Transcript: Booksmart (2019)

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Transcript of 70mm’s Booksmart (2019) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers. Every Monday I sit down to talk about recently watched movies with my close personal friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY [Danny laughs]

SLIM And our own spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO Well you know, I had a moment like that where I heard something from my kids and I thought they made it up, but then later I heard it was from YouTube — Sussy Baka, you heard of this?

SLIM Together, we are celebrating Pride Month alongside all of our LGBTQ friends. And we’re doing so by talking about Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart from 2019. Is it better than the Breakfast Club? We answer this and much more… now.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Should I say one more time to start the episode just for old times sake, last time I’ll ever say it.

DANNY Please make it your last time.

SLIM Obi-Wan Kenobi… is finished.

DANNY It’s finished.

SLIM They’re not called episodes, what are they called? Part 6. It’s over. We’re not going to talk about it right now we save the negativity that positivity. For the end of the show. We’ll give her final thoughts. Proto had the idea of like combining all these segments into one giant bonus episode, probably. You want to expand on that idea at all. So

PROTO I thought maybe you know, maybe somebody you know, they come along, and they would want to just hear our you know, our holistic thoughts on Obi-Wan. But then I did think that’s going to be probably like close to 90 minutes. So maybe, maybe they won’t know how to do that. That’s that’s a lot of positivity to take in.

SLIM Oh, god. Before we you know, we have a big show. Booksmart is our featured presenter. We’re gonna get to that later in the episode. He gains the chapter feature in your podcast app to zip around, listen, whatever the heck you want. But we had a Patreon vote this week to choose our next theme. We all individually, the hosts put a theme forward. So we had three options that folks could vote on. Proto what was the theme that you chose for the vote? We haven’t revealed this until just this minute?

PROTO Yeah, my pick was 90s Action. 90s action.

SLIM You’ve had a hankering, ever since you watched like an Arnold movie last year. I feel like this has been one of your picks, your needs.

PROTO Yeah, it feels like our sweet spot. You know, it feels it’s important to all of us. Who doesn’t like sweaty muscular men and explosions in the background?

SLIM I’d love to see sweaty, muscular men exploding on my television screen. [Danny laughs] I need it in 4K.

SLIM Danny, what was your suggestion for the theme of the month?

DANNY Traaaash. Trash Movie Month. Those are the movies that we love, but we also know aretrash. We’re like little raccoons in a Blockbuster just eating all the trash up.

DANNY That was what I was going for. So yeah, that’s what I wanted. I wanted our good ol’ trash movies.

SLIM You want to trash movies, my pec which I thought was going to be a real humdinger. I picked Dance Month. Yeah, I thought there was going to be someone citement for Dance Month. Let me tell you there was zero excitement for dance month in this Patreon vote crazy. Yeah, I don’t even it wasn’t even in contention. SJ Iris

PROTO I think we all thought dance month was gonna run away with it.

DANNY I really did. Mamma mia, this Mamma Mia that.

SLIM I mean, nickel for every time someone recommended us to choose Mamma Mia. This is now like the it’s joining the echelon of The Thing. Oh my god a movies that have been so close and everyone’s Yeah, do that movie do that movie. When they have the power. It’s over. They don’t want it.

DANNY We’re gonna have to do a Mamma Mia, The Thing double feature night. [Slim laughs]

SLIM So Proto won, Proto won the contest. His theme won. 90s action will be our theme for July. Do you have your pick in mind? You’re not going to reveal it yet.

PROTO No, I will not. I’m about 90% sure of what I’m gonna go with. Yeah, yeah, I think I want to go big. So I’ve got an idea, you know, I’m almost there.

SLIM Proto about to choose another movie we can only get on DVD off of eBay. [Slim & Danny & Proto laugh]

SLIM That laugh! My god. So we will not be revealing progress pic later in the show we have something different planned for next week which we’ll talk about the end of this episode before we officially kick off 90s action month for July. Proto, did you watch any movies this week?

PROTO I did I actually finished a movie just under the wire that I wanted to talk about. I can’t remember where it was. But I read I’ve seen on Twitter. I think someone was asking for a horror movie recommendations. And someone replied with a movie called the last wave from 1977. This is directed by Peter Weir. I’d never heard of this movie before. The cover looks cool. And the synopsis kind of struck me it’s about it’s based in Australia and it’s about a lawyer who is set to to defend for four or five Aboriginal men who are charged with a ritual murder. But what happens is that once this lawyer starts digging into the case, certain things start to happen where he begins to have dreams that kind of foretell the future. And there’s like a lot of really cool just like spiritual stuff with really cool it has like a really cool atmosphere. It kind of reminds it actually kind of remind me of Altered States.

SLIM I knew you were gonna say that. Yeah, it has lecherous has been picked. Yeah, it

PROTO has altered state vibes. Um, but yeah, this movie is just like so in my wheelhouse. It has an amazing score. I put it in my review the score it’s there’s like some mystery, like around it. Apparently like the guy who did the scores. Name’s Charles Wayne. I don’t think he has like other scores that he’s done. There isn’t really much that’s known about it, but it’s like it’s a sense score. That is incredible. I just I just love love the music. It totally sets the mood of the movie, and had like a great ending. I gave it four stars. The seven years just continued to provide for me. So I had I had a great time watching the last week.

SLIM What about this father the bride? wanting me to alright, isn’t aren’t you and Jenna like Father of the Bride, Steve Martin buffs. fishnet like you guys have like posters set up around the house.

PROTO We got a whole room just for Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin. This father of the bride starring Steve Martin from the 90s is Janice alltime favorite movie. And I had seen this movie a bunch. I had seen it a bunch growing up as well. So I was familiar with it. So it’s a fun movie to revisit. But then all of a sudden, I only saw this like this week. I think that HBO Max was having a father of the bride new movie come out. So it came out this week. So it’s based, it’s actually based on an I didn’t even know this is based on a novel from like the 40s or 50s. And this is like the third time, you know, a father of the bride movies come out. But I had a great time watching it, it it they changed the plot a little bit. So there’s like a few different elements and I actually think it improves on the 90s version. I liked this story. Overall. I like it better. The way it’s set up as some good laughs Andy Garcia is in it he plays the father. He’s fantastic in it it’s a you know, it’s a fun little movie. Sit down have a little date night. You know relive your your wedding engagement nightmares. You know, relive those as you watch this movie. It’s great time.

