Transcript: Dirty Dancing (1987)

34 min readApr 25, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s Dirty Dancing (1987) Episode.

SLIM Heeey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I sit down to talk about recently watched movies with my dear friend and artist, Danny Haas.

DANNY [Danny wheeze/laughs for 5 seconds]

SLIM And our own spiritual advisor, Protolexus.

PROTO They arrive… they hump… they bone.

SLIM Dirty Dancing is our final Leading Ladies Month Volume Two movie and it was chosen by a very special member of our VHS Village Community, Beks.

BEKS Chris Evans and that cream sweater. Are you kidding me?!

SLIM Did we give ourselves over to the power of Dirty Dancing? Or is three stars just good enough for this classic? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Just a reminder, Series 2 directors pins, they’re going fast. Maybe you skipped Moonstruck because you haven’t seen it. I don’t know who would do that. But maybe you know people jump around when they’re listening to podcasts.

DANNY Interesting.

SLIM And maybe you missed the announcement on IG. Danny has produced another amazing set of directors pins. Spielberg, Miyazaki, Bigelow, Ramsay, my queen. You can get them in a Letterboxd directors set or singles. Danny, how do you think the response has been so far to Series 2?

DANNY So good that I’ve started planning Series 3.

SLIM Wuuuut? [Proto gasps]

DANNY Right? Exciting.

SLIM We’re moving fast. 2022 is our year.

DANNY Big year for us.

SLIM Proto, who do you want to see in Series 3?

PROTO Series 3? Ohhh man. Jonathan Glazer, can you imagine?

SLIM Zero sales. I predict zero sales on that pin.

PROTO Who was the guy — the director of Joker? [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Alright, so that will have a link to those pins in the Episode Notes but someone else is having a great year.

DANNY Talk to us.

SLIM If I can be honest with the three of you. We have a special guest this week. Cherished member of the VHS Village community. Dear friend of ours, Beks. Welcome to the show officially.

BEKS Thank you. Thank you for having me, you guys.

DANNY You’re welcome.

SLIM You’re on a run right now. You’re on a podcast run. You were on Film Hags, The Batman episode recently from Tapedeck. And that was one of the thirstiest audio experiences I’ve ever sat through. How was it for you?

BEKS Just chatting with my girls. [Danny & Slim laugh] The vibes were immaculate. We were all on the same page. It was a really special, special occasion.

SLIM Just vibes, that’s all that matters.

BEKS Just vibes. No thoughts, just vibes.

DANNY No thoughts, just vibes: Film Hags.

SLIM Now usually when we have a guest on the show, and one of our most special guests from our VHS Village community, we go through their Letterboxd top for. You know maybe the people listening right now, maybe they’re not in our Discord. They don’t know Beks yet. So let’s get to learn Beks. Now, number one on your Letterboxd top four. We’re covering this episode: Dirty Dancing. Just around the corner. We’ll be talking about that the four of us together. But number two on your list. It’s Clueless. Give us the vibes on why that’s number two.

BEKS Clueless is just one of the best movies ever. I think just encapsulates the era that it was set in and made in. And it’s like the ultimate comfort movie. I fall asleep to Clueless probably once a week. So… [Beks laughs]

SLIM What? No way!

BEKS Yeah, yeah, I just put it on. I could I could quote the whole thing. And also, it’s based off of a Jane Austen book, Emma. And that’s one of my favorite stories. So it’s the 90s plus Jane Austen. What more could you want?

SLIM What more?

DANNY It’s a Jane Austen book. Interesting. I’ve never seen it.

BEKS It’s based off a Jane Austen book. Yeah.

PROTO When will we do Clueless?

DANNY Yeah, I’ve been saving watching it for our podcast sometime.

BEKS I ask you!

SLIM Beks’s eyebrows just rotated to the back of her head when she said that. [Danny laughs] Amy Heckerling directed that, also European Vacation. Do you remember eons ago, what was that little voting thing that we did?

DANNY Did we do a female director month or like a for one episode? That’s when I got suckered into doing Drive Cars with Girls and Boys, whatever that was.

SLIM Driving in Cars with Boys. That was your pick though wasn’t it? What do you mean you got suckered into it? That was your pick.

DANNY I suckered myself into that one. Self sucker in.

SLIM A self sucker in job. Classic move. But I remember the one of the things that jumps out at me is you did a piece of art for each of the directors. Number three on Bek’s Letterboxd, I’ll have a link to Beks’s Letterboxd in the Episode Notes — Knives Out. Rian Johnson, talk to us.

BEKS I love a who-dun-it. And I know that some people have other feelings, but I think that this is a perfect who-dun-it. I really do because we have everything we need. But I like being surprised. I purposely don’t try to figure out what’s happening in movies. So Knives Out is like the perfect story to just follow along with and talk about I feel like this is a fall vibes movie. Right?

SLIM Ohhhh.

DANNY Sweater vibes.

BEKS The sweaters in this movie. Are you kidding me? Chris Evans in that cream sweater?! Are you kidding me? Yeah, I love it.

SLIM That’s five star movie for me as well. Five stars.

DANNY Easy five stars. Proto’s never seen it. But it’s an easy five banger.

