Transcript: Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

72 min readApr 24, 2023

Transcript of 70mm’s Fiddler on the Roof (1971) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY I paused the movie and I turned to Casey and I said, “I can’t take it anymore. He sounds exactly like Bane.”

SLIM And our close friend and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO Yeah, so I was Googling earlier, “how to become a rabbi…”

SLIM And this week, we have a special guest from Dune Pod, Jason Goldman.

JASON For some reason, I’m on orthodox TikTok a lot. I don’t know why. I think something’s trying to tell me — maybe this is the message and maybe it’s being here with you three, that I’m meant to rediscover my faith.

SLIM Every month we have a new theme that guides our featured discussion for that episode. And this month, it’s the Last Temptation of 70mm — films focused on the spiritual the religious and the beyond. Jason’s pick for the final movie of the month is Fiddler on the Roof by Norman Jewison. Is it really the best musical ever made? Does every other musical pale in comparison? Find out…now.

[theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM We have a guest to close out Holy Month, and we needed the holy of holys, Dune Pod’s own Jason Goldman. Welcome to the show for the first time ever.

JASON Thank you so much. It is a big honor to be here. A holy honor. I take my religious responsibilities to this podcast seriously. It is a sacrosanct obligation to be here tonight with you. So thank you.

SLIM Chief Religious Officer of Tapedeck.

JASON It seems like it’s displacing Proto a little bit, but…

SLIM He’s more spiritual. So you are a co-host of a podcast in our little Tapedeck universe of pods, Dune Podoon pod, which generally has been described as like Gen X dad movie pod as like a combination and I was recently on there for a Rollerball episode, so people need to check that out. I mean, Norman Jewison cinematic universe, Rollerball, which you loved, by the way, when you watched it.

JASON That was a challenging episode for us all. It was especially challenging for my cohost, Haitch, because he apparently loves this movie. And Slim and I were confused about why we had to watch it. It was great. It was my mom’s favorite episode we’ve done ever apparently. Very positive reviews from mama Goldman.

SLIM Proto, what do you think about Rollerball, James Caan?

PROTO I haven’t seen it but you’re blowing my mind telling me that Norman Jewison also directed Rollerball. Now I feel like I gotta watch it.

DANNY And we’ve covered his Moonstruck!

SLIM Wow, what a library of films.

JASON Jesus Christ Superstar is the is the fourth in the quadrilogy of holy films along with Rollerball, Fiddler, Moonstruck, that you need to watch of Norman Jewison.

SLIM James Caan very Christ like in Rollerball with his mumbling and cowboy hat ensemble. So when we usually have a guest we’ll go through there for face to try to get an idea of you know what this person is about? You know, we’ve mentioned the Gen X dad pod dune pod. He has previously been on episode does not come back after we tore apart what was just crossed, crossing. This has not crossed the Hi Hat after that. Yeah, reaction to that. So I looked at your four phase a letterbox I don’t think you update your your letterbox very often, but number one on there. Maybe we have not covered 2001 A Space Odyssey.

JASON I thought it was coming up for you guys this month. I thought it I thought you were gonna transcend into space baby. Holy territory.

DANNY Once Olympic Interstellar, I couldn’t do 2001 I

JASON understood. Understood. I’m glad you picked the movie. You did? Yeah. So like 2001 for me is is one of the most important movies I’ve ever seen I’ve ever seen. It was like sort of the first movie I ever saw where I was like, Oh my gosh, there’s movies where you don’t know what’s going on at all. And they don’t like explain to you how the movie He works and you have to go read stuff. And so I love that as like just a little, you know, no at all nerd. But I will also say like in general 2001 Being my top four is kind of like a placeholder for Kubrick in general who is is, is a really important filmmaker for me, and I love his work and I love all his movies. But yeah, 2001 is the one that kind of stands out to me as being really important. In my own movie journey.

SLIM Where do you stand on? Eyes Wide Shut?

JASON I love Eyes Wide Shut. Yeah, I actually I’m a Big Eyes Wide Shut apologist because I know a lot of people. It’s not their fave. And there’s a question about the edit. But I’ve read the book that the screenwriter wrote about eyes wide shot, which is amazing. Because like the screenwriter thinks he’s involved in this three dimensional chess game with Stanley Kubrick on like writing this book is like, ah, checkmate, Stanley, I figured out a way to get you to include this in the movie. And it’s clear that Stanley is just sucking his brain dry. And it’s just gonna take like every good notion he had, like, he doesn’t care at all about this guy. And so it’s great. That’s really great. I love that movie, though. Yeah,

SLIM it’s really good. There is a dune pod episode on 2001. As well as your second pick in your face, No Country for Old Men.

JASON Again, sort of a stand in for Coen brothers as a whole of which I would say is what along with Stanley Kubrick the two most important directors for me. I love not every movie that there’s a couple of them a couple of duds. But in general, I think they’re great. And no country I think is a masterpiece is just like it’s both. It looks amazing. It’s gripping. It’s Josh Brolin is phenomenal. All the performances are great. It’s just like a It’s and again, like, it made me want to read the book. It’s like all of these like all of my movies at a top for ones where I felt there was something that would pull me into doing more with the movie, right? finding out more about the movie.

SLIM Danny, where do you stand on No Country for Old Men?

DANNY I’ve never seen it. Oh, yeah, one of those ones that I haven’t seen. And it’s been brought up before. So I’m just waiting for the right moment for the pod right

SLIM moment.

JASON Do you have a favorite Coen Brothers movie? Danny?

DANNY I do. It’s probably Oh, am I wrong? Raising Arizona? Yeah, yeah, that is probably easily my honey. Yeah, that’s that’s a fantastic movie. Yeah.

SLIM Next on your list Spirited Away.

JASON Spirited Away. I mean, again, is kind of like a standard for all the all that work. But I would say spirit away for me is like, was always a movie I loved. When my when my wife and I got married. It was one summer day. It was like the like was the first time was like the song she walked down the aisle to Oh, nice. And now that I watch it with my kids all the time, because we watch we watch the means hockey films with the kids a lot. It’s really fun because my daughter who’s two refers to it as red lights, because the poster has like red lanterns on it, watch red lights. And she were she refers to everybody as as weaves for leaves, because it’s just got a bunch of cans on it. But they love it. That’s the thing that’s a little weird about Washington with kids is that I thought they would be freaked out because the parents get turned into pigs. And that’s like a big trauma in the movie. And they just couldn’t care less like the fact that there was the fact that Shakira loses her parents and they get turned into pigs. She’s the kids are just like, Yeah, that’s probably what will happen here to keep them moving. Be a big deal.

SLIM That freaks me out when I saw for the first time Spirited Away, freaked me out in general, I haven’t gone back to it since many years ago, I watched it.

PROTO Can I just say I love this idea of using your your favorite. Top four as placeholders for your favorite directors. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. This is this. Yeah,

JASON I and this will get to this again, I think when we do the ratings, because like I sort of have a problem with like ordinal lists of things that feel like different categories to me. Like I have like a really hard time writing movies because I’m like, well that’s like a movie for this versus this and like top four similarly I’m like, I like these things for different reasons. So like for me, it makes more sense. Just be like, these are the totemic styles of movies that matter to me and I’m happy to put them in my in my top four bucket but they stand for a you know, a broader body of films

SLIM produced and we’re questioning everything right now.

PROTO Taking notes

SLIM last on your list Empire Strikes Back,

JASON Which is like the most conventional Gen X dad choice possible. I feel like I feel that’s gotta be like, most on brand choice possible.

DANNY I mean, we know it’s not a placeholder for all of George Lucas’s work.

JASON It’s true, it’s not a placeholder for all George Lucas’s work. Star Wars itself is very important to me. And again, my kids love. It’s like, you know, I sort of indoctrinated my son too much into Star Wars, because now he gets into trouble at school for making a lightsaber out anything. But like, it is sort of, like, you know, to the point of the theme of this month, it is our family’s religion. Like when I’m like teaching my kid about Star Wars, I feel like it’s like I’m telling him Bibles. Like, yes. And Luke is the Son of Anakin. I like I’m telling him like, genealogy. I’m wondering, explaining this all like and like he asked you, he should? Yeah. Through these, like very black and white terms, like, who’s the bad guy who’s the good guy? And like, you know, I’m like, Well, let me tell you about the bad guy in the story. And so it is like the religion of our family. And so even though Yeah, not everything George Lucas touched is my fav. It is, it’s still Star Wars still is a critical factor in our lives

SLIM in Clone Wars. What’s that storyline with the Father, the Son and otter? The daughter? Have you ventured into Clone Wars? Jason? I can’t remember if you have

JASON not. Yeah, I have. I have a little bit but I haven’t watched the all of it. And I have, I’ve only watched like a couple of rebels. And so I keep trying to introduce it to Griffin, too. Because it’s like it’s that’s what I want to watch it with him for like the first time for both of it. But he’s still not quite old enough. But yeah, so I don’t I don’t know though. The whole Clone Wars.

SLIM There’s yeah, there’s some cool like force lore. As you go deeper into the series. I will like we’ve I think several of us have tried to get our friends into con wars. It is pretty difficult. Because there’s so many episodes, and there’s like a lot of three partners. When I watched it. That was like, while I was working. It was on an iPad. Like, you know, I’m kind of focused on the episodes. And if they’re like, super interesting, and then when they get cool. I’m like, Oh, I’ll focus on this. So it’s like a background show. I think for most people. Yeah.

DANNY I think I’ve stopped trying to get people to watch cool. Yeah, it never never worked. So 10 Fs Yes. So watch that matter. And then we can go from there. That’s the

JASON freaky thing about it is that like everyone who tries to get you into Clone Wars, it’s like here’s this wiki page you need to go to that will tell you the right way to watch it. You need to start with Season Three this arc watched these three episodes reverse flow the thrusters

SLIM every time someone like I remember I’ve been in conversations where people like well actually, you need to go to this order the Clone Wars. And anytime someone says that you’re like, Whatever, dude, I don’t care anymore. Like this sounds like a lot of work. I’m not get banned. This

DANNY is when they were making 24 Episodes Season. So it’s a daunting task to watch all the Clone Wars.

PROTO Just watch the last four episodes the fun. I

DANNY mean, he’s not wrong.