SLIM Where Steve did Steve Martin make an appearance. Did he have any kind of cameo that you can

PROTO use him in? Martin shorter busy solving murders? Murders in that hotel and

SLIM everyone on planet Earth reco on that show that they’re on? Gotta watch it. You gotta watch it. You got to watch it.

DANNY You like podcasts?

SLIM You heard about this Steve Martin pod. I thought it was a podcast every time someone’s talking about it. But it’s a TV show apparently was

DANNY making a podcast so he was

SLIM on town murder

DANNY only murderers in the building. I liked it. Second season is coming this month. Not July. Your Podcast.

SLIM Well, first of all, Happy Father’s Day to both of you. What did you do to celebrate? Did you watch any good movies?

DANNY Casey let me pick. We went out on a date. She said, “It’s Father’s Day weekend, you pick.” So I picked Top Gun for the third time.

DANNY The third time in theaters. It was funny because when I sat down I’m like, Man, am I gonna like it for a third time? But I did it perfectly was. It’s incredible. Once that first scene where they’re testing that plane kicks in, it’s just I’m sent. Right? Yeah, she’s cases and chat that was pre Father’s Day, Father’s Day weekend, I should let me pick that night. Father’s Day. We watched the rockets here. I got to choose my favorite movie. Rockets here. Incredible time watching that. I think and then I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark that night on my own. So I was going one to my letterbox top two that evening. But earlier in the week, this is Movie adjacent I finished the series the offer on Paramount plus about the making of The Godfather. And I know a lot of critics and people have kind of done this show. And they really have and I and I can I can understand it because there is like a there’s an interesting like, dynamic of the show. The characters are very cartoony. And it doesn’t feel like this is actually how they probably acted. But I do like the I said, my letterbox view I do like the dramatization of this story of The Godfather being made. And it is still quite fascinating that this movie even got off the ground. So I did enjoy, like watching the making of The Godfather through this one’s of a TV show when I had a good time watching it. And the

SLIM only time it’s ever popped up on my social media is like someone making fun of the actor who’s playing Al Pacino. Like there’s like a 32nd clip of someone doing an Al Pacino voice in the show. Yes, the only thing I really know about it, he’s not

DANNY bad. It’s like the thing is like everyone’s a character of these characters. So it’s just like someone the guy that plays Brando. He does look like Brando, but it’s like he’s playing Brando playing Godfather so it’s just like, it’s a lot. It’s a lot but he doesn’t get ya. But I did enjoy so if you like The Godfather, I’ve just been obsessed since we did our episode I’ve been obsessed with honestly, the making of that film and the Godfather itself. And so I was actually looking forward to this and there’s a movie coming out at some point with Oscar Isaacs who. So another

SLIM Ah. What if we did Scarface? Is it episode?

DANNY Zone The 90s Nowadays, okay in his 80s Brian hairless 90s 90s

SLIM Action Month the possibilities are endless. I know. Did you see that? They are releasing me so listen, the baton spider discord. But I think they’re releasing the individual indie movies in stealable conditions.

DANNY The Raiders is out now. And I think the other ones it’s just it’s just a 4k that we already have in the package. Yeah, it’s got the packaging of the the theatrical movie poster. And then there’s a foldout movie poster inside

SLIM And oh god trainers and chat shut down. Also, I think it has like the the OG titling. It’s writer’s loss is not like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of Lost Ark. Do you hear that? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Just want to throw it out there.

DANNY Because it’s the original poster. So it’s going to say Raiders of Lost Ark.

SLIM This leads into the movie I’ll talk about in a second, but what if we did Faves Month Part Two?

PROTO That makes perfect sense. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM I’m down before I get to my movie. Let’s say hello to some new patrons. Colin Keegan Quinton cast and Robin all joined this week on DMM. Get access to the VHS village discord. There’s a book club happening right now there’s some kind of music club. There’s so much happening on our Discord that you can either mute or take part in. It’s very fun, get discounts on Danny’s prints. And very recently, we had the Goblet of Fire double feech app posted in the vault. So bunch episodes of apple in there. Let’s see. So I don’t I didn’t have a letterbox Show episode to prep for usually the movies I watched during the day or for like in preparation of a interview or another podcast event. So I had some time. You know a little bit of me time. Go through my pile of movies what I’ve been meaning to watch. And I finally cracked open the blu ray the new Paramount released blu ray of Vanilla Sky.

DANNY Oh gosh, you went to your number one, two.

SLIM I went, I went into the top four. So they released this Blu Ray It’s paramount like new for they they created the new blu ray from a new 4k Master. Which you can kind of see sometimes on like those old criterion releases. It’s like 4k remaster, but it’s 2k. It’s like a Blu ray. So they’re just like make this version from a brand new edition. So I’m just confused like why they didn’t release a 4k version of it but It one of my main notes was I’ve seen this like 1000s of times as a kid as a kid I wasn’t that young but Jesus the DVD menu of an all sky has Radiohead playing like everything in its right place and it like loops like a DVD menu but they don’t have that in this version. It’s such a bummer they couldn’t like keep the the original stuff. However, movie is still perfect in every way shape and form five stars. And hopefully maybe we’ll get like a fork a physical release at some point in the future Paramount parents weird. They do weird stuff. They don’t take part in moves anywhere. Is we’re well aware that like when you get that digital code, it doesn’t like go to voodoo doesn’t go to Apple just goes in one place. So that was me this week. Yeah, had a great time. Let’s give away a free year of letterbox Pro, real quick, gets rid of ads, custom urine stats, get a banner on your letterbox profile a bunch of other features. And if you share the show on social media, you get entered to win that free year. letterbox pro disclaimer. letterbox and boy. Mauricio tweeted the 70 millimeter episode of Jurassic World fallen Kingdom has me screaming lmao laughing my ass off pretty have fond memories of the gymnastic world journey that will never mention again after this question right now.