PROTO I have seen it. Okay?

DANNY Proto hasn’t seen it.

SLIM Proto, what’s your off-the-cuff rating for Knives Out, 2019?

PROTO I think I saw that movie and I’ve rated it. I’m gonna say four stars. I hate to give Rian Johnson four stars. But I mean, it’s a fantastic movie.

DANNY Excuse me?

PROTO What am I going to do?

SLIM Wow, my review, if I may.

DANNY Let’s hear it.

SLIM Knives Out single handedly makes up for The Rise of Skywalker. Is there anything he can’t do?

PROTO That is so weird because I have the same review. But I just, instead of saying the Rise of Skywalker, I say The Last Jedi, that is so weird. [Slim & Beks laugh]

SLIM What is it gonna be like in our community one day, where we cover the Disney Star Wars trilogy in some fashion? The state of our community.

DANNY That’s for our OnlyFans.

SLIM Alright, and this is a big one, your final movie on your Letterboxd, just to get some vibes on Beks. It is The Batman 2022, Pattinson, Reeves. Three hours, nine endings. Talk to us Beks.

BEKS It’s my Batman.

DANNY That’s what I like to hear.

BEKS Yeah, every time I watch it, I don’t want it to end. So…

SLIM I’m looking at your recent activity right now.

BEKS Oh god.

SLIM “I’ve had to watch this in parts over the past day. And it doesn’t matter because it slaps so hard. My Batman heart emoji.” So I was thinking back to Beks, how we first met you and I think it might have been due to the better Haas, Casey Haas, because Casey has a podcast Fun Sexy Bible Time. Is that how you made your way into 70mm? Do you remember?

BEKS It is, yeah. I think Casey probably shared art. I think that’s how I saw art on Instagram. And I immediately fell in love with the art. I think it’s the Pride and Prejudice episode was the first one that I saw. And that’s one of my favorite movies. Just shy of my top four. So once I saw that, you know, I’m like this in this house we stan in Casey Haas. So anything that she’s affiliated with I was interested in and that’s when I started listening and I know that my first voicemail was for About Time and I recorded it like as a voicemail and sent it in.

DANNY Called the number.

BEKS Called the number. My heart was racing. Yeah, good times. That was a great episode.

DANNY One take Beks.

SLIM How could we not have that shirt? “In this hour we stan Casey Haas”. That’s another marketing opportunity right there.

DANNY Sheesh.

CASEY These are free ideas, you guys.

SLIM This is a binding legal agreement that we owe you no residuals. If ideas come through on a recording, our legal team has signed.

DANNY Casey says “Two buyers”. Beks and her.

SLIM So we will get into Dirty Dancing the bottom of the hour. You can use the chapters to fast forward, zip around if you so choose. But let’s get to some business real quick. Okay. We have a new patron this week. You can join at Get access to uncut episodes, our growing library of exclusive episodes that are just for supporters. Try as I might for us to get Twilight again for a Redux episode. That’s in the vault if you want to listen to that one, so by all means join us. Proto, did you watch any movies this week?

PROTO I did watch a movie. I made time for one movie, I was looking at my watchlist on Letterboxd, seeing what I had. And I was in the mood for a movie with a perhaps striking performance from an elite actor of our day and age. Maybe a historical drama that I could learn something from, you know, from a period of the past that interests me so I watched the the just Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill directed by Joe Wright, Director of Pride and Prejudice, which we watched before the man we’ve all agreed that man knows how to shoot a movie. I watched this movie, here, let me just let me let me quote some Gary Oldman for you. [Gary does questionable Gary Oldman impression] Okay, that’s enough. I just had the YouTube video playing. The thing about this movie it. It’s cool to see. It’s about Winston Churchill, when he first takes on the being the Prime Minister. Chamberlain is ousted at the beginning of I think or early in World War Two. Churchill gets the job. The thing about these movies though, is these movies set up where it’s about like one character, this movie is mostly about Winston Churchill. And the thing is, like these historical pieces were these were these movies are centered around a historical figure. It gave me vibes of when Daniel Day Lewis did Abraham Lincoln in the Spielberg movie, where they go so far to allow this actor to play this character that the character almost seems like a cartoon character in this movie, compared to everyone else that’s around them. So the movie is good, for the most part, but it just felt like everyone’s a normal person. And then you have Gary Oldman in like a clown costume playing Winston Churchill, where it’s just like so over the top, where it’s like, this isn’t a real human being anymore. It’s just this guy doing everything he can to to look like Winston Churchill rather than just like, giving you a good story. So I had a good time watching this movie. It’s a good movie. Yeah, three star movie. Classic three star movie from Proto. Thank you Proto. But I don’t know what else to say about it. Read my review on Letterboxd.

SLIM One of our first merch items I think was Three Stars is Good. Right? That’s one of the first things you ever did?

DANNY Yeah, of course.

SLIM Danny, you ever seen Darkest Hour?

DANNY No, definitely not. No.

SLIM Beks, did you go through the Joe Wright library and watch this?

BEKS I have not seen this, no.

SLIM Joe Wright just shut off the pod. He just unsubbed.

BEKS Ashamed.

