Transcript: Beetlejuice (1988)

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Transcript of 70mm’s Beetlejuice (1988) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you listening right now. Every Monday, I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY His mannerisms, his snarkiness — there was a face he makes when he throws his head back, I’m like, ‘Oh my god… This is Slim!’

SLIM And our spiritual advisor and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO Slim, I do appreciate you though, watching all of these Cabinet of Curiosities so that you can then just tell me which is the best and I can just watch that one. I’m looking forward to that moment.

SLIM Our feature discussion later in this episode is a special treat to end Hauntvember, Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice streaming on HBO Max. Many people are asking, is this the best Tim Burton movie? Period. Question mark? Or is Beetlejuice just that annoying guy you know doing bits? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

SLIM Beetlegaice is our featured presentation — we’re ending the month.

DANNY Finally.

SLIM We’re starting a new theme at the end of this episode. And Proto and I just before in the pre-show, in the green room, we hang out in the green room before we enter the studio, you know, we get each other psyched up, Proto sits in silence. And we heard Danny choose his pick because, you know, we’re busy. We forget that it’s our picks. And we audibly heard Danny make the decision for his pick. Later in the show. Beetlejaice got two stars from Matt Buchanan, the podcast godfather.

DANNY What?!

SLIM Oh Letterboxd.


DANNY Should we distance ourselves? [Slim laughs]

SLIM Casey is saying, “Danny text me” in chat. Do you see this?

DANNY Oh, she wants to know my pick.

SLIM Shut it down.

DANNY This is…

PROTO She can’t even wait 90 minutes. [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Can we recover from the co-founder of Letterboxd giving Beetlejuice two stars? It’s an ominous start, Proto.

PROTO No review on that? Just two stars.

DANNY That was before Letterboxd for him.

PROTO He didn’t have a single word to say about it?

SLIM Not a single friggin word from Michael Keaton.

PROTO Wow. Not a fan of Michael Keaton, I guess.

SLIM I already have a topic we need to get into I know the both of you finally watched Barbarian it hit streaming. Proto did not give a rating.

DANNY Well no stars

SLIM I don’t even think he gave it a heart, Proto.

DANNY No stars, no heart.

PROTO No stars. No heart. What else? What other questions?

SLIM Was that a zero? Did you like it? Or was it, I have to watch this over the course of three days so I’m not giving it anything.

PROTO Oh, no, I did like this. This was this was a good movie. This was fun. This is a fun horror movie. This is you said it was a fun horror you specifically in your review you said I would categorize this as fun horror. I wouldn’t say this is fun horror, I would say like fun horror to me is like Return of the Living Dead. Like, you know, like, let’s just have a good time. Let’s not try to scare our audience. But there were some moments in this where it’s like, why am I watching this? You know, when she’s down in the basement? It’s like all right, why am I here? You know so to me that’s not fun. But it’s a it’s a good movie. I what it does, I had a blast watching it. Justin Long. Yeah. Prayer hands. This man. Right. Thank you is a gift to humanity. Yeah. All right. Let’s just say it. It’s It’s amazing watching him as I don’t know, what is he like in his 40s Now I guess ages of that age, age. Ageless, Justin Long, just continuing to play the same character. It feels like no matter what, you know what year it is. And it’s a delight. I had a great time watching this. It was funny. You know, keeps you on your toes. The way it transitions from the beginning. It has you know this great you know, it was very scary at certain parts where it’s like, I want to be out of this and then they let you out like every good horror movie does. So I thought it was a really good time. Danny wonder what did you think? Yeah,

DANNY I agree with you. I had a great time watching it. I think it gave it three and a half stars. There was, I don’t know, I don’t I don’t know if it stuck the landing for me. But the journey was fun. There was a fun movie. I don’t know if I’ll watch it again. It’s always great to see Justin. But it was it was it was interesting. I’ll say that some choices were made. And I’m just like yeah, that’s their choice. There were

SLIM definite choices made. I think I like saying fun hard because if I am able to like laugh with Amanda when we watch horror movies, like in a in a good way, like in a really positive fun way, then that that hits that category. So I definitely remember like laughing Yeah. multiple times during now. It’d be

DANNY to spoil earlier about it. So because it’s just now streaming people just aren’t getting their feet wet with it. Get it wet.

SLIM Before we get into another movie that you are seeing just real quick Hush. Sale let us a new patrons Philip, Ben Spencer, Mitch M and Dylan all joined. This week, our Patreon 70 mm and Dylan is our 300 and 50th patron 353 50 That’s pretty crazy.

DANNY Trim the fat

SLIM it means it is the end of the month so there will be some fat trimmed with patron Patreon credit card system inevitably failing for someone so that by the time this episode is out, it might be lower than that. But that you can join them they got access to our VHS village discord, Listen Live discounts on prints and access to our 30 Plus episodes in the 70 millimeter vault 30 plus 30 plus, you know.

SLIM Ron in chat: “Wasn’t 350 the number of patrons to get Death on the Nile?”


SLIM Can someone ban Ron in chat? Mods?

PROTO I just banned him. He’s gone.