PROTO I do the Fallen Kingdom up. I think that was the standout that was my favorite of the trilogy. So good times in the Fallen kingdom.

SLIM Risio congratulations. Is it time booksmart time It’s time Shabbat book smart time. We miscalculated for Pride month we covered Jurassic World. Now it’s time to pay back. Pay it forward and famous movie. So 2019 booksmart streaming on Hulu. If

PROTO You want to pause it watch it yourself. Part of what is book smart Molly and Amy have conquered the educational mountain that is high school. With perfect grades and perfect transcripts. They are sailing into their college years. But their outlook gets up ended when they realize that everyone who was partying and acting like a fool is also getting into their dream college. Can Molly and Amy makeup on last time? Can they fit for years of partying into their last night of high school? It’s a night of first attempts. Second chances and last shots for our heroes as they let go of who they were and embrace what they are becoming in

SLIM 3.8 average on letterbox Olivia Wilde the director this minute she has What’s that big movie she has coming out soon with Harry Styles po heard about this? Excuse me? Don’t worry darling with Florence pin and Harry Styles and Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde.

DANNY Chris Pine okay.

SLIM 1950s Stay tuned. Crazy trailer.

SLIM Danny, what was your high school life like?

DANNY Let’s not go there. [Slim & Proto laugh]

DANNY Let me think high school life for me. Um, played a lot of sports play football baseball track. varsity jacket. rivercity Letterman. Yeah, I had all the jive. But it wasn’t, I was but also I was in art classes and photography and sculpture and ceramics and I did all that as well. So I wasn’t necessarily in any sort of crowd because when I left in the head sports were over I went to I was pretty much in youth group the rest of the week. Every night there was something going on at church that was I was at so

SLIM lock in with crossed, right lock ins playing Halo

DANNY and the fellowship hall for 24 hours. So yeah, that was kind of my school but it wasn’t we had a massive school we had like 4000 kids or something stupid like that. So it wasn’t like it didn’t feel like the booksmart High School. We’re kind of everyone kind of knew each other. However, I

SLIM think what did my high school have? My I went to a Catholic high school and they had some kind of like logins. But I had like a name like the group had a name was like you Good luck in your high school. I can’t remember maybe Kurtz in chat knows it’s like Crutcher. She says confession was not confession. But I remember there being like some kind of overnight event that like the really Catholic students would go to and they will like share. I don’t know like secrets with each other and this, something like that. And the next day, they’re almost like clicky like these churchy ones. Thumb not really making me feel welcome you guys sharing all these secrets together. But what was your high school like?

PROTO Well, I was homeschooled. My whole education. So my high school experience was a little different. I most days I woke up at like 11am Maybe did school for an hour, and then played video games for the next 10 That was That was why school years Yeah.

DANNY Yeah. Like a lock in?

PROTO Yeah, I locked it in everyday.

SLIM I’m trying to think someone in chat asks what characters we were for booksmart we’ll get just just mere moments we’ll get into booksmart the actual movie characters we were Oh god. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t remember having fond memories of high school personally. I was not. This might shock you. It was not Mr. popularity in high school. I didn’t have my nickname slim because I was thin and athletic. That was a reverse nickname, my friend. So I don’t have like crazy fond memories of high school. I do remember having summer school for feeling chemistry class. Oh, that was a bummer. Big time Palmer summer school. I mean, there’s nothing more depressing than finding out that you got to come back to summer school. full uniform, Kid man. Oh, my God.

DANNY I will say I don’t know that I High School is high school. I do miss. I do miss sports. Playing sports with my friends. I don’t get to do that much often anymore. Besides, you know, the beach football that we get ourselves into sometimes. I do miss that kind of thing in high school. I have like, fond memories of playing with my best friend football and stuff like that.

SLIM Megan says sports equals Apex that is that’s that’s about it. Yeah. We’re varsity letter.

DANNY varsity jackets.

SLIM Okay, so back to the actual topic at hand. booksmart I had seen this when it first come out. So full disclosure. I had this at three and a half stars when I watched

DANNY you know if you want to talk about that. I wasn’t sure you’re gonna bring that up.

SLIM I was. I was gonna bring it up. So that’s my history. I’ll leave it there for now. Pardo, do you have any backstory worth getting into for booksmart before we go through a top threes?

PROTO No, they’re just that it’s been on my watch list for years and I’ve been meaning to watch it.

DANNY So this was your first viewing?

PROTO Yes, it’s my first time.

DANNY Oh, oh, baby. Yeah, case and I saw some theaters when it first came out. I don’t think I’ve seen it since. So this is the first time rewatch

SLIM Berta? What’s your number one of three. Ah,

PROTO and I really didn’t take the best notes for this movie.

SLIM I’ll give why you search. I’ll reference the supercomputer that you built Voyager. Okay, Lincoln, the 70 collates all our supporters ratings on letterbox into an average. So booksmart according to Veeder the supercomputer loves movies 4.1 for average, a manga 71 meter supporters so very high rates

DANNY very high. Oh, excuse me. That feels high for our village collective. That’s what I mean. We should get like a village top four up there. Oh, that’s a good idea. He didn’t hear me.

SLIM Okay. I was asleep.

PROTO I was I was looking something up. My note is my first note is the soundtrack. Oh my god. I love the soundtrack. And I was pleasantly surprised because I saw that. There’s a couple songs on this in the soundtrack from the band discovery. One of their albums I forget the name of the album, but I bought this album album when it came out. I didn’t know anything about the band. I just bought it and loved it and for like a whole summer it was it was like my album and I have fond memories of leaving work. And I only lived like an hour from the beach and driving down to the beach in the summer to like meet my friends and I would listen to this album The whole way there. And I don’t know if I’ve listened to this like album since then. So watching this movie and hearing the songs came on it just like immediate Like brought me back to those long drives down to Long Beach Island and I love that and I think all there’s a lot of music in this I think it all slabs I think it like it’s integrated really well it’s like really fun.