JASON So I essentially I essentially have because they’re on constant loop on Tiktok. Like, like, like I’ve seen I’ve seen all of those scenes because they just get read. They just get cut up and ticker. I’m like, Alright, great. Like I get it. I see what happens. Those two people fight. The last four episodes

SLIM of the most recent season are are better than some. I mean, they’re my opinion better than the recent movie. Yeah, the quality of that show bar is a low bar to climb. But I do want to point out the podcast Godfather himself is in chat and Matthew have letterboxed fame went out. No Denee no dune in Jason’s top four.

JASON It’s true. Yeah, it is true. I and I will say just to be increasingly controversial, please get ready. I actually think that Blade Runner 2049 is my favorite Denny move. overdue and part one. And so I think cow

PROTO Mazel Tov

JASON like, I I really can’t remember many times in a theater where I felt like I had my face ripped off more than then 2049 And so yeah, so maybe I don’t know maybe we’re maybe part two is the one that brings us all brings us all home kills heals our nation.

SLIM Let’s say hello to Steven and aid I believe joined our Patreon this week had access to the Veterans Village discord 43 subscriber only apps such as recounted this morning I always forget how many we did. discounts on Danny’s prints and our Discord had a twin peaks pilot watch along this week. A lot of excitement about Twin Peaks. I think there is also another Twilight watch along I can’t keep track I feel like there’s been 30 Twilight watching alongs in our Discord at various points 2049 And actually I think that might have been one of the first 4k movies I watched on our budget TCL Roku TVs right range look great.

JASON It’s a great demo disc.

SLIM Think loaded with most TVs. Let’s see what do we want to get into? I do want to hear from proto just a reminder, I said at the top of the show that no one had heard live, but Fiddler on the Roof is our feature presentation that’s later in the show. Use the chapters to skip ahead to that discussion if you want to skip through all this good stuff. Because I want to hear about one man from proto. Oh, and that man is Sylvester Stallone. You watched a movie today with sly in it. What was it?

PROTO I did. I watched I’d never seen this flick. cliffhanger. Oh 1993. Stars Sylvester Stallone facing off with a very popular villain John Lithgow. You know villain Sylvester. He plays a I guess like I wasn’t paying enough attention like a park ranger.

SLIM Mountain Climber rescuer, he rescues people to get stuck on mountains or something. Yeah,

PROTO like people get stuck on a mountain and they’re like, just hold tight for eight hours. We’re sending Sylvester right over. He’s like the the cliffs that this guy is, is climbing with no. You know, nobody like safety cables. is incredible. There’s some like really great shots in this. But it turns into a heist movie. Actually. I mean, this is an obvious homage from Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises. hijacking an airplane another lift. Yeah, another lift from mold first there. But yeah, this movie I had. I had a great time watching this. It was really fun. Sylvester his body. Oh, my fantastic. No. But then I was also pleasantly surprised to see Michael Rooker in this. And I didn’t know he had a career back in 1993. Michael Rooker wasn’t really on my radar.

SLIM Bringing Guardians of the Galaxy you thought that was his first acting role?

PROTO Yeah, I was like, Who is this up and coming actor here. Mr. Whistle? Yeah. So it was great to see him and then I was like, you know, what, how can I how can I watch more Michael Rooker? So I’m looking at his filmography. And early movie that he did rent a cop from 1987 Yes, starring Burt Reynolds in Liza Minnelli?

DANNY Yeah, amazing.

JASON Pretty made out of pure cocaine.

PROTO Unfortunately, Michael Rooker, he’s only in it for about five minutes at the beginning. But then I kept watching because I’m already here. Might as well finish it. Not not really a good movie rent to cop but it was worth it to continue my Michael Rooker

SLIM just sounds like an autoplay on to be like I couldn’t believe that you followed up cliffhanger with this random picture I thought for sure it just started playing and you just let it happen after this,

PROTO this is what it takes to be a movie insider you have to do things like

SLIM there was a recent Demolition Man episode on Dune pod with her close personal friend Mikey pay the art for the movie mixtape podcast. He’s executive producer over there. All says there’s some scandalous thing said about sly his acting ability and we’ll leave it there because we’re moving forward as a family on this podcast. We’re healing we’ve never stopped healings and so we’ve always been healing

JASON Yeah. Things that don’t heal I think are called abscesses after a while. They have to be lanced again. But Mikey P does a great sly imitation, by the way if you want to check that out. It’s

SLIM working like he doesn’t do great. That’s the question.

JASON So handsome.

SLIM Very handsome. pisses me off. Yeah. I was looking at Danny’s letterbox diary. Not a lot going on but it looks like I feel like you’re getting nervous for Indy you watch where did you watch Raiders?

DANNY I watched you know non preparation I guess sorta I guess it’s time to rewatch them before five comes out. I needed I needed you know, comfort movie this weekend while I was watching. So I put on the 4k of raiders still gorgeous. And then today I watched the documentary of Fiddler and the journey it took to get be made into a movie and it was a fantastic documentary on this movie. And I really wish most movies got this treatment of documentarian ism or whatever you want to call it. It was great. It was a fantastic doc. A lot of interview with John Williams was that was pretty cool. A lot of Norman talking about the process of creating the movie and The three daughters were still alive and they were interviewed. Fantastic. It was just a fantastic documentary about this movie.

SLIM Remember the greatest documentary ever filmed? The director and the Jedi director the Jedi?

PROTO Jim and Andy

SLIM got I forgot we did that movie.

DANNY What it was like two years ago.

SLIM How was the month seen for that? What was there like eyeroll? Movies about movies thank you our

PROTO early you said we did Moonstruck and I have no recollection of

SLIM what was prose writing on Moonstruck Can anyone verify it was the sounds like a three star? The three star hazy memories? Fantastic. Let’s see every week I tried to remember to give out a free year of letterbox pro gets rid of ads. You can see some fancy stats on your movie watching history. This was from Mr. Glass, sodium and Paul thought John will was a young buck when he made a better tomorrow. Turns out he’s been making movies since the early 70s. Could we get a martial arts month? Or at least a last hurrah for chivalry app? When are we going to do a martial arts month? That’s the question. Hey,

PROTO Fernando is filling filling out. I

DANNY know we’ve already what was the whole the whole year up at this point.

SLIM We have been planning hard. We have to we’ll get into next month’s theme at the end of the show. 100 comments on a Patreon post asking 100 Comments 98 Oh Rhonda, rounding up.

DANNY I mean, you saw Beau Is Afraid.

JASON I was gonna ask. I was gonna ask about that. Please. Yes.

DANNY This is brand new. Our Eostre movie

SLIM The King Yeah, himself, boy. Yeah, but our foreign producer on the show Ian has probably $3,000 worth of midsommar memorabilia and his hereditary one of my favorite horror movies. So I don’t know I was like kind of nervous going to see this movie. I saw it in IMAX King of Prussia pa patch house. And Joaquin Phoenix. It’s like, I don’t know. It was supposed to be like a comedy areas for doing comedy dark comedy. I thought it was hilarious. Like Ariosto, airy astir Ari Astor, and how many time ways I can pronounce his name WA. He’s really funny. He’s a great writer. There’s so many funny moments in this movie. It’s like a weird subversive dark comedy. But it’s three hours long so it’s not just like all comedy it drifts into like weird dark drama for a lot of the time. The plot is essentially what he needs to go to his mother’s house and him being so anxiety ridden. He just like gets mixed up into high jinks along the way it is kind of long and the the last acts kind of lost me a little bit like three quarters of the way to the movie I was like man, it’s it’s a four and a half star movie. You know, that’s what I was like. I was like, I’m in love with this movie. And then like other things happen in it that kind of like take me out of it a little bit. But it’s a big swing like there’s like memes on Twitter about like bro film critic saying it was like a career killer movie. Yeah, like that’s how rattling the ending is for certain people. Oh, interesting. You’re just like so turned off to the whole experience. And I can understand that based on the kind of journey and the ending itself but I mean, it’s a big swing and when you look at his three movies they’re all like kind of big swings really? So I appreciate what he went for a with three and a half stars.

JASON I mean, there are tweets about people yelling out at the end of the movie, “No one clap! This is garbage! If you clap you are the devil for liking this!” There’s real outcry and and anger about it. And other people saying like, “My mind is never gonna be the same!” There’s a lot of really outrageous things said about it.

DANNY That’s what slim did when she said *”Rey Skywalker”. [Slim laughs]

PROTO No one clap!

SLIM Skywalker, it was better when she was in no one Okay, do it again. Do whatever the hell that blast movies called Rise of Skywalker body clap JJ Abrams career killer of Skywalker. I mean the ending I don’t like want to really say much about it. But like I can see normies and like other people getting like upset at the way the movie ended. Like also someone in chat said big swing month, which sounds like an awesome ideas. Because idea,

DANNY big swing month 101 options for movie months now.

SLIM We need more months in the year at this point. We went from not knowing what to do for May to being almost completely booked. We’re booked

DANNY for 20 years

JASON That’s great. That’s like Dune Pod.

got some schedule out so like the

JASON return a Halley’s Comet,

SLIM there was something else. Oh so my review I wrote my like little jokey review was that I had something for dinner that like made my stomach just go completely nuts during the movie and it’s one of the quietest movies I’ve ever seen. So I’m like sitting between two people, I’m surrounded by people and just imagine your stomach making the loudest noise imaginable for maybe seven seconds in total silence in a movie theater. But I’m talking like, every five minutes, you’re starting to like what am I gonna do here? Like this is a three hour movie. Like I gotta figure this out. And I didn’t want to like leave like what am I going to miss? Like, you know, that’s kind of turned into me missing some giant pothole I don’t know. So anyway, just Everyone be careful mixing hot sauce and meatless nuggets, a recipe for disaster. All right, let’s get into our main course. Fiddler on the Roof. This was Jason’s pick to close out the month one of Jason’s options for disclosure and this is what we settled on. Get into that later. Proto, what is this movie about?

PROTO honored to have on the TEV QA a poor milkman named Tavia lives in a Russian shtetl with his wife and five daughters, Seidel, Meital. Title, rival and coital. He carves out a life of meager resources but rich in tradition, the world around him is changing, and he must adapt while holding true to who he is, and where he came from. But one by one, his eldest three daughters fall in love and seek to marry not in traditional ways, but in radical ways. And on top of this, rumors begin to spread that they will be expelled from their dear on a tough cut by the Russians. What’s a man to do when life is as precarious as a Fiddler on the?