SLIM He’s gonna thank you. Appreciate the quickness in that. What about this Tucker verse Tucker and Dale vs Evil that you watched? I remember hearing about this, I think in high school or something. Yeah. And this is the first time I’ve thought of it since then.

DANNY I was suckered then watch this movie and actually liked it. It was fun. I remember laughing and having a good time watching it then. Recently, there’s an upcoming horror art show that I’m a part of, and I was asked to do. Maybe this could be a poster I could do for the show. So I was like, Well, I haven’t seen it in forever. So I can’t really picture what I would do for this. I’ll watch it again. And again, I had another fun time watching this movie. It’s hilarious. I love the story itself. It’s pretty silly. It’s a good time. It’s just a this is a fun little romp like barbarian.

SLIM Huh. I’m seeing somebody in this movie that I recognize. Fallon’s like

DANNY to Dick Goodall, Allen?

SLIM From that TV show, the king of Canada. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, probably ever seen this?

PROTO No, it looks like if Edgar Wright was American, he would make this movie.

DANNY Correct. That’s the that’s the exact vibes you’ll get from this film. Looking at the Canadian, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

SLIM Yeah, I remember was 2010. So I wasn’t really thinking correctly about high school, but I do remember some, like people in my circles. Yeah. You know, losing their pants over this movie. And that was probably the main reason I never watched it.

DANNY Yeah, it’s funny. It’s a good time. It’s funny horror.

SLIM Okay. That might have been the only other movie you wash right? busy days. busy days. You’re busy man.

DANNY I watched Beetlejuice twice.

Twice the commitment I had to see if I was correct

DANNY on my feelings on this.

SLIM Why even see a beetle juice lot even doing once there’s no logs on your letterbox profile? I know I gotta drop a log. You did drop a log in terms of a letterbox list because there were some conversation about Doctor sleep in our Discord this week.

DANNY Thank you want to do this right horror Red Bull.

SLIM It’s two movies. It’s Doctor sleep and Halloween and

DANNY I will keep building this list.

SLIM I don’t know how I feel about this list. There I’m gonna like it. Thank you. Do we talk about Dr. Sleep? Have you seen Dr. Sleep? I can’t remember now I have

PROTO not but we have talked about it on the show.

DANNY Maybe next October check the tapes.

SLIM You would tag out you probably have Ian replace you on a doctor sleep episode.

DANNY I would never have even replaced me to do anything.

SLIM Former producer of this show and continually disgraced by his actions, his own actions, mind you. Pardo anything that you watch this week that you want to talk about?

PROTO And the only other thing I watched was I got back to Robert Altman, and I watched his movie mash. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know, big fan of Robert What when and you’ve been watching a lot of horror this month and I thought why don’t I give myself a break? Why don’t I you know, just go watch a regular movie whatever I think I was on I might have been on the peacock app and you know not meaning the brows because I’m not psychotic when I watched Halloween ends I saw this on there it was like probably auto played

SLIM after friggin Halloween years mash this is what you want to watch now

fumbling to grab the remote before it closes on me starting with a movie.

PROTO But yeah, I saw this on there and I and I put it on because I’ve been wanting to watch it and it wasn’t streaming for a while so I got to watch it and it was interesting you know, it’s it’s kind of funny, but it’s very it’s very dated. I’d never watched the the TV series I remember catching clips of it. And you know, I was too young it was like going over my head I didn’t really understand like the president you know, and then mash like, you know, what does mash mean? But it has Elliott Gould in it has Donald Sutherland in it as well. You know, you know with his comedic chops Strange movie very much like of the time of the 70s You know, just loves objectifying women. A lot of that, you know if you’re into that, so on and it was a pretty rough viewing as Robert Duvall as well at Tom Skerritt has a cool cast in the world. Yeah, it’s very, very interesting. But that’s all yeah, that’s all I really got to took a break from the HAR. Get back. You needed to rally all Yeah,

SLIM You went hard.

PROTO I did, I’ve been going hard. Whenever we can compile the statistics of this October, it might be my biggest October ever.

SLIM We’ll get the people on the numbers. Yeah. Paul in chat. I’m getting burned out on horror. Tbh. I think Paul gave two stars to or maybe even less to barbarian. One word reviewed. nopes.

PROTO Paul, if you can just hold on for like four more days. Yeah, we’re almost

DANNY there. We’re almost

SLIM finished. As Paul. Art is asking if McCabe was better than mash.

Oh, yeah. It’s not even close. Oh, art. Not even close. Not even

SLIM close quote. I started I’m still knee deep in her. Amanda was playing our Simpsons Treehouse of her playlist at the house when I came home from a dog walk. So we’re knee deep, and I started so I’m actually not going to be on the letterboxed show next week. So I have some, some options open up to me in terms of some feeling. I started watching that Guillermo del Toro cabinet of curiosities on Netflix. People buzz in all about on that thing, the king of horror. Yeah, they call him. Those Guillermo del Toro fans as insufferable as ever but I decided to get in there and try it. But he does have these little intros. gudi evilly Yes, pretty much. So he has a very diverse cast of directors. Yeah, some of these are based on like short stories. So the first one I watched it’s about a guy was that show Storage Wars? Do you remember that show? Where like, people bid on the storage lockers? What’s about a kind of like a jerk that wins a storage unit, and he stumbles upon some like weird relics, who some Nazi Occult stuff which sweets and then he gets it appraised at which is an amazing idea for like the leadoff episode. But it was okay the first episodes Okay, second episode was mad. The third episode had some pretty good style. It was from the director of the MT man, which I had watched last year. I think it’s called the autopsy. And I think David S. Goyer wrote it. Oh, the guy who was written like every DC thing ever, Superman’s Yeah, but I liked that episode, so we haven’t gone into any other ones. I think there’s maybe eight episodes or so. So I haven’t gotten to the Crispin Glover one. No, I haven’t gotten to that one. Oh, the Jennifer can’t want things from the Babadook. Yeah. And also, the Anna Liliana pours episode.