SLIM I remember liking Darkest Hour but I don’t really remember a ton. I remember a scene on like a train or subway that I liked.

PROTO Yes. Yes.

SLIM Right. Is that a good scene?

PROTO That’s his Tobey Maguire Spider-Man moment on a train. Where everyone’s like, this is Winston Churchill. Yes, we support you. Do whatever you need to do Winston to save our country.

SLIM Danny, what did you watch this week?

DANNY So no movies, but the next season of Stranger Things trailer dropped. Oh. So I decided to rewatch with my oldest daughter and we’re going through the first season right now. We just had the finale to watch. Oh, I first season still slaps, it’s still so good. A lot of charm. Music in that the music have a great time. But one thing I’ve been binging for the last couple of weeks is Shudder’s cursed Films. And I am absolutely in love with the show. I have said plenty of times how much I love watching making of’s. But to watch what people would consider cursed parts of filming these movies that have terrible outcomes for some people. It’s incredible. It’s incredible. The episodes have been so good. I was reminded why I never want to watch The Exorcist again. That movie is one and done. Never again. But today’s episode was Stalker, Tarkovsky. And I have sworn off Tarkovsky movies, but now I want to watch Stalker. I’m so frustrated because seeing the images from that movie I’m just like, am I going to try and watch it Tarkovsky again? Because it looks so good. But yeah, this season has been great. The stuff behind the Wizard of Oz has been fantastic.

SLIM Season One was amazing.

DANNY Season One was really good.

SLIM I mean, the Twilight Zone episode.

DANNY Listen, the Twilight Zone ep, I feel like we watch people die.

SLIM We literally did.

DANNY I think they showed the footage of people dying.

SLIM I still can’t believe that footage is in there and they show it several times. So Twilight Zone is infamous for a stunt gone wrong. John Landis directed a story in that movie. John Landis should be in prison right now for what transpired on the set of that film.

PROTO I want his corpse in prison. [Slim laughs]

DANNY It’s rough! It’s weird too, because they’re leading up to the shot. So they’re talking about him carrying the two kids in the water, the helicopters in the air. And then they start narrating it falling. And then you see the blades. Like come down on everybody and I got a little nauseous. I was like, did I just literally watched these people die? I’ve never seen the movie. But holy cow.

SLIM I don’t know why — I wonder if the footage was like, open to the public because of the lawsuit. And that’s why it’s readily available. I can’t see any other reason why that footage would ever be made public. You can’t like see…

DANNY No, you can’t see body parts.

SLIM You can’t see things happen, you just see this actor carrying two kids and a chopper falling on them sideways and then water just goes up and you do the math.

DANNY It’s rough to watch.

SLIM Unfortunately. So the show is very good.

DANNY The show’s excellent. I’m in love with it. But I think if you’re going to jump in and you want to pick an episode that’s the best, Rosemary’s Baby episode was kind of mind blowing. I couldn’t get past all of the like, connections to everything. The Beatles. And I mean Helter Skelter and all this it’s just it’s mind blowing how it all kind of fits together and that feels out of this whole entire two seasons so far, that feels the most cursed, that movie. Unreal. I’m in love with this this series.

SLIM Big time Shudder fans. Beks, what’s your favorite Beatles song?

DANNY You don’t have to say anything.

BEKS No, it’s Eleanor Rigby.

SLIM Is that a real song? Can someone confirm?

PROTO [Proto sings Eleanor Rigby]

SLIM Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones… [Danny & Beks laugh]

DANNY That what we watched.

SLIM What a documentary that was in 4K.

PROTO Please!

SLIM We’re running out of tape, we’re gonna skip right over me, you know how I love skipping over me. We gotta get to Dirty Dancing, 1987. This started when Beks suggested it in live chat I believe or one of the Discord channels. Dirty Dancing, the wheels started turning for this film streaming on HBO Max right now if you want to join along, pause it. Proto?

PROTO Beks, I do just have to apologize, this is a first draft… Okay? [Slim laughs]

SLIM Already apologizing, the segment has just started.

PROTO You know, I had plans but kind of the first phase, they get to the second phase to like polish things out. This is only the first phase so forget the rough draft of this synopsis. Baby and her family are spending their 1969 summer at an all white resort, where you can learn to dance, be given menial work that the staff should do or do watersports. But there is a secret activity that the staff do. They ride… they hump… they bone. The Body Keeps the Score and we are in double digits folks. Patrick Swayze is the new elite performer slash dancer. And when his partner has to take disability, he must find a complete newbie, and not one of the other experienced dancers to fill in. Baby becomes his appendage and learns the forbidden Tango, the coital shrug. The magic position, she learns… Dirty Dancing.

SLIM Can we even say that on a podcast? I don’t know.

DANNY This is why we’re getting OnlyFans emails. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Beks, this is your number one movie on Letterboxd, your four favorites. Where did it all start with you for Dirty Dancing?

BEKS It all started in my basement during high school. I’m gonna add to this. Me and my two sisters in a couple of my friends, we were having an 80s dance party night and we all dressed up. Like we teased our hair and did our makeup and dressed and like 80s clothes and dances to 80s songs. And then because this movie was made in the 80s we decided to watch it that night and that was the first time I’d ever seen it, was in high school. And it just changed my life. And I’ve loved it since.