SLIM I agree I the musical montages but the editing I have to give so much props to Olivia Wilde is our first feature. Directorial Debbie, she’s done a few shorts, I think. But she comes off as like a seasoned master in this movie. Everything comes together so perfectly. It’s like mind boggling that this was her first feature. It’s so good.

DANNY I watched the interview with her where she was talking about selecting the music for this movie because she says how much she loves soundtracks and movie scores. And she would just grow up just kind of listening to that kind of stuff. And when she realized the music she wanted, she realized she couldn’t afford him at all. And so she wrote letters to the band’s to have them give sort of a blessing to have the move this music in the films because she couldn’t just afford all these because there’s so much music in this, which I thought was fascinating.

SLIM Cripes. I’ll go number I’ll go second Atropos musical note with my fun go with my favorite scene that I wrote in my letterbox area, the underwater pool scene. I mean, excuse me, it’s on PA. Olivia. Excuse me right now. That is a perfect scene. The music combination that pro reference applying here. That meant it when I first saw it, it knocked my socks off. When I watched it this morning. It knocked him right back off again. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful. I can’t like wrap my head around any director just having that sense of style in their first movie, putting that together, it feels almost music video ish. Yeah, like a piece of like a music video storyline. But this that scene, like literally like Olivia, I’ll watch whatever the fu

DANNY board 100 She’s directed a bunch of music videos to which I think probably lends itself to that kind of atmosphere.

SLIM Okay, I didn’t know that. Yeah,

DANNY I vaguely remember that fact. That could be wrong. But I think she had said that.

PROTO Yeah, I think that scene is incredible. I think that’s the climax of the movie. Really? For me, like under like you can tell like she’s having like her moment in there where she’s letting go and shedding anything that was like holding her back before and the way yeah, the way it’s shot. It’s incredible all underwater with the different bodies swimming about and the song. It’s a it is it’s a perfect scene, I was blown away while seeing it too.

SLIM And so much is like just Danny says so much is conveyed without her saying anything. She’s like, just smiling under there. And she’s free under that water to just be whatever. Oh my god, so good.

DANNY We’ll lean going straight from that. And so my number one there’s a moment right when she gets out of the pool. And she’s realized that the girl she likes is kissing the boy that being these character likes. So she has that realization like her hearts broken but she’s gonna go stop being his heart from getting broken. And she goes to put her sequined dress back on and it is a one shot take of her walking through the house for trying to find the money. And then it continues as a one shot as they have their argument in front of everyone in the foyer of that house. And it is like it is Molly sorry, Casey, Molly, whatever. And it is an incredible cinematography moment. Like I couldn’t get over it. They use the same camera operator that did Birdman. So he knew how this kind of layout would work. And I honestly honest to God, that shot really almost gives me the chills because it’s not only as a masterfully shot, it’s performed so well by the two of them. And then when the sound cuts out, and they’re still yelling at each other and you you see her character mouth Fu and it just it’s such a great moment for the two of them. And I honest to god I love that scene so much. I watched it again today just to skip forward to that scene again. And it’s incredible. Yeah, I mean, from the from the party to the end of the movie. This movie takes an entire turn from almost not not really comical anymore, but I don’t know what it is. It just becomes a whole nother vibe. And I love it. I did

SLIM want to talk about the quote unquote vibe. Like the vibe of of being at one of these parties and like you can see you can kind of see it when they get there like their experience starts to shift a little bit where they’re like welcomed into the house really and are like I saw this one the other one pothead art like I call them Argyle he’s because he’s in Stranger Things right? Couldn’t figure out what that if I saw I was like there’s a scene where I just saw this guy getting shot at or something was that what shot but there is a vibe of them just going with the flow that you have as a young person that for most people goes away when you become an adult like you can’t really just kind of just ride the wave at the at these events anymore. For most people, and I just thought that this movie captured that so perfectly, especially in the party scene. Like when she eventually is in the bathroom with the the other the kind of like loaner hot check. And they have that whole experience in the bathroom. I just thought all of that stuff was just so well done at the party. Pro Tip number two

PROTO I will say that I didn’t really find this movie funny for like the first half hour 45 minutes. I watched it with Jenna I don’t think either of us laughed. So it wasn’t really like vibing for me that was like I was enjoying it. I thought it was like clever, but I didn’t really find it funny. Um but but there are some like really funny scenes in the second half of the movie.

SLIM So you didn’t you didn’t laugh at all during the dance the the amazing dance start enjoying their their dance and outside of the car and there’s no music plan. You and gentlemen chuckle at

PROTO that. Ah, maybe I did. I don’t know. I wasn’t keeping snorted. snort

SLIM for your crimes. Yeah.

PROTO You know, when they cut off the music. I was like okay, yeah, that’s pretty clever. Olivia. It’s pretty clever.

SLIM writes it in his little journal. That’s clever.

PROTO But the, the, the Ayahuasca scene with the strawberries, it’s like Ayahuasca but Asian, Asian. And that whole sequence of them having that, you know, drug experience. And the whole Barbie doll thing is just my God. It’s just is gold. Hilarious. Love that scene.

SLIM I didn’t even remember safes. This is a safe space, just the abyss, and everyone else listening. I don’t even remember that scene, either, either. So like on this viewing, I was like, Man, how much should I pay attention the first time I watched? That’s pretty long. But yeah, that was hilarious.

PROTO I was so scared that when they walked out of the room that they were going to be completely naked

SLIM Yeah, I did. I did keep waiting for a shot of like them trying to climb up climb up the dresser. And there’s this like, you know, in a fetal position and it’s one of those arms is like hanging on to the drawer. Yeah. I think it’s my turn sir. I didn’t write down my my order. I think this is one of the funniest movies from the last decade. Ah, segue from photos, comments. Then this can kind of relate to my previous review of three and a half stars. I don’t know what that I was thinking. When I wrote when I gave this three and a half stars last time, I don’t know where I was mentally. Three years ago, with a long time ago, people could change. But this time around, I was laughing hysterically almost the entire time. There’s so many quick lines. That if you’re not like if you’re laughing at a line before that, you’re gonna miss it like the Korean face mask line. Sexy documentary a hot doc. There’s just so many funny moments. I mean, even when they’re in the taxi, or the Uber or whatever. And they’re wearing the hair masks. pizza guy and then the pizza guy and then the pizza guy even like tells them how dangerous it was free to come in here. And he like essentially says like what I could do to you. He just comes off as like a creep but he’s actually a creep it does that stuff. This the like the just the funny lines about them being low on battery and her being like, we streamed a lot of porn, the porn audio in JSON sadaqa so I on this viewing I was just kind of like, trying to figure out the memories of me watching this movie and I couldn’t really remember what I was doing at the time but laughing hysterically most of this movie.