DANNY She did I read that there was one directed by the lady that did Twilight.

SLIM I don’t know. Am I wrong? We can we can get the intern to check that out. I remember. Mr. Mephistopheles says that first. 20 minutes of the empty man was great. That’s correct. Fortunately, the rest of it was not great. But there were some cool spots in the empty man predator. Did you ever watch the empty man? I know you and I talked about that.

PROTO No, but you know on that movie has popped up a number of times on Twitter where people are like all this movie. You got to watch the empty man. Very good. But I don’t know.

SLIM The people soundly Robert Altman

PROTO I still am. I do appreciate you though, watching all of these cabinet of curiosities so that you can then just tell me, which is the best and I can just watch that. So I’m looking forward to that moment.

SLIM Yeah, they’re all about an hour ish, maybe 40 minutes to an hour or so. And well, they’re all lockable on letterbox as of right now, FYI.

PROTO What’s the production value of this? Like, where does this

SLIM it’s pretty good. They it does look, it’s more expensive than your average. You know, TV anthology horror fair. It looks like they put some money behind it. So it all does look pretty good. The third episode has looked the best so far, by far. So that one’s in the lead right now the autopsy. We also every week we try to give out a free year of letterbox Pro to folks that either share the show on social media or tag their review 70 mm pot on letterboxed and this week a dear member of our community is getting an extra year litter box Pro. Hannah might even be in chat right now. Oh my four stars for beetle juice. Take that Matt Buchanan. Yeah, it’s showtime. So you just want to free your letterbox bro and don’t forget we also have 20% off letterbox per Patron on our website 70 Min If you want to sign up at a discount time below guys stood scrunched up your face like Kermit the Frog. Beetlejuice is closing out hot vember we decided this would be a fun way to do it. We picked the other weeks. This is the end of Han vember and we’re drifting into new territory next month with a brand new theme Moscato what is 1988 Beetlejuice.

PROTO Adam and Barbara have the perfect life. A home designed to their tastes in a small town with no kids. But when they get into a freak car accident coming back from the hardware store, they discover that their lives are not only forever changed, but that it’s over. They are dead. Confined as ghosts to their house. They must endure the eccentric tastes of the new homeowners unable to take it anymore and against the advice of their social worker. They call upon the assistance of Beetlejuice, a local bio exorcist who will use whatever means necessary to remove the living from their home. Beetlejuice

SLIM were applying applying applying applying closes to to their first time viewings for this movie, The both of you? Yeah, in the year 2022. But Dana, you had said you’d seem like the cartoon maybe

DANNY Beetlejuice disgusted me as a kid. So I never wanted to watch the movie. But I did watch the cartoon where for a while, and I think I played a GameBoy game. But other than that Beetlejuice was heavily throughout the Universal Studios here in Orlando. And he thought that Ghostbusters at some point there. So that was like all of the below juice that I could take. I didn’t, I didn’t really care for it. And I don’t know, it just wasn’t my speed then and then I just kind of didn’t bother as an adult to watch it.

SLIM It’s interesting, because I feel like Beetlejuice fits into the universal grouping of like fun, wacky characters.

DANNY Yeah. And I think for a while I just chalked it up into the horror category. And so I just wrote it off and didn’t want to watch it.

SLIM Did you ever see that cartoon floating about or have any other toys?

PROTO No, I don’t know the Burger King. Oh, actually. Yeah, maybe that? I definitely I knew of it, of course. I mean, yeah, the the posters iconic seeing it and blockbuster. But yeah, I didn’t. I don’t think I ever really saw clips of it or even knew what it was about. Like watching it. I didn’t. I didn’t really I had. I didn’t know what was going to happen at all.

SLIM Even at a young age. You had an aversion to Michael Keaton. Back to our classic Batman episode.

DANNY Well, the dinner table scene I feel like is iconic. I’ve seen that plenty of times. I felt like watching when I was watching this. I was just waiting for it. When is the dinner table scene?

SLIM Right, right. Why don’t we start with you Danny just jots down three things for our viewing. We’ll roundtable until we give her letterboxed review. So Danny, what’s the first thing that you jotted down that you want to talk about? For this movie, well,

DANNY the first thing that comes to mind isn’t necessarily my number one, but I will bring it up because last week you had said that you and Amanda watched us a lot like every year Halloween correct. And there’s a moment in this film, where Baldwin’s character and Gina are first introduced to Beetlejuice, and they ask him his credentials,

I would like to ask you a couple of Jar Jar sharks. For instance, what are your qualifications? Well, I tend to Julio, I’m Greg with the Harvard Business School I traveled quite extensively, I lived through the Black Plague and I had a pretty good time during that I’ve seen the exorcist about 167 times had a kid get muddier every single time I said, not to mention the fact that you’re talking to a dead guy. Now what do you think?

