Transcript: After Yang (2021)

45 min readSep 12, 2022

Transcript of 70mm’s After Yang (2021) Episode.

SLIM Hey, it’s your old pal Slim and this is 70mm, a podcast for film lovers just like you. Every Monday I chat about recently watched movies with my close friend and artist Danny Haas.

DANNY Each shot of this house — I can’t get over this house, period. I want this house. I want that sectional. I want it!

SLIM And our spiritual adviser and movie insider, Protolexus.

PROTO We need a Tom Cruise movie every year that Colin Trevorrow puts out a movie, just to offset the saving and losing of cinema.

SLIM Our featured discussion later in this episode is my pick for lo-fi Sci-fi month. Kogonada’s After Yang. If you’ve been enjoying 70mm, consider rating us on Spotify, or leaving a review on Apple Podcasts as it helps new friends discover the show. Is After Yang the ideal therapy movie, or is it too contemplative to make a connection? Let’s find out… together.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]

PROTO Should we mention The Rings of Power on this?

SLIM Oh yeah.

PROTO On the main show?

SLIM Oh, yeah.

PROTO I mean, everybody’s listened to it right?

SLIM The Rings of Power. I’m ready to reveal that that was the biggest day in 70mm history. Rings of Power Monday. Should we pivot to TV, Proto? TV Insider?

PROTO Is there enough good TV out there to pivot? I think it’s possible.


PROTO No? I mean, we start to do The Sopranos, that’s five years, right?

SLIM My God. What if? Sopranos. What if we did a Sopranos pilot season episode just for supporters? Can you imagine?

PROTO No. I can’t imagine. Never seen it.

SLIM It’s too hot. Gilmore Girls. I’d love to do Gilmore Girls.

PROTO Now we’re talking.

DANNY Some Everwood action. Some One Tree Hill.

SLIM What about Supernatural?

DANNY That was like 12 seasons.

SLIM There’s like 50 seasons of that show.

PROTO Smallville.

SLIM Ohhhhh.

DANNY Ohhhh now we’re talkin’!

SLIM Soph in chat, “I demand to be on the Gilmore Girls ep.” [Slim laughs] That’d be fun. I remember not liking Gilmore Girls when I was younger, because didn’t — who was the writer of Gilmore Girls? Is that the guy who did —

PROTO Joss Whedon. [Danny laughs]

DANNY Stupid ass.

SLIM I’m bleeping that out.

DANNY You can’t say that.

SLIM Wasn’t it? Was it Williamson, or am I thinking of a different show? The guy who did Dawson’s Creek?

DANNY I don’t know!

SLIM Danny’s annoyed, sorry. We need to move on.

DANNY I don’t know anything about Gilmore Girls.

SLIM Palladino. Amy Sherms. I’m seeing different names.

DANNY There’s so many names in chat right.

SLIM Does anyone know anything about Gilmore Girls in chat? Amy Sherman-Palladino. Enya. That’s a musician. I think.

DANNY Oh, yes.

SLIM Rest in peace to the Queen. Let’s talk about Jaws in IMAX, please. You went to go see it in IMAX, Danny. This had to have been religious.

DANNY It was religious on so many levels. My first time on the big screen seeing it. I don’t think I’ve ever caught a screening anywhere. And then I took my two oldest children with me to see it as their first time seeing the movie. And we went to an incredible IMAX theater here in Orlando, a point Orlando to my favorites. And it was it was it was incredible to see this IMAX presentation of this film. And to get the reactions that I got out of my my daughter’s watching this was even better. It’s exactly what I wanted. They were covering their eyes looking through like the peoples of their bodies. They were like tying them tight. So they could barely see out. They were jumping at the scenes that were jumpscares I mean, it’s I couldn’t have asked for a better viewing experience of Joss. It was incredible. Wow. But yeah, I loved every second of it.

SLIM What did Casey think, your wife?

DANNY She still loves it. She says there’s definite boring parts, so I had to add some addendums to our papers. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM What does she consider a boring part?

DANNY A lot of the town’s folk stuff shack and it gets kind of draggy.

PROTO The mayor in his suits.

DANNY His suits.

SLIM Those suits on that beach, sweating their As off.

DANNY Sweating their A cheeks off. You know the opening shot though, right? The girl getting drunk and running into the water. Both, I think but I was like she was definitely naked. I’m like, yeah, and definitely an IMAX you can tell.

SLIM Welcome to Amblin.

DANNY The Amblin vibes we all love.

SLIM Drunk nude teens. [Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY Put that on the poster.

SLIM Right next to the PG or G symbol if they even had ratings back then.

DANNY Man. Incredible stuff.

SLIM Proto, you didn’t get to see Top Gun or Jaws in IMAX?

PROTO You know what, all these people seeing these classic movies in theaters. I gotta do it. I’m gonna do it someday. I haven’t taken the plunge but I would love to get into a theater and see an old movie. I mean, Jaws. That’s a great one.

SLIM Yeah. Take the Amblin plunge, you know? Got to. You took a different plunge though recently. Licorice Pizza plunge.

DANNY Oh, yeah. Plungin’ the PTA.

SLIM Anyone else see this? See you slide into the Discord?

DANNY He slid it in.

PROTO Yeah, I’ve been wanting to watch this for a long time. And it popped up on streaming for me finally. So I was able to watch it. You know, Paul Thomas Anderson…


PROTO Auteur. Master of his generation. Iconic filmmaker. A lot of great movies from him. So this was his most recent one. And Licorice Pizza. Yeah, you know, it’s a strange movie. It’s, I guess people would call it a maybe a vibes kind of movie. Not a ton happened. But I did enjoy the story that it told. For those who haven’t seen it, it basically follows this this high school kid, and he has a relationship with this woman in her early 20s. And it takes place in the 70s. And they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. All right? But some might say otherwise. And it kind of just like follows around on their adventures. And, you know, I just, I love Paul Thomas Anderson. He just knows how to shoot a movie. So I wouldn’t say like the, yeah, the story didn’t really do it for me, but it was just everything else that was so enjoyable.

SLIM It got the Proto four star. That’s like anyone else’s five star, really, if you want to do the math on it.

PROTO Do the math.

SLIM What do you think of Alana?

