Transcript: Halloween Ends (2022)

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Transcript of 70mm’s Halloween Ends (2022) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

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SLIM And our spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO “Hey, hunnie, grab the kids, we’re gonna take him to the blender! We got Michael! Come on everybody!”

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode for Hauntvember is the final Michael Myers movie ever Halloween Ends streaming on peacock. Did David Gordon Green stick the landing with Laurie Strode or did he drop a horror steamer right on the floor in front of us? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Halloween Ends — End Heads, I think that’s what the fans are calling them.

DANNY Really?

SLIM End Heads. Yeah.

PROTO Where did you read this?

SLIM This was DiscussingFilm Twitter account. If you’re an End Head and you’re listening right now and you want to skip to the big discussion, I know you’re amped up, you’re sitting in front of Peacock plus, and you’re amped up to continue the journey, use the chapters in the podcast app to skip ads. Not for Spotify, Spotify doesn’t support chapters, maybe in a few years they will. I do want to spotlight some reviews that came in. I love spotlighting reviews. On the burner, the backburner.

DANNY Spotlight them.

PROTO Everyone’s just sweating at home right now.

SLIM Ian, former producer of this show, now hosted the Cinenauts podcast on a extended hiatus right now, I think they’re prepping to do Sex and the City again. Quote from his review, I’m a bit shocked at how they dropped the ball so badly on this one. Jake’s Yeah, he’s gone hard.

DANNY That’s it. That’s all he said.

SLIM He gave it one and a half stars.

DANNY Oh my god. Yeah.

PROTO strong opinion.

SLIM McCready is big hat left. Are we the only decent 10 seconds of this is when you get to see the thing playing on TV.

DANNY Oh my God thinks boilers in this movie to spoil mercy.

SLIM And Matthew also posted a link there’s a sign the petition to reshoot Halloween ends the entire movie to bake a gorgeous Yeah.

PROTO Who’s shooting this movie? Who’s reshooting this movie?

DANNY Yeah, there’s up for that.

SLIM The average rating on letterboxes are 2.3 right now for Halloween. So we’re just setting the stage to close up this journey. The last Halloween movie ever. We’ll get to it later.

DANNY Do you remember our double feech course what a time course I do Halloween Halloween kills I listened back to it. We were having a great time. We were having a great time each time.

SLIM I think that was was that a bonus episode like we dropped that on?

DANNY Or was an inch the bonus intro for that.

SLIM Oh my god. Rare bonus talk really?

DANNY Yeah we talked a lot about I don’t mean I said a lot about pooping but

SLIM yeah you were talking about

DANNY what are the characteristics are on the on what are they on the toilet? She said she had to go number two.

SLIM Yeah, she got murdered while going number two.

DANNY Michael Michael is used to it because everyone shuts themselves before he kills them.

SLIM TOIDY kill or UV kill. Hashtag Tweety kill to the end heads.

DANNY So join the Patreon group talk.

SLIM Uncut kills moms. That’s just a taste of what you’ll be experiencing later in the show. We discuss Halloween ends the end of the journey the last one ever David Gordon Green, the master of our themselves.

PROTO Retired. Retired,

SLIM you know he’s doing the exorcist trilogy after this. He’s doing three exorcism

DANNY there’s no way he’s doing that as rebooting it.

PROTO Okay, what he did with Halloween you do not do not want him in charge of The Exorcist reboot.

SLIM That’s a that’s a very good question. You do the math

PROTO and head speak up now.

SLIM x this will be coming out now. We have to do some congratulations and yeah In are in order some congratulations are in order first before we move on. Okay. A host of this show pedelecs has just crossed 1000 letterboxed followers. What an honor he I mean, well learned proto 1000 well earned.

PROTO What are the numbers? slimpar Producer play that that applause track behind

SLIM actually yeah, let me see if I can get the applause track real quick

DANNY so long as we let him go

SLIM 18 seconds. He doesn’t take a breath.

PROTO I can hold my breath for 30 seconds. Okay.

DANNY Oh my that was easy. Houdini over here.

SLIM If you notice any changes in your letterbox usage now that you you’ve become quote, unquote, big time?

DANNY I’ve noticed,

PROTO you know what I feel the loss. You know what? It’s obvious, you know, I post a review. There’s people reading my reviews, they’re leaving likes. And it’s it’s great. It’s great to have a ton of people to interact with on letterbox. You know, you put the time and you put the work in. I was looking at my numbers. I’ve watched more movies in the past three years, maybe then my the rest of my whole life. That’s saying something. It feels that way. So thank you letter box for making that possible.

SLIM I remember when we first started using it, like was where our group of friends were in a slack. And we would start to goof around a letterbox because I was using it and then slowly but surely more people start using it. And then we started on the podcast. And I think even up to like even the first like six months of the podcast, you’re like, I think I’ve watched more movies. Yes, in the last six months than I’ve ever in my life.

PROTO I remember when you came, you came down Mount letterbox holding the tablets, the tablet and you converted every single one of us. You got us on there. And now we’re here. It’s amazing.

SLIM I had a great Can I just pat myself on the back real quick. I had a great tweet a couple of weeks ago so this week, about Endor anyone else see that tweet?

DANNY Is it a spoiler? I’m not caught up

SLIM something along the lines of Tony Gilroy coming down to Mount Sinai show in Jon Favreau. We’re worshiping a golden god Disney Domo some might self retweet that one later. Maybe every week Fran or Danny Do you watch anything this week? I know you’re on a big trip to Disneyland you had some kind of huge VIP trip I’ve done in the sights

DANNY are you asking about the trip or the what I

SLIM watched both maybe you can trip was amazing, beautiful story. So

DANNY I’m I gotta tell you one thing that I visited that I I honestly wish you were there with me to produce but slim, slim as well. Thank you. We got to go on the back lot of universal and walking around. And they let us out in this courtyard that has been there almost the entire time of universals existences where they filmed Frankenstein’s city, and Dracula, and wolfman and an Invisible Man. So all this classic Universal Monsters area has used this same city courtyard in all of their films, and we got to walk walk around it and be in it. And it was just like, this is like film history like to be standing in the midst of where these were Bela Lugosi walked, you know, how long

SLIM is that stuff going to be there for forever forever? There’s kind of Yeah, maintain it. It’s in

DANNY like Little Italy or little Europe, whatever this section of their, their lats or their sets where it looks like you’re outside in a different country. It’s where they rent out to studios to film and so like on the backside of this is where they film parts of Pirates of the Caribbean and on the other side of it was the TV show the good place and so it’s all still used. But we were standing on like sacred ground.