DANNY You think I’m qualified? And he does the sarcastic response about Harvard and all that stuff. And I thought I was watching you. his mannerisms, his snarkiness there was a face he makes when he throws his head back. I’m like, Oh, my God. This is slim. I was shocked. I actually I rewound it and watched it again. And there’s there’s this thing he does where he leans his head back and splits his eyes. I’m like, Oh, shit. I just went on.

SLIM Slim in on T Live slim influencing.

DANNY It was amazing. Like, I wish I was taken aback. I was like, slim does these mannerisms, when he’s when he’s Skaar sarcastically mocking someone.

SLIM It’s funny. You noted that because I always crack up at that scene. It’s making my voice

DANNY really is funny. I love how he just snaps into that. That’s sarcastic character and hilarious. My first note is about Beetlejuice and how little he’s in this film. Yeah, he has like 15 minutes of screen time through this whole movie. It’s really focused on Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin’s character, and they’re amazing in this. I love the two of them. And I love the I love the story of them. Dying so soon in this film, and then having to scare off the new people. I had no idea what the story was about at all. I assumed Beetlejuice haunted Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin’s character the entire time, but it’s the opposite. Yeah. And I had, I just, I don’t know, my mind was a little bit blown because my expectations for this film were totally off.

PROTO Yes, seeing this cast, yeah, I didn’t know Alec Baldwin and Gina Davis. We’re in this so like them appearing at the beginning of this was such a delight. Yeah, I was watching it with with Jenna and I don’t I think she hadn’t seen it either. Or maybe maybe it’s been like a long time. But we were just like a gas that like how how like just charming. They both were with like the way the story unfolds at the beginning. And then even like the transition to them dying, how it’s just, it’s so like, just tongue in cheek and fun. And then like every character that appears it’s like Catherine O’Hara is here. Winona Ryder’s here. It’s just there’s so there’s so much like, at least to me so much acting star power in this URL, just like actors that I love. And as they you know, just kept coming on the screen. It was it was so much fun. Yeah.

SLIM Alec Baldwin, every time I watch this, I’m like, Alec Baldwin. Man. You are sexy as hell.

DANNY He looks great in this.

PROTO Yeah, he looks amazing.

SLIM He looks phenomenal.

DANNY His ass in those khakis? My god. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Plump. It’s easy to forget that that era like this timeframe, you remember the shadow? I love the shadow is so cool in the shadow. But man he is. It’s like he’s a different human being in this movie. Like yeah, that told me this is some other guy but like, yeah, probably sounds right.

DANNY Should I is also incredible. Yeah.

SLIM Oh my god. Yeah, their relationship. I love you. I love I love maybe love more and more every time I watch it. And some of the stuff that I just pick up on is like when they come back from their car accident. And they find the book or the infamous book that you can now buy as a journal on any at any con or spirit Halloween is when they like sit down and they start to read it. And he’s just like, this is going to take some time. And it’s just like they’re already accepting that they’re dead. Yeah, and it’s almost just like the end of a regular day. And they’re just kind of like working through this like new thing that has happened to them but they’re dead. Like, it’s just they go through it together at almost the same pace. And it’s so enjoyable to see them do that on screen.

DANNY It is weird too, because any other film I think that kind of storytelling to rush. I don’t know if felt like it was very rushed that they’d be just fine being dead. But also it didn’t actually bother me in this because I guess then however they performed it that was just like their mannerisms, and how quirky it was, but they were just kind of adorable together just accepting that this is the afterlife. And they’re going through the book and the beginnings of the hauntings were so funny.

SLIM Yeah, muscles saying that reads like stereo instructions and then repeated later in the movie. Proto, what’s your first note,

PROTO I was just, well, it kind of goes with what Danny was saying. Or just sort of talking about like the beginning of it. The just thought this like this world, this this vision of the world that Burton creates. And he does this with his other I mean, this feels very much like the Edward Scissorhands. He has like this, like, way of, of making you feel like you’re almost in like, I don’t, I don’t even know what like a, like a, like a idealic, like, model village or some or something. I don’t know how he does it. But it just, it doesn’t feel real, in the sense that this feels like a real place. But, but it gives you like a good feeling. Like he has this like, way of like elevating the atmosphere of these movies. I don’t know if it’s like just the way everything is so bright at the beginning. But then just pairing it with the fact that they, they’re, you know, they’re dead. And just like the premise itself is like, so simple, and brilliant. That like they’re dead, and you see them, but you also see the people who are alive. It’s like, this is like such a simple idea. But I haven’t seen another movie like this, where it’s like these people die. And then they’re ghosts, but they’re just still the same characters that they were. So I was just like, in love with that. And then like this house is amazing. The house is amazing. And then as the other family comes in, and just just like all the elements of how like the plot moves forward, or even what you’re saying about how like Beetlejuice isn’t really there for most of the movie. Like it doesn’t feel traditional as in like, you know, a standard like, you know, here’s your heroes, here’s your here’s your conflict it, it kind of just like tissue on this journey. That is just like a roller coaster ride. And the way that like Burton crafted this world and everything that went along with it. It was just so much fun to like, be there especially for like the first time and I think that you mean in general we’re just like really sitting in like just like taking this movie in and like going on this ride for the first time was just so much fun. Like I couldn’t get over just how like fun. The world that he created is,