PROTO It’s hard to she’s really one of those actors where I feel like I would I need to see her in a different movie just to see how she would be in a different role because it’s the only movie I’ve seen with her. She’s so so particular in the way this character is portrayed. And I’m like, Is this is this Alana or is she just like embodying this role? So I’d be really curious to see her you know what she doesn’t know I don’t even know is she like trying to be more movies or is this kind of just like I

SLIM I have no idea. Ian, former producer this show could probably confirm if she has aspirations outside of this be I agree. I couldn’t tell she was just herself are all just so into the character. But I did want to take her out for milkshakes after I was done that movie.

PROTO I mean, they had great chemistry her and Gary. This kid Gary.

SLIM Cooper Hoffman. Philip Seymour.

PROTO Oh, is that what it is? His hair. His hair was amazing.

SLIM Yeah, he was great. Fantastic in that movie. What about, what else did you watch Proto? Anything else?

PROTO Let’s see. Oh, well. We both watched a Year of the Dragon this week, directed by Michael, how do you say it? Cimino.

SLIM Starring our boy Mickey Rourke.

PROTO Mickey Rourke, I showed my wife some early pictures of Mickey Rourke in this movie and then more recent ones and she didn’t believe me that it was the same person. Seeing him in this movie like I didn’t know are young Mickey Rourke so man he is he’s he’s pretty good in this I don’t you know the character is pretty rough. Yeah, he’s a he’s a new york city cop in Chinatown kind of like running the team there and he really wants to clean it up in there against the the Chinese mob and it’s kind of like him just going toe to toe with the with the mob there and I had never heard of this movie, but then I can’t remember did someone posted in Discord? And that’s how we heard about it.

SLIM I posted it that I had added it to my watchlist and I was excited. because it finally hit a streaming service. So it hit. When I watched it, it hit criterion. And then when you watched it, it was on HBO Max, so it’s making the rounds. Finally, Mickey works career. This totally fascinates me seeing some of his older movies and he’s kind of like a big time heartthrob, but he got into boxing. And as the story goes, he just got his face just he took a beating in boxing, and that then took him down the road of like surgeries. And, you know, he’s almost, you know, I don’t I mean, you can check out his IG page. I mean, he’s, he looks very different from way back then. But he had like those big hits, like he had that like, pseudo comeback with The Wrestler, and stuff like that. So, but man, this movie was just overtly racist. His character is literally the worst. It’s insane.

PROTO Yeah, the worst.

SLIM And he’s the lead. But it looks gorgeous. The sets are amazing. Like this movie looked extremely expensive. And this is the same director as The Deer Hunter and Heaven’s Gate, which famously like ruined their career pretty much. I think this was the follow up to that.

PROTO Remember when we were talking about doing Heaven’s Gate? I don’t remember when that — oh that would’ve been in the Blockbusted month I think, maybe.

SLIM Did we decide on the next theme?

DANNY For October?

SLIM Oh, yeah, we’re in September. [Slim & Danny laugh]

DANNY If you want to do off the wall theme for October, we can.

SLIM Let’s say hello to some new patrons that joined this week Ben pocket Jas Mac and Jason all joined this week. I mean look at that photo in chat from Tim hunk Ville cannot execute for work. Yeah, that’s him from nine and a half weeks that sexy movie with Kim Basinger on the right all join this week access to the VHS village discord chat movies and the Queen recipes to the Queen get access to uncut episodes we got about what uncut episodes but also episodes in the VHS 70mm vault, we got about 30 Plus episodes just just back there for everybody. Discounts on Danny’s prints. Do I want to talk about a movie? I do want to talk about a movie. I a horror movie.

DANNY Which one?

SLIM For Weekend Watchlist. I haven’t logged it yet because I’m going to log it like a half star. I watched Speak No Evil which is like hitting limited theaters this weekend in New York City in LA and then next week it’s hitting Shudder.

DANNY Excuse me.

SLIM This movie…

DANNY You’re one-starring this movie?

SLIM I’m one-starring it. I had a miserable experience.

DANNY Oh my god!

SLIM As soon as a certain scene happened I almost DNF’d.

PROTO Kid gore?

SLIM Proto, I can’t. I can’t with these movies. I just can’t do it. It’s like an abduction you know like abduction movies. Ah, but like this movie starts out so that’s a Danish family visits a Dutch family. They met on a holiday. What was supposed to be an idealic weekend slowly starts unraveling as the Danes try to stay polite in the face of unpleasantness. Maybe my worst experience of the year. Maybe my worst experience cinematically last five years. It was just awful. It’s like, torture. It’s like slow-moving torture-porn. Like I just can’t deal with it. I want the director investigated. I want him put up on charges. Casey, this makes Fat Girl look like Little Mermaid. [Danny & Slim laughs]

DANNY Geeze!

SLIM I was like, viscerally annoyed that I was watching this movie. So I’ll wait until the PR dies down in the press people stop reading emails so that I can safely one star this movie.

PROTO Be safe.

SLIM Admittedly, though, everyone else that has seen it is at least three and a half to four stars. Ian has it a three and a half stars. Producer. Let me read the entry. Is there anything more fun than hearing what’s the worst that could happen? 10 minutes into a horror movie? We also give out a free year of Letterboxd Pro every week. And this is related to our Rings of Power Chat. This goes to Graham who just want to free your Letterboxd Pro no adds some stats and to the year you can check out our movies streaming. He said “Thanks for that episode. I know it may only be for a single episode, but I’ve been desperate to find a decent pot of Rings of Power.” Do you believe?

DANNY Keep looking. [Slim & Danny laughs] That was it.

SLIM I thought we did great. Is that it? Anything else? Anyone else want to spotlight?

DANNY I watched Top Gun: Maverick for the fourth time in theaters.

SLIM I’m shocked it’s only four. I thought it was more than that.

DANNY If it’s in there for another month, I’m going to say it again for my birthday.

SLIM What was this? What was it like you walking in there again?

DANNY So my mother is 66th birthday, we I was going to take her on Mother’s Day, didn’t pan out. She’s always said that this is Top Guns like her favorite movie of all time, et cetera. So we were coming into her birthday week in case he saw that Top Gun was playing. She was like, You got to take your mom’s Sunday. And I’m like, I will take my mother Sunday to see top gun in the theater again for the fourth time. And when we got there, it was still a full theater. This is this this came out in what April and we’re still getting full theatres in September. And I sat there before even started like, Man, am I really going to feel like I felt the last three times and yes, I did. got the chills every moment. The music Swan came in and I’m just like, whooshed away again. This movie is incredible. I put in my top four. It’s four right now. It’s gonna be there for a minute. I love this film. I really love this film.

SLIM Robert in chat just called I agree with this Titanic for boys.

