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Transcript: Double Feature: Halloween + Halloween Kills

Transcript of 70mm’s Double Feature: Halloween + Halloween Kills Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim. And this is a special bonus double feature episode of 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. My dear friend and artist Danny Haas and our spiritual advisor, Protolexus thought it would be fun to talk about both Halloween and Halloween Kills on this Halloween weekend. Is the negative buzz around these movies real or do these to scratch our slasher itch? Enjoy!

[music plays]

SLIM Second double feature ever. Armageddon, Deep Impact was the last time we talked about two movies. Do you remember how long ago that was Danny?

DANNY At this point it was like five years ago. [Slim laughs]

PROTO To the day. [Danny laughs]

SLIM What are the chances?

DANNY That’s what it feels like.

SLIM I actually went back and listened to our Halloween episode from last year.

DANNY Did you?

SLIM I did. I was laying on the couch watching hockey on ESPN plus and I was like I need to go back and listen to when we talked about the OG Carpenter. And we did that episode I think it was maybe right after we launched the Patreon so the Discord was very new. Not a ton of people in there. And I made a comment in the Discord this week that if that episode happened today, I feel like the Discord would be an ash based on Proto’s comments about that first movie.

PROTO Rubble.

SLIM Two stars. And I don’t know if I’m gonna open the episode with this but I think you guys should be able to hear this but I went back into the archives and I clipped out this piece from that episode.

[clips of Proto singing the Halloween theme song — goes on for about 15 seconds too long]

DANNY Wow. It goes on for a while!

SLIM It is long. It is long. Proto did that live right after he gave the original Halloween two stars and said that the score was overhyped, overdone, overused. How do you feel Proto, hearing that back and thinking back to that episode?

PROTO I stand by all my statements from that episode. You know? What I felt at the time, it was all is all true. I still think that. I think the score was well overused in that first movie to the point where I just I couldn’t even stand it anymore. And I know I’m in the minority, I might be the only person on the planet that feels that way.

SLIM Danny, any rebuttal to that? John Carpenter’s music in that first movie?

DANNY No, no rebuttal. But I can understand. Jumping into — thanks to Dale from BAT & SPIDER I watched the 4K Halloween disc last night or today. And it’s funny, I think about Proto more now when I hear the music kick on than I think about Halloween itself. [Slim laughs] It is interesting how much it’s used in that first film. Because when we watch 2018’s and then Kills, it’s used very sporadically but very well. Mixed in with some great scores in these two movies.

SLIM So Halloween 2018 came out a couple years ago. Halloween Kills as we record this, the three of us have already watched it and posted reviews to Letterboxd so it’s no shock about what our overall vibes are for these two movies. So I think we’ll go through Halloween first. Talk about that for a little bit, the 2018, and then we’ll get into Halloween Kills the brand new one that just hit Peacock. Peacock army rise up. [Danny & Slim laugh] I can’t even say it with a straight face. Before we get into Halloweens, the both of them there’s one other clip that I pulled that was cracking me up from that episode.

DANNY Oh no.

SLIM I feel like Dale having my soundboard from previous clips. So there was a moment in that episode where I called out how odd it was that these kids were trick or treating in broad daylight at like 2 o’clock. [Danny & Slim laugh] So let’s go back to that episode last year where Proto said that that was commonplace around his parts.

[clip of 70mm’s Halloween (1978) plays]

SLIM I mean maybe five o’clock but not like, late, early afternoon.

PROTO No, no, no. Two to four.

DANNY What?!

SLIM Two to four! Who is home to deliver candy? Also how do you even know if someone’s home? You can’t tell with like the light on or whatever.

PROTO How do you know someone’s home if you go to their house?

DANNY Lights are on.

SLIM Yeah, that’s how you know to trick or treat. Lights on.

PROTO Do you knock on their door or like people are out giving out candy.

SLIM So at night, do you ever Trick or Treat at night?

PROTO Do I trick — [Slim and Danny laugh] — how old are you?!

SLIM You have kids! You have kids!

PROTO No! I don’t Trick or Treat at night!

SLIM So you don’t take your kids out to Trick or Treat when the sun is down?


SLIM This is horrifying to hear right now. Danny, do you take your kids out when the sun’s down Trick or Treating?

DANNY Yeah. Nighttime.

SLIM I want Proto in jail right now, hearing the sun goes down and the Protos go in.