SLIM Proto, did you watch it in high school? Was it the first time you saw Dirty Dancing in your life was changed?

PROTO No, I did not. I discovered that this and Footloose were different movies this week. So that was a big moment for me.

BEKS Big moment.

SLIM Danny, do you remember when you first saw this?

DANNY Yeah, last Friday. That’s the first time. we had the VHS growing up. I remember that white box VHS sitting, but no one ever watched it in my house that I remember. So I’m not sure. I don’t know. We just kind of watched it and I think I just didn’t care, actually. That’s a dancing movie. I’m not a dancing person. I think it just kind of just never was on my radar to watch.

SLIM Hannah in chat: “Give Kevin Bacon more respect, please.” Maybe Dance Month happens and we finally check Footloose off the list for 70mm.

BEKS I’ve never seen Footloose.

SLIM My God.

BEKS I’ve seen one scene in it. And that’s it.

SLIM Flashdance. I have a Flashdance VHS in my basement right now. It’s ready to be watched. Slid out and put it in that VCR. Better be rewound because I think takes forever to rewind. So in this segment, we usually., each host as three main points that we want to bring up during our conversation, then we’ll give our final thoughts. So why don’t we start with Beks? What is your number one point for this viewing of Dirty Dancing?

BEKS My number one point is that it takes a very, very special person to be able to ask her dad for $250 and not explain what it’s for and be given $250 by the end of the day.

SLIM What a scene. That scene and when she wakes him up. And like literally doesn’t say anything and she gets his bag and hands it to him. If you’re not tearing up during that scene. I need you to go to jail right away to get checked out.

PROTO Commit yourself to jail. Yeah, yeah. Just go to the clink. Put yourself in it. [Danny & Beks laugh]

SLIM The clink!

DANNY It’s so much money in the 60s. Yeah, so just ask for a hand of cash. But also, I mean, it also feels like a ton of money for someone to just come do an abortion randomly at a cabin. I was so fascinated by that. I mean that storyline alone, I was not expecting, I honestly didn’t know the story this movie coming into it outside of the you know dance scenes that you’d seen in pop culture, but her and her dad and then the abortion stuff I was I was felt like out of left field. For me. It was insane.

BEKS Yeah, it’s kind of this, this movie that has so much drama, and it’s just known as being so like, attractive and intense. But really at the core, there’s a lot of serious issues that go on in it that propel the entire plot. And that’s a lot of the reason why I love it is because it’s has this beautiful wrapping paper of a shiny movie, but there’s a lot of intense decisions and moments that I think revolve mainly around the women in the film. And I really appreciate that because it kind of shows that you can you can catch people with the drama of it, but make them stay to ask those bigger questions.

SLIM Yeah, I don’t remember I can’t remember the first time I saw this, but I’ve seen most of it. The last scene especially but yeah, I didn’t remember that there was an abortion subplot. Like at all.

DANNY Also him on vacation for three weeks with his medical bag…

SLIM You never know when you’re gonna need it! The hippopotamus oath. He’s gotta act, if necessary.

BEKS Such a good dad. And I just, I love the relationship, Baby and her dad and how it evolves over the course of the movie, it’s really good.

SLIM 100% agree. Proto, what’s number one on your list?

PROTO Number one on my list is, I mean, there’s a lot of scenes that I want to talk about. But the one scene I really that really stuck with me stay with me was the dancing on the log scene. I mean, there’s a lot let’s, let’s just get it out there. There’s a lot of dancing in this movie. There’s a lot of scenes. This scene, they’re out in the woods. Patrick Swayze is trying to balance on a log, and he gets Baby to come out and dance with him. And that seems really to me that’s like movie magic right there. I really love that scene of all the dance scenes. When this thing came up, I like you know, I pulled out my, my iPhone 11 and I just wrote a note like, number one, dancing on the log. Like, I just love that moment.

SLIM The montages are insane. They’re absolutely insane. The one song that plays when she’s wearing like 80s?

BEKS Hungry eyes.

SLIM Hungry Eyes.

DANNY That’s my number one. Please.

SLIM Sorry, Danny. I’ll hold it.

DANNY No, no, keep going.

SLIM No, I’m not going to keep going. I’m gonna stop.

DANNY Second week in a row. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Alright. So your number one. So let me go next. I just want to get right into it. The final scene in the film, the final dance scene. People want us to get to it. Let’s friggin get into. I mean this is… movie — what’s more than movie magic? It’s like movie cocaine. When this scene happens, you are glued to the screen. You are in that room. Movie miracle, Gab says, I like that. This is one of the greatest scenes in the history of cinema. I’m not even going to beat around the bush.


SLIM Not even going to beat around the bush.


SLIM Beks, how do you feel when the scene comes on?

BEKS Euphoric! It takes your breath away.

SLIM I saw — let me be even more frank. Let me be frank — drink. When I saw these three star ratings coming in, how are you giving this movie three stars after this scene?