SLIM Do you like grab any of the dirt? Did you grab it?

DANNY Yeah, yeah, no, no, my shorts. Yeah, right in my underwear.

PROTO Didn’t have like, cobblestone streets there.

DANNY Yeah, cobblestone streets incredible. I took some photos. I’ll send them to you. I’ve been wanting to like yeah, Casey’s dropping and chat that was like the good place set so like behind that is is where they filmed the monster movies in the cities. Alexa was great to be in the History of Universe I mean, the lots been there for over 100 years. It’s 200 acre if like 400 acres or something ridiculous to be going around and and so they’re still there was still off. It was like a working set. So we’re there while they’re still filming quantum leap right? now and there’s all this stuff going on. And we drove past the western part of this sets where they filmed recently. Once upon a time a Hollywood is was filmed there and stuff like that. So it was just incredible to be able to go through there and try had a great time. What a bucket list moment when I got to see the Bates Motel and the Bates house on the hill from and then Hitchcock’s office was out there. So it was amazing, amazing trip. Wow. If you’re inspired way on the way back, I was inspired by proto Lexus to watch House of Gucci.

SLIM House of Gooch?

DANNY I gave it I gave it two stars. And don’t let that stop you from watching this incredible film. Thank you. It is Ridley Scott’s worst movie he’s ever created. Like it is a terribly made movie. But if I I was laughing my ass off every time Jared Leto was on the screen. It is an inspired performance. What he was doing it was something yeah, Casey shaking the seats laughing so hard at some points. It was incredible when he was on the screen. Gaga and Adam look amazing throughout this film. It was a fun watch. It is a bad movie though. Like it’s just very poorly made. So that’s the one movie I got in this week. It didn’t actually make me excited for Adam driver in Michael Mann’s Ferrari movie that’s coming up. He’s playing Enzo Ferrari. Like the way Adam looked in this film. Just he looked incredible.

SLIM I heard whispers that you had a DNF this week. You started a movie and you shut it off, and you were almost like, ‘should I say what it was?’ Because it could be bad.

PROTO Reveal it.

DANNY So before House of Gooch, I wanted something light and a musical popped up on the plane… And I got 15 minutes into Mamma Mia! before I was incredibly embarrassed that I was watching this film. [Slim laughs]

SLIM terrible have

DANNY to shut off the I couldn’t watch this movie. I was crawling out of my skin. It was it was just I hope we never have to do

PROTO I think you can put that on the airplane. This is the airplanes fault you will trust that’s a different invite you you don’t want it on that.

DANNY Okay, so it’s Delta’s is the delta aircraft. Okay, yes, totally. Alright, then I’ll go back again sometime, but I couldn’t I could not get through this buffet. But I could get through Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci.

SLIM House of Gooch. We should say hello to some new patrons that joined this week Rob and Calvin and owl all joined our Patreon get access to uncut episodes that can listen live. As we record in the discord discounts on Danny’s beautiful Prince and unlock exclusive supporter only episodes. We also have an interns tier where we do watch alongs we record watch alongs we’ve done a few in the past. We could be very close to another watch along coming very soon. Oh god and also proto produces he goes into his lab. He pushes over villager who has been offline for a few months. And he produces these audio dispatches just for interns. Not 30 minutes long year on the psychedelic journey in those episodes per No,

PROTO thank you. Yeah, we’re about to go on another journey. It’s dropping soon. Some may say before Halloween.

SLIM Oh, God. Some are saying, Oh my God,

DANNY holy cow.

SLIM It’s coming very close.

PROTO It’s my producer saying he says I need to get it out the door.

SLIM So when you walk by a mirror, and you see yourself What did you watch for anything you want to spotlight this week?

PROTO One movie I want to spotlight I bought a criterion disk a couple weeks ago, repulsion? Well, this movie is from 1965. At the time when I bought it, I had a really good reason for why I needed to buy this disc that is lost at the Sands of Time. I can’t remember this movie, why I have it in the physical form. But I do now I watched it. I loved it. I gave it five stars. He has a trilogy. I didn’t realize there was a trilogy because I’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby and that and this repulsion is considered the first in a trilogy. Rosemary’s Baby is number two and then there’s another movie he did called the tenant. So it’s it’s called the apartment trilogy of movies. And I would say if you like Rosemary’s Baby, you’re gonna like this as well. Like yeah, if you like Polanski and just the kind of movie he shoots, I just thought This movie was incredible. The story that he tells a tale is about a young woman who is she lives with our sister, but her sister goes on holiday for about 10 days and she’s left alone in the apartment and she suffers from psychosis and she begins to have like hallucinations. It is pretty, pretty wild movie. I might have to. I was thinking maybe slim, maybe I put this in my in my mailbox and get it over to your house. And they really start like an elite journey. And people are saying they want a journey. Why don’t we do a disc journey?

SLIM Maybe I just think of a director that jumps to the top of my journey list. Oh my god, Roman journeys.

PROTO Not a Roman journey, a Repulsion journey.