SLIM yeah, this is like my peak Burton timeframe. And the product, I looked at the production designer, it’s the same production designer is Edward Scissorhands and Batman Returns actually, and the Lost Boys and Men and black one through three, and Ghostbusters two. So some credits to that guy’s resume. But yeah, like all of what you had said Mr. Mephistopheles said it’s almost like a twisted 1950s. And the way he can design these are the early movies I don’t love like modern day burden. But there it just lends itself to like this rewatch ability factor that like yeah, I’d love to rewatch that movie, because it’s great to look at and like you want to hang out there. Like you want to hang out in those sets. It just seems like so fun to be there. And then my first point kind of comes back to how like Beetlejuice is like barely in it in like this is 19 This is like pre movie franchise. I guess it just boggles my mind that there weren’t five of these. Yes. Yeah, like, I think in a previous review, I had compared Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice to Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Like, that’s the modern day version of that, like they had this actor pull off something so weird and different and fresh, that it became a franchise and arrived or whatever, whatever you want to say. And there’s so many of those. This is like a different universe version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Like, if this didn’t come out today, there’d be a big fried again, you’re for the first time at Universal, and it would just be everywhere. It’s so crazy to look back that there’s just one Beetlejuice movie. And he right he’s only in it for like 15 minutes. And there have been stuff at Universal like I watched those YouTube videos and if you’ve been to those rides, but he had a thing at Universal for a bit. Yeah, essentially gone. But yeah, I love Keaton. I love Keaton in this. Michael Keaton My God is Beetlejuice. That scene where their ticket he’s doing his bits there is a tweet circuit reading about how like Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice is just like your friend that wants to have doing bits. Yeah. It’s true. Is love when he’s on screen. Like there’s one. There’s when he’s doing he’s talking to them for the first time. And they’re Interplay they’re going back and forth. There’s one scene where he makes that he turns around and does the like jerk off motion.

DANNY Oh my god, killing man who was dying. I

SLIM don’t even know she ever caught that before. But she was cracking up when that was on screen. And it’s like a PG movie. All of those all of those scenes to the GIF of it. It’s so fun. Every time he’s on screen. I’m cracking up when he goes to like the the strip club. And he’s doing that like dance side to side. So freaking funny. There’s a few other lines where he yells to Alec Baldwin is like nice fucking model. I mean, he is incredible in this which makes it even more insane that he was Batman. Yeah, right. Like the nerves. The nerves were right to be freaked out. Right like Batman. Like you’d be pooping yourself in my opinion part of your thoughts on Michael Keaton is below

DANNY please I’ve been waiting for your Yeah.

PROTO I’m NZ needle is the elephant in the room. Yeah, now. I thought he he’s great in this role. He really is. My favorite scene. So I watched this and then rewatched it is the very first scene that you see him and where he comes on and the TV commercial. And he’s writing the bull with the lasso. Just like the way he’s talking is so bizarre and so strange and like, like, like almost like too much for what he’s doing, you know, free demon possession with every boxer. Whatever that voice is that he is doing. It’s, it’s inspired. But I mean, I like watching this. Like, I just couldn’t believe that. Tim Burton thought like, yeah, this this is my Batman. Because it like makes no sense that he’s Batman, and he doesn’t and we all know he doesn’t work as Batman. He was terrible as wrong. Like to see this performance where it’s great, but it’s like not fitting that at all. It’s just so bizarre that you would put him in that role. But yeah, I agree. I think he’s great in this He’s so weird. And I’m you know, seeing other movies with with Michael Keaton your more recent movies without like any makeup or anything. Yeah, it makes sense why he was in this role. God,

SLIM Danny, number two.

DANNY Number two, the the production. I don’t even want to say design of this. The amount of different techniques used in filming this was baffling. When he was doing miniatures, stop motion animation, the blue green, the blue screen CG effects, like there was nothing left in his arsenal of creating for this film. And Tim Burton is like one of the few people that I just admire their mind, like their way that they can creatively see what they’re doing. And they have their own stamp for it. Like we can like yes, he did Dumbo, but it’s like he never really backed down from like, his style. And you see it in everything he does. And it’s very inspiring. And I couldn’t I couldn’t get over how well like this was this feels like peak burden. Like there was there was nothing that he felt like there was nothing that he was wanting to do that he didn’t do in this film. I mean, just felt like every square inch of this house. Every miniature every puppet every design just screamed Tim Burton in this and I don’t know if I can say that about every movie that I’ve seen of his. But this just was a ride. It was incredible.