DANNY What if I liked Titanic? [Danny & Slim laugh]

SLIM Maybe like action Titanic. This is like more action oriented Titanic.

DANNY Titanic in the skies.

SLIM Casey, “I thought Somewhere in Time was Titanic for boys.” Art somewhere with a single tear going down his cheek.

DANNY Art’s jumping off the back of the boat into the propeller right now.

PROTO What would happen if they release Top Gun again next summer?

DANNY OG or the Maverick?

PROTO Maverick. Are they just gonna make another —

DANNY Just don’t take it out.

SLIM I mean, next year is Dead Reckoning Part I, right?

DANNY Oh my god Tom’s back!

SLIM Can you — I’m so excited. Just anyone who doesn’t like Tom, just cool out. Skip ahead to After Yang. But man, I feel like his hardcore fans were like, “That’s it” for so many years. Because he had that Oprah stuff, you know, he jumped on the chair. And he looked like a fool for loving someone.

PROTO You’ve been through so much.

SLIM And then he is mixed up in this Scientology business. Alleged Scientology business.

PROTO Alleged mix up.

SLIM Show me the proof, first of all. And then now, Top Gun: Maverick. Like he’s saved cinema. He has literally saved movies. And then next year, Mission: Impossible kicks up again. And now I feel like it’s not just gonna be the hardcore Tom fans going. Now a whole new audience will be opened up to Mission: Impossible movies, which are, in my opinion, his bread and butter.

PROTO We need a Tom Cruise movie every year that Colin Trevorrow puts out a movie. [Danny & Slim laugh] Just to offset the saving and losing of cinema.

SLIM Christopher Nolan tried to save everyone he tried to save cinema by having people die in theaters seeing Tenet during a pandemic? Does everyone remember that? God I remember being alone in the almost alone in a theater that alone in a jeep. Yeah, I just you know, I was looking through. I don’t know why I saw this. But maybe it’s someone like DM’d me on 70mm or my account. But like the most recent thing in our conversation was me doing a IG video outside of Tenet. Yeah, so I was like, able to see like my old post. And I was like, man, I don’t remember doing this at all.

DANNY What were you thinking?

PROTO I don’t remember that either.

SLIM I think we were doing like a Tenet bid at the time.

DANNY No us. [Slim laughs]

SLIM There was some definite Tenet bit vibes from the video that I was posting, where we were all I mean, that was like the big thing. It was like the first movie out since the pandemic had started and we were like, really excited. Alright. Is it movie time? Feature prezzo. After Yang, my pick for lo-fi sci-fi month, not streaming anywhere. And I had no clue until we started to get some DMs and some at replies but it’s not even available at really outside of the US. Still. What?

SLIM Yeah, some folks replied, said they have no way of watching it. They can’t buy it, they can’t do Showtime, which I was pretty shocked at.

DANNY Download Limewire. [Slim laughs]

SLIM Get that spamware installed on your computer. Which is kind of a bummer. I actually looked at the Wiki, I think this cost like $2 million make it’s made. I think it’s made $700,000 After Yang, theatrically. Woof. Maybe they didn’t want to bother putting it out after that outside of the US just kind of a bummer. So This is my pick. We’re following this up after Somewhere in Time. Count Ferrell is the lead. But it’s a Koganada film. Proto, what is After Yang?

PROTO In the future Androids and clones live with humanity side by side. Yang is an Android companion to adopted Mica. Yang helps Mika connect with her Chinese heritage until one day he stops working. But Yang is a refurbished unit. And in time, it is discovered that he is much older than was assumed and had lived an entire life before. After Bang — After Yang. [Slim & Danny laughs]

SLIM Proto has been doing a running joke in Discord — you’re really pleased with yourself. You did an elaborate Photoshop with a Bang can and titled it After Bang.

PROTO Yeah, it’s poetic. There’s something about it. I just can’t get enough of it.

SLIM Were you just like chuckling yourself in your attic? Putting that together? Did Jenna had to come in and ask if you were okay, while you’re laughing?

PROTO Shoot. Yeah, when we’re getting into it a little bit more. There it is for everybody in the chat again. Yeah, I just I just, I just couldn’t get enough of what I had created here. It’s just very pleasing to me. You know, because it’s like after Yang and Yang is on the cover. But then you put a bank account of bang in front of Yang and then you swap out the the Y for a B and you have after bang. And it just makes you think like, what would this story be?

SLIM The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard on this show. [Slim laughs] And we just talked about our Tener bits from a few years ago.

SLIM Lordy, Lord. So Koganada director a very diverse cast. Full disclosure, I put this in my top four last night.

DANNY Two top four pivots. Incredible.

SLIM Where to start?

DANNY You got to start. Where did you first see this?

SLIM I watched this for Letterboxd. It was a screener. I can’t remember why I was I think maybe I was still early. Let’s see it was March. So very early on this, I think there was a lot of like letterbox buzz happening. Like in insulin in the letterbox slack, someone will have seen a movie early and you kind of like can get an idea of like someone will say like this could this is going to be really, really big. Or there’s already like some buzz happening. And you kind of like see it before Twitter kind of gets a hold of it. So it’s pretty fun to have access to some early viewings of those movies. And I think this is like when I first started really trying the screening game. And listen, let me tell you something, I’m not fortunate to get access to printers, but man screen like watching screeners can be a really difficult experience. Like, you’d think like, I just want to like stream this to my TV. Like I’ll fire this up. Some of them blocked that. Some of them don’t even let you cast the movie onto your TV. And if they do, it’s whatever like subpar resolution that you get on your laptop, so it’s still like not great. Luckily, some people like connected on Vimeo so you can kind of like AirPlay it right from them. Right? So I just like gave up and I’m like I’m just laying down on my couch and watching this on my laptop as it was destined to be Coronado sorry. I had an amazing experience. And this hit you know, kind of like at the right time for me. I was really difficult end of year for my family so this was like a really therapeutic watch. Had either of you, Proto, heard of this movie outside of maybe like Letterboxd?

PROTO Um, I honestly don’t remember it might have Yeah, just might have been when maybe when you watched it. There might have been some buzz around it. Just I know. Cogan nada. I haven’t seen his movies, but I was familiar with Columbus and stuff that he’s done before. But that was really the extent of it for me. Yeah,

SLIM so I’ll throw bridge drop. Someone dropped to Columbus review this past week. I’m like, I love to watch that. Yeah. Danny, what about you any any was

DANNY the only buzz was from whatever was posted on letterbox and from you? That was about it, but I knew I’d wanted to watch it because of how much I have really vibed with Colin Farrell these days after recently watching sacred deer and the lobster and his work and I mean even the Batman has run of his run. have movies recently have been? He’s incredible. So, of course, this has been on my radar to watch eventually.