SLIM I am well that’s a word to describe it that cut this all out. I will say that it’s very rare to see proto drop of five banger and you do to the Polanski history. We won’t delve too much into the details. You could do a Wikipedia search yourself. But I mean, one of your lines in the reviews watching this in light of Polanski’s history makes it all the more horrific, which, you know, is an interesting sentence in and of itself in a review that does make me interested but can understand why certain people might not want to even bother watching, which which sucks, because he has quite a history of filmmaking. But he does have that dark cloud over his head. Yeah, and

PROTO this movie it does, it does deal with sexual assault. And if that is something that is sensitive for you, I would not recommend this movie. Because it is pretty intense.

SLIM What if we change gears just a reminder to end heads? We’re so close to finally closing the chapter. But I opened a new chapter this week, you’d reopen the chapter, the Hellraiser sagen I listened to an audio commentary for the first Hellraiser. And it was amazing. I think we need to go back to audio commentaries. I think we have to go back. Who was kleis it was Ashley, and another fellow talking about the filming. And Ashley had this like amazing memory of filming this movie. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff she was rattling off. She was naming days of the week. She’s like, Oh, yeah, we find out we filmed this on a Sunday. It was like really Sunday. I’m like, what? I can’t remember what happened last month, let alone 20 years ago. Because at the time of the recording, it was the audio commentary that came with the DVD release in 2000. So at that point, it was like 20 ish years. Wow. And now you know, it’s almost 40 some years. So it was cool to hear them talk about how they had to read dub Frank because executives thought the movie was too British. Like that’s why he was had a different voice. Let me see if I can pull up my review. Because I dropped some other nuggets in there. The Jesus wept line came up how Larry was like, I think Larry position several quotes that he would have loved to have said at the end of the movie, and that was one of them, like biblical quotes. And I wondered, like, does he say Jesus wept because he feels like he’s better than Jesus? Because Jesus wept while he was on the cross. And then he’s meanwhile licking his lips and pleasure.

DANNY Oh, I see what you’re saying. Yeah, cuz he’s kind of strung up. Right. Yeah. That’s a good point.

SLIM Thank you. Many times we talk about the Jesus wept line on the chef. So full disclosure, there’s this is just for folks that don’t have the time or the the ability to get the discs with the audio commentary. There’s a podcast feed out there just for educational purposes. It’s not mine. I don’t own it. I’m not going to drop a link to it just because I don’t want to get taken down. But they have audio commentaries of films just in the feed so you can fire them up. Listen to them, maybe where you have it was streaming somewhere or maybe not even watching it. It’s super fun. So that’s what I did. But then I went into the sequel of Hellraiser. Hellraiser 2: Hellbound. I loved I gave it four and a half stars. Most shots. Jesus, it’s more gross, and disturbing than the first one. I almost wish that we would do a hell bound episode. I don’t know how to describe it. But I had one of the most ludicrous lines ever.

SLIM There was a scene with the Cenobites that was giving me major Return of the Jedi vibes.

DANNY Stop. [Slim laughs] I need you to delete that line from Letterboxd. There’s no way.

SLIM I’m just saying, give love a chance watch Hellbound Hellraiser 2. It’s amazing. We’re gonna have stars Lord have mercy for Will you watch? Can I get a guarantee that you’ll watch? hellbound Hellraiser too?

PROTO If those Return of the Jedi vibes have anything to do with Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia, I’m in. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Oh my God. All right, let’s see, do we have anything else? We do have to give away a free year litter box pro disclaimer, a letterbox employee. So we changed it up last few weeks if you tag your review on litter box 70 mm pod for movies that you watch for the show watch alongside of us. And movies not film. Left to hell raise review. Two stars thoroughly did not enjoy sacrifice story for spectacle that was for Hellraiser. So congratulations, movies, not film. You just want a year of letterbox pro.

DANNY That was a review for Hellraiser and not Halloween Ends?

SLIM Now. It could have been maybe it could have been according to the reviews that are coming in. So let’s get into it. The final part of the trilogy The big one Halloween ends you know, we did the first two to double feature episode was a big hit. And now we end things.

PROTO It’s been — [Proto stops to sing the opening line of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies ] IT’S BEEN. [Slim & Danny & Proto laugh]

SLIM Stupid ass!

PROTO It’s been four years it’s been four years since the events of Halloween 2018 In which Michael Myers escaped prison transport went on a rampage in Haddonfield, nearly killed Laurie strode and successfully murdered her daughter, Karen. Three Halloweens have passed, and Michael Myers has taken some time off, setting up a quiet home for himself beneath the highway in a sewer pipe. But what does the shape do with his time? Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out but instead we get to spend time with Corey, who, who is involved in a child’s death on Halloween 2019 Michael was on PTO, and this changed the course of Karen’s entire life. Everyone in Haddonfield is psychotic, so he manages to get tortured everywhere he goes until he finds a way into Michael’s vacation home and wants to be like him. Then Michael realizes he doesn’t have any PTL left. Gets back in the game on Halloween 2022 and people die. Corey puts in the work. Halloween eventually, graciously, finally ends.

SLIM I think at the time we had done the double feature episode. There was whispers that it was going to be COVID related the filming of this movie do you remember that? Or like oh, it’s gonna involve COVID Man I don’t think anything that I missed anything COVID In this movie? Maybe that plans changed.

PROTO Didn’t cross my mind one bit.

SLIM Danny, what were your feelings going into the final piece of the puzzle here I would say to go watch this.

DANNY Yeah, I really was excited because after also listening back to us talk on our double feech app. And how much I enjoyed both those films. I was really looking forward to the third installment I was hoping Dave was gonna stick the landing

SLIM Jash says Michael was self isolating for years. Proto, were you excited at all to sit down to watch this and 4k on Peacock?

PROTO I was you know, I remember last year I sat down and I watched Halloween Kills. Same place, Peacock on my couch at home and I gave it four stars so I gave 2018 Three stars then we’re at four stars. I’m just on a upward I’m going up. I keep going up if these you know this pattern continues we’re hitting five stars. I was excited.