SLIM Peak Burton, so he had just done peewee peewee did Frankenweenie before that the OG which is amazing Frankenweenie peewee Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands. Batman Returns Ed Wood which I’m not saying run and then Mars Attacks that’s when he I think he gets like gigantic when Mars Attacks is out. And that was CG instead of stop motion and then Sleepy Hollow which Sleepy Hollow I had recently we were watching you could definitely get like Like almost the transition from like modern like old school timberland to like modern Tim Burton a little

DANNY bit almost feels like a big budget burden. Like he may he may have had the budgets for Batman and all that kind of stuff. But it felt like there was a definite shift of I have a lot of money to make this film now. Maybe we don’t have to do a stop motion puppet in this way.

SLIM Right. And then he did planted the apes and then was all everything. Everything changed forever. Yeah, I mean, one of my notes was like, the finale is maybe my fav Burton thing. Like when they’re doing the seance. And everything just hits like Beetlejuice is called in. He wants to marry Winona. And it just gets like, all burden all the time. Tim Timothy and chat says stop motion is actually more expensive at that point in time during the day. I

DANNY mean, it makes sense.

SLIM Oh, boy, Tim, come home, Tim, come home. Pro Number Two.

PROTO Another scene that I love is anything that takes place in the waiting room. Oh, we’re just like, you know, where they go there to like the afterlife, and they’re trying to meet with their social worker or whatever. And just like the little bits in there, like the dude that’s helping them that was like run over by a car. You know, the the woman who was like cut in half the guy with the shrunken head, like so back onto his body. All those things are just like, they’re just it’s just like, so fun and, and they’re like jokes, but like, you don’t even have to do anything else. Like the joke is just like seeing them there. It’s like they’re dead. They’re in this waiting room. And you just visually the joke like just sells itself. And it just it was just so much fun. And so and like not Yeah, this really isn’t like a horror movie at all, you know, deals with like death and stuff. But it’s just yeah, it’s just it’s just so much fun the way that all of that is presented. Yeah. And I loved it.

SLIM Did you guys watch the 4k version?

DANNY Whatever was on

SLIM Vimeo Max. Oh, HBO Max, HBO Max, I think is regular HD. Oh, I didn’t watch the forkhead even think about it. Amanda got so mad at me because during the scene where they resurrect beetle juice from his like, grave thing and he like, you know, hovers out Yeah, like yelled to the TV. I was like I see a string like I could see the glisten of the string in the 4k version which was bonkers. And then I think she got mad at me because the second time when when nota does it also and she like ascends up to do her dance I like there’s another string she’s like enough to 1080 P.

SLIM So 4K version, you see everything including some string glistening, which I don’t ever remember ever seeing in an HD version. Is there any reason why they try so hard to make sure when Anna doesn’t marry Beetlejuice? I think it’s because she’s a kid and he’s like a demon. Right let’s see my number two we ran we named all of most of mine. Let me see just some random stuff. When Alec Baldwin goes into town to the hardware store, that hardware store I love how she has like the hardware store it looks like it’s holding the town together like that’s the main business in the town. But he goes in and he drops the cash off puts it in the register and leaves like that’s how small town it is. I love that stuff. So they got a hardware store where you live for now.

PROTO I do actually have a hardware store like three blocks from my it’s just like in the middle of the neighborhood. Which is funny that you asked that Yeah, I do have one of

SLIM his model his model set in that attic. Oh, amazing.

DANNY Oh my The Dream

SLIM day number three.

DANNY Number three, the supporting cast and this couldn’t have been any better. I know we’ve kind of touched on it a bit but Catherine O’hare and Jeffrey Jones I think Jeffrey isn’t a special person to talk about anymore but right the two of them in this are incredible. Also the gentleman that plays off Whoa. Oh though. Otho holy cow. I mean, the comedic timing between all of them in this film was kind of blowing my mind on how simple the jokes were but how funny they were Catherine freaking out on Jeffery the whole time was probably one of my favorite bits. I mean she is. I mean Katherine never misses any way in anything she does. But she really is incredible on this. I just I couldn’t get enough of her. I just want I would love a sequel of just like more Catherine please

SLIM about when Charles was like making coffee in the morning in the kitchen he like tells the guys that like leaves he gets a piece of wine that comes through the window. Sculpture eye and also that office. Can you imagine having that office with all those books in there just a giant like desk in there you can just relax. Oh my god, what?

PROTO I loved his vibe too. Like he just he just wanted to be like left alone and just like have like he was happy to have his binoculars just looking out the window. His Yeah, his energy and like his goals in life. And he knew he could see yourself

SLIM as Charles in them. Yeah.

PROTO Yeah, I could really relate with him.

SLIM You’re gonna buy a house on a hill somewhere where the where the rent is cheap, or the land is cheap. You can just retire there with your binoculars.

PROTO I mean a house like that. I love that house.

DANNY I wonder if it’s still there. Now they probably have turned it down. It looks like a set house from the outside. No, they built that house in Vermont, that hole so that whole town exists. Yeah, that’s somewhere in Vermont. And like the Covered Bridge was just a bridge but they built the covered bridge they drive through there. And they built that house on a hill and I don’t know if someone will tell us eventually but someone will add us I would love to draft for that little town.

PROTO I love the joke where they Otho like I guess has them build that like porch outside with like the one wall that’s up and they’re all out there like drinking coffee in the morning. And like oath I was like, like my paranormal skills are only matched by major interior design. And then they like all kind of like look around.