SLIM Yeah, I’m glad we were able to do it on the show. And I previously had compared, I jokingly said, this is going to be a big Peck. And I compared it to quote big pics, I should have come up with a different name from big Tex. Namely, like emotional picks, like Babadook, annihilation, and Romo were like the episodes that really jumped out, and therapy picks their therapy picks is a great way to put it. And I like appreciate and love that we have this like platform to have like those pics, because a lot of people maybe aren’t watching them, or they don’t have a platform where they can talk about therapy pics, I feel like it’s a it’s a net positive to have these kinds of experiences. So if you’re new to the show, we usually as we watch the movie, jot down three things. And then we go round table until we go through all of our main points and give our final thoughts and letterbox readings. Wow, where do you even start? I don’t think I want to cry off the bat. So I’ll,

DANNY I’ll go first.

SLIM Okay, go ahead.

DANNY I’ll take that from you. I’ll let you well up. Let’s talk about the Sci Fi and this, that’s one of my favorite bits about this movie is the setting. And how subtle the Sci Fi is, even though we’re set so far in the future. Everything about this movie feels obtainable. And, and it just kind of feels real, it does not it’s not a case, he was talking to me about it afterwards, as well. There’s not a sterile illness to this type of sci fi. Everything is warm this house I wanted to live in. And I was impressed with that, like I almost forgot for a while that this was in the future. And that we’re really dealing with like an Android type situation because the character of Yang is played on like, there’s no bits about him that are like an Android. So he’s very human like, and so I almost forget that he has that Android bit about him. And so I just kind of fell in love with a lot of the Sci Fi aspects of this because of how subtle they are in this film. It’s It’s really impressive. The digging through the memories is one of my favorite stuff, how they portrayed that as like these little bits of light, almost galaxy like dipping into each galaxies of these memories of Yang through his past and I was just kind of in love with that.

PROTO Yeah, I like how the science fiction aspect or like the future is very integrated. Like Danny was saying into everything where, yeah, like it, it feels very attainable. There. There’s nothing that’s shocking us like hitting us over the head. It’s more of just, it’s very subtle in the ways. Kind of like we have, you know, we have FaceTime, we have video chat, but the way that it was kind of ubiquitous and everywhere, and easily accessible. And there was almost like, no interface, it was just like all just happened. And that felt like very futuristic. And then even something like the self driving cars, but just the way that it was not even like, Oh, this is a self driving car. It was just kind of like an afterthought like this would be just completely normal at this time. Felt felt good. And it was so consistent throughout the whole movie, just how all of those things came about was very thoughtful. And I wonder how that even came about in terms of like writing writing the script, but you’re also like writing the script. But then very, I mean, there’s so many fine details to this to how the story is constructed, or just the world is built. I wonder what that process looks like when it comes to like just creating this movie.

DANNY Yeah. And though I had one of my notes, but but it was about the cars as well. It’s like, they chose not to show us the entire vehicle and not to show the highways, not to pull us out of cars. I feel like it’s purposeful that the subtlety of the Sci Fi because if I’m seeing these highways of pods of self driving cars, I’m thinking I’m going to be pulled out of it. I’m thinking of the future again, I’m not thinking of the small story that’s being told inside this family. So I think it’s a very conscious decision to to keep these very futuristic ideas at arm’s length.

SLIM Yeah, the phone call audio. I wrote that like all of the audio video calls were the loudness level of her on the phone in the car. It is just like surrounded you is like ambient noise she’s ever present. And the video calls I didn’t notice until actually this feeling that the aspect ratio changes. Yeah, several times like during the video calls during some of the memories. It went like full widescreen on my TV, no black bars, and then the four by three for the video calls. Yeah, it reminded me of what was the I don’t we never did 2001 But I think at one point we talked about 2000 ones video calls, or was it Solaris? I can’t remember but it just felt like normal in those older movies, and their video calls just felt so grounded. And it and like he said, It didn’t take anything out of us it didn’t kind of like hit us on the head with the technology that didn’t need to show like this wide shot of the car in the tunnel for like or like slowly bring the camera into it. It was just so broken down in and quiet in that way she gets that old movie is really part of what you number one.

PROTO My number one is is kind of similar. So yeah, it’s about like the vision of the future. And this movie it reminded me a lot of I think it’s Spike Jones is her head either have you guys seen that? Yeah, the Joaquin Phoenix. So that has like a similar vibe in terms of like a like a very thought out vision of the future in that one. Like hipsters win and define our future. In this one it’s like the vegans when they define our future and I couldn’t get over it. How like everyone is wearing him tunics. Yeah and this gorgeous like all they make is one size fits all tunics. And you get your you get your you know your linen pants on. Then you spend your days brewing tea. Cars are now add ons to your walk in Terraria comes. I mean, it’s like it’s like every aspect they were saying it’s so integrated into everything in the life, but it’s as if it’s like, everyone is of this lifestyle. Or it’s kind of maybe it’s like, oh, well this is where they live and it’s just like that, but I do like to imagine that like somehow like vegan domination and like this is just the way the world vegan works and everywhere rather than just this one community.

SLIM Yeah, I was waiting to see what you thought of Colin Farrell drip in this movie because I feel like I could see you wearing 99% of his wardrobe at any given moment. His baggy pants, he had what looked like a piece of long cloth just wrapped around his feet.

DANNY Self-lacing Toms. [Slim & Proto laugh]

SLIM But they were somehow evolved Toms boots. The best of the match. high tops, but they were Tom’s in this universe. But yeah, his clothing I couldn’t get past his clothing is so relaxed the entire time guy. He was like the most relaxed person on the planet. Would you wear his outfits, Proto?

PROTO It’s the good thing jennife fell asleep because she would probably be in love with this and she would have been looking for clothes to order me. But if I, you know, if I let myself go and give her full control, this could happen to me.