SLIM Dear friend of our community throwbridge close friend of yours. I usually try to gauge your movie reviews ahead of time to see what throwbridge reviews so like through a rich day of recording. He’ll drop a review on like, I wonder if that’s very close to product because you’re very close. Very aligned. Throwbridge gave two stars to Halloween Ends. We’ll see.

PROTO We’ll see.

SLIM We’ll see.

DANNY Slim, how about you? Because you left a very ominous review.

SLIM I did I did. I mentioned how I teared up while watching the 13th Halloween movie. I thought that sent shot sent shockwaves down our Discord. I saw the trailer a few times against my will. Just because I saw a movie in a theater and it was like a short thing. And it showed, I mean, this will lead into an all star a lead in my first point, but the trailer just shows their fight pretty much that happens at the end of the movie. And that’s the majority of the trailer like Laurie gets a cool line or whatever. And then it ends wish, I guess really what else you going to do to promote a Halloween movie, show that to them funny. So my first point, you know in this section for all new listeners will each host has three things that they drop down and we’ll go roundtable until we give our letterbox rating. What a bizarre and daring way to end the series like it’s the third movie the first two movies or two nights. There’s a lot of Michael Laurie goes missing and the second one pretty much. But the third one a Danny’s your review alluded to this, like Michael doesn’t show up for 40 minutes or whatever. But it follows someone else for the most part, this other babysitter who has this awful thing happened to them on one night and then they go into like this downward spiral that she’d never really did maybe question mark, but I thought it was like a really big swing. And I appreciate it a lot. Because what else you got to do on a third movie, I guess just have them fight for 90 minutes. Like I appreciated the balls of them to write this and just go for it for better or worse. What did you think Danny?

DANNY But it was a swing and a mess. complete mess. Like I’m not even sure the ball was thrown in there swinging at something that was it was I could not stand this quarry storyline. It didn’t. It didn’t make any sense to me why we were ending. Halloween on this. This is something that I feel like should have been started in the first Halloween of this trilogy. It feels like a story that should have been a part of a bigger a bigger storyline than just this ending storyline. It felt way too rushed. Especially his relationship with Laurie’s granddaughter. I felt like that rushed itself really quick too. And I just I don’t know I want I want what I wanted from ends I didn’t get and that was enough Michael to be satisfied. And so when you get 40 minutes into this and you have this babysitter story of him, you know, slowly becoming Michael I just wasn’t vibing with it.

PROTO My first note was that all this babysitters gonna get it like Michaels gonna kill this kid. Yeah, that was my first thought was like, here we go. This is gonna this is a great start. Right? And slim. You said, you know, it’s the third movie. What else are they going to do? This is the 13th Halloween movie. What have they done in all the movies? Was anyone expecting anything other than Michael Myers killing people? Like did anyone buy a ticket or sit down on their couch? Turn on peacock and watch this movie and think that anything else was going to happen and that those would you be dissatisfied with that? I don’t know if this is the franchise that you have to be ambitious and take a risk with.

SLIM I think most people that have seen this movie agree with you like we talked about the letterbox score is so low and I couldn’t like before I had even wash it out the day it came out with like the embargo lifted it was like really bad and I was like what is going on? How can this be bad? It’s like the final part. So I’ll play devil’s advocate,

DANNY please, someone so

SLIM I loved that they took this angle. I loved that they changed it up like this is I’m agreeing with Pardo they have 12 Other Halloweens where Michael slashes people to death and he’s got supernatural powers. He’s like, a part of some kind of satanic cult. And they’re awful. Like, let’s try let’s just eff it let’s do something different. So I appreciate it a lot. So our friends at baton spider they also did a supporter only episode of this so Dale producer, Mr. rightous chapter four star review. For this movie, he liked it. So by all means, check out their episode if you’re interested in that, but I really liked how this babysitter get effed up by The entire town, they’re all effed up, every one of them needs to be in therapy. And there’s no therapy to be had for anyone in this town. It’s almost like the granddaughter and Corys therapy was just like being messed up together, you know, and doing and attempting to burn down the town like I would have loved for them to get some psychiatric help. But I appreciated that, like the quarry character is almost like a mirror of Laurie at a certain point, like, he can’t take the heat anymore. He like gives up, he’s like, I’m just gonna give in. And we see what happens when there’s like a version of her that doesn’t have this kind of strength or support system that she had she she just had herself. And that was enough, but for him, he was getting bullied. He’s like, eff it. I’m just gonna give in. So I don’t know, it seems like that didn’t work for like anyone else that watch this.

PROTO I don’t mind them. Go going down this road and trying something like this. I just, I’m on the other side where Yeah, I just don’t think it really worked for me. This like, I don’t find this quarry character compelling, or believable. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be believable. As long as I feel like it was as long as it was. It was more of a Michael Myers movie. Like if, if it was more of him doing those things than him almost like this. Like, like origin story for this guy for the first two thirds of this movie. And then I mean, not to mention that which is kind of blew my mind is that not in a good way that they would spend the whole movie with this kid? And then they kill them at the end? Yeah,

SLIM it was kind of bummed that he got killed, which was it was pretty depressing. Like, after all that, because for the half part of the movie, you’re like, he’s turning things around. Yeah, you know what the strobes here we go, they’re helping him out. And then he starts murdering people like, no, like you had a chance. And maybe that was the point. I don’t know. But the the the the Michael aspect. I was I had this thought when I was listening to Ben spiders episode of Michael being like week in like, the four years like what happened? Exactly. So I kind of had the thinking that like maybe they’re they don’t really say anything about what powers him really, you’re just kind of like left to think about maybe it’s the trauma or whatever, maybe it’s the evil inside people. But she she turns her life around. As opposed to just living in violence. Membership becomes like a hunter. She like sets up her house to catch him. But instead she doesn’t give into that darkness anymore. So I wonder if there was like, some kind of thing where like, he lost that power from her. So he’s just like, you know, decrepit in the sewers because she doesn’t care anymore. Like she started over. I thought that was pretty interesting.