SLIM I love how he just like living with them for undetermined amount of time.

DANNY Incredible

SLIM Cripes. Proto, number three?

PROTO Another scene is the dinner table possession scene. Yeah. Is just is so great. You’re watching it for the first time. You have like no idea what’s going on. When Catherine O’Hara like has that first, you know, the first note she hits and you’re like, wait, what like I’m thinking like, did like did my Bluetooth just activate and like, override the audio on my TV. It’s It’s so bizarre how it comes in. But then, like, it’s it’s so much fun. But the thing I love the most about it is like they have this whole thing where they’re all like possessed. They’re all singing the song. And then this guy or agent, the agent is like not convinced at the end. Like this mask possession. And he’s like, No, I’m not sure. I’m sorry. You’re writing kind of sucks. I’ll see you guys later.

SLIM But we’re not a writers character I love. We haven’t really talked about her in this movie. Her, you know, being friends with Alec and Gina. Like when she sees them in the sheets. And she’s like, I can see your feet. Like you’re not I love their relationship. You know, I love how she gets from them what she’s not getting from her parents. And she I think she has a line where she says or I say or does. She says something like, oh, I want to be dead too. Like she has that kind of like, I guess you could call it like golf goth girl goth girl vibes. Is she the original goth girl? Is a 1989 or VDA right.

DANNY Christina Ricci

SLIM oh yeah Wednesday Addams maybe. But I love the relationship at the end. You know, she comes home she like can’t partake in like ghostly activities until she like gets good grades. Alex and remember when she’d like Alex make out makes the decision for her like based on her see? And it’s like she’s very dad like that. He is filling that role for her. I love that stuff. It’s so cool. Yeah, the entire ending is so fun and just heartwarming. Pretty much yeah, they

DANNY hint at in the beginning when the sister is trying to sell their house and she said this is a house for a family and Gina kind of takes a step back like apparently like they can’t have kids or whatever that was like the undertone but then like Alec says well maybe we will try again this weekend or something. So it’s like they are now like parenting her which is kind of a cool undertone like secondary story in this. That song

PROTO though with her levitating. That seems such like an odd choice. It was so strange. I like didn’t get at all what he was going for with that.

SLIM You mean her? Of that? I think that was like she wanted to dance. She wanted to have fun in a ghostly way. by the level of levitating you never wanted to levitate and sing and dance.

PROTO It’s not the it’s not the levitating. It’s just like the song choice. Yeah, the song choice.

SLIM Danny honorable mentions final rating for villages.

DANNY Let’s see honorable mentions. Danny Elfman score is iconic. And this the elf man, the elf men’s iconic score. I don’t know why my letterbox says three and a half stars for this movie. I don’t know when I clicked on that delete fat fingered it. This I think is my favorite Tim Burton movie that I’ve seen. I’m giving this five stars I watched it twice this week and I really had a fun time with this movie. I couldn’t get enough of it. I couldn’t get enough a Gina Davis in this movie. She’s incredibly funny. Her bits where she’s hanging in the closet or she’s cutter cut his head off like all the little things that she’s done in this film was hilarious. So yeah, I this is easily easily my favorite Tim Burton movie I think

SLIM Death Cab for Cutie Vindication dot mp3 — engage.

DANNY That’s Dashboard Confessional. God. [Danny & Proto laugh]

SLIM engaged by Boston rating

PROTO another amazing practical effect was that the face prosthetics that they had just like what can you do that scary? Oh, man, those faces were so great. Love that. Yeah, there’s so many great lines. That did did ski. Also attention Kmart shoppers. Does anyone like any kid understand what that no means these days? Um, yeah, this was a ton of fun. I’m so glad that I got to watch this with Shana. We were you know, laughing having a great time with this. I’m at four stars.

Oh, yes.

SLIM Five banger easy for me. Is Easy. Easy. If you can get it on 4k. Washington 4k. It’s gorgeous. So much fun. Yearly watch will continue. Great poster iconic poster to gorgeous. Love it. I had the two I think my brother had the toys. The big his toys. You know the fame? I think I just

DANNY had right Burger King stuff that they released.

SLIM All right, on Vemma is officially over. We’re done. As of this moment, we do have a letter in a VM to get to you can use the links on 70 Mm if you so choose. And I think we have a VM coming in from Brad

70 millimeter pod. Here you’ll be able to use try it from New Jersey. I gotta say it’s the movie that I absolutely dearly love. I just want to focus on Michael Keaton for a moment, please. Yes, it’s performance builders. He’s gonna be up for what 1012 minutes is incredible. There is nothing like Michael team and build us in all of movies that end the scene, or they’re all dancing around the table. They’re shaking siniora. That is a phenomenal, phenomenal movie. Love it. You have good work, guys. Thank you, Nora. Shake your body, right.