SLIM What a pick to close out the holiest of holy months with Jason from Dune Pod. Were you sweating to pick?

JASON I was. I was nervous about the pick for sure. I used ChatGPT to generate a list. I did. I was like, I’ve got to call upon robots to help figure out what we could watch here. And I was really paying attention to what other movies were picked, because I wanted to make sure there was good coverage of both, you know, traditional faiths as well as spiritual films and a non religious mode. But in the end, like I felt like you know, being Jewish myself, there was a good opportunity to cover this movie fiddler, which is like the Jewish experience movie. And is particularly particularly relevant and particularly kind of beloved by American Jews. Yes, so I was excited. I was excited to do it with do it with you all felt like it was an important thing to go Old Testament.

SLIM Yeah. And I had never watched this movie. Before I’d heard of this movie. I think I confused the name of it with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Man mentally combine the movies into one promo. Had you seen this movie growing up? What were you hearing about this movie? Was this ever kind of like in your sphere of films?

PROTO I just remember people making jokes and references to this movie. And seeing you know people do. TV has dance during the rich man song, and like people cracking up and like I had never even seen the dance before. So I had no reference. And then I always thought whenever someone was doing that song, they didn’t know the rest of the words. So then to actually hear the song and like those, there is no other words. was pretty funny. But yeah, I had never seen this but I had friends who had seen it and it just never kind of happened for me.

SLIM I will say I think one of my first memories of something Fiddler on the Roof related is a deleted scene from Spider Man to where Alfred Molina as dakak sings spyware a rich man does Yeah. I realized that as I was watching the movie, I was like, oh, that’s where it’s from. Danny, what about you?

DANNY I’d never seen it. And I didn’t realize I knew the songs though. So when the matchmaker song came on. I was like, oh, that’s where this is from. I don’t know why I knew it actually. That’s about it. One of my daughters brought in the Gwen Stefani if I was a rich girl, and she was yeah, that didn’t realize that was a knockoff of this very Christopher Nolan asked her to make that song. But no, I had never seen this on the stage. But

JASON I think that was an intention as well with a pick, was that I love musical theater. And love musicals. I love film musicals, too. And I don’t think we’ve really done one on Dune Pod and there’s not many — someone needs to do a sci-fi musical.

PROTO I was thinking the same thing while I was watching this actually.

JASON We’ve actually — again, I’ve used ChatGPT to write a Dune musical, to come up with the songs and to come up with the lyrics to the songs. So you know, any Broadway producers out there, hit me up, we can get this musical up and running.

SLIM So Jason, was this, like, what was the timeframe when you first saw this movie growing up?

JASON I never I can never remember a time in which I’ve not known this movie. Like it was it was it’s like one of those where it’s like, I you know, similar to like, Empire Strikes Back like, I don’t remember the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve always known this movie. I’ve always known all the songs. We had the record on vinyl, and watched it regularly, both like at home. And you know, my family has big fans of musical theater. And we watched it in Hebrew school and Sunday school. It was like sort of, you know, a substitute for religious instruction. It was just like, yeah, we’re just gonna watch this. We’re gonna throw this on. You get the idea of what you’re supposed to be learning. You know, Jews, Russia, you know, it’s like, yeah, that’s it. Yeah, this is like gowns for Sunday. And yeah, so like, I’ve seen it a bunch, but I haven’t seen it in probably 20 plus years I haven’t seen in a long time. So I was excited to revisit for for this app.

SLIM The other scene that I was thinking of when I was watching it for the first time, though, I was like, oh, that’s where this is from is when the first show the rabbi. And everyone is like asking the rabbi questions. The Simpsons did that scene with Rabbi Krestovsky crossties. Dad, and they’re all asking him questions. And I was like, Oh, my God that the Simpsons did this scene. Yeah. There are so many Susan omaggio. Is that like, I realized years later that I never knew. We’re like, oh, that’s where that’s from my life in a nutshell. Okay, so we’ll go around the room. Each host has, you know, two to three main things they want to bring up since that’s what the format of this discussion is. So we’ll kick it off with Jason, what’s the number one thing that you wanted to bring up?

JASON I was kind of amazed in this viewing how good I thought Topel was as Hevea like, I was really blown away by his performance, which is kind of wild because it’s this iconic movie performance. He’s obviously Tabea from Fiddler on the Roof, like he he was a stage you know, performer in this role before he got the movie part. He performed this part for the rest of his life, basically, right. But his voice is so good. Like is like this bears bearish on this ridge voice is just so great. And his face is like so watchable that I was just, like, amazed at how good he seemed how electric his performance seemed. And like he also has like, because he’s Israeli. He has this very particular accent that I found, like, super compelling as well, because the vowels like always were really surprising and how he talked like, there’s parts of how he talks that sound a bit like a, like a Delco accent to me, like, you know, that like where he’s like, you know, is the nasal wolf at home. Like he’s got this like, kind of like, hokey accent like, you know, in there as well. And so there’s like, I was just like, blown away by his performance in this in this movie watching it this time. Yeah, I’d never.

SLIM His voice was so bizarre to me because at times it felt like, where do I know this voice from this feels like such a familiar voice? Is he a voice actor? Or does someone else just sound like his cadence? of voices? Hannah? Hannah Jett? Here we go. Ball. It’ll lead into another point. I just, I mean, I’m agreeing with you on his performance. At a certain point. His voice did click with me. And it sounded like Bane from Dark Knight Rises. Right? Like did you hear

DANNY the movie and I turned to Casey and I said, I can’t take it anymore. He sounds exactly like Bane. It was driving me nuts. I couldn’t take it. It was unreal. Like the whole movie though. I never lost Tom Hardy’s Bane and you His

SLIM voice Oh it was only like certain Arts where he really like late into whenever he liked to rags like

PROTO like what the bomb was mobile gold.

JASON We don’t risk that that does bring up that Tom Hardy oz has like one of my favorite performances as a Jew right? Peaky Blinders and Peaky Blinders. Yeah, he’s suitable and is relevant for Fiddler because there’s the scene where he meets up with the czarist who have escaped from Russia. And like they’re trying to sell them jewelry. And there’s this great scene where he’s like, it’s like, you people have made money with a dog. Like, and I just didn’t have salutely love that.

JASON Yes. So great. So yeah, like Tom Hardy.

SLIM That was a part of what did you think of his role in this movie?

PROTO Two things I loved his hair was just incredible. I, when I was looking at it was like, Could I cut if I could cut my hair, I would cut my hair to his length. Oh, if I had the texture, but his hair has so much texture. I just could never, I could never pull off what he has. It’s like, it’s not like strands of hair. It’s like, it’s like, like leaves of hair that are like folded on top of each other. Just incredible. It doesn’t look real. Maybe it was a wig. But then I also loved he has incredible comedic timing. Yes. Yeah, he is so funny. And of course, like the dialogue, the writing is great, but he just sells it so well. And it makes it that much better.

DANNY I didn’t realize how funny this movie really was like it for in the beginning, at least when he’s breaking the fourth wall, or when he’s like, taking up like his problems with God. And it’s just it’s really funny. And he does perform it quite well.

SLIM The funny scene, too, when like at the wedding where he says that he’s going to dance with his wife and he like turns to the camera but like looks up at God like right before he turns that was funny. The clapping moment in that scene is funny. Right off the bat with him like the first scene that the movie kicks out on his you know, he’s like, breaking the fourth wall. And I was like thinking to myself, like oh God, a play where they’re breaking the fourth wall. I feel like that’s like 90% of plays. I’m just making that up and probably very wrong. But I feel like it’s like a cliched thing. But eventually, like it were if I was like wrong, like this is the right way to do this storyline where he’s kind of like talking to you because he doesn’t have anyone else to play off of. Unless it’s like God in that moment. So it definitely worked for me.

JASON He is producing from the chat. And with with I would like to bring up that it was recently reported that Topal in real life was a Mossad agent, while he was living in London would like go around and like bug embassies, like as a hobby, because he was like an international star. So you can go anywhere. And they were just like, Yeah, can you just like drop this mic off at this place? Yeah, sure, no problem. And now that he’s just a bad thing.

JASON I mean, you know, it depends on kind of awesome.

SLIM Sounds like a movie that Ben Affleck is going to write and direct and star. Hopefully, at some point down the line. Danny, what’s the first thing you want to bring up?

DANNY The first thing I want to bring up is I was a little bit blown away how every actor in this film was really good at their role, even down to just like the town’s person, or the guy reading the newspaper as it comes in. There was something about how every performance felt genuine and they all felt like they loved what they were doing. The Daughters are amazing. The wife is amazing. The matchmakers amazing there’s everything is so I don’t even know what the word is. But they’re just they were just great. And they are not like caricatures. But they were really expressive. And there was just so much about every performance that I loved was Lazar Wolf is amazing. Just each actor in this film just felt like they were in it for the long haul. And they loved being a part of what they were in. And even if they were just the bid roll that was just getting milk from him at the market or whatever. Before the Sabbath. I mean, there was just every everyone just felt kind of like in love with what they were doing in this film. And it really like shone through to their performance.

SLIM Felt very play like in that way. We’re like, Yeah, it’s almost like this actor has done this 1000 times. And they have it down. They could do it in their sleep. And that’s the way it came off on screen.

PROTO Yeah, it was like every every character had their own bit that they did even the guy who would get the newspaper. It’s like, you know, he takes forever to read the news. Right? Come on, just get to the point of it. And then we mentioned him earlier like the The rabbi just like that dude’s face, because I like it’s always like leaning up and the eyes look like they’re always closed. And he’s smiling, just like his whole presence and his perspective on everything. It was like that, like you said, with every character.