PROTO I shadowbanned them. [Slim & Danny & Beks laugh]

SLIM I need the dad to go in with his stethoscope and start putting it over their chest to make sure there’s a heart in there. That is amazing, that scene. The music. The dancing. I said all the time on the show. Is dancing the sexiest thing he had been. I mean, you’re moving in your chair, you want to get out there. You want to dance with Patrick down the aisle. And then when he finally gets done his thing and looks at her. Excuse me? And she does the nod. Get out of here right now. Get out of here. It’s incredible!

DANNY Even right before you have “Don’t put Baby in a corner,” like you have that pop culture line right before you get to the dance. It’s in the last five minutes of this — [Proto rings his bell] [(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life ramps up, plays alone] The last you know, 10, 15 whatever how long this ending is when that when that talent show starts. It’s insane. I just wanted to be there. Like this movie made me think I could I could actually dance. Some of those moves.

SLIM I mean, the footwork that Patrick is doing down that aisle. I don’t know how many months it takes to learn that but I want to learn it. We’ll do that at the 70mm meetup. We can reenact this at the meet up.

PROTO See that’s why, I had in my review I asked, is this all practical effects? Like was this actually Patrick Swayze doing these movies?


PROTO What the?!

BEKS And he had a knee injury! So he’s doing those jumps while he has a knee injury which he re injured during your favorite scene, Proto, on the log, he fell off that lg and hurt his knee.

DANNY Shut down production.

SLIM So I mean, we’ll probably talk more about this scene as the night goes on. But just insane experience watching this. You know, most of the movie, I kind of forgot about, and I was like, damn, when are they gonna do that dance scene? Danny what’s your number one?

DANNY Number one, so in for most of this movie in the beginning? I was okay with it, like vibing it’s solid. When Hungry Eyes kicks in. I transcended into another cinematic plane of being it. It sends me like that song already sends me but then to watch the montage of her learning to dance. The tickle scene is one of the most adorable scenes and all of sudden, and the two of them together, like there’s something about that montage that might be the greatest movie montage ever, as well. I couldn’t get over it. I was like, And today when I put up on while I was working in the it’s, it kicks in again and I stop everything. Hairs on my back of my neck standing up, like it’s just like, it’s perfect. So I was like, you know, vibing but then I was really vibing with this movie after that. I mean, from that moment on, this movie is just cooking with gas.

SLIM It’s gassin’ hard. Also the soundtrack the time of my life, you know, playing during the final dancing, but I had no idea about this and I’m about to be brave. It’s okay. We’re here for your bravery. She’s Like the Wind, sung by and co-written by Patrick Swayze?! Wuuut? Proto did you know that? [Proto makes unrecognizable sound] I couldn’t believe that he sang that song! I always thought it was like one of those Rick Roll Google results. I couldn’t believe it. I got Rick rolled. Beks, what’s number two on your list?

BEKS Number two, specific scene is when they’re, they’re just holding around dancing, and they start to lip sync with the song and it’s like, it’s so fun and so sexy, but just really playful. And that’s not the only time they lip sync with the song and that’s in the movie that he does that at the end as well. And it’s again, it’s kind of that intimacy that’s like kind of jovial but feels like when you’re watching them. You’re like, should I be here? Like, do you want me to leave? It’s like their chemistry is insane. Which like, given their their history, it kind of makes sense, the kind of that love hate relationship. But yeah, they’re on fire in that scene. And I love how it shows that it’s not just one, their relationship isn’t just one aspect. They kind of have those silly goofy moments with each other.

SLIM I loved her in this movie. Love Jennifer Gray. Also, she felt like she was a time traveler from 1980 in this movie. This movie takes place in the 60s. You could tell me this flight takes place in the 80s and I would believe you.

PROTO If you told me this took place in 1987, I would believe it.

DANNY I never thought this was in the 60s. I never once believe this was in the 60s.

SLIM No way, she does not fit whatsoever. Proto, number two?

PROTO Can we just talk about the dance? I don’t know, does this dance have a name. That’s why I was trying to figure it out. I mean, to me, the Dirty Dancing, the dancing, I mean, the iconic dance of this where you know one person where each person puts one of their legs between the legs, the legs of the other person and then rubs that leg against the other person’s crotch. That dance? [Danny laughs]

DANNY It’s the dirty dance.

PROTO It’s just called the dirty dance? Okay, I thought maybe there’s a technical term for it…

SLIM It’s like Heavy Petting with music, heavy pen at stage. Everyone in that club look like they’re doing something R-rated with each other in that scene.

DANNY Also, all the women’s backs made of Jello, all of a sudden, they just fold over.

PROTO Yeah, the fold over moments. I mean, this movie has a lot to say about dancing. It has a lot to say about sex though, as well. I mean, because the thing about as, as Jennifer Gray, Baby learns to dance, she’s trying to like learn the timing of the music. And to get into the rhythm, but then by the end of it, you see that it’s more it’s more than, than like timing, it’s more of like a feeling. And it’s like a connection that you have to the other person. And I haven’t seen it, you know, I’m not a dance movie connoisseur, you know, I’m not a buff. I don’t I haven’t watched them all. But I would say this movie communicates the you know, the symbiotic relationship between two dancers better than any movie I’ve seen before. I would maybe say. Is that a fair assumption?