DANNY I didn’t find that interesting at all. [Slim laughs]

PROTO I mean, I didn’t even think of that. I feel like this is me watching an Elden Ring lore video. [Slim & Danny laugh] You’re describing things that didn’t even across my mind.

SLIM I mean, yeah, that was the first thing I thought of because when he he’s just like in the sewers and then he gets thrown off the bridge. And he has that like darkness in him that she had and then he sees it in him and he liked almost like they they power each other up

DANNYlike power when so when Corey brings him that body to kill the ugly Heath Ledger cop. He does that like I’m charging up right like he’s like, he went up. Yeah, right. Like he’s he’s killed this guy. Now he’s back to formula. Yeah, it just why aren’t we getting more of the Michael lore? That’s what we’d asked in the first episode. When did the 2018 Halloween are they going to give us why he just sits up after big shot or you know after he gets killed he’s just what’s the mystic right the mystery around Michael but they they kind of just skip over that like that. That’s the reason he’s still alive in the sewers. Like, why is he still alive in the sewer? Like give us give us the story of Michael if we’re going to end it this way.

PROTO You mentioned him going to the to the sewer, or bringing having that guy trail him in that scene before that, so he’s riding around with Laurie Jr. I can’t remember the granddaughters name. But he like takes her to her house. And and she’s like, do you want to come in or something? And he’s like, not tonight. I’ve gotta go I gotta have this guy tell me so I can go kill them. Have Michael Meyers kill him in a sore. It’s just like dude

SLIM didn’t go real hard, dark. Spot Yeah, my eyes. In my viewing. I did get a little bit more of that lore where it essentially was the evil or the darkness inside people work. kind of powering him. And he’s almost like this metaphorical allegory for you giving into those desires. But that was a very long number one point. So perto what’s your number one for this movie?

PROTO My number one. I guess it really is what you expect from a movie like this and what we got, you know, you think you’ve come to a Halloween movie from Michael killing people. That’s like the through line for all of these. So the fact that five, it feels like 5% of the movie is devoted to that. And the rest is this new kid who just gets killed off at the end. And I was reading some reviews and people you know, maybe saying like, there’s some kind of, you know, important metaphor, maybe that David Gordon Green wanted to get across the evil doesn’t die, it just changes shape. But I don’t know like, I have no interest in that movie. I just gotta get over it. This how that it was not working for me were like taking this different angle. Just felt so odd. And maybe we talked enough about this. But I that was just really like the main thing for me watching this.

SLIM I did think it was cool that she she literally even says that at the end of the line. She says that the shape. Like that was like the last line in the movie to have that was pretty funny. A little nod. I wonder there was something on the wiki that they had initially toyed with the idea of filming and releasing all three at once. Were like, at least maybe the first two. And I wonder like if we had a shorter layoff where maybe they did some kind of crazy scheme where these were out maybe didn’t take so long for the second one to be released. If they would have done something different. And I remember Danny’s comment earlier about how they should have dropped seeds in the first one like maybe there’s a news report at this kid. It maybe it happens that night or it’s something happens where they’re talking about this event even though it happened a year later. It sounds like they didn’t start writing the other ones until they were like filming the predecessor. So in a crazy roundabout way. I’m going to say that like I wish they had filmed this like Lord of the Rings, which is an insane thing to say like you know have like an entire cohesive read. Maybe that would have been pretty cool.

DANNY I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that though. If you’re if you like if we say now that David Gordon Green is out to do a trilogy of The Exorcist. It’s not unreasonable to ask that or to expect all three movies since you have planned to do them that they’re all of cohesive story. It’s not as I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Now if you’re saying David’s doing the first one Rian Johnson’s doing the last Jedi version of The Exorcist. Like if they’re breaking it up like this, then maybe yeah, we might expect that to kind of be a little bit choppy, but if he’s doing a trilogy, it’s I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say we want a cohesive story.

PROTO Wait, I just had an idea. little thought experiment if you could pick three directors, three different directors to do a movie in like a horror trilogy. One of each. What three directors would you choose? Jesus think about that kind

SLIM of time think about it. Yeah, I think calling this a trilogy almost works against it, because it’s a very strange trilogy. The first two might as well just be one giant movie and the third one takes place years later. So it almost kind of you know, the trilogy aspect. I feel like really hampers. Danny, what’s your number one if we haven’t already

DANNY numbers Reuter we haven’t because I’m going to come back around on a part I really loved in this film. The the fight between Laurie and Michael Hillier in the kitchen is what I signed up for for his movie. I I loved every bit of it. Even when I’m like, Well, Michael could have just snapped her neck right here. And this ended what are we waiting for Michael, but like, there’s so much about this fight that felt brutal. And it felt like Laurie was a badass. And it also both. I think with the age of both of them, her being older, Michael being an older, there was like this. It felt like a real struggle, like a real struggle for both of them to actually defeat one another. When she when she finally pins him down, and she just hammers in that last knife that’s through his hand. And she throws the end she just gets the the frigerator on his legs so he can either stand up and she straddles them slits his throat cuts his arm like there was like that whole segment is is what I wanted from this movie and I think they delivered Laurie kicking his ass and it and Bobby Both of them had a great fight but that was such a great scene. And I honestly loved it. I loved every second of that fight.

[clip of Halloween Ends plays]

PROTO I couldn’t believe when she said “Jesus wept”. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Jeeesus weeept.

DANNY there was just it was a great partisan movie. It was definitely my favorite part of the movie.