JASON It’s interesting, though, because like, like, it’s musical theater. So the characters are going to be caricatures, and like, exaggerated, so that you can, like quickly identify the part that they’re playing in the musical. But the style of the movie is so naturalistic, like, there’s so much like natural lighting, like all of these, like, even the set interiors, like look like they could be real spaces. That like it’s, it’s and you know, the current, there’s not a lot of makeup, even though the hair is like, obviously, there’s a lot of hair and this movie. So it’s this weird juxtaposition of like this exaggerated musical theater style of of movie, but also being shot on these like grand VISTAs in like, you know, Croatia wherever they subbing in for subbing in for Russia, that makes us feel like yeah, Yugoslavia that makes it feel like this place, that this this real place. So I found that like, kind of intention interesting as well.

SLIM Proto, what’s the first thing you wanna bring up?

PROTO Let’s talk about the 10 Minute opener is in this movie, which I love. So it starts with the first tune is tradition. Which, man, I love it, I think, and of course, like tradition, kind of, it comes up throughout the whole picture. So returns but that’s my favorite, my favorite song. It’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s so I was gonna say powerful, but I feel I feel like that is it just like it evokes so much about everything that this movie is trying to convey. And just like the, you know, the spine of the story, but that scene that first 10 minutes, as it goes through the town, and you see all the different characters, and you know them living their life in the village and how it sets everything up and really reminded me of almost like the 10 commandments of just like, I don’t know, just like the I don’t even really know how to describe it because it doesn’t the scope of the 10 commandments are like these giant crowds, but it’s almost like the color and just a Jason was saying just like the almost like the natural look and feel to everything, but also it’s a musical at the same time. And then for those 10 minutes, and then the credits come up on the screen with the Fiddler on the Roof. I was just like, blown away by that I was like sitting up in my chair. I was like, All right, this is here we go. I’m ready. Now.

SLIM This is no cliffhanger.

JASON That tradition thing is like the it’s interesting, like, and we think we’ll get into this as we go along. But this movie kind of like sent me into like a religious journey of discovery, which is like very strange for me at 46. Because like, you know, I wasn’t raised particularly religious, I was Bar Mitzvah, but like, I live as I’ve lived a secular life, I don’t go to services, I don’t keep kosher. And I was like watching this and then like the point of tradition is like that is the essence of Judaism is to follow these strictures, not because they gave you a place in heaven or a place in the afterlife, because it was God commanded. And there’s all these commands about how you live every aspect of your life. And you’re meant to do it because the Jews were chosen to follow these specific commandments. And I was watching this, and I was like, you know, can this what is the canvas religion exist with this adherence to these Creed’s and this tradition outside of a context like this, you know, secluded community, that’s this insular community that completely supports one another can like these traditions exist, like outside of like an environment like this or you know, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, or places where people like really, like kind of keep all the rules and like, and I realized, like, as I was thinking about that was like, oh, like, this is what it means to engage with, like, the project of Judaism is to ask, like, how do I make this relevant in my life and like this is what Jews have done for millennia is like try to figure out how to adapt because they’ve always been in different places. And so it was like this really weird moment where I was like, trying to like figure out the my place or my connection to it on a religious level, which I was not expecting to happen in this viewing of the movie.

SLIM Did we just save Judaism together before

DANNY was it a so Jason was it a big deal for the end of this movie when I mean at the I guess at the end when so all three daughters have basically kind of done their own thing and their own marriage but when he says God be with you to his daughter yeah had it was dead to him. Is that Is that like a huge deal? Like a huge huge deal?

JASON Yeah, because like the dead you dead to me thing is real. Like that happens when you like when people like leave Orthodox communities or like break with tradition. And it’s like it’s not like they’ve just gone away like they’re they’ve died. To this day. That’s That’s yeah. Ultra and ultra orthodox communities that’s this thing. There’s this there’s a Netflix show I want to say called orthodox that was that came out a couple of years ago about a woman who is phenomenal. I wept like I have never cried in my life at the end of that movie, or the end of that show and like so yes. Like for him to bless her. At the end is this huge concession.

DANNY Like, is it a bad is it like blasphemous to say God be with you or to for a daughter that was dead to him for him to come back? And

JASON yeah, it would it would just like never happen. Okay, yeah, it will just never happen. Yeah. Oh, interesting.

DANNY What a great moment. Yeah, it was.

SLIM First thing I want to bring up the bottle dance scene from the wedding. Is that the first usage of CGI in film history? This must have been like Avatar to in 1971 Seeing this dance there they have the bottles on their heads doing this dance the four guys. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Are you telling me it’s fake?

JASON I can do that slim all the Jews can do.

SLIM What you get is that our following the commandments? Am I converting to Judaism? I can do that dance.

You get admission admission to the Producers Guild of America and the two things

SLIM the wedding the wedding scene is nuts. I love the wedding. In in totality, like the one guy that was teaching the daughters, you know, that has the hots for the one daughter. He essentially like breaks the rope like he has it’s very separated like only the men are dancing. That was just one note that I wrote like, How bizarre is it that just the men are dancing in this like community? It’s just sounds It’s so strange. Still true.

JASON Still true in Orthodox communities? Yeah, if you if you see you get for some reason. I’m on orthodox Tiktok. Like, I don’t I don’t know why I think something’s trying to tell me maybe this is the message maybe it’s being here with you three that I am meant to rediscover my faith. But like the in Orthodox weddings to this day it is still segregated by gender and like God as our religious service. Like my my mom growing up my my grandfather was Orthodox and his brother my my great uncle’s orthodox rabbi. And so growing up like they were definitely segregated at Shoal they wouldn’t sit on the same side women had to be behind the screen all this stuff. It’s like very gender divided.

SLIM Yeah, the the idea that they were like separated and he pulled the rope down and asked to dance with her at the wedding. And everyone’s like, Oh my God, what dancer the girl? And then like that scene where he dances with his wife. And then I just call that one dude. Milhouse. He looks like a real life. No house, Manhattan. Teamster he’s, he really just like, immediately does what Teviot did. He like claps you know, and puts the hand down. But that was adorable. And then the rabbi, they ask the rabbi like, is it safe? Like, is this a sin for us to dance? I love that scene, his reaction to that. And then, you know, they’re dancing. He doesn’t realize that he’s dancing with a woman. And then he like, pulls out his like, you know, what was that like a handkerchiefs touch, but they can still dance? A beautiful scene. I love that scene. Jason, next on your list?

JASON Well, you mentioned perchick The teacher hot for teacher character in this who comes to teach the students and this was like a real surprise in the movie. So like, the movie is a cold war movie, right? Like, this is like in the height of the Red Scare, like not long after, you know, with like, in recent memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis and things like that, right? Vietnam and all that right. And yet perchick is very clearly a communist like is very clearly like, you know, the rich are here to oppress us all, we must have solidarity with the workers and the students and I’m gonna give a speech in the town square with a big red flag. And I was like, okay, like perchick is just out here as a commie. How did that go down? Like it was I was really surprised about like that overt coating for this time, because he’s obviously and it’s like, his whole story is meant to be sympathetic. And he’s sent to Siberia by the czarist because they’re not super down with the Communist Revolution doesn’t work out for them. And it’s just like a really it was I found that really interesting, the historical context of that, and him being in there in that role, and I liked the guy who played him too. I thought he was

SLIM yeah, that’s good. Yeah. Yeah, his character was he’s like introduction, you know, he’s like, telling them about their reading the paper about how they’re not doing anything. in their small community and then he gets invited to the house to become a teacher just like at the snap of a finger. Yeah, it’s a house to live in. Was it during this? I guess he said he’s only there for during the Sabbath. But yeah, yeah, I’d love his introduction to the family.

JASON I love that too. When he gets invited over, he gets Sabbath I love the sound of the scene. I think it’s beautiful. And he gets invited over as does model comes oil to it gets invited over and like Milhouse comes oil and like and he and like, and Tevita is just like, you know, we got more people here for you know, we got more people here for dinner and gold is just like, Oh, more blessings. I get there. Like I just thought that was like, I just think that’s like one of the things is like funny to me in the movie is like it’s this constant like WOBEGON status of everyone’s like, Yeah, more of this.

PROTO I love I love TV as line whenever he’s getting bad news from somebody he’s like, and why do I? Like what’s the reason for this honor, where it’s really not an honor. It’s like, oh, I have to leave my home and my family. My family has to uproot from this our entire lives. What Why do we have this honor and like, yeah, just his whole of like, oh, here comes another hit. I guess this is just my life. Danny?

DANNY Let’s see. I was in love with the production design of this film. I thought it was a really gorgeous movie. And I don’t know, we watched it on Vudu or we watched it a 4k of this. I don’t know. It just looked incredible. I couldn’t get over the setting. And I looked up production designer of this little Robert Boyle. He did. Um, he worked with Hitchcock a lot he did the birds and then he did. He’s most notably known for North by Northwest that makes sense. Yeah. Had to create mountain Rushmore on a film set for hitch haul. So yeah, then I’m thinking, oh, yeah, this this is why every scene of the city looks amazing. He’s interviewed in the documentary a lot talking about how they had to like do some things and he was talking about how he just stretched some ladies pantyhose over the lens of the Panasonic camera just to give it a hazy look and norm would freak out about it. And it was just it was amazing. Just to see the set being built and what they did with it. The train station scene is amazing. It’s gorgeous. I just there’s a visually I was really struck by this movie. I was surprised on how much I loved how everything looked the barn seen the dance, and that the with Debian that is amazing as well. There’s just I think it’s a gorgeous movie.

JASON There’s all those shots where he like when he when Teviot is contemplating whether or not to let one of his kids go. It goes he’s like talking right next to them. But then when he says like, on one hand, on the other hand, right cuts, it cuts where he’s like now very far away and looking back at them. And you see this like long shot of the VISTA behind them. And it’s like just so striking because it’s a style. We just never you don’t see that anymore. Like no one needed dome. Yeah, yeah.

DANNY That would be Dohmen. Yugoslavia.

SLIM Slavia dome. I got Mitchell. From the weekend washerless podcast. letterbox commented on my review, you got to talk about how Norman Jewison was hired to direct this because the UAE execs mistakenly assumed he was Jewish. Yeah, true. Yeah.

DANNY As he talks about the documentary, oh my god, he even said it again when he was given the honorary award and he came on stage that came with their given us to I don’t know what he said about himself go away. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

JASON Yeah, it’s I mean, it is confusing and fairness like

DANNY he was explaining how is his last name stands for son of a Jew.