SLIM You could be him. My number one, I think I’ll touch on. Like we say vibe a lot. But this movie is definitely a vibe. And art touched on it a little bit in his review about how he kind of like was waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of the climax of the movie. Like he was waiting for him to uncover some video of an affair or duplicity he calls it or some sort of like a crime to be the root of the movies drama. But that’s not it. And I a lot of people call it’s kind of like a meditative movie. And I like some of our friends watch this. And they gave it like three and a half stars. I couldn’t really connect with it. And it is a very strange, strangely paced film. You know, it’s I think Kannada also is known for like visual essays. And it almost could be considered that where a lot of this movie is just Colin Farrell, watching memories and having feelings internally that he’s not really conveying verbally about like the life that he’s passing by. And towards the end of the movie. You know, it’s just that conversation with him and mica and the movie just the he’s they say one line which other movie just ends. And you’re kind of like left to think about how you feel about what you just sat through. And I wonder if you if you either one of you had a similar experience about just how different this movie felt, Danny,

DANNY I will say coming into it, I had seen a couple letterbox reviews especially how you’ve responded to it as well. A lot of catharsis comments and how very cathartic viewing of this and So I was wondering how this would affect me. And I will say, I didn’t get to the point where I was affected emotionally by the story, or was this any sort of cathartic view? For me? And one of the things that I did like is how it starts I think you just said something about Colin, how it kind of starts with Colin, he’s already down. Like there’s something about whatever has going on with his life. And they never really address it and but I don’t there’s something about the way he played that I felt kind of in love with his whole vibe for this film. But yeah, there was I wasn’t I was I was those reviews. I wasn’t connecting with this. On on on that level.

PROTO Yeah, I thought there was something going on between him and what’s his partner’s is Akira, is that the name of the character? Oh, Jodie Turner Smith, there was like an undercurrent of something going on in their relationship that wasn’t ever. Like, the spotlight wasn’t on it. It just kind of wasn’t there. Like you could sense it. And I thought that was like conveyed really well. I’ve been thinking about this idea of how music, how movies can remind me of music at different times. And just like the way that they’re, they’re structured. And this often comes to mind when I think of movies, where people say it’s like a certain vibe. Because you know, all the elements of music, you can kind of relate in terms of like, there’s there’s verses and choruses, there’s rising and falling action. There’s changes in rhythm, there’s harmony, there’s dissonance, and like, you can relate all of those things to movies. And I feel like a movie that has feels like a vibe in the way this is, I feel like it would be equivalent to like a, like an like an instrumental piece with like one instrument that’s just playing one long course on repeat and like never deviates. And that’s what this feels like. To me. The most recent movie that I can remember feeling similarly is Paterson by Jim Jarmusch. Have you guys seen that?

SLIM rave review about that? If I remember correctly?

PROTO Yeah, I really connected with that movie. I think because of the character Adam Driver plays it felt very relatable to me. In this movie, I feel like I did like kind of like Danny said, I don’t think I had like that strong of a connection. Or like, I wasn’t feeling that same empathy towards any of these characters. Like in a strong way. Yeah, I don’t think it really hit me in that way.

SLIM Yeah, the you when you were talking about music, I can definitely agree that like you, if you play a song for somebody and they don’t connect with it. They’re not going to the next two and a half minutes that song so that can the same can be said for the next 90 minute movie.

PROTO And then it’s like the worst two minutes of your life listening to this song.

SLIM What did you think? Then you’re like it was shit, Danny, what’s your number two?

DANNY Number two, Benjamin Loeb’s cinematography in this film, I was drooling the entire time at the visuals of this film I couldn’t. Each shot of this house, I can’t get over this house period. I want I want this house. I want that sectional. I want that in my house right now. But the one of the things that I that was done quite well is the shots kind of lingered long on empty spaces. And I don’t know why I found that fascinating there was there is there. I know that it is trying to convey this sense of something missing or something lost, and I was getting that. But his visuals in this film. were incredible. I was just every This is one of those films where every frame can be put up on a wallpaper on a computer or something. And I had to look it up and he did the cinematographer pieces of woman and Mandy, which I thought was fascinating that he did that for Mandy as well. So I thought this movie was is gorgeous. That really is an intentional two

SLIM pieces of a woman man. I love that movie. I gave that five stars. That was pre Shaya negativity, I think kind of really ruined it for himself there. The habit the one shot of Colin at a stairwell in his tea shop looking like in an alley and there was this curtain behind him and he had his hand at his back. It was unbelievable. Yeah, it was maybe the shot of the movie and it’s just Collins standing there. It doesn’t hurt that Collin is like one of the sexiest men in cinema in this in this movie. Like he looks fantastic the whole frickin film,

PROTO the cinematography reminded me of actually have one car why there was like a lot of shots that would be from maybe like the outside, through, you know, walls or portions of the structure of the home that like broke up the image is very voyeuristic in the way like Wong Kar Wai does his movies as well. So I felt like that was similar, I did feel that there was, oh, another thing he did that was interesting is that there’d be like three people in a scene and like two of them would be talking and he would focus on the person that wasn’t that would like be staring out into space. And it felt very much like a just a reference to those moments where Yang is recording a memory. You know, where it takes him five seconds, he has like the, the his memories are five seconds long, and he would stop and just kind of stare. And you could tell that he’s recording a memory. But just to see humans do that as well, in the same way that he did was an interesting just way to relate just the similarities.

SLIM We haven’t really touched on it too much. But the like, the storyline of them adopting mica and then buying a Android to assist with like, Chinese culture. And I read in one review that I didn’t get from this viewing, but there’s like, I guess, an underpinning that there is some kind of event that happens where America is responsible for adopting many Chinese immigrant children. And that’s why there’s like this strong need for these androids, which I didn’t really I guess I missed on both viewings. KK says there’s clippings on of a war on the tax wall, the 60 year war, which I thought was fascinating. And we haven’t touched on it. I’m not sure if anyone has it in our three points. But the idea of like Asian identity in this movie has like, I’ve seen a ton of reviews where what it means to be Asian, I think even Yang. And there’s many conversations about this, what does that mean? So there’s so many different areas of this movie that like someone else can make that connection to. And there was a quote from Kakinada that I read that I liked, where he’s talking about how there’s like this misconception or stigmatization of Asians that get like, cornered into a certain kind of role. And there’s no like expectation that there anything different. He said, I’ll be honest, the conversations I have with Asian people are often existential, and philosophically complex. It’s a community that’s really consumed with these deeper questions. But I’ve almost never seen that in cinema, which has really simplified the Asian dialogue. So there’s a ton of different threads in this movie that are pretty important.