PROTO Who cares?

[clip of 70mm’s Halloween (1978) ends]

SLIM Who care? Proto says.

DANNY That’s so funny.

SLIM Has anything changed since we did that episode Proto?

PROTO No, I mean, Halloween, it’s dark out. I’ve got a fire pit in my backyard. I’ve got friends over. We’re eating, pizza hanging out and the kids are high on candy. I’m not dragging my kids through the town worrying if my two year old jumped a fence or is getting attacked by someone’s dog that I can’t see. You know, we’re safe and sound at home. The dark is for the teenagers. I’m not taking my young kids out there.

SLIM Okay. All right. We won’t spend any more time on that topic. Maybe till next year. We’ll play that clip again and see if anything’s changed.

DANNY It’s so funny. Still.

SLIM Halloween 2018. Proto, where are we in this film, as we get into our discussion? Can you lay it out for folks that have or have not seen it?

[Halloween theme music plays]

PROTO I’ll do the best I can. I was trying to recall what happens in this movie. Having just seen it within the past week, I was having trouble. So the events of the first Halloween have happened. Michael Myers have spent the better part of four decades in prison. And then for whatever reason, they decide to move him to a different facility on of all days Halloween, because why not? And he breaks out. There’s an accident, or he causes an accident. Him and the other prisoners escape and Michael is let loose again. Laurie Strode has spent 40 years preparing for this moment because she knew that Michael would return. She’s terrified. She has traumatized her family, all her friends. Her daughter was taken away from her. But Laurie, she’s got guns. She’s got a booby trapped house. She’s ready for Michael and Michael is coming. You know he’s in Haddonfield again and he starts killing people. He just does what he knows how to do. So he goes on a killing spree, kills quite a few people, and eventually ends up at Laurie’s house thanks to some doctor who I have a lot of questions about. But we’ll get to that. So he ends up there and then they have a face off in her house. She’s got this elaborate house with locking doors, moving kitchen cabinets, and a treasure trove of guns. Also a house that’s set to light on fire when she traps Michael, which she is able to do, she traps him sets her whole her whole house on fire and escapes, barely, because she’s been stabbed. And she gets out. And that’s how Halloween 2018 ends. Should I just do Halloween kills too? Right now? Should we just get into it? Should we cover the whole thing? [Slim laughs]

SLIM And treat it as one movie? I don’t know. I was thinking we talked about the first movie and then we’ll drift into the Halloween kills because —

PROTO Okay, let’s do it.

SLIM I mean, even just saying that out loud. I had no idea that Kills took place right after the first movie. Did you guys know that?

DANNY I didn’t. And I loved it. I loved that.

SLIM Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. So Halloween 2018, this had come out, it had this young stud director. The director of Pineapple Express. You know, who better to Helm the new Halloween trilogy? Also, which annoyingly I heard that he’s talking about The Exorcist trilogy. Can we slow down? A little bit? Just do one movie, why you gotta talk about a trilogy? It’s not Star Wars.

PROTO Oh, that’s his face that was posted on Discord. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Yeah that’s that goober. That’s his Letterboxd photo. So I had seen this when it had come out. I thought it was good. And why not go back and do both of these movies for 70mm? It’s time, it’s the perfect moment. And let’s just jump right into it. My first note from this movie —

DANNY Your first note.

SLIM My first note that I wrote down, they’re all in viewing orders. So the podcasters.


SLIM Let’s get into it. I don’t even want to call them journalists, these two are idiots. They have no idea what they’re doing but they allegedly have a hit podcast on their hands, but they’re recording, they go to record Michael at this asylum. And they’re using this Zoom recorder. They’re just holding it out with the microphone. It’s so windy. That audio is useless. That was the first thing I remember from this viewing. I hate these podcasters.

DANNY Only you would have that response.

SLIM They need to get what’s called a dead cat on that thing. It’s like that like a hairy thing, blocks out the wind. They don’t have that. I hated the podcasters. My second note, I can’t wait for them to be killed in this viewing.