JASON If my name was like Christian Goldman,

he would ask some questions.

SLIM Proto, next on your list.

PROTO I love the dynamic between Teva and his wife, Golda. There’s so many great scenes with them. I think my favorite bit that they have though, is that when tibia, one of his daughters comes to them, and you know, says I’m marrying this guy, there’s nothing you can do about it. Tibia comes to terms with it, but then he’s like, Oh, I have to go home and talk all the, you know, what am I going to do? And the first one is just so funny how he he decides that he’ll he’ll wake up as if he woke up from a nightmare. And he describes this nightmare where he sees gold his grandmother telling him, you know, and they do this whole dream sequence. That is amazing. Yeah, really amazing and reminded it felt like a Tim Burton Oh yeah scenes sanely i Yeah, that was that was just so fun and unexpected in the middle of this movie.

SLIM It was like the Haunted Mansion like Jewish like they need to build this they’re like a Jewish themed bar we can visit to ride Viserys

JASON Yeah, yes there is. Yes, we will go there the chosen theme park.

DANNY They just closed down the holy land here in Orlando.

SLIM Yeah, that scene was awesome. And you mentioned one of the songs but I when he goes to talk to his wife and he’s the he’s like, things that do you love me song? Yeah, God, do I want a great what a great song are you love? Also her reaction to him ask a question with a verse. And he’s like, why?

JASON That song? That song is like a weird magic trick of a love song. Because it’s so like kind of jaundice eyes. Like the point of the song is like that they haven’t actually thought about whether or not they love one another despite being married for 25 years. And she’s just like, What do you mean, I, you know, in bed with you, like smelling you for all this time? You’re asking me now like I was what is even the point of talking about this? Boy, yeah, and ends up in this like really sweet, tender place. Like it’s very hard, I think to do both of those like modes at the same time.

SLIM Yeah, the, that that song and like all of his like conversations, I think were some of my favorite moments. Because his he finds a match for his daughter. And then she says that I’m actually I don’t want to be matched. And you like in my head, I was like, I was just gonna be the plot of the whole movie him kind of coming to grips with this and then changing his mind at the end, when he changes his mind, almost like immediately. And then she’s like, well, actually, I’m already in love with someone. And then he is okay with that after some thought. And that happened several times in the movie, which shocked me. Because usually, like, I guess, in like a modern plot, just that one instance, could be the plot of the movie, where he’s gonna have to get over it in two hours and then change his mind. But I loved how he was confronted with something that you know, really changed the course of their kind of like, historical aspects of the town. And he’s like, Alright, okay, let’s you’re in love, or the power of love, et cetera, et cetera. Like, I’m okay with this. Of course, it was like harder for him later with the Russian Orthodox boy, but I thought those are pretty cool elements.

JASON Be had Gohar Conan.

SLIM Jason, what’s your third point? For fiddler?

JASON You know, my third point, I was like, really surprised how emotional I got watching this movie. I do not like, you know, nothing wrong with crying a lot during movies. But when he and I talk about movies, like he cries a lot, and I’m always surprised at like, sort of, like, oh, you cried during roller ball. It’s amazing. I mean, obviously Demolition Man, very emotive, the three seashells, obviously, very much solving. But I was really surprised at how, like, at, like, how emotional is mainly and I was thinking about it afterwards. And, you know, we all know, like, you know, that like representation matters. And film, that’s obviously a big concept. And like, I sort of know that to be true, but never really thought about it for myself until watching like this movie, and watching this movie now. And like, you know, this is a story in this movie, like, you know, a Taylor, they end up going to America, they get kicked out of the show, and they go to America. And you know, we don’t know what happens, but like, that’s the, that’s, that’s the end of the movie. And, and like, you know, that’s the story of my family, like, you know, like, my great grandmother, like, was kicked out of a shuttle, in what is now Poland, but was Russia by the Tsar by the Tsar. And like, she had to, you know, traverse all of Russia, to take to get to Japan, and take a boat from Japan to San Francisco and then move from San Francisco to St. Louis and 1914. Like, so, you know, like, and just the end, she was like, 15, like, when she did this, and so, like the idea of like, going on that kind of journey when they’re like pushing the cart out in the snow. And like, you know, it’s just like, and like, you know, to now be living in San Francisco and like, you know, it’s just like, you know, it’s that notion of like, oh, like we made it like it worked out good work, like getting out like you made it somehow you made it like and, you know, I have you know, like your, you know, my my daughter, her grandmother’s grandmother like was kicked out of a chateau like 120 years ago. It’s just a very strange thing to like be confronted with through film and I found it more emotional and I was surprised that I was expecting. I was

SLIM thinking that Germany, like my grandparents came over from Poland. And I have like their One of their travel like suitcases like still in our house. And this is, this was like essentially what my third point was gonna be but like the idea of leaving, where they live and going to America,

oh my god,

SLIM I would die. How do you even make the plan to go to America? What do you know about America? I’m going to live in America. How? How do you know you’re going? What is America? How do you even begin the journey and the idea of like being in a boat for that long, it’s like mind boggling to me that anyone immigrated to our country at any point in time. Like this all comes back to the frickin iPhone. If I have to travel one hour without a phone, because people are going across continents.

JASON This happened to me yesterday, I flew back from Chicago yesterday and the charger I busted the charger on my for my phone in the Uber to the airport. And I was like, this is a catastrophe. Which man has never seen

I must survive this four hour flight in business class from Chicago to San Francisco. And my phone is on 10%

DANNY Your grandma flashing in front of your eyes.

SLIM Oh my god, Daddy, what’s your number three.

DANNY Number three would be the music in this film. I think John Williams arrangement of the the score is incredible. I think some of the songs are really powerful. But for me the one that hit i mean i the train station. The transition song far from the home I love was impactful. But the song sunrise sunset at the wedding, I think kind of struck me like really hard with the lines. I remember growing. When I’m like, Oh my God. I’ve thought about that recently because I don’t feel older. But I’ve come to grips with the fact that I have a 15 year old daughter and it’s so it’s like when did When does she become 15? And then I’m thinking about this while I’m watching this marriage see? And I’m like, Oh my God. I’m gonna die soon.

SLIM You jumped to the you. You got it? Immediately. It’s

DANNY just it was such a I was like, Oh God, those like that’s such a beautiful song too. But it hit me I’m like, oh, gosh, I’m getting old.

JASON Yeah, I thought about my kids too. For sure. Yeah,

DANNY it’s wild how fast things happen. Was such it was such a well written song too.

SLIM Yeah, musics. Very good. I mean that when we were reading the reviews last week, people were comparing this to like the west side stories of a third of the time and how it was like, you know, more memorable than those songs. And I like guffawed. But as soon as like the third or fourth song came on, I was like, oh, yeah, I have heard this song before. You know, it’s, I’ve heard almost all of these songs, but it’s just kind of like a foggy memory, of where I would have heard this song before and why, and it’s there from this movie. So it was pretty crazy. Proto final point,

PROTO I really love the scene where their third daughter has run away and married the Russian and Golda, she, she goes to the church, to talk to the priest. And, you know, because this whole movie, you’re just seeing their village, you’re seeing their traditions, you see them, they have that great Sabbath scene, where she’s in front of the candles, performing some kind of magic trick was very cool. But even like everything around that, even like the rabbi, in like, their, their temple there, and just everything about it, it just felt so integrated to their lives. And then, you know, growing up Christian, and kind of, you know, knowing the Old Testament very well and like them referencing the Scriptures to see her then go into this, this, this church building, that, you know, came out of their faith, and just even trying to imagine that of like, them living their lives. And then there’s like this, this whole other religion, that is, you know, around them, that is referencing them and her going in, and just the way like, the way the church looked and felt and felt so austere and cold and even the way they talked to her and she just felt so like natural and just like a person living her life. It was just like I hadn’t seen like a depiction. So well, I guess, of the Jewish tradition. And then just compared to, you know, Christian religion, and the organization that that is, I just found that like really compelling to see side by side,

JASON there’s two things I would say, I call it out that I love that whole note that the idea of an Orthodox Jew, and I don’t know about this particular, like, their traditions, but in modern ultra orthodox, a Jew would never go into a church, because there’s, there’s idolatry inside of the church, there’s images of there’s images of saints, and they specifically like show that, like, you know, as she goes in, and they show that there’s, you know, images, divine images, and that’s not that’s not something you’re allowed, and it’s just generally also like, this is someone else’s space, we’re not going to go in there, so they would not like so it’s a huge concession for her to go into that space, like meant to show like how, you know, how, how much she’s trying to, like, you know, get figured out what’s going on with her daughter and, and how concerned she is. And the other thing, which I liked, is in the Sabbath ceremony, where she’s doing the thing with the candles as women light the Sabbath candles, and they, they they do that gesturing over them to kind of welcome in the Sabbath. But there’s also this thing where, which I really like, which is they close their eyes, because on Sabbath, you’re not allowed to start fires, like you’re not allowed to do any work and fires count his work on on Shabbat. And so you can’t that means in a modern context, you can’t turn on lights either, right. And so what’s the point of the closing the eyes is that the candles have been lit, and you’re closing your eyes is like a demarcation between this time in which it was a it was permissible to light candles and turn things on. And now you’re in the south, now the Sabbath has begun. And that’s no longer permanent. So it’s this like conscious, like sort of drawing a line across like these two different like, between normal time and holy time. So it’s meant to feel like this transition into a holy space. And I think the song did that. So well, like capturing it,

SLIM you have to keep your eyes closed for the next 24 hours.

JASON You can’t you can’t look through it. This is the thing about like what I was saying earlier about, like Jewish traditions, like, as like there’s a lot of hacks about like adapting them to modern context. Facts, those are like so you’re not allowed to turn on lights, you’re not allowed to like do things with electricity. So there’s a bunch of things that happen, like electric, the notion of electricity obviously doesn’t exist in the Talmud, like but it’s been inferred by rabbis, that electricity Council starting a fire, which even from a physics perspective is invalid, but that’s the rule. And so anyway, but what they do so there’s a thing called like a Shabbat light. And what it is, is it’s a lamp, it’s a light that’s turned on, and you leave it on. And the way in which you turn you turn it off or on is to slide a shade up or down on it. So it’s like there’s a blackout shade around the light, and you slide it down when you want it to be dark, and then you lift it up because you’re allowed to lift the shade up or down, you’re just not allowed to turn the light off or on. And like similarly, like refrigerators have refrigerators have Shabbat setting so that like you can have it programmed to go on for Shabbat so that when you open the door the light doesn’t turn on because if you open the door and light turn on, you’ve now turned on the light and that’s against Shabbat. So it’s like there’s all these there’s, there’s tons of stuff like that there’s Yeah.