PROTO Yeah, my number two, I love the conversation about just what makes us human. I forget what said exactly. But it’s just this idea that, you know, in this world, there’s now clones and what they call tech knows which Yang is. And they in every way appeared to be the same as us like. But so they’re, they’re the same. They’re the same in some way as us. But what is like the difference between us that sets us sets them apart from being human? Of course, it’s like, well, you know, he’s, he’s an Android, he’s a machine. But does that is that part of being human not really relevant anymore, that you are, you know, flesh and blood, if you’re a machine, and you’re relating, and communicating and living in a society, where every other part of you is the same as a human, you know, so what does that mean to be human? Or, at that point, when you get to a point where you have, you know, we’re creating things that would be so similar to us, like, Would we then think of ourselves in a completely different way? Where it’s like, well, you know, being flesh and blood might not be so relevant anymore. And then it’s like, well, then what are we so just like that conversation around that was interesting, and I I really wish the movie spent more time talking about that. There’s a lot of cool ideas in this movie, but they kind of all get partial time. Within the story that I all I really want. I just wanted like more time exploring these ideas in the scenes, and not as much of like Colin Farrell, looking sad.

SLIM But man, he looked great when he was doing it. There was there was one scene where Colin was talking with ADA in the car. And he asked, Did Yang ever I think the line was I’m paraphrasing, but he’s like, I mean, did he ever

want to be human? That’s such a human thing to ask, isn’t it? We always assume that other beings would want to be human. What’s so great about being human?

SLIM What’s so great about being human? Like, what? What’s the difference? Why do you always come back to that? I love that. I love that. It kind of just, you know, shut calling up a little bit. And, you know, that kind of question can come around in many different ways. It with this kind of diverse cast. The Lo Fi sci fi nature of it almost like prevents us from thinking deeper about it. You know, like, it’s almost kind of meant to be that way, for better or worse.

DANNY I also really liked every individual kind of conversation that Yang was having at the time. So when he has the conversation about butterflies with the mom, and he says,

what the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world? Cause a butterfly,

DANNY not just like, I’ve never heard that before. That’s amazing. But then even a conversation about tea that he has with Colin and how do you taste all the things and just incredible conversations that I can just kind of melted into that I was wanting to sit with for a while? Yeah,

SLIM I also felt like his when Yang asked him about the taste. We’re calling almost said like he couldn’t taste anything. I mean, that was I thought that was a great little insight into where Colin was, yeah, maybe for quite some time. Yeah, his relationship with God. There was a few times where like, Colin is out and about for few days trying to fix Yang and she’s getting frustrated. And he finally asks, like, Are we okay, and it’s like, almost obvious to the viewer that like you two are not nearly Okay, definitely. Like, you need to have a little bit of a chat at some point. My number two, the digging into the memories of Yang. And Colin, you know, having this kind of like realization, this is like the main thing that I really connected with the movie of like, digging into someone in your families, like their memories, their their, like literal core memories. And the way they’ve repeated in all those scenes, like, especially in the tea scene where you see conversations happen. And then it like plays a different way, you know, say the same lines differently, but it just is mixed into that scene. And I’ve never seen that before. But in terms of like remembering certain moments with loved ones, you kind of have like have like a different sort of memory of how that went. I thought that was so powerful. But digging into Yang’s memories, and Colin like realizing that like he’s been distant. He’s been like missing his family. You know, he’s been missing these moments, like, Oh, here’s that moment where I didn’t do X or here’s that moment, we were having fun. In that scene where Yang is taking their picture, and Colin is like, what are you what are you doing? Yeah, come on, and that plays like four or five different times with different, you know, line readings or whatever. And at one point it like shows Yang kind of just like he wasn’t like, you know, being late he was absorbing that moment. He was recording was he was yeah, he was taking it in. And he’s like, you know, in anyone’s life like I’ve done this before and there’s multiple times maybe too many times where I haven’t taken in but like you look at a moment with your family and you’re like this is this is one of those times like I’m so lucky or I’m so grateful and you can see like Yang doing that and then Collins realization that like you know, I’ve been separated like all these years like this is this is what I’ve missed and Yang was experiencing it you know, while I wasn’t the moment where Yang looks at himself in the mirror I can’t get over that same I just absolutely cannot get over it. And I started like so this this watching I started to really like break down when he’s first going through the memories and he sees Aida for the first time and he’s and he has no Why’d you who this is like someone who’s so important in his life? The knows someone, and potentially he has this entirely different persona personality that he’s just not been able to connect with. And he’s just seeing these clips of first time like that would have just been, like, destroyed me. You know, like, I’ve been just so out of this, like, I can’t believe it. But just the unfolding and like the digging into the gamma memories, the beta memories, where he did live that other life, you know, with the real Ada, her great aunt or whatever, great. Relative. I just thought that stuff was just was just incredible. Pearl would you think about that, like the the memories repeating in the flashbacks?

PROTO Well, with that? I hadn’t thought about this. But do you think the idea is that like when the when the clone ADA came to him? Did he know who she was? Like? Did he have access to those old memories? Or were they like stored in a way that like, he wasn’t even aware of that? But then she came to him and was like, No, you were a part of, you know, my family with my great aunt, you know, you lived a whole life with them? Or did when he saw her Did Did he know? I hadn’t really thought and my

SLIM thinking is he didn’t know. But he was drawn to her. Almost, oddly enough, similarly to somewhere in time. But there was that kind of like pole because he like hung remember those clips of her just and him just like watching her? Yeah. And she didn’t. She didn’t know. But maybe at some point he did. And that’s why he like just wanted to spend more time with her. I don’t know, dang would you

DANNY know, I don’t, I don’t really have an idea of what that could have been. I just felt, from my perspective, watching it for the first time that they just somehow got together again. It was like they were just meant to be for sure.

PROTO Oh, well, just so the idea that he Yeah, he doesn’t know like those old memories he doesn’t have access to. What I do love about that is that that’s your that’s our experience. Because there are those moments where you’re like, you don’t get to, you know, your kids are doing something or whatever. And you’re like, you don’t get to whip out your phone and you’re like, Oh, well, you know, at least I was just there in the moment experiencing it and enjoying it and you live through it. But you like now there’s so many moving moments in your life where you have no memories of those things. Like there’s probably things that happened that at the time I was like, Oh man, this is so great. This is like, if I could have a highlight reel of my life, I’d want to include this. But now they’re like, out of my memory like I I can’t even recall I know there’s things that happened that I can’t even recall or it’s just like oh that was a really good day but I can’t bring a single image to my mind as to why that is so I think like that experience of yang of like having these forgotten memories that make up who he is and that in some way he would still know her somehow is really compelling and relatable in that way. I also loved like that when when they do those scenes where it’s basically the same moment playing over but it’s as if they’re two different memories or just a different way of perceiving them I thought that was like brilliant the editing and that was so cool. It was it it was just like so fitting and and work so well and was so seamless like so much of this movie is just is so well thought out and just flows so well.