SLIM You saw All That Jazz last week. So you’re saying this communicates the relationship with dance and dancers better than All That Jazz?

PROTO All That Jazz is more of an ensemble where this Dirty Dancing really focuses on the one on one relationship between dancers and the spontaneity of dance that can come Whereas like All That Jazz is choreographed like every movement where this you can tell that it’s really two people responding to each other as they dance. And you can see Baby, the character discovering that as she learns the dance. Like when she fills in for the the other, the other dancer. I can’t remember her name. But yes, she’s like, she’s not totally getting it. But by the end of it, it seems like she kind of like lets loose and just responds to what Patrick is doing. And I thought that was like beautifully communicated through this movie.

SLIM Did you watch this with Jenna?

PROTO I watched the first 15 minutes with Jenna. Yes.

DANNY Jenna, please!

SLIM That might have been when the dirty dancing started, I’m not sure of the timestamps.

PROTO She did see the opening credits and she was like, oh, what now?!

SLIM Yeah, there was one specific scene where they were dancing very emotionally. And, you know, it was just them conveying their emotions because I think they had one more scene where he was like, forced to leave or whatever and they started dancing with each other but everything was conveyed with their emotion together. I love that scene. Danny or is it me? That might be me. Please let me steal your next one by going first you probably well. I did have the Heavy Petting dance scene as my number two but let me see what else is in my my list here. So this how long were they at this? Summer vacation was every three weeks? Yeah. God dang what a vacation this this whole Keller mins Mountain House just blew me away. You imagine going on a three week like summer vacation like that. It’s mind boggling. Right Beks?

BEKS Yeah, did you know where it’s filmed?

SLIM I did at one point, but I forgot.

BEKS It’s filmed in Southern Virginia. You can still go to this resort.

SLIM Wuuut? Beks lives at the resort, she’s about to reveal that now. [Danny & Beks laugh]

BEKS No, but my favorite fun fact is the lake that they dance in is at the resort. But it’s one of only two natural occurring lakes in Virginia. And it naturally drains and refills, so the lake is empty right now.

SLIM Holy cow.

DANNY Also it refills, so when I watched that making of movies that made us episode and when she went to visit the lake, it was empty. I thought it was forever gone. But it refills. Oh, that’s fascinating.

BEKS It’s like a phenomenon.

DANNY And then watching that episode. It made me want to change our first meet up to this Virginia Lodge. I mean, the fact that they kept everything almost exactly like how they filmed and they have like markers for where everything was, Baby’s cabin. And this is where the family sat for dinner. I was kind of blown away Patrick Swayze stone commemorating his life and what he did for the movie. I mean that was fascinating that that is still exists and it looks amazing.

SLIM That scene in the in the water, you kidding me right now?

DANNY Yeah, I wrote down “The best place to practice lifts is in the water.” Yeah, I bet, Patrick.

PROTO Patrick knows.

SLIM He’s no dumby! He knew what he was doing!

DANNY She’s got a wifebeater on.

SLIM Oh my word. I forgot about what she was wearing in that scene.

BEKS Yeah. All white outfit.

SLIM Is this R-Rated? It should have been after that scene.

BEKS No, it’s PG-13.

SLIM Danny, you’re

DANNY So to piggyback real quick. It really was. But I was baffled by families taking these three week vacations in the Catskills or whatever they were actually supposed to be at. I didn’t understand it. Like, do you guys have any history with this?

SLIM The only vacations I remember taking when I was really young were, we would drive to Florida, Disney? I think? Was Disney World around back then? Or was it California? I can’t remember if we drove to California.

DANNY You’d probably remember driving to California.

SLIM I don’t know, I was really young. But we never took like those long weeks vacations.

DANNY Three weeks! This felt foreign. I don’t even understand these three week —

SLIM This feels like something Proto would do. Maybe today.

PROTO If your daddy was a doctor, maybe you’d do this?

DANNY Yeah, that’s true. Very true.

SLIM Very upscale.

DANNY I have to talk about Jennifer. And I want to try and not sound bad, but I love her so much in this movie, it hurts.

SLIM She’s really great.

DANNY Every look. Every outfit. I mean, every moment she’s on screen, I am just captivated by her. I couldn’t get — so I’m a huge fan of Ferris Bueller’s and her in this and that is different because she’s just the mean older sister. So seeing this for the first time I didn’t really know what to expect from Jennifer because I only have one kind of perspective of her. But in this, she’s just… she’s incredible, like absolutely incredible. And I couldn’t believe how little of a career she had post this. It kind of blew my mind that it just didn’t kind of take off for her after this.

SLIM Beks, what’s the backstory with Jennifer, you done the research? See what happened to her?

BEKS I looked at her page this week, and I don’t really know what happened to her either. Honestly, like, I’m not sure what happened after this point of time, like after her youth, what she really did.

SLIM She did, the one thing I remember about her growing up was that she did have a nose job that she regretted getting. And I wonder how much that fell into things? Because, man, she knows it. He didn’t need that. Fantastic. You’re in Dirty Dancing, blowing minds.

BEKS You’re making out with Patrick Swayze, your nose is great!

