waiting. That’s why I have the disk

SLIM on my desk the from the blu ray from the criterion so Christmases ago. It’s easy for us to say yeah, let’s do thief with chalk but it’s hard to you know we’re doing Adam August. The animated summer. You know, we have to we have to see how it fits. Yeah, yeah. Could be next year. Chuck’s a busy man Chuck’s busy doing three episodes a week for Batman spider busy cartoonist check out baton spider All right, who do we want to hear from first let’s see. Curtis Curtis sent an email last week about hard boiled it’s a little bit long so I might take breaks. Drink some water

DANNY as a fly on your

SLIM up. Look at that.

DANNY I know it was

SLIM on my mason jar. That’s what caught me last time this guy was in my mouth earlier.

DANNY Excuse me.

SLIM Moving on, Curtis Hey 70 mm friends. I love the show and look forward every Monday morning to my old pal slim kicking off what is always a great chat for film lovers. I was confined to quarters this week by my family because I was tested positive for COVID Fortunately, this super contagious variant ended up infecting the whole household. Fortunately, we’re all vexed up so we were all miserable, but the antibodies kicked in and kept us from getting critically ill or dead. I use my quarantine time to burn through a bunch of movies on my watch list and added doesn’t move these to my letterbox diary. This week range from high quality peaks creed and the card counter to stinking depths Barfly and Sweeney Todd just want to interject for a moment I don’t know sure if I’m going to keep the screen three segment in but I watched stream three this week and creed is featured heavily on that soundtrack really heavily it just I wanted to start listening to creed but I don’t want anyone like DM me because my Spotify is like link to discord you know everyone calm down. Yeah free. Please love Korean you can listen to Korean. Isn’t there like incognito listening mode? Maybe I should do that.

DANNY Just unlink it and listen to some

SLIM I approach your pick for the week with high hopes I am more of an 80s fanboy. But 90s action month started strong if not a little mindlessly with Point Break. Also, we didn’t compare point break at all to heat. But you know, they’re like identical movies. Sadly, I found hardware a little tough to watch. I’m not sure if this was back when it was first released in America. I know I saw one of those Hong Kong films back in the day. But I feel like I remember more of the birds flapping around in a church under construction that became one of the hallmarks of American films. I’m with you face off. I found the body counted Hard Boiled more than a little excessive. I’m a nurse who works in a hospital. So in our current climate of mass shootings, this was a tough watch. It’s one thing for a bunch of bad gang baddies to get shot. But watching all those patients get shot was simultaneously shocking and numbing. And where the EFF where all the bad guys coming from there were so many I was thinking that this is just too big to be a cash business syndicate must have like an HR department that makes these guys through retirement Cinemark seminars and sexual harassment trainings. Maybe I got too caught up in medical logistics and movies. Like when I saw the hobbit during the Battle of Five Armies. All I can think about was a big job it was going to be to be properly processing all the dead bodies. Smile as you imagine if we did the analogy I would want to jump right in the desolation of Mao when. Anyway love the show and look forward to your discussion even though your picks this week was a rough watch for me. Thanks for the intro both and thanks for the enjoyable show. Curtis. Thank you Curtis. Thanks, Curtis. Paul in chat says I would unsub if we did a Hobbit trilogy. Okay, now we got it. It was movies look like dump hunters.

DANNY Right on about that. What was it?

SLIM 24 frames per second or the opera?

DANNY It looks wild on the bigs like that.

SLIM What are your thoughts on The Hobbit trilogy? In Brea?

PROTO I mean, it’s been so long I’ve seen them all once. I remember really disliking the third one kind of like just not I think I just got up and like stopped watching it but like let it roll. I remember having a good time with the first one. I think that first one’s good or okay, they

SLIM made five more Hobbit movies.

PROTO It feels that way.

SLIM Thomas sends an emails first one I believe. Hi 70 Mila boys. I wanted to send him my first ever VM for heat but did not have time. So I’m hoping this arrives in time for the episode. I’ve long thought that if you guys reopened the Patreon tier for folks to pick a movie for an episode, I would ask you guys to cover heat 95. So I’m personally thrilled that you guys are covering this perfect piece of cinema on the show and also saying a small prayer to the book about metals. That doesn’t say anything mean about it. The innovation is off the charge, as no podcast has ever covered heat 1995 before. Thank you, Thomas. It’s my favorite movie and number one on my lb top four for many reasons, but my top reason is probably that even as a person with an aversion to long run times, this thing burns through nearly three hours with no hiccups at all. When it ends, I want to start it over. The gunfight outside the bank sounds like my house is exploding. character arcs are great, and it’s got three awesome lead performances. If I had to pick a knit, I wish the scene with De Niro Pacino in the diner featured fewer over the shoulder shots, but it’s still a blast of a sin. Anyway, I want to express my gratitude for the community that you have all built. I have been busy on a work project for the last few months so I’ve been less active at discord and won’t be able to attend the meetup. But it’s a community that I love and hope to be at the next meetup. I don’t have many local friends who are in the movie so it’s special to have a place like this to feel accepted and talk about a random movie on the lb top 250 That no one I know IRL has watched love you guys and that comes from Thomas