DANNY I honestly thought when I saw your three and a half stars that your finger had slipped on the mouse and you accidentally clicked three and a half.

SLIM I try removing it I thought about removing it when I logged it a second time but I needed to be true to myself.

DANNY The comedy I find to I’m a great I’m agreeing with you this this feels incredibly funny and I think it’s honest to God, Caitlin and beanies chemistry but also they’re just like naturally, like gifted at delivering funny lines. My favorite bits of those is when they’re complementing each other and how they look. I think that’s incredibly funny stuff. I can’t get over the two of them together and it’s almost makes me want like a book smart to like them in college or something else, but I feel like I don’t know if it would ruin the experience of this film. It’s like a passing feeling is I think beanies hilarious. I can’t get over her in this film her and then Billy Lord whenever she pops up. Here, it just makes me laugh every time. I can’t get over her in this film. She’s insane.

SLIM Yeah, very funny. One of the other things I thought in some of the like, the funny lines is, you know, she’s trying to get her friend to you know, hook up with a girl for the first time like before they graduate, but there’s a lot of like, funny jokes about gender identity. Were like not even really a joke but they weasel in explanations about why things are the way they are. And they correct each other about how like her what was the line about the girl that she’s interested in? I think she she called it like gender performance. Oh, that’s just her gender performance is different than her sexual identity or sexual preference. I thought that was just a funny line but they deliver it to each other. So normally what you don’t ever really see in like mainstream movies that kind of just just fun, truthful discussion so that definitely resonated with me on this this time around Danny what’s your number two

DANNY The karaoke scene.

SLIM to be the list

DANNY So I have this thing in when I watch movies or TV that whenever someone is doing a performance I I almost can’t look at the screen in like embarrasses me so much like I want to pull the covers up over my head or crawl into my skin. I can’t take the scenes like there’s so much of it and shits Creek with the mom character when she would do her stuff. But like for when when this happens, I like want to crawl into my skin but it is so funny. And it also was funny to me that a movie that takes place in 2019 would be karaoke a song that I was singing in like middle school. Like it just it’s just like wild to me that they would still even like remember this song or even their I guess I’ll be living Yeah, it was like their singing journey. Like we would but I love that scene so much. It makes me laugh every time the George George is so funny in this movie. I think he’s hilarious him and his dinner party but him doing the karaoke gets me every time.

SLIM The cast of characters are pretty full featured. Yes, movie. Pro Number three,

PROTO my number three a one thought I had while watching this was that. You know, when you watch a movie as a kid, that’s like a bound adults, you know, maybe our parents, whatever. You can’t really fully appreciate it because you haven’t had those experiences yet. You know, and then like when you grow up, and you rewatch the movie, you’re like, oh, wow, like this resonates more because now I’m an adult, or I have a job or I’m a parent, whatever. But I feel like it kind of works in reverse as well as because like now that I’m I think I’m like over 15 years removed from like, being a senior in high school. So I think I’m, I’m pretty far away from that time of my life. Where it’s hard to remember how some of this felt. Like, I can think like, I can remember specific moments and be like, oh, man, this was super cringe. You know, like, oh, like, even like now I think of how like terrible that was in that moment, or how I felt or like my first crush or anything. But like watching characters live through that there’s something about the displacement of time. It almost works where it’s like, I don’t have the memories in the forefront of my mind anymore. Like those feelings to connect with these characters in the same way as someone who’s in high school now, which is like really, you know, it seems obvious but like, I don’t think I ever thought of that that like a life experience that I had. I could like no longer connect to because it’s that far removed from where I am now. Did you guys like Do you feel that way? Why don’t you movies like this.

DANNY I don’t know, I honestly felt somehow that I felt I could very much relate to this movie, which is, I don’t know what it was about it, the writing or just, there’s something about it still being like my high school year was 22,001. So 2019 is is a long ways off from when I graduate high school. But there was still something about this film where I was still kind of connected to it. But I also love coming of age film, so maybe there was a lot about that as well. But somehow I related to a lot of the still, maybe high school hasn’t changed that much outside of, you know, social media.

SLIM You didn’t have time to relate to anything. You were in 10 clubs, you’re on sports teams you’re on. You know, art class, I

DANNY don’t know I can see where you’re coming from though proto when I watch it. Because I feel like I’m watching what my kids will be like maybe in high school, stuff like that.

SLIM So Megan, Megan says, y’all need to watch euphoria. I can’t relate at all. It’s a vibe. All I know about euphoria is that people love euphoria. And there’s a lot of drugs or drug use

PROTO Evon chats that you can that she could relate to the parents actually did love the scene at the party where they opened the like they opened the door to the kitchen and the mom and dad are with like the younger sibling at the table like playing Scrabble like it’s your party over yet dear. And he’s like, Mom, I have the house for the next six hours

SLIM Yeah, I was James had his graduation from like a graduation and he’s the first class going into the new middle school usually sixth grade that goes up. So he had this thing at school and one of his teachers was giving like a little speech and she was like saying some of the phrases of the kids say like a gag and nothing so everyone was very cringy for your kids but have you ever heard any feel like a really long time ago when like when do you ever heard no cap? Yeah. Oh, you heard no cap. James and James explained that to me this week I just had it I looked at myself in the mirror and I said you know I’m gonna be I’m gonna be brave today and reveal that this is the stuff I learned from my son.

PROTO Well, you know, I had a moment like that where I heard something from my kids and I thought they made it up but then later I heard it was from YouTube — Sussy Baka, you heard of this?