SLIM Your Tiktok Jewish hacks pop up. Yeah, in the Explorer tab, whose turn was up sorry, I got mine. Alright, so mine, I think we already kind of said mine, which was the traveling aspect. So we’ll jump to Jason final thoughts and I know you don’t usually like letterbox ratings but what what would be your letterbox rating

JASON I’m more than willing to participate as in your church thank you as you learn about the traditions of my people


JASON I I really love this one I loved it more than I was expecting like I selected this movie for the reasons discussed I wasn’t expecting to to like it as much and I didn’t really know I also didn’t know as three hours when I selected it. I found out when you guys announced it and I was like oh, that’s a shock and so I think part of my one my one quibble with the movie is that the third act does drag and like you know once you come back from the from the break from the intermission, I feel that third act like you kind of know what’s going badly and I feel like it takes a while it takes a bit longer to get there. So that’s like my only kind of note on the movie that of a con. So I ended up like sort of just deducting a half star from what otherwise would be a perfect movie for me and I call it a four and a half.

SLIM Wow. and a half. Yeah, I definitely had more notes for the first half before like the intermission, I realized that I have maybe like five or six lines for the second half. Danny honorable mentions FINAL THOUGHTS Writing

DANNY honorable mentions, which I think we covered everything I was sitting. I’m with you the after an admission at Drax a bit, it is three hours and you’ve at the end feel like it was three hours. I was sitting at four stars but I’m at four and a half after watching the documentary today, I was really impressed with you know, the making of I was impressed. Everybody worked on the film, there was just something about them. And like I said, with the performances, even the people behind the camera, there was just something about this film that just brought it out in people and it just made it just made me feel great watching people work on this film. So I’m at four and a half stars. I really love this movie.

SLIM Wow. Wow. Wow. I need to watch this doc.

JASON Yeah, I want to watch this. I haven’t seen it either.

DANNY At streaming on um, Paramount. Plus jubi

SLIM Interesting the dot that the doc is on that but not the right I rented it on. canopy support your local libraries. Or someone told me one of those app those library apps bad or something? I don’t remember which one Libby ahead. Yeah, there’s some public libraries have to pay. I don’t know. I don’t have time to think about the backstories of how better to support libraries. I’m doing my best that I can do out here.

PROTO We can ask using a library all we can ask for

SLIM proto. I mentioned sponsoring

PROTO some honorable mentions to have his little cap money in one of these hats. No. Good cap.

SLIM You’re gonna get Ed’s tomorrow. Yeah.

Little Jewish cap.

DANNY No, that’s not what that is. No. Okay. I think those are different.

JASON That’s a good one. It’s a good one. Now. It’s, it’s not entirely dissimilar from like an Irish like walking hat. Like I feel. I feel if you went to like an outdoorsy store. And like, you know, you know, and outside of cork, you could find a hat.

SLIM There’s just like higher taxi hats like our friend Jones. has probably 10 of those hats was like, you know, those taxicab driver hats.

PROTO It was more it? Yeah, it’s yeah, it’s different. Yeah, we have to do some research. The whole Lazar Wolf. fiasco was fantastic. Yes. What would I do with to this?

DANNY Oh, my God, that was hilarious.

PROTO An amazing bit there. That was like, like Costello bed or something. Um, Tabby is smiling to himself in bed after the dream sequence was so happy. What do you

SLIM mean template?

PROTO I felt like there were so many times where he was talking, you know, pushing his cart, but his lips weren’t actually moving. Which is fine.

JASON I think there’s a lot of ADR in

SLIM almost 100% Yeah,

JASON they shot I Croatia. And we’re like, all right. Now we need the audio.

PROTO Yeah, I might. Sorry, my soundbar sometimes gets out of sync. So I’m like paranoid that like that happens. But then I have to also remember if if it’s like a movie from the 70s. It’s like, is it my soundbar? Or is it just seven movies? Yeah. Oh, another great TV Line is when he wants to see models mushy, I want to see matters now. And then he opens the door sees it runs. Man great seen so many funny moments. And then his final line when he says thanks for everything to the horse. That was pretty hilarious, but also touching at the same time I thought this movie, I was surprised that it kind of ended on a downer. Yeah, you know, it was kind of like, Whoa, this is pretty dramatic. All of a sudden, they’re just I’m like looking at the runtime. There’s five minutes left, and they’re just they’re getting on the dirt road and leaving. Yeah, but it did seem fitting. And then of course, the Fiddler’s there at the end and like Teviot smiles. So it all worked out for tibia in the end. But yeah, I had a great time with this. I really enjoyed all the music. I’m at four stars. Oh baby baby.

SLIM What country is the fiddler going to?

DANNY It’s going to New York

JASON be Oh fun out honorable mention I forgot is that this movie is huge in Japan or like the fiddler not the movie but like the performing performing a Fiddler is huge in Japan and there’s like, there’s still like it’s still going over there. Um, and like, it’s sort of because I mean, it’s a good musical, but it’s because like this notion of being bound by tradition and like communitarian norms is like a kind of a Japanese concept as well. And like, you know, obligations. The family is also like a, you know, a Japanese concept as well, but it plays huge over there. So maybe me Do the fillers go into Tokyo my great grandmother did apparently so

DANNY they bring that up in the doc about Yeah, I’m huge there. Yeah. They also said that the fiddler was the essence of the Jewish people

SLIM all right, my honorable mentions, we got most of them. I mean, the idea of a matchmaker still just mind blowing to me. That song was great though. Once they started saying the matchmaker song I was like forehead slap Oh, that’s where this is from. But but but ever even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness that one what alone oh the bride before the intermission where he there like he’s just like standing there with like the wedding you know, tarnished the town destroyed he’s just kind of like his hands holy like you know, he’s holding his hands and he’s just like looking up for that was great. It’s very subdued. Powerful scene. Do you love me great song. She’s dead to us. Oh, yeah. I for an eye or tooth for tooth? Good idea. That way the whole world will be blind and toothless. Yeah, I had a lot of fun with this to the first i Something I thought dried I think it was maybe the back half. And it’s more of a maybe a mental drag just because there’s so much fun to be had in the first half where it almost felt like the second half was like more real in some of those conversations. Also the idea of him like being a milkman. Does he get paid? Or is this just like, is there any kind of transfer of money? Maybe a

PROTO barter system? Yeah.

DANNY Partners on retainer.

SLIM Maybe he’s just like delivering like one glass of milk to people. Yeah, that’s fresh baby. What do you do? What do you do when you drink and you added they each

JASON had their like little pitcher they each had like you because they show when he’s reading the newspaper he’s got like his standardized measuring cup and he dumps it in and they’ve got like the exact right size receptacle for the milk so I don’t know they got a system worked out for it

SLIM yeah that that milk container was cool though. I did that have a cap served is that four stars from me had a lot

DANNY of fun with goodness

JASON that’s a much higher rated than I would have expect. I was very worried about this both because you know some things have happened to other guests on this pod.

SLIM He is holding a newspaper and he’s just like twisting it hearing the radio

JASON honorable mention I forgot to bring up age was raised in like a evangelical Pentecostal tradition, I believe. Anyway, he had a Christian Bar Mitzvah growing up which is a thing I’d never heard of real brought it up what’s definitely not real, but it happened nonetheless. Like somewhere in Florida, he had a swamp Christian Bar Mitzvah.

SLIM There’s many stories of from ages past that just, they sound strange. And when you hear them, you ask questions you won’t

JASON get you won’t learn more than

SLIM what he’s almost dumbfounded that you’re asking you a question about some story. He’s telling you and that Alright, so you can shoot us an email or drop us a VM at 70 Mm reads the links on 70 Mm

JASON Oh my god this poster.

SLIM Thank you. The art has dropped the art has dropped

PROTO god its color palette you can

SLIM let’s see. Let’s hear from art. Dear friend art tonight Who should we bring up? I mean the concert that art is that as of recording right now? It’s the Muse and Evanescence.

PROTO Wow wake me up baby.

DANNY What a banger. Oh, it’s

JASON another Twilight rewatch that

SLIM is on the pulse right now. Alright, so art emails in Jason on the show tonight. What again? How about these middling reviews coming in from the villagers feel sick about it. I hope all my friends get the help they need. Hey, how exhilarating was it to see tibia move his dad bod in this way. It was high art. Yeah, we haven’t really talked about the dance style dance. Also the graveyard dream sequences an all time good time. But imagine seeing it for the first time at age six. scarred me for life.

DANNY Oh my gosh. Finally, I

SLIM watched my mom’s old original DVD played on my 4k blu ray player. Follow up question is DVD upskilling the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the public? Yeah. Sensei i say look like absolute s. Need to check out before you’ve anniversary blu ray to see if a restoration was done. My copy of this five star movie was not Good out with the fam tonight during tonight’s live show. So we’ll be excited to jump into the uncut episode tomorrow so I can hear the five star reveals dropped one at a time. Good Sabbath art. That’s great.

DANNY Art whatever we watched on Vudu. I questioned if it was 4k. It looked great.

SLIM There. I think there Yeah, that probably is that recent for blu ray restoration, which I’m guessing was cut from a 4k restoration, where the hell of phrasing is on those things?

DANNY Your HDX waiting for the 50th to drop the forecast.

SLIM Who do we want to hear from we actually got a lot of VMs to guess

DANNY just start, just go. Let’s see. I actually just fire him off.

SLIM I looked at the runtime of this, this VM and I almost plots. So here we go. This is silly from the dune pod. Community

JASON dune pod projectionists. He does our screenings. Thank you. Nice. Well, somebody

has to reveal old movies, young people can discover these things themselves. I need a co host. Someone interesting. Gosh. And who likes doom? Tape Decker tape Decker. Bring the film. Slender and hard for I’m longing to be the top of the iTunes feed.