SLIM But that do you catch too I didn’t catch it on my laptop resolution was too low but Yang crying when he’s having that conversation with her about the afterlife. And it was when she asked him that question does it like make you sad?

DANNY I’m fine if there’s nothing in here I maybe I was programmed this way as well does it ever make you feel sad? There’s no something. I found nothing. Aska metsu Myers score for this film is incredible. I listened to it all day today. And I love when we can. When sci fi pairs this kind of piano synth kind of very low for I mean, this is very low five stylings for this. Film it really. I think that connected me the most to the scenes that I’m watching because it’s it It’s some it’s some absolutely beautiful stuff. And I listened to it. I think I listened to the full album like three times today I just couldn’t stop listening to it while I was working. She hasn’t done much and I just hope that we can get some more from her in the future

SLIM dynamite music on Spotify You’re welcome Yeah, this is like this hits into that like area that I always talk about where like the visuals and the audio just hit in the perfect way. And this is an she’s a huge contribution to that for sure. Pro Number three

PROTO I love so many sets in this movie. It’s so you said this what was the budget for this $2 million

DANNY some $2 million was spent on that sectional couch.

SLIM I mean, I if I remember correctly that that is someone’s like real house that they were able to rent? Yeah, I’m sorry. Its budget is like nine to 20 million. So I guess it’s never been officially released.

PROTO Okay, maybe half half of that was used on the memory scene, which really is visually stunning. God Yeah, I would love to see that like up on a big screen just the way that was put together. So cool. I could have that as like a screensaver. Or let’s just like an hour of that would be amazing. But yeah, there’s so many sets in this that are so cool. I love the mechanics workshop that they go into. That’s what I mean. Like, there’s so much that the way they were so thoughtful to make everything not so overtly futuristic, but just enough or just unfamiliar enough to make it so that you’re not sure because that mechanic’s workshop probably could be like exist you know today in that form and probably does but it’s such a cool room that it works so well. I’ve been just like thinking about that of like how much that can like change a movie of like people who can really just like you choose where you’re going to you know shoot everything beforehand and in every every scene for you know every part of this movie was seemed just like so well thought out to be cohesive for the whole thing. And I was just I was really impressed by by all that work.

SLIM Next Lakehouse trip for us is using the afternoon thinking in my head of Yang house formative memories remember that sunset start last year you should talk about sunset you talked about a formative memory and we’ll be doing it again in two weeks. God bless America Danny, final thoughts, honorable mentions and your third? Oh I’m sorry I skipped right over myself. What is my third…

DANNY Figure it out Slim. Bring us home.

SLIM Them coming to the realization towards the end of the movie about what they want to do with like Yang’s memories like, you know, they eventually connect with this the this woman at the museum and she finds out that it’s you know, that a techno sapien can record memories have like memories have lives, you know, have that happen. It’s like a revelation at this point in society. So they have to make a determination do we want to like, you know, present him, put him up, like some of these exhibits? And they’re not sure what to do. And then like later in the movie, I mean, just that scene where they take Mika to see Yang and he’s like on that like, you’re like kind of propped up. I mean, every one of these scenes you could, you have lived through at some point, you know, them walking through the museum, deciding what to do with someone you lost. And the quote, “his existence mattered, not just to us” and just like crumbled during that scene… [Slim chokes up] So that’s my number three. Danny, what’s your honorable mentions?

DANNY Honorable mentions. Let me think. One thing that I was happy about that I thought was going to unfold in this film that was when he is at the mechanic shop. And it’s like, this is spyware. This is Big Brother. This is a big corporation. Honestly, I was happy that that didn’t turn into this. We’re going after the big guys scenario, because that’s that would I wouldn’t change the entire feel of this movie when it when, when it comes back that the chip that’s in Yang is this test thing where he’s controlling his core memories and what he wants to save and almost like a human experience. I was really happy that that was the route they took with this story because I felt like it was about to pivot in that moment.

SLIM Yeah, you almost like feel like something something he’d like he might take Yang, at that point

DANNY is about to happen. Can we not

SLIM take our sweet boy Yang? Yeah, let’s not get dicey here.

DANNY So for me, as I said, the beginning I didn’t connect with this as sort of cathartic viewing. But as a low fi sci fi movie with the visuals, the storytelling, Colin Farrell, the music. This is easily a four and a half star movie. I mean, it could bump to five later viewings, but this really is a great, a great movie and, and there’s only a few things that kind of pull it down for me, but it really is a good time.

PROTO Leaving himself open to the post bump.

DANNY Start posting on post Bang.

SLIM After photos ready to paste that after bangs after finger hovering fertile final thoughts, letterbox or any final thoughts?

PROTO Was there anything that we missed? I feel like we really talked about everything. Yeah, just the thought of like, where else this movie could have went, you know, I didn’t really feel that way at any point. Because I felt like the tone was so consistent, that I just didn’t like I had no expectation that this was going to turn into some kind of conspiracy. Or like some real downer moment or like turning really dark at the end. It just it felt so so earnest in the way that the story was communicated that I didn’t really imagine that happening. Like I said, Yeah, I didn’t really connect with it totally, either. In terms of like, what this story was communicating. I feel like I’m getting more out of it now. Definitely, like there feels like there’s a lot of depth to this movie, but it’s very subtle. And I think it’s you could watch it multiple times. And it sounds like Slim is like you got like different things out of it with each appealing. So I could definitely see that. I don’t know and I also don’t I don’t know if I love like cars like coconut is like his style in terms of like how he shot this movie. I actually like I didn’t love the acting but I don’t think it was like the act the actors fault I just kind of felt like there’s just an it’s just like some weirdness or like there wasn’t a lot didn’t seem like a lot of chemistry between the characters for me so it was kind of hard for me to get into it but I love the ideas of this and I love the Lo Fi sci fi aspect of it. So I’m gonna three stars

SLIM three stars for after Yang? Yeah, I’m trying to think of what terms to describe CANADOS style in this movie. And um, I mean, we’ve mentioned like, meditate meditative but like I don’t know, there’s there’s got to be some other descriptor where it’s, it’s almost unmoving. Like, I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe we’ll come up with something for next episode.

DANNY Because it made me really want to dig into Columbus though. I do really want to watch that film.