SLIM Oh, Brad, thank you for the VM. Michael Keaton back in the good graces of 70. Mm. It took two years. Two and a half years maybe. But we’re finally back. Right back home. Oh my god. Rob, left us an email. Subject line Beetlejuice my first spooky movie. Oh, Hello, friends. It’s your pal Rob Zilla. I just wanted to send a quick note about Bill juice. To celebrate my 12th birthday I had a sleepover my friend’s house. And as his gift for me, he rented the film Beetlejuice for us to watch. My mum was deeply troubled. She’d successfully managed to wrap me in cotton wool to protect me from scary movies for 12 years. having not seen it herself convinced herself that it would terrify me. She insisted that it was okay if I didn’t want to watch it and keep his house phone nearby in case I wanted to phone home. Friends I loved the movie. I wasn’t scared at all. And of course, my overriding feeling was a deep and profound love for Winona Ryder. There will always be a Halloween classic for just how many for just how scary my mom thought it would be love you all the pod and I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween daytime trick or treating like every year. Rob Thank you Rob party. Dressing.

PROTO You know what I almost pulled the trigger on buying a mask a couple days ago, but it wouldn’t be here in time for Halloween. So, I don’t know. I’ll probably not do anything like I’ve done every year in my life. But I wish

SLIM I just I just realized that Amanda and I are dressing up as sandworms from just spirit adventures sandworm costume. Hey, go. James has been ghost face from screen Joe has never seen it but

DANNY my oldest just watched it for the first time. She loved it. Really? It’s not scary dad. Like okay, if

SLIM she listened to our episode on it. She’s gone too. Yeah. All right, Rob, thanks for the email. What an amazing moment. 12 years old seen Beetlejuice at a sleepover. Trying to think about sleep over movies I watched.

We watched Batman. I think we watched

SLIM Star Wars a lot Return of the Jedi. Those were constant watches when I was a kid. Easy. Memories gonna see those read the releases in theaters when a good time. That was Star Wars. Next week, we’re starting a brand new theme for the month of November. And it is something we’ve never done before. It’s going to be movies about movies. hoof that’s the theme for the month. I did type that one day in a channel and it just felt like it could be a good theme so we’re gonna change it up. It’s a good thing movies about movies. And we mentioned earlier that Danny freaked because he forgot he was leading off the month forgot I was leaving the month off. Megan says Super Eight. Wow, that does sound like a Danny pic.

DANNY Man. It was

SLIM should i That sounds like the Danny pic of all Danny’s pics, to be honest.

DANNY But that’d be our first JJ

SLIM maybe

DANNY Oh, maybe I will pivot to that.

SLIM Oh my god. Why

DANNY don’t we pray about this for a second? Let the Lord guide me.

SLIM Lord guide you to JJ Abrams. Oh my god. 922 When did I type that in chat? It might have wasn’t that long ago. Anyway. Danny. Whenever you’re done praying let us know your neck for movies about movies.

DANNY I’ll save us save super April when we do a JJ Abrams a month feels inevitable movies about movies this movie I have wanted to watch haven’t watched it and then a recent episode not a recent one of our first episodes we did steered me away from the director for a long time and didn’t really want to watch anything that they’ve done. Del Toro we’re going back I’m going back and giving them another chance 2016 Joe Cohen Ethan Cohen Hail Caesar.

Why it’s oh my god.

DANNY I’ve been wanting to watch this one although is ascending going back to the Coen Brothers hail season

PROTO odd this is I can’t even believe this pick right now.

SLIM I can’t find on letterbox isn’t even on letterbox I need to link

exclamation point, Cesar.

DANNY It’s on Netflix.

SLIM Oh, there’s a comma. Yeah, we got to fix search. Hail Caesar 2016. Josh Brolin, George Clooney,


SLIM The king This is the movie that came out right before so solo wasn’t it? Or right after it was around their

DANNY printers got a BLB of a three star on this so I’m excited.

SLIM Holy cow was this is maybe my million option for you to choose for this month. streaming on Netflix. My

DANNY other option was revisiting a movie that I very much dislike once upon a time in Hollywood, but I can’t do it. I guess.

I just I’m not brave. That would could have been our first duty.

DANNY I’m not brave enough for that to be our first

SLIM jokes. When a Hollywood star mysteriously disappears in the middle of filming the studio since their quote fixer to get them back set in the 1950s. Okay, Channing Tatum, Frances McDormand Jonah Hill. Good heavens. Christopher lamb bear.

DANNY Big time CC Gen Z. Has I’m excited.

SLIM Okay, big Peck. Big, big big, big, big, big big. Let me see it on you. Do Many villagers have this rated Let’s kick over Veeder real quick.

DANNY They do Wes has four and a half stars on it.

SLIM Four and a half from Wes I got KK is a

DANNY three banger a three star for me smell feels great.

SLIM Sitting at a 3.49 on VGER from all our supporters. Okay. We’re often running for office week.

DANNY movies and movies.

SLIM It’s happening it is happening, Proto. Do you have any thoughts for us at the end of this episode?

DANNY Are you guys locked?

SLIM I’m locked.

DANNY Oh my goodness.

PROTO I have a front runner but I’m not locked. Closing thoughts, you know, this comes out on Halloween. You know, I just want to encourage everyone to be safe out there. There’s a lot of jokes going on a lot online about candy, things being in candy that aren’t even possible. Everyone, you got to be safe, you got to be out during daylight hours. Get your candy, get back indoors before the sun goes down. And have a great time, this Halloween. Halloween, 2020… Happy Halloween.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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