SLIM You can say that other

PROTO kids are running around saying sassy Baka. And I’m like, oh, that’s kind of sounds catchy. Where’d you hear that? And yeah, they heard it on YouTube.

SLIM Whose turn is it? I think it’s my turn. Oh, so Paul, thank you, Paul. Paul, Paul bravely admitted that he also did not know what no cat met my final note. The scene at the end where she gets picked up by the other girl from high school who had the nickname what was her nickname?

DANNY AAA. AAA roadside assistance.

SLIM I love that scene. I love when she reveals how that name makes her feel and how no other girls from school stood up for her. And she has this amazing line where she goes I just want people to know my real name. When we go to school next year, I thought that was so beautiful. Their exchange in the car. You know how it’s a fresh start for the main characters, but it’s a fresh start for people that don’t that you don’t realize need a fresh start at that point. Yeah, so I thought that was beautiful. Danny number three

DANNY We’ve gone through so much. But one of the things I thought was interesting this kind of is like an overarching thought was when we were going through the pick out the movies for you know, Pride Month and LGBTQ movies. And when this kind of pops up, I only see remembered it as a comedy and I didn’t really catch much about the LGBTQ vibes. I forgot that I forgot that she was gay and stuff like that. But what I found was interesting was for a movie that is, is written as a comedy and it’s funny. All these characters have very distinct lives. But they were never like a joke. Like, I feel like a lot of older comedies make make the people themselves out to be a joke. Especially the gay community the gay crowds and the guys I feel like even I forget the black guy’s name but I feel like he would have been made a joke but he really wasn’t he was he was allowed to be funny instead himself. And I thought that was just really impressive for this film. I never felt like anyone was I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I felt like it was more of a comedy people were allowed to be funny but they weren’t like the butt of the joke because of who they were, right? Yeah, that was pretty impressive

SLIM In your I think it was your letterbox review you reference Breakfast Club walk so booksmart can run. Yeah, I think this will hold up in a different way than Breakfast Club,

DANNY right? Yeah, for sure. And I mean Breakfast Club is a top tier movie frame, but it also is of its time like that. That is the 80s You know, coming of age movie, this is the new one. This is the one that I would point to before watching Breakfast Club because it’s just more I don’t know, it just it just makes the most sense.

SLIM No cap. No cap boy boy proto final thoughts on dimensions and rating for booksmart

PROTO Ah, let’s see why that was. I think that’s a great point. Any Yeah, I don’t think there are like any other character. Yeah, there aren’t any characters who are just like a punch line who just appear for a scene actually. That was one of the other thing I really liked about this script of, of, of how was written where there was so many, like callbacks. Like there was a lot of characters introduced but then they all kind of had their moment. Like even like you’re saying like, by the end of it, where she gets into the car with AAA. Annabelle I had forgotten like that character. And like for them to bring her back in that scene, or even the whole thing with the the one teacher who she calls to give them a ride. That was kind of obvious that would happen but even still, it was nice how like, all the characters they felt like they they had never flushed out just enough so that they felt like real people. So that’s pretty impressive for a story like this. We’re really it’s you know, could have just been like a comedy and just going for jokes but there’s a good amount of depth to it. Um,

DANNY That is a good point. Everyone does have their moment for sure.

PROTO My my rating I was Yeah, I was waffling between three and four stars for this good wall. waffle. I mean honestly, for me, it’s it’s almost impossible for like a comedy to be a five star movie. So really the best it’s going to do is for so is this like a top tier comedy? I don’t know. I don’t know if I would say but I think it is. It is really great. And I’m really impressed by the way it’s like shot. Like you were saying earlier the direction for first features is pretty incredible. So Oh, awesome. I’ll go with four stars.

SLIM Oh, not expecting the movie insider to goodness four stars. Okay. Oh my let’s see honorable mentions. Butter personality that line cracks me up one guy about Barcelona. Oh by the pronunciation there’s just incredible the teacher in the student Miss fine. Miss fine in Argyll think our guy was like supposed to be like 20 years old. Yeah, right. Did you like get help? Get help back like several times

DANNY twice in the seventh grade

SLIM sex noises so I’m at four and a half stars for booksmart on this viewing, I have completely come around. Thank you had an amazing time watching this. I was laughing the whole time. And this This does feel like a time less film I say that now we’ll see in 20 years you know maybe maybe it won’t 20 years I don’t know. But great time washing us.

DANNY Um I’m still a five stars for this i i really love this film. I love Olivia has direction. For a movie that I’m 20 years plus removed from high school. I somehow connect to this maybe it’s my love of coming of age films. That I just really enjoy. But somehow I still connect to this movie. I enjoyed a lot beanie and Caitlin. I would follow them until the ends of the earth I think they’re incredible actresses. I think they’re so funny. And I thought it was funny there was that line about when Jarrods opening up to a molly at the on the at the end of the movie and he’s like he wants to create Broadway shows that aren’t revivals being he’s currently in a revival of funny girl right now on Broadway, which I thought was quite interesting, but I love this film. It’s a lot of fun. I would love a sequel somehow of this movie to see these two back on screen together again or just another movie with the two of them back on just being funny again because I like them a lot.

SLIM What a picture, dot png.

DANNY Come with a dance seed when she comes in with the guy that she loves just busts into that Hey, dance montage.

SLIM Oh, I love that great, great decision to end our month with booksmart IMO. So Stanley sugestion give you the props for Casey suggested it to me. Casey, I’ll give you the props. Thank you, Casey. Thank you, Casey. Let’s see Michelle, accountant or accountant. All right, so this will officially wrap up June and the official theme for July will be 90s action. But we have a movie that we wanted to talk about that we’ve all been not watching since it dropped on streaming. So next week, we will be doing MAD GOD streaming on shutter the stop motion. Phil Tippett film he has been making for decades 60 years in the making 60 years in the making 60 years I heard whispers that there’s not even a dialogue in this movie. Just a stop motion animation sanity for 83 minutes, so credible on shutter. Get yourself a free trial. poke around at some other horror goodies in there. That’ll be our next episode before we officially kick off 90s action. Pro what’s the what’s the current status on the V Joe? She’s the legal betting consortium that you developed?