JASON Oh, Jason, have I got a host for you? He’s handsome. He’s young. Okay, he’s 52 names. Ah, true. True. So be happy. And even if you’re not, you’ll get to watch good films with the choco huts. Ah, I found him. Won’t you be a lucky guy? His hair is full and thick. That is from side to side. Good catch. Right, right. You heard he has Twitter. He’ll tweet you every night. But only till it crumbles. So you’re all right. You think you get a slim? Well, I’ve done the best I can. With no podcast on Twitter. No culture, footprints. Be glad you got up. Hi. Decker tape. Decker. I know that it’s still very long to do part two. up to the minute I misunderstood that I could get stuck for good.

SLIM Wow. Wow. What do you have to say? What do you have to say about that VM Jason?

JASON Look, it actually raises an important point, which is first of all silly he’s very talented. And we’re obviously we’re really grateful to have him in as our doom projection as he leaves voicemails that are highly creative every week. And we need those voicemails because our podcast is not as good as 70 millimetres. So we need the voicemails to really bring it home. But the matchmaker voicemail reminds me that proto actually was the Yenta matchmaker for me and ah because he was meant to be the third host of Dune, I was told that he was the co host of Dune pod and that I could come on as a guest for a couple episodes. And then as soon as I said yes, this is what he told me as soon as I said yes proto dipped into into the Red Sea

JASON and was never seen from again, he did our first episode with us, but a couple more but like I was left with his maniac that’s the story of our arranged marriage. So

SLIM that’s a classic memory of forgetting that part. It was early in, you know, he would he would come in every so often, like once a month, he made another appearance. Yeah, on we

PROTO did all the books. We did all the other books. That’s right. books together. Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s off and we’re fortunate that it it ended up the way that it has. I mean, you have what a beautiful marriage of ah and Jason that we get to experience as spectators.

SLIM I mean, if anyone could see the back and forth that we witnessed today in a private this oh my

gosh, money. Love me.

SLIM Thank you silly for the VM. Let’s see. Let’s go to a letter plus Vm from on KC Haas. Oh gosh. Hey, 70 family. It’s Casey. I wanted to send something in on this final week of the Last Temptation of 70. Mm. I know religion and faith can be tricky and sensitive subjects for people to talk about, which is why art is so great because it can bring these ideas and themes to life in new ways for us to talk about, quote, art, of course, like the movies we love, but also other forms like poetry. I came across this poem last week, and I immediately connected with and I wanted to share it with you, as you close out this month. This is the beautiful striped Sparrow by Mary Oliver. Excuse me. Yeah, let’s listen in here.

In the afternoons in the almost empty fields, I hum the hymns I used to sing in church. They could not tame me, so they would not keep me. Alas, and how that feels the weight of it. I will not tell any of you not ever. Still, as they promised God, once he is in your heart is everywhere. So even here among the weeds, and the brisk trees. How long does it take to home him strolling one or two acres of the sweetness of the world, not counting a lapse now and again of sheer emptiness. Once a deer stood quietly at my side, and sometimes the wind has touched my cheek like a spirit. Am I lonely? The beautiful stripe Sparrow serenely on the tallest weed and his kingdom also sings without words.

SLIM Oh my gosh. But a nun that was going to be a beautiful save that for last. My producer hat on sorry. She’s asleep. I feel like we knocked this month out of the park is a good month if I can be frank with you.

JASON Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it as a as a fan. I thought I thought it was really good selection of movies. And I loved hearing like both stuff like last temptation as well as like interstellar which both both like really, really big ones to cover. Yeah, and like and then are connected. They’re connected in this in this theme that

SLIM Interstellar. The response to the interstellar app? It’s like we paid money to have that movie

DANNY sort of check but we really

SLIM Yeah, we had a free blue check on that episode. How about HP bullied into removing his blue check? Twitter. Finally, it took the day that every other every other regular blue check would be removed for him to finally make the decision.

He still has it though because I know he’s out there again on off isn’t run

JASON out loud. It’s great. It’s great. Yeah, it became a problem once his wife found out that he paid for

DANNY it always does. Always the problem when the wife finds out

SLIM speaking the devil himself and he shall appear.

HAITCH Hey, guys, ah, calling in for fiddler. Wow. All my favorite podcasters gathered together to celebrate film. You absolutely love to see it. And you’re covering a cinema classic by Norman Jewison, which wouldn’t be topped until he directed his 1975 masterpiece roller ball. Jason I hope Fiddler fared better than Miller’s Crossing. You can be tough having your beloved film walk in your tight room. Anyway, can’t wait to hear what you guys thought. Love you. Bye.

SLIM When is he watching Fiddler on the Roof?

DANNY He doesn’t have time for fiddler. Yeah, you should be doing

SLIM doing what’s what’s he doing during the day? He’s got plenty of time. Right?

JASON He’s producing these he’s cutting out clips for episode 70 pages of notes. For each of our episodes. We’re at it we just agreed that we just agreed to add like more episodes like we’re gonna

SLIM excuse me This is breaking news, I guess. Are you planning to announce this I’m probably

JASON not allowed to announce it but we’re doing there’s gonna be a special episode. Okay, I’m allowed to announce that we’re going to cover the premiere of silo the the the TV show that’s adapted from from Wall Gessen with Rebecca Ferguson. There you go Yeah. And so we’re gonna we’re gonna cover that and we’ll have an episode that drops like the episode it comes out on like May the fifth and we’ll have an episode that comes out on like the Tuesday Wow, Tuesday drop. Yeah. Maybe every week he says that we’re recap pod. I was trying to get us I was trying to do is to cover the 40th anniversary of V the miniseries that yeah, because that that came out. That’s the 40 years 40 years. It was the same week as return to the Jedi. Which

DANNY that’s amazing. Yeah,

JASON and it

SLIM sounds like a Patreon tight. Yeah, like maybe put that behind the paywall.

I think we have to pay people to like reverse Patreon here’s $4 per episode

JASON I did watch the whole thing I watched the whole mini series on the plane just to be prepared and it is actually surprisingly good. I will defend V the mini series.

SLIM I remember seeing that on Sci Fi Channel. Yeah, that was on reruns and like during the day or something I remember seeing lizard dudes or whatever the plot show was for Battlestar to come on. There was a modern day VI was there like a real reboot? type thing? There’s a reboot.

DANNY Monaco, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Who from fire

JASON though? A woman?

DANNY She’s in Deadpool. She plays Deadpool. His wife. Yes, I’ve

SLIM Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening. Sounds made up.

DANNY Me and Jason on the same page. Yeah, we’re

SLIM very much are you ready to announce that Danny is guesting on a retrospective Patreon exclusive for

ladies who play lizard people.

SLIM Okay, we have another long VM here. From first timer. 90 Seconds or Less is kind of like what you know we shoot for here but it’s okay for first timers. We’ll let it slide.

What’s up, man pod, longtime listener first time caller. love movies love hearing about them being able to go back through after the discussion and kind of dig through the deeper details. I’m talking about interstellar bang or more. Or my all time favorite movies. Huge sci fi fan. I don’t really understand why people get so hung up on the science of this movie when it is science fiction. So it’s allowed to kind of you whatever it wants. I do think that there’s typically like, cold and mechanical sci fi movies, and there’s typically heartfelt kind of more like morality versions of those movies. I feel like this movie really blends those two together perfectly. I also find it really interesting, that course contact Scott McConaughey in it as well. And I feel like in that movie religion science they both are argued, but in a way that they’re able to coexist and that they’re only respecting both of them can we all reach a balance in society and in ourselves, and I feel like this movie is a really good way to utilize that that feeling as well. Just understanding that perhaps Love is an actual action isn’t actually a scientific study in which to be observed to like, gain any kind of knowledge or view farther in the world, but without the balance of our emotions, with the cold science of what we’re trying to do, then, you know, people make decisions like lying about a formula that they have, you know, people that they love, little things like that. But I do think this movie illustrates that the human spirit and science and human ingenuity balanced together you know, would be the thing that kind of propel us forward had this happen. But of course, you know, you go on forever about the aesthetics all that I’ll cut it shorter. But yeah, five bagger love this movie. One of our all time favorites, the 2001 of our generation every other good thing in it. Love it love the podcast. Thank you guys for what you do. You can name

DANNY was his name?

SLIM He actually just sent a follow up VM with that answer.

My name is Marcos. I do tattoos. My Instagram is at joy. I would love to see you guys check out the work and I’ll be following up get some of that artwork from Danny soon. Are they

DANNY all Yes. My getting to Yeah,

PROTO I just got the interstellar print in my house and oil boy it’s on real

JASON Yeah, that’s I love this new this new style of poster you’ve you’ve told me I like the old ones too. I just like seeing you do some new some new

DANNY directions. Thanks.

SLIM Unreal. Unreal. Wait until next week’s stay

five weeks Oh by August.

SLIM We have one more VM for we talk about next week and next month’s theme

KEV Hello 70 millimeter Hi Jason cap here. We all know any any real one knows that. On another tape deck show. I have been contracted into this kind of Faustian nightmare where to do so to celebrate Jason’s appearance and 70 millimeter I have decided to gift you with one of Cavs questions. Kevin’s question. Fiddler on the Roof is a story about tradition, bumping up against progress among many, many other things. One of the biggest things is is tevi his dedication to tradition, versus just children trying to get what they perceive to be better lives for themselves. And whether they are or not is up in the air. and whether whatever he does at the end of this movie is up in the air as well. So with Chevy’s loyalty to tradition in mind, I would like to ask, what are traditions in your family that you are hoping to carry down to your children. Also, before I go, I have to address. I don’t just give five stars to anything. I’m really good at self curating. And I love you guys. And everybody can go look at right now. And you can see just how many movies I just can’t stand. Look, I’m running out of time. I gotta go. Love you guys super psyched for this episode. Jason. Much love. And I’ll talk to you guys soon.

SLIM And that is actually his URL. It’s that’s a get did I give that to Cameron has Kevin had that? What

JASON are you? Are you in the username handing out business? I’d love

SLIM to talk about that offline. Across we won’t get into that on the show. Save that one for offline. So what traditions would you want to hand down Jason kept question.