SLIM Yeah. I think my only other honorable mention was I do want to call out to that like, the only characters in this movie that realized Yang was something more where the Asian characters no other characters really knew that or could understand it at face value. I thought that was really important. Also, just like how they brought up clones, you know, like, also known for apparently had some kind of issue seated issues with the colon, which never really was investigated. By her eight his reaction to being asked if they were together. I just love her reaction to that she makes like a little noise and kind of just still leaves everything very vague. So we didn’t really talk about like the over reliance on technology for parenting really, like they’re relying on ying yang couldn’t be like a step in for any kind of piece of technology and iPad for God’s sake. There they relied way too much on Yang and everything is kind of failing because of it. Oh, so five stars of the Crafter Yang. Glad it exists. And yeah, you’re right. This is a movie that can just hit at the right time. For me, especially. So I’m glad this movie exists and this is definitely going to be like a yearly watch. For me After Yang Danny’s pick is next for next week. Per Do you have any guesses? No, no,

PROTO no solid leads this week. No,

SLIM nothing. No solid. Your Sources have come up empty for Danny’s pick.

PROTO I mean, God needs a big rebound. Let’s be honest. Just Let’s

DANNY tone it back. Let’s pull it back.

SLIM All right, so we have a letter to read this week letters now not letters at Asana. 70 Mm Chase is asking about time crimes. Listen, Chuck voted Chuck made the decision not to

DANNY move time crimes from all of 70 millimeter.

PROTO It doesn’t exist anymore. Jaysh

SLIM comes from Bradley. Thank you for continually putting together great show each week. This is easily become my favorite podcast due to Danny’s brilliant art and infectious laugh. Partners poet poetic summary of each film and slums humor and skill as a host and producer. Thank you. I’m bummed. I couldn’t attend the recent meetup. But I hope you will consider another in the future on the West Coast area near the bay. This past weekend I saw jaws in 3d at the theater and oh my god, it was fantastic. Hope you all get a chance to see the masterpiece on the big screen. heartache. 3d is pretty sick when done right. And I think they should enhance more classic films for this format. If you agree, what are your favorite films that you think would benefit from the conversion to 3d? Best regards your loyal listener be read? PS This is the original Jaws from Steven Spielberg that recently put back on the screen in 3d and IMAX didn’t want to get confused with JAWS 3d. Although I loved your recent podcast, that film is complete dogshit the original is a classic and they should never have made sequels. Oh, I didn’t realize that they were doing 3d screenings of the OG jaws to or the OG jaws. Yeah. Incredible. Like how does that even work? Am I an idiot? I don’t know. Like what would

DANNY it would just be like a depth of field type situation. Have you ever seen a movie like that?

SLIM I don’t think I’ve gone to see a movie in 3d That was not filmed in 3d.

DANNY Yeah, so one of the potter’s in 3d that was more of like a depth of field type 3d and it was incredible.

SLIM Part of what movie would you want to see in 3d?

DANNY An old classic

PROTO I feel like something well you want like something? I guess like moving at the camera? Why don’t you? Yeah, maybe so maybe maybe some kind of like dog fighting movie or a Star Wars would look good.

DANNY You say on top? I thought

PROTO I thought it was Mad Max Fury Road but I don’t know if like that would be good. And on.

SLIM Can you do black and white 3d? What does that even look like?

DANNY My art last the last couple weeks ago?

PROTO That’s how that’s how Hitchcock wanted it.

SLIM Psycho in 3d. The birds in 3d wings 3d trainer. Oh, my God. That’s a deep cut. Does anyone even know that we covered wings on this podcast. No one’s gone back the first four months if something is something where you’re really not sure if anyone listened to that episode. It’s fine. The birds and 3d sounds pretty cool. Danny was talking about that poster. Birds poster.

DANNY Man. We can figure it out. Audrey wineglasses piling, getting more and more depth.

SLIM Graham who I think won the free year of letterbox pro sent a DM the grandmas listening to this somewhere in time map and Music Box Theater in Chicago came up and he says that would be epic. They just had a Stephen King Film Fest. All weekend. Stand By Me for the win. Stephen King, there has been some buzz about Chicago, some Chicago but some buzz bustling for medium talk. I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about it. So everyone calm down first. All right. Is it time? It’s time Lo Fi sci fi Danny’s Peck.

DANNY I have wanted to do this movie for a while on this podcast. This it follows perfectly and so this month. It would also it follows perfect with is it is the opposite of ProDOS movie in that love is a crime in the future. And so we’ll go we’re going to watch a movie that budget was like 700k and we’re doing George Lucas’s Thx 11380 Now it’s a rental. And we’re gonna have to probably watch the director’s cut from 2004 Because It’s almost impossible to watch the original three theatrical, but I’m very excited to do this for the show.

SLIM I was wondering about this movie when we were watching that Light And Magic.


SLIM Thx 1138 Visit the future where crime the future where crime is the ultimate love is how I would have said that with dyslexia. People in the future live in a town that terian society a technician named Thx 1138 lives a mundane life between work and taking a controlled consumption of drugs that the government uses to make puppets out of people as THX is without drugs the first time he has feelings for a woman and they start a secret relationship. Holy smokes THX you’re gonna go so hard on the art stops sometimes I wonder what Danny’s picks are really just related to the art. Like how how what percentage is I’d love to do art for this. Wow,

DANNY I’ve only ever seen this once. And that showed on letterbox that neither of you had watched it and only proto had it on his watch list. So I figured it was time this fits into our month I don’t know what other month we could fit this into. But here we are. At six minutes 90 sec cow and it’s in protos wheelhouse.

The 70s 70s They’re back again.

SLIM This is based on a short that he did right he’s called it’ll feature is that accurate film

DANNY that he did this then it got turned into a feature. It’s based off of a novel. I forget the entire title of the novel but yeah,

SLIM man look at these posters. Holy cow Coppola produced it. Some of these poses or nots,

DANNY some great stuff, even the THX 1138 like the title prompt is what Lucasfilm Ltd still uses for their kind of stuff these days.

SLIM Yeah, it’s cool. What a peck excited Well, good short movie. Ah, boy, what a month so far. Rings of Power, Lo-Fi Sci-Fi. Rings of Power, the ultimate lo-fi sci-fi television show. Proto, any closing thoughts as we prepare for THX 1138?

PROTO I hope everyone can go out this week and make a core memory, something to remember even if it’s just a few seconds, you know?


PROTO You love those moments. May we all have more of them.

SLIM See you next week for Robert Duvall and George Lucas.

[70mm theme song ramps up, plays alone, fades out]




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