PROTO Oh, yes. So we did have a competition for the gymnastic world movies of who could predict our ratings using our gambling system inside of our Discord completely

SLIM illegal where it is. You know, it’s in Russian waters. It’s like international waters or something. Right? Yeah,

PROTO we we ran it through the legal algorithm multiple times. Came back clean. We’re good. We’re good. Yeah, so we had a competition of who could predict and we actually have a tie for first. Yeah, we had to who to villagers who predicted our ratings perfectly. And we’re able to be on top of the pile. Those two are our WT chats and small Tony.

SLIM God so they

PROTO they tied for first so we wanted to give them both a prize so we will be sending to you guys. The anniversary edition of Jurassic Park is

DANNY 25th anniversary edition for K

SLIM Dan and RDS

on on a habit show everybody at home Danny,

SLIM congratulations to you both. This is all completely legal. We’re within our rights. You know, we’ve done it again. Congratulations to proto for just constructing this entire platform and then having the success of the legal gambling taking place.

PROTO Feels great. I feel like a big fish

SLIM Danny just posted the photo in chat looking at that limited dish. I like the poster. Although I personally I don’t like it when they veer too much from the OGS you know the OG poster? What are you gonna do? Obi Wan kind of movie about this heart says no over fished Wednesday morning I fired this bad boy up let’s get this done. And I watched it and this is probably the best episode of the whole series. Easily right I don’t need to I don’t need to go out on a limb and say that correct? Right? We all feel the same way part of what what do you think?

DANNY What do you think is a better episode proto?

PROTO Um, I think the only one other one in contention. I guess it’s episode three. Were really the only the only I feel like the only scene that matters to me in this whole series is OB seeing Anakin off in the sand dune, which was another episode.

SLIM That was the best scene I

PROTO think. Yeah, that was the only one that gave me chills. So

SLIM someone in before I get Danny’s opinion someone in our Discord, I think or a discord. And I apologize if it was your listening someone’s idea for the series what it was saying Wouldn’t it have been cool if in OBS training to try to contact Qui Gon he accidentally made contact with Anakin and that a series was that’s how it kicks off. They’re kind of like conversations with Anakin that would have gab says that was forest that would have been really cool. You Am bregal anyplace

DANNY I do agree that this was the best episode I don’t I don’t want to like we’ve we’ve talked enough about how ugly this show is. I do think this looked the best. Especially when they get to the Vader, Obi Wan fight. I thought that that setting looked good, comparative to the rest of the series. I liked I liked the duel between Obi Wan and Anakin or Vader. And but I don’t know if I liked it as a fight but I liked it as a converse the conversation he has after he cuts up in the mask i I thought that was a great exchange between the two of them. I thought Hayden looked creepy as hell in that mask. I thought it looked I thought it looked nice. I really did. And I liked humans performance there was great. Hayden and Anna Anakin or Vader I guess would be saying that he is he killed Anakin there’s nothing to be sorry for I liked that. I like that exchange between the two of them. Him saying goodbye, Darth. Whatever, that’s stupid.

SLIM I can see what I am actually. I get why they did that. Right? Doesn’t he refer to him as does in A New Hope? Like as it’s his first name or whatever? Isn’t that why they did that? Yeah, sure.

PROTO Good thing they did that now. Now. Episode Four makes sense.

SLIM It’s exactly like that person. I called out on Reddit. Who was like, see that’s why she named her son Ben because Obi Wan saved her as a kid that’s why

DANNY it’s all makes sense now it’s all coming full circle

SLIM sins have been closed add them all up. Thank you Disney plus,

DANNY I got I will say I got misty eyed twice. And you know the moments it will be one having the final talk with Leah I thought was very good. I liked the conversation him explaining his parents to her her parents to her talking about Anakin talking about Pat may. But also it wasn’t fair because they were playing the Princess Leia thing behind that. And I that same theme makes me tear up anyway. I liked that conversation. But also my boy quag on. I was so happy to see him. I honestly was so excited to see him a it. It hurt how much I liked seeing him. And I really got a little bit misty eyed see and whatever his name is back on. No, not quite. The actor Liam Neeson, sorry, I was on a blank. I was just glad it was there. But my feeling I really felt like this should have been almost where the season started. Like him going off with Anakin even having the I don’t know, I don’t know how they would reverse it. But I just felt like this is where I would rather have begun with him going off into the desert with Obi without Qui Gon. And I think I said that in the in the beginning. But yeah, it’s I’m just glad it’s over. I know we’re getting a season two, etcetera. Alleged. Yeah, sure. We just don’t want it. I really don’t. But it’s fine. People like it. It’s here for people who like it. Whatever, I hope we don’t cover it again.

SLIM For anything left to say, for this prestige event.

PROTO Yeah, I don’t know if I really have anything about like this episode that we haven’t talked about in previous ones. Other than I guess the fact that I just felt like there was no stakes, or really anything happening that was important at the end of this. Even like we all knew that this fight is going to happen right between Vader and Obi Wan. But there’s, there’s, there’s like not there’s no stakes at all. Like, there’s nothing that’s going to, there’s nothing going into it. And there’s nothing coming out of this fight to me. Like you can say, Oh, they had this conversation. But when I think of like the fights that are memorable in Star Wars, it’s not in this movie. At first it focused so much like on the action in the combat, and then just a trip to China yet, which I didn’t really love. I mean, it’s always cool to see someone having a lightsaber fight. But when I think of like an empire strikes back of like Luke and Vader fighting in Cloud City, or in you know, return the Jedi with with Vader and Luke and those scenes is there not so much about the actual fight thing, but the conflict between the characters and like the the moments that they’re having. And like this completely lacks any of that, for me even like the setting, like the setting to it’s like a stage like there’s nothing there. They’re just like out in the middle of Podunk desert just going at it. Which I don’t know. Yeah, there’s just, I guess I don’t really have anything else to add. Other than yeah, overall just disappointed. As I’ve said in the past.