JASON You know, there’s a lot of that we’re doing some of like the even though we’re not religious, we don’t go to services. We actually do like Hanukkah stuff. We light the candles for Hanukkah. And I think that’s like, I think that’s like one of like, the things that I find fun to do in the, in the Christmas season. Because, like my wife goes all out for Christmas. Like it’s just like a full on situation. And so like, I feel like it’s you know, my ancestors are looking down on me with my little menorah. And like, the candles, and plus also, it’s fire. So it’s inherently compelling and interesting to kids. So I want to I want to try to keep I want to try to keep that one. That one alive. But I’m really grateful to hear from Kev on this podcast. Kevin,

SLIM Kevin alluding to some kind of ironclad contract he can’t get out of Yeah. Content. Yeah, leaving pod.

JASON So like, he has a variety of these folks, the voicemails are big for us and like, but he like he will just ping these poor people and like demand their content. And like send agents like Topol to, like go

get those voicemails you’re gonna get this voicemail.

SLIM They’re locked in, they’re probably out it’s maybe the night before recording or the night of they’re like, Oh, I’m out with my wife. I don’t have time. But you know, he is he is paying me I gotta hold on, honey, I

PROTO gotta go on the text messages.

SLIM I gotta go record a song real quick. Give me like 20 minutes,

PROTO give me three hours.

SLIM What traditions you’ve handed down proto.

PROTO You know what I often think about this that we don’t, I don’t really have many traditions. My family didn’t like have many traditions growing up. So I’m often thinking, you know, like, what can I do with the kids? And because you want to make memories and doing things repeatedly, obviously is like the best way to do that? I don’t know. So I’m kind of like, Yeah, we don’t really have many. I don’t, I can’t even think of a single one. Does lactose intolerance

JASON count as a tradition? Because that’s like, that’s big and we can’t be passed on? Yeah.

SLIM Can’t be past Danny, anything.

DANNY I mean, we really don’t have like tradition. I mean, I think we do like little things. But nothing that has at least traveled from my mind growing up some my family now that I can think of. I’m sure Casey is probably screaming at me right now with all the traditions that we have. She listens to this episode, but I don’t know. I feel like there’s more of my past. I don’t want to bring along that I want to give to my kids than not. But anyway, that’s probably that’s a different episode, which is probably

SLIM screaming at me for ending on Kevin’s VM and not hers. Screaming. Casey, I apologize. earlier. I apologize again. I don’t think we had nothing comes to mind in terms of traditions. Amanda and I have tried to just like instill just like little things about around the house with each other. So James will ask me how my day was when he comes home from school. We started that like when he was super young, we’d ask him how his day was and he would have to ask us, so it’s almost become this thing where he knows it’s a it’s a part of his day to talk with us about our day. And that’s just some little tradition that we started, which I appreciate over time. I mean, you know, how often do your kids ask how your day was some kids that are up on the Xbox right away, you know, tomorrow so, as we mentioned earlier, we didn’t know what the heck we wanted to do for May we asked the question on our Patreon and we almost got we got like 100 comments with ideas, some good ideas on there. Some good ideas mother Mae, I was I was talked about let me just say that Mother May I wasn’t where we talked was talked about mayhem mayhem mayhem month

DANNY Yeah, I was a good one.

PROTO I had a banger peg for mayhem

SLIM so did I set it I was also a mother may I pack at the same time? Oh my gosh. Mikey P left a comment Stallone month. Oh, trying to right the wrongs of a recent Demolition Man episode I believe it’s fascinating. Come What May movies with a friend on some blows who go on to some kind of adventure heist journey. It was a good one. And let’s see. Shear month that’s not a real one has been talking about shear month for three years. It’s right around the corner. Let me just see if there’s any other ones want to call out here. Animation. Michael may may be was a good one. Daniel may Lewis.

DANNY Great suggestion.

SLIM Let Beck’s choose month it’s a month where you let me choose each movie at random that has five likes on it. I want to I want the names of everyone that liked that comment. And I’m going to take action. We did see one that we thought was just too good. And we’re actually going to do some things we might never do again. We’re going to announce all the movies right now. We’ve never done this before. This is this is out of the dune pod playbook. This is a five ton honor.

JASON Yeah, believe I’m here to see it.

SLIM Yeah, let me just name the franchises we’re going to do I have my list up I gotta get my list. I have it I have it. I’m just gonna name names and franchises. We’ll go with Okay, maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this in a second. Star Wars Rocky. Superman.

DANNY Good Lord

SLIM jaws. Good Lord Terminator. Can me Well, we talked about him earlier art left a comment maybe he thought was a joke comment but I’ll tell you what are we take it seriously this is not a game my friend did this to your So may the fourth only do the fourth movie in a franchise. Oh my god. So we are doing those franchises. The fourth films the fourth films in them so next week this is not a joke we’re bending the rules a little bit who gives enough it’s not a game okay cast May the fourth the first episode we’ll be doing to kick it off. Star Wars 1977 with George Lucas episode four episode four A New Hope we did it streaming on Disney plus. So we also have we have we have a big month planned after Star Wars we’re going to be doing rocky for we will right the wrongs of another pod after that, I think dune pod might have even covered this Superman for

DANNY Superman for

SLIM three we were continuing the journey.

JASON Yeah, we did. We did Star Trek for though the voyage. Oh, oh, that

SLIM was we talked about potentially doing that one. The Superman for the quest for peace. average rating on litterbox 1.6. Will be the judge. Next after that. We are continuing our yearly tradition. Jaws The Revenge Dale from Baton spider will be back on the show. That’s great. To continue the journey, you know the stars in Jaws The Revenge. Talk to us. Michael Ken

JASON Yeah, I heard he was on the podcast. That was last Yeah, it

SLIM was it was insane.

PROTO I’m actually trying to line up in an interview. Oh my. Oh, that’s great for the for the dispatch.

SLIM Oh, my god the dispatch. Dustin the cobwebs off of that. And forgot about the dispatcher till you just said it. The fourth one was that Ford us four already so that when there’s a fifth week, and we reserve the right to change our mind, you know, at any point this is this is just so nice. announcing an episode for like five weeks in advance. It’s making me sweat. I don’t like it. But tentatively the last movie we’ll cover as a movie will be just very divisive. Terminator Salvation for Christian Bale.

JASON Has anyone seen it?

SLIM I have seen it. I have seen it.

PROTO I’ve seen it.

SLIM Oh yeah, opinions have changed. There’s a 4k that one. Oh,

JASON there’s also the Joss Whedon penned alien for those alien whatever was called restroom

SLIM there’s there’s a lot of potential for this month. Okay a lot of potential

JASON Are you not mandating that people watch the de specialized version of A New Hope you’re gonna lose let people watch what’s on?

SLIM I would never recommend anyone go down the dark web. obtain a copy of a movie such as the D specialising I see, but maybe maybe people should watch the VHS standard is that what you said? You’re doing you? Are you watching the tape of New Hope movies?

DANNY I’m watching the tape of Jaws The Revenge I have it on VHS it’s only

it can only really be a breeze you can

DANNY always watched Star Wars how George intended it and so that is the

PROTO content he intended to get

SLIM Liam in chat, says John Wick four. I think I saw Hannah mentioned Twilight at some point. There is a fourth Twilight is that true?

DANNY There’s a four part lot of movies

SLIM there’s like nine Twilight movies I don’t know

DANNY there’s a movie there’s a TV show coming out now. I saw that for so half of Harry Potter

SLIM May the fourth is the month for the fourth movie and a movie franchise that’s what we’re going with proto How do you feel? Are you excited you after we wanted something fun? You know after holy

PROTO Yeah. Well, that was what we said. You know, it was this is pretty heavy month we wanted something light. So I’m looking at this lineup and it’s feeling like it fit it fits the bill. Also, I also looked there’s like 390 minute movies in here. Oh, she’s just gonna feel great.

DANNY Yeah. That’s like one fiddler.

SLIM Okay, so I’m excited. Yeah, I think we like had so many ideas in our DMS. But they weren’t like that exciting to us and I and you know, behind closed doors one of the things that we want to do on the show is like be excited ourselves to cover some of these movies. So once that idea started in the comments, and I appreciate we appreciate everyone dropping so many great ideas of being excited about digesting themes, which makes me think we should probably do that more often. But that’s well I’m not saying we have to just say just an idea Everyone calm down. So that is Jason’s episode. Jason, thank you so much for coming on. Three years long time coming, but we did it.

JASON Yeah, I really appreciate it. It was it was a true honor to be here for folks who want to check out dune pod we have episodes with each of your whichever your favorite 70 millimeter host is we have episodes for you ProDOS mentioned is covered all the dune books and The Thin Red Line. Danny was on I think what is my favorite episode of doom pod? What is Tron Legacy episode legacy was a lot of fun is maybe like we lost or something happened there was like it was like on the one on the Titanic where people got Angel Dust poisoning and like something like that. Something like that happened during that time to the Tron Legacy and slim has been on slim just gets to cover really terrible movies for some reason. He’s a movie. Prince of Darkness. That was a great Well, that

SLIM was a great movie though. Yeah, so there’s some good ones. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we mentioned at the top of the show this the I think even in the VM that we got from our tattoo friend talked about, you know, the sci fi movies as their favorites. So and, you know, we’re friends with both of you, as I alluded to last week, you know, our exclusive DMS about watches they go on all day. You know, we’re talking about there’s it’s an exclusive club. I can’t even name the other members in the the DM. That’s absolutely but as

JASON I’ve gotten I’ve got something I’ve got something coming in the mail right now. You see it? Okay, no, I don’t know what’s gonna happen

SLIM alright, so everyone check out doon Potter friends over there. Proto any closing thoughts before we enter into May the fourth?

PROTO Ah, yeah, so I was Googling earlier. How to Become a rabbi. Because I feel like this might be the next my next step of you know, spiritual advisors one thing but maybe, maybe this is where I need to go next. So I’m looking into this if anybody has any information that they could pass I mean, I just it was how to become a rabbi and people I’m getting Harvard University links. I’m looking for like maybe a medium post if anybody has something I can work with. Wiki How

SLIM can mid journey help us actually, maybe we should work on Rabbi proto mid journey, slash imagine at some point. Okay, so we’ll see everybody next week for Star Wars A New Hope. Episode Four on Disney

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