SLIM There’s great nowhere to go after that!

DANNY I gotta say something else. Do you know who the couple that — I know Bek’s knows. Matt and Proto, the next up couple that was almost beating them out was Sarah Jessica Parker and Billy Zane.

SLIM Whoaaa.

DANNY Horrific couple for this movie.

SLIM I don’t know, Billy Zane had some great hair back then.

DANNY That’s fine. But he’s no Swayze.

SLIM Maybe he had the moves?

BEKS He didn’t.

DANNY We saw the screentest. [Danny laughs]

SLIM Oh, there was a screen test?

BEKS Yeah, no, it’s bad.

DANNY He didn’t have a Swayze.

SLIM So he’s not doing the moves down the aisle during the final scene? Billy Zane can’t pull that off?

BEKS He’s walking like a robot in that scene.

DANNY It was kind of scary looking.

SLIM What is Patrick Swayze’s waist size in this movie?

DANNY He was a 28. Easily a 28.

SLIM It’s ridiculous!

PROTO 28? Confirmed. [Slim & Danny laugh]

SLIM Beks, what’s your number three for Dirty Dancing?

BEKS My number three, Danny kind of covered it.

DANNY Oh, I’m sorry.

BEKS No, no, it’s good. It’s Jennifer Gray. But also, I mean, okay, you’re like you already mentioned. So I have one and Jennifer Gray’s hair in this movie. Since I’ve seen it. I have begged my hairstylist to let me get a perm. And he’s always said no. And I trust him with my life. So I haven’t done it. And then all of her outfits, I would wear every single outfit she has. She has the best fashion. And this was a movie made in the 80s set in the 60s and everything that she wears out still, I would still want to wear. So she’s just an icon and I love I just love the character baby. I love that she’s called baby. I love that people try to I love the story of people trying to take advantage of her innocence. And and then being proved wrong, even though she is naive and innocent. Like there’s this kind of weird dynamic like, especially with the Kellerman staff where all these guys are just trying to push her around and tell her what to do and direct her. And she she does things like pour the water in the cup says she’s talking to Robbie, but but she always she has this quiet stubbornness about her in the beginning of the film that you see manifests to who she is at the end. And it really is just about this, this young woman figuring out who she is and who she wants to be. And having to reconcile that week with her family and with her father and I she just does it so well. It feels really authentic. So like what actually happens when you’re like her age, and you’re going through life. So I think she just hits it out of the park.

SLIM As you were talking about wanting to get a perm. I remember I was playing a game night of cinephile. And you had Jennifer grayish hair happening. What was that period of time where you experimenting? Let us in? You got it.

BEKS Okay. So real quick. You got a towel, dry your hair after you wash it. And then you got to scrunch it right. And then you put the sea salt in. And then yeah, sea salt, like gel, or spray either one. And then you just crunch it around. And then you let it air dry. So I can do it. It just takes it’s not the same part.

SLIM Proto, you taking notes?

PROTO I have been actually. I wake up and I have dreams about getting a perm.

BEKS Proto, this is your moment. This is your sign.

SLIM Proto just bit his lips sexually after thinking of himself getting a perm! I’ve never seen anything like it! [Beks & Danny laugh]

PROTO Listen, Jenna just got a haircut and now I have longer hair than her. So I mean we have reversed roles in some way and I’m just feeling like a different person? And I think like I am I’m just more open to what I can do with my hair at this point.

SLIM Proto, what’s your number three for Dirty Dancing?

PROTO Um, we can’t we have kind of hinted at it but the the so there’s like there’s the dancing portion of this movie that we all love, right? But there is a there is a story that’s going on there’s a plot. There’s this abortion subplot. There’s this dad subplot there’s this junior Kellerman. I don’t even know his name like the show. He’s following baby around trying to give him give her like jobs like why does she have to clean the toilets? Is this show on vacation? What is going on? There’s this weird like, dichotomy in this movie of like, we are having sex while dancing. But then we’re also trying to have like this plot that’s going on. Can someone explain to me what is going on with this movie?

DANNY Well, misogyny still existed. So the women were still not on vacation. They had to work style.

PROTO Is that what it is?

DANNY The 60s were 60s. This was the 80s but also the 60s.

SLIM Was those like these? Neil Kellerman, I wrote one of my honorable mentions, maybe this will be my next one, but to piggyback on Pardo’s comment. He says to her baby, he’s like, Come on, darling. Let’s take a walk. And they showed the dad nodding a printout. This is this is the guy for my baby. This guy is zilch. I would slap him around.

BEKS Appropriate.

SLIM Oh my God. He was so annoying in this whole movie actually got confused. I thought he was the one that had gotten pregnant and not the waiter. So I was like, Oh my God, you’re a Sully’s guy. sleazebag. The plot is the plot. It’s the 60s, there’s an abortion, backdoor deals, a bad abortion attempt that takes place and he’s got to save the day. I thought it was pretty. I felt terrible for her when the father says we’re like you’re you’re not the girl. I thought you were and he essentially like emotionally cuts her off. Yep. Because of what transpired. I mean, I can see because, you know, potentially could probably cause his medical license because he paid for that shady abortion. Really?