DANNY I think I definitely agree with you with the stakes thing because I feel like these characters we know how it ends for all of them. And we know that it doesn’t end here. So I don’t know that I’ve like I’m not emotionally attached to this Vader verse Obi Wan fight because we know this isn’t where it ends. So we know the outcome of everything that happens before it gets there. Like we know. We know Luke’s not going to be killed by Riva we know Oh, and baru both survived even though I guess we see why Oh, and gets his lamp on his knee now. So thank you for writing that in. So it’s like, I don’t know if I’ve enjoyed the story enough to where? I don’t know. I just wish it just it’s hard because we know lay is fine. We know where everyone goes out of this. So I get kind of like, why are waste our time with a lightsaber fight that’s very poorly directed and shot and instead, let’s just, I don’t know, stop wasting my time.

SLIM I was the I was kind of bummed that we got a kind of retread of the Vader helmet cracking. And you see Anakin, like, we’ve seen that. elsewhere. I’m not gonna say where we saw it, just in case people are like watching certain things, but I felt like you know, I kind of have seen this exact moment happened before with better writing and visuals and all that stuff. So I don’t really have anything else to say about OB. But I will say that I was dealing around on YouTube today. And I had us Force Awakens like cutscene thing recommended to me with Star Killer and Vader. And so I watched like these cutscenes Did you guys ever play force wake? Forest on ilish?

DANNY Sam went where?

SLIM Sam where? himself? I mean, you want to I mean, how many Sam Witwer videos on YouTube of someone asking Sam wetware to do a friggin Can you talk about Darth Molly voice Sam wait for Sam Witwer does Darth Maul 3 million views on my face? Can do Darth Maul is boys. He’s a voice actor. But the visual the fights of course. It’s like motion. It’s not it’s like a video game cutscene but the stuff Sam Witwer does in like 10 seconds of a video game cutscene with his lightsaber is cooler than anything anyone did. Riva especially in this television show. Anyone with like any kind of fun ideas? Were just not brought to the table for any lightsaber anything. And it’s just so kind of weird to me that like, how about how old is this video game and he’s like, dropping his lightsaber whipping it around because he’s a badass, like, why wasn’t Riva badass in any of that stuff?

PROTO Oh, yeah, another scene. So I said this before? Just the weird way these scenes are set up so they ambush Riva? Uncle Owen has a clear shot. Reena has no idea. He completely whiffs on a blaster shot. Riva like, whoa, what’s going on? turns around, like, why not have it where like, Riva like anticipates it turns around and deflects it. Like that’s that could have been like really, that scene could have been really cool, but instead it just looks so stupid these two like they’ve never held a blaster before. Right? Like it would it would have been funny if they were like holding it backwards or something like that. At least I would have been you know, get a joke out of it or something. But it just doesn’t make any sense in the way that they just set up the scenes. I don’t

DANNY He finds it interesting in chat that see trainer and both our web chats are talking about me complaining about the stakes, but loving the prequels. I would love to know like after Return of the Jedi, what trainer and RW chat knew about Qui Gon. What knew about Patton may would knew about the story of young Anakin becoming Vader like I would love to know all of their insights leaving return the Jedi about all the characters in the prequels. We’re literally talking about a show about Obi Wan and every single character in the show besides Riva, we know where where all their stories and and we would like it they don’t expand on anything so they come off it

SLIM the way we’re it can’t even tell if Megan liked the show or hated the show. Anyone tell? So back to Star Killer if I may and some people were saying like oh would have been cool they brought star killer and I had been doing some reading on like the is it the expanded universe extended universe like the original stuff? It’s like no longer canon. There’s so much talk about how Star Killer was like Opie overpowered and how he would not he wouldn’t make any sense in the current Star Wars universe because no other real Jedi had, like can do what he does in this cutscene. He is using the Force to evaporate stormtroopers into dust. Like the most Opie Jedi, anything ever and I kind of forget that the old stuff pre Disney. There’s a ton of Jedi like that, and a ton of SIF that are like so powerful It’s nonsense what they can do. So it was just funny to like, see him use lightning and literally evaporate stormtroopers to dust and he’s thrown Vader around. It was like crazy how it’s like a bygone era of like overpowered characters that are essentially like when re debuted everyone everyone like crapped their pants when Ray could use the force in the first movie like Hello, Did you play any of those video games? Like you were as a Jedi Master by level one

DANNY my flesh didn’t like that a woman could do it. Well guess that’s the answer some so cap.

SLIM Legends is the word I was looking for legend,

DANNY right Legends is technically not canon. But legends are like stories that could be told by people in the Star Wars universe is what I’ve become a bit old.

SLIM Right? So it was fun to go back to see because in the video game, for those that haven’t played it, this character Starkiller Sam Woodward who does the voice of Darth Maul, he was the apprentice of Vader. And he was pretty ba but rest in peace. Ah Kenobi is in the past. We’re put we’re opening the dresser. We’re put in Jurassic World. Wait,

DANNY wait. One thing I would like to see coming out of this is a continuation of Riva story, but a redemption story for her and also her meeting Cal cast us and having that sort of be part of her story as well and bringing him into live action.

SLIM I mean, I I mean, I said I would never watch live action star wars ever again. It was finished. But I would be interested in that. So long as we get someone else in charge. Someone else executive producing this. Yeah. John Feffer you’re out of prison. You’re free. You’ve just gotten a full pardon.

DANNY This is your January 6 pardon.

SLIM I went Okay, last last thing for real. Before we started we I specifically had said if John Fabbro is not connected with Kenobi that I it’s going to be great. Keep him as far away from Kenobi and I remember looking at the credit saying I don’t see KEN I don’t see Fabbro I don’t see Rodriguez. I don’t see anyone in charge of boba on the show. We’re good. What are the chances that that could backfire so hard in my face? Next week MAD GOD on shutter get yourself a free trial to absorb some horrifying looking stop motion animation from the King. Pardo any closing thoughts as we disappear into the darkness?

PROTO We made it through June, like you were saying, we made it through Junassic World and Obi-Wan, never to return… until Season Two.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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