Thomas Ramos

SLIM number that Patreon tier gosh we

DANNY just saved a lot of money. Just send them an invoice

SLIM thank you for the email Thomas lax last email of the week lax center from LAX and a while you know Lex is shtick is usually there’s like a quote from the movie in his letterbox reviews, but I saw him post a letterbox review without a quote like this leaves me well so lax I don’t know if you think’s changed, but it’s gone on was reaching out. Last year 70 mm blase. Instead of writing a long paragraph about how awesome this movie is going to express my love for heat with a series of deep questions. Has any man been as stunning as Val Kilmer? Is there any actor better at phone call scenes than Robert De Niro? Did Al Pacino produce the most quotable character of his career? Has movie done anything worthwhile outside of this movie soundtrack? Is this the greatest achievement of cinematic history? Is Michael Mann God I eagerly await your answers love Lex. Thanks for the likes on my review slim and proto shatter ball. Thank you, Lex.

PROTO Thank you Lux. Those sound like rhetorical questions

SLIM my main memory of Moby growing up is that he liked the Simpsons so he would be like nerdy musician who likes the Simpsons thing for a while and I’m like oh yeah, see I liked Simpsons episode

DANNY My only I think Moby the only other movie I know really is from John 60 seconds. There’s another movie at a track and

SLIM oh my god. Yeah, that’s bringing back the memories. I’d love to I would love to do a con 60 seconds.

DANNY I know. I love that.

SLIM You know. I had sorry. I had that movie downloaded. I had like a I don’t know what audit. It might have been an eight dot AVI file when I was in college to my it wasn’t a MacBook it was an iBook it was like the first modern looking iPad Look, and I had that on that laptop and I would watch that all the time.

DANNY I had it on my color iPod.

PROTO You bring Sally up, you bring Sally down. Yeah, I love that movie. One of the I think my first the first time I knew of Moby was was probably Eminem. Oh, yeah. You know, nobody listens to techno. So let’s go. And then that fit. Yeah, the MTV Music Awards was where he like it was it the stupid dog like

SLIM now Eminem is doing music for minions movies, whatever the holy stone 10 was turned.

PROTO It’s funny how life works sometimes.

SLIM I’ll steal my bit. I think I think this might have been appreciated. Now. We googled Eminem and like we’re talking about his beard.

DANNY It was a fake. I

SLIM think it’s a fake beard. Maybe surgically added to his face. Like he just wants to wear a beard constantly not to cut it. I don’t know. Look it up. Please.

DANNY All right. That’s it.

SLIM That’s it for heat. It is. I mean, he looks like he looks like a madam to says Fidel Castro.

PROTO He looks like he’s from Tintin.

DANNY It looks like the independent film Jesus film that they show overseas.

SLIM That Jim Caviezel, Jesus,

DANNY someone crucify that man.

SLIM All right, so next week, we are officially kicking off the animated summer to happening. The first episode we’re going to do is The Adventures of Tintin. And that is streaming in a few places. Let me just confirm it’s probably a trail Max, but that is streaming on HBO max. So if you want to watch along with us, 3.5 average on letterbox right now. It’s slower than I thought it might be. But Steven Spielberg returns to the show. Once again.

DANNY Do you know the average of Akira hopefully I

SLIM can find that out real quick. A cure just by the way, who was winning until the final minute minute when there was some vote manipulation by the person I named earlier? 4.2 average on letter songs. But next week, it’s The Adventures of Tintin the animated summer Pro. Any final thoughts?

PROTO What I’m so happy with the results of 90s action month? I mean, can I just say I think we all nailed it. Oh, yeah. Yes, we nailed it right. Yeah. Higher right now. And if I let’s just keep it going, like maybe no more mistakes for the rest of the year. If we could just all agree to that. Let’s just try to finish strong from here on out.

DANNY Jim Cameron’s Avatar 2 is coming out.

SLIM We got a big year ahead. Big year and we’ll see everyone next week.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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