BEKS I never thought about that. But you’re right be pissed off to

SLIM Do you think KK or miss Mr. Mustapha easily tomorrow. It’s like 2500 bucks today. Danny’s turned for number three.

DANNY The gazebo scene with her and her dad is incredible. When he realizes that she’s no longer a child, like she’s a woman now. And but the words that she said to him when she says

DANNY And he starts crying. Like can you imagine your daughter saying those things to you? It was incredible. But I loved his performance there like it really felt genuine. It felt real and I really liked that scene. There’s a there was a lot more to this movie that I was ready for. I think when I when you think of the when you haven’t seen Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing is like this is a dancing movie. But it’s really I mean, it’s really not it’s like 5050 There’s a lot of depth in this

SLIM just posted a gift and it’s not moving on my screen. Sour. That’s a meme template right there. It’s like when the feeder beds go wrong when you’re VGS let’s see so I think we’re now at honorable mentions any closing thoughts and your final rating for Dirty Dancing we already know Beck’s has written down us but back here five months. Beks, anything left, final thoughts?

BEKS Final thoughts? This movie has them Most quotes that I quote ever and that there’s just so many like, go back to your playpen, baby. Are you kidding me? So good. That one does she is she talks about like I’m scared of I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of leaving this room and never feeling the way that I feel when I’m with you. So vulnerable and passionate love that love her vulnerability. This is a perfect movie. It is more than what it seems but it still has that kind of like I said that pretty rapping that’s the sexy dance movie but it just goes into so much more for more. So it’s five stars.

SLIM Five stars from Beks, shocking. I mean, also the dancing at the end where the dad you know is pissed that it’s happening. And you know, his wife sit down, Jake, she delivers that line where he’s like standing up trying to stop this from happening. Great moment for her in the movie. And he slowly went over. And he even remarks how beautiful she was, you know at the end of that scene, and apologized to Patrick Swayze. Good heavens.

DANNY Movie magic.

SLIM I wrote my notes. Is this is that scene? Is this the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen that moment? I mean, the soundtrack is absurd. In the movie. Also, how hilarious is it that the time my life was written in 1987 but they’re playing it in the movie in the 60s. Perfect. My closing thoughts. I love this movie. i The combination of music and emotion and dancing. I’m losing my mind in that final scene. I’m having an amazing time. Five freakin stars. That’s how incredible that scene is. To me. I loved it. Watch this every day of the week. I’m gonna be watching that scene on YouTube tonight. Adding it in the amount of scenes I’m gonna be dropping in this app. stroking out looks like Gary Oldman is the power Hannah says the power of dance is true. That power has affected me. I’m affected. Pray watching Dirty Dancing. Praise me. Proto laid on us before we get the Danny out of the way.

PROTO Let’s see. Honorable Mentions. Kellerman is a king nerd. All right, March go back to sleep. This Danish is a pure protein.


PROTO Yeah, that’s about it. Um, you know, a movie like this. I would love to give it four stars, you know, because it’s, I think someone said it earlier this week in the discord. It’s a vibe movie. And I read that before I watched the movie. And I think I do agree. It’s, it’s a vibe movie in terms of like the dance because the dance, the dancing, portions of this are so good. And they are great. But then there’s just other portions of the movie, where it feels disconnected from that in some way. And it just feels so like it takes you out of this, this beautiful bubble that you’re in of just people dancing, and like having sex. And you know, getting to know each other. I mean, I love the way Patrick Swayze is so he’s so methodical and just like down to business, but when it comes to being down to the business of making love, he’s just down to business. So he’s just a man of business at all times. So I guess what I’m really trying to say is I’d love to give this four stars and I’m gonna give it four services a great

SLIM Vibe business right now. You saw it happen on this show? Well that’s it the vibes right now are off the charts. I’m gonna cry Danny take us take us home for 30 minutes. I’m

DANNY Looking at my notes. Integration of dance and music. Yeah, we covered anything I like I said the beginning of this movie. Took a minute for me to connect to this this weird trip that they were going on. Like I said, when hungry eyes kicks in. I am five stars for the rest of the film this movie He is it’s five stars. I love this film so much. I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t get enough of it. I listened to so much of the music this week. It’s easily five stars easily five stars.

SLIM We did it. We did it back. So what’s your state of mind after we finally covered Dirty Dancing in the ratings just came through.

BEKS There’s like this Justin Bieber tweet that says grateful thankful never gonna forget this.

SLIM Spray emoji that quote on an otter shirt or a mug of some guy.

BEKS Really am so great.

SLIM What a magical movie.

DANNY It’s wild to watch a movie that is this popular or this like big and pop culture for the first time. I can’t I can’t get over that. And I think that’s what’s kind of magical about it for me too, was just to be able to watch this for the first time in 2022. Without any knowledge of this film and still falling in love with it. That’s just how good of a film it is.

SLIM The amount of VHS tapes a Dirty Dancing that Danny’s gonna have. I don’t have

DANNY What I gotta get what now? It’s at that thrift shop ASAP, ASAP. It’s gonna be like $15 There on the cop on the me every time I show up.


It makes me raise the prices the day after the show’s released.




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