DANNY Goodness. The courtyard sequence is my first note because I really love that kind of intro to what Michael is now. And I don’t remember. I only watched the first two originals and then I skipped ahead to H20 that’s what someone — some smart horror fan told me to do. So I didn’t really remember how much of Michael they showed but just seeing the size of him and then kind of his face a little bit. He’s an older man, but he’s still just such a big hulking figure. I really loved that beginning intro cuz it was really creepy to see him. I don’t know not stalking someone just like as a person in jail. I don’t know what it was. It didn’t like humanize him, but it just kind of made him, I don’t know, a lot more creepier than normal. I don’t know why it did that to me.

SLIM How about the checkered floor? I thought that shot was awesome.

DANNY Yeah, that was really cool.

PROTO Really nice design of that asylum.

DANNY But then showing him the mask again, trying to get a response out of him, there’s something like — I love seeing him pull it out and hold it to his back. And you can just tell he wanted to rip them to shreds, like bad.

SLIM Also the way it starts like he’s yelling at him to get a response and then the logo hits with the music. I though that was pretty badass.

DANNY Ah, what an intro.

PROTO One of the things I noticed, now I’m not a huge slasher guy, but I have watched some and it’s, you know, some of the the older stuff and something I noticed is that, you know, in all these older slashers there’s always like the nudity, right? There’s just like a set of breasts almost by default. But this doesn’t have any of that. This is like kind of like steered away from that. Is that kind of like just like a newer thing like in the past 10 or 20 years where like, they just don’t have that like level of nudity, or is it just like the series is something different?

SLIM I think the later Halloweens definitely didn’t have that but I also don’t think the franchise in general is known for that, really. I’m trying to think back cuz I did watch them all and they’re mostly terrible. But also I don’t know if the slasher genre today, if there even is one is really known for that. I feel like it’s definitely a dated idea. It kind of just stayed that way. So when someone says slasher, I feel like people think of 80s movies or 70s movies.

DANNY 100%

SLIM I mean, like, maybe anything else after that is probably just considered a horror movie. Because it’s like a of the time thing.

PROTO I guess in terms of, yeah, well, going to the podcasters, when they get killed.

DANNY Oh my god.

PROTO Those moments of things happening in the background with Michael where people aren’t aware. Those are really well done, I think and that, that happens when they’re at the, the gas station, and he’s like, pummeling the guy inside of the garage in the background. But then also just what is the deal with the teeth? So this woman is in the bathroom stall, and Michael pulled out the teeth of this one character and just like drops them over the stall. That’s pretty sick.

SLIM I didn’t quite get that he’s just doing like psychotic things, because even not to jump into the second movie. But he starts like positioning corpses in ways so I don’t know if that’s just an evolution of Michael Myers. That wasn’t really — I didn’t see in any other movies necessarily, either. But maybe he’s just trying to amp up the freakiness. What do you think Danny?

DANNY It was gross. That’s what I thought. [Slim laughs] I didn’t like it. Can you imagine?

SLIM No. I mean, let alone, my note about that scene murdered while pooping. What a way to go.

DANNY She said she had to go number two, right?

SLIM I assumed that she was going number two.

DANNY She was straight up taking a dump and he just interrupted her with teeth.

SLIM I mean, you gotta let someone finish. [Slim laughs] You gotta take care of business first.

DANNY You have to let her wipe before you break her neck.

PROTO I mean, for his own sake as well.

DANNY Right? [Danny laughs]

PROTO She’s crawling on the floor, you don’t know what might happen, Michael. Be careful.

SLIM What if she’s not done? You know? What if she just had like spicy chicken for lunch?

DANNY He’s used to it though. Anytime Michael’s killed someone they’ve shit themselves before he killed them. [Slim laughs] So it’s just normal business for him actually. Before that, man that bus wreck with the boy. I know you don’t want to want to talk about kid gore.

SLIM Let it out. Let it out.

DANNY What a creepy scene though! I love that it kind of harkens back to the first time Loomis pulls up to the asylum and it’s got the inmates walking around in the robes. It kind of feels like that same kind of same when they pull up and the inmates are just walking around. It’s so good. It’s so creepy. You just want to yell at that kid to stay in the damn car. Like you know once he gets out It’s over. It’s over. And then he shoots — was it the doctor he shoots in the chest? In the bus? Oh my gosh. It’s a good scene. I love that scene so much.

SLIM There’s a couple scenes in the two movies that feel like Danny McBride scenes, like he can kind of see which scenes he wrote because they’re kind of funny and in his style. So like the conversation between the dad and the son feels like a Danny McBride scene.