SLIM Yeah, the ending was I love the ending loved it I love their fight in that kitchen and that this is the scene that made me tear up where she where he grabs her throat at like at the last minute and she’s like saying just ended just like get over with and then Allison appears out of nowhere she finally comes back. And she like she turns his arm like the other direction. Oh, yeah. That was just like my you know manufactured emotional movie moment where I was like, Oh my God. Yeah, she’s she’s saving her this is awesome. Partner. What do you think? Yes. We’re in one star territory

PROTO What a moment for these two. I mean, they are well into, you know, their elderly years, going at it in the kitchen. Yeah… What can you say? [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Proto was asleep for this scene. He had tuned out! To continue the love fest for the ending. I’ll I’ll go into my next point, which is the legit ending. So they she cuts his throat. And what’s his face from gone in? 60 seconds. what’s that guy’s name? retired cop

DANNY patentees. Will Patton will Patton barely holding on to life in this movie?

SLIM Oh, I also do want to say that apparently, according to Wikipedia, they said that they reshot that fight scene and and really because test audiences thought it was like too insane or too brutal or something so this is the new version

DANNY there was a there’s a more brutal inherently

SLIM back but when they say that like he’s dead, but that’s not enough. And they tie him to the top of the car before the sheriff shows up. He’s the one comes later. This isn’t how we do things. And the guys like it is tonight. Drive the car and the Haddonfield town he’ll do a procession with them. My hand was fist pumping.

PROTO “Hey hunnie, grab the kids! We’re gonna take him to the blender! We’ve got Michael! Come on everybody!” [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM I love I love the towels you’re just walking outside like seeing what’s going on. They’re like okay, let’s let’s get in there. Hey, take into the meat grinder. All about it. I was all about it. I loved

DANNY I eyes rolled down the back of my head when they did the processional. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. But that grinder at the end was very satisfying. Like that’s it’s over. There’s there’s there’s nothing.

SLIM I mean, that’s what I said last week, wherever I was like it better and with him being blown up into pieces. And Ashley was the same thing. Nothing better than that. My God, partner number two.

PROTO Just a side note, I thought well, you were saying something earlier.

PROTO I think we got more of Laurie Strode proofreading her book than Michael killing people in this. [Slim & Danny laugh] How many times did we see her monitor with her, *”Cherry blossoms… No, wait… Uh, uh, uh…” Unbelievable. My number two imagine this family destroyed families still celebrating Halloween?

SLIM Yes. Like this traumatic event in your lifetime.

PROTO Laurie Strode’s like I always make a pumpkin pie every Halloween like Laurie. How many times have you been attacked by Michael Myers on Halloween? This is crazy.

SLIM How many people how many times people have died on Halloween? Like there should be no hundreds moment where you look even go near a window and you’re smiling for fear of someone walking by and seeing you grinning on the most dark day in the history of this town. She does start to she didn’t get yelled at members at the supermarket with her Oh, boy well pattern. That woman from the previous for the sister or the woman from the previous movies like some live. Yeah, I don’t know how she’s

DANNY cut a knife to the face. Or she had a knife or she the halogen light

SLIM or the drone or the drone. How about the band kids? Kill them abandon

DANNY them that they died pretty satisfyingly. Yes, I will say that. But I wanted Michael to kill them. Are the same

SLIM kids the nerds historically or is that my stereotyping that stereotype? I apologize?

PROTO Not anymore. But yes.

SLIM I mean, maybe one of the best deaths in Halloween when that kid gets the blowtorch on his face. Holy cow.

DANNY I needed to see that not blurred out. Can we get that? That face melting? Holy cow.

SLIM Listen, I’m getting Flack and chat about saying how bad kids were nerds. Has anyone seen a photo of me in high school? Let me throw the first stone. Okay, yeah, tweet that out

tomorrow picture.

SLIM I think prude bot would probably block my high school photos. Was that Danny’s number two was Danny’s character number two, it’s

DANNY my turn. What is the what is the response time for when someone calls in a suicide in this town? She called in a suicide and they’re like 30 minutes later. Hey, there’s a suicide attempt at your mom’s house. We should head there now. I was baffled by that. I don’t know what will. What are we doing?

SLIM Is he still a cop? I can’t remember does he show up in uniform anymore?

DANNY He’s planning his trip to Japan. or something but I couldn’t get over her calling in a fake suicide. Then it was the one showing up. There was

SLIM a lot less cops in this than any of my memories in the last two movies. I feel like I feel like there was cops out the wazoo and like the flashbacks to the previous movies. But there’s really like one scene maybe.

DANNY Also what psycho keeps a carved pumping it pumpkin in her house. Photos go on the outside.

SLIM I’ve never seen one inside the house.

PROTO Who does that photo up and done. Never been done. Honestly. Ever seen it? I mean?

SLIM I mean, how about the pumpkin intro though? The title treatment with the pumpkin. That was cool. The pumpkins coming through the pumpkins? Gross. What are they Pumpkinhead man we’re hurting on number three flying through here. week old Michael Myers imbues his soul into a tormented young child. I was wondering. I love the idea that Michael is just a supernatural being infecting a town in more ways than just grief. I’m just going through some of my top threes. Let’s talk about Alison’s character. The granddaughter she does have a name. She has the hots for Cory. Mega Haas. When she when he gets plopped into the hospital that she’s working at, and ever chat she’s horny AF. She is. But man she she falls for him hard. It’s not just like I don’t know she’s falling for her but she wants him she wants every fiber of his being and I couldn’t really tell if it was like, related to finally I can be with someone that’s just as effed up as I am. And that was like the main attraction because I mean, I didn’t see anything really between the two of them. No, she floated my boat per se.

PROTO Yeah, Beats me. I didn’t really get the relationship

DANNY that made no sense.

SLIM He does turn to some of the things that I didn’t like of Corey were he just kind of like turned super evil, almost where he like stopped wearing his glasses. You know, his hair’s different. And he’s like, Let’s burn this down to the ground.

PROTO That’s the first step in becoming evil.

DANNY Heard Goggins? Like Spider Man three Tobey Maguire

SLIMit was oh my god it totally was 100% and that was those were the scenes that I like I tried to talk myself into I’m like, Okay, I guess she’s having a crappy life too. She gets doesn’t get the promotion so let’s burn the city to the ground. I don’t know. Probably wouldn’t need a little bit more to go on. Personally. Proto number three.