[clip of Halloween 2018 plays]

I wrote in my first review, I just don’t want to see a kid murdered. Like do it off screen or whatever. Like he gets strangled I feel like pretty hard like on screen.

DANNY Slammed up against the window. It’s a good five seconds of a kid getting killed.

SLIM It’s too much for me. Proto, what did you think?

PROTO Yeah, I remember that from your review and when it happened it almost didn’t register to me that this is what you were talking about. And then I was like oh, this is what the scene he was so upset about? I don’t know it just seemed so quick and not — it wasn’t like graphic.

SLIM Maybe you’ve become desensitized.

PROTO Honestly no, I was more traumatized by the scene with the crying baby. Even though he doesn’t do anything. Just like seeing like Michael kills the mother. And then he goes into the room with the crying baby that just like like stressed me out immediately. And like I couldn’t handle that and that was only like five seconds but that was like too much for me.

SLIM I’m the minority with the kid gore in this podcast.

DANNY Yeah. You are.

SLIM I’ll stand up for the children if no one else will.

PROTO Here we go. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Some of my other notes, the mask in this movie, when he first puts it on or there’s one shot where he’s walking, he puts the mask on and he’s walking away. It looks like he has old man hair. Like an old man wig. Like the back of it. It just looks aged. Like it didn’t make any sense that the hair on the wig also aged but I just made a note of that in the review.

DANNY That’s really funny. The mask looked really good on this though. These two movies — it’s back to formula. It’s so good. So creepy.

SLIM Let’s talk about the doctor in this movie. The guy, he sounds like he’s doing a Loomis impression in this thing for whatever. It’s very strange. I couldn’t remember what his deal was. And while I was watching this, I mean, it wasn’t that long ago, this movie came out three years, I’d forgotten that he is the reason why all of this has happened. He set everything in motion. He’s a psychopath. And he tries to kill the one cop. And then before he gets murdered. So Proto, you said you had a bunch of questions about this goober.

PROTO Yeah, I mean, this guy, he’s a professional doctor here. And he goes and kills our Sheriff or attempts to kill him, you know, slap him in the knife so that Michael could survive, and then he wants to take him to Laurie Strode’s house. It just seemed like, This dude is like literally throwing his life away, to give this psychopath a chance to kill again. And of course, he’s like, oh, yeah, I need to see him in his natural environment to study him. Like, what are you going to be studying? Brah? Like this guy’s just gonna kill people. What are you doing? It just seems so psychotic for him to make this move at this time.

DANNY Do you think he caused the bus wreck?

SLIM I think so. 100%. I mean, he let these s head podcasters to set everything in motion. I bet. He might have been responsible for them getting the mask, really. You know?

PROTO I like this theory, yeah.

SLIM Because why else would these losers who allegedly have a hit podcast that don’t even continue recording when they get lucky — [Danny laughs]

DANNY Let it out.

SLIM They’re in the lobby and they’re doing this kind of goofy like intro like they don’t have anything planned out, she’s reading off this like awful script but they hit stop on the recording when the doctor comes out. You keep recording. You know, Dr. Loomis 2. Doomis comes in there. And you’re gonna hit stop on the recorder? Just keep it going! Ugh, so annoying.

DANNY How about them having $3,000 cash to offer Laurie Strode for an interview? On hand. We’re professionals, we don’t pay for interviews is what the guy said. Are you kidding me? What? [Danny laughs]

SLIM Also that line of dialogue is horrendous.

PROTO Yeah, their whole approach when they go to see Laurie is just like asinine. Like they’re immediately doing everything they can to tick her off like would you not be trying to like be befriend her, like build rapport, get on her good side. Ask her some softball questions. I don’t know like anything to make this interview work. They immediately just like get them selves thrown out of the house.

DANNY Yeah, they lead with, remember when they took your child away? Remember when you weren’t a fit monther? Can you come off it? Geeze! They pissed her off right away.

SLIM To talk about Laurie Strode a little bit. In both of these movies, I actually had a problem disassociating myself from Michael Myers as a franchise because when this movie takes place, only the first movie has happened. You know, only the one night with the murders and Laurie has happened so he’s not like a known Boogey Man really, an unbeatable. So like in my head, I was like, oh, when I first saw him, I was like, yeah, it makes sense. Laurie’s like, training for 40 years but in this universe like she’s a psycho to one guy murdered almost murdered you and you’re locked away for 40 years to like prep for his return. Like what are the chances the serial killer gets a let out? It’s like a billion to one, right? Yeah, so it’s pretty wild to think about that. In the second movie especially, I was like telling myself, like you’re going up against Michael Myers. What do you expect to happen? But in this universe, it’s just like, you know, BTK getting let out 50 years later or something. Like they don’t they don’t think they’re gonna get annihilated so I don’t know it was just kind of hard to ignore the other movies when I was watching.

PROTO Yeah, I guess that’s the advantage I have is that I only saw the original and then just kind of went right into this and I think it’s in terms of, you know, continuing the Halloween story right when they did in 2018 This makes so much sense right? Because you know, Jamie Lee Curtis This is how old she is right now. So just kind of like pick up in this year as if none of those other movies happened and like create like a new story. I think it’s it was a it was a great move in terms of what to do with the franchise because you know, everyone loves Jamie Lee Curtis. This is like her franchise they want to see her in these movies. So it just it was just a great move in terms of you know where to continue from.

DANNY I just wonder if they just assumed like people like me and Proto like I’ve only seen the first two so what if they just assume that the mass most people that are going to pick up Halloween 2018 only really know of the beginning story and not the witches or whatever, whatever the third one was called her any of that continuing franchise over the years. We really only know this beginning Boogeyman story of Michael. I guess they would assume that we’re just like the town where we’ve only heard this mythological, creepy story for generations. And nothing’s ever happened. You know, except for the five people who have survived Michael.

SLIM Tommy.

DANNY We’ll get to Tommy. [Danny & Slim laugh

SLIM I liked how they’re having like this fight and she replicates the shot from the first movie where she’s on the ground and the grass and disappears to him as opposed to the inverse in that first movie. I want to go to my original review was I was annoyed that Laurie had been training for 40 years but she puts her head up against the door that Michael is another side of like his you don’t think he’s going to try something and maybe his hands when it comes with that window moron?

DANNY How do you have a fortress and then still have glass windows on your front door?

SLIM Exactly. How is there not some corridor with like trap doors that you got to walk through?

PROTO Her whole plan is moronic. [Danny laughs] This whole house is so stupid. Why like you let him he comes in your house and then first of all like, why don’t you have an AR 15? Why don’t you have an Uzi? You’re carrying this this gun that is 10 feet long but you can’t swing around — you have no — and then she’s holding a flashlight on top, it’s just like the worst plan.

SLIM Yeah, she’s an idiot. Like even the scheme that they have to trap him in the basement.

PROTO It’s not a cage. It’s a trap.

SLIM What’s the difference? It’s the same thing! A cage is a trap! Cut the line out of the movie! My first thought was like why not tie him up to capitate him cut his arm off cut his other arm off, cut his legs off. Bury him in different states. You’re just gonna lay them on fire and just pray that everything works out? 40 years she had for this plan.40 years.

PROTO Well also the plan involving them being in the basement and getting Michael in the basement and then coming up the same stairs.

SLIM That was her best idea. She didn’t have any other plans that worked any better than that and her daughter agreed. Yep, let’s do this. We’ll be able to figure this out. Danny what do you think of the final act of Halloween?

DANNY The final — I mean we can joke about it all we want and how stupid it is. But it’s really fun to watch. That’s the thing I just still enjoyed watching how stupid it was. I liked her walking through like the mannequin room like why why do that to yourself why store mannequins in a room where you’re just going to freak yourself out and anyway?

PROTO Also why are there no lights on in any of it?

DANNY Yeah, you flood the outside, turn all the lights on the inside too! But I do enjoy it I do enjoy the stressfulness of it because it just sucks you right back into how you like you said in one of your reviews if I think it was your Kills review where it’s like how are you not just out running Michael like how do you just not I’ll run this guy but then there’s just the aspect of he doesn’t stop you could run as much as you want he’s not stopping until he gets what exactly what he wants. He’s just gonna out survive you. I don’t know. The ending of this is fun. It’s just fun. I loved your Judy Greer in these films too. Yeah, I think she’s great. I think she kind of helps, I don’t know, especially with Kills she’s a better I don’t know character than Laurie is in Kills.