PROTO Number three. I guess we could talk more about like Cory like this this character I mean, he’s really like the primary character in this movie. Do you think there’s a chance that he’s not dead that he could like this is their gateway to a sequel without with him now

SLIM 2.3 average on letterbox no one wants to see this kid everybody’s done courting there’s no

way Wow.

PROTO Where do we go from here?

DANNY If we’re not finding over this is in this is the last one.

SLIM I have heard him warn that clown mask he tried to be like Michael the Scarecrow or whatever the hell he was out here. I do have to say that Michael looked awesome. still loves a mask. He looks sick. Yeah,

PROTO he’s doing a lot you know on him.

SLIM Yes. Thanks. me he’s not zipping to the bathroom. He’s just going. Yeah, in that onesie.

DANNY Yeah, so same suit they use in dune

PROTO the Thigh Pads.

DANNY Desert. He wears his suit desert style.

SLIM Oh my god. Dome is seen in that entire movie. Hands down. Daddy, third,

DANNY we’ve covered so much the the parents of Cory were horrifically written. I couldn’t get over how bad this was. It was like a dad that you could tell hated his marriage, but still kind of loved his son and a mom who was overbearing, and it was just everything about Corey his parents. Everything felt just very badly put into this movie. And that was like a shining aspect of it was his his relationship with his parents. I couldn’t get over how bad that was. You can see the dad watching hard target. Are you kidding me right now? Was was listening. He was listening to our watch along. That’s what he was doing.

SLIM He’s a supporter for sure. Yeah. Not anymore. You could say that. His parents were part of the reason why he chose to go bad and embrace the dark side. You know, they wanted us to say they got me then they swindled the guy. Yeah, I liked Vince. Like the dad. I couldn’t tell if he was the dad or the stepdad for some reason. But there’s also one one where he was wearing like a comforter or something over like a giant, like, mental note of it blanket. Also, I mean, even in that junkyard scene where he stands up to protect his son, or like turns around and he ends up getting killed. Oh, yeah. And right in front of them. Cripes alive.

PROTO That kid should not have had a gun in his hands.

SLIM No, no way. Well, he got it soon after. Thankfully,

DANNY no kid should have guns in their hands. Yeah.

SLIM Honorable Mentions for me, the band bullies knifing a tire. I always think of horror stories and people like slash a tire that the knife ends up not going in and just slicing off your fingers. That’s like a nightmare for me. I would never do that to a tire. Because I’ve got to try it one. I’ve seen read stories about that. You gotta try it. I like your face. Their conversation they had in that supermarket? No. Like a cow effed up people connecting with each other. That was just one aspect that I loved in this the doctor and the nurse about that doctor’s house. Damn, they were gonna get it on and that they were holy cow

PROTO that was like, that was like a strange subplot as well like this whole I feel there was a lot of time spent on this doctor and this nurse maybe it was that like because Laurie Jr. was getting like pissed off

DANNY like that’s what she didn’t get the promotion because of her. He was begging the doctor. Yeah. Yeah, so

PROTO yeah, so let’s see targeted because they have a conversation about her work like not getting

SLIM Sean set. Remember, he was like when he’s getting the stitches. The doctor is like talking about Alison, he’s like, she’s cute, isn’t she? Oh, right. Yeah, so these were like on her hitlist. I guess if you want to call it that. Thanks for paying attention at the movie guys. The deejays death we get his tongue cut off Holy God that was fun then it was turning on the turntable was like hitting the little needle I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than the last one. Four stars. Four stars that’s just that’s my that’s my honest take on this movie. There might be four and a half by watching him for a certain time.

DANNY There’s no way

SLIM very bold and heads this is slim talking my four star rating hope you stick around for the pod for future episodes. perto

PROTO honorable mentions I’ll just say will Patton looks a lot like George W. Bush right so interesting with those two side by side we might have started a person when Corey tells Laurie Jr that I killed someone Lord Jr. getting turned on like Padma in those scenes.

SLIM Somebody you had to turn that into a side by side meaning tweet that there’s something there for sure.

PROTO There’s something Yeah, so I just went on enjoyment level with these. That’s really all I can go out. So I’m at one star for this

DANNY you were at three and then four stars and then you’ve dropped to a one. Yeah, dud. Wow.

SLIM Maybe the biggest disappointment in in modern movie history for proto Halloween. No,

PROTO it’s up. There it is. Wow. I’m heartbroken.

DANNY Um, yeah, I’m not far from proto. I was extremely disappointed with this film. I had high expectations for the story. I met two stars. Oh,

SLIM my God. I’m sorry. We did. David Gordon. Green. Is this the end? Master of our

DANNY I need the exorcist taken from him. We need him back in the

SLIM tent. We got a five to 10 years of David Gordon our

DANNY come out on this podcast.

PROTO Back to double A David.

SLIM Pineapple Express equal coming real soon. Okay, we have some VMs or one VM maybe a letter to get to. We have links in our website 70. Hammond in the Episode notes if you want to drop one. So let’s listen to let’s hear it. Let’s listen to this instead.

DANNY Okay, yeah,

SLIM I mean, maybe maybe five o’clock but not like early afternoon.

Two to four. Who is home to deliver Kenny boys?

SLIM Also how do you even know if someone’s home you can’t tell with like the light on or whatever.

PROTO How do you know if someone’s home

SLIM going out next weekend.

PROTO I have to look at the town. The town charter probably two o’clock probably be out there to two o’clock. Get my kids some candy coming back to the house maybe having a firepit roast and some Mallos that ride that that candy high. If someone follows

SLIM if someone came to my house at two o’clock on Halloween, I’d be given them a stink eye and a half. Major stink guy. So the VM comes from Phil.