PROTO Yeah and I agree about the end. It’s stupid and silly but I think that’s — I kind of expect that. And like this suspense is there. When she is going from room to room like that’s the most tense moment of the of the movie and it just harkens back to the original were like just that whole end sequence with her and Michael was super tense and it and it’s so that you know that works out great and of course yeah the house is silly but it works good for the moment.

DANNY Because you got both her daughter and granddaughter now involved so you really don’t know if they’re even going to survive this attack with Michael in the house so there’s that level of stress to now that they’re involved in this so yeah, this endings fun it’s a real good time. Except for the boyfriend. Can we get that man out of a skirt? This whole time trying to run around? He even wears it in Kills, he wears it the whole Kills movie!

SLIM I was like oh shit, this is happening right that same night?

DANNY They’re still coming from the Halloween party, they’re still dressed as Bonnie and Clyde.

SLIM Bizarre. I did like where she trapped she was like fake crying to bring Michael out. That was a cool moment. So overall, I had I had fun rewatching it. I think I had more fun than the last time I saw it. So I didn’t post my review yet. But I will when this episode is up I think I’m at three and a half stars for this viewing of Halloween. I really enjoy Michael in this movie, in these two movies. Probably more than the OG Halloween I think. I think he looks cool. The overall design, you know, the size of him. Looks cool.

DANNY Yeah, I think now that the story is a now that the character of Michael is just solidified in cinema history. I mean, they don’t really know what’s going to happen in 78 or whenever the first one came out. SO they can make him more of a monster than he has in the first one. Like the first one is just walking around town. It’s stressful for other reasons. But in this he’s just, he’s just a brute force. Like he’s just relentless and I really liked that about him.

SLIM Yeah I wonder if they’re gonna in the third one spend any time on like why he’s still alive or like why he’s able to get back up like they did in the original series but we’ll see. So what’s your rating?

DANNY I’m sticking with four and a half stars. I really love this 2018 Halloween movie. Yeah, my review is still there.

[Proto starts singing Halloween theme]

SLIM I had to get the master copy of that episode from Proto’s track so that I could get us laughing out of it.

DANNY Oh my god. Yeah I like this beginning of this trilogy. So it’s a good one it’s a lot of fun.

SLIM Proto, final thoughts on the first movie?

PROTO I think I like I like how this one doesn’t spend a lot of time on like the tense moments of you know just the the teenager walking around and you’re guessing, you know you’re trying to want you know, when is he coming you know when is he going to be there once and faking you out over and over again like there wasn’t a lot of time spent like that I like the way this movie it was just more like direct and to the point and the Kills were just very almost like literal. As you know there wasn’t music there wasn’t tension built like the one I think of is like when they’re on the street and he just walks around to the back of the house and the woman’s on the phone and he comes in and he just like stabs her through the throat like there was just like that like that was effective in just a different kind of way and and I like that almost like honesty in this movie where it’s not trying to you know get in your head as much it’s just showing you you know the brutality of this guy. So yeah, I gave this three stars. I enjoyed watching this and that’s why like after watching this I was like I’m definitely watching Kills, you know, just to see kind of where it goes. I’m in it for the long haul.

[Halloween theme music fades in]

Do we want to have an intro for Halloween Kills? Does it need one Proto?

PROTO I mean, I can do it very quickly. You know, like we were saying it just picks up right where the first one left off. Michael is in the house that’s on fire. You know, it’s Halloween night. Firefighters come, Laurie is past that she sees firefighters go into her house. Michael just goes on a rampage. He gets out of this house and he just starts mowing people down the town rises up knowing that you know they’re kind of commemorating this night from 40 years ago and then they catch wind the Michael is on the loose and they they start a posse to find him and kill him. They get a little rowdy, but they eventually track him down and they think that they can kill Michael Myers. Which is smarter than most people a lot of people figured they could take them one on one on this movie which is baffling. You hear that there’s a psych I psychotic killer on the loose, yeah, you guys stay here I’ll go take care of this myself. That happens a number of times in this but yeah, it gets to the end where there’s a crazy confrontation and it’s becomes evident that Michael cannot be stopped and just continues on killing and it ends on the same night it’s still you know the same Halloween night with the movie ending.

SLIM Yeah, I wonder if the third one is just going to be another continuation like the same night or what. I’m pretty curious how it’ll play out.

DANNY It has to right? I feel like it has to just keep going.

SLIM It’s a cool idea.




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