[voicemails plays]

VOICEMAIL Hey, 70mm pod, this is Philip neuronal from Kansas City. Love the show Dan a listener for quite a while here you guys are you guys it quickly became one of my favorite movie podcasts. You guys are absolutely wild, but it’s just such a blast listening to the show. I’m very excited. For the Halloween and episode. I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from protos trash take on the original store. But that’s probably the most joy that I’ve ever gotten from a terrible take. So I went back and listened to his rendition with them quite a few times. Classic, awful and fantastic. So thank you for that. Halloween ends man. I had no expectations at all, and was blindsided at how much they loved it. Oh, four and a half. I’m sorry, guys. Oh my god. And as far as the discord goes, if you guys tweet at me a few times after the scene that goes to the Twin Peaks episode and the discord as well as the physical membership cards. That’s pretty cool, too. You probably see me joining the discord soon, so keep it looking forward to hearing your guys’s take on what will definitely be the last Halloween movie ever.

SLIM You know, well, first of all, thanks Bill for leaving the VM. We didn’t talk about the music at all. I thought the music was great. I think the carpenters were back at it again. I loved it.

PROTO Yeah, there’s some of the electronic tracks were different. And yeah, the vibe of it was very cool. I liked that moody moody score.

DANNY We’ve been praising that for the both the first two and this one.

SLIM I’ll maybe I’ll stop I’ll have dropped it in during our discussion. But when Cory is looking into the eyes of Michael and he’s like getting strangled. They play like a really cool piece of Carpenter’s music I love join us, Philip in our Discord.

SLIM No subject line. Oh, you know, we’re we’re getting a good one serious subject line. Yeah, no time. Dear 70 Mm. I decided to send a letter and congratulate you all on another amazing month, hon. vember has been a lot of fun and the pics were super varied and exciting. Poltergeist his house Hellraiser and now Halloween ends, but I must ask as Halloween ends does Gilmore Girls begin is a 40 minute trip through Stars Hollow what we’ve needed all along. We’ve seen it all this month houses imploding, and even Jesus himself weeping. When will the chaos end? Is life really this dark and gory? Is it not enough to just be a couple guys watching Rory and Lorelai try to get through everyday tasks. I say we rid ourselves of these ungodly so called movies and take some time to remember the point of this podcast. That point being basing the direction of the podcast off the ones of a small minority of the fan base. Yes, kk and Ian, I’ve seen what you’ve done for others. Please help a guy out. Robert calling his shot for Gilmore Girls Guide for secure

DANNY heads high

SLIM Laugesen.

PROTO You know, talking about the Gilmore Girls that that was kind of like me. My journey down into hell. Growing up because my sisters would watch that in the bait and I just have memories like I couldn’t be in the room. When gilmoregirls was on real that was that was me being tortured by Cenobites for years, until I escaped.

SLIM When that intro came on. It was teeth chattering and Frodo zero.

DANNY Did they not let you watch with them? Or did you bid repulsed and have to leave the room

PROTO repulsion?

SLIM Oh, repulsion?

PROTO We’ll have to put it on the list though. Gilmore Girls Write that down. Let’s do it

SLIM Gilmore Girls on the list alongside is Buffy on the list or is up and kicked off the list thing?

DANNY I don’t know. I don’t know at this point. Stay tuned.

SLIM All right. We have to wrap up on vember wrap it up. Put it away one

DANNY more. There’s one more slam.

SLIM There’s one more. We called an audible because there’s a movie that Danny has never seen. And we thought let me out shit. Calling your ass out

DANNY was bad.

SLIM I felt we all felt that it would be in our rates wrap up for October font. We did a cleansing really needed to cleansing from Hellraiser. goop suits. Oh, the genitals on the spinning towers. Halloween ends we needed to cleansing the one star the two star you heard it. So we will be venturing into the Tim Burton universe. Winona Ryder. Michael Keaton

DANNY Beetlejuice is officially mommy

SLIM just happening on the show. I’m super excited is one of Amanda’s favorite movies. 1988

DANNY Can we get her on the pod? No,

SLIMwe cannot do them. It is streaming on HBO. Max.

PROTO Can you record her but without her knowing? Honey? What’s your favorite scene from Beetlejuice?

SLIM Not sure if that’s illegal in Pennsylvania, but

DANNY that’s legal in Florida.

SLIM Alec Baldwin, Gina Davis. Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara, Winona. Michael wow what a cast Wow. When was the last time Pardo you watch Beetlejuice before this month.

PROTO Never. This is a first time viewing for me. Oh, what?

SLIM Oh my God.

DANNY Not to be fair. I’ve seen seen. Okay. Yeah, it’s, it’s hard on the cartoon. Okay, so I have I know my no beetle juice but I haven’t sat down and hit play from beginning to end. It’s not it was never for me.

SLIM I’m just going to throw it out there. There’s a 4k version of this. If you have the ability if you have the TCL series five budget TV that we have. Fire up that bad boy

PROTO Is this Michael Keaton’s first returning since we did the Batman.

DANNY Oh my god Good point. Kevin Very good point.

SLIM Multiple some clips from that episode.

DANNY J And chances are phenomenal transfer. Get the DIS Okay. Listening. All right.

SLIM The hairline is very different in this movie Greg Rex Dave points out. Is this this is the Is this the turn he needs to get back in protos good graces after the Batman film.

PROTO Can you do this?

SLIM Redemption song hot vember wrapping up with Beetlejuice 1988 streaming on HBO Max get the 4k disc if you can if you’re able. Pardo any final closing thoughts this week. Halloween is finished.

PROTO Rest in peace Michael Myers, you had a good run. It’s hard when you see a franchise die, you know, when a studio just chooses, hey, we’ve got this amazing IP people grew up with they’ve loved it forever. But, you know, we don’t want to make money with it anymore. So let’s just let’s just end it. It’s it’s a sad day but in some ways, yeah, it is. Bittersweet to see to see it go. So rest in peace. Halloween. Thank you, John Gardner.

SLIM We’ll see you next week Beetlejuice.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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